Sony Apologizes For GT PSP Car Download Issues

psn-logoGran Turismo PSP launched with an interesting and new incentive: a free, bonus car depending on where you pre-ordered the game or if you download it via the PSN Store. However, users in our forum have reported everything from receiving incorrect cars, invalid codes, to not receiving a code at all! Fortunately, your cries have been heard, with Sony issuing an apology to affected customers along with a promise to get everything straightened out.

The message only appears on their Japanese website for now – and they really just ask you to sit tight. If you received an incorrect code, you’ll get another one, and if your code isn’t working, it will be soon. If you’re having issues yourself, keep an eye on our GT PSP message board and others will certainly be reporting in once everything gets straightened out.

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  1. Mustang750R

    I just did the Driving Skills game for the SLR and the code they sent me isn’t working. Anyone else having any probs with the SLR code?

  2. Alan

    I agree with cobraagent90, where was the apology for GT5, they advertised it for release this year then treated us like shit and decided it was march instead, i think gt psp and the fact that the ps network not being able to cope is the reason for the delay, sure they cant even get downloads for the psp version right so how will GT5 manage?

  3. Tompie913


    GT5 was not delayed. There was never any official announcement that said it would be released before March 2010.

  4. Tim are now sending correct codes out for collectors edition owners I have just recieved one from them for the Veyron , due to the error I now have 4 colours from the standard version pre-order and the Bugatti veyron from the collectors edition , the ZR1 printing error code from the collectors editon and the SLR Mclaren Red magnarot from the Driving skills online game.

    Their email reads

    “Thank you for pre-ordering Gran Turismo PSP: Collector’s Edition ( Exclusive) from

    Unfortunately due to a printing error, you may have noticed the code contained within the product received unlocked a White Corvette rather than the Bugatti Veyron.

    Your pre-order bonus code is below. This alpha-numerical code will allow you to unlock the Bugatti Veyron. Please feel free to use both the code contained below and the code received with your order to receive both cars.

  5. S3 Racer

    The germans of the official psp forum, phoned at sony, and as it seems the request is not done by a computer. There are humans checking codes of pspgo request, and than sending a mail. So they got probably an impressive list to work through.
    Also I read that the codes will only send out after the 10th. in my opinion that’s made up. That would be too wierd

  6. S3 Racer

    Not waiting for the car code but for the free Gt download voucher code.
    @Marky :
    Got my Inbox also open. Still hoping to get it sooner then in a week .

  7. Robert

    If i recal right the most expensive car in the game is not the Veyron but the Ferrari F2007 at 8,000,000 so not sure where you get your info from but you are wrong

  8. The Masfer

    Why is everyone waiting for their code

    you might as well play the game and unlock the car anyway it only takes 10 mins max to unlock the veyron and that’s the most expensive car on the game.

  9. Marky264

    @S3 Racer

    Same dude i’m waiting on my Code aswell. Been checking my inbox every couple of hours! Hate waiting for something thats already out! :(

  10. The Masfer

    Anyway My code worked perfectly I got my enzo and a veyron and sold the other game or a profit.

    Didn’t need to preorder though cars are easy to buy I could buy a lambo after 2 races

  11. Tim

    Well this is good news because instead of getting the Veyron I got the ZR1 which is not right according to the box.

    But at least sony have said sorry and offered to help those out who have been given the wrong thing or codes not working but I can imagine the list is quite big of people that are going to need new codes

  12. S3 Racer

    I bought a go yesterday eager to play GT, still waiting to get my code. That’s not funny anymore, supporting sony and getting …. on. Every single go buyer thought they could play gt, …. no have to wait 30 days but sony reensure, more plausible is a week.
    A hole week. damn it sony that is really not funny.

  13. Snaeper

    1st what Lars? Cobra was the first to comment as he actually left a comment

    If they straighten things out they should do it right and give everyone codes to all of the down-loadable cars



  14. Taffey

    Good to know they’re on top of it. I’m sure I’ll get my code eventually, so I’m happy. In the meantime, I’ll just have to play more GT. Oh darn! :)

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