Sony Holds Invite-Only Gran Turismo 5 Player Survey

According to several users in our forums, Sony has started sending out surveys inviting participants to “Help Gran Turismo 5 Stay on Top of Its Game”. In addition to basic demographics, the questions are focused around your progress in the game, how much you’ve been playing it, and which in-game events you enjoy the most. The invitation email goes on to say “your opinions may change the way new games are created”.

It’s an interesting and somewhat odd set of questions, considering that Polyphony Digital already stores everyone’s in-game progress in a centralized database, and Sony collects an untold amount of usage data through the PlayStation Network. Regardless, it’s refreshing to see this sort of “official” interaction. As of now it is not clear how they are selecting participants.

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  1. ghostrider135

    Invite only you say, I wonder why, My fear is that the game is that incomplete and they have forgotten about updates that many people have stopped playing already myself included. Invite me PD I will show you where your going wrong ask a real mechanic someone actually interested in cars and car culture not some pre pubescent spotty teenagers

  2. Lucas g

    I really think that they should have a trading thing were you and a friend both put your cars in a mashen that swichis them at the same time compared to sending it and getting scamed

  3. Shved

    quality vs quantity ..

    PD simple to understand that they can not fight on equal terms with Forza and invested all the powers of a 200 premium cars, but everything else is done carelessly

  4. Dustyr

    We should have a update soon so maybe we will have some big changes. I would love to see more rally events And and more tracks

  5. Shved

    Studio PD: 150 developers
    Studio turn10 600 developers
    development time gt5 5 years
    development time for Forza 2 years

    in this budget gt5 much more, and PD does not order the creation of 3D models of third-party developers as turn10
    need something to change

    1. Shep2lostsheep

      I’d rather have 800 cars ,equal to Forza in quality, and a finnished game, rather than a couple 100 premiums (only about 20 I care about), 800 ports, fewer tracks, and a half hearted sense of hope that PD will finnish the game with updates someday.

  6. xX_54MW1CH_Xx

    I think PD should include an update where the Used Dealership is actually used cars by online players. I doubt it’ll happen, but I can still hope… :D

  7. Ferrari

    so quiet in the house of polyphony digital

    I got a feeling we’re gonna be surprised with a bunch of goodies real soon

    1. Lambo

      More likely Sony told them to shut the hell up after the last few PR attempts left some people thinking we were getting 800 upgraded cars in december, a free roam city, Pikes Peak, weather on all tracks, and others i’ve probably forgotten. I don’t think Kaz is Sony’s favorite developer at the moment.

  8. daics69

    i just hope they invite the right players for the survey. gt5 is already great, it can only become legendary. peace

  9. dynamic racing team

    gt5 is the best racing game out there overall but wht is with the 200 premium thts just anoying the need to sort it out cause im not the only one thts moaning about tht and the tacks with weather chnge and time only avaible on like 3 tracks 1 being toscana and thne the le mans and nurbergring the tracks tht not people play they just need to think on the simple stuff. like prize money is crap payment it take for ever to get a decent wage even at the moment with tht xp and money boost but i love the game and will keep playong for another 6 years while im waiting for gt6 10/10 pd you did well more you need to do loads more …………….

  10. Foxiol

    I have to say that the game is awesome…i´m playing FGT championship in B-Spec mode now and reading this. With 95% of the game complete with all golds and for A-Spec i have to do the last 3 races of endurance (9 tsukuba, 24hs le sarthe and 24hs nurburgring).
    About this, i have to say that is cool but not for this GT5. GT5 could be better but it is just like that and we are playing or what…yes of course we are playing cause it is the best of all…i have a bunch of games and i left them for this and almost my entire life.Stop complaining about this game and try to help PD to make other better than this in some aspects.
    We all love the game but we are people and always look for more and more and more …oh yeah…and more. Let´s hope in about 3 more years for the powerful PS4 and a new GT without that bad shadows, dust and maybe an improved AI and settings for G25 and G27 wheels and all premiums cars and maybe more people will be happy. But for now is all that we can get. For me is really good and of course could be better as always.
    One more thing: i like the way that you are progressing. It makes you keep playing and playing and that not happens to me in other GT series. (i have all)(again could be better,always)

  11. Brandon

    It seems clear to me how they selected survey particpants… completely flipping randomly!

    Why hasn’t anyone posted the actual questions? Anyone?

  12. GeneralHawx

    Standards should continue to be slowly brought to Premium because it’s quite a big feature considering GT5’s competitors have all their cars in cockpit view, I know it’s very time consuming for all cars to be Premium but they should continue to increase the list seeing as there are about only 200 Premium cars there should be around 400 to 500 of them instead. Loading times should be changed as well considering it took 8gbs to install I expect the game to run as fast as MW2 loading times for maps are ridiculous long considering the size of the game file. Last thing PD should do is change the in game music or allow them to be turned off, I know you can use your own music but I can’t even stand the sounds of GT Life and the Tuning Shop, it’s an amazing feature that GT allowed you to import your own music and I think they should expand on it.

    1. widget

      I suspect we will see upgraded cars has they make models for GT6. It makes sense that they could release at least some of them since they’re being made anyway. On the other hand, they couldn’t release all of them, they’d have to save something for the next game, and I doubt they’ll repeat the standard/premium mistake again, so I won’t be surprised if GT6 only has 400 to 600 cars. I’d not be surprised if only 50 or so made it into GT5 updates.

  13. Magic Ayrton

    Funny thing is there are no replays in Split screen mode.. an absolute JOKE!!

    Sound is Good at best


  14. Mr Edward Cullen

    Hands down,! Need for speed hot pursuit already stolen your rewards gran turismo 5… too late… can’t you belive it? 5 years of development was overwhelmed by some arcade style game..
    ahahah! too late for that survey! lets play nfs!

  15. GmrElite

    GT5 is dead. Unless, they start fixing stuff. People paid too much into this iteration to have this game released like this (prologue $49.00, reg/coll $59.00/$99.00. AI sucks. The game is not as they hyped it to be. Constantly getting hit from behind and spinning out from AI contact has gotten boring. Like all JPN games it’s a grind fest. Looks aren’t everything poly. Do the right thing by your fans.

  16. - Ice -

    Livery/Vinyl Editor: (Race cars too) So that every car has the ability of appearing different.

    Custom Rims on Every car: Put any rim on any car (Race cars too) & ability to paint/color match/re-size/chrome lip/widen.

    256 Color Palette for paint: Color Shift included.

    More Exotics, old scool Muscles: Ultimate Areo, Apollo, SLR Black Edition, Reventon, CCX/CCR, FXX, Chevelle, Cobra, etc.

    FF, RW: Replays

    3x Speed: B-Spec

    Online: Option for no tire wear, invite function, private rooms (invite only), kick function for personal lounge, pink-slip races, instant trading (cars, parts, paint, etc.), minimum daily gift limit increased to a minimum of 5.

    More tracks: Spa Franchorchamps, Seattle, Midfield. And some fresh(new) city/fantasy tracks.

    Tis’ all for now.

  17. brainfade

    surely they should have done this BEFORE GT5 was being developed… im about to send a dossier to Polyphony… you recon someone will read it?

  18. IDCI

    You recieve the survey on the mail? I just want race cars dat are standard 2 b upgraded to premium like the mazda 787

  19. SavageEvil

    Good thing this isn’t a what do you want survey, they would never get a damn thing added, because every one would want something different.

    I just hope that they have a part that asks about the paint chip thing, I would give that a negative 100. Lame and so stupid, it’s painful. I was hoping that once you cleared all events in GT Mode that you just get all the paint colors unlocked you can paint any car any amount of times. Seriously, I have no individuality to speak of yet online. Where is the OWNERSHIP PD? Online paint and Livery editor shop please, and what is with putting a price tag on every flipping thing you do in the game? 3,000 to paint a car? As stingy as this game is with credits, that’s really asking a lot. Oh well hope I get to see what’s on that survey. I recently hit level 30 and I’m about to build up B-Spec, just hit level 6 in that I am on a roll.

  20. ismellbacon61

    whats really happening is, PD is going to be taking a lot of funding from Sony so they can rent 800 cars to to photo shoot to remodel the standards and turn them into premiums. but Sony isn’t sure if they should give PD the money, so they do this survey to see if people really care about the graphics and want them changed! then they will charge money for the updated cars and get all of there money back.

    1. Warren

      Lol, I hope your kidding. If you seriously think PD is going to bring 800 cars up to premium standards for GT5 updates, i’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona i’d love to sell you….;)
      If they did that, we’d have to wait another 5 years, and GT6 would probably release two years before they’d finnish. Sony management would have a nervous breakdown, lol.

  21. Lotus380

    What is needed for a complete GT5
    1: AUCTION HOUSE: Auction your own cars to willing buyers online.
    2: IN GAME TRADING: No more of this gifting stuff, just put an add on the online list and someone will complete their side of the offer within the fields of the person offering there car. No more scamming scares.
    3. PRIVATE ONLINE DEALER: If the auction lifestyle is not your kind of car buying, go to some users private dealer to see what they have for sale. Sellers would be able to set the price of the car they are selling, and upload it to the dealer to turn up in a buyers search results.

  22. LiMe

    More A-spec less B-spec
    More of everything when it comes to races/tracks/dealerships/cars
    Complete weather/day/night

  23. BubbleBelly542

    Nice! I love taking surveys I hope I’m a recipient. Maybe it is sent to the emails listed on psn accounts that redeemed a code for a the chrome line cars? Or preorder cars?

  24. pasigiri

    ahem, full custom tranny (could do this in GT5P), turning radius tuning (could do this in GT5P), swap any wheels to any premium car (could do this for any car in GT4), when racing computer; not online racing, set opponents to have cars competitive with the car the player has chosen to race with (this happens in GTPSP), and the ability to sell any car bought and/or won.

    These things already exist. Why were they dropped???

    1. mobiletone

      ^^ this ^^

      plus have online matchmaking as in GT5:P too rather than hooking up in randoms lobbies. and it would be really nice to fix the HUD so i can just have the lower display and everything else removed off screen for when i thrash my older standard cars about. that driver name list really bugs me. and arcade needs a difficulty slider as in GT4, GT5 doesn’t seem to compensate for tuned cars.

      as it stands at the moment GT4 was the more complete game.

  25. Spade

    Seems like a good idea, but I hope those selected few are true representation of the millions of Gran Turismo fans!

  26. Moby45

    sounds like a good thing. I like the fact that they are curious on to what the core players think.

    To me, as far as single player goes. I think all they need to do is have more types of leagues to race in and double the number of races in each area. Make it feel like you are fighting for an actual championship.

    Other than that, look into more differen’t types of racing and have their perspective cars in teh game. Such as, in america: American Le Mans and Grand Am racing. In Europe have the BTCC and FIA GT. They already have SuperGT from Japan.

  27. Patrocles

    pardon my ignorance, but has anyone who received the survey posted the questions for all to see?

    “It’s an interesting and somewhat odd set of questions…”

  28. Spaghettimonster

    also no clue here what this is about. everytime is see the “installing” or “saving data” info on screen when i enter or exit an event etc. i suppose they really now everything about your playing habits. so what is this about?

    does anybody have the questions?

  29. Jack

    After almost 6 years in development and an 84/100 Metacritic average, they apparently need all the help they can get.

  30. mkygod

    What worries me is who they will invite to take the survey. If they seek out only the hardcore GT5 fans, then game won’t be any better and will be just be more of the same.

    If i were Sony, i would just send the invites to all the people that signed up for GT Academy, since they already have our emails.

  31. Racecarman

    In my opinion , We need more tracks, save’s on the 4 hour -plus races,great old cars that don’t cost twenty million dollars,a Ferrari F1 car we can race, like in prolog,bring back the Senna F1 cars from GT3,put in old F1 cars like the shark nose Ferrari,the Lotus ect.. more Can-Am cars, that other German car company-What are they called? Por……..

  32. Wardo

    I haven’t played in weeks, got tired of the monotonous grinding and the online portion of the game seems cheap and tacked on last minute.

  33. GEO_2009

    Seems to be a pretty good marketing process. Yes the get to know what level you are and what events you play, for how many hours. that is only a small dimension of the game. If you were to look at my dats you would think I’m a speed freak who loves Indy, not true, just been blasting it so I can buy and set up 250/400 hp cars to race online. Think the game is great but there are obviously things that can be improved. Changing race no. on all race cars not just 17, changing standard race car colours. (I detest the lupo green.) but I hold out the hope that they are listening to what their customers want, and to be honest if they top this game, we are in for a mega treat.
    sorry for the rambeling just my opinion.

  34. RTSolvalou

    A lot of people didn’t like the new menu/GT life menu, but the reason it’s the way it is was to bring GT into the online world, giving a desktop like arrangement, If you need a car go here, want to add parts, go there.

    They wanted to make it quicker and easier to grab stuff and get online to race (Although most of the game is of course offline), and this is just their first attempt so take it easy, I too felt a little claustrophobic when viewing the menu. :)

  35. Alex

    There’s a line between being a fan and being an irrational fanboy.

    You can question some design decisions. You don’t have to sit behind Kaz’s anus, waiting for any amount of feces to come out so you can lick it clean to uphold this impression that the man is a god.

    1. Alex Leighton

      I like your use of correct terms to describe something that’s wrong on so many levels.

      I agree with the first thing you said though, criticism is the only thing that can improve a game. I sort of feel like this survey is a marketing stunt BUT if they use it properly they should get some good feedback.

    2. Ahaha, what.

      That isn’t a fanboy. A fanboy is worse than that.

      If you can imagine, some flaming gay guy lubing his whole arm up to the elbow in order to grasp the semi-digested juicy stool from the top edges of the Descending Colon. You can get it much more pure and raw that way. When it’s passed the anus, it’s pretty much recycled.

      Assuming you’re inclined, after the elbow-deep penetration, it will leave the hole gaping in order for the second phase, a right angle’d whole arm up to the shoulder thrust. This is for the more immature evacuate than the shoulder penetration, because of the access of the Transverse Colon.

  36. Alex

    The problem, people who believe we shouldn’t ever complain about anything because we somehow owe PD something more than our $60, is that there are a gigantic amount of “little problems” that accumulate.

    It results in an overambitious game that’s tried doing a lot, but unfortunately hasn’t done one thing exceptionally well.

    It’s still a game stuck in the design mentality of the mid-90s with a lot wrong with it.

    1. 90% finnished

      Lol, when a buddy showed me GT1, I ran out and bought my first playstation.
      When GT2, GT3, and GT4 came out I got each one on or before release day. Each one got played untill 100% finnished before I touched any other games.
      I got GT5 at 11:57 pm on november 23rd, and for the first time I didn’t finnish before playing something else. I’ve stalled at 97% finnished for the last three weeks.
      The thing is, I couldn’t say exactly why this is. I like this game on it’s own merits, but just not like the GTs that came before it. It’s allmost as if there just isn’t enough of it, too much of the old tracks missing, not enough new content to keep me interested.
      I don’t know if that’s because the game is overambitious in it’s design or not, but you may be right.

  37. 90% finnished

    Sounds like they decided the best way to shut people up is to make it look like they’re making a special effort to “listen”. Never mind that they allready have user data and sites like this (and their own forums) full of everything they need to know, with a selective list of e-mail surveys they can wait a few months and tell us the survey shows that everyone is happy with what they put out, and all is rainbows and sunshine. Just a rigged PR stunt.

    1. Ahaha, what.

      As long as it actually shuts people up, I don’t see the problem here.

      God damn, even people are complaining about plans that should stop people complain. Ugh.

    2. 90% finnished

      Yup, my favorite posts are the ones were people complain that people won’t stop complaining. Fact of life: people complain on the internet, and a survey is not going to stop that.

    3. Chesh

      Can I just ask, what is it that you are so pissed off with about the game. I think the game is a massive improvement over prologue and gt4. 3D, face tracking is awesome , online is great and driving the cars is much better than it’s been. What were you expect from gt5 ?

    4. Chesh

      Can I just ask, what is it that you are so peeded off with. Gt5 is a massive improvement over prologue and gt4. 3D, face tracking is awesome , online is great and driving the cars is much better than it’s been. What were you expect from gt5 ?

    5. Whitestar

      I wish to complain about that last complaint. I have nothing to complain about, so I want to register a complaint about that.

    6. FlareKR

      @ 90% finnished
      Unfortunatly people complain more on the internet than anything else.
      Maybe someone should figure out the psychology of people that why is it that when they touch a keyboard they turn into a bunch of @$$holes?

    7. Ahaha, what.


      @90% finnished Y’know, it’s not about STOPPING the complaints, it’s reducing it. Of course there’ll still be complaints present, but you didn’t see Hitler complaining when a couple of Jews were left uncooked.

      Actually, maybe he did.

    8. 90% finnished

      Never said I was pissed about anything. What I said was that they allready have ready access to this information, and are doing a PR stunt has damage controll.
      Target stores by me allready have discounted (temporary price drop) by about 20% off full price. That’s a joke for a “flagship”, “genre defining”, “best of the series” game, two months after release. PD knows there is a problem with image that they haven’t had in past releases, and now they are working on ways to get that image repaired.
      +1, I wonder if the government has a grant for such a study…..
      @Ahaha, what,
      lol @response to Whitestar….
      I think only time will have any real effect on complaint levels. But, to put things into perspective, GT3 had it’s share of disapointments and complaints, (though I don’t remember it being has bad has the response this time arround), and I think that led to a much better GT4 has a result. I personnaly never expect to see everyone made happy, but I do think negative reactions to GT5 will be a blesssing to the series in the long run.
      In the mean time, you just gave me a craving for watching that Youtube Hitler/GT5 movie collection again. Thanks………;p

    1. guidance is internal

      I’m sure they have. This is all PR BS so the media KNOWS PD cares.
      PD has focus groups, data, people employed to JUST read forums, etc. They don’t need this.

    2. FlareKR

      I was gonna say, out of all those surveys some of these people do, we’ll be lucky if PD reads how many got done let alone one survey.
      @ guidance
      I don’t think PD is large enough to have a PR staff, it’ll probably be some of the staff just looking here on their spare time. The one who’s sending out the surveys is Sony so forget them even recieving a number of surveys responded to.
      PD along with Kojima and MAYBE Square Enix are the last three Japanese companies that I see with the spirit of Bushido in them and should be saying “Ki ga susumanai” (My spirit is not satisfied) and going through “kaizen” (continuous improvement).

    3. Warren

      If Kaz had that Bushido spirit he would already did seppuku when GT4 came out.
      Seriously this is the funniest comment on that page!

  38. Corey

    I think this is an awesome idea. It’s good to know they are wondering where they went wrong or where they can improve. At this point Kaz’s dream of what GT is still alive, but will only survive if he continues to keep up with the current generation of car games. I wish I could be apart of this survey though. I just hope to see GT6 the game GT5 was supposed to be

  39. McClarenDesign

    On a side note, I wonder what the character limit is… Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the game, but would really relish the opportunity to express my opinions without limits.

  40. Rios

    Wonder if theres a space to write, ‘still waiting for the standard to premium upgrade cars you said we would have by the end of December.’ Stay classy Polyphony.

    1. Belisario93

      Oh for Christ’s sake… They never said it would be a December update. They only said there are plans to do so. The fact that the article that mentioned this upgrade also talks about December updates does not mean that the upgrade would be available in December.

      Please, before you whine about something, get your facts straight.

    2. 90% finnished

      So we’re not getting permanent skidmarks, non-working reverse lights, and cockpits for all cars in the 1.05 update then? Darn………;p

    3. Rios

      @Belisario93 I was wondering who the sad pathetic asshole with the miserable existence was going to be, looks like you’re our big winner.

      Please, before you bitch about something someone else said that has absolutely nothing to do with you, get a life.

    4. Obli

      Rios, you’re out of order with comments like that. Stop and think about what you’re expecting.

      Approx 800 cars need upgrading to premium. Do you really think they could get that done within about a month of announcing it? I bet it takes more than one month for one person to model a dashboard. Be reasonable and realistic, is all I’m saying, and don’t be so quick to snap at someone.

    5. infamousDee

      People must be on drugs if they think Polyphony are actually converting 800 car models from 2004 and earlier to current generation standards. Apart from GT5, NFS: Shift still has the highest number of high-quality cars in a game to date, and that number is below 100.

    6. Warren 2.0

      What the article really said:
      ” Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed that [at least some of] GT5’s “standard” cars will be upgraded to “premium” models in future updates to the game. This is good news for many fans who may have initially been disappointed their favorite car didn’t get the “premium” treatment (with a more detailed 3D model and interior view), though we still don’t know, of course, which or how many models will actually be upgraded:”
      “The interview also sheds some light on the upcoming late December update, it seems.”
      Note the word “also”, meaning the items are seperate. Nowhere is it promised that 800 cars will be upgraded, and there is certainly no promise that it would happen for the december update.

    7. Ken S.

      I swear, if Kaz mentioned a love for apples in the same interview, there’d be somebody that would take that has a promise to model every known bit of motorized farm equiptment within the next month……..

  41. Devedander

    Sounds like someone realized they dropped the ball and want to make sure they work on getting it better next time around…

    1. Bernd

      They surely took massive flak from game-magazines around the globe and don’t want to experience this a second time.

  42. Ferrari

    This is a fantastic idea

    I wish every gaming developer would do something similar where it would ask it’s PLAYERS how they wanted the game to be. Since after all, they are the fans of the game

    1. OmIpotenceZERO

      As long as there are humans alive, the whining will never be over, infact it ain’t pd that is giving excuses, it’s the people. I bet if they make a game that is exactly like real life there will still be people whining n trolling about it.

    2. GTOne2Three

      No.. Until about 3 years, dont EVEN mention GT6. I didn’t wait 5 years just to look forward to another 5. This better help GT5. Not GT6. Only thing that I want helping GT6 is GT5 getting better.

    3. Jack

      Yes everyone should quit “whining” and just pretend the game is perfect, like a good little brainwashed zombie.

    4. g27 guy

      @ Jack

      Yeah, you are right. Are we supposed to just like the game? You know, we see other’s concerns as whining only if we are not interested in what they are not happy with,

      Example, I am a rally guy and I will continue to by unhappy with the WRC rendition they did in this game. I PREFER PLAYING RBR WHICH CAME OUT 5 YEARS AGO COME ON PD YOU CAN DO BETTER. But for someone who does not like rally, they will see me as a big whiner, big deal, I do not care.

      NOW since Jack mentioned zombies, I am going to pick up a copy of COD 5 World At War and kill some zombies.

      I am done with GT5 and when I want to play, I just pop in Richard Burns Rally and have some good times.

      For All I Care GT5 was not worth the wait for me. And unless they fix a bunch of things to GT5, well PD will not count with the profit from me buying GT6, yeah the .0001% that I represent.

      Holly Rambling

    5. Shazbot

      Right… having a majority of direct-ported low res cars and tracks and laughable physics is really not a big deal.

      Perhaps the OmlpotenceZero’s statement should be rephrased: “As long as there are humans alive, there will always be sycophants and yes-men ready to praise everything that comes out of the horse’s mouth”

    6. Warren 2.0

      Better get used to the GT6 references. Even if GT5 represented perfection incarnate, there would still be talk of GT6 in anticipation of how PD would demonstrait perfection improved. Fact is, many are hoping GT6 turns out to be what they thought GT5 would be, and don’t have much faith in GT5 updates to give them what they want out of this game.

    7. Yawnster

      Yawn, ……. oh sorry, more people whining, I believe there is a solution, if you don’t like it, don’t play it.
      Either that or spend X million dollars yourself and make your own game.

    8. Coffee

      Buzzzzz……Oh sorry, more people complaining about people voicing an opinion. I have a solution: If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Either that or go spend X million dollars on a reality check.

    9. Greg

      Hidden deep in the GT5 EULA it quite clearly states the following:
      “Anyone publicly posting comments not in accordance with those approved by the International Fanboy Administration for Mindless Videogame Defense and Propaganda (Kaz Worship Division), has per the Official Fanboy Manual (Index G, Subsection T, Paragraph 5), shall be promptly stripped of any aquired paint chips, museum cards, horns, or pictures of flying pigs (when applicable).
      Furtermore, offenders will be forced to write “whinner” upon a portion of flesh, of PD’s choosing, and in a manner so has to be easily seen by others, in a recognized script (Official Fanboy Manual, Appendix K, Chapter A, Chart Z).
      Lastly, violation of this rule and/or it’s relevant penalties, subject to PD’s discretion, may result in loss of offender’s rights to speak, eat peanut butter on wensdays, and random premium cars. Repeated violations shall likely result in forfeiture of one (1) tennis shoe (left).
      Anyone not in agreement with the forementioned policies is asked to promptly destroy any copies of GT1,2,3,4,5p, or GT5 in their possession, has well has refrain from ever refferring to Translatorsan in public ever again, ever, forever, untill the end of time (2012), or at least for two (2) weeks from last thursday (or whatever is the easiest). ”

      I hear that originally GT5 had a security feature, that if you complained, the game caused your PS3 to spin the disk at high RPM, spit it out, and send it flying back to PD’s home office, but they had to disable the feature because beta testers kept gettin “accidentally” decapitated every time they found something wrong, and tried to tell Kaz………


      @g27 guy you forgot a few

      B-Spec = Poor and under-developed

      B-Spec based competition for a chance to win an SLS AMG = Poorly thought out marketing stunt.





      The Scrutineer

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