Sony Promotes Gran Turismo 5 in New PS3 “Legacy Bundle”

May 1st, 2013 by Jordan Greer

While Gran Turismo 6 is just about to appear over the horizon on a still-unknown platform, Sony appears committed to promoting Gran Turismo 5 on the PlayStation 3 in the immediate future.

According to a discovery by PS LifestyleGT5 XL Edition is about to be featured in a new PlayStation 3 “Legacy Bundle”. Product listings and box-art were briefly available on both NewEgg and Amazon (affiliate links) before being removed or set to “discontinued” (the same fate suffered by NewEgg’s GT6 product listing).

The Legacy Bundle will include a 500GB PS3 console, GT5 XL, Infamous 2, and a 30-day subscription to PlayStation plus for $299.00, with a reported release date of May 6th.

Although an SCEE executive is already on the record for stating that Gran Turismo 6 is coming to the PlayStation 3, it continues to be a hot topic of debate in our forums, and this news will likely only further drive speculation and doubts over the accuracy of the executive’s comments.

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  1. May. 2, 9:07pm

    so you want to ditch every thing you have now and the possibilities of lots more of the same…for a few hi res tracks and a handful of high resolution cars and start again from scratch on a mega bucks console and tv that can provide this and 10 million people or going to do this over night..and it wont effect sales…don’t think so…

    • May. 3, 10:18am


  2. May. 2, 8:08pm

    Y on earth would they do this when almost everyone who has ps3 has gt5!!! but im sure what ever boy(or girl if interested in cars as much as the nxt guy) would get it if their getting their first ps3.

    • May. 6, 3:52pm

      Well that’s kind of the idea of bundling them together…so people new to ps3 get both.

  3. May. 2, 6:07pm

    PD & Sony really are trying to get every last penny out of GT5, huh?

  4. May. 2, 4:39pm

    I have a feeling GT6 will be a dual platform release. The ps3 version will run the game ‘washed down’ 1080p resolution and the ps4 will have 4K resolution

    • May. 2, 5:50pm

      Wrong. The PS3 and the PS4 are completely different animals, PD would never ever finish coding 2 separate games in less than a decade, it will be released on a single console but we know for sure that a PS4 release will never run at 4K resolution. That just won’t happen until the PS5 is around and that’s a big ”maybe”.

    • May. 2, 8:11pm

      It doesn’t matter about how great the console is, how they going to get 4K content to magic… the connectivity is the key here…the PS3 content has come of age just now …of course all games will be playable on the PS4 well into its existence.
      but you can bet the PS4 is ready and waiting for the future was the PS3…they can’t throw away everything they have now just for a few they might get next year…stop this out with the old and bring in the new rubbish..its over…the internet holds everything together, if every ones not got it, then there is no market for it.

  5. May. 2, 3:21pm

    I had ps3 before with GT5. I did sell it after awhile. I won’t lie, I do want to buy this and get into it again. How is this game with the Fanatec GT2 wheel?

  6. May. 2, 3:46am

    if PD is working well … I bet on maximum 1 year of life to GT6 on PS3,
    …. than we will start dreaming about Gran Turismo on PS4. It’s inevitable! ….
    … if PD will take years to do it on PS4, no problem, there will be many alternatives is 2014 ;)

  7. May. 1, 10:54pm

    Is the new PS3 only being offered in black in the US?

    • May. 1, 10:59pm

      You could get the GOW bundle (which is red). There’s also a classic white bundle. Not sure about the blue one though

  8. May. 1, 10:27pm

    You all sound so enthusiastic to have it on the PS3. I can’t see why.

    GT5 wasn’t exactly well designed and was poorly optimized, but I really can’t see how GT6 could be much better if it’s on the PS3.

    Alot of you have absolutely insane expectations for GT6. If you all really want it on the PS3 then I’d suggest you lower those expectations quite a bit.

    We most likely won’t be seeing more cars on track, the small computing power of the PS3 will limit the potential of graphical improvement, and overall the loading times will still be long, even with good optimization.

    Personally I’d rather pay a ton of money for a PS4 and have GT6 come out on it, because while they can definitely make huge improvements with it on the PS3, they could do so much more with it on the PS4.

    I’ve seen many of you people’s comments in the GT6 wishlists threads. All I’m saying is that if a PS3 release is what you want then many of the things I’ve seen requested in that thread simply aren’t going to happen.

    GT6 on PS3 = The GT5 we wanted.
    GT6 on PS4 = The door being opened to much better technology and potential, including the GT5 we wanted.

    • May. 1, 10:49pm

      From a marketing point of view, PD would do better if they released GT6 on PS3. This is because that many people are not willing or can’t afford the new PS4 right out of the gate at top dollar. Therefore, all of us beating GT5 to death will be first in line for it. Let the PS4 hype slow down, say about 2 years, then PD releases GT7 (might be jumping ahead here a bit). The price of a PS4 will more than likely be a bit cheaper by then. Hopefully, PD will refine GT6 to live up to its expectations this go around.

      Either way, I’m ready for the PS4 on launch day as well as the next GT title as you are. But my feeling is, it will be released on PS3, as the racing sims are still pumping out for it, such as the latest NFS Most Wanted and this months new Grid 2.

      There is still life in the old girl (PS3) yet!

    • May. 1, 11:26pm

      PD would be worse off if it were released on the PS3.

      As soon as the PS4 comes out, everybody’s gonna trade in their PS3 to help pay for the PS4. The PS3 will soon lose popularity with all the better games on the PS4.

      GT6 on the PS4 means that, while initial sales won’t be as high, PD will have a much steadier and stronger stream of sales throughout the life of GT6. Two years down the line when the PS4 is cheap, GT6 will still be for sale and all those buying a PS4 at that time will still be able to buy GT6 just as easily as if GT7 were released at that time.

    • May. 1, 11:32pm

      Also I don’t mean to double post, but NFS: MW is anything but a sim. It’s pretty far on the arcade side. And every new bit of info released on Grid 2 makes it look less and less like a sim. The only sim coming out on the PS3 soon is Project CARS but I’d suspect that PD’s close relationship to Sony will have them pushing a PS4 release so that a Sony house company will be able to really showcase the PS4 in order to bring in more sales.

    • May. 1, 11:54pm

      If you remember, gt5 was released early in ps3 life as gtprologue. What PD could do now is launch a gt6 for ps3 and ps4 at the same time, but still not using the full potential of the ps4 (as no game does at the beginning of a console lifecycle). It could be kind of a prologue gt for the ps4. Then, 2 years later, work on an improved version.

    • May. 2, 12:25am

      KinLM, if I traded in my PS3 at launch date for a PS4, what am I going to do with the other 99 games for the PS3 that I have? I can’t see everyone dumping them. What I am saying is, there is life after GT5, and its not the only game out there. And ok, I use the word SIM loosely. Lets just say driving games. Its a 50/50 chance. I’m betting it all on GT6 for PS3.

    • May. 2, 1:27am

      There are hundreds of improvements that can be made without any need for more processing power. Most of the ways gt5 fell short for me is in the poor overall design. Just restructuring the game, adding more premiums and tracks, adding a livery editor and revising the story mode would make me quite a happy camper. Either way they go with it they can do very right or very wrong, but hopefully they learn from gt5.

    • May. 2, 3:09am

      @lebes14 In all honesty I can’t see any of that coming.
      We know the main bulk of guys at PD are focusing on GT6 development / production with a handful on possibly Academy 2013 if its gonna happen. Then a mere few on GT5 bits. Which will mainly bit like the online updates etc ROTC patches.

      I have to say that GT5 is in all honesty as far as future DLC development is concerned dead in the water. The game itself I still play an awful lot and i love but future DLC don’t think it will happen.

      GT6 will be on the PS4.
      It’s as you Americans say, “a no brainer”. The main reason I say this is be aide in the presentation it was mentiond that PD had a significant hand in development of the PS4 (what parts we don’t know). That leads me to believe GT6 will use the PS4’s new engine and not the Cell engine of the PS4. Now the big question will be release. Can I see the PS4 as a worldwide release? Personally I can’t. USA / Japan November 2013 and EU territories April /March 2014. Thus GT6 will be sometime Summer 2014 or could that be Prologue. Heh heh we just don’t know. But hey I think that’s how I would do it :)

    • May. 2, 10:08am

      Yes!! finally someone with common sense, GT6 will be the “right” GT5.

    • May. 2, 5:44pm
      Both Barrels

      Yup, what Pay2021 said. I’ve been beating this wonky game to death mercilessly, I will do the same to a solid version of it on PS3.

  9. May. 1, 9:43pm

    Considering that my PS3 is more or lee on the verge of YLODing, I would buy this – If it had the regular Slim in it. The S-Slim is just very cheaply made, and I very much dislike the disc tray.

    I guess I’ll just have to go on Amazon and buy a new 160gb Slim, considering no retail stores in my area have the regular slim in stock.

  10. May. 1, 7:19pm
    Alex Ventura

    Makes me want to sell my PS3 MK2 with a bunch of games and buy this one :)

    • May. 1, 9:00pm

      Honestly your better off with a phat or PS3 MKII.
      The super slim ones are crap!
      I have a 500 gig one. When ever it loads off the bar drive or saves to it what ever game I am playing the gameplay stutters. Every ow and then the sound stutters as well. That is on any game. This super slim “anorexic” PS3 is rubbish. Cheaply made shamboliic design. Lets hope the PS4 is a lot better designed!

  11. May. 1, 6:24pm

    Wow this is some surprising news. I really thought GT6 will be coming out for the PS4, but this bundle pack has me thinking otherwise. Do any of you recall the PS3/GT PROLOGUE bundle before GT5 was released? I do, time to get the bundle when it comes out, two new TV’s in the summer.

    • May. 1, 7:32pm

      But the Slim is a better system. If it’s for space, you can swap in a bigger hdd for less than $100.

    • May. 1, 10:40pm

      That’s I why I’m getting the bundle next weekend and two more TV’s this summer.

    • May. 3, 5:46am

      You need more than 500Gb Hei?

  12. May. 1, 5:21pm

    Can’t wait to meet the new GT5 players! :D They’ll be excited when GT6 hits. :)

    • May. 1, 6:45pm


    • May. 1, 6:46pm

      You know I bet people getting it in this late stage wont be 1/1000th the amount of butt hurt as many are here.

    • May. 1, 10:36pm

      ^ You are so right on that one smskeeter23. :)

    • May. 3, 2:39am

      ignorance is bliss lol

  13. May. 1, 4:18pm

    GT6 is almost here! Let’s see … the PS3 was released in Nov 2006 and it took FOUR YEARS for GT5 to be released. Assuming the PS4 is released late 2013 that would put the release of GT6 around

    Nov 2017

    I hope no-one was holding their breath.

    • May. 1, 4:24pm

      it will be for the ps3… that’s why gt5 is in the box’s so they can clear out gt5 faster

    • May. 1, 5:14pm
      Mr. Apex

      Haha, great opener for the comments section! :-P

      I feel the same way, am still enjoying a GT5 lap around the nurburgring in various road cars every now and then, but guess what: I’m immune to any GT6 hype after waiting so long for the last release.

      Sometimes that gambaru nonsense consumes so much energy and willpower that there’s not much left for the actual task at hand. And so those work-crazy japanese end up producing endless development spans and still are unable to fix a couple of weak points, even if those are known for years.

    • May. 1, 5:19pm

      LOL! In your dreams Strop. >:) It’s already being known that GT6 will indeed be on PS3 and be released this year, so HAHA to you. XD

      Also, what nascarfn said as well. :tup:

    • May. 1, 5:52pm

      Lets see:

      We got GT HD in 2007. A FREE GT game.

      In 2008 we got GT prolouge, which was awesome.

      In 2009 we got a brief but fun GT Academy.

      Then in 2010 we get GT5.

      Not sure what you held your breath for. You had games to play. Stop being a wuss.

    • May. 1, 8:48pm

      Yep, we’ve had games to play, 2 to be exact but soon we’ll have 3, damn, that’s some good use for my PS3.

    • May. 3, 2:52am

      There are people out there who think GT prologue was awesome? And there was a prologue to the prologue… SMH

  14. May. 1, 4:09pm

    Seems like maybe we’ll be able to transfer some cars and cash to GT6.

  15. May. 1, 3:00pm
    Maddens Raiders

    Sony and the Playstation family stay loyal to the core gamers. It only does everything.

    • May. 1, 5:12pm

      This. +1

  16. May. 1, 2:56pm

    This is good increase guys,who build triplemonitor systems.(GT5+PS3 same box)

  17. May. 1, 2:37pm

    Damn it. I fricking had GT5 since day one, preordered but now I can’t have the mods without more monies

    Not only that, THAT hideous thing is the PS3 I unfortunately have. The super slim ? Terrible slide-over tray on top. Hardly any smaller than the second gen PS3. Barnacles

  18. May. 1, 2:28pm

    All the people who would buy GT5 already bought it. Non-GT players have other games.

    Come on with some good news, PD!

    • May. 2, 9:05am


  19. May. 1, 2:25pm

    Only idiots would get a ps3 this late in its cycle, and GT5 too. It may be great but GT6 and PS4 are soooooooo close now

    • May. 1, 2:36pm

      this may sound crazy but there are tons of people that don’t have a ps3 and will be able to afford one when the ps4 is announced.

    • May. 1, 2:40pm

      As BoneSaw said. And also, have you not followed GT6 news? Its most likely that GT6 will release for PS3 anyways. Which most people here on GTP will rejoice because we wont be forced to buy a PS4.

    • May. 1, 2:43pm

      The ps3 still has years left in it. the ps2 is still being manufactured and sold in some countries some 7 years after the ps3 launched!! Only idiots buy into the planned obsolescence and need to have a new model every year!!

    • May. 1, 2:44pm

      Also when people buy a new ps4 their old ps3 isn’t just going to vaporise! They’ll get handed down or sold on….70 million odd consoles aren’t going to become obsolete overnight

    • May. 1, 5:26pm

      Sorry Youngun, but calling others idiots for getting the PS3 and GT5 late is just pure wrong… At least Sony still cars for their fans. Just so you know, GT6 may not go on PS4, but instead go on PS3 (which is a good thing IMO) so we won’t need to worry about buying a console for one game…

    • May. 1, 5:27pm

      *Sigh* I meant *care


    • May. 1, 6:35pm

      I didn’t actually even get a PS2 until the PS3 was out for quite some time. I bought GT3 and GT4 used, on the same day. Why? Because I was broke and it’s all we could squeak into the budget. I couldn’t justify it in the budget until the price was down to around $100.

      The kids still play it happily 2-3x a week and that wont change anytime soon.

      If I didn’t already have a PS3 I’d probably be buying on on black Friday this year while PS4s are the hot hing and price on the 3 is rock bottom.

      And then we’d play that for a few years. Trust me they’ll sell plenty.

    • May. 1, 7:06pm

      Like I’ve said all along. Why you no like GT6 on PS3? GT6 is PS3 bound.

    • May. 2, 4:52am

      Maybe idiots was a bit harsh. But its still late to buy in. Why not save the dough for the PS4, if you can buy this, then why not the next.

    • May. 2, 12:15pm

      There’s still no good reason why you shouldn’t buy a PS3 if you don’t have one already! Like many have mentioned, if GT6 is coming to the PS3 (which I would appreciate, but still have my doubts on, sorry to be a spirit breaker) then its a no brainer. Not everyone wants to fork out for a next-gen, and I’m guessing it would satisfy most of us for a current gen release, right?

    • May. 3, 5:39am

      Sorry 77 but Sony stopped production of the PS2 a few months ago. Still, that’s a good few years after the PS3 came out.

    • May. 5, 5:34am

      This is great news for poor people, let’s just hope it doesn’t affect us who have had the PS3 since launch and have ran GT5 into the ground many times over, bring on the PS4/GT6!

  20. May. 1, 2:13pm

    Does anyone recognize the track that the Corvette is pictured at? I can’t seem to locate it. Thought it was Indy, but it’s not.

    • May. 1, 2:13pm

      EDIT: Could be Spa

    • May. 1, 2:14pm

      Think it’s Spa.

    • May. 1, 2:19pm
      The Stig Farmer

      Looks like Spa.

    • May. 1, 2:20pm

      No, it’s Daytona just after the start.

    • May. 1, 2:21pm

      Hmm, definitly Spa.

    • May. 1, 3:55pm

      That’s Spa buddy.

  21. May. 1, 2:11pm

    Get PS3 rookies to get hooked on GT5 XL. Then tell them GT6 is right around the corner = BOOM! Money in the bank.

  22. May. 1, 2:10pm

    Wonder if people will buy it?

    • May. 1, 5:28pm

      Of course they will, remember PS3 is at a price where it’s almost a mainstream purchase.

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