Audio Released of Sony Executive’s “GT6 on PS3” Comments

An audio snippet of SCEE Senior Vice President Michael Denny suggesting Gran Turismo 6 will be released this year on the PlayStation 3 has been published by Silicon Republic, the website which conducted the confusing and controversial interview with him last week.

His comments have gained widespread attention in the media due to the implications of Sony’s flagship franchise releasing on hardware that’s soon to be obsolete by the upcoming PlayStation 4.

Some have speculated if his comments were inaccurately transcribed or recorded, which is likely why Silicon Republic has released the audio clip. “We had a lot of queries regarding Denny’s mention of GT6 in an article we published, so we thought we’d let you hear it for yourselves.”

Indeed, his voice sounds confident and assured as he talks about the game, which will only further fuel speculation.

Head over to our Gran Turismo 6 forum for more discussion and debate. Thanks to “Classic” for the tip!

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Comments (225)

  1. BrianBlaze420

    Ummmmm shouldn’t they be fixing all the problems with 5 first… Please don’t do what you did with 5 for 6…. PLEASE!

  2. DavidtheGT20

    Making GT6 on the PS3 would save me money, because I don’t want to buy a new console to get just GT6. Since Forza was only Xbox, I took that chance now I’m at where I’m at now.

    1. gtplPOWER

      You are right. Personally i think the hardware is to expensive, especially if you play only in one game. And build quality of new consolesalso is worse and worse, definately not worth money.

  3. GTlondoner

    @ HuskyGT
    you make a good point abot hating the online gaming era, It’s full of broken games
    years ago they had to make sure the game was pretty much perfect before selling it, Now we end up buying broken games and waiting for an endless amount of patches to fix what should never have been broken to start with

  4. Pit Crew

    The PS3 hasnt been backwards compatible since 2008 or 2009. This isnt a gamechanger so many make it out to be. I wouldnt think its a good business model to develop a new Gaming console but foolishly leave the door open for players/consumers to buy/play last gen discs on it.

    1. Pit Crew

      Speaking in an interview with 4gamer, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida talked briefly about the studio’s role in the production of the systems.

      “Key members of Polyphony Digital are involved in the very development of the PS4 and the Vita,” the likeable executive said. “I am thinking of asking them what’s going on with Gran Turismo, but related matters will probably be made clear by its representative Kazunori Yamauchi in due time.”

      This quote was made shortly before Michael Dennys perceived Slip of the tongur/cat out of the bag statement and seems to imply that future GT title is still a mystery outside of Sony/PD.

    2. GTlondoner

      I’m confused, We paid for the games why shouldn’t we be allowed to play them on our new system instead of having to buy them again. I’v spent about £1900 on PS3 games, So why do some think its ok to be forced to spend that much again on something you already have ?

      Plus my PS3 memory is pretty full so how many games can we fit on the PS4 in downloads before we have to delete old games for new ones.

      which brings me back to my 1st point that I’d have to buy my fav games out of the 42 i got, And probably end up deleting them to make room that’s why backwards compatibility and being able to buy disc’s is so important to some of us.

    3. HuskyGT

      Completely agree with you, GTlondoner. It’s fine with my old PS1 and PS games since still have my PS2 and I can play my PS1 games in my PS3, but what about the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent in PSN games? Sure, I will keep my PS3, but it’s not going to last forever like old consoles. And if they eventually stop making the PS3, how am I supposed to play these games? Buying them again in the new PSN seems unfair to me and worse would be with the disc based games since I wont be able to play them again. And that’s the reason why I will never like this online gaming era.

      This is the first time a fully online console is becoming obsolete to give space for a new one, so we still don’t know hoe Sony will sort this out. Hopefully they don’t disappoint, because what we buy is ours and we should be able to make use of it whenever we want, or at least they should provide an option so our games are always available for us to play.

    4. GTlondoner

      I know no one is forcing me but I don’t have much room for consoles everywhere and the chance’s of me hooking up the PS3 to play an old game is very slim,
      But since I can play PS2 games on the PS3 i still go back to them sometimes.

      The business model argument is compleat BS as well
      Good business is keeping your customers happy so they keep coming back to you,
      Not screwing them out of as much as you can on the first sale.

    5. Pit Crew

      Actually your argument is more BS then a little bit. Keep your Backwards Compatible PS3, till it yellow lights then retire from gaming. PS4 and its next gen titles will be here for true consumers to enjoy.

    6. sumbrownkid

      I agree with Pit Crew. You want to play your PS3 games? then keep your PS3. I feel for you if you have to sell one console to buy another, but that’s not Sony’s problem. That’s just Sony exploiting something a big company would exploit.

    7. Ignition

      You do know if you want backwards compatibility they need to incorporate Cell technology, which ain’t cheap. I don’t know why people just can’t understand, it’s not about being an evil company and exploiting customers, it’s about keeping the initial costs down to a minimum. Also sounds to me like you are rather oblivious to the mass recession we are currently in, so thanks for your sympathy.

  5. Hemi71

    Its expcted…. they wouldn’t jump into new console while PS3 is still around, its how business run to keep their sales….. we will see G7 on ps4 ;)

  6. xR3

    I dont know if its my ipod that makes it sound this way to me but the sound sounds like it has been edited to make it seem like he’s said it, i dunno. But if GT6 comes out on ps3 i’ll be a happy lad :D

  7. MyFavoriteGame

    GT6 would have to be a heck of a lot better then GT5 for me to purchase it on the PS3….. I don’t doubt that PD are able to exploit the PS3 hardware,( prob better than anyone else)…. But I just don’t see the; “800+ premium cars”, “better shadows”, “better car sounds”, “more extensive car customization” ….. and all these other things, just appearing in GT6, especially when they could’ve been patched in 5.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      I agree, I may skip GT6 altogether to be honest.. just felt slightly let down by the same old GT4 animations tracks and cars.. GT5 is a good game, just a little too evolution instead of the revolution we were all waiting for and quite frankly expecting.

  8. Magic Ayrton

    PD will have a game like Forza Horizon for the PS4 along side GT6 for the PS3, It will have state of the art graphics, sound and physics and will lean much more towards track and car creation with many car mods, a rolling road and tuning options.. will probably be a stop gap before GT7 believe me this will happen!

    1. Pit Crew

      What game would that be? Seems you got all the answers…Mind you PD has only produced three Intellectual Properties, and 2 dont involve cars.

  9. kollosson

    RESHIRAM5 has a point, we are all forgetting that games is where they make the money, look at the sales of GT5 and its a no brainer, its all about money so this idea of launch titles being important is correct to a certain extent but in terms of profit GT6 would sell shed loads on PS3, they know that a large percentage of PS3 owners will update to PS4 at xmas and the rest will follow in a year or two but in the meantime i’d say 90% of GT5 players will purchase GT6 for PS3 on its release, it makes sense. It will be an interesting E3 methinks…

  10. pnbr0014

    so.. we got 2 GTs on ps1 2 GTs on ps2 and 3/4 of a GT on ps3.. and 6 years after the ps3 is released and the ps4 is announced now there is a buzz about gt6 lol.. think about it.. i’d be happy if they release a GT6 for ps3 cuz well lets face it i may not have the bucks to throw out on a ps4 when it is finally released but what happens when i finally do get a ps4.. how long am i gona have to wait to get a GT on that console. and if they do release a GT on the ps4 what does that say for GT6 on ps3.. does this mean they will have to support 2 GTs on 2 different platforms? i personally think that there is only 1 reason they would release on PS3 and that is because they are too far along with the development on the Cell architecture and its too late to switch to the x86 architecture of the ps4.. i really don’t know why the development of gt5 took so long but i think they are feeling the repercussions of that now.


    Listen people, a reason why they could be doing a PS3 release is because when the PS4 comes out, it won’t get 10 million with a flick of a wrist, people usually by them 1-3 years later (like me with my Wii and PS3) so GT6 on PS3 is a smart smooth because a majority people who have a PS3 won’t have a PS4 at the time so GT6 will sell more quickly, take a look at the latest Pokemon DS game and that was still a good sellar even though there is already a 3DS.

    PS3 servers won’t shut down until a probaly 3-5 years as it took the original Xbox servers to shut down.

    1. RESHIRAM5

      @ Pit Crew; I’m a Nintendo Person but Nintendo had no 1st party driving simulator so a buy a PS for GT, although I’ve recently been enjoying Ratchet and Clank.

    2. e30 freek

      He simply said it could help with sales and hes right and im pretty sure there have been many more people saying exactly the same am i right?

  12. sind3ntosca

    If indeed GT6 released for PS3, then i just have to buy the game for $50-$60. And if they release it for PS4, then i have to buy PS4 for $450-$550 + GT6… wich is alot for me now :p …either way, i’m happy.

    But if they release it on both PS3 and PS4…. that’s something even better :)

  13. Kite

    “Soon to be obsolete?” Given that the next gen PS4 isn’t even backwards compatible with it’s predecessors, I highly doubt that.

  14. kollosson

    Of course he may have just made a mistake, he obviously knows all the games coming out on both consoles, could just be an error?

  15. kollosson

    It seems they want to carry on supporting PS3 and keep it going for as long as possible but i just can’t see what they can gain from this, a new GT game on PS4 is a killer title, it would sell consoles, how many of us bought a PS3 specifically for GT5, i know i did, can’t see what they would gain by releasing GT6 on PS3 with the PS4 just round the corner? unless they got 2 versions but i would much rather GT6 was coded just for PS4 otherwise you get the feeling you would be getting a game that could have been better, i dont know…

    1. pnbr0014

      i agree… i’d be MUCH more excited if GT was being announced for ps4 instead.. GT5 just took way way way too long to develop on ps3 I enjoyed every minute i played GT5 for (minus the engine sounds lol) but i think they should pick up the pieces and launch on PS4 even if they launch in late 2014 or 2015. like i said in my other comment.. the only reason for a ps3 launch would be cuz they are too far into cell architecture already to switch to x86

  16. SZRT Ice

    I don’t know, maybe I’m in denial. But this guy is not Kazunori Yamauchi. So I still feel the relevancy of this statement only clarifies that GT6 will be out this year @ most. But what system? These execs have been known to affirmatively state incorrect information. And at this point, any clarification would be too revealing on PD’s part so they just let the rumor fly without affirmation/correction because they are sticking to their plan and not releasing any info until a scheduled time (likely E3, but who knows). It’s like trying to crack a code with these guys, but we don’t even know where to find the computer.

    1. Lambofanghini

      ^^Agreed. We are guaranteed to see something by E3. I just wonder about that demo we’ve seen on the hybrid NSX. It looks like native PS3 technology to me. If they do bring it to PS3 then, they already have a wealth of hidden content to unlock that’s appears buried within the current GT5 disk. I’m hoping for another run on the PS3. PD has always been great at improving things, even when the limit appears to have been reached.

  17. RedBaron

    I have to admit that this step has its reason. Loyal GT fans will be hapy with tons of new content on just slightly tuned GT5 which will be called GT6 and PD could generate money for development of GT7 for PS4.


    Surely SONY cannot be stupid enough to release GT6 on the PS3 ! if they want to win this console war they need to get a game like gt6 out as a launch game on the PS4 . If the gt fans want what is best for the franchise too a ps4 release is what is needed . My prediction is that GT6 , a new GOD OF WAR and a new UNCHARTED will be shown on the PS4 at E3 to counter Microsofts software.

  19. StrikeEagle737

    Isn’t it possible he misspoke and he meant to say GT5 rather than GT6? That would make all this buzz and worry pointless… Or maybe he purposely misspoke to generate some buzz before a near-future GT6 announcement? It just wouldn’t make sense for GT6 to be on PS3 when PS4 is right around the corner especially since it’s one of Sony’s biggest first party titles.

    1. SZRT Ice

      He said “If you look at the games coming out this year… GT6… etc.” GT5 is already out, so this possibility is out of question.

  20. Lynx2069

    IGN has an article in which they don’t deny it, which is different then the “We don’t comment on rumors”

    “We reached out to Sony for comment and clarification. All a Sony rep was willing to tell us was the following: “In 2010, Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed that Polyphony Digital had commenced development for Gran Turismo 6. We look forward to sharing further details on this title in the near future.” When pressed for more information beyond that, Sony refused to give us further comment.”

  21. Rick74

    I would totally buy it if it did come out on ps3 but it will prolly come out for ps4 as well and probably be way better so ill just wait.

  22. KilzoneStrife

    The vid they showed looked locked at 30FPS.
    It looked like they were cornering unrealistically at speed.
    and rarely do you find the use of motion blur in a 60FPS simulation, its usually used to simulate speed in arcade racers.

    There were rumors since January saying Evolution is working on a competitor to PGR.
    And last year there were rumors Turn 10 are working on a next gen Forza AND were also given free reign to make a new PGR game as Activision shut down Bizarre Creations. A part of the team started a new company (I forgot the name) that made Blur. Another part joined Evolution Studios (as they were all based in the UK)

  23. TwistyDrift

    Am I getting something wrong here??? He said GT6 will be on PS3…That’s amazing for ps3 users but wouldn’t Sony shutdown PS3 servers when PS4 comes out? I don’t think it’s wise to release it on PS3.

    1. SZRT Ice

      That’s a good way to lose customers. Shut down PS3 servers as soon as PS4 releases? Pfft, right. I’d boycott Sony for doing such a thing.

  24. biftizmo

    sounds to me like some one wants a new play-station and wants it now….PS3 obsolete? im sure there will be a whole bunch of people disagree with you there.. Sony’s flagship console has just come of age in the internet connected world…all there back catalog is coming available across muti platforms.including tablets,phones,psp,PS3 new vita pocket size .ps3 ..and there going to take this promise forward into new realms of console architecture…PS4…

    its not really surprising that there will be loads more content for the ps3….and what do you expect their to be on this wonderbox PS4 next week? 2k movie?s yeah if you can afford the screen…it will be a long time before we see the games content the PS4 will deserve…let alone the powerful super fast internet connectivity….for more than just a few…

    stop this throw away attitude and look a bit further in to the future…they created the game architecture, platforms…now they want us to create content and play together..

    there going to make you do it anyway…drive club for gt5 and 6 on ps3 and also ps4.. be creative not critical!!!!! 123 4 5 THEN 7…CHILL

    1. Jordan

      I think you misunderstood my use of the word “obsolete”. Obviously, the PS3 will be enjoyed for years to come, but its hardware will no longer represent the state-of-the-art in console gaming technology.

    2. NA

      Lmbo, heck, technically my PS2 is definitely obsolete, yet that hasn’t stopped me from cranking up GT3 and GT4 in recent hours.

      Like Jordan says, obsolete does not mean dead, gone, and forgotten. It’s not like everyone is going to go chucking out all the PS3s or anything. It’ll live has long has the users keep using it, but it won’t be the flagship any more. The main focus will be on selling the new gen from now on.


    I wonder if Pokemon fans complained when black 2 and white 2 wasn’t on 3DS because some of you guys seem to be doing the same thing.

  26. Marnar1991

    How come everyone thinks that GT6 is gonna be either a PS3 or PS4 release?
    I personally think there’s a good chance it’s gonna be released for both, at least that’s the case with Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs so why not GT?
    And I do not expect a delay on the next game since they’re not starting all over again creating a whole new engine, but I’m still not know if I’d expect a full game to the holiday season… Probably just the prologue, but who knows? However it would be great compensation for the mistakes they made with the GT5, announcing too early, delaying it, promising too much for the game like damage, amount of cars, graphics and so on.

    That said I still love GT5 and will definately buy GT6, taken that it’s gonna release for PS3 since I won’t have the money to buy PS4 at release.

  27. Si-UK

    PS4 is a blank canvas is what Kaz said, which in my mind says work hasn’t even started on a next generation Gran Turismo! All of you hyping a GT release on PS4 will be sorely disappointed. GT6 will be a PS3 release, all videos and now the comment here suggests this is so. GT7 will be a PS4 release which if this companies track record is anything to go by, it’ll be way off yet.

    1. Pit Crew

      Previous GT titles where released within 2 years of each other. Dont believe it, check the gtplanet library accessible on this website.

      Defining PD game release record by the development misteps of 1 title is Unfair.

      GT6 was being developed, since October or November 2010…True Story, feel free to catch up on your GranTurismo history before you throw elbows.

    2. Quakebass

      I don’t mean to be nit-picky, but Kaz stated that GT6’s development actually started BEFORE GT5 was released, not after. And, taking what Pit Crew said, a lot of people are basing what will happen with GT6 on what happened with GT5 – but quite frankly, that’s not very reasonable. GT5’s engine was built from the ground-up, which took at least a year or two to do – I sincerely doubt GT6 will go through the same thing, either on PS3 or PS4. But I’m not a programmer, and I don’t know if the environment of the PS4 will accept the engine so readily. And considering this change in development time, I don’t get why people hold true to the fact that GT has had two games on each home Playstation console so far, and therefore think GT6 HAS to be on PS3 for that reason. And there were a lot of mistakes made on this game as well – standard cars, unfinished content, etc. No other GT game seemed unfinished. No other GT game was built in a complex code environment. There’s so much that changed. GT6 has plenty of opportunity to be a great game like the first 4 games in the series. I’ve never understood why people only seem to look at the decisions made in the GT5 timeline, and not what was said and done pre-GT5. People didn’t say PD were unable to meet deadlines then.

  28. Wankelhead

    All the reasonings aside, if a major franchise such as GTA V is going to be released this year for the PS3 and not PS4, surely it proves that the PS3 is a console with some more decent amount of time left. So why do so many think GT6 isn’t going to be released for the PS3 as well?

    1. KilzoneStrife

      GTA V will be lucky to run at 30FPS.
      The PS3 ver of GTA 4 ran sub 30FPS and many times dipped below 20FPS. Its a sub HD game.

      GT aims to be 60FPS and 1080p…
      Yet again, it will fall short on PS3.

  29. mcalva98

    Ps4 is not that great, when it comes out i probroly won’t get it until another 3 years. Cause really $500-$800 for a system that only has 8 or 16 gigs.

    1. recca

      500-800?? Where are u getting these numbers from? They haven’t even announced a price yet and the rumored price is 400-500 something not 800

    2. MyFavoriteGame

      You do realize that’s RAM….. right?….Not HDD capacity. But just think, the PS3 only has 256MB of RAM, 8gigs of RAM is 32x more!…. not worth $200 more you say?

    3. Quakebass

      Considering that the PS3 was $600-700 at release, and the 360 was somewhere around $400 at release… This is a good deal, if you consider inflation as well… All new consoles have been expensive. But it seems they go up by about $100 each year, excluding the PS3, which more doubled the PS2’s initial price tag of $300…

  30. Quakebass

    If it’s on either console, it’s pretty obvious that it’s coming out soon. Sometime within the next 8-ish months.

    But even with this information given in the week, GT6 could still come out on BOTH consoles. If this is true, I’m still going to go for GT6 on the PS4, partly because my PS3 is sick and dying, and also it looks like I can transfer all of it’s data anyways. I’m looking forward to the next generation of gaming.

    1. tpark103

      If it comes out on PS3 first then I will more than likely have both systems by years end. I definitely want to keep up w/ my fav sim at its maximum capability.

  31. JeremiahTB

    I wonder what Kaz has to say about what Mr. Denny said. Kaz isn’t known to give out a lot of accurate information to the general public, but one would guess he has brought it up in a meeting or memo.

  32. jajr18m

    I hope gt6 has the same graphics as gt5, just more of everything, like i hope its like gt2 to gt1 or gt4 to gt3, very similer graphics n physics, like it would be sick if it had near on 800-1000 premium cars! And quit a few more tracks, i got a feeling that those new tracks we saw are for gt6 seatle and willow springs etc, kaz better not delay gt6 though

  33. MadmuppGT

    I would love to be the calming voice in all of this and say he could have meant something else… but on hearing how clearly and confidently he says GT6 is a little bit of a boost… I was going to say he probably meant GTA (Grand Theft Auto) but he then says you go onto 3rd party companies then mentions GTA…

    Very promising, very promising indeed… E3 reveal I say

    1. mcalva98

      No no ps3/ps4 or whatever don’t go around say false content that’s very immature and very dumb and by the looks of it, it might come on ps3 listen to the recording again!!!!!

  34. Blood*Specter

    To me it means PD is not done releasing content. Cars, tracks physics upgrades are all still in line. And think about the new tracks they added. I think all cars will be premium soon enough.

    1. Gran_Turismo

      Think about this for a bit longer. Do you honestly think Sony would NOT have they’re most successful developer make the next GT for their soon to come next big console? They would sell loads more boxes if they did.

      I swear, its as if Sony is treating PD as if it’s not as important as their blockbuster game developers (ex. ND, GG, ect…).

    2. Quakebass

      Ok, if GT6 is around the corner, why would PD still make content for GT5…? I’m done speculating on which console the game will come out on until more info surfaces, but either way, GT6 is coming, and soon. I’d expect some sort of unveiling at E3 this year.

  35. mistersafeway

    My opinion is that GT6 will probably be a PS4 title, possibly around the middle of next year. My reasoning is…

    1: The PS4 will have been released at least a few months earlier in all territories.
    2: People in the US and Europe are more likely to be able to play it, as they will have time off school or work to spend some extra time with their children who are off school.
    3: Sony will likely not want a new game of their own to maintain servers for on the PS3 with their new system nearly out.
    4: GT6 on the PS3 wouldn’t really affect PS4 sales, but putting it on the PS4 will likely have a significant positive impact.
    5: PD had issues making GT5 all it should be, a problem that could bleed into GT6 and relates to…
    6a: Pure speculation on my part, but I’ve quite long held the belief that GT5 utilised an engine developed with the PS4 in mind, which could have been done because of the PS3’s (well publicised) difficulty to develop for. OR…
    6b: The PS4 has been in development for the last 5 years, who’s to say that GT6 hasn’t been in development since ’08? It could be the biggest reason GT5 wasn’t as polished as previous games in the series, PD appear have a great contract with Sony and decided to skip the PS3 and the game we know as GT5 was developed just in case they HAD to release a PS3 game or face redundancy.

    I know a lot of this sounds extremely unlikely, but points 3 and 4 make me believe that it’s unlikely GT6 is a PS3 title and the possibility that GT6 could be developed for 5 years and STILL be a PS4 launch title means that worrying that it could be a “small / incomplete” game before seeing it is pointless. If I’m wrong, no harm, if I’m RIGHT… GT6 could be an extremely worthwhile game. Here’s hoping that whoever’s right GT6 turns out well and is released relatively soon! :)

  36. BMfan

    PD have ALWAYS had two main titles on each version of the PS.
    What makes people think it would be different now.
    Not one of the staff member have come out and said the next GT game would be on new device.

    All we have are people assuming and most of us know that assumption is the mother of all ……….

    1. Quakebass

      The fact that two games have come out on two generations of Sony hardware means nothing… Why do people think this is even a reason that GT6 will likely be on PS3…? Has PD or Kaz ever said they wanted two GT games on each generation of Sony’s home console hardware? I don’t believe they have. Did Kaz say he wanted to have the most top-notch hardware available for his game? Yes. Did this Sony executive claim GT6 will be on PS3? Yes. It’s really up in the air for me right now.

      There are better reasons to think that GT6 will be on PS3, though.

  37. Bigbazz

    Why are they bringing out the PS4 if they are so desperate to elongate the life of the PS3 by releasing the biggest franchise game on the old console. I can’t see how they can go much further with it than they have with GT5 with the old technology.

    1. Quakebass

      On the PS3 they can go a little further with GT5 – not much graphically, but moreover streamlining it’s performance. Better menus, shorter load times, etc. The Premium cars and weather/time cycles can’t get much more detailed. But, did you notice that only 20% of the cars are Premium…? And not many tracks have weather and day/night cycles? (And many aren’t very high-res…). AI algorithms can be improved on the PS3, I don’t think it would be too taxing. Mechanical damage can be improved, adjustments to the game engine, specifically the tire model – both wearing and general grip; but also adjusting how cars pitch and roll. There are some times where (in reality) your car hitting the inner cornerstone in a bend could tilt your car quite a bit outwards (or even send it into a roll-over crash), and there’d be all kinds of grip loss there. I’m not sure how far, but damage model CAN be improved. Only 4 cars in the game can actually lose parts. I’m pretty sure that can be improved, as well as over-all modeling.

  38. BKGlover

    Unless PD simply built on and honed in the build from GT5, possible as GTs 2 and 4 did the same, then I’d be sceptical. Who am I kidding, I’d be sceptical if they announced anything new for GT5 aside from ending the online servi….wait. The NSX video, didn’t it have Seattle in it, it’s not announced for GT5, and it….

    This may actually hold some weight.

  39. GTrf

    I love GT5!!! If the GT6 will be released on PS3 then we get two online games gt5 and gt6(5)? Who needs it? This is stupid… ::gt6 on ps4::

  40. Projectoutlaw

    Once ps4 is out whey would Sony push to have gt6 this year. All this sounds fake. Why would gt5 take 6 years to make and gt6 only 2 years. That just makes it seemed rushed.

    1. Quakebass

      That’s what I’ve been saying for a while… We already know development for GT6 started before GT5’s release…

  41. silicon1138

    I think it’s correct what he’s saying about it coming to PS3 – Sony an PD know GT already has a huge following on the PS3, they want to maximize sales on the PS3 install base. Business is business. Selling 10 million of GT6 over one one year would be much more acceptable than launching on the PS4 and waiting a whole year to get 1 million copies sold. They are both in this for the loooong game. Kaz’s comments about the PS4 being a blank canvas were ominous. When you sit at a blank canvas, you are about to start something new. It’s been 2 versions of GT per console and it’s totalled around 70 million copies so far – they are not going to upset that model.

  42. gjeff12

    Hmmm… I, like many of you, have my gt5 data installed on the hdd. That means that if they did release it on ps3 that most of the premium cars could probably be used in gt6 even if their not on the disk. That would be pretty cool.

  43. TomBrady

    Honestly I hope it’s on both. GT5 doesn’t need any graphical upgrades, and physics don’t take a lot of resources. They can get what I want out of GT6 on the PS3. All I want is physics that can compete with netkar pro and iracing, and physical damage that’s always on, no more of this light/heavy crap especially online. Anybody that has played iracing will know the effect that strong mechanical damage has on a community. The reason iracing has the best public racing by far is because of that and the safety rating, GT6 would be amazing if it had that kind of community. No more tire selection either, I’m sick and tired of not finding good race lobbies in GT5 because every noob wants to use racing soft tires all the time on every car in the game instead of actually learning how to drive properly. They need to streamline the multiplayer so that it’s not a mess like it is now. At the very least they should have 2 different types of lobbies, one with custom options like it is in GT5, another that’s full simulation. I think that would make a lot of people happy

    1. Progress823

      I mostly agree with you, though restricting tire choices may be a bit extreme. If more players would use the tires for their intended uses (softs – qualifying, mediums – short races, hards – endurance [even sports soft for this]) there would be more rewarding racing.

      Have you tried making your own lobby by limiting tire choices?

    2. TomBrady

      That takes way too much time. That’s my main issue with GT5s multiplayer. It just takes too long to race or find different lobbies. I wish there was matchmaking.

      And I’m fine if they would limit tire choice to one thing for each session, but it kind of wouldn’t make sense, wouldn’t you want to practice on the tires you’ll be using in the race? At least I would. My main issue is the stickiest tires. Racing soft makes GT5 feel like an absolute joke. R M ‘s don’t feel great either but on softs, it just feels so much like an arcade game and I can’t stand it. Even on F1 cars, it just feels ridiculous. I can’t do it. I’m in an F1 league and I put myself at a disadvantage every week because they’re ok with using softs and I’m not. I use hards every race

    1. Rich S

      I thought so too. To me it almost seemed like an uninformed, clueless assumption rather than insider knowledge. But I suppose it could be insider knowledge.

  44. SubaruWRC555

    It’s been 4 days already since this suppoed flub has come out from Denny. I’d say that if it was a mistake, that someone from Sony Japan/USA or PD would have come out and stated that it was incorrect, false or otherwise, or they are gonna at this point keep using this to stir the pot and keep us the fans in the dark??? I just want the game regardless. I have plan in place to buy a PS4 when it comes out by saving my money(wife is not enthused but its gonna happen regardless lol) but if its on PS3 I will buy it so it saves me money in the mean time. I see no reason for anyone to trade their PS3. Save it, move it to another room. What happens if your brand new PS4 takes a dump!!(we all know this happened with some PS3’s when they came out). You won’t have jack to play on now will you!!

    1. JeremiahTB

      The hype would continue if they cleared the air. In fact, it would grow if they confirmed what system it is going to released on.

  45. KilzoneStrife

    Drive Club is an arcade racer.
    Not a simulation.

    It is a direct competitor to Project Gotham Racing.

    The PGR trademark was revived two days ago,
    and says PGR and Forza will be at Xbox Event in April..

  46. TokoTurismo

    *Sigh* Can people who want GT6 on the PS4 please get over yourselves already… I got over myself, why can’t you? You should know NOT everyone will fork out money for a new console for game (which IMO is great).

    I just want GT6 out this year, not waiting for 3 or 5 years for it to JUST be on PS4. DriveClub has the PS4 covered, I want a perfect GT6 that has great physics and customizing with variety of cars and tracks, even taking on pCARS as well. You never know, it may even end up being better than FM4…

    1. Pit Crew

      With all the press saying Game development on PS4 is way easier, GT7 could be close as a year 6 months from PS4 release. We could potentially flow from one title to the next.

    2. Quakebass

      There’s no way we’re going to see two GT games that close together. It just simply isn’t possible. If anything, if GT6 is on both consoles, it MIGHT (not saying it WILL) take time to transfer the coding to the new architecture. It may be easy, but tat doesn’t mean it’s compatible.

      If you release two games in less than a year, you’ll actually, interestingly enough, lose money on the two. People will buy the first game, and then see no need for the next game. Or, they’ll wait for the later game to come out, and not spend any money on the first one. Maybe a greater volume of people would buy the games, but the average consumption per game would be a bit lower. I’d rather PD have plenty of time in the PS4’s new and easy environment to get the best out of GT7. We still don’t know what’s going on with GT6, so hold your horses.

    3. Pit Crew

      ^ No hold your horses. You love contradicting peoples opinions with your own. Plenty of games have a sequel that follows within a 1 yr 6 to 8 month or 2 year window. Some are longer. GT 2 and three where bout a year apart, back then and no one lost money.

  47. Sasek

    Everybody complain about GT6 and PS4… I don’t belive that great fan of GT series will not buy a game on current console? If you don’t buy it you are not true fan of the series, end of topic :P

  48. KilzoneStrife

    Outdated CELL CPU
    crap 256MB XDR at 3.2ghz+256mb DDR3
    Crappy ancient 7800GTX ….

    If true… this will be GT5 (.WHAT IT SHOULDVE BEEN!)
    or …….. GT5.5.

    It would be GT5… with more cars, More tracks.
    Whats the point?
    GT5 wasnt even true 1920*1080. It wasnt even solid 60FPS.
    What a waste to release it on PS3 if from a simulation point of view, it cant be improved.

    Are they just throwing in more cars and tracks?

    …Im still doubting this rumor… until I hear more info..

  49. Nato_777

    I do think that many here over estimate the effect on sales of the PS4 that GT6 on PS3 may have. Yes there is a large fan base of the GT series and many including myself would buy a PS4 at launch if a GT game was a launch title but I think in the big picture overall it won’t hurt sales that much. There will be plenty of launch titles that will be ‘deal clinchers’ for others – personally I haven’t seen anything yet that will make me rush out and buy one, I’ll happily wait until a ‘must have’ game arrives.
    GT6 on the PS3 may affect its own sales a little but I think the majority of the GT faithful will pick it up especially if it offers a significant improvement over GT5 in terms of playability, new cars and tracks. I’ll be getting it just for Bathhurst if nothing else – the thought of driving Mt Panorama in GT is a very tantilising one.
    Also makes sense why we never saw anything of GT in the PlayStation meeting last week.

    1. TomBrady

      No, GT6 would be a huge boost for the PS4. Don’t forget how big the GT fanbase is. If GT6 was a launch title, you’re talking at least a few million extra consoles sold just from GT6 being on there.

      I don’t want to have to get a PS4 right away, and I think it would be kind of stupid to release your biggest exclusive at a time when most people won’t even have the console yet.

  50. Pit Crew

    Makes me wonder why Evolution got the invite to show Drive Club for the PS4 but PD, which is a Sony vested entity was just…there.

    Sony execs would have put D Club demo on the backburner for a PD GT6 demo.

    Tech speak aside, if GT6 is a PS3 title, it’ll be the GT5 kaz was bragging he could deliver to us back in 2006. Standards wont be in that title IMO so no real use beating that dead horse.

    1. KilzoneStrife

      Drive Club was rumored to be a Gran Turismo spin Forza Horizon.
      SCEJ rejected the idea…

    2. Pit Crew

      Yeah I read the same stories you did so I dont need a refresher. I stand by my opinion cause its my right. Doesnt change the decision at the executive level to let Evolution show that PS4 demo, and brings into question Sony relationship with PD, as to why they didnt have their Flagship title show anything, and they kick PD mad money to develop GT series.

    3. KilzoneStrife

      They do pump in ALOT of money into PD.
      Guerilla Games were given +$50 Mil to develop a game engine+push out Killzone 2, I imagine PD sees Alot more than that..
      We have simpler to dev hardware here.. if we have to wait years for a next gen GT, Im going to point a finger at Kaz. PS3 delays were understandable, PS4 GT would just show a lack of leadership on the project.

  51. KilzoneStrife

    If it releases on PS3…
    I hope they made the progression like GT4. I hope they dropped the stupid B Spec mode.
    I hope they dropped the stupid Leveling system.

    Because, there will be be zero improvement to graphics.
    For the record, if this is true (and I hope its not..) many tracks will be low textured as the high res PS4 textures will be downgraded for PS3 and look like Trial Mountain HD on PS3 *sigh*

    To those happy if this is true.. dont moan if there is zero improvement to anything in the game. *sigh*

  52. Dekropttiv

    I always said that I think that newer NSX Trailer was our first snippet of GT6. This makes me believe it even more.

  53. Bluntified

    I’m confident in what he said, he mentions an upcoming assassins creed and Grand Theft Auto for the PS3, which we already knew and have on ore-order :). Two really big games coming to the PS3, it kinda makes sense for GT6 to be added as well. GT7 sounds more like a later launch for the PS4.

    If people think it’s stupid and dumb to release a new game, like GT6, on the PS3, you should have a chat with the guys and gals over at Rockstar North.

  54. Joneseydrifts

    Honestly, I would prefer it if GT6 was released for the PS3. Mostly because I’m a fan of the series but I am also making the move to PC, and would therefore hate missing out on the fun because I’m not willing to buy another console just for (essentially) one game. I think most of us here would love the GT franchise even more if it was on PC too, but that’s something I don’t think is going to happen in the near future.

    1. JeremiahTB

      Easier said than done. I, for one, don’t know anyone who would buy me a $500+ gift for Christmas. Maybe you have a wealthy family, but I don’t.

  55. pasigiri

    If this is true (and I hope it’s not), this is VERY bad for Sony and PD. With the PS4 not being backwards compatible would mean you would have to keep your PS3 to play it. This is bad for most because most folks, myself included, will be trading in our PS3s to put funds toward a PS4 (I aint payin full price). This means either bad GT6 sales or bad PS4 sales being that the GT series is a console seller. Also, if this is true, it would mean GT6 has been developed using the Cell architecture. This makes a digital download on PS4 close to impossible because, never mind the fact as to how much HD space one would loose on the PS4 (GT6 I imagine aint small) if it was/is possible.

    And then there is GT series’ main competitor, Forza, breathing down PD’s neck. FM4 was awesome. It literally turned more than a few GT fans to it. To have GT6 on an inferior system next the FM5 would turn even more people to the Forza series while Sony and PD look pretty arrogant in thinking that “GT6 on PS3” is competitive.

    This would be an EPIC “Pontiac Aztec” FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. hobanator24

      We don’t know if Forza Motorsport 5 is on the next-gen Xbox. If it’s still on the 360, then it won’t show much of an improvemet from FM4. I think that GT6 should be a PS3 & PS4 release. I know I am getting a PS4 for Driveclub, but I am not getting rid of my PS3. If they make GT6 for PS3 only, or release GT Vita before GT6, it will be more of a Epic “Ford Mustang II” fail.

    2. Pit Crew

      If this is true (and I hope it’s not), this is VERY bad for Sony and PD. With the PS4 not being backwards compatible would mean you would have to keep your PS3 to play it.

      Wrong Sony and a Gaika have a plan to allow PS 1 thru 3 games available to be streamed on to PS4. Even still that doesnt constitute doom for Sony or PD.

    3. pasigiri

      I understand that it’s not confirmed FM5 is on the next XBox, but it would be a pretty good guess. Basically, I would have the same feelings about FM5 on the 360. It would be ridiculous. And being that Turn10 is trying to top PD for console racing sims, this is an opportunity not to be missed to capitalize. You know they’ve read/heard this info.

    4. pasigiri

      @Pit Crew
      So you would have to be “connected” to play GT6 on PS4 … still not a good move. Sony’s Playstation division may not be hurting all that bad, but Sony as a whole is.

    5. Pit Crew

      ^ You have to be connected to get Firmware updates, DLC etc for most gaming, and seeing as your currently connected to post in this forum, thats an irrelevant point.

    6. pasigiri

      @Pit Crew
      The next XBox is rumored to always have to be connected. There is a huge discussion as to why that would be a bad idea. Some people aren’t always connected.

    7. Pit Crew

      True but making backwards compatibility a game changer for PS4 isn’t actually fair. I dont think Sony sees it as beneficial or highly profitable to develop a new console but leave open the door for consumers to arbitrarily play PS3 games already owned or for a gamer to just buy older cheaper even used game as a good business practice. Their already trying to phase out places like gamestop from making a profit off of trade ins.

      Its a hustle all day everyday, and Sony or Microst are gonna do what it takes to meet that bottomline.

  56. karelpipa

    Its easy…Release 1 game you get 9M copies sold and 5M DLCs sold..
    Release 2 GT games you get roughly 20M copies sold and 10M DLC sold.

    Its all about the money. PS4 will be released somewhere between year and year and a half, so plenty of space to release GT6 on PS3 this year without sacrificing PS4 sales.

    1. Lambob

      if it was really about the money, they would do a timely DLC once a month for GT5, 2 cars, at $5/mo that would give them a lot of money. Clearly, it’s never been, nor will be, about the money, for PD. It must be a cultural thing we here don’t understand.

    2. JeremiahTB

      You are right about the DLC thing, Lambob. I’ll never understand why they are missing the opportunity to make $ on easy DLC.

    3. JeremiahTB

      Even with the focus on the new game it’s still easy for a game developer to make a few cars here and there to make some money on the current game.

    4. TokoTurismo

      During its first life yes, but when its life is about to end to fully focus on the next game, what’s the point?

  57. evanzo7

    Not going to fully believe it until something is said by Kaz himself.

    Also it could easily be a slip of the tongue, he could have meant something else but said GT6. Still I would like to hear it from the man himself.

    1. evanzo7

      True that but at least if Kaz says then you know it will happen, it is just a guess of how many years down the line.

  58. BkS

    Improve the graphical glitches, No standard cars AT ALL, improve the damage model for ALL cars drastically, tidy up the UI, re-record the engine/exhaust sounds for better realism (GIVE US THE DUBBED ONES ON THE VIDEOS DAMN IT!), and refine the physics model as well as the AI and I’m sold for GT4 on PS3. I’d be getting regardless.

    I think it’s great GT6 is coming to PS3, it stands inline with GT release tradition. 2 titles per console. Makes sense.

    Plus, GT6 should keep us all amused for another 3/4 years until they’re ready with GT7.

  59. huhobanut

    I think gt6 on ps3 is a good thing … Gt6 this year then I think gt7 will be late next year for ps4 .. I think pd have been working on a gt title for at least the past year for the ps4 .. Just my thoughts !!

  60. SubaruWRC555

    Open mouth…..insert foot. Someone ask Michael Denny how his own toe jam is gonna taste!

    I just wanna know when it’s coming out regardless of which console!!

  61. sangdude82

    Sorry SCEE Senior Vice President Michael Denny but I’m not getting the ps4 if GT6 is coming out only on ps3.

  62. SavageEvil

    Also easy as pie for Sony Japan to override his statement and say he misspoke and GT6 is only being prepared for PS4 as it’s flagship title. PS3 pfft, GT5 already humbled that machine almost to death.

  63. HuskyGT

    I don’t care about the console. If GT6 is coming this year, this is probably the best year for me (and a lot of people) in gaming!

    Though I’m a bit doubtful of why we haven’t heard any news about it from PD. Usually the trailers and hints about the next title come years before. Only time will tell, because this might as well be just a mistake from this guy or a slip.

    But again, PS4 or PS3… Whatever. Having GT6 this year would be simply amazing!

    1. Linus27

      Husky, don’t forget we have been seeing some videos of late. Seattle, Apricot Hill, the new NSX, Willow Springs. More fuel to GT6 coming out on the PS3.

    2. SavageEvil

      I would love to share your enthusiasm but GT6 on PS3 would be a waste, PS3 could barely support GT5, GT6 on PS3 would look exactly like GT5 except only Premium cars but then you have little else but small creases ironed out but that wouldn’t make it viable to buy as it’s just going to be minor additions to the game and PD could have easily made a title update to GT5 using downloads which they have shown that they can do. I find it folly to release GT6 when PD can still just make optimizations to GT5 without going to full title update and wasting a release which would better suit a fledgeling system. Sony doesn’t need a boost in PS3 sales with GT6, but PS4 would definitely need that title in the line up to go against FM5 which I can bet is probably going to be near launch of the next xbox no doubt about that. Whilst FM4 didn’t really sell as much as FM2 it is their best effort yet and Turn10 will definitely go for Gold with the next iteration. PD and Sony needs for GT6 to land with a thunderous boom, completely reworked online infrastructure, leaderboards, extensive tuning, full on livery editor, enough courses to support many of the racing genre included, better course side details(race day must look and sound like real race packed out stands air horns, trees blowing in the wind), day to night transitions on every track and ability to set time of day for any race along with weather, bleeding edge physics no more excessively grippy tires, no more limiting rolling over of cars, more fleshed out sounds(including shifter sounds, transmission sounds, exhaust notes), better presentation and a more user friendly interface lose the millions of screens you have to go through, simplify everything add ability to change oil and multiple cars at once and during online racing, lose the permanent upgrade stuff(it’s still a game, don’t need to buy multiple of the same cars, just have multiple setups FM style). All of this wouldn’t work on PS3 the system just is too limited and would result in a limited game, so I seriously doubt GT6 would come out on PS3.

    3. HuskyGT

      What would be a waste is having a GT launch title for the PS4 with only fancy graphics and a couple of cars. Then having to wait longer for a proper and complete GT. I know the PS4 is easier to develop on, but you know PD. A month for them equals a year for us.

      It sounds more feasible that they had been working on GT6 for the PS3, polishing GT5 and making it the game that it should’ve been. And I’m not talking about the shadows and nonsense like that. Remember GT2? That was released in a 16bit console back in the 90’s. No one can deny that was a much better game than GT5, at least in the fun factor, replay value and content. So better console doesn’t equal better game.

      However, I will stay neutral on this. Only PD and Kazunori can really tell us what will happen. To me, this “Sony Executive” has no clue what he’s talking about even if he sounds oddly very sure of himself.

  64. kalakanto

    Just can’t believe this.. this is enough for me to cancel preorder of PS4, gonna come back to my shopping list when GT7 is annouched. Anyway good for those who don’t have interests or money to new console but I just can’t see anything good here. What a day one seller that would have been, PS4 + GT6. Gonna get it for ps3 but but…

    1. HuskyGT

      But think about it. If GT6 would’ve come this year for the PS4, I don’t think it would’ve been that big of a game when it comes to content. However, if GT6 s coming for the PS3, I’m sure it will be a new and improved GT5 with all the things we ever wished for. And I’m not talking about more cars. That’s irrelevant. I’m talking about other things that older GT’s had and made them better in essence than GT5.

      If that’s the case, then GT6 for PS3 will keep us entertained for years so PD can work on a massive GT7 for the PS4. And a massive GT title for he PS4 is something that I’m REALLY looking forward to.

    2. kalakanto

      That’s true too, they keep us busy with 6 when making 7. It’s not a bad and day one buy but just a bit disapointment when made my journey on hypetrain and as usually it ended to wall lol.

    3. HuskyGT

      Trust, me. I was also anxious to see how GT would look in the PS4. Since it looks so damn amazing in the PS3, it’s hard to think how could it look much better, other than the shadows and little things like that.

      But this is somewhat good news, if they are true.

    4. infamousphil

      Exactly Husky… what PD has teased us with (GT6) isn’t worthy of what they say about what the PS4 has to offer.

      I’ll say it a thousand times here if I have to… GT6 for PS3! I can wait ’till they get it (GT7?) right with the PS4. Those of us who have lived and loved GT throughout it’s multitude of releases know what the outcome will be when PD is rushed. The “Jiffy Crew”, screaming… now, Now, NOW!!! are largely responsible for most of GT’s short comings… then complain, cry out loud and rage quit about how terrible their experience was.

      GT6, most likely, will be GT5 sans standards.
      GT7, I hope, will be an open world wonder.

  65. JeremiahTB

    I’m glad it may be coming out for the PS3. I might not be buying the new PS right away so if GT6 is a PS3 game I can buy it right at release. Sure, it won’t be all it can be if it is a PS4 title, but at least there are hopes for a GT7 on the new system.

  66. ChicoMaloXD

    On the NSX video they showed PS3 graphics but I still will believe it when I see it.

    I still don’t believe his words. Why hide the game if it’s for current Gen? MAKES NO SENSE!!

    1. kalakanto

      This is so true too, if launch it for ps3, shouldn’t it have been told us already, ofcourse if it comes 2014/2015 then this make sense. You can expect anything from PD lol.

  67. diegorborges

    I really don’t know why some people think this will be so bad? We’re going to have a game to entertain us for a good time until GT7 PS4 is being prepared, on the new system, with love and care.

    I will buy GT6. Day 1.

    1. HuskyGT


      Totally agree there! Like I mentioned above, if GT6 would be released this year fr the PS4 (I would buy it, regardless), I don’t feel it would be that big of a game and more like a showcase for what the new gen is all about.

      I rather have a new and improved GT6 for the PS3 with all the things that made older titles better than GT5 for this gen so that way PD can work on a massive GT7 for the PS4.

  68. Tweetman_277

    I remember getting Gran Turismo 3 as a platinum title… Anything like GT5 seemed a million miles away then. Yet here we are, two years after GT5, and people are talking about GT7. It’s incredible!!

    1. Lambob

      totally buying one for Driveclub, that game may deserve to be played! (30 other million people are buying it for Watchdogs)

  69. WanderingSoul

    I seriously hope he just flubbed up when he talked about it. PD seemed to have issues with the PS3 when developing GT5, and I don’t see them making much improvements over what has already been done. Hearing the specs of the next console, and hearing about the lack of backwards compatibility out of the box, it would just be smarter to change over to the PS4.

  70. Zuel

    Just from this sound bite it is clear that Gran Turismo 6, though with the release of the PS4 is later this year I’m sure there will be a PS4 coded version of the title.

  71. BoneSawTX

    If they had started GT6 for the PS3 years ago why stop the production now? everyone crying about it will be running to the store to get it.

  72. jomama2010

    If it is going to be the ps3 I hope they also make a ps4 copy…cross release. It would be a win win for polyphony…They get the new ps4 buyers on the bandwagon right away…and people that won’t upgrade yet will probably get the ps3 version. Because honestly…I find GT6 on the ps3 more appealing than Drive Club on the ps4 if I was going to get a new racer this fall. This will hurt the ps4 launch if they do release GT6 on the ps3. Because then Sony isn’t getting my money for ps4 stuff until wayyyyyy later.

  73. Serjury

    I have a feeling, if GT6 winds up being on PS3 that it will be what GT5 should have been and GT7 on PS4 will be mind blowing..

    1. Jump_Ace


      Hopefully GT6 will have a good offline mode, and more importantly, they drop this whole ‘dual car handling’ engine thing. it’s ruined the WRS for me :(


    2. HuskyGT


      Holly $h!t this is what I’ve been trying to tell everyone. It makes so much sense! But some people seem to be obsessed with the idea of having softer shadows and fancier graphics on a game that if it’s released this year for the PS4, I guarantee it will be smaller or as small as GT3.

    3. Quakebass

      I think if it’s on either console, GT6 will be what GT5 was supposed to be. PD has had plenty of time to upgrade all standards to premium (and 3-D models can be ported to pretty much any device, engine, or OS), and with this “blank canvas” available to PD for some time (since they’ve had early access to the dev kits), PD will also had enough time to prime the game engine – if GT5’s can be ported to PS4, they just need adjustments. If it can’t, PD would still have time to build up a new one (likely not ENTIRELY from scratch, they can base it off of some other engine’s base components). And since the PS4 is so much easier to write for, this, again, shouldn’t take two or three years to do. And they’ve already had more than two to work on GT6.

      And then if GT6 is on PS3… well, that’s already been discussed here, now hasn’t it?

      Considering that previous GT titles only took 2-3 years to develop, it’s perfectly reasonable to see GT6 coming near the end of this year. And I don’t think it will be a disappointment similar to GT5.

    1. Projectoutlaw

      There is no way the ps3 could handle that many premium cars. Maybe 400 or 500 premium cars would be possible.

    2. JohnScoonsBeard

      The number of premium cars is just disk space. It’s not as if the PS3 loads them all into memory at once. It could “handle” many more than we’re likely to get.

    3. NA

      Unless you mean the HD wouldn’t be big enough, or it would take too many bluerays, the PS3 hardware doesn’t limit the number of premiums they can put in the game. If storage wasn’t an issue, they could put in ten times the number.

    4. HuskyGT

      Doesn’t need to have 1000+ premium cars to be better. Imagine 650 Premium cars without the repetitions. If PD finally listened to us, that is, the game would be bigger than GT5, I can tell you that.

    5. Projectoutlaw

      I mean it would be ideal to have better hardware and a bigger faster hard drive to handle that many premiums. I don’t want that many anyways. Too many copies of the same cars.

    1. JohnScoonsBeard

      Well you can still make a much better game on PS3 without placing any more strain on the hardware. Improvements in coding and game design, added features etc

  74. Guardian


    With GTAV coming out for the PS3, I’m glad I don’t have to splash out on a PS4 (yet), just for one game.

    1. Guardian

      The only people who will complain about this are people who act like they know anything about ‘next gen’ consoles and the ‘advancements’ of the PS4. When in actual fact they know nothing about them, and when they actual get round to playing it ON THE PS3, their whining will melt away.

    1. HuskyGT

      Really? Come on. We all know and you know you’ll buy it. Would you change the game that GT5 should’ve been for only a couple of cars, fancy graphics and smooth shadows? Because I can almost guarantee that if GT6 goes out for PS4 this year, is not going to be half of what GT5 was. Remember GT3? The launch GT title for the PS2. It was fun (more than GT5 I dare to say) but it was so little in content.

      Even though I’m definitely going to buy a new console if GT6 gets released on it this year, I have faith and I’m almost certain that GT6 on the PS3 will be much better. As the years pass and PD gets some time to develop GT7 for the PS4 while we enjoy the GT we always wanted GT5 to be, they will later come up with a monster of game; beyond any racing game we would ever see.

    2. Foxiol

      Could be Husky, but this is PD…They made bad decisions before.
      Also the main reason to have all the problems we had with the game were caused by the hardware itself. We can call that a limitation which affects physics, some minor graphic details, sounds and what you can expect from a new game…not just more stuff (features, premium cars, etc), more quality overall.

      I am not sure if this game will be that great in comparison to GT5 just because it has the same + some better things…it will be like an updated GT5 and not a huge improvement. That can be bad for the series…for the standard of it being a AAA best seller game.

      We´ll see if this is real first.

    3. HuskyGT

      Unless they are preparing a huge update for GT5, turning it into a virtually different game, which this guy mistakenly called it GT6. Honestly, that would work for me, even if we had to pay a few bucks for it.

      With that I would be more than pleased to wait for a next gen GT6.

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