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The 2 Jet Z Is Crowned the Hot Wheels Legends Tour Champion at SEMA 2018

This year marks the 50th anniversary for the Hot Wheels brand. To celebrate, Mattel kicked off a 15-city tour back in April to find a custom vehicle that embraced the Hot Wheels style. The winner would then get the honor of their car joining Hot Wheels die-cast fleet. Now, after several months of competition, we finally have our winner.

Hot Wheels’ Legends Tour Wants to Transform Your Ride into a Toy

For the wide majority of us, snapping up the Hot Wheels equivalent of our favorite ride is the closest we’ll ever get to actually owning it. However, the famed die cast brand is turning that routine on its head for its 50th anniversary, inviting enthusiasts to submit their own projects to inspire Mattel’s next pocket-sized models.

Project CARS 2 and Hot Wheels Collaborate For New Diecast Collection

It seems like Hot Wheels want a piece of just about everyone in the sim racing genre. After collaborations with Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo, the Mattel owned brand is teaming up with Project CARS 2. Five cars from the game will be brought into the real world as diecast vehicles available to purchase.

Majorette’s Vision GT Diecast Line Picks Up Where Hot Wheels Left Off

Walk down the toy aisle of any discount department store and you’re bound to find merchandise based off the hottest properties in gaming, from Minecraft to Halo. Strangely however, racing games have always been somewhat isolated from that phenomenon — or at least until very recently. Last year, both Gran Turismo and Forza partnered with Hot Wheels on multiple occasions to release lines of diecast cars from their respective series.

Forza Joins the Hot Wheels Party with Latest Leaks

Just last week, we brought you images of the Gran Turismo Hot Wheels collections set to arrive in stores later this year. What we overlooked at the time was that the site responsible for the sneak peak (the T-Hunted blog) also had a smaller, interesting look at the other big console racing tie-up with the diecast giant: Forza.

Gran Turismo Joined by Forza in 2016 Hot Wheels Sets

Earlier this month, we reported on a certain upcoming Hot Wheels set, that could possibly shed some light on GT Sport’s roster of vehicles. Today we have more information on the pack, including a surprise addition.

Upcoming Hot Wheels Set Could Hint at GT Sport Roster

Automakers can have trouble keeping new models under wraps. With patent drawings and model cars leaking before the model they’re based on is ready for the spotlight, it can be hard for companies to keep upcoming vehicles truly secret (the Ford GT’s reveal last year being one of the high-profile genuine surprises we’ve seen recently). These leaks can also affect movies, and now, it looks like Gran Turismo has joined the ranks.