Project CARS 2 Game Updates

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Project CARS 2 Ferrari DLC and Game Update Now Available

If you loaded up Project CARS 2 earlier today — and you’re in Australia — you may have noticed a rather large update available. Weighing in at 4GB or so depending on platform, the size and timing make it clear: the horses are coming.

More Leipzig Layouts are Coming to Project CARS 2

Project CARS 2 players received another track in the game’s huge lineup yesterday. The Leipzig test center was part of the new Porsche Legends DLC pack — and it sounds like it was just the beginning for the FIA-certified circuit.

Project CARS 2 Patch 2.0 Arrives on Xbox One

Project CARS 2’s latest patch has arrived on Xbox One. Patch 2.0 arrived on PS4 earlier this week and now those who play on Microsoft’s console can enjoy the improvements. Slightly Mad Studios has tweaked many parts of the game including a much-needed fix related to the game’s career mode.

Project CARS 2 Patch 2.0 Launches on PS4

The latest “Update 2.0” for Project CARS 2 brings a whole host of fixes and improvements to the racing title. These changes include tweaks to sound design, AI behavior, and driving assists on gamepad. Changes to the user interface have also been made, introducing features like a new pit stop progress indicator and race countdown for online lobbies.