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Watch The Xbox E3 2017 Briefing Right Here

Microsoft is gearing up for its big pre-E3 press conference, and you’ll be able to watch it live from here. The event kicks off at 1400 local time in Los Angeles (2100 UTC). We’ll be catching it live from the Galen Center, so tune in at the bottom of this post to follow along.

Game Developers Now Have Access to 9GB of Memory on Project Scorpio

With only a few days remaining until E3, Microsoft has revealed Project Scorpio will offer additional memory to game developers. Xbox chief Mike Ybarra took to Twitter, announcing that developers can access an additional 1GB of RAM for games. For those keeping count, that bumps the total up to 9GB.

Forza Motorsport Played a Role in Shaping the Hardware of Project Scorpio

Last week Digital Foundry paid a visit to the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington for the first technical overview of the hardware powering the next Xbox, Project Scorpio. While the specs and underlying technology are truly impressive, a real-time demo would only validate the new machine even further. This is where Turn 10’s ForzaTech demo plays a key role.

Project Scorpio Forza 6 Tech Demo Runs at 4K/60FPS With Power To Spare

Microsoft has finally lifted the lid on its latest Xbox One model, with Project Scorpio having all sorts of technical specs being revealed to the public eye. Whilst it doesn’t have an official name, price or aesthetic look, the type of power the console will be capable of in relation to its fellow hardware seem nothing short of staggering.

Project Scorpio Will Be Revealed This Thursday

After weeks of speculation, Eurogamer has stepped in to confirm that Microsoft’s higher-specced Xbox, currently known under the codename “Project Scorpio” will be revealed this Thursday courtesy of Digital Foundry.

Forza Motorsport 7 Tipped To Reveal This Week, Running in 4K on Project Scorpio

Microsoft’s uber-spec Xbox One console has become something of a hot topic as of late. Last we discussed Project Scorpio the focus was on its 4K/60 FPS game DVR and streaming capabilities, and adopting an internal power supply. As we draw closer to an imminent reveal news continues to surface, this time focusing on which games will properly display what Scorpio is capable of.

Project CARS 2 Will Utilize PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio

Project CARS 2 news is coming thick and fast, and the latest tidbit of information to come out of the Slightly Mad Studios camp is sure to please console owners. Andy Tudor, Creative Director at Slightly Mad Studios, joined Red Bull for a chat about the upcoming racer and revealed a small but rather important sliver of intel on Project CARS 2.

Project Scorpio Will Have an Internal PSU and 4K/60 FPS Game Recording

Microsoft’s souped-up Xbox One was last discussed at the beginning of the year, with a focus on the machine’s 4K capabilities. The Redmond software giant is likely to remain tight-lipped on the upcoming refresh until this year’s E3, but in the mean time some interesting news has surfaced that not only further confirms the machine’s 4K capabilities, but a revised design choice that’s sure to please many.

Leak Re-Confirms Project Scorpio Will Be 4.5x More Powerful Than Xbox One

4K gaming is already on the rise thanks to the PlayStation 4 Pro having an early start. Released last year in November, the higher-spec Sony console already has a number of titles taking advantage of the additional headroom, and is further enhanced when VR is factored into the equation. The other half of this 4K race remains absent for the time being: Microsoft.

Microsoft Confirms Project Scorpio: 4K and VR-Capable, Releases Holiday 2017

Microsoft kicked off their E3 Conference by taking the wraps off of the Xbox One S, the newest iteration of the console featuring a slimmer design. The conference came to a close with a look into the future of the brand, with Phil Spencer taking the stage to confirm the existence and development of the next major addition, Project Scorpio.