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Gran Turismo 5’s New DLC Set for Release June 27th
Gran Turismo 5 Jun 26th, 2012 by Jordan G.

New screenshots, official dates, and pricing are now available for GT5’s new downloadable content.

GT Academy 2012 Round 8-5 Turn-by-Turn Tutorial
GT Academy Jun 23rd, 2012 by Jordan G.

Just about everyone should be able to learn something from this 40-minute video tutorial by GTPlanet user Tidgney.

New Gran Turismo 5 DLC: Twin Ring Motegi, Scion FR-S [UPDATE]
Gran Turismo 5 Jun 21st, 2012 by Jordan G.

GT5’s new downloadable content has been confirmed, bringing several configurations of Twin Ring Motegi.

Twin Ring Motegi Now Available in GT Academy 2012, Final Round Begins!
GT Academy Jun 10th, 2012 by Jordan G.

The final round of GT Academy 2012 is held on Polyphony Digital’s remodeled Twin Ring Motegi circuit.

New Motegi Screenshots, Info on GT Academy Rewards in GT5
GT Academy May 8th, 2012 by Jordan G.

Kazunori Yamauchi announces when you’ll be able to claim GT Academy’s rewards in Gran Turismo 5, and new high-resolution Motegi screenshots are now available.

Twin Ring Motegi to Appear in GT Academy 2012?
GT Academy May 7th, 2012 by Jordan G.

A new screenshot promoting GT Academy reveals a new circuit that’s not in Gran Turismo 5.

GT4 vs GT5: Engine Sound Comparison (’87 Mugen Civic)
Gran Turismo 5 Videos Nov 10th, 2010 by Jordan G.

Check out Gran Turismo 5’s improved engine sounds with the 1987 Honda Mugen Motul Civic Si Race Car on GT4’s Twin Ring Motegi and GT5’s Special Stage Route 7.

Real Picture of Gran Turismo Café
Other Apr 11th, 2009 by Jordan G.

It’s not much, but the image above is our first look at the Gran Turismo Café at Twin Ring Motegi circuit which just opened a few weeks ago.  Thanks to Johnny for sending this in – he managed to dig it up from a random Japanese blog.  This picture helps the original sketch make more […]

The Gran Turismo…Restaurant?
Other Polyphony Digital Apr 2nd, 2009 by Jordan G.

Don’t bother checking your calendar – this isn’t another April fool’s joke!   Polyphony Digital is moving into the restaurant business with the launch of the Gran Turismo Café at Twin Ring Motegi race circuit in Japan.  Opening just last week, the “exterior, interior, and even the staff uniforms have been decorated in the image of Gran […]

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