Twin Ring Motegi Now Available in GT Academy 2012, Final Round Begins!

June 10th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

The final rounds of competition are now available in the GT Academy 2012 mini-game, including the all-important, final time trial challenge, which takes place at Polyphony Digital’s newly-remodeled Twin Ring Motegi circuit!

As most of you know, Twin Ring Motegi was not included in Gran Turismo 5, and has not been seen in a Gran Turismo title since Gran Turismo PSP was released in 2009. Hints at the presence of the track’s inclusion in the GT Academy 2012 mini-game popped up shortly after the competition went live last month and were closely followed by more high-resolution screenshots.

If you can’t get to your PlayStation, watch a full lap of the East Short Course below:

Here’s a closer look at the new time trial challenges, which are available to all players around the world:

Round 7 – Nissan GT-R Black edition Tuned Car (GT Academy) ’12

  1. Nürburgring ‘Adenau – Forest’
  2. Blind Combined Corners on the London City Course
  3. Continuous Blind Corners on the ‘Côte d’Azur’ Course
  4. Sarthe Circuit ‘Porsche Curve’
  5. Nürburgring; Wet Conditions

Round 8 – 370Z Tuned Car (GT Academy) ’08

  1. Mid Speed Corner; Speed Control
  2. Blind Corners at Night
  3. Continuous Corners; Maintaining Stability
  4. Spa-Francorchamps ‘Eau Rouge’ – ‘Les Combes’
  5. Twin Ring Motegi East Short Course Time Trial

The fastest players in the final time trial challenge, Round 8-5, from each participating region, will be invited to their respective regional finals. Check your local website for the official rules and registration forms which apply to your country.

As previously announced, the in-game prizes acquired in the GT Academy 2012 mini-game will become available in Gran Turismo 5 on July 4th.

Be sure to stop by our GT Academy 2012 forum for more hints, tips, and discussions with your fellow competitors. Good luck to all GTPlanet members!

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  1. Jun. 13, 8:16pm
    Pit Crew

    The 370Z tuned reinforces my desire for a GTAcademy Pro Drift School lol, because in all seriousness, if I didn’t use bits and pieces of my drift technique to counter the cars oversteer character I wouldn’t have done as well as I did. The Z must stand for Zwigaggle haha lol

  2. Jun. 13, 6:46pm

    Hey Jordan, if you were looking for things that were updated in the last update, or maybe it was the one before, they changed the engine noise on the Corvette ZR1 RM. I hadn’t used the car since before the updates and I don know if it was already reported, but it now has a deeper more throaty, monstrous noise. It sounds amazing.

    • Jun. 13, 8:35pm

      I agree, I took the GTI ’76 out for a spin recently and it sounded really good. The last time I drove it was not memorable. Now I just HAVE to go checkout the RGT. The new 2.07 bug is when you get near another car both cars volume goes down 50%. I often find myself avoiding tuning the intake or exhaust because it ruins the originally decent sound of the vehicle.

  3. Jun. 13, 4:45pm

    one thing to ya all 947k ppl played Academy how many ppl play Forza? :DDDDDD

    • Jun. 13, 10:37pm

      Uhmmm… AT LEAST 2 million… The comparison is irrelevant, saying as GT Academy is a standalone MINI-game… also look at the gold medal averages; the US has over ONE MILLION users, yet only averages golding up to round 1 and event 2-1. Obviously some people have left GT Academy; the “947k ppl” you speak of are only the amount of people who have COMPETED, not the amount of people currently playing GT Academy. For some reason there isn’t data on Forza 4’s sales, but Forza 3 sold just under 3 million copies; I don’t know about the used games, but likely over 4-5 million people play Forza 4… GT5 hit around 7.5 million copies recently (and has been around for about a year longer than Forza 4), and people have left the game since. There’s likely about an equal amount of players on both games.

    • Jun. 14, 1:38am

      2 mill? u jokin me? i mean daily… i bet u not even 100k or so… “equal amout of players on both games” hmmmmm

      oh and btw u can say iRacing or anythin to me i dont rly care anymore only Gran Turismo whatever u say the pshysic and the game is just perfect for me will be hard to beat it funny ppl cryin over a perfect game like this look around maaan ;)

      ( iknowisaid “played” and “play” ;)

    • Jun. 14, 3:11am

      Shame your spelling and grammar doesn’t reach Gran Turismo standards.

    • Jun. 14, 12:53pm

      shame u only care my grammar and not what i say…want to continue hungarian?

    • Jun. 15, 3:33pm

      @gtAndy36, I think you’ve been challenged to write in Hungarian. Should have kept quiet.

  4. Jun. 13, 3:04pm

    Check out Project cars on youtube the next racing sim in development looks good.

    Also in the zonda clip that is what the Zonda R SHOULD sound like PD.

    • Jun. 13, 6:49pm

      Project cars looks nice, but I’ve kind of been turned on to simraceway. They are making an indycar game that will be out I think this summer but don’t quote me on it. That and all my favorite people are endorsing it, lol. Allan McNish, Dan Wheldon, Dario Franchitti, Leo from the Shakedown episodes of those Drive podcasts on YouTube. Guess advertising does work after all, haha.

  5. Jun. 13, 11:42am

    I got 1:35 265 which is 5 seconds off the no.1 ranked guy with 1:31 165 or something and im ranked 465th? Has no1 done round 8-5 yet?

    • Jun. 13, 12:01pm

      check which rankings your looking at..just managed a 1.32.9 no aids, got me to 211th uk but somewhere in the 2000ths world.

  6. Jun. 13, 10:32am

    How about SUGO, Autopolis and Okayama ?

    How about the updated 2011/2012 Super GT cars ? (3400cc V8 FR spec GT500 )

    • Jun. 13, 10:33am

      Don’t waste the precious official Super GT license ! Gran Turismo !!!

    • Jun. 13, 11:41am

      I don’t mind some new tracks, but don’t we have enough JGTC & NASCAR cars already?

    • Jun. 13, 10:45pm

      ^ I don’t think we have enough of either; we don’t have any non-Japanese Super GT, and there isn’t 16 NASCAR and Super GT liveries/vehicles; the maximum grid count on GT5.

      As for tracks, I’d like to look realistically; Silverstone is a MAJOR track that should be added, along with some classic GT tracks. Those would seem the most logical, considering all of the GT Academy events at Silverstone, and that we really only need an HD upgrade and weather/day-night cycles on classic GT tracks, not full re-builds.

      We’ll see what happens in the coming weeks/months.

  7. Jun. 13, 7:43am

    I’m still looking for people to compare GT academy times,send me an FR :stiggygonzalez

  8. Jun. 13, 7:41am

    I’m enjoying the challenge of GT academy and I’m looking forward to seeing motegi in GT5.
    Also I’m beginning to think that GT academy could be GT6 prologue in diguise,considering it’s a free demo for anyone who’s got a PS3 and a great advert for people who are new to Gran Turismo.

  9. Jun. 12, 10:53pm

    4th of july for prizes,nice date

    • Jun. 12, 10:54pm

      we need a bong head scoreboard…

  10. Jun. 12, 10:29pm

    4 Aussie’s in the top 10…WELL DONE BOYS,im tryin to get up there too,external forces saying no…grr

    • Jun. 12, 10:31pm

      jezza,wazza,timothy and adam……wooooohooooo

    • Jun. 12, 10:34pm

      haha,,,thats what u get when only selecting your area….:(

    • Jun. 13, 9:04pm

      Just wrapped up round 6 and started these last night before had to go to bed. Anyone have any tips?

  11. Jun. 12, 10:19pm

    Something tells me Motegi isn’t a finished track yet. Something tells me its going to get more eye candy and possibly weather.

    Other than that, thanks for the video and good driving out there.

    • Jun. 12, 11:31pm

      I know what you mean. Motegi doesn’t look on-par with other the tracks. Hopefully if PD does release it as DLC, they will take a little more time and improve the track.

  12. Jun. 12, 10:12pm

    Cool beans.

  13. Jun. 12, 5:50pm

    GTA has been a lot of fun. Some of the finest points in the game with leaderboards and purpose! Too bad veterans from last year can’t compete (officially). I wouldn’t mind seeing some evolve.

    • Jun. 13, 11:50am

      Well said.

  14. Jun. 12, 5:20pm

    Guys I’m now 1.119 sec off the leader. How are you finding traction in the right left flick in first sector? That’s the only place I’m losing time.

    • Jun. 13, 9:39am

      I am in the same boat! I have downloaded some of the ghost replays to race against and they seem to float through that section and I always seems to loose a second or more no matter what line is driven or how or even with different aids. I can keep pace the entire track, just that one section is evil!!!!!!

    • Jun. 13, 12:23pm

      I feel ya. I punched the hell out of my desk because I finally figured it out, then made a mistake on the next hairpin. In the first left hander, stay as low as possible and drive a straight line through the chicane. Very little throttle!

  15. Jun. 12, 3:14pm

    Hey Petrol Heads ! has anyone noticed that when you set times on these challenges whilst initially it notifies you of that time yet the next day when log on to check your progress your times have disappeared this has happened to me 4 times the first round 6.5 La Sarthe got Gold and shows that on opening page against that challenge but no time ???????? then same for round 8.1 Tokyo 8.2 SS7 8.3 Deep Forest golded all three, times attributed and placings and gold logo on completed challenge symbol yet the following day times vanished although gold award on challenge symbol remaining ??????

    • Jun. 12, 3:45pm

      Yep have that too but if you look in the toptime list it still says your time in the top (so ur still in ranking)

    • Jun. 12, 6:07pm

      Are you saving every time before you quit? that could be why…

    • Jun. 12, 9:11pm

      etnerdnl the only occaision i see my time is when i retry and if you dont equal or better that time you’r dropped in ranking e.g. i had silver for Montegi im now only Bronze ranking

      Quakerbass supposed to save automatically however when i finsh playing i hit the save button b4 i switch off

    • Jun. 13, 1:10am

      ^ Then I honestly don’t know what to tell you; it could be a save glitch, and the only way to fix it may be to re-install GT Academy. Other people have fixed glitches this way, though I’ve never heard of this glitch before, so it might not work.

      Oh, and I’m not “QUAKER”bass…

    • Jun. 13, 2:48am

      Quakebass sorry dude

    • Jun. 13, 6:18am

      There is an issue.

      If you first qualify and then make new attempts and do better, but retry without going to the ranking list and then fail the retry your new time won’t register. In other words make sure the last attempt is not a fail (don’t matter if it is an improvement or not).

      Here is a longer description:

    • Jun. 13, 1:56pm
      Pit Crew

      Its happened to me too. Try going back to previous results a couple times then go back to your current event time. That should recalibrate your right time for that event.

    • Jun. 13, 10:47pm


      XD It’s all good!

  16. Jun. 12, 3:11pm

    Motegi is great! brings back the old GT4 momeries

    • Jun. 13, 1:37pm

      It brings back the GT4 mamories for me too

    • Jun. 13, 1:38pm

      It brings back the GT4 mahamories for me too

    • Jun. 13, 10:47pm

      ^ you misspelled “memories” twice…

  17. Jun. 12, 2:54pm

    @ hennessey86 Just drive dude and see if you have the goods to make it to the Academy then maybe they can show you how to really drive. ;-)

  18. Jun. 12, 12:07pm

    Twin Ring Motegi DLC?

    • Jun. 12, 3:11pm

      Probably soon.

  19. Jun. 12, 10:55am

    GT academy 2012 has been a joke, to many cheats, to many driver aids. The active steering aid is a joke, what do these people think is going to happen when they get to the real cars…………they are going to drive them selves?. This is supposed to be a competition to find a racing driver, how do they expect to do this allowing control pads and active steering. I reckon I can get in the top 200 over all, I need to find half a second,but still the fact that theres control pad users with active steering on strong really pisses me off.

    • Jun. 12, 10:57am

      I don’t use any aids and I’m in top 32. What are you talking about?

    • Jun. 12, 11:17am

      I think someone just got told. I used to think the same thing but I THINK unfortunately a lot of leagues have Abs and active steering, it seems like only F1 is still without TC and abs. I decided to Stop complaining and just get on with it. If it Was my choice, there would be no aids, Ioaincluding abs aand cockpit view only. I’m currently 282nd, let’s do this.

    • Jun. 12, 11:20am

      i agree, if you scroll a few posts down i was talking about the same thing…in the uk, the top times still have a few strong steering people. it is entirely possible to set a top time with no aids, but lets just say these people are making it a hell of a lot easier for themselves with stong steering. i hope the winner from uk is a good driver not a controller active steering noob.

    • Jun. 12, 12:00pm

      To be honest I use a controller. I have played this series since the day it came out back in the 90’s. I personally don’t like people that use steering wheels calling people who use controllers noobs. In fact I don’t think its fair this game is designed around a steering wheel controller and for the people who can’t or just don’t have the money to own a steering wheel it isn’t fair to them. cause in my eyes steering wheels is much easier to make a time you have better control of the car then a controller I think the people who use a controller that are in the top 500 my hats are off to you cause its a lot harder to accomplish and it take great skill to get there with a controller. people who use a steering wheel have an advantage from the get go. is all i’m saying but when it comes to a real car….thats a whole new ball game. I raced circle track when I was younger….you people who say using a steering wheel is going to help you understand race driving. Think again. you sit in a chair in front of your tv no real sound no real feel of the car no real g force no real sense of depperception. As I have said before I have played this series from the start I love it to death and yes it does teach you a few things about racing but there is nothing in this game to prepare you to the real thing and that includes using a steering wheel or controller This what I have said may upset some of you and I’m sorry that was my intent. but this is just a game treat it as such until you are in the top 16 and actually competing in real cars then talk about being behind a real steering wheel.

    • Jun. 12, 12:01pm

      I can’t even change active steering settings, how do people do it? I can only set FFB 1-10, or power on/off.

    • Jun. 12, 12:44pm

      draggerlane just to clarify i use controller also, i was saying that those using active steering are noobs. even worse the top time is a guy with a wheel using active steering.. ive also played gt since the start, im 29, chances of winning minimal, currentyl 218th, but a level playing field would be nice.

    • Jun. 12, 2:24pm

      @teppischfresser, well congrats to you sir, but it still doesn’t change the fact that the active steering aid is a joke in a competition like this.

    • Jun. 12, 3:26pm
      Pit Crew

      I look at the top ten daily and rarely see aids being used. I also use leaders ghost as a benchmark and other then refined technique, no corner cutting or cheating is apparent. These guys are the truth and its probable all times will be reviewed for Quality Assurance by PD and Nissan.

    • Jun. 12, 6:42pm

      @hennessy and draggerlane, you remind me of how i used to feel and unfortunately your disgruntledness may never change. However, you have the same tools available so maybe you should just relax and get on with it. Just try your hardest and if you make it to the final stages then maybe you can she these supposed amateurs how it is done. I have done circuit racing and some rallying and i only learned my skills from these games and just honed them in real life. The really unskilled will be exposed eventually but at the moment you both just sound bitter. I’m sitting 202nd at the moment and by all means i will keep on trying, if i can;t make it then so be it, the dream lives on.
      When it comes to assists, you have to look at the origin of the game, Japan, a country that produces cars with a love for electronics, even ABS, and though it is a sad thing, it’s just one of those things.

    • Jun. 12, 9:44pm

      It doesn’t matter if they use a controller with aids are not. The fastest will still be the fastest so stop complaining.

    • Jun. 12, 10:50pm

      yr on battlefield1943 too….collosal_tossle has a score to settle…haha

    • Jun. 12, 10:52pm

      yeh,it doesnt say wheel only,u accept the guidelines so,go and race real then u will b found

    • Jun. 13, 6:22am

      This is really to dalmaximus:

      F1 may not have traction control and ABS but it is not the same as there being no driver aids. Fx. for the start they calibrate the clutch to work with the exact traction level of their starting spot. And there is plenty of other stuff going on with regards to engine management and so on to make the car easier to drive and for it to perform the best for any given spot on the track.

    • Jun. 13, 8:37am

      @hennessey86 All I can say… Get over yourself…

    • Jun. 13, 9:45am

      Too many cheats? You mean the ONE they found and corrected????
      I have checked the top 10 in about ever session I have raced in and they all had no aids. When you know what you are doing and drive with no aids, that is the FASTEST times that can be obtained. Aids are used for people that are playing this for fun, not trying to win this thing.

    • Jun. 14, 6:47pm

      I tried with the active steering to find out if it helped. It felt terrible, really rubbery and disconnected.

      Essentially hennessey86, you’re just not good enough, deal with it.

  20. Jun. 12, 9:48am

    Hey Tvensky, where are you from ?
    P.S. I’m from Lithuania and my psn id is lukauskis8

  21. Jun. 12, 1:03am

    I can truly say that I put all my effort into GT Academy im very happy. Id like to thank PD and Nissan for making GT Academy Possible.

    • Jun. 12, 1:08am
      Pit Crew


    • Jun. 12, 1:51am

      +1 Amen

    • Jun. 12, 2:55am

      Same here got 12th on 8-3

    • Jun. 12, 4:25am

      Surprised you’re more into GT Academy than the fact the Twin Ring Motegi course is coming.

    • Jun. 12, 7:12am

      GT academy is ok, but the fact that it is not available in half of the world is very disappointing… And since my country isnt even supported by Sony, then GT academy here in Baltics (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) never going to happen!

  22. Jun. 12, 12:13am

    has anyone seen a such LTGFRacer of the ranks in the top 10?

    • Jun. 12, 5:01am


  23. Jun. 11, 11:43pm

    and to add, the last event is far easier with active steering on, its like a different car. i dont want to stoop to these tactics! :)

  24. Jun. 11, 11:40pm

    and out of intrest whats the deal with people using strong steering….i always use no traction an no aids apart from obv abs on 1. ide be intrested to know if any of you have an idea on whether is just the person with the top time that goes through, or one that was next best using no aids?, if aids are allowed, ill use them…the top time right now is using strong active steering, i gave it a go and improved my time…but feels slightly like cheating? whats the deal with this? i would have presumed pd put it in for a reason, and the last event preset is 7 traction. i have to say it takes far more skill setting a similar time with traction off. i wouldnt like to see the winner be an active steering fraud :) lemme know

    • Jun. 12, 12:48am

      I’ve got some pretty good times. Not only do I use all aids OFF(except ABS on 1), I always drive from the cockpit view. I wish they’d make all SERIOUS competitors run that way.
      I agree – aids ON feels like cheating.

    • Jun. 12, 5:09am

      Yeah having a driving contest and then allowing active steering aids and traction control is ridiculous.
      It’s like a bunch of 4 year olds having competition to see who can learn to ride a bike first, and then allowing training wheels and allowing mommy to run along side holding the kid’s hand, and the handle bars to make sure the kid doesn’t fall over. Ridiculous!

    • Jun. 12, 5:53pm

      check out the top times on the leaderboards, you won’t find a single one using traction control, it only makes you slower, and ASM isn’t a huge advantage either, it still takes an awful lot of skill which is why none of you are in the top 10.

    • Jun. 12, 9:46pm

      It doesn’t matter fastest will always be the fastest. No one in the top 10 are using aids except abs 1. Plus many racing leagues do use active steering, tcs, and abs anyway. Besides most aids make you slower anyway.

  25. Jun. 11, 11:32pm

    im 1.33.571 with stick, currently 218th, seems to be mainly uk top times right now. im sure things will change tomorrow. great track, needs great precision, i see at least a second and a half to be made up, but linking a good lap is a challenge i will resume tomorrow.

    • Jun. 12, 8:58am

      Honestly I have no chance so haven’t registered but want to get all the goods so as long as I get below 1:36.000 I’ll be happy. Currently 1:36.200 so going to give it another crack later tonight.

  26. Jun. 11, 9:34pm

    I wish to say thanks PD, for the GT-Academy experience, the Motegi track, is a fantastic technical track, it features every single driving attribute in that 1:35 for gold, from late Apex, early Apex, slow in fast out, Throttle blip on downshift, weight transfers, throttle control, traction circle on the car, how to let go of the brake pedal, it really tests you on Everything, great track, can’t wait to see it in GT5.

    1:35s, #47 in Canada after 1 hour at it. How people got 1:31, well, obviously there are naturals at this game and have what it takes to be a driver to win, I suppose.

    good stuff, can’t wait for GT6 on PS4.

    • Jun. 12, 8:55am

      spoken like a man who has read “Speed Secrets” by Ross Bentley

      ; )

  27. Jun. 11, 8:17pm

    im like #42 can make it into top 30 right now

  28. Jun. 11, 6:05pm

    Oops, just saw the video posted, maybe I’ll watch that ;-)

  29. Jun. 11, 6:04pm

    I haven’t participated in GT Academy, mostly because the download would take me all day. I have to ask: What’s the track like? Will it be a good addition to the game? Is it fun to drive on?

    • Jun. 11, 6:58pm

      It is. And don’t worry, it took me maybe 8 or 9 hours to download it (did it a sunday) but definitly fun. It’s like the driving license in the regular game but more fun and you can see the leaderboards between your friends who participate. Try it.

    • Jun. 11, 7:01pm

      The leaderboard is excellent for motivation.

    • Jun. 11, 8:04pm

      Some of the tests is a pain so it kinda hard

    • Jun. 12, 7:08am

      I mostly did it for the free cars to keep my colection mostly complete, if you are into that sort of thing.

  30. Jun. 11, 5:06pm

    Hi, I am some guy who is bragging on how good he does. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t matter but i feel good crushing others anyway.

    • Jun. 11, 6:46pm

      Human nature at it’s best.

  31. Jun. 11, 4:38pm
    e30 freek

    I came 560th i couldnt believe it i cud of gone faster but pushed way to hard on the last corner and hit the dreading cones this was my second go

  32. Jun. 11, 4:37pm

    I’m 32. NO ONE BEAT ME!

    • Jun. 11, 6:51pm

      What has your age got to do with it?

    • Jun. 11, 9:06pm

      That’s not what he meant.

    • Jun. 11, 11:58pm

      If it’s not age, then 31 has beaten him.

    • Jun. 12, 5:18am

      I know that’s not what he meant, but he should have wrote 32nd rather than 32, grammar Timothy, grammar :)

    • Jun. 12, 11:00am

      Well I thought it was a given. And grammar? Have you seen the other posts on here lol?

  33. Jun. 11, 4:10pm

    I think it’s hilarious that some players out there have been sweating their nuts off in front of a screen trying to get into the top ten in every event and then to realise it is only the last event that counts. I’m just glad i concentrated ion getting gold, now that hard work begins.

    • Jun. 11, 10:36pm

      Well, it DOES give you practice… It nearly has a test for every situation, so you can prepare for the final… It’s sort of like studying for a big test, just with cars…

    • Jun. 13, 10:19pm

      @ Quakebass

      I got a lot more out of GT Academy than I expected. I really did learn a few things.

  34. Jun. 11, 3:55pm

    #423. ;) Not bad for my personal record. I did 12 laps. I think i need to do tons of more laps to catch the 1st guy which is 3 seconds “far” away from my record.

  35. Jun. 11, 3:53pm

    Meant to say 5 controller users ahead of me.

  36. Jun. 11, 3:52pm

    Anybody saying it’s pointless because they don’t have a wheel, well that is just an excuse. I was 29th in world yesterday on 8-3 or 8-4 and there were at least 5 controller users. Don’t give up.

    • Jun. 11, 4:20pm

      I was first yesterday (at the tokyo one), with DS3. That does not mean anything. The last time I checked I was already in the 20s. And even if you get in the finals with a controller you have to use a wheel anyway.

    • Jun. 12, 9:08am

      I’ve seen posts that say there are 5 controllers ahead of me, or the top time is using active steering. Is that information available to all or do those people just know the ones ahead of them? Is there a way to watch other racer’s laps? I think it would be cool if we could download a faster racer’s ghost to follow.

    • Jun. 12, 12:09pm

      Yes its possible to download replays and ghost’s from other drivers. Just join a event and then go to the leaderboard screen, pick a driver of you choice press X and select either “save wdh.” or “save replay”.

    • Jun. 12, 12:20pm

      Thank you ZoidFile

  37. Jun. 11, 3:39pm

    I was hoping they would continue the progression of cars and put in a Nissan prototype for this last part. Guess not.

    • Jun. 11, 7:21pm
      Pit Crew

      Me 2 but hey, theres always xmas :)

  38. Jun. 11, 3:28pm

    If Twin Ring Motegi track can be remodeled for GT5, PD is more than capable of remodeling all other tracks from previous GT games. They can make those tracks as track DLC for GT5 and I’m sure that They will earn enough money to either making the car DLC for GT 5 or spend on developing GT6.

    • Jun. 11, 7:33pm

      This is what i thought right from the start…GT5 could last for ever..the last DLC track (Spa) only had weather changes….i’m sure theirs a time change version out there.. bring any track back premium or not I’ll bye it… theirs no clue that Twin Ring Motegi has time or weather changes. is there a limit to how many tracks you can make yourself in this game..if not then maybe theirs no limit to tracks we can get From DLC.

    • Jun. 12, 1:38am

      They earned so much money, they could develop GT6 and GT7 and help develop Sony PS4 and probably PS5!!
      I kid myself that they don’t have time to create a new DLC. PD has tons of money. If I could just know what the delay is for not releasing a new DLC, I’d be happy as a dog wiggling his tail :-D

      GT Academy is great. I’m not that good, but at least it’s good fun :-) Thanks PD for GTA 2012!!

    • Jun. 12, 10:18am

      I’d rather have a muscle car pack. Old ones that is.

  39. Jun. 11, 3:11pm

    7-2 is wrong it is suppose to be London not monaco

  40. Jun. 11, 2:55pm

    The cars for round 7&8 are already used in previous round 4&6 so until i do the last part, i pretty sure most of you got gold so, what are the prize please ?

    • Jun. 11, 7:24pm
      Pit Crew

      370Z Tuned and GTR Black Edition Tuned are the prize cars. Tuned versions of earlier round cars

    • Jun. 12, 4:57pm

      Thanks for the tip Pit Crew

  41. Jun. 11, 2:41pm

    Sorry, not played gt much of late, where do you find this mini game?

    • Jun. 11, 2:57pm

      It’s available to download in the PlayStation Store.

    • Jun. 11, 3:05pm

      Oh I see, thanks for quick reply :)

  42. Jun. 11, 12:41pm

    No 7-5????

  43. Jun. 11, 11:44am

    Just completed trials 7 and 8 the GT-R was okay but now we come to the Z350 WTF how in this world can the handling of that car be simulated unless its a banana skin ive driven 500hp skylines in the wet and never did that car slip and slide like that one in the game jus wondering what’s the point of it ????????????? bet none of the GT500 drivers in japan have to drive cars like that in real life ?

    • Jun. 11, 1:20pm

      What I read: “I can’t handle it, therefor something is wrong”

    • Jun. 11, 1:20pm

      And how come me and everyone else didn’t have a problem :L

    • Jun. 11, 3:23pm

      Just goes to show that you don’t know anything. Go look at touge videos on youtube with Keiichi Tsuchiya and all his racing comrades,who are all JGTC race car drivers and look at every time they drive a 350z in a touge showdown how live it is.It oversteers alot and it requires alot of steering input. Besides to anyone who complains about the 350z being “slippery”,you need to question your own driving skills,because that car is very manageable.

    • Jun. 11, 3:53pm



    • Jun. 11, 6:48pm

      I found that if i control the throttle properly it wont slide as much.

    • Jun. 11, 7:53pm
      Pit Crew

      The 370Z is only wicked if you let it be. Buy a new 1 with a lite tune, practice on sports tires and learn it’s character compared to the 370Z stock.

    • Jun. 12, 2:18am

      Honestly I’m not the hugest fan of the 370Z, but it’s easy to drive. It does like to slide, but with practice it’s a piece of cake. At least we’re not stuck with that understeering piece of crap GTR again (that test at Monaco really tested my patience, every tiny lil bump, argh)

    • Jun. 12, 6:16pm

      Man, for all of the people complaining about the “uncontrollability” of the 370Z, you PROBABLY haven’t driven quite a few of the cars in GT5; try a super-light lotus (The Elise is a prime example), or better yet, the RUF Yellow Bird. These are WAY harder to control than the Z.

    • Jun. 14, 9:56am
      Pit Crew

      More then likely, PD tweeked the cars suspension to make it harder to control, forcing the driver to reach deeper into his/her skill set to manipulate the car around the courses, with the best assortment of speed, braking and momentum he/she can muster and still achieve a top time with minimal mistakes.

  44. Jun. 11, 11:43am

    Nice that they’ve finally added another track, but good grief…that’s the most boring track in all of GT4. Oh well, precisely the type of decisions we’ve come to expect from these people.

    • Jun. 11, 3:09pm

      I agree but it actually should be good for racing I hope. There may be more overtaking and stuff. But ffor just driving, especially a time trial, yes it’s super boring. Flat, not a lot of corners. Really, it’s not much worse than silverstone, and is a hell of a lot better than high speed ring

  45. Jun. 11, 11:29am

    I run 4 variations of Motegi on Forza-Fun track on GTA. Nice addition!

  46. Jun. 11, 11:21am

    13 DAYS LEFT GET REWARDS !!! Caps is power say!

  47. Jun. 11, 10:59am
    King Something

    I did 8-5 last night. I found it somewhat humorous that as of the point at which I got the gold, my worldwide rank was #801.[If you don’t know what 801 means, then you are a normal person ;P]

    That was over twelve hours ago, though, so I’m sure my rank has dropped quite a bit. I know for certain that I won’t be the next Lucas Ordonez, though, because it will be extremely difficult to get into the top 32 using a regular controller and absolutely impossible for me to pass the physical since I need a cane to walk.

    • Jun. 11, 1:45pm

      Do qualify we just need to be on the top 32? I´m in 5 :DD

    • Jun. 11, 6:25pm

      Yaoi, lulz.

  48. Jun. 11, 10:57am

    i love watching the replays from the interior view,watch the wheel inputs.1098th after 1st 30mins

    • Jun. 11, 11:25am

      im seein similarities in the way the r390 is driven in the TT’s or seasonals and this 370

  49. Jun. 11, 10:36am

    The first sector is killing me! That’s the only part of the track I lose time on. Specifically the right left followed by the short straight. So frustrating.

  50. Jun. 11, 9:45am

    So we get to lap the whole track? That is great to hear, I was worried it would only be a small section. Having played on this track though since Forza 3, it’s not nearly as exciting to me as I imagine it is to fans who only play Gran Turismo 5, but it’ll be cool none the less to make comparisons to GT5’s version. I also have this track in iRacing too.

    • Jun. 11, 1:23pm

      People are excited because a lot think it ‘should’ have been in the game already considering it was in GT4

  51. Jun. 11, 9:44am

    fix the god damn sound bug already, i never had any problem with PD, but now their last updates are a total disaster, fix it, i cant hear my freaking car

    • Jun. 12, 4:49am

      I hear mine just fine. Fix your setup?

  52. Jun. 11, 9:02am
    Maddens Raiders

    This is very cool. Great job PD.

  53. Jun. 11, 8:03am

    Last Round and aids available…so lame :(

  54. Jun. 11, 7:19am

    weird…the weather is exactly the same as in forza motorsport 4

    • Jun. 11, 7:31am

      Hm.. And the weather in Forza Motorsport 2, 3 and 4 was the same as in Gran Turismo 4 ;-)

    • Jun. 11, 8:15am

      are you absolutly certain that every iota of of weather readings are the same….same barometric pressure(please!!)..yeh….think about it,i cant,dad always said “dont think or you will get a headache”.

    • Jun. 11, 8:27am

      Well maybe because it wasnt RAINING on that track you derp lol

    • Jun. 11, 6:51pm

      Don’t think it could have been the same as in GT4 because if i’m not mistaken the sun was setting in the GT4 version.

  55. Jun. 11, 7:14am

    Why cant people wait to see if that track will come in gt5. Why are people go dear pd. Just wait and see. Have a life outside and not just video gaming.

    • Jun. 11, 1:12pm

      I’m confused as to the point of that comment… The track SHOULD becoming to GT5 after GT Academy ends, I haven’t really seen anyone getting upset over the track… and why are you telling people to get a “life outside and not just video gaming” here…?

  56. Jun. 11, 7:04am

    Dear PD:
    Please include All variations of Motegi that you have modeled for free in GT5 after GT Academy. Also please a new DLC pack consisting of at least 10 Premium Cars withour making it too expensive. I say this because Turn 10 do this with Forza and it certainly seems to be working out well for them. They also have cars you wouldn’t expect to see for fun like the Ford Transit van or the Jeep Wrangler. Cars that I think must be included are the BMW M5 F10 and the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport both fully tunable/upgradable.
    Also an AI tweak would be nice like in NFS Shift how the AI can spin off when being preasured. Sometimes they just seem a bit too robotized and un human like. For example they are too easy to pass and don’t fight for positions. Please fix this.
    And finally before you move on to putting full attention on GT6 (which really I hope will be on PS3), it would be awesome if you could come up with a livery editor for GT5 like Forza or NFS Shift as this is becoming increasingly nessessary for this genre of gaming. This and a whole stack of new premium cars and standard to premium upgrades for free would be very much appreciated by all of your fans.

    Please and Thank You in advance. Onegaishimasu :)

    • Jun. 11, 8:29am

      Dear Rushton1996,

      PD aren’t reading this letter.

      Thanks anyway in advance.

      Best Regards,


    • Jun. 11, 1:24pm

      You should go to the feedback section. And why the hell should it be free? Because you want it to be free? Uhm, no.

    • Jun. 11, 7:46pm
      Pit Crew

      Uhhh…PD moved on to GT6 before GT5 was released, and yeah maybe try the suggestions forum.

      GT series should in no way have to take ques from Forza or NFS (better GT AI ill give you). PD has 110 employees and a Race season to manage not to mention the GTA so, at this point we will have to manage without a whole lot of new content, or find another Racing sim. Adding new cars with no modes for them is pointless, not to mention somewhat time conuming on PD immediate agenda.

      Updates are the immediate future for GT5, with GT6 on the horizon.

    • Jun. 11, 10:44pm

      ^ PD doesn’t manage the racing teams… Nissan does… and Kaz doesn’t “manage” in that sector either. When he’s away racing there’s some vice president of PD managing the progress of the game, so Kaz being out racing isn’t an excuse for lack of content. There are better ones out there.

    • Jun. 12, 1:39am
      Pit Crew

      @ Quakebass In your opinion, and all iwas trying to say is PD, as a whole, with the constraints of having a smaller staff then say NFS or Turn 10 which the OP used as a point of reference, has a full agenda,PD may not manage the race team but this is a Joint venture between the 2 parties and so some PD staff will not be working with GT5 to the degree they can deliver such a large DLC Pack plus the update and keep the corresponding glitches at bay.

      I never mentioned Kaz at all and as usual my Manage a race season remark was takin out of context. You go out your way to correct post instead of reading between lines, but when its your post you phrase it as factual like you have better insight into PD andKaz then anyone else.

    • Jun. 12, 6:38pm

      ^ That’s why I said there’s better excuses out there than Kaz being out racing. I NEVER said that tho low workforce WASN’T the reason (it’s one of the bigger ones, actually…). I wasn’t referencing that you HAD mentioned Kaz, I was merely explaining that PD’s involvement with Nissan (which is MOSTLY [emphasis on the “mostly”] Kaz) wouldn’t slow down progress on any content, or at least not that much. I was explaining that there were other things that make PD slow down progress greater than their involvement with Nissan. Even if staff were needed with some Nissan-related content, it likely wouldn’t have been any of the actual developers, more likely people in the management area of PD (like Kaz or his vice president(s)). One-three people would NOT do much to hamper the progress of new GT content development – that was the main point of my argument.

      By saying “PD has 110 employees and a Race season to manage”, it sure makes it sound like you were saying PD plays a major role in the Nissan race season, so sorry if I assumed the wrong thing. I’m merely stating things how I see it, I’m not trying to tell you that your stupid, that you are blatantly incorrect, or that you should think the way I think, but I believe that some information in your comment was out of proportion, so I commented based on what I believed to be true. I’m not trying to make myself look like one who knows everything about PD or that I’m smarter than every one else. I’m just trying to put my points across based on what I have learned, have been told, and have gathered from various sources. I’m sorry that I came across so arrogantly.

    • Jun. 12, 6:41pm

      Typo alert: “tho” between “that” and “low” (first line) is supposed to be “the”… and when I said “Nissan-related content” I meant “Nissan-related collaboration”.


  57. Jun. 11, 5:37am

    How did the photographer manage to get on motegi with the GTR?

    • Jun. 11, 2:59pm

      That’s a screenshot from Polyphony Digital, not a Photomode image.

    • Jun. 11, 6:41pm

      Ah I see. Thanks

  58. Jun. 11, 5:29am
    HKS racer

    Nice track. Thanks PD. Now please fix these classes.

  59. Jun. 11, 4:40am

    Will i be able to get this track if i dont have GT Academy? Thats what i want to know.

    • Jun. 11, 4:43am


    • Jun. 11, 8:10am

      Care to expand on that? And if not what was included in the recent update which took over 500mb?

    • Jun. 11, 12:07pm

      I believe Hentis is wrong. This will most likely be a dlc. This is because when I finished round 8-5, I got a gt academy race suit, and the tuned 370Z. It has never mentioned the track at all in the entire thing. So i believe the Twin Ring is in fact an “easter egg” per-say. It is letting us know that this track has been generated. So expect it in the next DLC (this is my guess)

    • Jun. 12, 1:45am
      Pit Crew

      The OPasked if he would get prize cars for NOT participating in GTACADEMY so Hentis answer is right. Gotta play to get gifted.

    • Jun. 13, 10:27pm

      HUH? He didn’t mention the cars. He’s talking about the track. For the cars, you’ll be GT Academy. For the track, it should be DLC after July 4.

    • Jun. 13, 10:28pm

      *, you’ll need GT Academy

    • Jun. 13, 10:29pm

      That’s misleading, so…

      The track is most likely going to be DLC some time after July 4 when the GT Academy cars are made available.

  60. Jun. 11, 3:51am

    The track looks the same like on PSP. :D
    Its a nice drifting track. :D

  61. Jun. 11, 2:19am

    I just hope that we wont have to wait until July 4th for Motegi to be available in GT5…

    • Jun. 11, 2:24am

      That’s the case.

    • Jun. 11, 2:28am

      same… I also hope car DLC come with it.

    • Jun. 11, 2:46am

      for those reward cars I can wait cuz we already have them in game but it would really suck to wait almost a month for track…

    • Jun. 11, 4:32am

      Has it even been officially announced that the track will be available as DLC with the Academy cars? No it hasn’t, So with that, I doubt we will be getting it on July 4th. Will we get it for GT5 DLC? Possibly and I wouldn’t be surprised if we had to pay for it. It would be nice to see these DLC track (s) are used more often in the seasonal events.
      I also applaude Yamauchi San for putting in a decent track in the academy final round. It could have been they dumped us a lap of the 24h nordschlieffe or one of those track creator tracks. Now I red a couple of hours on my day off to give it a go.

    • Jun. 11, 4:39am

      i have no problems paying for motegi all i’m saying is that i would love to drive on it asap :) no matter if its dlc or update or whatever lol

  62. Jun. 11, 1:46am

    cant wait End Rounds and get REWARDS or track get!?!?!!

  63. Jun. 11, 12:53am
    RB26 2jz

    I gave up on gtr 2k12 lol

  64. Jun. 11, 12:27am

    I noticed about a half hour after round 7 and 8 were released, the only times showing up on round 8 (aside from 8-5) were all from Japan… and then the top times on 8-5 were only Japanese, and were a good 20+ seconds ahead of the other times… It’s fixed now, but that was a bit odd…

  65. Jun. 11, 12:16am

    I really hope that we get Motegi in GT5, it looks like it could be a good drift track

  66. Jun. 11, 12:02am

    Good luck to all the contestants! Was able to make a 1:35.1 which is almost four seconds off the pace… OUCH!

  67. Jun. 10, 11:57pm

    I just really want the speedway!

  68. Jun. 10, 11:29pm


    • Jun. 10, 11:40pm
      Pit Crew

      Doubtful PD will match the Motegi track gift (if there even is a Motegi track gift ) with the Acura as this is a NISSAN sponsored event

    • Jun. 11, 12:16am


  69. Jun. 10, 11:29pm

    Video would have been half decent if whoever made it didn’t keep flicking to rear view!!!

  70. Jun. 10, 11:25pm

    Holy Rhubarb! This is cool.

  71. Jun. 10, 11:21pm

    Can someone please link me to the UK Sign Up Form for the Last Round I can’t find it anywhere on the UK Ver of

  72. Jun. 10, 11:16pm

    Tell you one thing, I wont be buying a Nissan 370z if that a realistic representation of how it handles… damn things a death trap

    • Jun. 10, 11:55pm

      My cousin owns an 2011 370z Nismo edition and i drove it from Texas to Minnesota and let me tell you this the car is an amazing car to drive i’ve even had the chance to get behind the wheel at B.I.R. here in Minnesota and the video does not do the car justice they are amazing cars and there alot more reliable then the previous 350z. The cars are worth buying but having driven my cousins and owning a Boss Mustang i’d honestly take the mustang for track racing but on a daily drive the 370 is a better choice the clutch is softer in it so your leg wont go nuts while in heavy traffic, also the 370 is offered in auto with paddle shift and the car blips the throttle on the down shift which makes it a blast on curvy roads. Take one out for a test drive and you won’t be dissapointed.

    • Jun. 11, 12:14am

      Agreed, absolutely horrid handling with TCS off.

    • Jun. 11, 12:55am

      I really hate that car around motegi

    • Jun. 11, 2:08am

      The car handles fine. Learn how to drive. This forum on the other hand……

    • Jun. 11, 2:26am

      Well, I agree with BWX about the car.

    • Jun. 11, 5:59am

      BWX + 1 . remember the first GT Academy Nissan ?! now that was a Bitch to drive

    • Jun. 11, 6:23pm

      Oh dont get me wrong its a fine handling car… but according to the game even with TCS on its still insanely tail happy, I’m sure if this was the case in the real world car all of its owners would be dead. HAHA

      and I agree about the first GT academy, that was almost laughably tail happy

    • Jun. 12, 4:54am

      It’s not stock.. It’s modified. Read the text in GT Academy!

  73. Jun. 10, 11:01pm

    Most challenging for me was London, I hate that track, specially the zone used for the round, First, blind and wide corner, no problem, but then BAM! slow and narrow blind corner, followed by a somehow wide and slow corner

    • Jun. 11, 2:02am

      Car handles fine. Learn how to drive.

    • Jun. 11, 2:09am

      Boo! Forum put my post in wrong spot. WTH.

    • Jun. 11, 2:27am

      ^Sure, learn how to post.

    • Jun. 12, 4:56am

      It’s done it a lot before.. to many people. It’s obviously a bug. eFuuuu?

  74. Jun. 10, 10:58pm

    @Kaz_Yamauchi brought me here!

    • Jun. 10, 11:09pm

      Uh, wow. Just checked it out and Kaz did actually link to this page. Pretty cool.

    • Jun. 11, 12:00am

      fourliter and Studentdriver are both right. Kaz did link this page. *.* I’m getting nervous, which is a good thing. :) Hope to see him on GTPlanet someday.

  75. Jun. 10, 10:53pm

    Well, it was kind of challenging. The most difficult test for me was Spa, because I don’t have that track. London was tough too since I don’t use that track.

    I was so glad to see an old track back! TRM was my test track in GT4, specifically in this configuration. I knew that the Fairlady was going to be a handful in this track due to it’s FR configuration, especially because this track lacks banking in corners. But thankfully I’m very familiar with this track, and it was actually easier to drive in it with GT5’s physics. I managed to be in the 1:34’s which is enough for a DS player.

    • Jun. 11, 3:21am
      Nissan Lover

      It’s hard as hell using a DS.I bet a wheel driver has it better cause they can control the brakes and gas with their feet and on DS,if you use the analog to accelerate and brake,it’s hard to keep control

    • Jun. 11, 10:48pm

      ^ I use the triggers… those seem to simulate pedals the best in my opinion.

  76. Jun. 10, 10:35pm

    Finished GT Academy awhile ago, and Twin Ring Motegi was NOT easy at all which was good. Hope we get Twin Ring Motegi with all it’s layouts through DLC or something. :)

  77. Jun. 10, 10:34pm
    AKA I95

    Montegi, very slippery, prizes award on or after july 4

  78. Jun. 10, 10:18pm

    Oh look, I actually found that challenging…screw you “oh it was so easy” losers. Any word on when we might actually get our prize cars? Will it be the 24th when GTA is done?

    • Jun. 10, 10:37pm

      The prize cars will be available in GT5 on July 4th.

    • Jun. 11, 7:15am

      @Dragonthing. You should be reading the new section on here more often you might find things out.

  79. Jun. 10, 10:01pm

    Theirs no suggestion that this is a premium track with weather or time changes…or any track variations on the map…. But i want it!!!! Are these cars specifically tuned? will we be able to see these settings when we get them?

  80. Jun. 10, 8:53pm

    How is it possible that people are getting 14s+ in round 8-3 when the gold is 33s+ ???

    • Jun. 10, 9:43pm

      Cheating swines finding short cuts and glitches, thus ruining the whole experience for genuine people… if I had my way anyone found cheating on any online game, especially ones as important as GT academy, would get their accounts banned for life.

      the world hates a cheat

    • Jun. 10, 9:47pm

      I think you were looking at the wrong one.

      Click the drop-down box that says Round 8-1 and go to Round 8-3. You might be looking at Round 8-1 times if you checked them online.

    • Jun. 10, 9:57pm

      the leader boards were screwed for a while, I downloaded the replay of an apparent 14 second time on 8-3 but it turned out to be 8-1 (which the times are around the 14 second mark) …It’s fixed now but I had to re do my times up to 8-5 for them to show.

    • Jun. 10, 10:58pm

      Just like the seasonals…

      And the last one? Some people are doing 1:31! It sounds plausible, but I know I’m not good, but I know the game and I find it very difficult to accomplish such time. It took me a while to manage 1:34, and although I feel I can still shave a second, I find it almost impossible. I’ve already took the car to it’s limits. Maybe with the assists on I could manage to do a better time, but still…

    • Jun. 11, 2:28am

      1:31 at Twin Ring in that 370z isn’t unreachable at all. I’m just aware enough to know that I’m never going to be that good.

  81. Jun. 10, 8:46pm

    One of my favorites is back. Like most say, I hope they put it in GT5 soon. Don’t care how it looks as long as there is another track in the game.

    • Jun. 10, 8:47pm

      Edit: I hope they include the other two variants. The oval is not really necessary, though I would like it to be in there just to have the full set.

  82. Jun. 10, 8:40pm

    Very pleased with motegi track, surprisingly grippy. Cant wait to blast gt5 cars around it.

  83. Jun. 10, 8:27pm


  84. Jun. 10, 8:16pm

    i hope we will get Twin Ring Motegi in GT5 ASAP

  85. Jun. 10, 8:05pm

    All gold.Motegi looks like GT4 except asphalt texture..

    • Jun. 10, 9:44pm

      I gold everything in gt academy 2012 now and Motegi was frustrating

  86. Jun. 10, 8:02pm

    Can’t wait to get home from vacation!

    • Jun. 10, 8:50pm

      :) funny

  87. Jun. 10, 7:51pm

    Twin Ring = Meh.

  88. Jun. 10, 7:46pm

    It isnt the whole track but whatever. There better be every version of this track in gt5 dlc. This includes the super oval. Then maybe 5$ or 6 wont be too bad for a price. I do like the look of the track though.

  89. Jun. 10, 7:45pm

    13th at the moment on 8-5 time trial.

  90. Jun. 10, 7:45pm

    I don’t know about modelling the oval but some of the main track model looked average, some very poor textures on the run down to turn 1 and elsewhere.

  91. Jun. 10, 7:44pm

    it looks good, i cant tell whether they have modeled the oval or not..?

  92. Jun. 10, 7:42pm

    Absolutely no challenge at all to gold these, and where’s my Juke R :[

  93. Jun. 10, 7:39pm

    I’m gonna try it right now! SWEET

  94. Jun. 10, 7:34pm

    sorry work girlfriend world I’m unavailable for the next two weeks.

    • Jun. 10, 7:56pm

      Don’t expect them to be there when you get back.

    • Jun. 10, 8:33pm


      What, the events or the work and girlfriend? :-D

    • Jun. 11, 12:18am


  95. Jun. 10, 7:26pm

    This is GREAT

  96. Jun. 10, 7:24pm

    Awesome! Looking forward for my cars!

  97. Jun. 10, 7:21pm

    Do we still get gifts if we didn’t registered??

    • Jun. 10, 8:50pm

      Registration is only to be able to compete. You’ll get the cars if you don’t register.

  98. Jun. 10, 7:20pm

    Can you run the latest races even if your country is not eligible?

  99. Jun. 10, 7:18pm


  100. Jun. 10, 7:18pm

    Hell YEAH!! All gold till motegi

    • Jun. 10, 8:47pm

      Took me a while to get it. I love how technical it is.

    • Jun. 11, 9:58am

      I sware I wish I could turn that damn driving line off. So distracting…got down to 1:34.6… 3.5 seconds off pace.

    • Jun. 13, 10:35pm

      hahaha You can turn it off. Maybe going into the options of the Main Menu.

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