Turn 10 Boss Confirms Forza Motorsport 7 Will Ship With Over 700 Cars

Turn 10’s Alan Hartman took to Twitter last week to re-confirm one of the big numbers in Forza Motorsport 7.

After the seemingly final garage update for Forza Motorsport 7, fans have been wondering just how many cars the game will include. Although originally advertised as 700, Autoblog marked last week’s update as final, despite sitting at just 670 or so.

The clarification comes via a reply to a concerned Forza fan. Asked about the disparity between the advertised and confirmed roster, Hartman confirmed that the title will stick to the high number. Notably, it appears that we may still hear about these 30+ remaining cars prior to release. So far, the majority of cars have been carry-overs from previous entries in the franchise. Perhaps the remaining cars will be new additions, and Turn 10 has left them until last for a reason.

There isn’t much to go on in trying to work out what these 30+ remaining cars could be. A few weeks back, Forza Editions were revealed in a list only six vehicles strong. It seems unlikely that these special vehicles would be so minimal in number, so perhaps a few are FE cars. That being said, it’d be a bit disappointing if the entire remaining list were simply tuned versions of cars already in the game.

The recent partnership announcement between Forza and Red Bull Rallycross could be a further hint but it’s all speculation at this point. One thing is for sure though, none of the remaining cars will be production Toyotas, unfortunately.

How Turn 10 will reveal these remaining cars is a mystery. The obvious option would be to have another garage update but those appear to have concluded last week. With just under a month until release, perhaps a “launch” trailer would make sense.

A final reminder to push the game into the spotlight and show new vehicles could definitely be possible. With both Project CARS 2 and GT Sport releasing close to the Microsoft exclusive, it would be a smart move. Those games will be kicking the marketing push up a notch and Turn 10 should do so too.

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