Two GT6 Online Service Maintenance Periods, August 19-20

August 18th, 2014 by Jordan Greer

Gran Turismo 6

Polyphony Digital has announced two periods of online maintenance for the GT6 online services this week, which will be unavailable for approximately two hours starting at the following times:

  • August 19, 2014 at 12:00 GMT/UTC
  • August 20, 2014 at 12:00 GMT/UTC

Click here to convert this to your local time zone. Note that a maintenance notice does not necessarily confirm that a game update is about to arrive, although they often do precede their release.

This maintenance notice is particularly unusual, with two major maintenance periods occurring one day after another. The time of day is also different from other maintenance periods in the past.

GT6 Photomode image by gabe331.

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  1. Aug. 26, 6:29am

    “True, a few games coming and currently out have all of the newest cars wish-list thing sewn up. Still, I’m glad JamesB has found pCars, if that’ll make him happy.
    As for me, I’ll stick with GT as I’m old enough to remember more than the current pack of what is considered cool or desirable. I enjoy the ability to drive some of the older classics around”

    Missing my point completely Elf.

    I DON’T WANT the newest cars wish list thing. I WANT classics, but a variety of classics. I WANT the Mk1 Ford Escort. I WANT Aussie V8s, I WANT classic F1 cars like the Lotus 49. I WANT/NEED the Austin/Morris Mini Cooper and Cooper S.

    I DON’T WANT or NEED 96 versions of the Mx5.

    This is where GT lets the players down. Multiples of the same car, with barely a difference between them. For gods sake, an Mx5 is an Mx5. Why do we need some many versions of it at the expense of some truly iconic cars?

    That is my beef with GT and why I will be keeping an eye on the progress of Project Cars.

  2. Aug. 24, 4:06am

    See you in September folks.

    • Aug. 27, 7:50am


  3. Aug. 21, 7:52pm

    These maintenance periods probably had nothing to do with GT6 directly. More likely they upgraded or migrated part of the farm to GT7 for the closed beta testing.

  4. Aug. 21, 8:47am
    GTP Ziggy

    Why everyone is talking about content and updates on a post that only relates to only maintaining the game’s condition?

    • Aug. 21, 10:46am

      Every time there is an Online Service Maintenance there is an update for GT6.

    • Aug. 21, 4:14pm
      SZRT Ice

      Because Circuito de la Sierra was added to the track database in update 1.10 along with 2 unannounced VGT vehicles. And as per usual, things added in usually arrive an update or 2 later. Also, considering the size of update 1.10, which is very rare, we are also led to believe it will be something of considerable size, as 1.10 was the biggest update to date. As listed by “goldrusher” on NeoGAF.

      05/30 … 1.08 = 1476 MB
      –> track 80s Monza + Mitsubishi Vision GT, DAP Racing Kart, WSR British F3, Lotus 97T F1

      06/18 … 1.09 = 598 MB
      –> track Red Bull Ring + Volkswagen Vision GTI, Toyota TS030, Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3, Lexus IS F CCS-R

      07/25 … 1.10 = 2115 MB
      –> track Sierra + Aston Martin Vision DP-100, Nissan Vision 2020

      2 VGT vehicles, some added number stickers, and colorable calipers should not take up 2+Gb of HDD space. So considering all the rare things going on, coupled with this rare double maintenance period, an imminent reveal seems more than likely, and it’s simply a matter of time than anything else before something new is confirmed.

    • Aug. 21, 5:04pm

      Yeah a 2GB+ installment for just two VGT and a couple of minor features does not add up at all, having the sierra track in there but hidden would make sense in regards to the 2GB size.

      Considering we have only had update 1.11 this month which is was a 30mb patch, I think that 1.12 is likely to arrive very soon as we have not had a proper feature update this month.

    • Aug. 22, 8:31am

      Except no one has uncovered any proof to my knowledge that the track itself is actually in the game, just some menu headings and such. So saying the track is there but just ready to be released is senseless speculation. It could well be the 2 gigs in the update was some other feature completely unrelated to Zahara or something else we are completely unaware of, like a series of high def movies.

    • Aug. 22, 11:47am

      Well JP, we are prone to senseless speculation around here, but the videos etc. don’t add up to 2GB. There’s something coming but I’m starting to think that Kaz is a fan of B.F. Skinner and we’re part of some mad experiment judging by some of the responses on GTP.

    • Aug. 22, 5:24pm

      Ice does make a good point if its true. I would really love to see that track creator appear one of these days in the near future fingers crossed.

  5. Aug. 20, 9:01pm
    SZRT Ice

    Should I say “I told you so” when the update arrives? Or should I be meek and modest? Hmm…

    • Aug. 20, 9:15pm

      Yeah, when September rolls around you’re more than welcome to say “I told you so”


    • Aug. 20, 9:20pm
      SZRT Ice

      Neh… I said between tomorrow & Tuesday. Wednesday, you can tell me you told me so.

    • Aug. 20, 9:43pm

      I hope you are right, Ice. I haven’t always agreed with you on these forums, but this time I definitely do. I just don’t see any other reason to have two separate server maintainence services being done. If they were just doing maintainence, they should only need one time to get it done, not two. My prediction (I should probably say hope) is that it will be community features, hence the reason they are doing so much online work. Again, just a prediction and little more than a guess

    • Aug. 20, 11:14pm
      Tenacious D

      Some of the community features will be easy to produce. For instance, the Event Maker would be the code they use to create events in GT, but with a snazzy GUI for us to use. Also B-Spec Mode and the A.I. improvement, Leaderboards, racing league style offline events, improved Arcade Mode, and so on. Others are a little more involved – or a lot – like the online Club and League tools, Race Mod, Livery Editor, damage, stuff like that.

      I want some of the hard stuff sooner, like the Course Maker and Race Mod/Livery Editor, but I’ll take what I can get. Especially if it fits into an overall package, like Race Mod and the Livery Editor producing cars suitable for online user defined racing leagues.

    • Aug. 21, 12:33am
      SZRT Ice

      We gotta have faith sometimes. Even the people who are criticizing the worst have a little bit of faith, or they wouldn’t come here, checking community feedback for what’s new. I’m a firm believer that PD are capable of great things. It’s a matter of time before we’re graced with the PD/GT that we’ve all come to expect. It’ll happen sooner or later, of this I’m certain. All these others are too, or they wouldn’t be here b**ching about it. Every update, every improvement, and every mess up, mistake*, bug, and glitch brings us all closer to the Gran Turismo we’ve all been waiting for…

    • Aug. 21, 2:35am

      Exactly. September it is. Gran Turismo, no matter what will happen to this series, that I criticize it or love (Check my convo with Tenacious D, calling me a fake prophet for example) will be something I’ll never let down.

      Heck sometimes I bash at the game (Well I’m autistic and I have tourettes and more so my mind can get very twisted) but in the end, I still like it. Not “Love it” like I did before, but… who knows, someday I might again.

    • Aug. 22, 5:31pm
      drag lab 101

      SZRT Ice said:
      (We gotta have faith sometimes. Even the people who are criticizing the worst have a little bit of faith, or they wouldn’t come here, checking community feedback for what’s new. I’m a firm believer that PD are capable of great things. It’s a matter of time before we’re graced with the PD/GT that we’ve all come to expect. It’ll happen sooner or later, of this I’m certain. All these others are too, or they wouldn’t be here b**ching about it. Every update, every improvement, and every mess up, mistake*, bug, and glitch brings us all closer to the Gran Turismo we’ve all been waiting for.)

      & that sir is exactly how I feel and have felt about this series for a very long time now.
      I’d make an assumption that many others do as well too.
      I can be as critical as anyone IMO & am quite aware it’s far from flawless.
      I don’t come on here to express that much anymore.
      But as Sony tells me.. GREATNESS AWAITS! I have faith GT will get there one day.. Even if I get tired of waiting.

    • Aug. 24, 1:32pm

      SZRT…it’s just about one day left until Tuesday,not saying I am desperate about the ‘hopefully will come soon’update,the hype of getting a new update has gone to zero though.Maybe it’s just because I’m new to the franchise and haven’t experienced this before…but will there really be an update in August?Even if so,it seems not many of us will be grateful as before.Get the hype up and give little,surely it’s not necessary for customers to care about the game anymore…sorry for being so pessimistic,just want to express my view here.

    • Aug. 24, 6:24pm

      Ice, gotta support your call here. Look at last month most people were going on about not getting it as the month was almost out. Once again we are coming up to the 11th hour and being here in Australia whatever date PD have set I whack an extra day on top of that. I think this months earlier small update was the full August one. Anyways just my thoughts on this and not fact.

    • Aug. 25, 10:39pm
      SZRT Ice

      I’m certain they have the content already. Whether they release part of it now, or couple it with more VGT’s for later is yet to be seen.

      I will however admit defeat and say that I was wrong in my prediction. I will still continue to hold out hope that something will come this week, and even more so are my expectations for September. You gotta believe in the things you want man.

    • Aug. 26, 12:31am

      SZRT,maybe something will come later today,so far they have been giving us an update every month.I would just keep going on even if they aren’t releasing it this week though.Hopefully sth great will be released today,like you said’international update day’,I will be more than happy to see sth new come

    • Aug. 26, 2:47am
      SZRT Ice

      Well BadDragonZXD999 compiled a list, and apparently, in the case of GT6, Tuesday isn’t the expected update day.

      “Here’s the days the previous updates were:
      – Update 1.01 (6th December)- Friday
      – Update 1.02 (18th December)- Wednesday
      – Update 1.03 (14th January)- Tuesday
      – Update 1.04 (28th January)- Tuesday
      – Update 1.05 (10th March)- Monday
      – Update 1.06 (7th April)- Monday
      – Update 1.07 (14th May)- Wednesday
      – Update 1.08 (30th May)- Friday
      – Update 1.09 (18th June)- Wednesday
      – Update 1.10 (25th July)- Friday
      – Update 1.11 (6th August)- Wednesday
      sooo… an update for GT6 never was released on a Thursday or a weekend. Most updates came on Wednesdays and Fridays.”

      And as pointed out by SSQES, since the last 5 updates alternate between Wednesday and Friday, the next likeliest update would be Friday.

      Realistically…The only thing that’s really certain, is that there is no rhyme or reason to the way PD does these things.

      Nonetheless, hopeful, I remain.

    • Aug. 26, 3:44am

      Well it still maybe possible that we will see one more update as there have been already a few months with multiple updates. However if not Sept update could be jam packed. And once again we play the waiting game.

    • Aug. 26, 11:10am

      Well…since I’m out for travel and won’t switch on my ps3 until Saturday,either of the day will be great.Just don’t make it until Sunday,I’ve had enough waiting and I just want to get sth ASAP.Don’t keep us waiting!:@

  6. Aug. 20, 7:42pm

    Wasted days and wasted nights. Isn’t that a song? I just want what they told me I would get 257 days ago. I don’t care about all the things we want or would like. Just finish the game as you said it would be 8 months and 14 days ago.

    • Aug. 20, 7:44pm

      And how about a little communication to your loyal fans. Try this stunt with any other business and your customers would be gone forever.

    • Aug. 22, 12:03pm

      True. While other devs are having Livestream Q&As PD gives us nothing. Maybe we should club together and buy them an Adapt Or Die banner for their office…

  7. Aug. 20, 7:34pm

    Late Sept. we will see the Track Editor, & other goodies from PD. This will be done to combat the releases of Forza Horizon(Sept.30th) & Drive Club(Oct. 7th).

    • Aug. 20, 8:00pm

      I’m not so sure that Drive Club or Forza Horizon2 would be considered adequate competition to GT6. However, as the community grows more restless, other options to fulfill the racing passion will become available. People will jump ship on this game, for reasons particular to their own tastes: better graphics, better car sounds, free-roam ability, CAR VARIETY, track variety, or even physics. We are all looking for something different that we feel is not being satisfied with GT6…that’s not bad, it’s just fact. Project Cars, in my opinion, could possibly dethrone GT6 and maybe even GT7. Personally, I haven’t the slightest (no pun intended) idea on how good or bad PCars will be…but it’s coming, and worth a try!

    • Aug. 20, 8:13pm
      Tenacious D

      Better graphics… seriously??

      Better car sounds… I’ve never heard any Hoovers or pencil sharpeners that sound like these cars, but whatever makes your boat ride the water.

      Free roam… why?

      Car variety?? And what game is this, which offers us more cars to explore than Gran Turismo? There isn’t one.

      Track variety… right now, that would be PC sims and they bore me.

      Physics… the only other games which really impress me are Live For Speed and Forza 4. And LFS is just a hobby beta with a handful of content, mostly fake, and Forza is… well, Forza. The really cool thing about Forza is the Livery Editor and accompanying mod system.

      P CARS may be cool, may be awesome, but a few people who are in the beta are warning not to expect gold when it’s just highly polished silver to them. And I don’t care for the seriously limited car count, and what it may cost to get more.

      That leaves… guess who? I think I’ll just stay here and be content. ;-)

    • Aug. 21, 2:40am

      +1 @Tenacious

    • Aug. 21, 2:43am

      @AAR_CobraJet Man, ignore this Tenacious D zealot. He’s not worth your time… Everything that is not from Polyphony Digital is rubbish to him. Fanboys like him make good communities look bad.

      Yes, the GT franchise’s audience is good, but as always, we got people who worship X or Y games everywhere. He’s one.

    • Aug. 21, 6:16am

      Truth is Tenacious D is right… But I am looking forward to Project Cars very much too.

    • Aug. 21, 7:17am

      Tenacious D has some points, but the problem lately is with PD’s execution of features for the game. Track editor and other features promised are still being waited on. Car variety I say sucks now for GT because it’s dated; lot to choose from but dated. While other games have F12’s, BAC Monos, modern RUFs, and all the latest from BMW M, AMG, and Audi, GT feels 5 years behind. Then there is the BIGGEST issue: it’s on previous gen hardware. I’m sorry, this was not a good business decision to release a game THAT close to the debut of next gen hardware. Tradition can get you in trouble.

      Basically, there WILL be a lot of people playing PCars and Drive Club when they come out. Will they be better fundamentally? Drive Club know. PCars, well think of it this way, it’ll be the ONLY sim racer on PS4. It’ll literally have NO competition. So even if it is 3/4 as good in car feel/physics to GT, that could be enough because the graphics and experience is DEFINITELY nailed.

    • Aug. 21, 7:20am

      …. Drive Club no


      …. Drive Club know

      we need an edit button.

    • Aug. 21, 8:35am

      @AAR, there is life after GT. :)

  8. Aug. 20, 7:14pm
    Max Weismann

    Not a single detectable improvement.

  9. Aug. 20, 6:59pm

    Again, I told you guys it was just a maintenance…

  10. Aug. 20, 5:19pm

    Yet the wishful thinking continues…

    “I’ll wait a week” “just give it 24 hours” “Tuesday is national update day” c’mon people this looks pathetic.

    • Aug. 20, 6:41pm

      At least they’re not being pessimistic chuffers like you

    • Aug. 20, 6:46pm

      As pathetic as your timed digs with no intent to respond to anyone who calls you out on them? Inconspicuous, my ass…

    • Aug. 20, 8:57pm
      SZRT Ice

      Then just be done with the game & GTPlanet. What’s the point if you really have no hope whatsoever?

    • Aug. 20, 9:03pm

      Awww, looks like some children got their hopes dashed. Funny how everyone can make assumptions on those who actually say what they’re thinking instead of sacking up and acknowledging their own thoughts…I’d rather be a realist than some try-hard kiss ass

    • Aug. 20, 9:27pm
      SZRT Ice

      “Try-hard”? Stop it, you’re a wannabe Toko that can’t even do it right.

      “Funny how everyone can make assumptions on those who actually say what they’re thinking”

      What? o_O?

      Aren’t we all saying what we’re thinking?

      “instead of sacking up and acknowledging their own thoughts…”

      o_O? Yes, I admit… I do have thoughts… There… Happy now? (My own thoughts, acknowledged)


    • Aug. 21, 1:46am


      If you had bothered reading Ice’s or my own various comments to this news item – you should be able to realise that we had no hopes for an update.

      I think there is a comprehension gulf somewhere in you – that or you are just a plain and boring under-bridge dweller.

    • Aug. 21, 2:39am

      September it is. Some people need to open their eyes and read the previous news area and read that an update that is supposed to happen in the month in question.

  11. Aug. 20, 4:13pm

    Well kaz said that there is going to be a big update in September. This could just be a prep period for that, that’s what I got from these maintenance periods. But you never no they could suprise us in the next couple days.

  12. Aug. 20, 3:57pm

    Did the driving on moon thing disappeared after the maintenance?

    Special Events has now Goodwood Festival of Speed and Ayrton Senna Tribute.

    • Aug. 20, 4:40pm

      No, Lunar Expedition is still there. But GT Academy disappeared.

    • Aug. 20, 5:39pm


      Yeah, i was wrong, i started a new game and the Lunar Exploration is only hidden.

  13. Aug. 20, 1:46pm

    sadness, pure sadness.

    Looking forward to some new stuff soon.. I don’t even mind paying for it thru DLC… come on PD, get that stuff into the PS store! New tracks, old tracks, packs of cars with new liveries… I will PAY! How could this not be an opportunity for new revenue streams for PD?


    • Aug. 20, 2:42pm

      This is a maintenance not an update!

    • Aug. 20, 2:46pm

      Thanks Convergent, but just making a general comment.

    • Aug. 20, 8:18pm
      Tenacious D

      I want all that stuff too. Heck, I want the FIA partnership to start showing up in league-like racing events, along with all the other goodies. But all that takes time to make. GT5 took almost five years to make. Turning GT6 into something that makes you forget GT5 will take a few million keystrokes and stylus scrapes over a tablet.

      It’s coming, just be a little patient.

  14. Aug. 20, 1:17pm

    Oh, the GT players are onto the fact that we put out an update after maintenance. Let’s not do it this time.

    • Aug. 20, 2:57pm

      I am waiting at least a week before I get critical about an update to the game. Of course this could have simply become maintenance to upgrade server hardware etc…. But the truth is we don’t know and an update is possible.

  15. Aug. 20, 12:54pm

    Maintenance has been completed. There is no upgrade for now.
    Some other time.

    • Aug. 20, 2:34pm

      Hence why I stood on level zero out of [enter max] of the hype: Indifference. I’ve started playing other racing games out there. It’s only a matter of time until one puts the nail in the coffin for that franchise… Up to GT1, GT2, GT3 and GT4 were awesome.

      The only thing I can think would happen when people say what they want to Kaz is this:

      “Why don’t you go talk to a wall instead…?” -Squall Leonhart-

      Especially when talking to him ends up with (Laughs) or “Maybe!” or whatever else vague nonsense.

    • Aug. 20, 8:22pm
      Tenacious D

      Yeah, we’ve heard this doom n gloom only a hundred times already. GRID is floundering in nowhereland, but mysteriously it’s not on life support, nor is Codies. Forza 5 is floundering, but I don’t hear anyone talking about funeral expenses.

      You false prophets are a dime a dozen at the Dollar Store.

    • Aug. 21, 12:59am
      SZRT Ice

      My stance on GT6/Kaz/PD/GT7 is this:

      VGT is pointless to complain about, it’s a year long plan, it’s 8 months in, it’s happening, and it’s not worth complaining about because it’s likely a contractual agreement between PD, Sony, and Major auto industry manufacturers that can’t be brushed aside so easily.

      I have a few light cards resting on the announced features coming to GT6. I expect most before holiday season, and won’t be too surprised if one or 2 (track editor/gps mapper) get cancelled/pushed back for GT7.

      I’m not expecting a livery editor on GT6.

      I don’t expect Kaz to do much talking with his mouth anymore, and I actually don’t want him to. He need to talk with his actions, and it needs to show in his games.

      I do feel this surprise update ‘ish is bogus, and PD needs an update plan set in place with at least a 2 -3 month’s notice on features being implemented (outside of VGT) instead of this random surprise 1+hr outside 30+m inside update nonsense. We should also get a warning for the update size of each update in advance.

      All of my major cards are resting on GT7. I will decide then and there if I’m “all in” or if I will “fold” on the GT series. If there aren’t what I consider to be “basic things” functional in-game, I’ll have trouble looking back. Although Morpheus might make me consider otherwise, that’s still yet to be seen.

    • Aug. 21, 1:10am

      hahaha, false prophets? You enervated fanboys/ self-proclaimed guardian angels / bodyguards are very quick to jump to what you think is a conclusion.

      I’m not a prophet of anything. I play which games I want and just because I have an *OPINION* doesn’t mean I think I’m right or some “prophet”… huh…

      Piss off and take some ritalin. I still like the Gran Turismo series…

      We all know you’re one of the three up there, @Tenacious D. “All is for my Gran Turismo 6.” is something I wouldn’t impressed to see you say. Once again, Get lost. *My life, my way of seeing things.

      *1 In case you’d think of calling me a kid, I’m 26, so… Lower your tension you zealot.

    • Aug. 21, 1:12am

      Sorry for double post… @Tenacious D Grid Autosport isn’t even one of a bunch of games I play. It’s not even a sim I agree with that. Now stop flying around me like a fly.

    • Aug. 21, 1:12am

      Sorry for double post… Grid Autosport isn’t even one of a bunch of games I play. It’s not even a sim I agree with that. Now stop flying around me like a fly.

  16. Aug. 20, 11:57am

    Not here to moan about missing tracks or cars. I just want to say, I am soooooo bored of doing applied overtaking challenges. Not played GT6 in like, nearly two months because I am sick of it. I don’t get much time to play online as trying to find a room that doesn’t say ‘private’ or ‘friends only’ or even staying in a lobby. It pisses me off as GT has been MY favourite series of racing game since day one. If Zahara is included in the next update then I won’t really have much to moan about lol. Fingers crossed! :)

    • Aug. 20, 12:52pm

      Maintenance has been completed. There is no upgrade for now.
      Some other time.

    • Aug. 21, 5:43am

      An update is due any day though. It does just say maintenance but usually they brimg something a few days later. This is two maintenance updates though, could bring something nice.

  17. Aug. 20, 11:05am

    If there definitely isn’t a new update then it would have at least been nice of PD to just explain what the maintenance is for so that everyone knows where they stand and don’t get hyped for nowt.

    • Aug. 20, 11:20am
      Magic Ayrton

      If you want to blame something, blame suggestion.. no one was promised anything.. although I agree that teasing us with videos etc is a poor way to do business.. once again though, everyone falls for the same tricks.

    • Aug. 20, 11:21am

      People like to get hyped over newt..this is GT. We love it.

    • Aug. 20, 11:25am

      Yeah, just like the maintenance guy in my office building. He said he “needed to fix a pipe, we couldn’t use the toilet for a couple hours and water pressure in the faucets won’t get better when I’m done.”

  18. Aug. 20, 11:00am

    PD & Kaz(insert copyright here) sure know how to build a reputation for themselves…

  19. Aug. 20, 10:47am

    PS Store updates on thursday in Europe. So maybe tomorrow… Or not.

  20. Aug. 20, 10:45am

    2 points for Forza. 0 points for PD, yet again. HAHA! I know there wasn’t going to an update but still. Let’s face it, PD is just too slow and should quit making games, because new racing games like Project CARS is going to be out soon to push them off the edge.

    • Aug. 20, 10:49am

      There’s not really liking a game or dev studio and then there’s just being an arse. Stop it.

    • Aug. 20, 10:55am

      Just saying how it is because it’s the truth. Kaz and PD are better than this. I honestly can’t believe how easily they got thrown behind in the competition…

    • Aug. 20, 10:57am
      SZRT Ice

      Hold your horses Toko. The maintenance period JUST ended. The update if there is to be one will likely follow within the next 24 hours (I say between tomorrow & next Tuesday, Tuesday being national update day & all). Let’s our doubts about it for a day or so. I have a good feeling about this one.

    • Aug. 20, 11:01am

      2 points for forza? Why?

    • Aug. 20, 11:09am

      C’mon Toko, you understood that this was just the maintenance paving the way for an update, so why get irrationally upset about PD when the update isn’t even out yet? You’ve been around here long enough to know how it goes…

    • Aug. 20, 11:26am

      @kseb08 Forza Horizon 2 and for the fact that Forza 5 got a new DLC pack. We’re always sitting here expecting PD to do anything, and than be left waiting for updates or information to appear in the horizon. Very annoying this company.

    • Aug. 20, 11:26am

      Why do you have to mention Forza?

    • Aug. 20, 12:32pm

      I have been with Project CARS from the beginning, and I think it is safe to say there will still be room for Gran Turismo. And Forza for that matter. All are great games made by people who love cars.

    • Aug. 20, 2:44pm

      Project Cars has 80 cars and everything is pretty much free to play until the dlc gets you. Project Cars is next gen no cr*p it’s suppose to be better than a game on 7yr old hardware but the fanboyism is strong with this one, especially when one competes Forza 5 to GT6. that’s current gen vs old gen. Goes to show why Gran Turismo will always be the top racing game when people are comparing it to games on the next gen hardware. Bet you won’t even mention that now. GRAN TURISMO is going to murder TURN 10, especially being that the PS4 is easy to code on just like the PS2.

    • Aug. 20, 2:48pm

      @AbsoluteBarstol, just ignore@TURBOGT, he couldn’t beat the B license on GT6 hence his mood swings or he got “Ray Riced” in a online lobby.

    • Aug. 20, 8:40pm
      Tenacious D

      Yeah… Forza 5 is really setting the sim racing world on fire with that money slot at the side of the Xbone. And Horizon sold a wimpy 1.7 mill. GRID is scraping the floor of the Marianas Trench in sales. So much for all that competition full of win. ;D

    • Aug. 21, 4:55am

      ^ Sales =/= Good game. Other games are wiping the floor with GT’s face and Kaz and PD doesn’t seem to care. So I wouldn’t bother saying how others games are selling less, because it doesn’t matter, they’re still good games. Not like GT is achieving its goal by always selling 10m since everybody has finally woken up thanks to GT5 what PD truly.

      And stop following @TOKIETURBO (dojOdRiFTeR), you’re a annoying stalking who’s STILL butthurt over me not racing him… Get a life.

    • Aug. 21, 4:56am

      *to see what PD truly is

    • Aug. 21, 6:22am

      Oh yeah… Free DLC every month – very very bad PD is. Hail to the Forza and it’s paid DLCs! Slap yourselve you morron.

    • Aug. 21, 11:14am

      ^ Those who insult others are try-hard defenders. Yes it’s good that GT6 is getting free content, but when it’s only made up concept cars than there’s something wrong. Since PD, as many defenders like to bring up, is a small company, but there is a problem with that. Because they (PD) is so damn slow at everything, they can’t model cars fast enough, and therefore we’re settled with these concept cars.

      It’s funny how some people like to make a fool out of themselves to try their hardest to defend almost anything (try hard defence), and than idiotically insult others (again try hard defence) because they can’t face the truth or it’s not “positive”. So slap yourself in the face to think twice before mindlessly insulting others like a child. Fanboys, will never understand them.

    • Aug. 22, 3:56am

      Not facing the truth? To me the truth is that I accept things will not change quickly. I am happy with that choice. You Toko seriously need to step away from all of this hate – it isn’t like you. There are other games for you to play, so perhaps you should go and do that because you are just getting yourself stressed.

  21. Aug. 20, 10:41am

    Nothing as usual with PD, What a surprise !

    • Aug. 20, 11:11am

      And why were you expecting anything: it-was-a-maintenance-always-was-going-to-be (well, two, but you know what I mean.)

    • Aug. 20, 1:48pm

      I’d not heard of Project CARS before today. I’m glad I read this thread, as I will be buying a Ps4 on the strength of it.

      Project CARS looks to be what GT6 should have been. A wide variety of cars from different nations. Greats like the Lotus 49 and the Mk1 Ford Escort.

      NOT 96 different versions of the MX5.

    • Aug. 20, 8:42pm
      Tenacious D

      Wide variety?? You call a car list of some 130 cars “a wide variety”?? You’ll love Forza 5 then, just keep your credit card handy.

    • Aug. 20, 9:18pm
      SZRT Ice

      A wide variety of greats are different than a wide variety of many cars that people could care less about. Let’s be honest here… Gran Turismo has a wide selection for many niche crowds. But if you want the latest and greatest of top end high performance vehicles, GT is not the place to go. Doesn’t stop me from loving what it has to offer tho’. Project Cars and Drive Club will each bring their own qualities to the table as well. Let’s be honest, the car qualities are great in GT, but the tracks and environments have been lacking! It’s why I’m looking forward to Zahara so much, but there will likely still be something stale/lifeless about it. Idk, it’s just something about GT that keeps you from being immersed in the game the way other games do. It’s a mix of good and bad that doesn’t quite satisfy your thirst, but keeps you coming back, each and every time.

    • Aug. 21, 1:59am

      True, a few games coming and currently out have all of the newest cars wish-list thing sewn up. Still, I’m glad JamesB has found pCars, if that’ll make him happy.

      As for me, I’ll stick with GT as I’m old enough to remember more than the current pack of what is considered cool or desirable. I enjoy the ability to drive some of the older classics around. True, that list still falls short – but PD is about the long game and with more staff inbound, maybe it won’t be such a long wait after all before the last classics get included in the game.

  22. Aug. 20, 10:39am

    WELL… That was disappointing. And kinda expectable.

    • Aug. 20, 10:41am

      Here’s hoping they’ll hit with an update later today!

    • Aug. 20, 11:09am

      Let’s hope the best! :)
      But I still doubt that they’ll release an update later today. ;)

  23. Aug. 20, 10:23am

    Sth new ? I’m not at home so I’m just curious :D

    • Aug. 20, 10:37am

      Nothing to notice in France… wait and see !

  24. Aug. 20, 10:13am

    Unleash the zahara track!!!!!!

  25. Aug. 20, 10:10am

    Looks like you all got your hopes up for nothing…


    • Aug. 20, 11:12am

      Not those of us who can read…

  26. Aug. 20, 9:58am

    Servers back online in Germany

  27. Aug. 20, 9:54am

    I’ve formatted my ps3 yesterday and after installed the game, try go on online season I couldn’t, I thought that I’m gonna throw my ps to the neighbors balcony!! And I’ve read that is only the maintaince for servers.

    For now my ps is safe! :)

  28. Aug. 20, 9:53am

    Can’t wait to see what it is, two consectutive server down times, is unusual, there must be something behind all this.

    • Aug. 20, 10:06am

      “there must be something behind all this” …
      yeah, this is usually the begin of a religion :) r.

    • Aug. 20, 10:24am

      Or a cult.

    • Aug. 20, 10:40am

      Queen Jennifer will destroy you

  29. Aug. 20, 8:14am

    Anyone know if the servers are back up?

    • Aug. 20, 8:47am

      Doubt it, still another hour and fifteen of scheduled maintenance to go yet.

      In general folks, remember that this is maintenance, so there won’t necessarily be an update straight away. Could be tomorrow, Friday…whenever.

  30. Aug. 20, 7:42am

    … hype train ran off the rails … but it was funny yesterday :) r.

  31. Aug. 20, 6:45am

    I’ve just started downloading the ‘update’, it’s over 2GB…..

    • Aug. 20, 6:53am

      Course you have

    • Aug. 20, 6:57am

      Geez, you post an honest comment and still get a sarcastic reply. I have better things to do than post made up crap on here. Believe it or not. And what do you know, error 80710736 has just popped up

    • Aug. 20, 7:18am

      The 2gig you talk about is one of the previous updates you must be behind!

    • Aug. 20, 7:52am

      Which version ?

    • Aug. 20, 8:12am

      Yeah… you mustn’t of touched the game in a few months huh?

  32. Aug. 20, 5:31am

    On :

    Start: 20/08/2014 13:00 BST
    Finish: 20/08/2014 15:00 BST

    *Please note that the maintenance time may be subject to change.

  33. Aug. 20, 5:21am

    guys stop pretending like this is just a maintenance hehe come on there is something BIG coming you all know it yes i will get my hops high i smell track creator

    • Aug. 20, 9:22am

      Eat a pickled egg if you’re wrong. ;)

    • Aug. 20, 5:36pm
      Both Barrels

      Dude, pickled eggs rule! I’ll eat his.

    • Aug. 22, 2:06pm

      I’ll eat a pickled egg if he’s right so whatever happens, a pickled egg’s gonna get it!

  34. Aug. 20, 5:09am
    Fat Tyre

    This was posted on GT6’s website:

    “Last Update: 18/08/2014
    [IMPORTANT] How to Resolve Updates and Installation Issues
    GT6 News

    We are aware that some users may experience issues when downloading and installing certain Game Updates for Gran Turismo 6.

    There is a specific issue related to Update 1.02 and a generic one applicable to all updates: please refer to the corresponding “Related Link” below for a solution.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we thank you for your understanding.”

    I doubt they would put this notification now if there not going to give us an important update. Me thinks something big is coming in a few hours…

    • Aug. 20, 5:51am

      This is first time I see you posting something positive about GT and I even agree with you… insane. xD

    • Aug. 20, 5:58am
      Fat Tyre

      @sosa I do like parts of the game, I bought a Playseat and a wheel for it obviously I want it to do well but I’m not a fanboy, some bits and pieces really really suck and other things such as PD’s PR suck as well. If you want I’ll tell you more positive things about the game but I’m late for Hockey practice, see you around.

    • Aug. 20, 6:52am

      Yeah its been ingame since 18/08/2014

      Nothing new there.

    • Aug. 20, 10:47am
      SZRT Ice

      @ Gentian:
      Riiiiight. A whole 1 day before this maintenance period took place is nothing new. I expect something massive by tomorrow, Tuesday the latest. I only say Tuesday since that seems to be national update day, and doing this maintenance a week in advance is realistic for Network infrastructures like these. It makes sense that they’d place a warning a few days in advance to an update that could cause a nuclear meltdown. How to deal with it needs to be known in advance so we aren’t blowing up customer service lines for something we can take care of ourselves!

    • Aug. 20, 12:02pm
      SZRT Ice

      @ Hentis*

      Da freak is a “gentian”?

    • Aug. 20, 12:04pm
      SZRT Ice

      Wow, that’s a pretty blue flower.

    • Aug. 22, 2:08pm

      Do not do an image search for gentian violet. It cannot be unseen 8-0

  35. Aug. 20, 3:33am

    Speculation has also said that the double maintenance is/was to make sure that the download MIGHT not lock anyone’s system. Here’s hoping.

  36. Aug. 19, 9:36pm

    heck who knows? Maybe we will get a rally mode. I hope if that ever comes to gt6 that they keep the randomly generated tracks. Of course its a possibility that the reason we don’t have a dedicated rally mode could be for that very reason.

    • Aug. 19, 9:50pm

      Its maintenance, no mention of an update ?
      Knickers may be getting twisted for nothing.

    • Aug. 19, 10:08pm

      Is there ever a mention of an update in advance? I turn my computer or ps3 then notice there is an update pretty much every time. Sometimes updates after maintenance, sometimes not. I won’t be too upset if there is nothing. I’d honestly be satisfied if the online portion of the game gets more stable. I can rarely use my mic because it will lag me out of a race, yet I don’t this problem with other games.

  37. Aug. 19, 6:54pm

    Unless you have any clue or insight about the current situation with this maintenance stuff then I suggest that you go away.

    No offense, but when I come on here, I want to read comments about GT6, I want to read interesting debates. Not some drivel about how you think we are all sad.

    Good day.

  38. Aug. 19, 5:49pm

    Sometimes a “maintenace window” for servers is just that…… MAINTENANCE. Servers need hardware upgrades, software upgrades, datacenter device upgrades etc. Just because they announce a “maintenance window” it doen’t automatically imply a game or service update.

    They probably just needed to “change the oil and replace the filters”. Routine stuff, but it meant the service needed to be shut down for a while. If it is datacenter wide then maybe that’s why it is spread over two days. Half got done today and the other half get’s done tomorrow.

    Too many here read far too much into what is ACTUALLY announced.

    • Aug. 19, 6:23pm
      SZRT Ice

      In most situations, yes. That is true. However, in this situation, there is much evidence to prove otherwise. Something is coming. Whether this is the beginning of it or not, is yet to be seen. But why wouldn’t they take the opportunity to do more server side with so much planned for the near future? This is out of the ordinary, and so are the features planned. Maybe a coincidence, but doubtful.

  39. Aug. 19, 4:14pm

    I didn’t get any update… Did any of you get the update?

    • Aug. 19, 5:16pm
      SZRT Ice

      The update isn’t released yet. PD is doing another maintenance tomorrow morning and we’ll likely have an update between tomorrow and Thursday.

      My guess is that the maintenance periods are to test out these updates on their own systems. They shut down the servers for everyone else, ran the update on systems at PD HQ, and quality/stress test them in real time for bugs, glitches, system crashes, etc. for 3 – 4 hours straight. Any issues found are likely being ironed out right now, and the second round of maintenance will likely be to retest that things are running smoothly and clear the way/upgrade the servers for whatever features the update will bring.

      Maintenance like this is definitely necessary for something that changes the way we play online. The last thing we/PD needs is an epidemic of crashed PS3’s and system errors when trying to load up a new online component of the game.

      Eh, but what do I know? It could all just be your basic, everyday, simple server maintenance. :)

    • Aug. 19, 7:33pm

      Your probably right. There’s a notification dated 18/8 re: Known Issues With Game Updates with tips on how to unscrew your PS3 if it all goes wrong, so they’re likely giving any new updates a thorough shakedown. That or they’re just giving the servers a wipe with an oily rag…

  40. Aug. 19, 4:07pm
    SZRT Ice

    Logical thinking. This was obviously an online functionality update. They must’ve tested something en mass on their servers. What would need such testing? Online features. What online features are planned?

    Club Creator
    Event Organizer
    Community Features
    Track Editor courses (when shared)
    Circuito de la Sierra (when raced online)
    Current Online Lobby infrastructure

    There is likely some major stress testing being done to make sure whatever they’re planning is working as planned. An update will not likely hit until Thursday morning imo.

  41. Aug. 19, 2:40pm

    This is only a online service maintenance, all of you are hoping for new tracks, track maker, new cars…

  42. Aug. 19, 1:40pm

    Servers back up in the Eastern US, too. No update as of yet – maybe they’re waiting for all servers to be back up?

    • Aug. 19, 1:46pm

      You’re waaaay too optimistic!

  43. Aug. 19, 1:33pm

    Servers are back.. no update.. see you tomorrow.

  44. Aug. 19, 1:32pm

    Servers are back up. No obvious changes. No download.

  45. Aug. 19, 1:23pm

    Servers are back up again I believe.

  46. Aug. 19, 12:10pm

    You know, having the servers off for this long makes me wonder if this is a 24 hour down time, not two separate events……

    If it is, I wonder if some hardware and/or MAJOR software components are being changed out….

    Whatever it is, it will be interesting to see what comes of this! Here’s hoping! :)

    • Aug. 19, 12:43pm

      … *if* something is coming … it’s understandable, that the engineers like to play too ;)
      but i really doubt it – regarding the history since gt5 … don’t expect something – it’s sad, but much safer :/ r.

  47. Aug. 19, 12:10pm

    I suspect today’s maintenance is a simulation of the real update coming tomorrow, and it looks like they’re having trouble. Looking forward to thursday’s A-Specs as well. Seems like August 20th is major patch day from various publishers all over the gaming world, is this some sort of required mandate? perhaps it’s a marketing thing I don’t understand, which is during the back to school season, let’s fill their minds and time with videogames!

  48. Aug. 19, 11:52am

    Just want to race some 500pp or 550pp rooms while I’m in the mood.

  49. Aug. 19, 11:12am
    Bobby E

    Is it working for anyone yet? Jw

    • Aug. 19, 11:20am

      Not for me. US East Coast.

    • Aug. 19, 11:30am

      Not sure what exactly is going on.

      The maintenance begin at 1pm in my time (UK) now it is 16:30, its been going on for 3 hours and 30 minutes.

      Either it’s just standard maintenance that’s cocked up or they are installing something big.

    • Aug. 19, 11:30am
      Max Weismann

      Not yet here in Chicago

    • Aug. 19, 11:37am

      Not in mountain time

    • Aug. 19, 11:39am

      Not here yet. California time

    • Aug. 19, 11:57am

      Not here in sweden yet :-?

    • Aug. 19, 12:02pm

      Not in Australia yet either! Been down for 4 hours!!!

  50. Aug. 19, 10:33am

    Thirty minutes late and i still can’t sign in to the GT6 servers this maintenance is over running, not sure what to make of it could be a big update could be nothing i think nothing just the normal tardy approach we have got used to from Polyphony Digital.

    • Aug. 19, 10:51am

      Bit obvious here but they do state times may vary in where it starts and finishes.

    • Aug. 19, 10:55am

      Tardy? Get a grip sunshine. Don’t use “we” when you mean “I”. It’s all about expectations. The updates have been pretty good up to now. The game is about 35 weeks old. Plenty of life left in her yet.

    • Aug. 19, 1:24pm

      Nicely put SirCarlton.

  51. Aug. 19, 10:31am

    The two hours run out…. Is there sth new ? I’m not at home that’s why I ask haha

    • Aug. 19, 10:35am

      In Slovenia (Europe), still does not work.

  52. Aug. 19, 9:36am

    All we really need is an in-depth Course Creator. I’d personally be happy if thats all we got, update here and there, VGT every month, just priorities priorities priorities.

    • Aug. 19, 9:47am

      GT6 also needs to have all options available in all game modes. No point in having cars & tracks if I cannot set up proper races offline with standing starts, balanced grid with 15 AI cars, fuel/tire wear, & mechanical damage.

    • Aug. 19, 9:03pm

      FS7 for the win!

  53. Aug. 19, 8:26am

    Awesome picture there. Looks completely real!

  54. Aug. 19, 8:19am

    Not a clue how long it will take. I was at work grabbing a cup of coffee when the witching hour (8AM) struck for the east coast. By the time I make it home after work and 2 hours at the gym the suspence will have driven me crazy.

    That is why I’m sure when I turn on my PS3 and start GT6 nothing out of the ordinary will happen XD.

    • Aug. 19, 8:57am

      Well, be fair – there are two maintenance sessions, so I doubt anything will kick in until after the second.

    • Aug. 19, 12:16pm

      @MeanElf is right – two sessions of maintenance makes for a protracted period of torment for us GT6 faithful…
      Personally, I’ve been waiting for 4 hours just to be able to get online with the game but am unable to as yet! But, if that means that the servers will work better and rooms won’t crash, so be it!
      I mean, there goes my log-in bonus but, them’s the breaks…

  55. Aug. 19, 7:28am

    Does anyone know how long they’ll be down for?

    • Aug. 19, 7:33am

      2 h

    • Aug. 19, 8:21am


    • Aug. 19, 8:58am

      Article says it…

    • Aug. 19, 9:11am

      yeah my bad. I just looked at numbers and didn’t actually read it.

  56. Aug. 19, 7:07am

    I think it’s because on Wednesday that updates the store, and I think in the update 1.11 from 2 gb there is also the new circuit Zahara which I think will be a paid content

    • Aug. 19, 1:27pm

      The store updates on different days for each region.

  57. Aug. 19, 6:09am

    Probably to fix online servers and to ready those Toyotas…also for “minor” bug fixes. Nothing major incoming I’m guessing. Will be great to be wrong, but somehow, don’t think it will happen. Oh maybe something to do with that 2gig update couple weeks back. Now thinking about it it’s definitely connected with that. Maybe a hidden VGT or 2?

    • Aug. 19, 6:42am

      Toyota’s due in September.
      Possibly the Alpha and/or Subaru VGTs though.

  58. Aug. 19, 5:33am

    It wa sfunny, I woke up this morning dreaming of a livery editor, and the cars that I was lookingn at were dark blue with light blue (circlcish) shapes…. ;)

    Maybe I DO want a livery editor! ;)

    • Aug. 19, 5:37am
      SZRT Ice

      That’s a good sign of things to come!

    • Aug. 19, 6:33am
      Tenacious D

      A full blown Livery Editor would be pure chewing satisfaction, but I suspect PD are going to give that to us in stages like I posted in one of the threads. If this IS pretty much a functional Livery Editor, I am SO going to freak. One thing about it though, we need a lot more bodykit options, and a lot more Base model cars, unless PD has gone the extra step and will let us paint over their livery skins. But I insist that as have Race Mod with it, so that we can create race cars to suit various leagues like ALMS/USCC, WTCC, DTM, the many FIA GT classes and several other leagues. And an A.I. upgrade really needs to be included with one of these updates, much more important to GT6 than better sounds.

      Whatever PD are doing, they’re probably working on enough goodies to give us a Spec II upgrade by fall, because a bunch of next gen racers are set to appear, like Assetto Corsa, The Crew, Forza Horizon 2, DriveClub and Project CARS. Gotta keep this crazy game relevant and keep people complaining about it. ;D

  59. Aug. 19, 5:31am

    It would be nice if the track creator got added

    • Aug. 19, 9:38am

      That’s pretty much all I’m waiting for at this point really.

    • Aug. 19, 12:31pm

      Yes it would but I’m not holding my breath on that!

    • Aug. 21, 1:19am
      SZRT Ice

      This is the likeliest thing to cause multiple maintenance periods! And most likely the toughest thing to add to the game post launch. And it will likely cause the most game breaking problems unless much of it was already coded onto the disk, yet just inaccessible. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Track Editor didn’t bring like 3 or 4 maintenance periods!

  60. Aug. 19, 4:24am

    knowing them it will probably end up something like this:

    Gran turismo 6 update 1.12 features:

    *paintable rear spoilers

    *new racing suit patterns

    *Nissan GTR (insert marque livery here) edition ’14

    *adjusted grip on wet tracks


    • Aug. 19, 5:40am
      SZRT Ice

      Paintable spoilers would be a plus!

    • Aug. 19, 6:41am

      a plus, yes but not really anything to get out of bed for.

    • Aug. 19, 12:27pm

      Paintable spoilers would be nice for sure, but if they’re gonna do anything like that, why not make ALL carbon bits paintable?

      Imagine being able to paint the bonnet (hood) and the body kit add-ons (as long as they show up as carbon parts) any colour you like?

      Alas, that most likely won’t happen…

    • Aug. 19, 4:17pm
      SZRT Ice

      Indeed, all custom parts should be paintable individually. 1st minimal step they could take towards allowing us a complete livery/vinyl editor. Even if the catalog of vehicles available for that feature was limited to under 50 vehicles, I’d be happy. Some vehicles would be better than no vehicles.

    • Aug. 19, 8:18pm

      The “catalog” of vehicles would have to include ALL premium road cars as was with the race numbers! However, because we could paint the calipers on quite a few of the standard cars, there is no real reason why the separate parts of each car has not been, umm, separated for us to paint! That is, of course, if that is what they’re doing, which I doubt! But it would be nice!!!

  61. Aug. 19, 2:17am

    Could it be the before mentioned sound update???

    • Aug. 19, 3:14am

      I doubt it very much – expect that for GT7.

    • Aug. 19, 5:24am

      :/ well I remember Kaz say that GT6’s sounds “will improve” but meh.

    • Aug. 19, 7:17am

      I remember Kaz saying recently that most sound updates won’t happen until gt7

  62. Aug. 19, 12:46am

    Let there be some new cars pls…Sesto Elemento anyone?!

  63. Aug. 18, 10:58pm
    SZRT Ice

    Clear some hard drive space people!!! It’s about to get crammed up up in heeeeeyerrrr!!!!!

    • Aug. 19, 1:35am

      Mah 250 GB Hard Drive says “Come at me, bro” ;)

    • Aug. 19, 2:15am

      Got 500 Gb here ;D

    • Aug. 19, 5:43am
      SZRT Ice

      My 640 isn’t breakin’ a sweat! Neither is my new TW d/l speed 216 d/l, and 21 u/l, BOOYAH! It was directed more at our UK brethren and people the world over with slower connections and smaller drives. I wish y’all luck when that Track Editor update swings through!

    • Aug. 19, 7:20am

      I’ve got a custom built 2TB HP hard drive wired internally to mine. Hehe…

    • Aug. 19, 8:54am

      1PB here ;)

    • Aug. 19, 12:47pm

      ^ This guy right here ended it all.

    • Aug. 19, 4:19pm
      SZRT Ice

      To my knowledge, the PS3 can’t handle anything internally over a GB. But if that is true, than he most definitely did.

    • Aug. 19, 4:20pm
      SZRT Ice

      anything over a 1TB*

  64. Aug. 18, 9:05pm

    To me a double unscheduled maintenance is because PD is finally happy with the status of a new build of the game, most likely with a large feature or two that will add to or change the game considerably. Maintenance 1 is to install all new data to server so it can be tested internally live, and Maintenance 2 is to make it live and available to all players.

    I personally am expecting to see any or even (hopefully) all of the following: a track creator, some sort of a sound update, a DLC track, DLC car pack, B-Spec, random fixes and/or previously unannounced features.

    • Aug. 18, 10:59pm
      SZRT Ice


    • Aug. 18, 11:44pm

      Gods hear you.

    • Aug. 19, 9:01am

      Yes please :)

    • Aug. 20, 9:47am

      They’d be stupid to give us all of that in one go…

  65. Aug. 18, 7:39pm

    That photo.. Graphics are about as good there as my ps4.

  66. Aug. 18, 7:21pm

    The servers were screwed on Saturday… We had to postpone our races.

    This is them fixing the servers. No update. I repeat, no update!

    • Aug. 18, 7:38pm
      Sick Cylinder

      Agreed server performance on Saturday was apalling so I hope that gets fixed.

      Also the update to display the rooms available needs updating – it still only displays a tiny fraction of the rooms currently in use on GT6 hence why we can’t find each other without sending a message listing the room number.

      Anything else would be a welcome bonus!

    • Aug. 18, 9:23pm
      Tenacious D

      I think to temper disappointment, a server fix would be announced as such.

    • Aug. 20, 6:58pm

      I called it. I hate being right.

  67. Aug. 18, 6:50pm


  68. Aug. 18, 6:04pm

    Sigh… I guess hoping for something new won’t hurt…

  69. Aug. 18, 5:29pm

    I posted this on August 12, in the Big Updates coming to GT6, improved physics and AI for GT7. Hope your not disappointed. Not sure what the other period will be for.

    1.12 is inbound . It would give you the option of not to download large data files in the patches such as video / music from past and future patches. Not sure how it would work for past patches to be honest not unless it means if you have to re-install GT6 it would take effect then. I suspect this has been a result of everytime we have a new VGT car there’s also a video Included.

    • Aug. 18, 5:38pm

      How do you know this?

    • Aug. 18, 5:48pm

      It takes 2 maintenance periods for that?

    • Aug. 18, 6:04pm

      Please… No more insiders. They always disappoint. :\

    • Aug. 18, 6:06pm

      lol I try not to disappoint though.

    • Aug. 18, 6:42pm


    • Aug. 18, 6:52pm

      Optional VGT trailers sounds great, I could do without them.

    • Aug. 18, 6:54pm

      Do you have anymore insider info?

    • Aug. 18, 6:54pm

      And that explains the two maintenance periods as well, one to change the old patch files on their servers, one for a new update.

    • Aug. 18, 7:14pm

      That would be cool for those of us with a 5 year old, entry level PS3. My hard drive is already bursting at the seams.

    • Aug. 18, 11:03pm
      SZRT Ice

      I never hoped so badly that someone was wrong. This will be welcomed, but really disappointing if nothing else is included.

    • Aug. 19, 1:45am

      Well, there will almost certainly be some cars, maybe our long-awaited track too.

  70. Aug. 18, 4:57pm

    The Ferrari picture is just awsome!

  71. Aug. 18, 4:49pm

    Maybe that update 1.12 might come…

    We need Course maker!
    We need Livery Editor!
    We need more customization!
    We need more cars!
    We need more tracks!
    We need more features!
    We need all bugs fixed!
    We need everything!

    • Aug. 18, 5:26pm

      And a working PS3.

    • Aug. 18, 6:55pm

      As it stands now, I’d be happy just for them to throw in course and livery makers. Everything else would just be like extra goodies.

    • Aug. 18, 8:21pm

      That’s more like spec 2.0

    • Aug. 18, 9:12pm
      Tenacious D

      We do need everything. But everything takes time. I expect one or two Big Somethings. It may be Zahara unlocking. It may be the Course Maker, though I doubt it. It may be more car customizations, with more bodykits and a bit more of a move towards that livery editing, with windshield banners and race numbers. It may be a systemic upgrade of the Standard cars to allow custom graphics on them too. It could be an upgrade of the online structure, making it move towards that feature rich system with online Club and League Builder tools, and perhaps a server performance boost. It could be the bot A.I. we’ve been begging for. It could be the Event Maker, using all that stuff.

      Pick one to three Big Things, and a whole slew of goodies and fixes, and this will be update 1.12, maybe even 1.13 the second day.

    • Aug. 18, 11:04pm
      SZRT Ice

      See: “Gran Turismo 8”.

  72. Aug. 18, 4:17pm


  73. Aug. 18, 3:54pm

    By the way, did the fix for mid-engine cars really happen? My Audi GT3 is still an uncontrollable pig. While I ran 2:04:329 with my Z4 GT3 at Bathurst. I put that here because my other hope is that somewhere in these updates PD fixes the Audi and the F430.

    • Aug. 18, 6:53pm

      My R8 LMS Ultra is fixed, using my exact tune from GT5 for my R8 LMS ’09. Convert your spring rates from pounds into kilograms and it will work.

      Reference point – 1 pound = 0.453 kilograms

    • Aug. 18, 9:17pm

      Used my Audi R8 LMS on sunday and its way different from the deathtrap I was driving months ago.

  74. Aug. 18, 3:47pm

    My thinking is they will unzip (if you will) the tons of stuff they downloaded last update.

    My Suprizing News would be a GT3 car pack with Ferrari, McLaren, Aston and Lamborghini.

    My hope is the new track plus one GT4 track is coming.

    I don’t have indefference because I bothered to post. This is out of nowhere. And we were told to expect a big GT6 update. But we were not told when it would arrive.

    We were also told to expect VGT’s sometime in September. Frankly I can’t wait to see what this turns out to be. Being involved with GT for so long, nothing they do or don’t do will bother me one way or the other. I’ll just smile.

    But to run back to back maintenence days is very strange. Sounds like day on is the prep.
    Day two is the bomb. Even if we get no content, something large is going down.

  75. Aug. 18, 3:38pm

    Best way to keep from being disappointed…expect some updates, yet don’t speculate on the ones YOU want. Any improvement is still an improvement with this game.

  76. Aug. 18, 3:29pm

    Hopefully this fixes everything, otherwise I’ll be mad because one of these maintenance periods is on my birthday.

  77. Aug. 18, 3:14pm

    Choo choo, mother*******

  78. Aug. 18, 3:12pm

    1. Indifference
    2. Surprising news
    3. Hope
    4. Boarding the hype train
    5. Disappointment
    6. Anger
    7. Indifference
    6. Surprising news…

    Rinse and repeat. Gran Turismo in a nutshell.

    I’m currently between points number 1 to 3, by the way.

    • Aug. 18, 3:17pm

      Those who board the hype train are the ones who are disappointed the most because they hype themselves up so that when the update arrives and isn’t what they were expecting they get pissed and blame PD for failing to deliver. Any disappointment with updates on this forum is solely the fault of the users.

      In short, stay between numbers 1-3 so you don’t get disappointed.

    • Aug. 18, 5:36pm

      You forgot BOREDOM.

    • Aug. 18, 11:10pm
      SZRT Ice

      Perfect order of emotions Husky. But yes, the key is to not board the Hype Train. I joke around with it now, but whenever PD delivers, know it will be a little to very much less than what the hype train forecasts. So when the Hype Train is doing 150, make sure to keep it at 55 for your own benefit.

  79. Aug. 18, 3:09pm

    GT6 2.0

  80. Aug. 18, 3:01pm

    2-1 days until disappointment! #I’m Ready!

  81. Aug. 18, 2:59pm

    Where is the KW 7-post test suspension system?

  82. Aug. 18, 2:48pm

    I’m wondering if this could be the community feature if they need 2 days of server matnence. We’re due for more VGTs, maybe we get the Alfa here, HOPEFULLY we get Zahara, that’s what everybody really wants.

    • Aug. 18, 4:21pm

      Zahara… Sigh… Dreaming…

    • Aug. 18, 8:03pm

      You say that but it is now in the game’s registry.

  83. Aug. 18, 2:47pm

    ZOMFGawwd, must be the Porsche pack, Track Editor, Livey Editor, AI perfection, Sound Update and all cars converted to Premium + Open World driving like Horizon.

    • Aug. 18, 2:53pm

      Maybe the update(s) will be bundled with a demo of Half-Life 3. ;D

    • Aug. 18, 3:19pm
      Cloud Strife7

      this guys LMAO

    • Aug. 18, 4:13pm

      This is going to be the best update ever!!!!!!!

    • Aug. 18, 9:01pm
      Tenacious D

      Why are you here again, game not haver?

      I expect to be pretty happy. I expect you to be your usual self no matter what.

    • Aug. 18, 9:15pm

      As the person that seems the most unhappy and sick of this game, what exactly keeps you coming back just to make comments like these? You seem convinced nothing will change so what else reason is there to even be checking on this game?

    • Aug. 18, 11:13pm
      SZRT Ice

      That was too funny…

  84. Aug. 18, 2:40pm

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to stop playing the beta version of this game.

    • Aug. 18, 11:13pm
      SZRT Ice

      I have.

  85. Aug. 18, 2:35pm

    Ugh please be something good and worthwhile.

  86. Aug. 18, 2:32pm

    And here.. we.. go!!! ~kaz pls~

  87. Aug. 18, 2:30pm

    I’ll be at school during both times, no hassle for me.

  88. Aug. 18, 2:26pm

    Here we go again. People will start harping “OMG TEH NEW TRACK EDITOR IZ HEER” and “PORCHE KONIGSEG PREMIUM SOOPRA AND LIVERY EDITOR OMFGGGGG” and then be like “OMFG WTF IS THIS CRAP” when whatever comes after the maintenance period. Don’t have such a high expectation, people.

    • Aug. 18, 2:55pm

      +1. Not PD’s fault people always hype themselves up too much.

    • Aug. 18, 5:11pm

      They are actually releasing GT7 this week. The first day is to convert your PS3 into a PS4 like something out of Transformers. The second is to drop 158GBs of GT7 data. This is why there have been very few updates from PD; the technology had to stay under wraps what with the NSA, CIA, KGB, AEM, BMW, etc. on the prowl.

      Also, I have a bridge at the moon landing site I am selling for cheap….

    • Aug. 18, 9:12pm

      @masterrawad Yes its true that they should keep their “HIGH expectations down” for them not to be dissapointed, but theres also the concept of “getting what they deserve” because they paid for the game aswell, so they can speculate, believe whatever they want to ;) think about that.
      @DigitalBaka Not sure if being sarcastic or not o_O

    • Aug. 18, 11:17pm
      SZRT Ice

      Ahh… My stomach hurts… :) I’m cryin’ over here.

    • Aug. 19, 4:57pm

      @SDS, I like to keep you guessing. ;)

  89. Aug. 18, 2:24pm

    I just want to know how big these downloads will be! To have to make it 2 days, wow!

    • Aug. 18, 2:45pm
      David Smith

      What downloads? it’s maintenence.

    • Aug. 18, 2:46pm
      David Smith

      Online at that

    • Aug. 18, 2:58pm

      @David Usually when PD’s going to release a content patch they drop the servers into maintenance so they can update them with the relevant content. However, maintenance doesn’t always precede a patch: sometimes, they simply switch the servers to maintenance so they can, um… /maintain/ them, and other times they’ll release a non-content (i.e. bug-fix) patch without taking the servers down.

    • Aug. 19, 4:18am
      David Smith

      Sorry Team my point was exact same as yours that’s why I was asking trl what he meant when saying downloads when not mentioned in post
      Scottish sarcasm was involved :)

  90. Aug. 18, 2:23pm

    Let the conspiracy theorists begin!

  91. Aug. 18, 2:22pm

    How about the track editor and GPS support too.

  92. Aug. 18, 2:19pm

    Let’s hope they bring back the “SHUFFLE”

    • Aug. 18, 9:04pm

      Yeah Cause on GT5: Everyday I’m Shuffling! -beats drop-

  93. Aug. 18, 2:19pm

    Pls Kaz

  94. Aug. 18, 2:13pm

    We have a higher chance of getting an anime cat girls cosplay pack than Zahara.

    • Aug. 18, 2:59pm

      Even though files related to Zahara were included in 1.10?

  95. Aug. 18, 2:10pm

    Here’s hoping its Zahara!

  96. Aug. 18, 2:09pm

    Oooh now it’s real! We may indeed get the content promised !:)

  97. Aug. 18, 2:08pm

    Let’s hope we get something good this month.

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