Video Reveals Polyphony Digital Studied Spa-Francorchamps

Before you read any further, keep in mind the information below should NOT be taken as confirmation that any of the following tracks will be in Gran Turismo 5. I am posting this here to get ahead of other media outlets who post this without more careful consideration of what may actually be shown in these images. With that said, the following is an interesting discovery you GTPlanet readers should know about.

In the three-part Nurburgring 24-Hours documentary just published by Polyphony Digital, you’ll see several scenes from within the company’s headquarters. In that footage, one very interesting screen shot of an employee’s computer showing what appears to be a directory of “assets” or reference material for tracks both seen and un-seen in the GT series throughout the years. The text is in Japanese, but that didn’t stop new GTPlanet user kyono from taking a closer look. His discoveries include the much-wanted Spa Franchorchamps, Pikes Peak, and the much-loved classic fantasy circuit from Gran Turismo 2, Grindelwald (refresh your memory here). Here’s a picture:

See more analysis of the screenshot here. Even if you can’t read the language, you can double-check the translations by matching up the Japanese characters with Google: Spa Francorchamps, Pike’s Peak, and Grindelwald (you’ll find it in the image immediately above Gornergratbahn). Watch for this screen yourself at around 12:40 in the video below.

Here’s a partial translation of the tracks visible in this list, kindly offered by SHIRAKAWA Akira in our forums:

????/ Europe ????
????????? America ????
????????? Italia ??????????
????? Fuji Speedway
????? Europe ????
BBC Top Gear Test Track
???? Fuji Speedway
Infineon (raceway)
Kleine Scheidegg
Spa Francorchamps
Twin Ring Motegi
— [Nurburgring data files following]
— […]
Pikes Peak
Bandimere Speedway (At least, that’s my interpretation for what I read as バンヂミアスピードウェイ)

(See parts 2 and 3 here.)

Let me reiterate, there is no reason to believe this is the list of tracks in development for Gran Turismo 5. It’s most likely a compilation of material for all the tracks that Polyphony Digital has included or has considered for their games. With that said, a Spa-Francorchamps sticker appeared on this suitcase in the company’s studios (you’ll also see a sticker for Monza, which was just confirmed). Also, a tipster with a perfect track record told me either Spa-Francorchamps or Indianapolis would be the track used for the GT Academy 2010 demo.

With this latest discovery, there is now no question for me that Polyphony Digital has studied the track. Whether or not they will include it in GT5, though, remains to be seen.

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  1. messiah

    Could be that Spa was studied to be included in GT5 but there’s been a licensing problem, and rather than waste a lot of effort into developing a track that can’t be used they’ve used it to create the locale for the track editor.

    Spa & Monza are my 2 favourite tracks in F1, getting both would make me very happy, and rightly or wrongly, I’ve got my hope’s up!

    Wonder what the chances are of hearing anything concrete at this weekends F1? GT5’s demo’s have been turning up at sporting events like Le Mans & Nurburgring 24hr – who’s to say that the Belgian GP isn’t the next stop on the games promotional tour…

  2. RedBaron

    The track list of GT is more and more complete world. Bathurst and Isle of Man are my next best candidates.

  3. yomamma

    who cares about spa or pikes peak! i want a rally track based on the tail of the dragon at deals gap. US129 baby!elevation ranges from 877-1962ftabove sea level. 11 miles and 300+ turns!!!

  4. Alpha

    If the guy would scroll down, the list would include around 70 tracks i guess.. Come on, you aren’t seriosly believing that?

  5. Alex Roache

    Cadwell Park would be a nice addition to GT5. It’s not very well known outside the UK but it’s easily one of the best circuits in the world.

  6. neem'

    I really hope Spa makes it, but if they’re including 70 or more tracks, surely they’d HAVE to put Spa on the list! I’d never ‘driven’ Spa until Ferrari Challenge, it’s an awesome track, like a very mini Nürburgring. Wouldn’t it be funny if PD programmed easter eggs into the course creator, where if you specify certain parameters it generates an exact replica of a track?

  7. NapalmSanctuary

    i hope Grindelwald shows up in GT5, one of my favorite tracks since GT2. sucks we havent seen it since.

  8. LoneWanderer

    I really hope Spa is included, along with pikes peak and grindelwald. I also realized this.

    The Belgian High Fens is a possible scenario for track editing. Spa is located here. Coincidence?

    Also, aren’t there options for point to point races using the track editor? If so, then Pikes Peak has a potential to be in the best racing game ever.

  9. Luke

    PIKES PEAK ? Oh my god. Right now, at my birthday, my last wish was granted. I have absolutely nothing more i want from this game. It got everything covered.
    I`m really beginning to lose all my senses just waiting for this one game, i have never experienced so much joy waiting.

  10. carl.vain

    PLEASE!!! Make Attention! GTplanet READ THIS! And share this information with KAZUNORI! and every fan of Gt. Well brothers and sisters everybody knows that Kazunori is a master of creation simulation and we love his work.But there is one missing thing that gt5 do not have and makes me cry.Kazunori forget to put a one beautiful camera that Forza3 have. Everybody love the grafics in gt5 but WHERE! is this camera that you could enjoy the beautiful grafics from outside the car.I meen that you could pull the triger during a race and look around every side and see whole boody of a car, like they instal in FoRza3.Inside in the cockpit view is perfect you can turn around camera on left end right . Why they do not instal this view:(

  11. Pig

    Why Spa or Grindelwald. The most anticipated track is of course vålerbanen in Norway. This is beyond me. I’m speechless.

  12. Madmurdock

    Sounds great. Big fan if Grindelwald. Hope that’d in. Been a long time since the GT2 version. Another track I’d to see again is Special Stage 11. That was an awesome technical track.

    1. Bernd

      Yes, but I’m hoping for a sunny Grindelwald this time. Always thought, the old one was a bit sinister and greyish. Didn’t like it too much for that reason

  13. Stipe

    Spa would be EPIC and like many other, I also would like to see Bathurst in GT (5, DLC, or 6). Maybe I will sound too much subjective but I think that GT (the series, atleast GT4) have the best fantasy and real world track mix. Yea, I’m one of those who would like more real world tracks (Silverstone, (old) Hockenheimring, Mugello, Algrave, Montreal, Road America, Watkins Glen, Brno, and few more and there is already good selection in previous GTs) but also like a lot GT clasics like Grand Valley, Red Rock Valley (one of my GT favorite), Deep Forest, El Capitain, and others (it was better to name tracks that I dont particulary like (just maybe 2 or 3).
    And was also good selection of city courses, which in general I’m not a big fan, but I enjoyed very much Rome (GT2GT3), Seattle, and NY and Monte Carlo (not big fan but MC is MC).

    And in the end this is my dream list of real world tracks for GT: Le Mans, Nurburgring, Indianapolis, Spa, Monza, Bathurst, Suzuka, Silverstone. Thats the shortest list I can think of; -some are already in, some are rumored, some are just a wish (with hope) ;)

  14. S3 Racer

    I think it’s highly probable due to the fact that in the track editor we got the high vennes and that is were spa is (on the border of ardennes and high vennes)

  15. _Ven

    this is excellent news, i’m still hoping that we might see circuits from other continents other than Europe and N. America. Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit and Mount Panorama Bathurst Circuit would be a fine addition.

  16. RickNU

    Spa, Pikes Peak and Grindelwald in GT5 that was a dream come true and if they are confirmed before the game cames out i will not to be able to sleep until the game came out…

    And i loved to see again the fake circuit Smokey Mountain too but its impossible

  17. VeyronGlen

    I would love it if GT5 included Spa. I love Eau Rouge corner. I would also love it if any more British tracks where included aswell, like Donington or Silverstone.

  18. Big Ron

    Spa was never one of my favorite track. I ran it so often in other sim racing games, that I can drive it blind and there is no adtventure to run it anymore. But Bathurst, Pikes Peak or Infineon would be great.

  19. Antan


    Aaannnyyyway…Hoping there’s still room for a glorious version of Deep Forest! Though I can’t imagine 16 cars ploughing round. I guess as in previous games certain tracks will have certain amount of cars.

    Well written as always. I’m hopeful there’s some truth in that shot.

    1. SHIRAKAWA Akira

      Maybe it was there, just not visible, as it would have been, in case, in the scrollable lower portion of the list.

  20. DemonBlade

    Kaz knows racing and he must also know how much we all want Spa to be included. There’s bound to be a few little surprises come launch day and I really hope this is one of them. As has already been said on this thread Jordan, your integrity to facts and possibilities is much appreciated unlike pretty much any other site out there who will no doubt interpret this news very differently. Keep up the great work!

  21. CamAndtom

    Jordan, what will you do once GT5 is released? Are you going to end this site? I hope not. Just

    1. Marky264

      Of course he’s not. GT News has been covered on this site for over 5 Years + There will be plenty of news to Cover that’s GT Related. Kaz has pretty much mentioned everywhere about GT6 so the possibilities are endless!

    2. Obli

      The release of GT5 is just the start, I should think :) What about future GT iterations, patches, DLC, community events… man, there’s loads!

    3. Jordan

      No, of course not – it’s been around for nearly 10 years. The fun starts after the release of big GT games, and the biggest one ever is just around the corner.

  22. Sch@dows

    A list of real tracks has already been confirmed a few month ago and Spa was in it.
    I don’t see any news there.

  23. Sprite

    Nice spot, and very nice and considerate post Jordan. I will look in on the thread later today. I don’t remember grindlewald track. I want if J.K. Rowling is a GT fan?

  24. SZRT Ice

    Spa is one of my favorite real world tracks! And I loved the Tahiti track from GT2 (not real) so I hope it’s in… SS Route 11, Trial Mountain, and Deep Forest are a must in HD!!! GT5 FT-MF-W!!!! (Mother freakin’)

  25. Owaldock

    Great find. Am sure bathurst won’t make the final list but it would be a great addition, fantastic track to drive. Long lots of elevation change and punishing walls over the mountain. Dynamic weather would be great, wet up top and dry on the lower section. Perhaps dynamic kangaroos as well…..

  26. ismellbacon611

    wait the third one … ????????? America ???? … could this possibly be my all time favorite track? Road America?!??!?!? .. dude if road america is in gt5 i will internally com-bust with excitement and joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly if i had a choice between spa and road america i would pick r.a. but probably because its my home track…and its were ive seen the audi lmp1 cars take victory many times before in the alms

    1. SHIRAKAWA Akira

      No, it’s not Road America. The first six folders in the list most probably contain general information/source material about their respective countries. I added more information about that in the GT5 Track thread in the GTP GT5 forum.

      However, basing on the ordering of japanese characters, Road America cannot be completely ruled out. We simply don’t know if we would see it by scrolling down the list.

      By the way, the ?f-3000 line is probably P1-3000.
      I don’t know about the 3000 part, but P1 is a Karting track in Arizona. Could be a coincidence, though.

  27. Roy

    Why are u guys is so excited? I cant see anything much interesting in that tracks.. Spa is one of the most sux track in gt.

    1. Marky264

      What? Spa’s never been in the GT Series… At least take the time to write something that makes sense.

  28. Torque

    I’m hoping it’s in so bad! Loved it in Shift, but always wondered how the gods at Polyphony would do it.

    @Tenacious D
    Umm… Epic? Am I right? ;)

  29. Tenacious D

    SPA IS INNN!!!11/

    Okay, just kidding, but it would be yet another epic brick in an epic wall of epicness. Can you tell what I think of GT5? ;D

    1. gtone339

      I do want to see that track in GT5.

      The track looks amazing in real life!

      First time of me viewing it on youtube, while watching the Spa francorchamps 1000km le mans series.

  30. ismellbacon611

    first they revealed indy, then the full nurburgring circuit, then monza, and now (hopefully) spa!!!! can’t wait until either the f1 race next weekend if the reveal takes place there … or at TGS ….:D

  31. Casey G.

    Spa-Francorchamps the BEST AUTO RACING COURSE ON THE PLANET. i cannot wait for this to be confirmed its going to be money.

    Spa was the sole reason i bought NFS:Shift!

  32. SpecMiata

    The F1 race is at Spa next weekend, it would be amazing if PD showed up and rolled out a demo of Spa for the event. It would be great marketing for the game!

    1. baza

      Is the fact that belgian high fens is included in the course maker locations another hint that its in??? :-)

    2. Obli

      Good point! What other Belgium track(s) have been confirmed for the game? As far as I know, none. Maybe Zolder is in instead (which would be fantastic too!) …?

  33. KilzoneStrife

    GT5…just keeps getting better and better….,I didnt believe it when Kaz said he maxed out the blu ray.I mean, 800standards..200premiums+30 locations = 50gigs? With 70locations..its all making sense..

    1. SHIRAKAWA Akira

      That Could be Pikes Peak International Raceway (PPIR)!
      Or Pikes Peak Hill Climb (PPRC)!

      Or even both ;)

  34. emponator

    Neat find, Spa is the final piece in the puzzle for me, it’s the greatest track ever. Needs to be in every racing game.

    1. organdonor

      As far as real world tracks, in addition to what we already have, add Spa, Bathurst and Leguna Seca and I will be beyond satisified.

  35. AGNT009

    AARRGGHH I was so close to getting my first FIRST, lol. Very nice detective work here. Frankly, I cant remember Grindelwald anymore at all. I dont have that game anymore. But I REALLY hope Spa makes it in. Ive got that track down cold on NFS:Shift.

    1. lee

      YEH! it isn’t big or clever!! saying that, I still haven’t received my free phone. Must phone royal mail first thing in the morning! :)

  36. raceur


    As usual, an intelligently written, properly considered and appropriate response to the information discovered. I appreciate the quality of this blog and hope you continue it forever!

    1. jaketovey

      i dont understand this. just because its on his computer doesnt mean its on gt5, spa i can understand but Grindelwald is probably just on there becaause he worked on it in the making of gt2

    2. Geo_212

      Didn’t you read the big, bold, red text at the top of the page?

      “Before you read any further, keep in mind the information below should NOT be taken as confirmation that any of the following tracks will be in Gran Turismo 5. I am posting this here to get ahead of other media outlets who post this without more careful consideration of what may actually be shown in these images.”

      It’s just a clue; not confirmation.

    3. jaketovey

      yes i did read it i HAVE EYES! its just we’ve had several false reports not that long ago, its only recently made sense, sony reps saying there will be cockpits in all cars got my hopes up and then it was sort of confirmed there wasnt so i just dont want to be dissapointed thats all, why does everyone hurl abuse so quickly on this site

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