Video: Tokyo R246 in a Toyota FT-86

Here’s an HD video from last year’s Tokyo Motor Show which apparently slipped under the radar. Yes, the driving is terrible, but the 1080p video quality (which you can select from the menu in the bottom right corner of the video player) provides a great impression of the lighting and environmental details around the track. Thanks to CoolColJ for digging this up!

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  1. Beethoven

    Perhaps he is an advanced driver after all – check out 1:48 – 1:54.

    Is he trying to pull off the scandanavian flick?


  2. massivechicken

    Sweet mother of god! I can’t stop watching this video. I love the way he furiously wrenches the wheel from left to right, with no apparent connection between his violent and baffling steering inputs and the car’s on screen reaction.

    For the love of god! Don’t give this guy a license!


  3. Gt3luke

    “juggaKnot Says:
    February 22nd, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    it’s a Toyota so I bet his gas pedal is stuck…”

    LOL. Best comment so far

  4. Hentis

    Acutaully as an addendum to my above post it would be nice to see a timed demo or a 3 lap demo with 3 or 4 drivable cars around Tokyo released from Polyphony to keep us busy nd happy until the big release day. Come on Polyphony…. make it happen!!!!

  5. Hentis

    Very good video.
    Very very very very bad driving!!!

    The thing about the tyres flying thats old news and has been known for some months (where have you been) Its been noted on several TGS videos. If you look on various corners of Tokyo you will see the red and white blocks (usually filled with water in the real world) if these are hit they get thrown around the track as well as the Polyphony “blocks” at the end of the Corner which leads onto the finishing striaght 2:28 – 2:32.

    Have any of you managed to hit the 150, 100 & 50 (meter marker blocks) on the indianapolis track yet? All though the tyre barrier marking the entry into the first righ hand corner is a car bouncer……. in other words its solid and makes your car bounce off it…. go ahead try it for fun….. 16 cars and flying bits on a race track…. mayhem…. its gonna happen I tell ya….

  6. GTracerRens

    Louie_Schumii Says:
    February 23rd, 2010 at 10:27 am

    Painful to watch. Force feedback doesn’t seem to be very high though. Judging from the drivers’ watch and the wedding ring the driving must be quite wealthy ;). Used to real cars perhaps?

    Well in the Prologue you were able to change the force feedback settings. I think this driver doesn’t know anything about those settings or it’s not available in a demo like this… Like there’s said in the interviews the force feedback has improved. You feel every bump on the track! ;) (Or that’s what they say…)

  7. blackjack

    @ LABounti

    “Thanks fore the vid but this kid or who ever is having a hard time. I’m sad my DFP from 2005 just died…..”

    I got the Red blinking light of death yesterday, so naturally I’m expecting a release date any day now!

  8. JCee

    My gosh.. My 10 year old niece plays Gran Turismo 4 with me and she can drive better than that using the dualshock controller!

  9. Louie_Schumii

    Painful to watch. Force feedback doesn’t seem to be very high though. Judging from the drivers’ watch and the wedding ring the driving must be quite wealthy ;). Used to real cars perhaps?

  10. GTracerRens

    I think the guy couldn’t find the brake-pedal…. Terribe driving. :P I want to see some more circuits and cars. Show us some Le Mans or DTM!! :) I want it NOW!!! :D

  11. pranl

    “At 50 seconds! Wth??? Surely the released game won’t be like this.”

    But some of the drivers will be like this :p

  12. Bg Ron

    I can find no reason to post those videos. wee´ve seen a lot of crap driving videos, especially on Tokio. So you should concentrate and quality videos.

  13. Paulo

    Thanks Jordan for trying to give us anything new. I mean when the hell are PD going to release any new info, screens or videos? I guess E3. Sad, really sad.

  14. TokyoDrift

    When people go commenting on the little details, I would have thought they would do so in context (i.e. this being a TGS 2009 build, itself 4 months old, and the build even older).

  15. Skidmark

    I agree that he isnt the best driver but I think the physics look a bit floaty. Granted I havent driven on a racetrack, but I do drive 40,000 miles a year for my job and I have had some pretty powerfull RWD cars.

    I wouldnt expect the back to just step out on a dry track when I am essentially driving in a straight line. I know Pro physics need to be realistic but making it seem like the track is covered in oil is just making the game hard for the sake of it.

  16. S3 Racer

    good this is an old build ’cause bumping of the wall like that and continuing is lame.
    (escudo + tokyo = railway)

    The grey car jumping was not very realistic. it should have been pushed back when against the wall (sidewalk) and not go up up in the air

  17. P37Mac

    The grey car dosn’t disappear, it just lands well and makes a good recovery lol. He was looking at the wall for a while after the crash so you can’t see it but look at the radar, grey car is still there. I don’t agree with the flying car as a bug either, I’m thinking its improved collision physics… If that crash was made a reality, no one would think the grey car going airborne would be strange, It just looks wierd because its still in one piece after a very violent impact. If your still not convinced that improved physics are at play, look how easy the first car he tags spins out.

  18. zixer

    Nice graphics but im wondering why they cant get the sense of speed right. Doing 100 km/h sure feels alittle faster than it seems in the video.

  19. Jake

    Lol yeah Mike, true. I was rolling when he first got out of the pits… You could tell from his reaction he knew he was in trouble right away haha.

  20. Mike M

    I’m actually glad that the driving was atrocious- because of that we’re getting an almost 360 view of the track and in places where he’s hitting the wall, a closer and better look at the environment :)

  21. Devedander

    Where does that car go at 40 seconds? It looks like it flies right up and off the screen and then seems to have dissapeared…

  22. maxpontiac

    Yes. This video highlights the lighting quite well.

    Yes. This video showcases the environmental detail.

    But man. That guy look nervous. Hate to see behind a wheel of a real car..

  23. TOLL~Scibba~HRT

    that guy was driver in to the wall over 160km hay hour you should not be able to drive it anyone because it will be damaged hard

  24. oldmodelt

    Wow, somebody who drives worse than me! lol. Got to get him into some races to make me look good. Seriously, appreciate the info update.

  25. BooBoo

    Enyone noticet or thats just my imagination. When he hit the wall at the end of straight in the beginn of second lap blurr coms on screen like in Need for speed SHIFT??

  26. Tha_Creep

    Man, The more awesome this game looks, the more awful the little details stand out. I will go with , for the game’s sake, that this is a pre-damage build or damage off… Seeing that the AI car didnt receive any really is a sore sight @ this point. Everytime this guy crashed… which he was doing A LOT, practically the same animation occured crash head on and the car does a side to side weight shift? Also, wth happened with the physics.. true that he never let off the gas but… it felt like he was in drift mode in Underground 2. This HAS TO BE an old build cuz damn…

  27. NBH

    Collisions look very dodgy, he just pushes another car along the track then one jumps and flies off into nowhere, I hope GT5 isn’t like this.

  28. dbarrade

    Look at how jagged the shadows cast by the buildings and trees are!

    Shadows have never looked this jagged on GT5 Prologue, so I can conclude one of two things: this build still has a lo res shadow map, or all shadows are now being calculated real time.

    I highly doubt Polyphony would not take the time to render a hi res shadow map as potentially it would be part of the track creation process.

    So, I’m going to conclude that this is the first real evidence I’ve seen of a day / night cycle!

    Woo hoo, made my day CoolCol, thanks!

  29. Dan

    Wow……the bad driving aside, thats one of the first GT5 videos that almost looks real. This is beyond scary. I just watched that video like 5 times and there are points when driving into the sun that this game looks real. Amazing.

  30. jamaicangamer

    anyone else realize that gt5 can possibly be released next month?? (yeh, btw i saw the other post about the fall 2010)

  31. zevehcj

    Cool video but terrible driver. Did anyone notice the grey FT-86 lift up from the ground and fly away when it was hit? I was laughing so hard when I saw that.

  32. missionfailed

    I blame his bad driving on the people who were walking infront of him :D

    – yes I know they were walking infront of the camera !

  33. azportnoy

    You cracked me up @obi_one :)

    And @Jordan no wonder this video slipt under the radar,

    people were too ashamed to show it to anyone else.

    Anyway thanks for finding it, i love this circuit!!

  34. PeterWRC

    An other absolutely useless driver! Fantastic news about the best driving game! I think i had met this guy in online last evening. Pinball wizard!

  35. Crispy


    I’ve always wondered myself why it’s called bumper cam, as on GT5P also, the camera is roughly the same level as the drivers head would be.

    Nice vid…atrocious driving!!

  36. SomeStrangeSin

    Ha where did the grey car go at 50:00 seconds in? LOL it still shows bad driving and bumping off walls wont screw up your car. That sucks

  37. dearlybeloved

    I just enjoyed watching his first 60 seconds of driving. He has got to be the best of the worst of the bunch of drivers that has shown their skill here on gtplanet. Overall I enjoyed seeing this guy drive even if there is a worldwide recall of Toyotas. Brilliant driver just because of his sheer willingness to never let go of the throttle!

  38. Watevaman

    Yeah, you can see from the HUD at the bottom that he’s pretty much the gas all the time. Even when he’s up against the wall, he’s still flooring it. It’s amazing how bad some people can be. I know not everyone is gonna be an expert, but the basics of braking for a turn should be in everyone’s head.

    Anyway, the game looks really good, shame we didn’t see the way it would be driven by a real racer.

  39. Vivian

    terrible driving! that’s mildly spoken Jordan!!

    I’m getting on my knees for GT5, after this video I’m still on my knees!!:O:O

  40. Max Mosley

    Bad camera angle and bad driving. But right now I will take any info on gt. It’s more than we get from PD.

    Thanks Jordan

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