Volkswagen Won’t Be Featured in Forza Horizon 3

The Mk2 GTi won’t be an option when Horizon 3 releases next month. June 20th, 2016, courtesy of Tomcat79.

The Forza Garage series of car reveals came to an end this week with a surprise only the craziest of car lovers would appreciate. Week 6 changed things up quite a bit by revealing that the three-wheeled Reliant Supervan III, best known to those in the UK for being featured in the BBC comedy ‘Only Fools and Horses’, would be featured in the game.

Still, with all 350+ vehicles seemingly spoken for, the question remained “Where’s Volkswagen?” Unfortunately, the German automaker won’t be included in Forza Horizon 3, as confirmed by Brian Ekberg (Mechberg) in this week’s Week in Review.

Undoubtedly a somber confirmation, this will be the first game in the franchise the automaker won’t be featured in since the series’ inception in 2005.

“With our Forza Garage series wrapping up, I know that a lot of folks in the community have been wondering about a conspicuous manufacturer absence from the game: Volkswagen. With Forza Horizon 3, we’re bringing fans more than 350 cars to the game at launch, including manufacturers who have never appeared in a Forza game before.

Our team works hard to license hundreds of brands for every Forza game; from small independent brands to major international automotive companies. Unfortunately, we can’t always align our fans’ desires with the interests of every licensor, as is the case with Volkswagen in Forza Horizon 3. As a result, we’re unable to include VW in the game.

Naturally, there are tons of VW fans here at Turn 10 and Playground Games and we’re as disappointed to share this update as our fans are to hear it. We hope to be able to restore VW to Forza games in the future.”

Until we meet again, Beetle. June 29th, 2016, courtesy of Francocosta02.

It’s worth pointing out that this is only limited to Volkswagen Passenger Cars, as wholly-owned subsidiaries – the likes of which include Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, and Lamborghini, are still going to be included when the game releases next month, and have been revealed thusly.

Naturally, this opens up the possibility that a particular marque, another wholly-owned subsidiary of the VW Group, can be introduced to the game as an expansion down the line.

Forza Horizon 3 launches on Xbox One and PC September 27th 2016.

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  1. 2clickswest

    I don’t get it, what’s the big deal? Just tell the real reason and be simple. It’s not like the game won’t sell at all because of this.

  2. breyzipp

    It’s very weird since CSR2 recently released on mobile with VWs in it and soon GT:Sport will release with VWs in it as well. And I know PG wasn’t happy with having to leave VW out.

    I think this is either Microsoft or Sony (PD) to blame.

    No Porsche and no VW, so much for being the only franchise with all the big manufacturer names in it.

    1. RX-7_FD3S

      That’s what I thought immediatly. Only thing that makes sens since they have other brand from the VW group, it’s obviously not a licensing issue.

  3. SavageEvil

    Like how they say they aren’t having VW in the game, but not actually giving a reason for the loss of the manufacturer. I can’t see VW being overpriced since VW is no where near as expensive as Lamborghini or Bugatti, so there is definitely something up. Patriotism, not a chance as Audi is German and they are included and are more lucrative than VW.
    Can’t wait to hear the real reason, I wonder if it’s as interesting as Honda no police chase clause?

  4. longshot1314

    i don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to think this is to do with the emissions scandal. Remember we lost the SS badges on Chevy/Holden for similarly vague reasons. Someone must’ve gotten hired for PR in either T10 or Microsoft recently who’s a bit more of a stickler for being PC

  5. DonZonda

    I personall dont care for VW. Since I am from Germany and being surrounded by tons of GTI’s etc each day I am bored as hell of their DSG farting… dont know when was the last I driven a VW in the Forza series.

  6. Tornado

    Volkwagen probably had an issue with some of the content in the game and refused licencing. It has happened with somewhat similar games in the past, and the wording of the release suggests such.

    1. DK

      “Somewhat similar games in the past”? Are you referring to Honda being absent from many NFS games and Nissan being absent for 2005’s NFS:MW?

    2. johnnyman123

      Could be. Looking at some of the cars in Forza 6 there is definitely some issues and bugs with them. More than a few cars have a horrible speedometer problem where the gauges dont match the speed of the car. This is a horrible oversight by Turn10 and just shows how they approach quality in their games. Some of the cars with this problem are popular aswell. Also, upon looking at some of the cars in Forza Vista, they have alot of missing details, no brake calibers on some cars really turn10? Corvette missing the iconic windshield heads up display…alot of details are missing in this game I can see why some automakers feel shafted. You learn to appreciate the fine attention to detail PD tirelessly puts into their games……

    3. imported_KingK76

      @Johnnyman123 ….. Really… Turn10 have a quality issue do they? Give me a break. Missing calipers? Tell me where the shaft connecting the wheels to the cars are in either GT5 or 6? The wheels are floating cylinders with no inner rim! on EVERY car in both GT5 and 6! And yet you use Polyphony to disparage Turn10??!?!!? You are a fanboi through and through. I love both games and know the faults of both. Quality though would NOT be an issue I have with Forza. Nice try though Johnny.

    4. johnnyman123

      @imported_king To each their own opinions little man! I am no fanboy, know what your taking about before you act tough on the internet. I actually left Gran Turismo and Sony to switch sides to Forza, while YES Forza is a amazing game and I overall do not regret buying the Xbox, I still feel PD has much better quality control over their games. You cant argue over my OWN opinion lol. Tons of cars have a speedometer glitch that doesnt even show the correct speed(prelude being one of them), tons of the cars dont have correct engine specs (2004 audi s4 being one of them) cars missing brake calipers (lamburghini Urus) and cars missing iconic features like the headsup display in Corvettes. Just to name a few, I found TONS more disparities in the game as well. You cant argue these facts, go look for yourself if you want to whine. I love both games but its obvious theres a reason how Turn10 puts out games every year, they are a rushed mess…and this is how I feel. Funny thing is i just bought my X1 two weeks ago and ive only driven a handful of cars and already these glitches are all over the place. GOOD for Kaz for delaying GTS, now he can show Turn10 what quality really is.

  7. G.T.Ace

    It’s a pity but not surprising. VW suffers from their Diesel scandal and has to cut costs, but the CEOs don’t want to lose any cash, so I bet they raised the price for the license. There’s a reason why part manufacturers stopped delivering to them.

    1. Harakudoshi

      You’d think they’d want that sweet licensing money now more than ever. It’s like how Honda (and whomever owns Tsukuba) got anal about licensing to Forza. You’d think they’d want the exposure in an international top-seller. Dunno why T10 hasn’t contacted Toyota about Fuji, or the various companies that own courses like Ebisu, Autopolis, SUGO, Okayama, etc. smaller and less famous circuits. International fame would do wonders for them, so here’s hoping T10 rings em up.

    2. FT-1

      So the licence cost is raised to the point where it is too expensive for Microsoft but still affordable for Sony?

    3. GTEFGHA

      Raised the price for the licence? Really? How much can licencing money mean to VW one of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet? It means nothing to them, there is probbably some other reason that none of us can explain cause nobody really understands licencing between car manufacturers and game developers. That being said I don’t really mind the absence of VW since I kind of hate it.

    4. Kyle Patrick

      @FT-1 – the rumour — and I can’t stress that word enough — is that the licensing costs for the big Japanese tracks are higher for non-Japanese companies than they are for the local developers. A sort of protectionism if you will.

    5. gladbecker82

      @kyle patrick
      I think it’s undeniable that patriotism and support from local devs/track owners are a fact, Polyphony has all Japanese tracks on lockdown, Forza the US Tracks, PCars British Tracks and Assetto Corsa the Italian tracks. And all the developers get the best prices for licensing from tracks of their nation.

      As far as VW licensing – this is very weird and doesn’t make so much sense, maybe they have exclusive deals with Polyphony, cause all other brands of VW Group are included.

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