Watch Live: GTPlanet’s Le Mans 24 Hours Online Race

July 12th, 2014 by Wardez



This weekend GTPlanet hosts its second 24 hour endurance race in GT6 of the year, the 24 Heures du Mans.

Live Stream Completed
Click here to view archived video

Live Timing Alternate Stream

Teams of up to four drivers will complete in four classes. Whilst this is a race against the clock, teams will need to demonstrate their concentration, consistency, and team work, just to reach the checkered flag. Many well established GTP clubs and leagues will be represented, as well as veteran sim endurance racers.


The parade lap will start at 12:50 UTC Saturday July 12th, with the green flag expected to be waved at 13:00 UTC. To see the start time in your area, click here.

We will be broadcasting the entire event live on Twitch. Wardez will be leading a team of commentators, including; GTP_ADE, Tom, and Pluxtheduck, who will be covering all the wheel to wheel action on track, tyre & fuel strategies, stint duration, and driver performance. 

To keep up to date with all the build up, this week’s practice, qualifying, and of course the race itself, you can follow the event and discussion in our forums. You can catch minute-to-minute updates in the update post here. Also stay tuned to this thread for additional steams with live timing data that should surface later on today.

We wish all the competitors good luck as they venture out into some serious virtual mileage in an unprecedented GT6 Le Mans race.

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  1. Jul. 14, 10:11am
    Rhykus Finlay

    If I had a real internet connection I’d love to do this. :/

  2. Jul. 13, 5:08am
    HKS racer

    Actually I’m seeing a heavy damaged BMW GT2 zig-zagging left right without loosing too much time, and now he has just been passed by a zig-zaggin HSV.

    Decent damage model required ASAP.
    Good luck with the 24h anyway.

    • Jul. 14, 11:20am

      Hi HKS.

      You should understand how the live feeds work with GT6. It is simply recording what the person viewing the room can record. Meaning, just like when you watch a replay online, the data coming from the other drivers is very choppy (usually your own car is very clear of course as you have all the data included). So, what you see on the video includes all the lag and limited data the viewer/recorder pics up. In reality, those drivers/cars are not doing all that. And Lag can also be a problem (as we all know if you have ever raced online with people from North America, Europe and Australia all in the same room! Data can only move so fast).
      Surprisingly, once the room was reloaded, the lag was very minimal from my perspective and i cant believe it stayed up for the remaining 18 hours!
      I think they did a great job with the live feed. Yes, you see lag and cars zigzagging and the damage isnt accurately shown on video, but you can watch it. It was great for the participants. WELL DONE GUYS! for both feeds. I loved checking them out during my off time.

    • Jul. 14, 7:46pm

      What micantony said and the fact that there is a bug that make it look like everyone have damage pretty much all the time and that we for the first part of the race used race quality low made it look worse than it was.

  3. Jul. 12, 11:07pm

    A very decent effert from stream and participants. Hope all can manage eat, sleep, race, repeat for the duration. Very nice job indeed.

    Where’s the pit crews? I’m not online with 6 so this is really strange.

  4. Jul. 12, 9:07pm

    Nice try at showing the actual cars. All we have is the timing display. And no commentators.
    Kind of pointless. But thanks for trying and good luck to all the participants.

  5. Jul. 12, 4:53pm

    In real races – every team are exchanging their drivers to continue the race after the loss of stamina from every driver.
    If this race was done with no drivers exchanges … It’ll be crazy.
    Doing a single player 24H gameplay none stop will destroy the eyes and the body.

    • Jul. 12, 4:55pm

      My apology i just noticed it in the info X)

  6. Jul. 12, 3:27pm

    Well, looks like the live stream didn’t work out so well. At this time, the screen says ‘You have been disconnected for the server.’ I really wanted to watch it but…

    Anyway, good luck to everyone!

    • Jul. 12, 4:31pm

      Yea i think the guy who broadcast this is disconnected and we are watching s****

  7. Jul. 12, 1:39pm

    Only 8 racers??

    • Jul. 12, 1:41pm

      nevermind….. 12.

  8. Jul. 12, 10:14am
    GT5 Level 41

    I don’t race online. What’s up with the car shape flashing red in the lower left corner where tire heat/wear is shown?

    • Jul. 12, 10:17am
      Mini Stiggy

      Damage indicators.

  9. Jul. 12, 8:41am

    Good luck to all of the competitors. I’m rooting for all of the CORE WEC regulars to show everyone how it’s done! Great job with the planning as well, looks too confusing for me in the OP but it looks like GTPlanet knows how to set up a 24hr race!

  10. Jul. 12, 8:11am

    Go Team Lotus!

    • Jul. 12, 9:34am
      German_V8 Fan

      just watched the stream for a while, that lotus looks so much fun. I will not enter my PS3, buy it and take it for a spin =)

  11. Jul. 12, 6:30am

    Good luck

  12. Jul. 12, 6:09am


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