Winter is Coming to Forza Horizon 3


Winter is coming. Not just in the turn of the season but also to an Xbox One or PC near you as the Horizon festival drops the Aussie heat for a bit of ice cool snow. Playground Games have dropped the above teaser onto the tail-end of their latest car pack reveal to really get the imagination going as to what the first expansion for the game could potentially add.

The weather effects on Forza Horizon 3 are already very pretty: there’s nothing quite like rolling your Reliant SuperVan in Byron Bay whilst a wicked thunderstorm kicks off in the background. With dynamic rain and time effects already in the base game, the possible addition of snow could really crank things up a notch and bring even more variety to the driving experience.

Given this is a full expansion, one would expect that we’ll get a host of new events and perhaps even a new location to tussle the conditions with. Victoria is well-known in Australia for it’s numerous ski resorts, so it could be a potential host to a brand new Horizon headquarters. Perhaps we’ll finally see Arctic Trucks or some of the other companies listed in the licensing credits? Only time will tell what the expansion will include.

The road trip continues. Credit: torque99
The road trip continues. Credit: torque99

For those interested in the prospects of wintery racing, it will make up one slot in the Forza Horizon 3 Expansion Pass which is available on the Xbox Store right now. Priced at $35, the pass will host two separate expansions to be released in the near future. For those who purchased the Ultimate Edition of the game, the pass is priced more keenly at $25.

With the Blizzard Expansion expected to drop before year’s end, all eyes will be on the Forza official blog as we await the full reveal of Horizon 3’s maiden expansion. One thing’s for sure, look out for your digital scarf and gloves — it’s going to get chilly.

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  1. syntex123

    It’s a little bit stupid though. Have snow in a game set in “Australia”. It’s summer there now. Not winter. Besides I don’t recall hearing about snow to any extent down there.

  2. torque99

    Cool! I look forward to Snow in any race game. I always enjoy the icy tracks and views, Snow was awesome in PGR4, Dirt and most rally games, GT6, and The Crew. So lets see what Playground can come up with the added bonus of Dynamic weather and maybe even Snow Storms? Ice river tracks? Deep Snow Tracks? I think I have sold it to myself!

    p.s Thank you Brend for using one of my recent sunset photos I thought it looked familiar ;)

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