GTPlanet Weekly Rewind: The Benchmark of the Fifth Generation

February 28th, 2014 by Terronium-12


Twelve days are all that stands between me and the beginning of the 2014 Formula One season, and I’ve kept myself oblivious to most of what has already been unveiled because, well, to be perfectly honest it’s rather confusing. For example, gone are the days of teams preserving their tires throughout the final qualifying session, because now the drivers that get through to Q3 will start the race on the tires used to set their fastest lap times in Q2, should they choose to not run Q3.

You may be asking what this solves, and I’ll tell you: nothing at all. It solves not a thing, and not only that, but the only thing it has effectively accomplished is coercing teams in to administering their collective strategies just one qualifying session earlier than normal. Grid placement doesn’t even play that large of a role here, because chances are only the teams competent to, and pardon the expression here, “go for broke” will be bold enough to use this strategy.

GTPlanet Picture of the Week

Gran Turismo 6

This week’s featured image, recommended to us by The Stig Farmer and courtesy of RaY29rus, features the Evo X Rally Car jumping the snowy bounds of Chamonix.

Have a suggestion for next week’s featured image? Drop me a private message, entitle it “GTPlanet Picture of the Week”, and fill it out with your two choices and they’ll be featured in upcoming Rewinds. NOTE: You cannot elect your own work.

Gran Turismo 6 On Sale for $39.99!


If you have yet to make the transition then now is as good of a time as any – SCEA has announced a limited-time sale for Gran Turismo 6 in the United States until March 4th.

The sale price is $39.99 and comes with an added bonus of 1 million in-game credits that are available to use from the start of the game.

For more, see the original post here.

GTPlanet Quiz of the Week


The second week is upon us, and the question is and forever will be, how much do you know?

1. The second may be the best in more ways than one, but it is also responsible for the only absentee to ever make the cover.

2. Whether it be a castle or beautiful islands, there was no scene unfitting for the rebirth of the one that has slain its share of red.

3. Originally seen as the modern day equivalent to my brethren that ran the 24 in the 1950′s and 60′s, I was originally intended to sport 4 with the power of 12, but ultimately began life with 2 and the power of 6 – only to relish this power by besting them all, if only for a short time.

Clues will be provided if necessary. The official thread is up and running but hasn’t been outfitted with the full breakdown of things just yet, so until that happens be sure to drop me a private message, entitle it “GTPlanet Quiz of the Week”, and share your answers.

GTPlanet Member of the Week

The prized status and stardom that only the Member of the Week can bring has once again arrived and thus, it is once again time to acknowledge a member of the GTPlanet community; a member who has stood out among the hundreds of thousands of members already here, both old and new alike for all that they’re worth and all they have contributed to the community.

A Senior member that many will be familiar with for being opinionated, so let’s give a very warm welcome to the newest member to find a vacant apartment in the ever-expanding MotW madhouse, Danoff!

The interview is now live and provides the usual share of laughter, but more importantly provides the medium of getting to know your fellow GTP members a little bit better, and his knack for all things related to logic. For the whole kit-n-kaboodble be sure to stop by the official Member of the Week thread.

Anyone you’d like to see recognized as the Member of the Week? Drop me a private message, entitle it “GTPlanet Member of the Week”, and fill it out with your choices and they’ll be featured in upcoming Rewinds. NOTE: You cannot nominate yourself.

GTPlanet Vehicle of the Week


This week’s featured vehicle is quite the unique one, so unique in fact the only way to describe it would be to use the press release found on the official Gran Turismo website, but it is neither of the two Vision Gran Turismo vehicle. Instead, it is the 2013 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray GT Concept.

The “C7” 7th generation Corvette debuted in 2013, and is said to be the ultimate model in the history of the series. Gran Turismo has not only featured the final commercial model but has followed the development of the car from the very start, with even the test prototypes making an appearance in the game. And to symbolize the special relationship between the Corvette Development team and Gran Turismo, the Corvette Stingray Gran Turismo Concept was shown at the 2013 SEMA show.

The concept model is a Corvette that balances track days and daily driving. While boasting high performance able to withstand tough conditions on the track, it can easily get to and from the circuit in comfort.

The Corvette Stingray is already a car with an exceptional balance of overwhelming performance and refined ride comfort to begin with. Therefore in the Gran Turismo Concept, the engine and suspension were left stock, with a concentrated effort to further refine the exterior and interior.

The body color was matched to the Blue image color of Gran Turismo 6, a matte finish that gives unique shadows and highlights to its surfaces. The engine hood with a specially made air outlet and removable roof have been made of carbon, with bigger 19 inch wheels in the front and 20 inch wheels in the rear for improved response. A carbon ground effect kit has been installed in the front and rear of the body for better flow of air under the floor, and a large carbon rear wing has been added that extends the body line and reduces air turbulence.

The attention to the smallest detail is flawless. The L shaped outline of the headlights have been changed from clear to yellow, and the front grill, front fender outlets and rear quarter ventilation ducts have also been replaced with specially designed parts. On the interior, the dashboard and seats have been changed to a custom color, and a matching leather-wrapped roll bar has been added. Functionally speaking, designs more suited for driving on the track have been developed for the steering wheel and sport seats, and the car is also equipped with 4 point seatbelts for the harsh G’s experienced when pushing the car to its very limits.

Maintaining the allure of the original Corvette, factors required for sports driving are integrated throughout. This is the perfect Corvette Stingray that Gran Turismo fans have been waiting for.

Have a suggestion for next week’s featured vehicle? Drop me a private message, entitle it “GTPlanet Vehicle of the Week” and fill it out with your two choices and they’ll be featured in upcoming Rewinds. NOTE: You cannot elect your own work.

GTPlanet Tune of the Week


This week’s featured tune, recommended to us by GTP_Deathstar and courtesy of PASM, puts the spotlight on the 1995 McLaren F1 GTR Race Car tuned for our very own WRS, and is comfortable on any track of your choice.

Victory is the name of the game as usual and if it’s a deserving victory that you’re after and you want to do so using the howling mechanical bellow of the McLaren F1 in racing trim, then you’ll want to stop by and see the tune for yourself.

Exactly like the Picture and Vehicle of the Week features, if you have any suggestions for the upcoming Rewinds be sure to drop me a private message, entitle it “GTPlanet Tune of the Week” and let me know. NOTE: You cannot elect your own work.

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About the McLaren P1

GTPlanet Photomode Competitions


We’ve reset the counter for the sixth chapter in the Gran Turismo series and the photomode competition is back and better than ever.

In Week 12 of the Standard and Advanced competitions for GT6 you are to put your best foot forth and show the community just how seriously you take your in-game photography. All you need to know is as follows:

Week 012, Standard: Stealth vs. 15th Anniversary (Head 2 Head) – “Some of us had the pleasure of owning a Stealth model in GT5 and some of us now have the pleasure of owning some or all of the 15th Anniversary cars. For me, this is the first time I’ve got to drive the Stealth models so I thought I would pitch them against their new Anniversary counterparts.

Take your weapon of choice to a track or phototravel location and give us something special. Are you old-skool Stealth or modern 15th Anniversary?”

Week 012, Advanced 2.0: Retro Golden – “Take any car from or before 1970 (and there are a lot!!) to any location and give it a retro post production makeover.”

For all of the relevant information pertaining to this week’s challenges be sure to stop by here and here.

Closing Thoughts

For you movie-goers out there you’ll be fully aware that the remake of the 1980′s classic, Robocop, has been in theaters for a little bit now. Being the tremendous fan that I am – a RoboNerd, if you will – I was opposed to the idea of remaking the original, and the opinion became evermore insistent upon learning (and seeing) that the body had undergone such drastic changes that it would be more accurate to refer to it as a suit, and not his body, despite being his body. Think a cross between Batman and Iron Man and you’ll see precisely what I mean by that.

Several contributing factors also weighed in on what was my original reasoning, but I have to tell you, after seeing it for myself I can comfortably say that I was surprised. Surprised that for a movie rated PG-13, it contained so much and explored concepts the original movie didn’t.


Make no mistake, I don’t think the remake is better, but it’s a terrific contrast between what was then and what is now. I was wrong about it and I have absolutely no qualms in admitting that. It’s one of the few remakes that I’ve seen over the years that legitimately constitutes its own reasoning; it’s Robocop for the modern day audience, and that’s exactly how you have to go in to the theater when you see it – don’t expect to see a modern Clarence Boddicker, or even threats of a strike from the Metro PD, because you’ll ruin the movie for yourself before it’s even begun.

Go see it. You may very well come out of the theater just as surprised as I was. If there’s going to be a sequel, and word has it Joel Kinnaman signed a 3 picture deal, you can consider me there with a Robocop shirt on (not really, I don’t own one just yet).

With all of that said and out of the way, that about does it because as has become the case, I am spent. Until next week, keep racing!

GT6 Photomode images by veryferry, Forza!, MoMo PeeZero, and RacingManiac.

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  1. Kazo Yama

    where the weekly rewind for this week?

  2. celtiscorpion73

    PD needs to make a public statement on GT6. Too many people are frustrated with it and I know we all want to know why they are not giving their fans what they promised.
    If they really want to keep their fan base, answers need to start coming soon as many are becoming so angry with PD that they are leaving this game and the GT saga behind in search for something better.
    Plain and simple, this game is not what it was hyped up to be and if Polyphony Digital wants to save any self respect out of this after the alienation of its fans, they need to keep them better informed as to where this game stands. If not, they deserve to go bankrupt.

  3. GRAFX21

    I am still having GT6 Disk errors. I have to insert my GT6 Disk several times before my PS3 can read it. Others have experienced this as well. All my other new games work on instant when inserted the first time. I hope PD releases a patch for this.

  4. Beaviz86

    Anyone else still has got left some hope for the new soundengine please…
    And why does PD keep cutting out the test track functions out of the game, how hard can it be ?

  5. airwalkrulz13

    so when are they going to get rid of the hacked cars in the games?

  6. Blood*Specter

    One of two things responsible for PD silence:

    1. They are trying to figure out how to keep the update from collapsing the game due to lack of memory.

    2. They are trying to figure out how to tell millions of customers that no further updates are possible and we’ll have to wait until the release of GT6 for new content.

    The good news is perhaps we’ll have a bunch of “Hot Fixes” to look forward to while they prep the game for the PS4.

    I hope I’m wrong on counts 1 &2 and we receive an update end of next week.

  7. Magic Ayrton

    Very strange silence from PD right now..

    • polpol3214

      yeah.. I hope PD will make a big surprise!! :)

    • Racingworld68

      Let us all hope it is silence before the storm…

    • Blood*Specter

      GT7 my bad.

    • TokoTurismo

      Maybe because they noticed GT6 wasn’t selling so well, so they deicided to stay quiet. Probably because their butthurt over it.

      They must be focusing working on GT7, rather than finish GT6. So sad…

  8. kayto101

    i thought we where suppose to get a new track this month and when is the coruse maker and the gps tracker comming

  9. leeislee

    So what is due in the 1.05 update? Is this the one with the track editor and GPS tracker?

  10. GTP_DeathStar

    Now that I was able to get a superb tune in the TotW section, it’s time to get my own tune up there in the future. Challenge excepted.

  11. SomePlayaDude

    Gran Turismo things.
    Gran Turismo things.
    Gran Turismo things.
    McLaren P1.
    Gran Turismo things.
    Gran Turismo things.

    Lovely rewind as always, but.. Robocop? What the..



  12. Malcolm Tucker

    No mention of the 1.05 debacle? Hmmm…

    • I concur, is the ‘Rewind’ purposely avoiding the issue ?

      I called it last week, either the Rewind would talk about it coming out, or talk about how it’s missing still, yet (unsurprisingly) neither have happened.

      Essentially, that’s silence either way you look at, the same kind that PD is clinging to.

    • Quakebass

      …GTP and PD/Sony are two completely different things… GTP is merely a site dedicated to all things GT-related. If it isn’t given information, it can’t report it.

      And in the forums Jordan hinted at an update likely coming around the time of the Geneva auto show… And new VGT(s).

  13. Ameer67

    Nice Rewind, T!

  14. GT_Racer22

    Great rewind as usual T-12! Keep it up!

  15. JohnScoonsBeard

    GTP member ED-209 wants his shiny new course creator now!

    “Kaz you have 20 seconds to comply”

    Another good rewind.

  16. Monatsende

    Comments section only good for one statement: T-12 is such a badass. :tup:

  17. veryferry

    Nice to see my photo here <3

  18. sailworksman

    For a game that has the most hate mail ever for a GT title, it certainly gets a lot of press. I still can’t figure out why.

  19. Chameleon9000

    hey the comments are back!

  20. SnakeOfBacon

    Benchmark of the fifth generation? Of video games? Duuuude, the ps3 is a 7th gen console by all the systems I know, what are you using?

  21. Convergent

    We need 1.05!

    • ScotteDawg

      Yes we do! PD has dropped the ball by not providing it this month as promised!!!

  22. Pinkintron

    Fantastic – maybe I should have waited for GT6. Free million credits!

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