Video: BMW Designers Talk About Their Vision GT Concept Car

May 15th, 2014 by Jordan Greer

As you’ve probably heard by now, BMW’s new Vision Gran Turismo concept car was released in yesterday’s GT6 update 1.07.

The “Vision GT” project is particularly unique in the fact that it lets designers run free with their ideas, to design cars that will live exclusively in the virtual world of Gran Turismo.

While Mercedes’ went with a more radical design, BMW explains they were more interested in creating a car that was fun to drive and race in the virtual world, utilizing both their designers and engineers to create a car true to the brand.


“BMW stands for sheer driving pleasure, and this fits very much to our corporation,” said the company’s VP of Brand Communication, Andreas-Christoph Hofmann.

“As you know, we regularly do concept cars, but we rarely do concept cars that can drive full-on, like they do in the virtual world of GT6. […] Everything we did – aerodynamic functions as well as all the other technical functions – are not just a design issue; it has to work really well. It was designed, conceived, and engineered to race in the virtual world – and win,” explained Karim Habib, Head of Design at BMW.

Check out the video above for more comments and discussions with the BMW designers and Kazunori Yamauchi.

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  1. May. 18, 4:41am

    it s a shame nice Car but no interior very bad PD

  2. May. 18, 12:09am

    Looks really cool, if only GT gave it good sound.

  3. May. 16, 11:58pm

    Well done PD and BMW. Only thing missing to complete this package is great sound!!

  4. May. 16, 1:47am

    Anyone know where to find hi res (1920×1080+) sizes?

  5. May. 15, 9:28pm

    Looks like we may get another VGT on the 23rd. VW has a new teaser video about it. Saw it on

  6. May. 15, 8:35pm

    I love how the graphics flow through the cars vents like the airflow would.

  7. May. 15, 7:27pm

    I like this way more than the Mercedez VGTs and the Toyota from the Seasonal. And I really don’t mind that it lacks an interior. It drives real nicely and it looks so sleek in black.

  8. May. 15, 6:02pm

    umm it’s missing its interior again….

    • May. 16, 9:05am

      Since the majority of the players here are gamers using bumper cam or chase view with their controllers, why bother? Interiors use up too much effort, after all it is not like they are trying to showcase their cars or anything… It is more “Vision obscured” than anything else… (Sighs sadly.)

  9. May. 15, 5:08pm

    Wish they used that engine noise , misrepresented in that video sounds nothing like that in game , I wonder if BMW are happy with that

    • May. 17, 3:29am

      u know.. come to think of it PD always use good engine noises in their promo videos yet they use crappy sound in game.. they know what cars r supposed to sound like.. they just arn’t really bothered.. i’m convinced. i can’t wait for project cars.

  10. May. 15, 5:03pm

    the cars in the background of the video looked pretty tasty

  11. May. 15, 4:41pm

    Seriously though, if BMW took an M2 and gave it a body kit like this and gave it some performance upgrades, turbocharge it, they could sell it in the 50-60k range and I’d be all over that. That would seriously be so cool, because their old touring cars were all ways their best looking cars, and when most car people think of BMW that’s what they think of. I really want BMW to get back to the old style touring cars. Those might be able to unseat the C7 Corvette on my lust list.

  12. May. 15, 4:06pm

    I’m only wondering, why PD doesn’t make interior when if you go to section VGT and click on the car, in the menu is the interior showed (it should look like you’re in the car watching the menu). Same with Mercedes. And I use the interior most of the time and I would expect too see interior in a new car. Like the car is not just about the exterior, but also about what does it look from inside. I’m so much confused from THAT! Please PD, KAZ, BMW, … DO IT!
    PS: It’s a really good car by the way ;)

  13. May. 15, 3:54pm

    so basically, a m4 with a BMW 320 inspirational bodykit? ;-)

    • May. 15, 4:09pm

      Basically future M2 or maybe M235i racing with a BMW 320 inspirational bodykit ;)

    • May. 15, 4:27pm

      your cup is always half empty I take it….

    • May. 15, 4:35pm

      Well the m4 isn’t 620pp and isn’t a single seater with roll bars inside of it…

  14. May. 15, 3:33pm
    tall white79

    Wish there was trye wear and fuel depletion in single player.

    • May. 15, 4:43pm


  15. May. 15, 3:15pm

    Paid $1M for an unfinished car. I’m kinda upset.

    • May. 15, 3:21pm

      Or you could have won it by taking part in the BMW VGT seasonal?

    • May. 15, 3:26pm


    • May. 15, 3:53pm

      I won the car AND bought one in the alternate colour (for photos) and was happy to part with the 1 million credits! (they are credits, not dollars and have no effect on things in the real world!)

      I’m kinda NOT upset!

    • May. 15, 4:14pm
      Magic Ayrton

      Kinda do because in game credits could cost real money too.

    • May. 15, 4:37pm

      Yeah it only takes like 20 minutes or less to afford to buy one, so not a big thing.

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