GT6 Update v1.07 Released – Brings BMW Vision GT

Gran Turismo 6 181 May 14, 2014 by

Concomitant with this morning’s 2 hour maintenance period, update v1.07 for GT6 has been released and it brings some teased content we’ve been looking forward to for some weeks.

Alongside a few minor functionality tweaks to online mode, the BMW Vision GT car makes its bow to bring the Vision GT project back on track following a long hiatus since the Mercedes racing car back in January’s v1.04.

Looking like a 1970s silhouette racer based on the current 2-series, the BMW Vision GT offers up 541hp (549PS/404kW) from its three litre turbo straight six, with 598lbfft (680Nm) at only 1,900rpm. The 1,180kg (2,601lb) kerb weight, kept down by extensive carbon fibre use, is balanced 50:50 front to rear.

Like Mercedes’ offerings, the BMW car will be available to buy from the game’s Vision GT section but also can be won in a new Seasonal Event employing the car – regardless of the laptime achieved. However, there’s a bonus of up to 400,000cr (with 200% login bonus) for a gold performance:

BMW Vision GT Super Lap/Nürburgring GP/F
Gold – 1’59.000
Silver – 2’03.000
Bronze – 2’12.000

Weighing in at a mighty 961Mb, the update also brings some functionality changes to Open Lobby and replay modes:

Adjustments to the Open Lobby
– [Endurance Race] has been added to the [Room Mode] option within [Basic Settings] of the Event Settings screen.
– [Tire Wear/Fuel Consumption] has been added to [Time Trial Settings] options (“OFF”, “Normal”, “Fast” or “Very Fast” can be selected)
– Choice of [Start Type] has been added to the [Race Settings] for Qualifier, Time Trial, and Drift Trial modes. You can now select from [Final Corner Start] or [Pit Start].
– When [Grid Start with False Start Check] is selected in [Race Settings], signal lights will be displayed as start indicators.

New features added to “Replay” and “Watch Race” modes
– Button controls can now be used to: Switch between “Full View” and “Live Timing”; to turn the “Driver List Display” ON/OFF; to switch the “Information Display” and to change the target car.
– The “Keyboard Switching Feature” has been added. A USB keyboard can be used to switch the “Information Display” and to change the view.

With the Ayrton Senna Tribute content due before the end of the month, some of which is teased within this update, May will be a good month for GT6 players.

Head into our forums for more discussion on v1.07!

Edit: Users are noting that after the download and install phase there is a second, lengthy install phase within the game itself. There’s also a smaller hotfix patch immediately afterwards. You will need to allow a surprising amount of time for the update as a result!

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