DIRT 5’s Latest Preview Video Presents Ice Breaker Events

There’s another new DIRT 5 preview video out today, ahead of the game’s launch in October. This week, the clip shows off the Ice Breaker event type, marking the third week in succession that we’ve seen one of the game’s nine different types of event.

Previous clips have revealed the Rock Bouncer car class, racing a Path Finder event in Morocco, and an Unlimited truck plowing round Monument Valley in Arizona on a Stampede. This week it’s all getting a little colder.

As the name suggests, Ice Breaker is all about the slippery, slidy cold stuff. You’ll head to frozen climates, and try to keep your car pointing the right way — or at least going the right way while pointing in a whole host of different directions — on solid, sheet ice.

Real world ice racing tends to use short circuits, with tight radius corners. The cars are often tiny hatchbacks with ridiculously powerful engines (sometimes more than one) and short gearing, allowing them to accelerate with insane bursts on studded tires, but only up to relatively low top speeds. For DIRT 5, Ice Breaker events seem to be more open and flowing, and the car shown in the clip is an Aston Martin Vantage — something for which high speed is a habit.

The clip also shows off another one of the locations in DIRT 5 and, unsurprisingly, it’s Norway. This is one of three European locations in the game, along with Italy and Greece, and should provide plenty of snow-bound shenanigans. You’ll be able to race with up to 12 vehicles at a time in Ice Breaker events like this one.

There’s still nine weeks to go until DIRT 5 lands on PS4, Xbox, Stadia, and PC on October 9. With another seven locations and six event types we’re yet to see, we’re expecting quite few more new clips to surface in the intervening time. Codemasters is also promising something brand new, “combining creativity and community for a unique experience”, which it will reveal this month.

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