Driveclub Update 1.21 Now Available, Brings New Elite Levels & Rewards

20416926188_21dd526bc1_c– BMW M5 (F10), August 15th, 2015, courtesy of Nato_777.

Update 1.21 is now available to download for Driveclub. Weighing in at 533MB, the update introduces a new supercar awarded at driver level 66, new “Elite” driver levels, a new sprint mode, and rebalanced wet weather and night time event occurrences in Random Event.

  • New Supercar awarded for reaching Driver Level 66: The Renault R.S. 01!
  • 12 new ‘SPRINT’ variations of DRIVECLUB tracks for Time Trial & Challenges: Cayoosh Point, Putre, Munnar, Goshodaira, Holmastad & The Kyle (including unique Sprints for the standard and reverse track versions).
  • 10 more ELITE Driver Levels from 66 to 75. All levels have a new reward.
  • The Rimac Automobili Concept_One and VUHL 05 are better! We’ve modified the vehicle performance and handling for these 2 cars based on further collaboration with manufacturers and community feedback.
  • Adds support for the Thrustmaster TH8PA manual gear shifter (including sequential shifting and clutch support).
  • Car statistics are now detailed on the vehicle select screen: Drivetrain, Engine Position, Kerb Weight and more.
  • New default order of cars in the garage/vehicle select.
  • Rebalanced the frequency of wet weather and night time events in Random Event.
  • Added Club leaderboards to all Tour events in addition to the standard solo leaderboards.
  • New option when sending a challenge to filter your Friends list to show DRIVECLUB players.
  • Stunning new photo added to the loading screen (Credit: GTPlanet’s own RL_23 at Imgur).
  • Includes general improvements for game performance, stability and usability.

Update 1.21 arrives in preparation for the imminent arrival of the Ferrari 488 GTB, making its virtual debut in Driveclub next week.

Update 1.21 Add-ons (available for download from PlayStation®Store on August 25 worldwide):

  • Support for the Ferrari 488 GTB (coming to PlayStation®Store as a free download).

Driveclub Ferrari 488 GTB_2

The game will continue to improve as the weeks go by and the following notes are of important developments to be made aware that will be coming some time after 1.21.

  • Development of Private multiplayer lobbies is well underway! When it’s added you’ll be able to modify the rules and settings for private multiplayer events with friends.
  • New tracks are in the works, plus we’re going to add many more SPRINT mode tracks for you to play in Time Trial & Challenges!
  • DRIVECLUB app: The game and servers have changed significantly since we first brought out the MYDRIVECLUB app last year, so we’re currently building a new app and will share more info when we can.
  • More Game Updates: As always we will continue to make improvements and add features based on your feedback. Please keep sharing your thoughts with us to help us evolve the game around you.

Remember to stop by our Driveclub forum for more discussion and in-depth discussion.

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Comments (14)

  1. hardvibes

    I still can’t play this game for over than 5 minutes. I hate the physics and controller feedback/triggers.

  2. warpkez

    Has the AI ever been updated? It used to follow the line, but would periodically dance about when there was no need to, and then there was the rubber banding, has this been removed yet?

    1. SavageEvil

      Not sure why folks think because the AI drives nearly the same line something is wrong, when you race finding the correct line is of utmost importance and racers don’t go driving all over the track. DC the AI tends to stay close and pull out to pass which is often as they tend to drive like savages. The rubber banding is the boring thing that was instituted to keep the game competitive for casual players since if you get flat out burned that just not enjoyable period. There should be a no matching players pace mode where the AI will try to win regardless of what the player situation is. A few lines of code to not check for player check point times and just continue on course, I do like how the AI drives as they don’t play when it comes to taking risks and passing.

    2. warpkez

      The rubber banding is one of the things that turned me off the game. How could a car that spun out and crashed all of a sudden pass me.

      The AI ‘dancing about’ is sort of par with doing a QM in GT6, where other players would ‘dance’ about to annoy and hinder rather than defend.

    3. BrunetPaquet

      @warpkez Racing is rubbing. Be glad the game won’t penalize you for love taps like Gran Turismo does sometimes.

      Whenever there’s no rubberband the people say it’s too easy and there’s no fun, then when there’s rubberband then people either hate it or say it’s for casual players (what the heck? mind elaborating and explaining?)

      No I’m not defending Driveclub, I don’t like the game much, ferocious AI and online demo derbies (often). I’m just saying in general.

      How is the racing industry supposed to win when the players are never satisfied…

  3. gigio79

    I have to say that Driveclub is now one of the best racing game released on console, graphic is amazing, and is full of challenges with drivers of the world, time trial, drift, races, clubs and single. DC is receiving a great support every month and last month they reached two millions of copies sold. All the servers issues have been solved, steering wheels work fine and finally we can say ” very good job”. I can’t wait when next week we will get free the fantastic new Ferrari 488, first time on videogames.

    1. SavageEvil

      They’d have to be a licensed PS4 peripheral maker for that to even be entertained by a Sony owned studio.

  4. Scuderia Paul

    I am loving the Renault R.S. 01 so far and am really looking forward to the Ferrari 488 GTB on Tuesday.

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