Evolution of Alpine’s Vision GT Car Revealed in Design Sketches


The Vision GT project – which invites the world’s automotive companies to design their version of the “ultimate” Gran Turismo car – has given us some fairly incredible concepts, but the designers are rarely bold enough to show off designs that were left on the cutting room floor.


That’s not the case with Alpine; who has released 50 different sketches and renderings of their designer’s ideas.

Despite some radical interpretations from the 15 different designers who submitted sketches for the car, you can see themes emerge as they all pay homage to the barquette style associated with Alpine’s A450 Le Mans racing program, and it’s interesting to note which features eventually made it into the final design.


Check out the full gallery of images on CarBodyDesign.com. Thanks to REW for the tip!

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  1. Blood*Specter

    I think it’s a really tight piece of engineering. I still think the Lexus is still the best looking VGT car. But the Alpine has very nice lines.

  2. dylanlikes88

    I kinda like the car with the centered cockpit. I think at least they should have kept that… Car still looks amazing though…

  3. JCH8r

    I was hoping for something that linked to the iconic AlpineA110. The concept is great, but I’d also like to see some ideas more closely linked to touring cars & sedans. The concept cars are almost becoming formulaic.


    Its always great to look at what didn’t make it. I look at these the same way I do sketches for a video game character, you get to see how the development went along and begin to see what significant features began to stick around.

  5. JoaoSilva

    Any of the designs would be amazing , Alpine is a great company and i can’t wait to get my hands on their VGT car.

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