EXCLUSIVE: Ferrari 458 Full Lap at GT Sport’s Nürburgring (UPDATED)

Gran Turismo Sport 70 May 22, 2016 by


UPDATE: These videos have been removed at the request of Polyphony Digital and Sony.

You had a taste. Now enjoy the whole meal.

Back on Friday, we shared a short snippet of video from Gran Turismo Sport’s big event in London. Featuring a GT3-spec Ferrari 458 attacking the Nordschleife from the replay perspective, it kicked off our video coverage blowout for the game:

Here, you can take in an entire lap of the famed German circuit, behind the wheel (or, more accurately, bumper) of the same Ferrari. The Nürburgring has been the crown jewel in GT’s track lineup since GT4, and for GT Sport, it’s received another visual upgrade. The changes are subtle in nature, but a direct comparison to GT6 does show they are there:

We’ll leave you to soak it all in. This brings an end to our inaugural Gran Turismo Week celebrations, but don’t worry: there’s still plenty more GT Sport news and media coming at you this week!

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