Ferrari F2007 in GT5 Prologue

GTPlanet’s own amar212 just got his hands on a PAL (European) copy of GT5: Prologue! This has led us to some awesome new discoveries that have previously been kept under wraps. A few of the highlights are below – read his full post here for all the details and latest updates, and join all the other fans here in our GT5 Prologue Forum.

Ferrari F2007 F1 Race Car
What a pleasant surprise! The official Ferrari F2007 Formula 1 car which carried Kimi Raikkonen to last year’s Formula 1 World Championship is coming to Gran Turismo 5: Prologue! Amar has snapped a few screenshots, which you can see below. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of the car (2,000,000 CR), he has not yet earned enough money to purchase it, so no images of the car in action just yet…

“Live Dynamics” Tuning via Controller Buttons
Even if you don’t have the new Logitech Wheel with the circular dial to adjust car settings while you drive, you can still enjoy the new “Live Dynamics” features. See a glimpse of the new Live Dynamics menu in this shot here.

New Opening Sequence
Polyphony has an all-new intro move for the new GT5 Prologue release, which now includes a few peeks at the F2007! This was obviously never part of the Japanese intro, which you can see in its entirety at

“Quick Tune” Remains a Mystery…
The “Quick Tune” features which we’ve heard so much about (and actually saw in pictures from Sony’s latest press release) are mysteriously absent from Amar’s copy of the game. He cites a possible reason for this as the current lack of online connectivity, and the fact that a given car’s particular setup is “rated” on a new “points” system. This would make it much simpler to search out fair opponents for private online matches.

Ferrari F40 Price Revealed
As of the PAL release, the Ferrari F40 is listed as 450,000 CR. You start the game with 35,000 CR to spend, so you’ve got some racing to do if you want to get your hands on the F40 or F2007!

Missing Cars for Europe
Apparently, the exclusions of the Lexus IS F Tuned Car, Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) Tuned Car, Peugeot 207GTI ’07, Peugeot 307cc Premium AVN ’04, and RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7 were intentional from the European GT5:P car list, as they are not actually in the game.

Stay tuned for more updates as they happen, by either watching our home page or subscribing to amar’s own thread. Once again, I’d like to thank amar212 for bringing us this information. Be sure to stop by his Croatian site at GTSurgeons and say hello!

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