First Official Teaser Images of Alpine Vision GT Car Released


French manufacturer Alpine have published the first official teaser images of their Vision Gran Turismo car on Twitter, with the promise that there are just “four days to go” until more information about the car is released.

Of course, four days from today leads us to next Tuesday – a day of the week when GT6 updates are frequently released, as well.


Next week also marks the beginning of the Festival Automobile International Les Invalides in Paris, the event where French magazine Automoto reported Alpine would reveal a full-size model of their concept in a scoop published earlier this month.

We’ll keep an eye out for further developments – stay tuned!

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  1. zlays

    Wow this is much better than new Ford GT that Forza gets :-P we are not Star Wars fans so stop with spaceships please…

    1. Scheer

      Speak for yourself, heretic! Anyhow I’m a big Alpine fan looking forward to what they come up with and Kaz has a Ford GT or two so I can imagine the new one coming to GT sometime *soon*. May the force be with you…

    2. draggerlane

      I agree PD needs to stop with these vision GT cars and start releasing cars that are more practical. Like the new ford GT or what about the New Z06 or the the New Ford Mustang. Those are more practical cars. Why don’t we see them in the game yet?????????

    3. Aussie_HSV

      Why is this so difficult to understand?
      Each manufacturer has been working on their car for months.
      There are still 18 manufacturers currently listed that are yet to reveal the ‘Vision’.
      It isn’t going to ‘stop’ no matter how much some people want to harp about it.

    4. Johnnypenso

      And people won’t stop harping on it just because you’re harping on them about harping on it. So why do you continue harping?

    5. Aussie_HSV

      Why do you and your little gang feel compelled to pick on my posts?
      It’s blatantly obvious you target me.
      It’s also becoming boringly predictable.

    6. Johnnypenso

      And why do you feel compelled to pick on the posts of people who are clearly just saying they’d prefer real cars? Aren’t they entitled to their opinion as well without you telling them they are wrong? Did @zlays say the VGT’s were bad? Nope. Ugly? Nope. Bad for the franchise? Nope. All he said was (paraphrasing), “I’d rather have real cars than fantasy cars”. And you jumped down his throat about it.

      How does that make you any better than those you think pick on your posts, when you are doing the same thing to someone purely expressing their opinion and making no definitive statements about the quality of the VGT projects themselves?

      Pot meet kettle.

  2. CraigHyphenO

    Looks hot. At this rate there will be enough VGTs to have a 16-player race around Sierra, all in different cars. That will be fun.

    1. JKgo

      I’d rather receive free fantasy cars AND paid-for real world cars!! Heh. As long as I’m not being ripped-off, I’ll be happy.

  3. Jeanr

    I like VGTs very much. I Just wish they could more, well, useful. I think it is weird to use them in game, against real cars. But, maybe a Seasonal Event for VGTs could be nice tale The dust off them!

    1. Aussie_HSV

      Personally, I don’t think we’ll get it Tuesday.
      The news came from Alpine, so the ‘4 days to go’ probably refers to the auto festival reveal.
      Regular GT6 maintenance is also Tuesday, but it’s too early and would be finished well before any real time reveal the same day.
      So either PD trumps Alpines auto show reveal or schedules a maintenance that differs from the norm.
      Otherwise we probably won’t see it Tuesday.

    1. Scheer

      If you’re that desperate for an E30 I would suggest that you buy GRID Autosport (cheap now) and the Touring Car Legends DLC. I love the E30 M3, but I could grow a pretty impressive beard waiting for PD to get around to including it in GT. Hopefully, after all the requests, it will be in GT7.

    2. Johnnypenso

      Or PC sims. I think most of them have an E30, some like Assetto Corsa have several different versions. Street, DTM, Drift etc.

  4. FosterG

    That last line of daddy0845 is probably true, more than likely you won’t be seeing any new production vehicles in this version of the game. By the time you see LaFerrari or Huracan or some of the other vehicles, GT7 will most likely be out, so if your budget allows, there are a few really good games that will give you what you want. VGT cars as a stopgap don’t do very much for me so until PD offers something else, I am playing those other really good games.

    1. GT5 Level 41

      The 2014 M4 BMW and the 2014 Nissan GT-R Nismo would beg to differ. I could argue the Toyota FT-1 as well because I really think this one will go into production based on what I’ve read. Free cars are free and I enjoy them all.

    2. infamousphil

      Blinded by their own fury. Fury has no use for objectivity.

      I too went elsewhere for Ferraris. Then GranTurismo went live! Nuffsaid ;)

  5. vasiliflame

    Finally one i been looking forward too, now Bring on fords Modern Duce Coupe Hotrod / Rod / vision gt…. Well from the teaser picture that’s my prediction

  6. Spongeinside

    I’ve been looking forward to the weekend all week long, and I don’t want it to be over anytime soon, but now I am really looking forward to Tuesday…

  7. Kevster823

    After all the teaser that Alpine did for the past months, finally we get to finally see what it will look like on tuesday

    One of the manufacturers I was looking forward to see.

  8. OriginalCheezIt

    I for one would much rather have cars like this than actual production cars. I think VGT is a great idea, and it’s really cool that we get to be part of it.

  9. draggerlane

    Yippy do da. yet again another fake car. you PD why don’t you actually work on oh I don’t know actually real cars instead of these junky cars that will never see the light of day.

    1. daddyo845

      People like you need to stop complaining. Pd is not making the cars real car manufacturers are designing these concepts from scratch. Do you understand how much effort it takes to design these? Many of them do in fact see the light of day as several of the design teams produce a life sized example to be displayed. It seems to me alpine is doing just that. Don’t expect to see new production vehicles being added to this game pd rarely does that. You want new cars, you are going to have to wait until gt7.

    2. KamilCader

      I was playing Forza 4 at the time and it was supported with great deal of licensed cars monthly, but believe me, it didnt make replayability of the game any better. I think ppl like like you just want your game to have the best licensed car list from among any racing game in the market for the sole purpose of having an argument against “imagined” fans of that other games. I know it would be best to have every car ever produced in game, but its not possible for many reasons it seems. License cost, development time, acces to the real car, things like that… If you dont enjoy gt6 anymore, dont play it, try other game, simple solution.

    3. GT5 Level 41

      Well said you two. Your responses should be included with all future VGT articles when someone makes the “I want real cars” rant.

    4. Johnnypenso

      I agree with GT5 Level 41.

      “Don’t expect to see new production vehicles being added to this game pd rarely does that. You want new cars, you are going to have to wait until gt7.”

      …should be a part of every VGT news item…lol.

    5. Scheer

      I’ve always loved concept cars and welcome their inclusion in GT, but the fat bluebottle in the ointment is the lack of interiors. Surely can’t be that hard to do? Designers are usually just as proud of the cockpit as they are the exterior.

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