Alpine Vision GT Car Reportedly Set for January Debut in GT6


French website has published what it claims to be the first photos of Alpine’s new Vision Gran Turismo concept car. The site reports the car will be officially unveiled this month at a special presentation in Paris.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we thought we were getting an early look at Alpine’s Vision GT project: the company shared concept drawings on Twitter back in October, the most notable of which featured a radical, articulated design – but they were quickly deleted.

If AutoMoto’s report is true, however, it appears the car will more closely resemble another set of concept drawings which feature a low-slung design with elongated rear fenders:


It’s not clear when, exactly, the car may be revealed this month, but we’ll keep a close eye on further developments. Thanks to GTPlanet user cavalino for digging this up!

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  1. infamousphil

    My official count down to GT7 (until PD/Kaz say or do otherwise)… wishful thinking ;)

    While PD fills in those blank VGT spots…
    La Ferrari, F12, Viper TA, 599GTO, F50GT, F50 and their appropriate rivals,
    Bspec and
    Course Creator.

    Of course they can make me a happy man, but they’ll probably make me buy a PS4 and GT7. Love to hate these folk ;)

  2. FosterG

    Seems PD has made a decision to sit on releasing anything but VGT cars. I think they are a good addition but certainly they do not take the place of cars like LaFerrari, P1 etc. that should be in the game. Guess they are earmarked for GT7 maybe.

  3. sjoe125

    Not that i don’t like thwse VGTs, they are nice. I just hope that PD would spend more time and efforts into more real-world cars. There are plenty of new car released both virtually and realistically.

  4. OpticZero

    If this doesn’t get a fully finished interior with working gauges and illumination, it will PD just playing a cruel joke on its customers.

  5. Garage13

    Riblo,take a look at the 1964 Chrysler Turbine car.this car was a prototype that they made 54 of.Two survive,Jay Leno has 1.The car was loaned out to 200 people to drive and record experiences.These radical prototypes were on the road and few if any car brands today wouldn’t have the machismo to do that but it has happened

  6. z71L28

    I cant believe pepole dont get it’. VGT cars represent technalogy thats allready being used today in auto racing. The cars might not be real, but are designed buy real engineers. The cars are real on paper. These cars represant years of auto racing research and devlopment. The future looks are not just for looks. Thay have function as well to develop downforce and aid cooling to certian parts. VGT cars are a big deal! and Im enjoying every one of them. Keep um comeing.

  7. Amac500

    With Alfa Romeo seemingly gone (moment of silence…) this is the car I have locked in my sights. I’m a huge Alpine fanboy and a sucker for the car and motorsport history. Not too mention no car without an interior view will make it as my favorite VGT. The Chaparral looked like it was gonna do it, but it seems that PD screwed up on that car. I mean it has 4 wheel steering, it should not understeer like it does. So this is it, without Alfa Romeo the Alpine is the only one left which I had circles at the start for what I’m looking forward too. It seems like every concept drawing has been totally different, but all that matters is the final product, and I can’t wait…

  8. GTP Ziggy

    There is too much complaining and not enough driving and enjoyment. I did not want a lot of radical designs in GT6, but maybe some every at most 5 since it would make the game unrealistic if most where like this, just to change up the script. You shouldn’t be crying over spilled milk with the little amount of possible distant futuristic cars. There has been many cars so far that might could in the next 10-25 years.

  9. Rallywagon

    So is the blue or the white the final version? I really like the style of the blue/silver car. Something about that the stance in the top left picture, and seeing that roll cage structure swooping over and behind the driver like that, very nice.

  10. wudy201

    olli440 just save your breath. Every VGT car that is released has the same crying with it even though they bought the game with the VGT project clearly advertised and these so called real cars that arecried about not advertised for the game its just going to keep going on and on, suprised there isnt crying about brands hatch and mt panorama being in the game since they were advertised also. So we have what 12 or so more VGT cars to go so that many more real car cries to go. We did get real cars a few times since release that werent advertised but those must have been sent to storage along with the VGT cars and forgotten about.(sorry corvette, lexus, senna, toyota, bmw, hudson, nismo, redbull and any others that I forgot but you have been forgotten about). It also looked like the mercedes, chapperal and VW bad full scale models built and at least the Mercedes Jay Leno drove and the VW looked pretty driveable doesnt that make it a real car.
    Anyway looking forward for Lambo, Ford, Nike, Jordan, Giugiaro, Zagato. Bertone? Really wish Alfa would reconsider or at least Mini blows us away.

  11. linoleum

    I don’t think the wheels and all white paint help the look of this VGT. Personally, I liked the flashy Alpine logo’d version. Additionally, I think its amazing that a gaming company is partnering so closely with the auto industry, for that, I think PD is doing a great job pushing the boundaries. Gives them some big time street cred.

  12. oli440

    I understand why people want more real life cars, but do none of you see the appeal of the VGT Project? I’m sorry but you cannot consider yourself a dedicated GT fan if you find no value in this project. These manufacturers have committed themselves to an out of the ordinary task, designing cars in tribute to the franchise. It’s these unique elements that make GT as a series very desirable. It provides more proof that GT is more than a racing game. It’s helping to shape the future automotive industry.

    1. Riblo72

      I hope you are joking…
      A real fan of GT should like VGT?
      GT is The REAL driving simulator…
      What’s real in a prototype that will never see the road???

    2. rono_thomas

      Its this kind of radical ideas that push the boundaries to what will be possible in the future, this opinion of concept never hits the road is somewhat limited, albeit most ideas turn out to be wacky, without the wacky progress would be slower and much more dull.

    3. silentscore99z

      I dont get why all these people complain. “Ahh, man. I hate all these free cars.” I wish they would just take them out.

    4. Rallywagon

      Haha Silent. Yes, lets take out the disgruntled!
      Oli, I’m there with you. I’ve been a day one GT fan, and love the fact that PD has included lots of concept and prototype cars since the beginning, like the old Ford GT90 concept. Concept/prototype cars are just as important in automotive history as race cars and factory tuned street rods. A lot of the technology displayed in those extreme rides makes it way to the streets. I don’t foresee a Chaparral style laser beam engine, but I am willing to bet that a fair bit of the “virtual” technology is something these makers are working on.
      However, I do share the sentiment of many here. I do like the Vision cars, I don’t like that their development seems to have trumped the completion of key game components though, such as the course maker, and I dont like it over development of core content. Something new perhaps than drift and time trial events for seasonals. A few new cars, maybe some additional tracks? We have had quite a run on the Vision stuff and I really do like them, but lets have something a bit more productive please.

    5. Johnnypenso

      @oli440 please be serious. I don’t think you or anyone here has enough credibility to determine who is and is not a dedicated GT fan. The GT fanbase is as diverse as it gets, and to expect that one single element, the VGT Project of all things, should be universally liked is ludicrous. There are many elements of GT I don’t care about, yet I’ve enjoyed the game for 16 years. Please don’t think that you can speak for the entire fanbase, you only make yourself look silly.

      @rallywagon, the VGT Project has no impact on any of the things you mentioned – game development, course maker, seasonals, tracks etc. The only thing it impacts is the development of non-VGT car models. The car modelers aren’t coding seasonals or working on features, they model cars. Which is why some people are upset with the VGT’s, because they’ve replaced most of the real car DLC. And contrary to oli’s opinion above, many people have no interest in fantasy, spaceship cars, and just want to drive cars they see on the street every day that aren’t yet in the game.

    6. Isho

      Im sorry but I prefer cars that wont collect dust after the first day of use. This VGT project is cool and all because it brings the developers and car manufactures together and create & implement cars.. but that doesnt mean that the developers should totally abandon other projects. Its beyond sickening that we’ve yet to see a Car pack DLC. There are so many new production cars that came out recently and even pre 2010s that we havent seen in the game yet.

  13. Johnnypenso

    Has anyone noticed the tail sections aren’t a solid piece, that there’s a separation at the end? I wonder if that might be articulated and aid in high speed cornering? Now that would be something!

  14. Nomadpt1

    So PD have the FIA GT championship license and they prefer to put fantasy cars other than GT cars, I mean Gran Turismo has GT cars but they are old and many are standards. PD launch this none sense of the VGT all at once or in 2 updates so we, GT players, can forget it has quickly as possible, it would be much appreciated.

    1. AustinPowers

      It’s not about just GT3 cars, there are plenty of FIA championships out there like WTCC, GT4, Formula 3 and many more. What I’m saying is that PD should have added more of the cars found in the categories i’ve just listed instead of these Vision GT Cars that i call “Spaceships”…

  15. Rubencho

    I find the Vision cars really cool, not many car manufacturers would take the time to design prototypes for a videogame, regarding the lack of real cars the VGT project is awesome, anyway I’m migrating to PC sim racing and maybe comeback to GT 8 which will include things promised for GT6 and better graphics from GT7

  16. Leoz96

    These are pretty nice but i wish PD started doing some real dlcs. I really wish we got stuff like the e30, e36, eb110, rs500, etc. This is what makes me want to switch to forza, pcars or ac :-/

  17. BrodieBoi94

    These cars are amazing.

    Interior or not I appreciate another person’s unique car design, and being able to drive them too.

    Some of them can feel “dull” to drive but, only because they’re ultra high performance cars.

    They serve one purpose regarding driving, which is high performance.

    1. StigBelcherStyl

      Agreed, absolutely astounded at the designs that are being put forward by these amazing car companies. To think that these companies are taking time out of their busy work life to contribute to one of the best games in the Gran Turismo series.

    2. Johnnypenso

      “Taking time out of their busy work life”? You think they’re doing this in their spare time out of the goodness of their hearts?…lol.

  18. praiano63

    I want to see how it will drive. Till now only the BMW Vision Gran Turismo and Volkswagen GTI Roadster Vision Gran Turismo are in my opinion very good cars with a pleasant driving sensation. All the rest are already in my courtyard or are going to finish there soon.
    For a real life motor show, look and design are 100% but when you do this for a video game, driving behaviors must be considered at least 50%.

    1. Both Barrels

      I couldn’t agree more about the BMW VGT, it’s an absolute blast! If only all the VGTs shared some of its characteristics. They’re hindered by poor drivetrains.

  19. Ben Rogue

    I hope Ford reveals something about their Vision GT car soon. There has been a lot of speculation about a new GT showing it’s face soon, perhaps this might be the car in question, as there hasn’t been any leaked images or spy-shots. Would be cool to see a re-envisioned GT or GT Roadster!

    1. Tunerguy21

      Ford’s VGT, if the sketches are to be believed, looks like it will be something based around the IndiGo concept they released in the 90’s. Although a reimagined GT would be cool, too.

  20. zooburner

    I find that the pre-release pictures and video’s look fantastic, but when the car gets to the game it’s nowhere nearly as good. The Mazda we got last time showed a great interior but no interior when it got here often other detail is missing too.

    I have not even bothered earning the past few GTV cars some of them are just like GT4 cars.

  21. SZRT Ice

    Disappointment… I was really banking on Alpine to deliver the most unconventional vehicle of all with the “Pivot Gilette Mach 10 Razor Blade” VGT car.

    I’m very disappointed that they went in such a “less-radical” direction. I guess the Twitter feedback wasn’t all that great. Would be cool if they released two.

  22. FerrariFXX 07

    @Bo Lau I agree with this, after looking at it some more. I just hope It doesn’t handle like the Auto Union V16. That thing is terrible at turning. Very fast though I will say at SSRX.

  23. ginsunh

    Beautiful French auto, although entering it into the forthcoming Deutsche Cup Seasonal Event will result in immediate capitulation and forfeiture upon the waving of the white flag.

  24. dethringr

    Fantasy cars are nice, but there’s are plenty of real cars that I would rather have. There’s a Shelby GT350, camaro z28, and challenger hellcat that I would rather have over another fake car.

    1. VegasHB

      Not a big fan of the muscle cars either here in America but the new Z28 is truly an amazing track car even with it’s large chassis.

  25. sayba2th

    No dragster from my perspective FXX.

    The outline for this shown originally had my hopes higher from Alpine. If they are going a less is more approach then they got the less part correct. Will reserve final judgement til I see it in game and how it drives. If it’s like the other VGT’s it should be fun to drive, how much fun is the question.

    Really hanging to what Lambo bring as VGT to the table, hopefully something along the lines of a Sesto or Veneno style would be epic, bring on the raging bull as we will have no prancing horse VGT.

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