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Didn't expect to see a Gas Monkey Garage sponsored car. I'm honestly surprised they're still around or sponsoring anything
They only sponsor the car for this race, like they did last year. But yeah, they're still very much around.
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Acura led the test with a lap of 1:46.450 which is +1.284 to last years pole lap by the 01 DPI. Cadillac and Porsche ran consistent 46.9-47.1 with the 25 BMW about 1 sec behind them. All of the GTP cars were given +20kw/27 hp (670 to 697) for the test and a extra 10mj for their stint. Comparing this to the last WEC race at Sebring the Glickenhaus qualified at 1:48.741 at the same spec as GTP 1030kg/520kw. The Toyota was pretty slow at 1:49.191 but they were BOP'd into the P2 cars at 1070kg/506kw/678hp. The Alpine took pole at 1:47.407 but is irrelevant.

IMSA made a BOP adjustment to a few GTD cars giving the Porsche and Lambo +1mm of air restrictor and the 296 a little bump in boost. The Lambo is now up near the top of time sheets and the 911 is still somehow the worlds worst new GT3 car consistently 1 sec slower than the rest of the GTD cars. The best lap of the 296 was about .8 sec off the top times but there was only the Triarsi team at the test so i doubt they are getting the best out of that car.

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Surprised they let the 60 keep the victory. I'm guessing because Honda discovered it and called their own foul?


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Surprised they let the 60 keep the victory. I'm guessing because Honda discovered it and called their own foul?
Given how long its been since the race, what good would that do? The PR and parties have already happened two months ago so it wouldn't do much. The fact that the drivers and team are all the way down in points is punishment enough.

Speaking of HPD:

Summery: They're not pleased.
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Yeah, 2009. Juan Pablo Montoya should have won, but Brumos Porsche got to keep the win despite being underweight and depositing oil out of the back of the car.


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1 lap in and an LMP3 already caused a caution. The battle up front was good while it lasted though so hopefully that continues all day.
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Could someone please briefly explain why the Cadillacs were all present during Daytona but are split between the two different Sebring events this weekend? Why didn't the Acura compete yesterday? Why aren't the Toyotas running today? I am bit confused on the differences between the two series, why/how they crossover, and how to discriminate between the two.

Likewise, is the C8 vette running today the same one that obliterated the field yesterday?

Thank you!