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Hi guys, just a quick question

I'd love to change the track sectors of some circuits... sometimes change the position, sometimes add a 3rd sector for the short circuit that just have 2

any idea?
I think the right document to edit is the "overlays" in data folder of every circuit
then I need to change the checkpoints but I really don't know where to get the "numbers" I need in this:
WORLD_POSITION=274.186 ,190.98 ,216.203
OFFSET=-4.81724 ,3 ,0
ORIENTATION=0.999972 ,0.00566194 ,-0.00497703

Maybe someone have any idea or know an app that can give me those "world_position", "offset" and "orientation" numbers of the positions in the circuit I need
or maybe there are other ways to do it...

thank you
Hi guys, i test lots of mods, and some of them have this problem, the number plates are multiplied x4. Does someone know if this can be modified to have only one? In this car for example when you go into the race, only one number plate is on the car, but in others, they stay even in race. Thanx
Working on future packs for the BPR Recreation Project.
today: BPR 94 Vallelunga 4H Strandell #40 - WIP
View attachment 1210599
The F40 in its 640 bhp BPR version has been heavily reworked since its first release. Update will be available tomorrow :-)
The Ferrari has been updated. You can find it here:

I am also working on more skins for it. Here is the BPR 1994 Suzuka Pokka 1000 Strandell #40 skin (wip):

and the Le Mans version of the car, raced in 1994 by Strandell Obermaier Racing in the GT1 category. This skin will be for the 710 bhp version of the car, which we are creating next to the BPR version (restricted to 640 bhp). The skin will be available as soon as Paul has finished the car.

coming soon might be a bit optimistic, as I want to spoil you before with packs for Dijon, Paris, Vallelunga and Spa :-)

and the 1995 Le Mans car PILOT-ALDIX-Racing #34
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Yessss, please! I'd really like to complete my ALMS 2002, 2003 grids.
Don't worry most of the 2002 and 2003 cars are there ready.
Ah, my mistake. I never saw it before and only looked at the date shown on RaceDepartment. Looking forward to the update! 👍
thank you and we will inform you about it.
I'm still waiting for the Riley & Scott Mk III early spec you promised (just kidding :D; take your time, I know something good always comes out of you guys)!!!

I only suggest that when you can, take a look at the gear ratio, aero and grip of the cars, as some of them are a bit uncontrollable. And in other cars, when you start accelerating (first or second gears - and even slowly), the tires start to smoke (even with AI controlled cars).
don't worry the riley and scotts will be good, the first culprit to tackle with the MK III is that it's way too bleeding quick, it's like 2 - 3s faster than the fastest car which i believe is the V12 and the R8 (VRCs for V12 and R8 and our 2000 spec R8) e.g on Reboot sebring they run around 1:50 - 1:51, R&S: 1:47 - 1:48... and thanks for the heads up with the gear ratio and what not, can you provide any examples on which cars do this?


Monaco 2002 v1.01

View attachment 1210999
Conversion from rFactor.

-CSP required
-32 pit/start
-AI, cam

Credits & Thanks;
Original Track by VS Team
-I looked but could not find contact info. Thank you for their work.

AC Converted by @shi (shin956)
Update ext_config (window lights, apply parallax, etc.) by Tyrone
AI by Viola_seven
logo.png and sections.ini by @Fanapryde
RainFX by @KevinK2
Additional Lights from Monaco Faux '72
marshall, some textures by kunos
Test and Feedback by @joshcaminskl , @Breathe

Download (mediafire)

Converted upon request by Patreon member joshcaminskl.

v1.01 changelog;
-Billboards were matched to the 2002 video.(Mainly Shell)
-Added guardrail at poolside entrance. (Thanks Fanapryde for the report)
-Updated tunnel light (ext_config). (Thanks Friedhelm for the report)
-Updated VAO-patch.
-Updated preview.

Monaco 2002 v1.01
The link is in the quote.

-Billboards were matched to the 2002 video. (Mainly Shell)
-Added guardrail at poolside entrance. (Thanks @Fanapryde for the report)
-Updated tunnel light (ext_config). (Thanks @Friedhelm for the report)
-Updated VAO-patch.
-Updated preview.
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United States
Hope the major update will be in the grip aspect. Unfortunately I have never driven one of these in real life, but this beast seems to drift too easily, even at low speed gently feathering the accelerator pedal, remembering to me that I'm not that good at the wheel like I thought... 😅
I see. The grips level are good. There was a little confusion in the code between the throttle.ini and throttle_max.ini . In the update, the throttle application should be much better. Also may use different tires instead of modified Kuno's ones.
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United Kingdom
And even if 2022 season is over, work isn't finished... Sepang 2017 is coming soon... 😉

Great job as usual. I have a kind of request, nice would be if you could start working on some of the laser scanned track recently released this year like Paul Ricard, Hungaroring, Cota etc since the F1 season is finished and you don't have deadlines
... The grips level are good. There was a little confusion in the code between the throttle.ini and throttle_max.ini ...
I could feel something strange happening, and I thought it was the grip, I never thought it could be the throttle. As has been verified once again, I'm a total duffer and I don't have exactly the sensitivity or the skills of Fernando Alonso when it comes to tuning a car... 😓

Sorry for the misunderstanding, and thanks for the answer. 😄
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Could I get some recommendations for reliable mod sites other than RaceDep? Just wanting to diversify my choices.

I have a discord account, if that is where quite a few are now.
Thank you for the link, I am not a RD hater, far from it, but their download speed is often ridiculously slow, so an alternative, normal speed download link is always welcome.
I don't mind RD either but because of the time difference when I see these updates like now it's 5:30am and RD will take 12 hours to download but if I saw this at 5:30pm the download will only take a few minutes.
The Mega is apricated just because I can download it now and it has already finish while I've been typing. :)


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Plymouth, UK
That looks a useful site, thank you. I shall make sure to download CSP before I do anything else.
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Could I get some recommendations for reliable mod sites other than RaceDep? Just wanting to diversify my choices.

I have a discord account, if that is where quite a few are now.
When I'm on discord, I always check out the touge union and shutoko revival project servers for mods sometimes. Another server I'm also a part of is the Binary Motors server, people share mods on there all of the time.
yeah we pubicly released the car as peugeot said: back in august, the first one was the Caddie NorthStar 2000 spec (2001 coming soon), and we've been slowly rolling out other LMP900 era cars as well like this one.

hopefully a nice overhaul on the physics from us lot working on it ;) and to bring more Pre LMP1 cars (WSC/LMP900 675 Era)
@SpeedStar2000 when Toyota TS030?

Thank you for the update of the Sachsenring to 2022!

As the download speed of RD is very often so slow, i would suggest to use a 7-ZIP archive for your mods in the future. With the best compression settings of 7-ZIP, that work on my 8 year old PC (Intel Core i7-4790K with 16 GB RAM), I could reduce the size of the archive from 405.697 KB to 258.604 KB. With a modern PC with 32 GB RAM, you can reduce the size of the archive even more.

Screenshot 2022-11-26 234701.jpg
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!!! "FIX" in post > #109,371

... i couldn't find a better setup, so i did my own...

--- HANDLING & STABILITY IMPROVEMENTS for "crsh_porsche_gt3_2019_v1.0" ... "data.acd"-file only !!! ---

this is a new data.acd for the "Endurance"-version with hopefully a lot of improvment in handling and stability. also my own preferred setup (curvy back) is in the archive.

  • several overall improvements in config files
  • changed final gear with finer steps
  • more different engine maps with value-names to choose from
  • two sets of tyres (one orig & one with little more grip)

installing and driving on your own risk! allways backup first!

!!! its my personal test-tune/setup without further support !!!

have fun

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