Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.62 Arrives, Adds Toyota GR Yaris

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Update drops on November 13.

I was expecting some kind of update before the World Finals but didn't expect any new cars/tracks.



(Edit: The price for the car in-game is apparently Cr.100,000 according to the official TGR site. There is one new picture too. )
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100,000 Cr. for a hatchback.

But can it slay hypercars in the Premium Sport Lounge? Will it be another BMB toy?

I think it's not sleek enough to be sufficiently fast and seeing how the stock weight is 1,280 kg I can't see it going below a ton either. I'm always happy about new road cars though. If only they made N300/N400 Daily Races where you can use any car you want, maybe then I could be bothered to race online again.
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Gran Turismo, the real GRMN simulator

I welcome this car... its already a bit of a cult car.

Its about a $40k car where I am... say $30k usd but for the same money you can have a WRX or a loaded Toyota 86 or a high spec RAV4 or diesel truck like a Nissan Navara.... so the $100k price tag is weird but really... who cares... we all have $100k in game we dont need!

260hp or so? So low N300? Sounds ok.

Also 4wd means it'll put it all down to the road and who can be unhappy with a car that is strictly MANUAL only... in 2020!

Ready to bang this thing around the "Ring to see what it can do against the GT4 cars.
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Boring car for me. Only cause of Toyota is Sponsor.
Think, there will be a final GT-Sport Update After the World Final, what a wordplay ;) and before Christmas. Hope at least with a part of the announced cars. I could Imagine, at world final will be driven with the Lambo
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This is so cool and much better than some ridiculous lambo vgt car. A legend of a car already. 40k is still cheap considering that basically it's a standalone product with all the engineering which went into this. I bet Toyota makes no money at all with this car
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Boring car for me.
It's a rally homologation special with a custom body which includes carbon composites and a 3.5-inch roof chop, with at least 2,500 produced to allow Toyota to race it, packing a 257hp (or more; the Japanese-market Performance Edition is a bit above that) turbo and four-wheel drive allowing for up to 100/0 or 0/100 torque split.

Oh, so yawnsome.