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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by diesel97, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. diesel97

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    United States vermont

    I know it's only a beta and things will most likely change so even more the reason to share your setups.

    @EDK I found some time during a slow conference call. :sly: Disclaimer: surely mistakes abound, safety not guaranteed. But better than nothing. Maybe it would be smart to get the wheels turning on an official database like GT6's?

    Class, Car, User, Link to tune, Pre 1.04?
    Gr.3 458 GT3 praiano63 Link Y
    Gr.3 458 GT3 Haitauer Link N
    Gr.3 AMG GT3 BrainsBush Link N
    Gr.3 Audi R8 LMS praiano63 Link Y
    Gr.3 Corvette Gr.3 EDK Link N
    Gr.3 F-Type Nikalerob Link N
    Gr.3 M6 GT3 M Power Mr P Link N
    Gr.3 M6… Nico_Ble99 Link N
    Gr.3 Mustang Gr.3 praiano63 Link Y
    Gr.3 Mustang Gr.3 Nico_Ble99 Link N
    Gr.3 Peugeot VGT praiano63 Link Y
    Gr.3 Renault RS01 praiano63 Link Y
    Gr.3 Renault RS01 Nikalerob Link N
    Gr.3 Toyota FT-1 praiano63 Link Y
    Gr.3 Toyota FT-1 Igor Fraga Link N
    Gr.4 4C Gr. 4 hankolerd Link N
    Gr.4 4C Gr. 4 perico Link N
    Gr.4 Corvette Gr. 4 praiano63 Link Y
    Gr.4 Corvette Gr. 4 EDK Link N
    Gr.4 Genesis Gr.4 praiano63 Link N
    Gr.4 GTR Gr. 4 praiano63 Link Y
    Gr.4 GTR Gr. 4 Mr P Link N
    Gr.4 GTR Gr. 4 syntex123 Link N
    Gr.4 GTR Gr. 4 GTPMcBride Link N
    Gr.4 GTR Gr. 4 GTPMcBride Link N
    Gr.4 GTR Gr. 4 RacingLine Link N
    Gr.4 GTR Gr. 4 EDK Link N
    Gr.4 GTR Gr. 4 EDK Link N
    Gr.4 Megane Gr.4 Goruk Link N
    Gr.4 Mustang Gr.4 praiano63 Link Y
    Gr.4 Scirocco Gr.4 EDK Link Y
    Gr.4 Scirocco Gr.4 DriveSpark Link N
    Gr.4 SLS Gr.4 CamelHand Link N
    Gr.4 SLS Gr.4 praiano63 Link N
    N300 EVO Phillip Macey Link N
    N300 EVO EDK Link N
    N300 EVO IamWSPro Link N
    N300 EVO Phillip Macey Link N
    N300 EVO RacingLine Link N
    N300 EVO SteelThunder Link N
    N300 EVO outofspace Link N
    N300 Evora praiano63 Link Y
    N300 Evora syntex123 Link N
    N300 Evora Doodle Link N
    N300 Evora praiano63 Link N
    N300 Evora OdeFinn Link N
    N300 Genesis praiano63 Link Y
    N300 TTS praiano63 Link Y
    N300 TTS Anthony71 Link N
    N300 TTS praiano63 Link N
    N300 WRX STI Kartz_312 Link N
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  2. sumbrownkid

    United States Stockbridge, Georgia

    So does downforce make any difference? I tried between low and high and the lap times are the exact same.

    I'm using the Evo GR.3 for reference.
  3. diesel97

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    United States vermont

    Has anybody tried setups from GT6?
  4. trustjab

    United States Salt Lake City,

    Biggest question, does (negative) camber work? :sly:
  5. Grippy


    Can confirm, from more than one source, camber has been fixed. Read about it in the physics discussion thread. Sounds like PD actually listened to the community for once! :rolleyes:
  6. GTP_Patrick1

    United States Maryland

    My first move was to get rid of camber in GT 6 so I tried that in GTS. The car drove worse. With not much tuning yet it seems like camber is in play in GTS.
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  7. testorz

    United States Louisville KY USA

    I've tinkered with the camber without much success so far!
  8. Grippy


    Alrighty, to save you a few clicks, I'll link the important part here, from:

    Would be great to know how that works for you. If not, may be more to your problem. I've tested it, seems to work as intended. We will be able to form an even more concise consensus in a few months of extended testing.
  9. te?

    Philippines Philippines

    Anyone have any setups for the 3 current Sport qualifiers?

    What car did u use and what was your best time?

    Thanks! :)
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  10. praiano63


    I have the Peugeot VGT for tokyo. with 1:11.288

    Peugeot VGT Tokyo.jpg
    For the gears , do the same as GT6.
    -Final gear maxi
    -Top speed mini
    -Set each gear ratio
    -Then final gear again

    2d gear for the lauch starting a race.

    Enjoy your drive.

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  11. GordonS

    Finland Finland

    ^So refreshing to see tunes in stationary picture. Thanks @praiano63 ! It seems all the top tunes are in videos nowadays. :yuck:

    *Runs back waiting the EU beta..*
  12. te?

    Philippines Philippines

    i still dont have the Peugeot VGT i think thats the best car for the event. Im currently using the Jaguar F Type R GT3 with a lap of 1:12.3 do you have any tunes for this car by any chance?

    also for nurburgring in the N300 do you have a tune for the Hyundai Genesis? I still dont have the lancer evo X. and lastly the GT4 brands hatch what car and tune do you have for that event?

    Cheers mate! Great lap times! :cheers:
  13. praiano63


    I only have the Vloks GTi and Peugeot for group 3 and a total of 6 cars for the moment. Here is the genesis for the ring.
    Have a good day.
    Hyundai genesis coupe 3.8 2013 - Nurb nord.jpg
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  14. te?

    Philippines Philippines

    Amazing! Thanks so much! Whats your PSN id bro? Would love to add you up on the friends list. :cheers:
  15. praiano63


    Sure. PSN praiano63
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  16. fitturismo


    yoo one of the races i did was with you .. on the ring. I got 6th lol
    this is helpful
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  17. fitturismo


    What settings do you change to couteract understeer? The GT-R I'm using understeers so much... but it's the only car I have in Gr.4.
  18. praiano63


    Nice races, it was the first day for me, i only can go online on monday and tuesday , the rest is job time from 5 to 11 pm , just during the online access.:irked:
    I hope i´ll see you soon on track again.
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  19. mirial

    United Kingdom Northern Ireland

    How many set-up saves are there now? I surely hope it's more than three....
  20. MightyL


    Great things can be done with toe!
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  21. te?

    Philippines Philippines

    Amazing lap at tokyo on Scirocco GT4 mate! Mind sharing your setup? :)
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    Fiji Paradise

    I'd love to get the person who pulled a 1m9 at Tokyo to post a screen shot of their setup. And see if I could match the time..... I'm lapping around a 1m14 but I'm at the limit of my chassis set up, I've tried changing things but I just make it worse.
  23. Hillillie420


    Howdy,y,all... I'm about .4 to half a sec slow on most tracks. What's the best line on that circle track. Plus set up, please
  24. fitturismo


    not sure what to change :(
    I'm not super familiar with tuning
    any tips?
    I find that toe in on front makes it easier to enter corners but i lose grip on the exit
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  25. MightyL


    I don't have GTS yet as I'm in Europe :( but I suppose it will be similar to GTt6... To keep it simple, there s two different things to my understanding: entering a corner and exiting. actually there is also the cornering itself lol. in my experience understeering while entering a corner can be helped alot by changing the front toe from the minus settings towards 0 and even sometimes to the plus side. For exiting a corner, change rear toe from the plus side towards 0 but be aware it can become more difficult not to loose the rear end. find a nice balance. Playing with both settings and balancing them right it feels like the car is actually steering with you while cornering.
  26. polizei

    United States Raleigh, NC

    i'd share mine but i have no idea what i'm doing :p
  27. MU5T4NG

    United States Houston, TX

    I don't really have a setup for my Mustang Gr 3, which needs to change asap considering I was at least 30 seconds off top 10 pace on Nurburgring. Problem is I don't know how to tune. :(
  28. praiano63


    The fast N300 that i love to drive any track. Excelent pilot view, a real pleasure. Safer than the stock car but still with his MR Lotus behaviors , it drive very fast around any corner giving a great driving pleasure.


    Lotus Evora `09 all around.jpg
    For the gears , do the same as GT6.
    -Final gear maximum
    -Top speed minimum
    -Set each gear ratio
    -Then final gear again

    Enjoy your drive.


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  29. Adrenaline

    United States Nor Cal

    @praiano63 is the tuning layout the same as the GT6? Nothing new or removed? I'm looking into website options, and tuning capabilities of tune sheets etc, to possibly bring AdrenaTune back for GTS.
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  30. praiano63


    Hello my friend, yes , tuning layout is the same , only the gear ratios panel that have now the corresponding speed for each gear at red zone limit.
    The big difference is that the settings are working well and in the good way this time. Much more responsive ( ones more than others) than GT6, including camber and TOE. It offer now more working parameters to build a tune.
    The only point that need to be corrected is the downforce, it work also perfectly well but the difference of speed between the max and mini downforce is too small.
    I love road cars and Group 4 because they are very `alive´. Gr3 is more planted and stiff but moves as pure race cars.
    It´s a bit arcady comparing to Assetto but very reactive and 100% fun
    I´m sure you´ll love it. Waiting now for the full game
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