Forza Horizon 3 Demo Finally Arrives for PC, HDR Update to Xbox One S Trial

The all-new Acura NSX hightails it through the woods with ViscousTraction at the controls.

So, you have a PC and are unsure if Forza Horizon 3’s open-world automotive adventure across Australia is the kind of game for you? Good news: a free demo has finally arrived!

Nearly two months after the Xbox One demo made it to Xbox Live, the built-for-PC test drive is now available on the Windows Store. Like the console version, the PC sampler offers a small portion of the map with a smattering of events to put the game’s premise on display.

Marking a significant point in the franchise’s lineage, Forza Horizon 3 is the first to be realized as a fully-loaded console and PC product. But, the excitement surrounding the title’s expanded footprint is not the only reason PC gamers should be giving this one a spin.

Although GTPlanet’s review of Playground Games’ latest entry was based on Xbox One game play, our own Kyle Patrick called the second sequel “a big breath of fresh air” and “fun.” For those gaming experiences alone, the free demo should make for an enticing download.

Then, there is the anticipated add-on content.

By year’s end, wintry conditions will make a first ever appearance in a Forza video game, which we expect to further build on the already massive map and number of race events. So, there is no better a time to fire up the demo and catch of glimpse of the virtual Land Down Under than now, while the sun is still shining and before Old Man Winter sets his icy grips.

In addition to the arrival of the PC demo, Microsoft has updated the Xbox Live trial to feature HDR for Xbox One S owners who have an HDR-capable display.

It is now that both platform options should give gamers the chance to gauge their interest in Forza Horizon 3, particularly ahead of the holiday season. For anybody needing more time, the demo may be downloaded and played for an indefinite period.

For the absolute latest in Forza Horizon 3 news, be sure to check the GTPlanet news feed. For a complete breakdown of the Forza Horizon 3 minimum PC specifications, revisit our August article. Then, for discussion, join the GTPlanet community in our forums.

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  1. palqo

    Yeah, if you ever manage to play it. A day spent on store download/installation errors. Another day spent on crashing at launch and another on trying to make the wheel run, which btw. I didn’t manage to make work, although it is supported and set up in the game (gas and brake pedals are not working). Get your **** together MS…

  2. theradicalness

    I’m very glad they are having a demo. It’ll be nice to be able to see if my computer can run it without risking $60.

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