Free GT5 Prologue Themes for Your PS3

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue 14 April 21, 2009 by


Alba, a long-time creative character in the GTPlanet community, has maintained a slick, free GT5 Prologue PS3 theme for the past few years.  The latest version was just released, and it’s looking better than ever!  All you need is a USB drive and 60 seconds to get this running on your own console – grab both red and blue versions of Alba’s theme via our download mirror below or directly from his website, follow the installation instructions, then head on over to his forum thread and say thanks!

Alba’s GT5 Prologue Theme Pack (w/Backgrounds) 15.4 MB

See the included README.txt for all the details – here’s the quick installation instructions to get you going:


     The archive (albaGT5_v145_pack.rar) contains different folders and files.

        |______ PS3\THEME\*.p3t                  (all the PS3 Theme files)
        |______ Users (blue)\*.png               (user account images in BLUE)
        |______ Users (red)\*.png                (user account images in RED)

     The installation step is really easy, the only thing you need to do
     is to copy the " PS3 " folder from the archive to your USB key to
     make it look like this:

     <USB_ROOT> \PS3\THEME\albaGT5_blue.p3t

     Plug your USB key into the PlayStation 3, then go into your
     " Theme Settings " tab, select " Install " and then select the
     USB key and the final step, select " albaGT5 (*color*) " and there
     you go, it's installed the only thing to do now is go back in the
     Theme Settings tab and then select "albaGT5" and press X on " Apply "

     There you go, you have sucessfuly installed the theme!
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