Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition Available for $13.99 at NewEgg

February 26th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

For those who missed out on the $10 “Black Friday” deals on Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition last fall, it seems online retailer NewEgg is giving you another chance to pick up the game (and its bonus content) at a nice discount.

At $13.99 with free shipping (affiliate link), it appears to be the lowest price by a significant margin compared to other stores in the United States.

Update: NewEgg has now listed the game as out-of-stock.

And, considering the game includes the Spec 2.0 update on-disc, along with a PlayStation Network voucher for $20 worth of the game’s DLC, it’s an attractive offer for those who have held off purchasing the additional content.

Meanwhile, Walmart’s online store appears to be completely out-of-stock of all copies of the game, with inventory limited to their physical retail outlets.

Thanks to mcfizzle for the tip!

GT5 Photomode image by BayuYellow46.

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  1. Mar. 6, 10:03pm

    Gah.. it’s back to $40 already

    I had GT5 since preorder.. screw these mods that cost

  2. Mar. 4, 4:33pm

    Damn I paid 70 for the game and at least another 50 on add-ons (I have em all but only bought the paint pack once)

  3. Feb. 27, 3:19pm

    They really want those total sales numbers higher I guess.. hey are basically giving it away now.

  4. Feb. 27, 12:35am

    I’d cop it if the stealth McLaren F1 came with it. I really would like to add that car to my collection.

  5. Feb. 26, 9:50pm

    Fudge I waited to long.

  6. Feb. 26, 9:30pm

    Grand Turismo fans in Denmark, can still buy GT5: Academy Edition, with all the DLC´s and the Spec 2.0 for 125,- dkr at or their warehouses!
    I bought Collectors Edition 2 years ago for aprox 650,- dkr without the DLC´s!

  7. Feb. 26, 9:00pm

    Has GT5 depreciated THAT badly?!

    • Feb. 27, 4:28am
      e30 freek

      Well it has been over 2years

    • Mar. 1, 7:50am

      I Don’t Think Its Disparity but the fact that they don’t want GT5 to die when GT6 is Just Around the Corner. The More People they get to become a GT Fan the More Sales for GT6 Meaning More DLC, Money For Production, and more time they can spend on making it For GT6

  8. Feb. 26, 8:42pm

    I’ve just noticed the GT5 XL is out of stock, wow that was fast. 0.0 haha.

    • Feb. 26, 9:48pm


    • Feb. 27, 6:42am

      ^ lol. I know right? :)

  9. Feb. 26, 6:45pm

    I always freak out for a second with these news! I though it was some BMW pack for $13 bucks…

    • Feb. 26, 10:07pm

      I know right? The picture always get me excited!!

    • Mar. 1, 12:29pm

      ha ha that’s exactly what I thought too.

  10. Feb. 26, 6:34pm

    its sold out you twats :)

  11. Feb. 26, 6:20pm

    This deal is worth it, best deal there is imo. ;)

    • Feb. 26, 6:24pm

      It would be really awesome if PD releases the very last edition of GT5 (a.k.a spec 3) with all the DLCs in the game instead of making people to download them manually.

    • Feb. 26, 6:32pm

      When was there any info on a GT5 specIII?
      All i read was people assuming that there would be a spec III just like they assume
      that a maintenance schedule includes DLC.

    • Feb. 26, 6:43pm

      I’m not sure that there wasn’t some kind of remote hint at a possibility of spec III at some point, but I have the feeling that it’s never going to happen. The idea of spec III, has it is often portrayed now, seems mainly to stem from an assumption some people made after spec II didn’t give everyone everything they wanted/expected, lol.

  12. Feb. 26, 5:06pm

    Clearing the shelves before gt6 comes out… YAYYYY :) :D

    • Feb. 26, 5:46pm

      Woot xD

    • Feb. 26, 6:31pm

      Lol, no.

      They don’t clear shelves for a game that isn’t even announced yet, and may not even come out for many months, or even years from now.

    • Feb. 26, 9:47pm

      NA please go read the forums from what ive read (and yes there is support) it will be coming out the around late 2013 early 2014

    • Feb. 26, 10:09pm

      Damn NA chill out lol

    • Feb. 26, 10:16pm

      Lol, wasn’t aware I was heated. It’s snowing out, so I’ll go roll in a snowbank…:P

      Hehe, late 2013 would be nice, but I still don’t think there going to clear/reserve an empty spot for it in February. ;)

    • Feb. 26, 10:18pm

      Doh, “They’re”…

      stupid spellcheck. O_o

  13. Feb. 26, 4:56pm

    If I bought it? Would it work in the UK?

    • Feb. 26, 5:27pm


  14. Feb. 26, 4:46pm

    Good deal, I’ve looked for it in stores and can’t find it.

  15. Feb. 26, 4:39pm

    How do I know this isn’t a paid advertisment? :S

    • Feb. 26, 5:11pm

      Even if it is a paid advert, it gets the message out to the GT5 community, and Jordan recoups some of the cost for running / maintaining the site. Win / win, imo.

  16. Feb. 26, 4:33pm

    Clearing the shelves of product that isn’t moving.

    • Feb. 26, 5:56pm

      2013 157,526

      2013 88,243


    • Feb. 26, 5:58pm

      in a total of two months, that’s what they’ve each supposedly sold while FM4 is being sold at +30 dollars. Not trying to show FM4 up, but saying that any Gran Turismo game is selling badly is…wrong.

    • Feb. 26, 7:52pm

      Now try dividing that number just by the number of Walmarts in the US alone (3,804 , if ChaCha is to be believed.).

      That would make it roughly 41 copies sold per store. However, that’s ignoring all the other retailers, so the number is greatly inflated. The actual number, spread out over multiple retailers, would be single digit per store. In reality many stores would likely have zero sales for the two month period.

      I also don’t know what percentage of 157,526 are actually made up by Gran Turismo 5 XL Editions. Even if you assume it’s 100%, again, once you spread all those copies out to all the retailers, you have almost no copies leaving the individual stores over the last two months.

      I used Walmart only because I am familiar with the stock in my local store, where my wife is a pharmacist. We know the electronics department people quite well. They’ve had over 20 copies since before Xmas, and have now moved them from the main display shelves, to a shelf used for over stock. I’ve been told I may be able to get it for a drop in price soon, and that it may be the last time they carry it. They simply haven’t been selling copies, and they can use the space for other titles.

      In other words, they’re clearing space, just has BonesawTX said. I don’t pretend to know if NewEgg is in the same boat, but it seems likely that he is correct applying the theory to NewEgg also.

    • Feb. 26, 11:45pm

      understood. I was there today. Still doesn’t account for worldwide movement of sales, not in the US where FM4 is quite on par with GT5. Worldwide, it’s a different story.

    • Feb. 26, 11:48pm

      VGChartz (the source of my statistics)i s nearly 1 million behind in copies sold for all of GT5’s versions.

  17. Feb. 26, 4:33pm

    GT6 is coming LOL :))

  18. Feb. 26, 4:30pm
    tube chaser

    Clearing the shelves for a new release?

  19. Feb. 26, 4:29pm

    Sweet Deal!

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