Gran Turismo 5’s Decrypted Game Files Reveal Hidden Cars & Tuning Upgrades

December 13th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

GTPlanet user “sorg” has been dissecting Gran Turismo 5‘s code base over the past few days and has shared some of his discoveries in our forums.

First, he’s found a hidden version of the X2010, named the “Red Bull X2010 JP Flag Color”. As you can see from the car’s description in the screenshot above, it is a “special colour model imbued with hopes of recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011.”

He’s also unlocked the Red Bull X2010 5G model, which was used in the recent 5G competition. Over 20 different colors can be applied to it in the dealership, leading Sorg to suspect it may be released to a wider audience of players at a later date.

More discoveries include:

  • 46 hidden car tickets, including a “Level 40” ticket
  • Standard cars which have been upgraded to Premium models, such as the Jaguar XJR9, are differentiated with a “_std” prefix in their file name. He has noted that two cars, the Nissan R92CP and Bentley Speed 8 Race Car, include this prefix, suggesting they are or were scheduled to be updated in the game.
  • Over 39 Premium cars in the game also have “hidden” Standard counterparts, a full list of which Sorg has compiled here.
  • Sorg has calculated that 300km appears to be the constant value at which all new cars achieve maximum engine power output during the “break-in” period.

Surprisingly, he has also discovered records of a broad selection of engine tuning upgrades and even new tires, though it remains unclear if or how such parts are actually implemented in the game:

  • 2 additional engine tunes (5 in total)
  • 2 additional turbo stages (5 in total)
  • Triple-plate clutch
  • Racing flywheel
  • AYC Controller
  • Brake Upgrades: Large Diameter Rotors + 4(6,8) Piston Calipers
  • Ceramic Carbon Brakes, Brake Balance Controller
  • Sport Super Soft and Racing Super Soft tire compounds (see here for more new tire details)
  • Nitro upgrades
  • Additional power improvements (5%,10%,20%)

For more details and future updates on his discoveries, be sure to read over this full topic here in our forums.

GT5 Photomode image by zambuca.

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  1. Dec. 19, 2:50am

    yes what is goin on? i dont see nothing new in the game nor for download.. how to i find it?

    • Dec. 20, 5:35pm

      Well you wouldn’t would you(?)

      Considering it states clearly that the story revolves around ONE member hacking into the game files to find these stuffs.

  2. Dec. 18, 7:47pm

    What is this sorcery you speak of. I would love to see all of these new items in the game

  3. Dec. 18, 11:53am

    Plz give uss Black Carbone hood on Standard cars : )

    • Dec. 20, 5:36pm


  4. Dec. 18, 11:44am

    I went from die hard fan (even spending like $300 for all stealth pre-order cars on Ebay) to almost still a fan, kind of board with the slow menus, somber music, boring AI, etc… Still the best racing physics and graphics I have seen in a racing game on the PS3… But, I am playing NFSMW, because as much as I value GT5, I am already getting 5 cars that I can drive, 4 of which are not in GT5 and above all else, I love cars!!!

  5. Dec. 18, 3:49am

    What do you think?

    5 types of engine.

    level 1
    level 2
    level 3
    level 4
    gear motor with another car

    5 types of turbo.

    level 1
    level 2
    level 3
    level 4
    drag turbine

    triple disc clutch = wow changed veloccissime
    fly racing = a little help in most
    Ayc controller = buy a lancer evo ..
    Upgraded brakes = it took some car brake only with the blows.
    Ceramic Brakes = same comment
    Super soft tires = Yuppie for speed record
    Nos = i love you baby
    Additional force = op op op Gran Turismo style.

  6. Dec. 17, 10:48pm

    ey guys! do not be so negative to this, nitro is a little wierd in gt5 but it was an option i gt4 so it is not that strange. we also could use super soft and qualifying tires in gt4.

    I wish we had more tire and tuning options. the premium upgrades and new colors? what are they waiting for?.. get them in the game!

    I am a little bit confused also, if a player can hack in and find super soft tires and new upgrades. Can he use them online with the advantage?…

  7. Dec. 17, 6:37pm

    All of this nonsense about what we might get as an update is giving me a migrane – remember a year ago the circuit logos for seattle and apricot hill were discovered by these so called hackers (as everyone seems to call them) in GT5. Where are these tracks? Exactly. Just bloomin be happy with what we’ve got and wait for another forty years until GT6 comes out LOL ;)

    • Dec. 17, 6:52pm

      Because those tracks you speak of, weren’t founded in GT5’s disk, plus sorg said there aren’t “any” tracks in the disk at all. Does that answer to your question?

      Also before you ask about the Motegi track, PD added that into the game through DLC…

  8. Dec. 17, 12:37pm

    I wish I was able to use these new tuning settings. Hell, who do you manage to decrypt a PS3 game with a PS3 in the first place?

  9. Dec. 17, 10:46am

    I mean, if the Nitro is as Boost in GT4

  10. Dec. 16, 7:33pm

    Has it occurred to anyone that nitrous is already in the game, Its called “Boost” online and the super softs are in there too “Skid Recovery force” and the Engine upgrades and weight reductions, cluth, flywheel, better brakes… Race Mod anyone?

    • Dec. 16, 7:34pm

      by weight reductions I meant turbo. :P

    • Dec. 16, 10:59pm

      …You’re quite off… The “boost” feature is somewhat like a “catch up” feature – it ups the power of the cars that are falling behind in the race. It isn’t like nitrous, which is a fuel that boosts your engine for the amount of time it take to expend a tank. And it’s activated manually. “Skid recovery force”? That isn’t a tire option. That’s a driving aid, like traction control. It was explained that there were additional upgrades listed in the code ASIDE from the ones in the game; we don’t have a triple plate clutch. We have a double, though. And there simply aren’t other brake options.

  11. Dec. 16, 7:08pm

    The AYC Controller is the differential setting for Mitsubishi Evo’s.

    However, I’m more interested in these brakes & turbo upgrades! I want to turbo non-turbo cars!

  12. Dec. 16, 10:25am

    would like to see that ingame. pd should make this available ingame.

  13. Dec. 16, 3:39am

    WOW I’m totally speechless about this news. It cannot be fake because there are pictures for proof plus it says “decrypted” but I am just wondering how that guy explored those. Very interesting :D especially about the major mechanical updates!

  14. Dec. 15, 6:37pm

    Holalua amen hee haaw waahooo

  15. Dec. 15, 6:10pm

    C’mon spec 3.0!

  16. Dec. 15, 4:11pm

    I would like to see the engine, drivetrain, brakes and turbo packages, not so sure about the nitro though. I used it too much on GT4, it became a sure fire way to win races by a huge margin. Takes the skill out of beating opponents on track

  17. Dec. 15, 3:57pm

    Why no love for the nitrous? Its used in drifting ,drag racing , and time attack.. would just be another element to add to your different tunes .. And you guys are telling me you dont want to see what the x1 can do on nitrous with stage 5 turbo lol???

    • Dec. 15, 7:32pm

      I would pay to see that!

    • Dec. 24, 11:46am

      No I would pay to have the X1 scrapped from the game altogether, Nitrous would be ok if it was realistic like GT4 & not like NFS nitrous, But I doubt any of the stuff SORG has found will be added to the game & there must be reasons there not in the game anyway.

  18. Dec. 15, 11:38am

    I take it your talking about GT3 & 4??? when it comes to No2…. Super soft qualifying tires would be great; I’ve held friday endurance races since last January, qualifying is a big deal; especially with our active tire rules…possibly starting on what-ever tires that you used for qualifying….thanks for the info….HEY KAZ–all we want for christmas is only all the most important GT 1,2 RaceCars that we dont the M3, Z4, Ferrari, SLS AMG, R8, Evora, & #1 #1 #1 Lexus LFA RACECARS,, ya,, only the most important cars in racing ever, for RoadCouse &Gentlemen Race-Drivers..You Race the Nurb 24hr,,like really, come on. thanks & Merry Christmas, PS, thanks for all the energy & ingenius work/books-tunes, and updated current events that you Leaders/illumni of GT-Planet put together for us race enthusiasts, you all are awesome and keep us going when the same-olds of GT5 get us down or uninterested.. PS- Click on my name to see our picture album of missing iconic racecars that were over-looked or ignored in the making of GT5… No pun intended.. just hopes & dreams of awesome cars; probably should of hired the guy who makes DLC lists for Forza4.. PPS Feel free to friend me to race with us pro drivers on fridays…we give prizes, Tickets/Matte/Chrome/Gear etc..etc.. Happy Racing & merry Christmas….

  19. Dec. 15, 10:07am

    Are you crazy?: 1) Nitro ? – this upset the balance of gameplay (don’t need this) 2) Racing Super Soft ? – it’s qualifying tires for a quick qualifying round (don’t need this)

    • Dec. 15, 10:12am

      I agree. I WILL NOT play Gran Turismo 5 online if they include nitro. Unless they include a function to prohibit the use of it in lobbies, I’m fine.

    • Dec. 17, 10:55am

      I mean, if the “Nitro” is as “Boost” in GT4.

  20. Dec. 15, 3:28am

    hopefully we could get the redbull 2010 5G for For Christmas/New Year i hope i really want to compare this car to its predecessors as for the other tuning upgrades and such i don’t think anybody could be sure if we’ll see any any such features in Gran Turismo 5 though.

    • Dec. 15, 7:26pm

      Nope, the 5G was for a competition and only japanese players could get it, but i hope instead of that we get the new Acura NSX for christmas.

  21. Dec. 15, 2:14am

    While we’re at it, how about the car gets lighter and quicker as it uses fuel and fuel cut-offals it gets to “E”.
    (Uh ohh, I can feel a, “There is a thread for this” bully coming on…)

    • Dec. 16, 5:26am

      The cars already get lighter and therefore quicker – though I do agree, empty should mean no cruising around to the pits.

  22. Dec. 14, 9:56pm

    I wish one of the tuning will be twin turbo upgrade and also turbo on NSX and GT86 I will be much happy if it was true

  23. Dec. 14, 7:37pm

    These would be a worthy Spec 3 upgrade *crossesfingers*

  24. Dec. 14, 1:30pm

    Oh my goodness. The tuning.

  25. Dec. 14, 1:19pm

    I’m not so bothered about the tickets, the new tyres, the Red Bulls, or even the possible Premium conversions. It’d be great to see them, of course, but I’m more interested in the upgrades to the brakes, drivetrain and engine/turbo.

    I always thought GT5 underestimated what a few of the cars could do on that game, so I’m intrigued to see what tose upgrades could do to our cars, should they ever come to us. I’d love my Impreza’s to have 700+BHP.

    Still, as ever with PD, not going to hold my breath on this. Could just be stuff axed from the vanilla game as people said before.

  26. Dec. 14, 1:18pm

    That list sounds good but unless it was developed properly and works, the parts and cars may not be completed, we seem to be getting standard cars slowly through UCD anyway but its the premiums that i want, bentley in photomode would look awesome. Super softs and more tunes would be great for proper road to track cars.

  27. Dec. 14, 12:31pm

    I got excited about this and told my friends lol. I know they most probably won’t put these things in the game but, it’s cool to find these things.

  28. Dec. 14, 10:57am

    Bentley Speed 8 as premium would be great aswell as the Nissan R92CP. That would mean that The Bentley trademark would go into the New Dealership if the Speed 8 goes Premium which Leeds me to beleive that well get more Bentley Road cars for GT6 like the Continentle GT. Hopefully Anyway.

  29. Dec. 14, 10:56am

    Spec 3 maybe? :DD

  30. Dec. 14, 10:18am

    Be nice to have some of these added, but I’m not holding my breath.

  31. Dec. 14, 9:26am

    Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed TRACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK !!!!

    • Dec. 14, 10:06am

      Are you Kidding me calm down… GT5 is about 2 Years old and we are still lucky it gets support..
      Many other games are dead after a year and dont get support

    • Dec. 14, 4:24pm

      It looks likes MAN needs a new keyboard.

      And to the second point, games these days NEED to be supported constantly. Going by the first few GT titles, we should be seeing the next one soon. But as games get better, they get farther apart or get watered down like Madden. CoD gets a new title every year now (but they need two separate developers to do it); so I understand why GT takes so long. But with online support and updates in this day and age, PD is doing the right thing by giving us fresh content weekly. It’s only a matter of recycling old content with minor tweaks.

    • Dec. 15, 12:32pm

      No no ok… My keyboard dont have any probleme, the probleme is not for the supports of this amazing good but the probleme is: We have too much cars and not enough TRACKS. In the worlds and in the minds they’r some infinit possibility to have another more fun too drive in road track, that have all time new car who is aproximatly same with others. others, others…

    • Dec. 15, 7:19pm

      @TheKitten: You are right. I mean, once Forza Horizon came out, they stopped working on Forza 4. I know that GT5 is still the latest installment, but you have to remember that they are also working on GT6.

  32. Dec. 14, 8:56am


    The answer to the question “how to contradict your own slogan”*

    *Real Driving simulator

    • Dec. 14, 10:19am

      ?? OK

      You realize real Nitrous Oxide Systems exist in real life and can be installed on any gasoline engine… right?

    • Dec. 14, 1:41pm

      Hmm.. Yeah. Nitrous was in GT4. And as people have mentioned nitrous exists. Don’t worry though pressing nitrous on GT doesn’t involve coloured flames coming out the exhausts and the scenery going all Warp speed on ya.

  33. Dec. 14, 8:54am

    I was wondering why previous editions of GT included Racing Flywheels, Triple Plate Clutches, Nitrous, and Super Soft Tires etc. but they were missing this time..

    Question Answered: they decided to scrap them, these aren’t “new features” heading to the game, they’re old ones that were pulled out.. It’s really a shame though, I enjoyed and appreciated all of those upgrades I mentioned above.. Maybe they’ll return for GT6.

  34. Dec. 14, 8:20am

    I hope it is a spec 3.0

    • Dec. 14, 8:23am

      I would be leaning toward a Spec 3. I’m thinking GT6 is still 3-4 years away, so to keep the fan base strong PD will likely put out at least one more significant update soon.

    • Dec. 14, 8:43am

      Spec 3.0.. To possibly include some of the simple, logical additions/fixes from this thread:

      *Event Creator?

      Throw in El Capitan, Pikes Peak, and Seattle and let’s get cookin.

    • Dec. 14, 8:44am

      GT5 Prologue had a spec 3 so GT5 might have one to, so we will all have to wait to see what happens or somthing may not happen.

  35. Dec. 14, 7:40am

    x1 earthquake edtion -.- …… maybe a skyline tsunami edtion 2?….

    • Dec. 14, 8:20am

      Just what we need: another Skyline. Haha.

    • Dec. 14, 8:33am

      What’s your problem? It wasn’t even released… at leasy yet…
      Besides, if PD had some charity work in mind with the money they got by selling those versions, like someone already mentioned, it would actually be a good thing.
      And of course, if they just made it as some sort of reminder/memorial of all the people that suffered with it, even better..

    • Dec. 14, 8:40am

      Let me just rephrase that last part for better understanding of what I meant…
      ‘And of course, if they just made it as some sort of a free DLC as a simple reminder/memorial of all the people that suffered with it, even better..’

  36. Dec. 14, 7:21am

    More funner, huh? I think you just killed English, there GTRACER1998.

    • Dec. 14, 8:19am

      I’d have carpal tunnel correcting all of the grammar mistakes on posts here (and just about anywhere where people can post…Facebook, Google+, etc.), so I just roll my eyes and move on. :)

  37. Dec. 14, 6:24am

    nitrous and more engine upgrades will make me really happy and i am willing to do any thing to get them,! they will make many cars alot more fun imagine a 400hp mazda az-1 92′ or a 1200 hp mclaren F1!!!

  38. Dec. 14, 4:30am

    The FPV ticket gets me because I have the car in GT PSP and can not transfer. The Commodore is in GT5, I wonder how the license was granted to GT for a full port on the PSP and not the main series?

  39. Dec. 14, 1:43am

    A lot of the tuning pars are from GT4. This is not the first time GT4 and GT5 have been together (GT on El Capitain)

  40. Dec. 14, 1:27am

    Only two conclusion cross my mind. A. This was planned to-be developed content, which never was (and maybe never will be) or B. This is a hidden Spec 3.0. We can all dream that this is the makings of a Spec 3.0, but I’m struggling to.

    • Dec. 14, 2:25am

      Yeah, i thought the same thing, the tuning parts and tyres were probably ideas from early development that never made the final cut, i doubt we will see these implemented. aka all the track logos that were found ages ago/

    • Dec. 14, 2:32am
      David Brooks

      I agree with option A. I gather it’s quite common for developed game features to be culled during game balancing testing.

  41. Dec. 14, 12:16am

    12 days of Christmas starts today Kaz!

  42. Dec. 14, 12:09am

    AYC control is for Mitsubishi evo’s. its not hidden its there.

    • Dec. 14, 3:55am

      I think the idea is that it’s ‘potentiality’ a tune that could be applied to any 4WD.

    • Dec. 14, 9:37am

      in other gt games you could add ayc to to r34

  43. Dec. 13, 11:49pm

    Super softs were discovered by a member when running some enduros as the AI’s would have them XD

  44. Dec. 13, 11:24pm

    omg! why aren’t these changes already implemented?!?! ahhh

  45. Dec. 13, 10:43pm

    If not now….when?

  46. Dec. 13, 10:35pm


  47. Dec. 13, 10:07pm

    Even with this coming out, PD still keeps more secrets than the CIA.

  48. Dec. 13, 10:01pm

    “Nissan R92CP and Bentley Speed 8 Race Car, include this prefix, suggesting they are or were scheduled to be updated in the game.”

    Come on Kaz, make that Racing Legends DLC that everyone is waiting for!

    • Dec. 14, 7:07am
      SVT Cobra GT

      +1 !

    • Dec. 14, 3:28pm

      I hope thatcsaid legends pack would include adding a couple of Le Mans cars that rewrote the rules and such. I know we can’t get Porsche, sigh, but we could get a D-Type Jag, a Ferrari 512 M, the old Corvette GTP has a cult following and we have our new GM deal, and of course my all time favorite is the Audi R18 TDI, because it was the first R18 that got the ball rolling for all the inication the R18 has ushered in. Plus the R18 TDI livery just looked cooler then the Ultra and the e-Tron Quattro.

  49. Dec. 13, 8:37pm

    Wait so I was not suppose to have those additional upgrade tunes?

    • Dec. 14, 3:06am
      e30 freek

      Like you have them?

  50. Dec. 13, 8:27pm

    That all sounds AWESOME! I never got why they didn’t have brake upgrades from the get go. But lets be honest, I’m going to keep playing if they add these things or not. 22K miles driven in counting.

  51. Dec. 13, 7:46pm

    Since the news as made the news section that thread is a zoo now.

  52. Dec. 13, 7:44pm

    Ooohhhh… Ceramic Brakes!

    Aaaaaahhhh… Super Softs!!!

    Mmmmmmhhhhhh… NITRO!!!!!

    You know what?




    thank you

    • Dec. 13, 10:02pm

      One week? Really? I went on a 3 month break with GT5 until I realized T10 is no better than PD. They’re both slacking so much it’s sad. Both games have so much potential.

  53. Dec. 13, 7:06pm
    Super Novi

    All the upgrades sound ultra beast. Plus, I remember seeing Super Softs being used by AI in the 24 Le Mans after it stopped rainning.

    Damn those cheating AI…

    Anyway. I really hope they actually implement the new upgrades. It would make things more interesting.

    • Dec. 13, 7:36pm


    • Dec. 13, 10:38pm

      +3 These upgrades can make the game much more funner than it already is.

  54. Dec. 13, 7:06pm

    I wonder how unique hidden gems are in modern games. Does CoD have guns/maps hidden on the software? Are there hundreds of throwback uniforms in MLB The Show? And are they ever released as DLC when the gamers just think they are entirely new products when in actuality they have been there all along; we just pay to get them unlocked?

  55. Dec. 13, 7:00pm

    woh that interesting news, i hope theres a spec 3 update with all the things included. that would be sick

  56. Dec. 13, 6:54pm
    e30 freek

    All those long months of kaz trying to keep it on the low had made us desperate for some real ****

  57. Dec. 13, 6:51pm

    i think i read in the actually thread of this tipic that that car has like under 600 bhp. So im sure it has lower stats on some other things as well since i wanna think the origional X1 has like 1000 something doesnt it?

    Slower car = lower price….. my assumption

    • Dec. 13, 7:14pm

      Yea I read that too. The 5G version has 358hp. The JP ver. doesnt say

  58. Dec. 13, 6:32pm

    Quick question. Were can you buy an X1 for 8,000,000 cr.? Or is that a pic from a different country and not the US.

    • Dec. 13, 7:02pm
      e30 freek

      It is 8 mill cr

    • Dec. 13, 7:13pm

      I think it is because the 2010 5G has less power.

    • Dec. 13, 7:57pm

      I had to spend 20,000,000 cr. on the X1 from the dealership. And where are the specs on the X1 5G?

    • Dec. 13, 10:26pm

      The fan is disabled and there is less horse power, it’s more of a real-ish car

  59. Dec. 13, 6:28pm

    I really want the BMW V12 LMR to be made premium, it’s one of my top 5 all time Le Mans cars, along with the D-Type, Mark IV, 917, and R18. Arguably the V12 LMR is the most influencal Le Mans prototype of all time.

    • Dec. 14, 8:49am

      Is this a wishlist :? NO ITS NOT!

    • Dec. 14, 3:31pm

      Well one of the topics was LM cars on the list to be made from standard to premium, and I would think that it is a more important car then the Nissan and, unlike the Nissan, there are no premium LMP cars from that period.

  60. Dec. 13, 6:26pm

    Super softs sound insane. Racing softs are awesome for supercars like the 458 and all that, super softs almost seem like too much. They might be better for those bigger cars with heavier weight like the Maserati, and maybe it could save my best looking car, my Alfa Romeo 8C, though even super soft racing tires probably can’t fix a car with rocks suspension made out of rocks.

  61. Dec. 13, 6:25pm

    Hmm interesting but I’m sure Kaz and or PD would just say these were things they were hoping to put into the game but they felt they weren’t upto scratch or that they just didn’t have time to finish them before the released date imposed on them by Sony. xD

  62. Dec. 13, 6:21pm

    Before, I wasn’t expecting anything major to come to the game anymore, aside from a few cars now and then MAYBE a track or two (I doubted it though), perhaps some slight adjustments to tyre wear and AI algorithming, and of course bug fixes… But quite frankly, when stuff like this is discovered, it tends to become reality. So I now think a ” GT5 Spec III” is of a much higher chance. I really thoughPD had moved on to GT6, though.

    Now, while PD is at it, they’d better start fixing AI algorithms. Those have serious issues in the game, and more competitive AI could single-handedly bring all sorts of new fun to the offline portion of the game which, I use the most.

    So, if all of this stuff is true, good. Credit where it’s due. BUT, PD can’t keep ignoring the severe issues that are hampering the fun for many of the fans.

    • Dec. 13, 6:29pm
      e30 freek

      Sever issues are a MASSIVE MASSIVE issue

    • Dec. 13, 8:13pm

      Yeah, that too… But I don’t play online as much as I do offline. The main reason is because the physics are different, which they shouldn’t be. I don’t really understand why… Could it be that the engine is too powerful for their own server? I don’t see any other reason. But that’s another issue, I have no clue why I forgot about it.

  63. Dec. 13, 6:19pm

    I remeber in gt4 you could remove the engine tuning. Now if you buy it your stuck with it or you have to spend more money to get a new car. I do hope they give us all that was intended to be included ingame its been out for too long now for pd to keep sitting on all this.

  64. Dec. 13, 6:06pm

    Would be awesome to have the cars with almost double the horsepower they already do :)

  65. Dec. 13, 5:51pm

    All of these tuning upgrades was in gt4, or i remember wrong? Mostly i was wondering when i started to play gt5 that there wasn’t brake upgrade…ugh. Ok Kaz. Bring in the gt5 spec3 or… We have to play the game like it is. But i still wondering one thing mostly, why Kaz. Doesn’t show some love to Supra Mk4… Somebody in GtPlanet’s own’s Supra Mk4 and has driven over Kaz’s foot somewhere and now he hate’s it or what?

    • Dec. 13, 6:42pm

      I definately remember the Super Softs from GT4, gave cars rediculously unrealistic amounts of grip.

    • Dec. 13, 7:16pm

      Nitrous, Triple Plate Clutch, and Racing Flywheel was in GT4 also. But I don’t remember any GT’s having 5 engine or turbo upgrades. GT2 has 4 though

  66. Dec. 13, 5:38pm

    SO is this a huge update coming soon, GT6, or we can somehow unlock this all now?

    • Dec. 16, 5:40am

      It’s content on the GT5 game disc or game save file added via updates, so nothing to do with GT6. You just ned to read the article…

      As to whether or not this will become available, who knows? Maybe it was content deemed incomplete or is something that is being prepared for Spec 3.0 if that happens.

  67. Dec. 13, 5:28pm
    e30 freek

    This might be all coming in spec 3 if it ever comes out im thinking of something along the lines of a new drag mode because of the high perfomance upgrades

    • Dec. 13, 5:42pm

      Or they are just giving us more performance options, like the brakes

    • Dec. 13, 6:23pm
      e30 freek

      Only reason i think it might be a Drag mode is because the upgrades sound a bit high end but then again anyone could be right

  68. Dec. 13, 5:12pm

    I knew we were missing some car parts from the game!

  69. Dec. 13, 5:08pm

    Kaz can delay GT6 launch for years and years and can still keep us happy.

    Kaz: “Bored playing GT5? I give you brake upgrades!”

    Kaz: “Still bored? C´mon. Okay, I give NITRO. And now shut up!!!”

    • Dec. 13, 5:47pm


    • Dec. 13, 5:48pm

      oh, great, that will be like…Let’s play the game again, now with just bigger brakes! And then again with bigger braker and NITRO…!! wow..not.

  70. Dec. 13, 5:00pm

    And the massive screw up is unfolded……ALL of these things would have made for a much, much better game. Seeing this really gets me mad! So mad that I’m going to go play some GT5 and do some burnouts and crash in to the AI!

    • Dec. 13, 5:01pm

      hahahahaaahaha +1

    • Dec. 13, 5:13pm

      I’ll drink to that

    • Dec. 13, 5:32pm
      e30 freek

      Hahahahahaha Lol

    • Dec. 13, 5:34pm

      If he gave us all these updates the game will be fun for another 1 1/2 years.. But not as dlc

  71. Dec. 13, 5:00pm

    This is the coolest thing I’ve read all day.

  72. Dec. 13, 4:40pm

    this is really interesting and the super soft tires sound like drag slicks.It would be nice to get the new staged parts. triple disc clutch would stop the slow shifts you get in cars like the enzo and the brakes would make my day

  73. Dec. 13, 4:34pm

    nitro upgrade!! GT5 FNF edition! xD

    • Dec. 13, 4:42pm

      Haha :D

    • Dec. 13, 4:47pm

      Seriously everything else is freaking interesting, especially the brakes upgrade. I think PD didn’t include it because of problems with calculations in the physic engine.

    • Dec. 13, 5:15pm

      @hardvibes AND the fact that a nitro-charged Minolta would be even more ridiculously hard-to-drive and unfair. :)

    • Dec. 13, 6:28pm

      @ hardvibes

      I agree with you :)

      I always wanted to have the brakes upgrade on GT5. Especially the carbon ceramic brakes. It was inconvenient how you can upgrade a car to something like 900 bhp and couldn’t upgrade the brake pads & rotors. PD also can make the brakes to wear out during the endurance races or have the option to choose the how fast brakes can wear out (none, slow or fast, etc) so people have to pit in to get them changed out and it will make the game more realistic and exciting. Not to mention that it will make sense to have the carbon ceramic brakes in the game.

  74. Dec. 13, 4:17pm

    Bentley Speed 8 and Nissan R92CP premium would be amazing!

  75. Dec. 13, 4:09pm

    THERE WAS BRAKE UPGRADES??? WHY DIDN’T PD ADDED THAT IN GT5?? And also. Was there gonna be premium versions of both the Nissan R92CP and Bentley Speed 8 Race Car???

    When did all this started!!??

  76. Dec. 13, 4:04pm

    i’m confused with it why it hidden, maybe there is a major update coming up later on but also it will take very long time.

    • Dec. 13, 4:47pm

      One reason can be that it’s things they planned to do, but had to scrap and instead of cleaning up the files they just left it (or they cleaned up but missed a few spots).

      Another reason could of course be preparations for future updates, but I wouldn’t count on it. Some may be, but probably not all of it.

  77. Dec. 13, 3:54pm

    Ok that’s nice but umm your not going to see any of those cars .Do you remember the last time you guys found the codes for 20 classic GT Tracks? Did you ever get them in a DLC ? Or a update ?Ummmm nope

    • Dec. 13, 4:59pm

      Those were found on the GT website. This is found on the actual disc.

  78. Dec. 13, 3:46pm

    These features sound awesome. But I’m worried the nitrous can feature will be highly overused. Perhaps they could make it so it doesn’t refill (going for realism. Most games have unlim. nitro) unless you pit. Or even have the engine blow if you use it improperly.

    • Dec. 13, 4:36pm

      GT4 had nitrous, but that was a long time ago so I’m not sure anymore if it did any of that.

  79. Dec. 13, 3:26pm

    The AYC Controller isnt hidden at all. I can use that right now.

    • Dec. 13, 4:08pm

      AYC is Active Yaw Control. The one your thinking of is Torque Distribution Center Differential. They are completely different.

    • Dec. 13, 4:33pm

      One of the Evos has it also

    • Dec. 13, 4:34pm

      AYC is found on the Mitsubishi Lancer (recent model), I can use it too.

  80. Dec. 13, 3:24pm

    Well, there is no need to upgrade brakes as of now. Even though you tune a car you are able to lock the wheels when braking without ABS.

    And for some reason, all cars as of now has a brake balance controller as stock in GT5. Very few cars has this as stock in real life. On the other hand, in real life, camber and toe is adjustable on most cars. But not in GT5 unless you buy a suspension kit…

    Also, we have seen Super Soft tires before, so we know they exist. The AI uses them in the tarmac rally special challenges (Sports Super Soft, if I remember correctly).

    • Dec. 13, 5:19pm

      Ive always wondered how one can adjust camber and toe on a car with a live rear axle, like a camaro or ‘stang, when the suspension upgrade of course mentions nothing about drivetrain upgrades…

    • Dec. 14, 1:39am

      True that. Forgot to mention that I meant front camber and toe adjustment,

  81. Dec. 13, 3:23pm

    I’m hoping for a Christmas present!

    • Dec. 13, 4:10pm

      Me too! O.O

  82. Dec. 13, 3:18pm

    Those hidden standards are not hidden at all. When you import your cars from GT PSP, those cars come in as standards, even if some of them are premium in GT5. Such as the Enzo, the imported one will be a standard since that’s what is in on the PSP.

    • Dec. 13, 5:33pm

      +1 to this. Glad to know I’m not the only one who knows this.

  83. Dec. 13, 3:14pm

    I have to say, “decrypted source code” is a somewhat inaccurate way to refer to what sorg is doing. Something like “decrypted game files” would be far better.

  84. Dec. 13, 3:08pm

    5 total turbo upgrades?5 TOTAL ENGINE UPDATES?CERAMIC BRAKES?RRacing flywheel???(that’s why there was only a semi racing one),Super Soft Tyres?NITROUS???
    And I was wondering why I couldn’t tune an Evo to 900hp+ in this game
    PD NEEDS to unlock all of this in a future update!I’d rather have these options rather than new DLC

    • Dec. 13, 3:14pm

      +1 to that!

    • Dec. 13, 3:40pm

      They will eventually “unlock” them all but it will be feature as a 19.95$ DLC which will also include the free-feature of deleting your save files while making a complete backup of your personal photo & music folder from your PS3.

    • Dec. 13, 5:50pm

      Well Altivec, that was a good try at trolling but you’re going to have to put more effort. Tell me more about how many features in updates have costed us money…

    • Dec. 13, 6:39pm

      +1 to Aron as well xD

  85. Dec. 13, 3:06pm

    This is like searching the house for xmas gifts, opening them, then wrapping them back up. I feel dirty.

    • Dec. 13, 4:35pm

      I feel u, I saw (read) something I should not have.

  86. Dec. 13, 3:04pm
    Ferrari Enthusi

    Nitro?! That’s cool.

  87. Dec. 13, 3:01pm

    I wonder how long this article is going to last. At least we’re getting some interesting news now. I hope Spec III comes soon… if it comes at all.

  88. Dec. 13, 2:54pm

    Spartan was saying there’s something happening for Christmas, I’m not sure it will be some kind of Spec 3.0 but I’d imagine it will probably be the 5G

  89. Dec. 13, 2:47pm

    So GTP is now supporting hackers? That’s great…

    • Dec. 13, 2:58pm

      “Now”? They’ve done it ever since people discovered hybriding around the turn of the millenium.

    • Dec. 13, 3:20pm

      I don’t see anything wrong with it. Did he go into other peoples saves and steal stuff? Did he go online using special cars and upgrades? No, he modified his own game data to reveal special hidden stuff, with no negative consequences for others.

    • Dec. 13, 3:25pm

      Uhhh…… there’s a hybriding section….

      so… what do you mean “Now”

    • Dec. 13, 3:37pm

      Is Sorg actually playing and using these new found discoveries? If so, PD might have a case to do something about it. If not, he’s just looking…no harm, no foul. IMHO, it’s like playing a The Beatles record backwards to find the “Paul is dead” secret.

    • Dec. 13, 3:41pm


      The problem with hackers, is that the companies who make the products that they’re illigally hacking, usually aren’t too thrilled about them doing so. They then respond by introducing more/different types of DRM and what not.

      As far as I know, there’s no possible way to hack PS3 games without jailbreaking your PS3, which is quite illigal. And things like that has consequences for all the PS3 (and future PS4) users. It’s dumb enough that this goes on, on the forum. It’s even worse that the Forum owner then decides to promote it. Especially as PD might see it (evidence from the past suggests that PD do occasionally look at GTP).

  90. Dec. 13, 2:37pm

    The only thing that could make this even better is a Suspension option similar to the unique ones offered by the Tuners in GT4. As customizable as the racing suspension we have, but you could lower your car further. :D

  91. Dec. 13, 2:30pm

    In fact, some people already decrypted Forza in order to get their car models into other games. This is not done in Gran Turismo because it has no LOD control.

    • Dec. 13, 2:38pm

      How in the world is that done? The possibilities boggle my mind.

  92. Dec. 13, 2:26pm

    Decrypted source code? Is such a thing even possible?
    Surely the best we could get is some kind of low level machine code?

  93. Dec. 13, 2:24pm

    Nitrous? Heck yeah!!!!!!!!!!! That should make online drags interesting.

    • Dec. 13, 4:28pm

      Racing Super Soft Tires.
      The grippy tire trolls will really squirm at this.

  94. Dec. 13, 2:18pm

    This guy has done an epic contribution to the whol GT community. Thanks a lot!

  95. Dec. 13, 2:17pm

    Now this is the kind of news that keeps me coming back to GTPlanet.

  96. Dec. 13, 2:16pm

    Kaz, you’re screwed now >:D

    • Dec. 13, 2:44pm

      so true XD

  97. Dec. 13, 2:15pm

    nice finding man!!! =D

  98. Dec. 13, 2:15pm

    Wow…and this proves what I was saying since the beginning… Gran Turismo 5 is a HUGE BETA for GT6. GT6 will be the full Gran Turismo experience.
    Wait and see people wait and see…

    • Dec. 13, 2:38pm


    • Dec. 13, 2:46pm

      This makes us wonder how GT6 may be.
      More options and more detailed cars.

    • Dec. 13, 2:46pm

      Or just a continued Spec II update… possible we could see a Spec III by Summer/Fall next year, cause we all know GT6 is being developed for PS4 as there have been PS4 development kits floating around for a while now.

    • Dec. 13, 3:02pm

      Well in that respect aren’t they all BETAs for each other? I mean, source code reveals secrets and unfinished portions of a game in every game ever made… There are chapters, levels, maps, cars, tracks, upgrades…. dozens of aspects that were at some time put into the game and either given the axe or just didn’t have time to finish and develop. This is common practice, not some sort of conspiracy that you’ve somehow uncovered.

    • Dec. 13, 3:07pm

      Makes perfect sense to me. GT5 is nowhere close to be a complete game…

  99. Dec. 13, 2:13pm

    Is this a possible new update…seems like it could be large enough and impacting enough to bring out GT 3.0

    • Dec. 13, 2:16pm
      Maddens Raiders

      No, it’s not a an update. If anything, these are arrayed and disassembled parts to create an update. If you bother to read the article these are simply items that user Sorg found in the source code of GT5.

    • Dec. 13, 2:29pm

      Awh…They should implement this in an update!

    • Dec. 13, 2:44pm
      Maddens Raiders

      Perhaps. 3.0 would be a huge gift for the holiday 2012; however, highly unlikely.

  100. Dec. 13, 2:12pm
    Maddens Raiders

    Gran Turismo Forever.

    • Dec. 13, 5:36pm

      You sound so hypnotized.

    • Dec. 13, 5:53pm
      Maddens Raiders

      And if I am? You mad?

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