Gran Turismo 6 Gameplay Video at Autumn Ring

Polyphony Digital’s fictional track, Autumn Ring, has been a staple of Gran Turismo games since it appeared in the series’ first title.

It’s back in Gran Turismo 6, and GTPlanet can provide the first gameplay footage which highlights the circuit’s updated lighting conditions. For a rough comparison with GT5, here’s an older gameplay video below from YouTuber “DjReminisUK”.

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    I’m missing Gran Turismo real bad, I need to get back in the game so I can give GT Academy a serious, serious run, they shoud have endurance races to really test this guys.

  2. robzombie1230

    To all people complaining about the sound: Did you try to change the dynamic range settings from living room to small/large theater? The overall car sounds are much better then and not so extremely muffled

    1. robzombie1230

      Since GT5 is out and again now with the announcement of Nr. 6 I read again everything on vaccum cleaner cars. As I haven’t played the game for a long time now, i gave the settings a try again (and this on just a 2.0 Stereo Speaker TV) and the difference is extremely big. You have more “roar” and deeper engine sounds. Not worse then in other games (i.m.o)

      It maybe wasn’t a good idea of PD to make the living room setting activated as default…you can’t demand from players, !and game testers! that they first have to look in THIS TYPE of settings menu before playing or having to find something like this out. You put in the Disc and want to play, not having to look through every kind of options first.

  3. FCWC

    First thing I noticed is that they did not fix the “In Car” view.
    You should be able to see your left side mirror from that view.

    The view shouldn’t be preset. IE You should be able to set it sort of like the camera view. Start position is IN car. Can move up down forward back etc. Or limited amounts there of.

  4. MAidioPT

    Actually the engine sound doesnt sound bad. If you are in front of the engine or near the engine its most normal that you hear the “VACUM” thing. but at the back of the car, even GT5 have good sound ( not the best but yea) you know what i am talking about.

    Cant wait for the Game, Game looks very stable, nice Lightning and Shadows, etc….

    1. Magic Ayrton

      No it doesn’t sound bad it sounds downright awful on some cars.. drive a real sports car at some point.

    1. acespizee

      Yep, it is just that. Exactly why the sound will be little better. Too much work to get all the sound right now after they set on making it the way they did with GT5.

      Just Horrible (the sound).

  5. ShiftingGears

    Wow, fantastic A.I. yet again. I’m glad PD are showing that they’re capable of getting the basics right…

  6. JeremiahTB

    With all this engine sound discussion, does anyone really know how they will sound in the final version of GT6? I agree that 5 needed better sound, but has there been confirmation that they have not improved it for the new game?

    1. Magic Ayrton

      It won’t take long until we get that sinking feeling as in 2010 when we all came to the somewhat painful realisation that GT hadn’t really improved in the sound department and in some cases was worse than GT4.

      I sincerely hope that I am very wrong about GT6 though.

    2. Pit Crew

      I petitioned Jordan to maybe give us a Sound Sample in a previous gt6 update in the future, but only time will tell if he’ll actually have the time to do it. With the demo coming up shortly, we’ll probably have to hold out till then.

      The answer to your OP Jeremiah, is no not yet.

  7. Dooky

    Yeah, I’ve gotta add my name to the list of people who are unahppy with the engine sound (and sound in general really). It really detracts from the overall experience and has always been a bugbear of mine.
    The engines sound horrendous!!!! Seriously, the huge majority of cars really do sound like 1 litre Daihatsu’s or Vacuum cleaners.

  8. ILoveCars

    Why are people defending the engine sounds with “go buy a 7.1 surround sound” I have a surround sound, cars still sound videos maybe like 20 premium cars out of 200 sound good but good lord the rest are hideous. Not the mention the gear changes are very very unnatural almost as if they were made with a computer. This is no excuse. Max says he is obsessive about building the perfect simulator. Well sorry to break it to you kaz but cars don’t sound like vacuums. We need to keep bringing this up if we wanna be heard

  9. mr_pepps

    I’ve said this before, but the Lotus Esprit V8 SE (standard) has a cracking eight cylinder soundtrack. One of my favourites. Brings on a broad grin as I accelerate down thru Fuchsröhre towards Adenauer-Forst :-D

  10. acespizee

    Oh and for people saying the Sounds don’t matter. They have just never had any alternative’s but i can tell you, Great sound will have you lapping and lapping a track by yourself just to hear it sing. There is no joy in listening to a blender/vacuum in the wind and pretending its a V5/6/8/10/12.

    Part of the joy of these games is to experience cars you may not ever have the chance to own or drive and a great big part of driving a Ferrari etc is the sound as well as speed.


  11. acespizee

    I you hated, disliked or were very disappointed with GT5, GT6 will not change your mind and may just infuriate you more. If however you loved or liked GT5, then GT6 will be for you.

    I happen to fall into the very disappointed category, but i will still be buying GT6 day one.

    Let me explain:

    I have been a GT fan from day one, buying every version on day one of release. The GT series killed every other driving/racing game for me and made them redundant for someone looking for a realistic driving sim on a console with production cars that you can also realistically tune.

    In the lengthy period in between GT4 and GT5, i started to get a little bored of GT4 but there were no alternatives (or were there ? ).

    I did also own an Xbox and started to cast half an eye over to the dark side which was the new pretender to the crown Forza. But i just could not do it, i mean will it have the same physics or better ? how many cars ? Realism ? Sound ? etc.

    So many questions that i thought Forza just couldnt possibly have the answer to. I skipped it.

    So… still waiting for GT5 and Forza 2 comes out on the new 360 (which i also have). I thought i must resist it, GT5 demands it and (I thought) GT5 with its legendary prestige , 4 game deep heritage, data and know how cant possibly fail me on any count.

    So… still waiting… AND I CAN RESIST NO LONGER.


    I buy a copy of Forza 2, and fire it up. I make sure every assist is off and i take the track. In the first few minutes this game has totally Killed GT 1234 and it was all about the feel. The connection you felt with the cars and the road. All the previous GT games felt like you were skating in comparison, but Forza was able to make you feel the connection between road and car through a pad. wow.

    Then i managed to buy a Civic type R, and sure enough it drove, sounded like and also had the Vtec change point exactly on point. You could also observe this through the telematary, where you will see the xact point were the bhp and torque dips and then rises rapidly after the Vtec point. The Mods, the paint, the tires, the physics. The Dark side truly had me and it ruthlessly exposed how little GT had changed and some of the backward steps it had even taken.

    I was sold , GT was ruined, because i thought if GT cant get that feel and sound right, it is dead.

    GT prologue came out and other various bits of foolishness. I hated them. I hated them for making me love Forza and they seemed to be doing nothing about it.


    Forza 3 Day one purchase and i was fully involved by this point, i started thinking there is no way for GT to come back. However i thought this would only mean that GT5 could only be nothing less than amazing.

    Forza 4 Day one purchase. Forza has earned her keep.

    GT5: Special Midnight purchase, ridiculous day one download,one license test, mixed feelings. BED.

    Next morning, GT5 all day. Back to Forza 4. Hate GT5.

    Confusion sets in, i so want love it, i mean its GT. I have always loved GT. I try and try again. i just cant like it and every time i start to, its like GT slaps me around the face by not letting me uprade my tire widths or brakes to take on bigger faster hot hatches in my little sleeper like i may do in real life.

    I sell it.

    Then some thing felt like it was missing, i mean how could i have a PS with now GT, i had also just got my G25. My PS3 looked moodily at me. I missed the Deep forest and GT5’s rainy, nigh time nurburgring. I needed her back even if it was just to have her in my collection.

    So i did.

    Every thing was well again,
    I set up my G25 and fired her up on GT for the first time. Me, the Tsukuba and a TVR. WOW. I still sounded like crap but, THE FEEL.

    Is this what i was missing by using the pad ??? for me GT is undrivable wid the pad, a mess. With the wheel it was and is sublime.

    Then i went into a race and hated it again, dumb a.i that break when your next to them and offer zero challenge, rolling start time trial races. No real class system and no real way to pick your opponents and modifying is crap.

    Many updates later i come back, ignore the single player, ignore the modifying, keep stock and stick to online. Back in love.

    I have a strong pull to GT that i cant let go and it is still unique in it style of doing things. So i will still be getting GT6, just not hoping for a revolution. That should come with GT7 if not, i am done.

    1. infamousphil

      Of course the next GT will be better, Scott. Some folk just cain’t get it.

      I’ve bounced to FM2 and 3 as well. Not because GT had gone stale, but because there was nothing else to do with it.

      Now that we’re online with GT5, there was no reason to purchase FM4. I’m still working on HighPerformanceStreet classes. IMO both racers missed the mark on some of their cars’ sounds, but not all of them. But, given the number of cars, their rarity and the engine tuning, exaggerates the complexity

    2. ScotteDawg

      @infamousphil – I have played Midnight Club and NFS Most Wanted verrry briefly, but have still fired up GT5 on a daily basis BECAUSE of the online factor! I am one of two Australians who get together with a group of Americans, three Canadians and a guy from Belgium to play a game called Cat & Mouse and I get in a room of Australians and New Zealanders for some clean GT500 racing. It’s the good company I guess!

      But, on the other games I’ve played and games on both X-box AND PS3 that I’ve seen trailers for, the worst part is the graphics – they ALL look like freaking cartoons!! Admittedly, GT5 does have some “cartoonish” qualities to it, but I’m quite sure they will be dealt with by GT6!

      To all you haters out there – To be honest, some sounds DO “miss the mark”, but not one of them sounds like a vacuum cleaner!

    3. researchALLwars

      @PitCrew, that was far from pointless. It was the story of a man who loves Gran Turismo, but is not blinded by this love. I thoroughly enjoyed it and share many of his views.

      I will soon be stepping into the PC racing sim world, and I’m sure I will enjoy it- I just wish I wasn’t being hurried into that decision by PD’s permanent ineptitude. I still hold out hope, but it’s fading fast. I cannot let my emotions make these sort of decisions, and I recommend that all of you take a hard look at yourself and ask if you may be doing just that.

    4. acespizee


      Amen Brother.

      And please people do really research all wars.

      Do not remain sheep.

    5. Pit Crew

      It was pointless to me so get off my back. I could careless if you agree. I had every GT also, but dont feel as though I need to use those experiences to explain to others who are taking a wait and see approach to GT6 why they are sheep for having a positive outlook about its potential. I race online every night collected every car in the game have every BDay ticket Level ticket Rally ticket Muscle ticket GTAcademy car. It doesn’t make me any different from anyone who doesn’t do these things. I got out of it what I put into it.

      I dont need a inside look at someone elses positive or negative experiences with GranTurismo to open my eyes to its faults. You do you and ill do me.

  12. steebz

    I bet all of these haters still buy GT6 at launch so all of their crying is falling on deaf ears as far as i’m concerned. I’m super hyped about it, i don’t care if standard cars are still in the game. I don’t care if the sounds are the same. THAT IS HOW GT SOUNDS! Buy a 7.1 surround sound system like i have. It sounds way better than 2.1 sound.

    1. omgsean1

      Well, I don’t need sound because I like to try new physic and drive few cars which never in GT6 after we get a demo.

    2. bigspleen

      LOL, pathetic post. GT always sounded bad so it doesn’t bother you? So they should never try to improve? The Pd blind sheep are the reason gt has fallen behind the times, low standards.

    3. MeanElf

      The weird thing is, Grid 2 apparently has good sounds…well, so far no one has said anything adverse about it, and yet the gameplay looks terribly false – seems for some people at least, sounds are more important…

    4. ScotteDawg

      Grid 2 – it’s a cartoon as far as the graphics are concerned and the colour is “murky”, not crisp! That’s the problem with a few games out there now, the “murky” shades to them… I guess they are trying to appeal to the people who play FPS’s! Bad move!!

      The fact that these people have been playing FPS’s is why they hate on the sounds so much – it doesn’t matter what type of sound system they’ve got, they have had bullet sounds ringing in their ears and wouldn’t know a car sound until they were hit by a car while crossing the road in their “gopher”!

    5. steebz

      @BIGSPLEEN – “The Pd blind sheep are the reason gt has fallen behind the times, low standards.”

      I am not a PD blind sheep. Far from it, i think PD are quite BAD at PR. Also, their staff who think up these seasonal events need to be fired and deported for having NO IMAGINATION.

      Yes the sounds could be much, much better but Kaz seems to like the way it sounds. The sounds haven’t really changed since GT1 do you honestly think he’s going to change them now? Hardly.

  13. Longa23

    Guys Kaz Yamauchi would’t hear our commenst….
    He only see the $ hin his eyes….
    Why he didn’t talk with the community?
    To make the Game perfekt?

  14. sibbystiggy

    There will be 7 new tracks in GT6, how many layouts/variations do these tracks have?
    has this been confirmed?

    1. MeanElf

      How is that so Scotte? Seven new tracks to GT5 and if the layouts come from those, then they’ll be new also.

    2. ScotteDawg

      @MeanElf – The announcement was for seven new locations and nineteen new layouts! It was never stated that the nineteen layouts are exclusive to those seven locations… So, the seven new tracks MAY only have 18 layouts and they might decide to do a reverse on Laguna Seca OR utilize that tight right/left turn in the middle of Tsukuba Circuit, in which case that would still be the SAME track, but a NEW layout of that GT5 track!

    3. sibbystiggy

      ScotteDawg Laguna seca reverse LMAO!

      Im sure there will be more tracks because lucas ordonez i think it was said that there are so many tracks in GT6 that it will make your hat fall off

  15. Nuuj

    All of this “looks like GT5” business is annoying, what is it SUPPOSED to look like?? Like PS4 CG? I’m not sure what people are looking for–it was already impressive visually, just problems with shadows, Course back drops, and recycled vehicles stood out to me, otherwise the game is still visually superior to this day.. Besides fixing the shading, backgrounds, and Standards–what more could they do to make this look better?

    People on the fence about sound I understand to a degree (a very small one), many vehicles don’t have their personally distinct sound–but they don’t sound like vacuums, people are confusing sounds from movies, low speed driving/idle vehicles, and arcade games with what real high speed racing sounds like, look at your respective Region’s Sport/Auto channels on television and watch real vehicles race, it sounds the same in GT..

    Inside the vehicle the sounds are muffled, outside of the vehicle the wind and open aired environment interfere with the pure sound of the racing machine (especially at high speeds, you hear best when you draft–the air doesn’t muffle the engine/muffler sounds as much), sure sitting idle or at low speeds you hear everything fine in real life–but in GT rarely are you idle..

    They only need to work on Individual Model sounds and ramp up their Idling-Low Speed sounds some, their sound mechanics are just fine–this is about realism, not over exaggeration; if you’re going over 50-60 mph and still expect to hear that exhaust over the draft, you’re not being realistic..

    I’m not a “Fanboy”, GT5 was very disappointing to me, and instead of buying GT6 immediately on release day I’ll be waiting for real reliable reviews–but you are all complaining about things that aren’t problems..

    We need to see more International Representation in our Car List; I understand that the Game is inherently Japanese, but there are far too many European, American, and Australian Heavy Hitters and Legends missing from already licensed Brands–and far too many duplicates or unnecessary Japanese Models, and I agree fully with others who feel like PS2 renditions of vehicles shouldn’t still be in these games.. But to complain about the graphics and sound is craziness..

    1. lancashirelad

      I Agree with some of your comments but on the sound your talking waffle.
      I’ve said it before and will repeat.
      Go on youtube and type gt40 Sebring onboard.
      Listen to the inside engine gear changes.
      This is what I want and probably most people on here.
      I’m no troll just want pd to release a game I will want to buy.
      The amount of time that has been put into this series is commendable but I feel they could use resources better sometimes

    2. Racemachine

      I don’t really care to much about the sound of the cars or having standard cars all I want is a gas pedal, getting gt6 day one

    3. MOV Games

      Yeah, i personally didnt expect any major changes, i mean look at GT1 to GT2, if anything the graphics got worse.

    4. ROFFATI


      regaeding the video on youtube,
      you are right, the sound of the gt40 is nice but imagine it with a helmet on your head.
      It will hardly sound the same way.

  16. euros only

    And it looks exactly like the current game. Why make a new one when the current one is not even close to being perfected. Oh ya I forgot, they want to suck our wallets dry by making us think it’s a whole new game that’s worth buying.

  17. iamsupernasty

    Who was driving and why were they so bad at the game? You’d think an insider would have some talent.

    1. Pit Crew

      A short quote from Jordan, from the last time this stupid question was asked;

      * My goal, however, was to provide you with the best look at GT6 I could offer, not to demonstrate the fastest way around the track.*

    2. ScotteDawg

      Jordan was using a hand held camera on a flexi tripod, set between the wheel and the screen at eye level! This afforded US with the best view, but not him!

  18. Rionmoon

    Yay!!! It looks just like GT5!!!!

    Oh wait…we should be expecting MOAR because its GT6 AND PD had been working on this allegedly since 2010?

  19. smskeeter23

    Trying to catch up on this thread is making my eyes bleed.

    I just want to know if the monkey and nessie have been upgraded to premium.

    1. MeanElf

      Yeah, Nessie comes out of the water and stomps on your car, saying: “Is THAT real enough for you?”

  20. ScotteDawg


    In July we will get the completed demo for the game which is NOT yet completed and probably won’t be until October!

    1. omgsean1

      I want try to stop people from complain on this video because it was record with camera not screen capture device. But I do fail to do on them, I should refuse from tell them or block them from complain again?

    2. Kobooi

      Yes you should try to stop people on the Internet from stating their opinion if it doesn’t match with yours. That always works well.

    3. ScotteDawg

      Sorry guys, my housemate used my account (maybe even my computer) to type this, NOT ME!

      Action WILL be taken!

      (He did the same to me on facebook too!)

  21. omgsean1

    Jordan, Time for you to remove comment on GT6 gameplay video because people who are whining or think GT6 look like GT5, but not true because I post my comment to them. However nobody read my comment, then I refuse go to this video.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      @Allek.. road cars on public roads are driven without helmets here in the UK.. but maybe Kaz should add options with or without helmet and moving windows!

  22. sibbystiggy

    There are already more than 200 premium cars in GT5 which will be taken over to GT6

    + 200 new cars will be added to GT6 which should also be premium, there will also be DLC cars adding more premiums,

    so at release there will be 400+ premium cars + any standards that have been converted to Premiums (seen in trailer, lambo & alpine),

    so if they have converted alot of standard cars & overall there r 500-600 premium cars altogether, that would be freaking amazing!

    this track has time change (maybe weather too), i think all GT original tracks should have time change & maybe weather too!
    that would be great!!!
    (trial mountain at night <3 )

    1. GTP_Versatile

      I’d love to see some tracks at night with lights, similar to what V8 Supercars and F1 do on the Abu Dhabi circuit. Perhaps even Daytona at night, that’d be pretty awesome. But regarding the cars, I wonder if the cars turned premium (countach and alpine) are counted in the 200 new premiums list. If so, then “which” cars get turned premium is the main question.

      I’m sure things will get a lot more interesting once we have more info on what’s to come :)

    2. Pit Crew

      Including DLC cars from gt5 theres more than 1,000 cars. In fact gt5 released with 1,030 cars, so we wont be getting 200 premiums.

    3. StaticVariable

      If the GT5 standards are converted to have a more premium exterior, I will be happy. I realize the time to convert all 1000+ cars to premium (with premium interiors) is a massive undertaking. I typically don’t use the interior view because visibility can be limited on certain cars, so having the interior view isn’t as important to me.

      I do have one request though. Please offer some premium RUFs. That would be fantastic.

    4. sibbystiggy

      i think u may have got the car number a little wrong,

      if there are 1,030 cars in GT5, 230 of which are currently premiums that will be taken over to GT6,

      GT6 has 1,200 cars, which means there will be 170 new cars which will definitely be premium, making it a total of: 400 premium cars in GT6,

      Lambo and alpine add to the standard cars in GT5, which still remain a mystery, could that be the quality of the standard cars in gt6 but just missing interior views?
      or have PD converted a certain % of the current standard cars in GT5 to premiums and taken them over to GT6?

      as seen in the last post PD have abandoned the idea of them dark interior views for standard cars,

      Bt daytona at night aawww MAN! so dreamy, especially with GT graphics! :D
      i really hope that’s the case, that is 1 track that needs to be at night

    5. StaticVariable

      I honestly have no idea what PD plans to do with the standards. Kaz said all cars would be available in photo mode, so that hints at a premium-like exterior for all cars. Hopefully that happens.

      I agree about your comment on night racing. Some tracks (Rome comes to mind) would look great at night. Maybe more clarity around day/night cycles for each track will be presented at E3.

    6. Pit Crew

      Sibbystiggy, not including the DLC cars, there was 1,030 then of the 1,030, 208 are premium, subtract the 16 premium that are RM there are 192 premiums, not including the DLC premiums, Free and purchasable, plus the 9 GTAcademy cars.

    1. sibbystiggy

      A new spec can’t bring this many features m8 & nor change the graphics or even change the physics this dramatically from GT5,
      so look forward to it if u want the current problems with GT5 fixed, more cars, tracks, quicker load times etc.

      These new features tweak up most of the game & i think this massive list of improvements are enough to call it a new GT

    2. ScotteDawg

      It’s like saying that GT5 is really just GT1 spec 8…

      GT2, 3, 4 and 5 were ALL a different game to GT1, so GT6 is (being different again) GT6!

    3. Rionmoon

      What would make that a lot less MASSIVE an undertaking is to not premium EVERY freaking S2000, Skyline, Z-whatever and MX-5. That would save a lot of time and create less fan boredom and complaints

  23. Rushton1996

    I hope the team at PD, in selection of DLC. cars come to us, the Gran Turismo community for which cars to include and hold votes in which cars they add

    1. MeanElf

      I think that the trouble there is the length of time needed. It would work if they asked now for a vote on a GT7 car list though.

    2. Allek

      I believe most (if not all) DLC cars are already modelled by now, just waiting to be released one by one.

  24. researchALLwars

    something wonderful I’ve noticed in this GT6 video- even when going in and out of the shadows, the instrument cluster stays brightly lit. In GT5 the cluster is pretty weak to begin with, followed by total blackout when you enter a shadow.

    Well. Another one bites the dust.. : )

  25. ILoveCars

    As a Nissan owner. That sounds nothing like my z! COME ON that doesn’t tlhave that Chewbacca distinc sound. WoW all they had to do was strap a Mic to the exhaust and drive it down an air strip. Take my car and do it just do it!!!!!

    1. Magic Ayrton

      I agree, I have owned 3 Z’s – 240 – 350 and 370Z and although this sound is fairly (similar) there is no detail or character, in other words the sound is flat.. A 370Z almost vibrates it’s way through the rev range (like harmonics) and gets louder and more aggressive as it reaches it’s 7500 rpm redline. Please make these sounds more melodious.

    2. ScotteDawg

      @ILoveCars – Really? Are you that bloody stupid? First off, you obviously haven’t seen or read ANY of the other videos or articles regarding GT6 on GTPlanet, have you!? Second, GT6 is not even finished yet, nor is the demo that will be released in July! Third, the video above is only a D E M O N S T R A T I O N of the VISUAL changes! Lastly, the demo above was recorded on a hand held camera with mono sound, NOT fekking stereo!!! RESEARCH BEFORE COMMENTING!

    3. Pit Crew

      Don’t waste your time ScottieDawg, these haters are stuck on the sound issue, even after Jordan explained the reason why engine sound in the video was the way it is in the X-Bow video. Their determined to find problems with every update we get.

    4. MLRSparco

      How are we haters,all we’re trying to do is improve the game I highly doubt that when GT6 is finished the sounds will somehow drastically change and sound perfect unless PD finally listens to us and changes it.

    5. Pit Crew

      ^ If you say so, all I know is that this video is not about the sounds, but somehow a majority of the conversation is just about that. I hope a vast majority of the car engine sounds improve too, especially once aftermarket parts are added, which is were most of the sounds issues really are, but im not gonna make a mountain out of a mole hill about it and continue to go off on petty rants to the degree I won’t be able to enjoy gt6, because PD didn’t follow my advice. Every GT has had this issue, yet the fanbase has gotten bigger despite that, because the non haters have gotten over it and moved on.

  26. mr_pepps

    Oh and the point of the vid seems to be about lighting improvements. I think the ‘new’ circuit looks excellent with a setting sun :)

  27. mr_pepps

    Can anyone see smoke/dirt clouds in the rear view mirror? I can’t make it out but am viewing on my phone – would be v. happy if the mirror sees some improvement.

  28. Nuuj

    I agree that GT’s AI is very weak, but if you compare it to other Titles I’ve seen mentioned here, you see a lot of “rubberbanding” and “rabbits” in those Games, also there’s a lot of over-aggressive driving that would cause DQ’s in sanctioned races, or UFO like physics/cornering from opponent cars–which is in and of itself unrealistic, GT doesn’t do unrealistic (where it can help it)..

    I think they feel this is better than having “cheating” AI, but I still hope they figure out a way to make it feel more like a RACE when you have to face CPU opponents, I know its possible seeing as some of my B-Spec Drivers (when pushed) would give me a good run for my money if I could face them.. PD may implement these attitudes with the other Drivers, maybe GT4-5 was experimentation with it (pure speculation and hope)..

    1. MeanElf

      True about the UFO physics model and over aggressive AI in other games, that can be far more frustrating – good points all around.

  29. Schwarzkrieger

    The biggest problem in Gran Turismo actually calls KAZUNORI YAMAUCHI!!!! The man lose the focus on your product, the videos above prove that.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Is it that some people can’t read or are they just too lazy? I have seen every video and read every article regarding GT6’s release!

      A part of the information I have taken note of is that the above DEMONSTRATION is that it is just that – a DEMONSTRATION! It is also recorded with mono sound on a hand held camera (on a tripod to keep it steady)!

      So, to sumbrownkid, :tup:

  30. Magic Ayrton

    Qualifying, better AI, better engine and atmospheric sounds along with other improvements announced will keep us all happy I am sure.

  31. Inixi

    I don’t know guys, but if you noticed – there are only 6 cars on the track. Are we going to have back only 6 cars? So much effort and excitement to finally race more than 6 cars and now we move backwards?!
    I hope that it is only a demo, so in the final version we will have full grid, not only 6 cars during the race…
    I wish also to have AI during 2 Player races…

    1. Pit Crew

      Oh for petes sake dude, its obviously a GTAcademy time trial ( See the GTAcademy Logos on all the cars) not an example of what the full game would have pertaining to total number of cars on the track. The GT6 demo and GTAcademy community trials release the same time, and these are the examples Jordan has been using.

      Your membership to Hateration Nation has been approved.

    2. HarVee

      Hateration Naton?

      Hmm… I’ve got two tickets to paradise. Won’t you pack your bags, we’ll leave tonight…

  32. Praggia

    OK all it comes down to is a matter of opinion. Some of us like where PD is going with GT some of us don’t.
    REGARDLESS we all have a right to air our views

    Having said that lets also not bash the “fanboys” etc
    GT for most people is like a marraige of some sorts and you learn to accept your “partner” faults included

    I too have many issue with GT but I still have hope that some concerns many of which are shared amongst us will be dealt with eventually.

    In my opinion GT should not be tested by game reviewers at all before release but by actively involving users which is a very pc term or rather players in the GT community for more accurate feedback or at least for a better feel as to what we really want.
    just my two cents :)

  33. omgsean1

    First of all, I was start feel like I hate immature people who think GT6 look like GT5, but not true because I already know about the GT series since I play GT3 as my first game on ps2 till GT5 for online before this game demo arrive to PSN for try new physic and almost everything if I want to drive any cars.

  34. Praggia

    oh this may be off topic but the vehicles ride height in GT games are unrealistic
    By that I mean the standard ride height
    whats that about?

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Well it’s like the muted sound.. you add performance goodies and it makes a pronounced difference… except in the case of sound it actually makes gameplay unbearable.

      You can lower the suspension…

  35. diegorborges


    Wait for the demo and final GT6 on release to review and then, complain if necessary.

    1. Devedander

      Haha it’s like GT5 release all over again… same comments and mindset, different day…

      How is it an early build when it’s basically GT5 + 2 years work?

    2. MeanElf

      Because the physics is different, tyre model too – that needs to be set up and tested like any new game, that would put it at an early build stage.

  36. TokoTurismo

    So. Are there still trolls trollin the GT News? Complaining for the sake of complaining? DEAF when it comes to engine sounds? These trolls are just to cute. XD

    1. Slonkoo

      @Toko: where have u been? Mate I miss yor comments around here :) Pliz tell them haters how it is and how it should be ;)

  37. bigspleen

    WOW what a disappointing video. AI looks atrocious…The more I see/hear the less I even want GT6.

    1. bigspleen

      lol, fanboys cannot even come back with anything but immature trolling, truth hurts. Ai from 1998.

    2. TokoTurismo

      Look who’s telling people who’s trolling… HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! You said you don’t want GT6, than why do you keep coming back to it, that’s all I’m asking. U mad? Poor baby. XD

    3. bigspleen

      mad? I’m not the one stalking someone online and crying because someone is not a blind sheep when it comes to PD’s continued incompetence.

    4. TokoTurismo

      Uh oh. Somebody is getting serious. XD First of all, I don’t stalk others “online”. Second, I’m not the one going through every thread in the forums never having anything good to say about GT6 despite small info.

      Now you answer me now (that’s IF you can). You said one time you weren’t going to buy GT6. Why do you keep coming back to read about it? That’s all I’m asking, nothing more. Doubt you’ll answer my question so instead I’ll let you be to do whatever you want for all I care.

      Have a nice day.

    5. Pit Crew

      @TokoTurismo He needs attention bro. You know misery loves company. Very doubtful any of his days are nice unless hes constantly complaining.

    6. bigspleen

      Is there a new forum rule where if someone doesn’t buy GT6 they cannot post? Can you show me that rule? Who are you forum police? I am a fan of the series over the years, I can post where and when I like chump, nothing you can do about it.

      You always pop up as soon as I post, get a life, stop stalking me like a mouth breather psycho, GT obsessed fan.

    7. TokoTurismo

      @Pit Crew I know what you man. I think he expects one or something. :D

      @bigspleen I’m not stalking you I just commented that’s it. Holy you get mad to easily. :)

    8. MeanElf

      Bigspleen – you must admit it is a bit odd if you have already stated you’re not interested, to continue to state that. I’ve seen it on other forums, where certain people hang around to continually harp on about a particular game, even years later – what have they achieved?

      There is a life out there, move on or it might start to sound like trolling.

    9. TokoTurismo

      ^ I couldn’t have said it any better myself, very well said MeanElf. :) :tup: :tup: :tup:

  38. JackC8

    The guy’s basically driving like crap, yet he makes up two seconds on the leader in one lap. Say hello to another career mode where you’re just driving past the AI cars like they’re sitting still to catch up with the one guy who started the race with a half-lap advantage.

  39. Roxa_p

    I don’t know if its mentioned yet? If you look good to all cockpit replay whe’ve seen yet. You can see a better and and cleaner car in the rearview mirror on Autumn. The X-bow side-mirror shows a real reflection compared to GT5 it was like looking on a second screen in Ps2 mode.

  40. Magic Ayrton

    I am no game developer.. but all you have to do is take a real BMW M3 for example, drive it around a track with high tech recording equipment and mics strategically placed around the vehicle then analyse it, then replicate it within the game. With an $80 million dollar budget this should be acheivable no?

    1. Magic Ayrton

      But unlike you Droogie I have sense (and ears) and know that the sound does not compare to my real life sports cars.

    2. MeanElf

      Yes, you have a sports car…

      So where’s this $80 million figure come from? First I’ve heard of it.

    1. Nuuj

      PS3 > Xbox One

      I will not buy a System that is going in the direction of that Console, I don’t care what the Graphics look like.. Sony better also take heed, people are already running from the new Xbox and it’s not even released yet lol..

    2. ScotteDawg

      Haven’t seen Forza 5 demo – can’t comment…

      Hang on, did I say DEMO?

      That’s right, this is only a demo of THE demo of GT6 that will be released in July , and it was only recorded in mono!

      Anyway, the X-box is a Microsoft product and Microsoft want you to PAY just to be online in their network… The PlayStation Network is FREE! The X-box controller is awkward and gives me a sore hand (I’ve played my uncle’s X-box)… The PS3 controller is ergonomically deigned and feels very comfortable! Therefore, PS3 (PS4) > X-box (360 or One)!

  41. Magic Ayrton

    HA! just bought an BMW M3 V8 and it sounds like a fly in any state of tune… what a joke :-(

    1. Pit Crew

      After 2yrs 7 months you just brought the M3 ? Ok maybe your talking about real life? No that can’t be it, its a joke, gotta be a joke,im convinced its a joke, I sure hope its a joke….

    2. Nuuj

      I don’t even think it’s possible that it took that long before that purchase, its only one of the best German Machines in the game (recent models at least), he was just making a point about the Sound (or lack there of -_-)..

    3. Pit Crew

      OP clearly says He just Bought the M3, giving the impression it was a rescent purchase, and far as the sound, The M3 sounds fine stock or tune. Now if he said the 70 Challenger or 90 ZR1 for example, I would agree but sad thing is the video isn’t about the sound at all, but everyones harping on it, over and over again, to the point that now it seems many are looking for problems were they don’t exist.

    4. Magic Ayrton

      I drove a real M3 at the BMW dealership and then bought one in the game.. believe me the problem exists. Everyone knows about it too.

  42. oneloops

    It takes 13 seconds (just 2 corners) to overtake the 1st Nissan who starts 50 meters ahead.

    No way, STOP saying we can’t criticise AI in this GT6 demo. How can you defend that AI skills ???

    1. oneloops

      To explain myself about poor AI, i think a good IA would be if the car brakes like a human racer, in a degressive way into the corner, so you let free the brakes in the apex of the corner. In GT5 and this GT6 demo cars brake much before the corner and they wait and they touch a bit the brakes again and push the throttle late.

      So for a better AI : Brake later and degressively to the apex and push the throttle before, since the apex.

    2. oneloops

      From 00’23” to 00’29” of the video you can see the orange car that doesn’t brake degressively to the apex and doesn’t push the throttle progressively after the apex.

  43. tsupra1822

    Yeah GT6 has a working clock on the Nissan it will be awesome if it is synced with the ps3 time

  44. jhw93

    I find this site extremely useful as it provides news faster about GT6 and GT in general faster than any other site, however it annoys me a little when I read some of the comments that people post. The sort of comments are what these people claim to be ‘criticism’, when in fact it’s just people that are either trolling or just complaining for the sake. I’m sure that some of them are people that are genuinely criticizing because they think it will benefit the game somehow but it is difficult to look at it that way with most of the comments.
    After reading comments such as; ‘Engine Sounds are lame’, AI is poor’, ‘pathetic AI’, ‘Sounds like a vacuum cleaner’- It is extremely difficult for me to believe these people are actually concerned and trying to help the series. This criticism is in no way shape or form constructive nor is it useful. Engine Sounds are lame- why are they lame? how could they be improved? AI is pathetic – How is it pathetic? how do you think it can be improved? Without any elaboration on these simple remarks they are no use to anyone, in fact it just encourages the comment section to become a place for people to bicker and argue.

    Yes someone will reply saying that that they are free to ‘criticize’ and show their feelings towards the game, but if your gonna make proper criticism then do it constructively and make suggestions how it could be better. I know some people who read this are gonna think ‘oh it’s just some fanboy trying to protect the game’ but stuff like ‘sounds like vaccum cleaner’ is just trolling. I agree with a chap that said in a post earlier that these remarks and complaints aren’t gonna make a difference if they are not useful.

    I share some concerns of my own about GT6, me personally I would like to have b spec campaign removed and just have b-spec as an option on races in one campaign. However, at this point in time the complaints that people have are not that logical. We have literally only seen a few minutes worth of gameplay and people are talking about AI primarily, yes to an extent I agree, GT has never had strong AI but it is silly to make complaints about GT6s AI after watching a mere 2 mins of it.

    Sorry to rant but this is very early days yet, there’s much more to find out about the game in upcoming months… We have seen very little and thus cannot really make complaints until we have played it or seen an extensive amount of footage. We can share our concerns thats fine…. but criticism at this point in my opinion is not necessary. The game has already been victim of countless trolling and it’s not even out yet and you can tell by the comments that some people are just complaining for the sake of it. I really hope that this sorta dies down because it is creating a negative thing around the game and as fan of the game and as a gamer it’s sad to see.

    1. MeanElf

      So there are some rational people here :) Wheeee! I like your post jhw. I’d also like to think that people would take notice of this, especially as it is well structured and you took time out to state your feelings.

      It can be very depressing reading the sheer amount of pointless criticism here. Like you, I’ve no problem with rational thoughts expressed as doubts, or facts – it’s the troll grunts that serve no purpose other than the poster’s gratification that get me in turn annoyed.

      The forum is fairly well protected, but these news items seem to be left to police themselves.

    2. oneloops

      jhw93, You really think that saying “AI is poor” is trolling ?

      Take a time trial in PRO difficulty with a normal car, with normal skills you can overtake avery car in the first corner you arrive next to him and you will never been overtaken (only if you go out of the track).

      If we explain why we criticise GT5 and GT6 demo, we are not trolls, we want to improve GT6 in some issues, that are not so difficult to improve (in comparission of modelling work, graphics and physics…)

    3. MeanElf

      It is indeed. I just wish I’d remembered this quote from Portal before – quite appropriate really: “Fantastic! You remained resolute and resourceful in an atmosphere of extreme pessimism.”

      Oneloops – I don’t think everyone who complains is being accused of trolling – but you must agree that there are a lot of posters who come on here, just shout something and never return to answer or acknowledge any corrections.

    4. Pit Crew

      Agreed jhw. Bravo.

      True Mean Elf

      Then there are the ones who after getting put in their place in the main forum, after weeks of defending their skewered reasoning for GT6 to be on PS4, they come to the news thread and critique every gt6 update we get.

    5. Olegonic

      If you have red ALL comments, you could had found some VERY constructive comments for GT improvement.
      Regarding complaints, as long as there is NO official PD – GTCommunity feedback existing, complains IS the ONE and ONLY form of crying out GT game problems. PD DOES read this forum, no doubt, so we try to deliver them our thoughts about game through this radical method of “feedback”. I WISH GT series continue to improve, but it would never happen without feedback from hardcore playas!

    6. biftizmo

      @Goleg…didn’t you notice the game was improving just fine for years….well befor you came along with your advice how it should be done…

  45. BHalpen

    After watching Monaco Gran Prix today I realized how out of date the current GT5 version is of the track. Hopefully GT6 will be recreated more accurately. Alot of the tight virtual corners did not seem as sharp in real life and this would greatly help if there is again a B-spec AI controlled option for this course. Pit lanes are facing backwards in GT5 compared to reality and there are now grandstands on opposite sides of the track. Not to mention how better the lighting could be, like it is here. When coming out of the tunnel there is no dark to bright light effect in GT5 either.

    1. disinfected

      Côte d’Azur is a fictional recreation, not a licensed replica. It’s not supposed to match 100%

    2. hobanator24

      @disinfected. even so, but the track hasn’t been updated since GT3. All other fictional & non-fictional courses have come a long way since their first appearance.

    3. MeanElf

      True, an updated version would be very cool. At some point maybe PD will get the license to create the modern track.

  46. A_Higher_Place

    Jordan, the AI still looks terrible… was this the case?

    Were there any plans to get rid of 1x rolling starts?

  47. biftizmo

    Complainers……why do u insist on complaining on this Gran-Turismo Fan site….GT should be this that the other..more like this game and the should have this that and the other…it doesn’t because it’s Gran-Turismo…they built loads of other games for the things you like..go play them….GT is not those games because its different…and different for a reason….if all games were the same that would be just wrong we would never have got the academy for one..this game is about one mans dream that he shares with millions like it or not…go with it and enjoy it or get out…to think you can change things by complaining goes against all those that like it as it is..I guess GT is so good that people love to hate it as much as people like to love it….get with it and get as much out of it as you can…that’s what I say…

    1. biftizmo

      If you mean perfect as in like other games….it’s not..but this is Gt it’s different ….if you can’t see why millions of people like it anyways…then you should go play those other games….for me GT is doing something that no othere game can ever do….you just can’t see it….open your eyes….and think outside the box and you might learn something about what Kaz is up to….it’s really clever…stuff …years in frontt of the technology. Things that or happening now and years to come could have never happened if it wasn’t built into the game years ago….go away and have a think about it…

  48. Rick74

    Those sounds are still not that great. Ill end up picking up gt6 cause I love the franchise. But man.. Improve what is wack gone through six games and can’t improve it or somethin?

    1. ScotteDawg

      @Rick74 – The “demo” above is only a demo of the demo that will be available in July! It was recorded in mono so it won’t sound perfect!

  49. DYLAN777-is-not

    I want better sounds. Scew AI and graphics or standard vs premium cars give me real driving noises! This aint the 90s.

  50. Johnnypenso

    If this video was released to showcase the game, the person who made that decision should be fired. Get someone who can drive for God’s sake and show off some driving skills!!!!!

    1. Jordan

      I’m just a fan who wanted to capture and share video of GT6. I bought a special audio cable and flexible tripod to mount the camera in a position which would provide the best vantage point above the wheel – this just happened to be directly between my face and the TV. I couldn’t see around my camera without leaning forward and out of the race pod, which left me in a very awkward position. That, combined with the new physics and no audio that I could hear while playing, and I wasn’t surprised my driving was so poor. My goal, however, was to provide you with the best look at GT6 I could offer, not to demonstrate the fastest way around the track.

    2. Pit Crew

      You know it’s a sad day on gtplanet when the Founder has to explain himself.

      I appreciate your efforts Jordan. Thank You.:tup:

    3. Maddens Raiders

      Thanks for the video Jordan. This game is an absolute joy and it’s really nice to have someone that loves it as much as you do and brings us this info. Greatly appreciated.

    4. MeanElf

      True that Pit Crew. Johnnypenso should know better, considering how much he posts on the forum…or maybe not.

    5. kazach

      Altough i say often that iam disappointed by the gt6 we have seen so far, i have to say that complaining on jordan who shows us the game maked you an asshole. Do you ever crash? Yes i know you do, you just need to complain on peoples misstakes because you are such a medd yourself. Funy for your future working buddied….

  51. Magic Ayrton

    The demo will be a great decider for many.. I truly hope PD have this one nailed.. It would be in everyone’s interest.

  52. Racemachine

    Even with the problems with gt5 I still love it and been playing it almost every day for 2+years so gt6 will be better and can’t wait!

  53. ScotteDawg

    Correct me if I’m wrong but, last night I finally got around to doing the Japanese Classics races, and I swear that the AI has been beefed up a touch…
    Normally the AI will just let you pass, but in one race I got turned around, run off the road and other cars were blocking me!
    Is PD adding this to GT5 as a hint at what’s being done in GT6?

    Or was it just my imagination?

    1. odog8

      I haven’t played the single player in a while, mainly because of the pathetic AI. I may go give it a try and see if I can notice anything different. The AI is the biggest annoyance to me in GT5, and I hope to God that it is better in GT6.

    2. infamousphil

      Sometimes Scotty, after about an hour with the AI, I get tired and begin to think that the AI are behaving peculiar ;)

    3. diegorborges

      Learn one thing about GT5: it’s not as good as it could be but sometimes things aren’t as bad as people say here… The AI was worse… in some seasonals I’ve seen them passing each other and some fun stuff happening, but its really rare.

    4. Allek

      I believe AI behaves more naturally when all assistances are off and aggressiveness is set to 10. They tend to make more mistakes, breaking late and leaving the track more often. Sometimes they even drive their cars into yours like crazy.

    1. MeanElf

      How does Autumn ring in late afternoon look the sme as the GT5 Autumn ring at permanent noon? You must have missed the low sun angle shining into your eyes…or maybe you weren’t really watching it.

      And if you are serious about basing your feelings on a demo build, not a release build, then I don’t know what to say…

  54. omgsean1

    I sick of whinner in gtplanet and youtube because many people don’t understand between GT5 and GT6, but I will try a demo before preorder it.

  55. evotime24

    All you whinners might as well ask for a real car to be included with the game. Its just a game. Oh and im definitly getting it.

  56. Brache

    I am a huge GT fan, still playing GT5. But sadly I must say I am getting a bit underwhelmed looking at this “gameplay”. I am really hoping they beef up the AI in this.

    1. AlfaFoxSierra

      Same here man. The AI is my biggest concern for GT6. In GT5 the races are very easy, there is no resistance, the computer simply let you pass. And I hope they bring back the limitations to the championships. A stronger singleplayer would be fantastic.

  57. Tatsuo76

    Sooo excited about GT6 and that the required console is already in my possession. Besides, it was about time a game arrived that could take me away from gt5, which I’ve been playing for over 2 years now.
    It’s a shame that some people don’t find the thorough enjoyment in this game or don’t notice the incredible pursuit of perfection that PD has been doing for fifteen years now.
    If sound is an issue, an you’re not willing to invest in a decent 7.1 system (or a good headphone for that matter) and it keeps you from buying this game, than its your loss I guess.
    Fail to see how some of you do want to invest in the ps4 then.

    1. lancashire lad

      I have a good surround sound system!
      GT5 engine gear changes suck whatever volume you play it at.

      Follow these easy steps to see what i mean.

      1. Go on youtube
      2. Type GT40 sebring onboard
      3. Turn up your volume on WHATEVER sound system you have.
      4. Listen while you have an eargasm
      5. Boot up GT5 and drive a GT 40 and weep.

    2. Starciller

      I just went on YouTube and did exactly what you said and immediately got chills. And a good sound system won’t help the sound issue GT5 has sadly.

  58. tube chaser

    Visuals = Playboy Magazine
    Sounds = Yellow Pages

    I don’t care though, I’m getting this day-one! I expect the moaners will too hehe.

  59. ChicoMaloXD

    What I don’t get is Why the hell when I’m on the garage screen in GT5 and switch to any car, the start up and engine sounds ARE F*CKING AWESOME. BUT ONCE ON THE TRACK everything is TOTAL BS!?

    I guess they will make realistic engine sounds a sell point for GT7 on PS4 with the ‘new hardware’ excuse and GT6 will be as bad as GT5…

    1. MeanElf

      Yes, of course it will be…because you have such a rational, considered opinion I think you must be right…

  60. Ittybitty Stigy

    To people saying. ”Oh this game is gunna suck…they better improve the sound or I’m not buying…it’s pretty much the same as gt5.” Why don’t you stop complaining and have fun with what you have. Nobody is forcing you to play the game. If (and most people who comment seem to do this) all you do is complain, play something else, because again…nobody is forcing you to play.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Nobody is forcing you to read their comments either.. people are fed up with the same rehashed game that’s all.. no crime in that, hopefully PD will listen. That’s all.

    2. TheGTGuy

      If your fed up with the game then don’t buy it and stop commenting on GTPlanet, it’s better without whiners.

    3. Ittybitty Stigy

      Muoniula…when did I tell someone to leave GTplanet? Please read comments before you respond…

  61. BTR330

    i’m amazed about some comments i read on here when skipping through the forum,the fanboyism about GT6 is pretty much outta control on GTP…

    and before you guys come up with the usual rhetoric calling me a little spoiled kid or saying i’m a forza troll coming on here to hate or whatever,your totally wrong i’m day one GT racer and bought every GT on first day off availability,i even bought a ps3 at launch 2007 for GT5,sold it when realized GT5 is nowhere near and bought another one in 2010 one week before GT5,so i ain’t a hater,i actually enjoy GT5 pretty much it is part of my daily business,and i will get GT6 most probably also on day one,knowing exactly what i have to expect from PD and what not,but from what i saw until now,there is absolutely nothing mindblowing what has been revealed yet.

    and to all the guys,who are so tired about negative complaints,this is a forum,and forums are actually about sharing your personal opinion,even though personally i would not come up here moaning about anything i’m not happy about,but it is undeniable that GT,despite being a great game,is far away from being perfect,and i did read a few comments on here poiting out on some absolutely valid critisim,but getting immediately attacked by some fanboys,getting called hater,go play this or that or whatever.

    one example of the most ridiculous/funny fanboy statements that have been made on here was about the damage model, saying ‘GT has always been about the beauty of the cars and not about crashing,if you want to crash go play forza ,NFS or burnout’. ‘realistic’ damage model…what is so hard to understand bout that? (by the way would’nt be surprised that many people coming with that ‘GT is about driving not about crashing go play forza/nfs etc’ argument,are mainly crash drivers who probably don’t want to see replays of their races with their car totally messed up at the end of the race lol). but fact is that the damage model of GT is pretty much a disgrace to a game that calls itself a ‘simulator’,and a poor decision of PD not improving on that.

    same thing with the sound of the cars,if you come and say: wow GT has awesome race sound,you must be definately a fanboy…the sound of the cars in GT are ok ,not that bad as some discribe it ironically (hoover,dyson lol etc), but overall nothing more then average,and if there aint a improvement on that in GT6,that would be another fail from PD…

    and concerning the topic, to be honest i couldn’t care less about it, i am absolutely not interested in any type of fictional track even if there where in GT before, i’d rather take 3 real world tracks then 20 fictional ones,i really hope the 7 announced tracks will be real ones and no remakes,otherwise it would be another dissapointment for me…but ok it’s PD,i know what i have to expect,and i say this with no hate,it’s just a straight analysis how i view the things,although i’m still looking forward to GT6 because it is still an awesome game so far you play online, and hoping for some good surprises, but i won’t fall in their basic marketing hype trap like this teasing with some single models of cars like with the R8 GT3 or upgraded countach etc,nothing to be hyped about…bring me pikes peak with the 405 T16, the entire GT3 grid at game launch, premium ruf’s ,all group B rallycars,all ford RS models and cosworth’ ,E30 m3 , testarossa,F50 ,lambo jota just to name a few..that i’d be hyped about…but that will probably be the stuff we will have to pay for..GT6 on PS3 is mainly nothing else then maximum profit for sony in a short time if you ask me…;D

    1. omgsean1

      Good comment, I will buy GT6 with my own money. However, should I wait for release or preorder collector’s edition/regular?

    2. Phouchg

      The anti fanboyism is even more funny I think. Anyway about the sounds, I know many guys hate them and want distorted raspy and heavy engine sounds.
      I realised one day when pushing my every day car a bit that you really don’t hear the engine in those kind of cars. It’s just wind swooshes and stuff like that. So I imagine it’s hard for polyphony to make it as realistic as possible and still make it realistic. I guess pd leaned in to the realism and that makes it a bit unexciting.

      About race cars, and more exciting cars I don’t really know. Guess they should be more beefy, if you don’t imagine the sound from inside a helmet. Anyway, it would be cool if the sound beefed up a bit even on TV speakers.

    3. oneloops

      But what about if we have the entire GT3 grid (i want it too ! ) but the race is like always, 8th place 40 seconds from the first and you overtake easily in the first turn you arrive, because they brake as agresively as my mother in her “Twingo”… what a waste of work…

    4. infamousphil

      Posts like yours amaze me, BTR. The contradictions are so repetitive, I don’t know what you’re saying. Maybe if you take off the headphones, put down the pipe and collect your thoughts, you may just manage a cognitive sentence or two.

      I probably ‘GT’ as much as you do and have been at it as long as well. Nothing and no one is perfect so there will always be disagreement, on all sides.

      As far as the issues you’ve brought up… I don’t like cosmetic damage. To those who are not satisfied with PD’s “warp” effects, I say “don’t be happy until we get FlaminRickyBobbys, dancing around their burned out hulks at trackside.

      I prefer the variety GT offers in tracks and cars. The track creator is an awesome addition, once you figure it out and your visitors have the patience to negotiate corners reason. Not a fan of spec racing… the drone of inline 4s or flat 6s are no comparison to the ebb and flow of turbo 6s, big block V8s and high revving V10s and 12s dueling for position. My heart skips a beat when slowing to pit in anticipation of hearing the vorosity(?) of human ingenuity passing by.

      Yes, I heart replys and photo sessions.

    5. HarVee

      I’ve actually found the complainers or haters or whatever words people wish to classify them as more hilarious. I mean have you seen Earth’s comments? I can’t stop laughing when I read those ones.

      Its almost as if these people have such high expectations, that they are willing to allow they’re negativity cloud their judgement. But, on the other end of the spectrum, I guess the same could be said for the “fanboys” too.

    6. BTR330

      @ infamous : sorry but i don’t see any contradiction in my post , just because it is neither black,neither white does not necessarely mean that it does not make sense what i said there,there is a world in between, and not everybody who has sumthing to critisize is necessarely a hater or a whiner either.there is no need for feeling personally attacked (i don’t mean you there explicitly) just because someone has an other opinion on an subject. but ok ,maybe i’m to old for this site also…

      anyways, what i ment is myself (and majority of my friends) are racers that are trying to simulate driving as close as possible to the reality, and crashes are,either if you like it or not,just part of motorsport and ever will be,so improvement on that side would have been more then welcome,and needed, to expand the REALISM in the game…i really don’t see the link between wanting a decent, more realistic damage model,and being a crash driver who should go play NFS..thats absurd and ridiculous!!! i’d say it’s rather the opposite,unknown crash pilots/rammers who joins our rooms would be way more easy identified on track,and if even little crashs would be having effects on the driveability,i guarantee you online GT would become a better place…

    7. BTR330

      @onelooops : honestly , i would highly recommend you to try the online racing section in GT, i get the point of don’t wanting to race with other people,being social , or not having time for that + it’s pretty much the jungle outside in regular GT,it may be hard to find good people at beginning,but even in the worst rooms there is always a few racers here and there who are worth to add them,and then you can start doing your own thing…there is nothing betta then race against real people if ya find the right ones..;D

  62. RaceReady

    I kinda wish they would re-introduce the manufacturer races from previous titles. Those were fun. Like Race of the Red R.

    1. ScotteDawg

      @RaceReady – Not just the manufacturer races but the Country v Country races! With more countries in the game now, these would be good fun!

    2. RaceReady

      @ScotteDawg- Thats a great idea as well. Those events were difficult but gave great rewards. Like the Toms Chaser LM. Thats car in GT1 was great!

  63. Magic Ayrton

    50% people on here represents nearly the majority.. we have a right to complain and doing it for a reason.. we want engine sounds, gear changes, exhaust sounds (crackle and popping) and all done realistically (unlike Forza) wind noises etc.. it immerses the player..

    No excuse.

  64. Vette_Drift

    I like how the new video shows how much more realistic the suspension model has gotten. when I shifted from GT5 to iRacing, I realized how much I was missing in terms of suspension simulation. in this video (although not as refined iRacing’s physics engine) you can see the VAST improvement in the suspension department. the proper suspension stroke and weight transfer is alot better. Especially between 2:15 to 2:20 when hitting those curbs.

    Yes sadly it still sounds like hoovers…but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss other critical improvements which were made to the game. Especially with suspension and tire models. Kaz is listening, and I’m sure he’s aware if our irritation towards the GT sounds and is probably ‘figuring’ out a way to re-think how to record the sounds.

    …remember this is just on the PS3 which Kaz himself said is very limited.

  65. oneloops

    Silverstone and Autumn ring seems to be too perfect and smooth in asphalt.
    Real circuits have more bumps and abrasion sensation in texture, more imperfections …

    Sorry PD, GT5 is great and GT6 will be even better for sure. We are fanatics of Gran Turismo series and that’s because we want GT6 would be the perfect racing and simulation game :)

  66. Sampaio

    I’ve been following this website since GT5 came out, and only today did I register so I could comment the following:
    How come no one said good things about the new suspension system? This video shows g-force consequences very clearly from the driver’s point of view, such as the car leaning forward under braking, and the other way round under full aceleration. Add 200 new cars, some new tracks including Silverstone, a new tyre system and (also very clear on this video) a new lightning system, and that, for me, are great reasons to buy GT6.
    I also like the fact it will come out on PS3, because I’m not going to buy a new PlayStation, so thank you PD.

    1. kazach

      People are tired of the same formula they have used for 15 years now. And its suppose to be a serious race game but still the cars will not get damaged. And they still sound like vacuum cleaners wich does not have anything to do with weak hardware. There are older games that sounds better and Battlefield Bc2 and Bf3 sounds a thousand times better on the same hardware. Also to release it on Ps3 makes no sense since Ps4 is soon to arrive. You know most people have played on the Ps3 on seven years now, its getting old and its time for something new… Fanboys defending the Ps3 choice are mostly young boys who cant afford a new console without the help of momy and dady….

    2. BMfan

      To kazach

      I personalty think they are still sticking with PS3 because 1) they already have the knowledge to make another game for this console and 2) the new console use’s a completely different cpu architecture and instead of having people whine again because it’s taking to long,so at least people can play something while they get the next version of GT ready and 3) all previous gt games worked the same way.

      You are comparing a racing game to fps games,since you play that,please tells us how the humvee sounds in the game.

    3. kazach

      @ BMFAN
      The humvee along with the tanks sounds way more realistic than anything in Gt. You could also check for sound mods to pc racers if you have any doubt of thr posibilities. Poly are just not capable of doing it right.

    4. kazach

      Ea doesnt make Battlefield. But of course, you are right, would probably be to much work, just like making 1000 cars with todays graphics standard is to much. Id rather have fewer cars with good sound thou.

    5. Roxa_p

      Kazag??? 1 Strange to complain about a game that isn’t released yet. 2 Still other games to choose from.. noone forces you to plat Gran turismo.

      Its like those kids comming into the lobby asking to put srf on so they can win.

    6. MeanElf

      Hey Kazach. I found your closing comment hilarious: “Fanboys defending the Ps3 choice are mostly young boys who cant afford a new console without the help of momy and dady….”

      Ever though that the ‘fanboys’ were just accepting Sony’s announced reasons? It having being almost forty years since I left home, I think it would be strange to rely on my parents to buy a PS4 for me. I will be getting one on launch day even though GT6 will be on PS3 – so that rather banjaxes your argument, eh?

  67. Samus

    To all the people that keep using the “It’s only a demo, it’s a beta, GT6 isn’t finished yet” as an excuse for poor AI, damage, sound etc please do me a favour and watch some of the Gamescom 2009 footage of GT5. Did the AI, damage, sound or any major component get any better from that when GT5 released over a YEAR later? GT6 has been in development for around two and a half years and it has around 5 months to go before it needs to be finished and off for pressing/printing. If you really think the major parts of the game are going to change in that short time when they haven’t in the 2 1/2 years before now you’re going to be in for a shock.

    Not to mention that from a development point of view GT6 is essentially a continuation of GT5, nothing has changed with the hardware or coding practices. If they didn’t improve the sounds, AI or damage for GT5, nor did they improve them in the two years of GT5 updates, nor have they improved in this new demo why would you think they’re going to change in the five months before GT6 releases?

    I want to be optimistic about the game but you guys need to be realistic and smell the reality of what you’ve seen and heard.

    1. Longa23

      Very good comment….!!!!
      I think it too….!!!
      Kaz need some money for his expensive Motorsport Hobby…
      And who has the money?

    2. BMfan

      ” voice an opinion”

      There are at least over 2000 comments for GT6 and I’m sure that over half of them are people bitching.
      In fact if you read the comments from the start of this year will probably be the same.

      It gets so annoying when every second comment is someone with nothing better to do but bitch.(and i wish i wasn’t part of it but I’m so sick of living in a world where all people like to do is bitch and then say it’s constructive criticism)

      To the OP, you say they haven’t improved the sound yet most people that have actually had the game in front of them say it does sounds better even with the stupid TV speakers.

    3. MuoNiuLa

      I can say the same for people who have nothing better to do but attack people who make complaints, even when they’re legitamate ones. It goes both ways.

    4. MeanElf

      That was GT5 Simon – maybe they learned from that. Kazunori seems to have said something about learning from the GT5 launch period.

      Also, as GT6 has had a far shorter development cycle, perhaps old assets such as AI have been left in for the demo and an upgraded AI will be in place by release. Okay, I don’t know that, but it is an option.

  68. Kobooi

    So sounds, AI, damage, is all not important in a driving/racing sim, but lighting suddenly is. I personally blame the fan boys for getting this bland GT6. The only way I will buy GT6 (and I know the fan boys don’t care because they don’t understand Sony/PD is a business) is if the course maker allows track layouts using Google maps. Scenery doesn’t need to be too fancy, just some generic trees/fields/city will do, as long as the curves in the road are exactly like they are in real life. As is not announced, it won’t be in though. No way I’m gonna do another round of chase the rabbit A spec exactly the same as in GT5 but now with better lighting and new (but probably inconsistent till 6.07) tire physics.

    1. omgsean1

      You are right, but I don’t care about sounds because I play so many games without it for fun.

    2. thomZ

      Thank you for your comment, I wanted to post one like this a long time ago… I play GT since GT1 and I probably got my first gold licence before a lot of those fanboys who stand PD in whatever they release, got.

      Seriously ? You should read yourselves : “AI is not important, sound is not important, damages ? No need”. Even the handling was for you “the best in Gran Turismo”, but suddenly : “Oh yeah better handling, more realistic tires grip, that’s a good thing that had to be done”. Don’t get me wrong, I love GT and I take a lot of pleasure playing with it, but when things go wrong, that can also be said, that’s my point of view. Standard cars in GT5 were a joke. Releasing a “uncomplete” game after 8 years of development was also a joke. Now people are happy because a KTM X-Bow suddenly appears in the GT World. Damn that car is from 2009 ! GT5 car list was also already outpassed by at least 2 years when it was released ! Where are the real sports cars ? Ford Focus RS MKII ? Renault Megane RS or Clio RS ? Last Hondas Type R ? Where is the possibility to swap engines ? That’s a racing game after all…

      AI ? In GT you should start a race at the 12th position, with more than 30 sec late on the first and with a PP restriction to have challenge on this game. That’s not racing, that’s “driving”. There is absolutly no challenge in GT races. I remember playing some NFS, Race Driver GRID, (okay, they are not as good as GT) those were freaking game with challenge in which at the last corner you were still playing with the second car fighting for the win. The day GT will have a AI like this, people who loved the current AI will suddenly change their mind (again).

      The sounds ? I saw everything about it here. *Nerdy voice* : “Oh yeah the cars sounds like that because it’s more realistic because you play actually in your living room, so you are not in the actual car so yeah you are like 1000 miles away from laguna seca so you can’t actually hear the car”. What…the…hell ? How can somebody on earth says that GT cars sound good ? Exhaust should pop, burple,… There should be distortion when engine high-revs… Do your hear that in GT ? Do you even get close to a race car in real life ?

      Don’t tell me I’m a Forza fan, I don’t have Xbox and don’t even know how Forza feels in hands.

  69. kollosson

    GT6 looks great to me, i was not expecting any massive improvement in visuals other than the tracks from gt4 being uprated, standards being uprated ( i was expecting no standards but the fact you can now use them in photo mode they must look good and be able to stand up to close scrutiny ) no more blocky stuff around car when looking through smoke and dust, better single player campaign, updated car list etc, i think GT6 is going to be awesome : )

  70. Akizuki09

    Out of curiosity – Does anyone know the size of the audio file per car? I would image part of the reason behind the car audio would be the compression rate messes with the original recording the team records. I extremely doubt the audio is uncompressed on the disc due to the size of the each recording would be massive. Disc limitations could be a factor to why we have the sounds we do, over 1200 cars each with their own sounds would have to take several gigs worth of data per car and even more if it’s presented as uncompressed or raw audio. I mean there’s only so much you can fit on a blu-ray disc, 25-50GB isn’t going to be enough for every car let alone ALL the premiums if Kaz is holding on the uncompressed audio.

    Of course I could always be wrong… Regardless I enjoyed what I saw on the Nurburg video more since it showed the cars looking more alive and active around the track. That for me is what makes the game fun, I enjoy pushing the cars to the limit and I actually enjoy them having a bit of spunk or fight in them. So seeing the R8 GT3 looking rough around the track was exciting for me at least. :)

    1. oneloops

      What do you prefer ? 50 Skylines and 50 GTR’s or keep that space for better sounds ? We don’t need 1200 boring cars, we prefer 500 great cars.

    2. lancashire lad

      Possibly ^, but i would rather have 200 cars with proper sound than 1200 hoovers.
      If you go on Youtube and search GT6 and look at the comments on the latest videos most are complaining about the engine sounds still being as poor as they have been in GT5.
      I can’t stress enough what a failure this is from PD.
      I along with numerous others won’t go near GT6 until they fix this problem.It’s one of the things that made me give up playing GT5.
      This seems to me a way of making some cash until they can produce the real GT6/7 with hopefully better engine gear change sounds and better AI but i’m not holding my breath. :(

  71. gtrx251

    Im login yes? sorry GTplanet Im drunk sorry but GT6 more real SOUND please & please more real track please OK_? okay thanks all Im drunk yes YOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  72. JJLopez427

    I don’t know if PD have thinked about that, but it would be a nice detail having a simulation of full degree steering in cockpit view.

    1. SavageEvil

      Sounds nice and all but you’d barely ever see that anyway as when you’re racing a race car it’s rare to ever have to turn the wheel like that, street cars probably as they tend to go at least 2 turns before lock and again that is only necessary when you are traveling on sharp corners or having to lock the wheel to turn when going relatively slow at speed less input is needed to get desired results. It should be added, but I can only see creepy looking hand over hand animations that swap in the middle because you stopped lock and went the other direction, that right there is going to be one hell of a job of programming just to get right.

  73. JDMTuningUZZ30

    The sounds are not bad, still need to sound a bit more aggressive though, and a bit more distorted for that effect.
    Honestly, apart from the sounds, the game looks awesome as :D.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Clubman Route 5, SSR5/11 and even Route 7 – all in daytime would be effin excellent!

      Think about this too, Grand Valley, High Speed Ring, Monza and Daytona at night… Now THAT would be great!

  74. GTP_Versatile

    Don’t forget, Bathurst will be in GT6 :D Let’s just hope out of the 200 new premiums there will be a few V8 supercars in there.

    On a side note, I just realized this was completely off topic…


      I was laughing about the side note thing. I love mount panorama. It’s one of my favorite tracks ever!!!!

  75. shurnster

    The track has day/night cycles. If you look at the clock on the 370z dash, the time changes.

  76. HKSBro92

    Looks and sounds pretty good. I wanna see these new 200 premiums! And I could care less for the AI. I’m more of a time attack type of guy.

  77. marktyper

    PD I know this is just a minor wish that every player wants in the game. Physics are always outstanding and we know that. However, in this specific video the 370 Z should produce a more brutal exhaust not . So with the other cars. Plus like in vtec engines, there should be that unique vtec sound when reaching that certain RPM range .

    1. HuskyGT

      Take in mind how this was recorded. Thankfully, this Fairlady sounds very close to its real counterpart. Almost identical, I must say after watching a comparison video a member did while back. that “brutal note” that is missing will only come when you have the game in your PS3 hooked up to your sound system.

    2. marktyper

      True, Well yeah you got your point. Plus I noticed the difference of the stock exhaust sound of 370 Z in GT5 vs this video. I currently use a Logitech 5.1 sound system and it works for my small room :) . I can’t wait for the Demo!

  78. Olegonic

    I have to REPEAT my constructive comment and suggestion for POLYPHONY DIGITAL – Please, LET GTAcademy finalists to TEST GT6 before release!!! Set their driving styles/times as AI in MAXIMUM difficulty game option.

    1. marktyper

      Well yeah you got your point. Plus I noticed the difference of the stock exhaust sound of 370 Z in GT5 vs this video. I currently use a Logitech 5.1 sound system and it works for my small room :)

  79. alexgontijo

    Besides all that already being said by the terrible engine sound, the sound of the cars colliding is ridiculous – the same .wav from GT1. It’s like a fake shoot, not metal hitting metal. Cars are made of steel, iron, aluminium… This must be fixed, and it’s so easy!

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      Cars these days are made mainly of very strong plastic or fiberglass, usually with metal hoods and roofs, and sometimes trunk lids. Therefore the sound is appropriate. :)

    2. alexgontijo

      I’m not an collision expert, I never hit other car, but from what I’ve seen from Youtube and movies the sound of metal crashing and glass shattering sound very raw and scary, not this “pow” effect.

    3. omgitsbees

      “Cars these days are made mainly of very strong plastic or fiberglass, usually with metal hoods and roofs, and sometimes trunk lids. Therefore the sound is appropriate. :)”

      My god, the things you people will hand wave away are beyond absurd.

    4. liv4hardstyle

      alex.. seriously.. do you care? its about the driving buddy. plain and simple. GT owns any game on console when it comes to driving/physics.

    5. Nuuj

      Have you actually heard a collision from inside of a Race Car (if not by driving, at least via Dash Cam, Helmet Cam, on Television etc)? The sound we hear is pretty identical to the way it sounds in real world collisions.. I’ve seen a great deal of them, and they generally sound that way..

    6. ScotteDawg

      liv4hardstyle and Nuuj are BOTH very correct!

      Every industry in motor sports is doing what it can to make the sport safer, including limiting the impact of the crash. In order to do this, and as a result of this, the materials used in building road cars has changed to more impact resistant stuff and race cars have gone the more expensive way by using carbon fibre! The use of these materials has changed the sounds we hear when a car crashes!

      Admittedly, the older cars could use a bit of a different sound, but I don’t play GT to hear a car crash! I play it for the experience of driving a car that I normally wouldn’t get the chance of driving!

      Oh my god, I’ve got bees for brains…

  80. Steph290

    Just to add to my previous comment… I do hope the AI is a bit more aggressive this time around, perhaps a mix of GT3 aggression with GT5P precision. I will not be a fool and criticize this video knowing that it is a demo and the difficulty setting is more than likely on easy. Also a higher level of difficulty can be reached if upon a fatal crash “DNF”s would be implemented. I would enjoy it very much in any offline race, however I know only the experienced enthusiast would have the skill to keep it entirely clean online. Im guessing that’s where the option to create driving clubs within your community/friends would come in handy, huh?

    On another note, I am surprised at how many immature and angry rants are posted on these news boards. Geez people, at least provide some suggestions on how to improve the game, rather than just complaining. It might just give PD some ideas they havent thought of themselves ;)

  81. KWZX10

    The ”new” lightning basically looks like tracks with weather (on gt5 obviously) look with the sun… Try sunny high speed ring to see what i mean.
    But that’s definetely nice, good improvement, if it’s like this on every track i’m surely happy.

  82. HKS racer

    Fanboys pretending to excuse GT for the crappy AI, because they never played a decent sim in another platform.

    The same people that once they try rFactor they are not even able to configure the stering wheel properly.


  83. Nomadpt1

    SolidS2000 I agree with you
    The physics are very well made. I will like gt6 anyway but PD could put a ajustable seat because I like to see more then half of the steering wheel

    1. Flagmo-T

      the adjustable Seat idea is for me, a natural feature in a Simrace game, Lots have it, and it’s quite workable as a personal setting :o)

    1. oneloops

      We know GT5 is beauuuuutiful and GT6 is even more… But we want only keep that and make it funner, more racing, THE most beautiful racing game at 60 fps in PS3

  84. drag lab 101

    Im curious…
    Is there really any game with amazing AI?!
    Can you list the game for me?
    The one where you never play anything but AI by choice.
    You know.. Because its better then an actual person.
    I figure most ppl like multiplayer online??!!
    Ppl do not get online over single player because human players are lacking.
    No…. Its just the opposite.
    AI is never as good as a person you’d play against in any game out there.
    So I don’t understand what ppl were or are expecting in terms of AI.
    So I guess my real question is… Is AI a valid complaint then?
    I keep wondering with all the demands too, if ppl keep forgetting this is still on PS3?! You’ll only get so much from this machine folks.
    I know many ppl wanted this as a next gen title and as it maybe one day.. We know it won’t soon. Why does one expect next gen stuff on this newer title stuck on an older system?

    1. HKS racer

      F1 Championship Edition has very good AI.
      DIRT 2 has good AI
      GT5 prologue has decent AI, better than GT5.

      GTR2 has amazing AI.
      Race 07 has amazing AI.
      Game Stockcar has good AI.
      rFactor 2 has very good AI that overtake without crashing into the player.
      rFactor 1 if setted properly can have good AI.
      Project CARS has very good AI and can still improve (it’s in alpha-beta stage)
      Assetto Corsa will have good AI.

      Multiplayer can have lag, bugs, disconnections.
      Yes. AI is a valid complaint.

    2. drag lab 101

      HKS I guess that’s maybe you opinion.
      Laggy online I don’t experience myself. Maybe the rooms are to full, try less players. Perhaps it’s a connection issue.
      I haven’t played all of those titles but I do own the Dirt series and ill have to disagree with you there.
      I’ve yet to be blown away by any AI be it racing sim or FPS, RPG you name it.
      Its not the same as playing a person, ever!
      I’m hopeful on Project Cars all around as I’ve been waiting for its console release for a bit now.

    3. HKS racer

      Yes another game with good AI, and Superstars V8 Next Challenge. But damn, I forgot the racing game with the BEST AI EVER:

      GRAN PRIX 4 by Geoff Crammond. Released in 2002.

      As you can see saying “we can have good AI only in a next gen console because of better hardware” is TOTAL BS.

    4. drag lab 101

      I didn’t say you can only have good AI on next gen. I’m saying you can only expect to stuff so many features on an older one. Who choses what’s to stay and what’s to go… It’s not ever going to be agreed on mutually by the community at large.

    5. Flagmo-T

      I will have to add, to HKS racers list:

      Shift and shift2 ( maybe they are a little to hard in SHift, but i do think it’s great competitors when driving the career Mode..
      I actually love the AI in SHift2 – they do race for the podium, without trolling others on the way, except if you act like a moron, the they pay you back, as a more tough competitor which is fun, but of course not so real, but it’s better then only be obstacles on the road..

      Project Cars (PC) later for Consoles.

      I hope that GRID2 will deliver what they have stated regarding the games AI and Handling/Physics – But Dunno yet.

      I agree on the GT5 prologue –

      The F1 edition which is actually having a quite great and clever AI, and probably coded by and former employed in PD, because why not use the same guy, that did such a nice job ? – We don’t know anything, except that he could have added some more attitude and hunger for a podium thingy and maybe it is the same person ( could be a woman ) that did the GT5, but with KY as Director/coordinator and decision taker – Hes a Softy haha :o)

      GT5 hasn’t got racing AI at all, It’s lazy sunday family driving, and nothing else compare too GT5 P..

      lets hope for some more Human drama in the AI..

    6. another_jakhole

      It’s not “totally” inaccurate/BS. The past gen and current gen racing simulators’ AI have all had their own ways of representing human behavior in a race.

    7. Flagmo-T

      I’ve got the Ferrari Games on PS3 – and i think you are right another’jackhole i can’t remeber but i think it’s a winning type of AI..

    8. another_jakhole

      damn it

      Forgot to add that all games in the past and current generation have had to sacrifice something at all times. There’s no winning when it comes down to what makes great AI. Obviously we’d all like to have competitive AND smart AND fast AI racing opponents, but can you imagine racing a field of professionals at all times. Or a field of average professionals. It’s not that easy to find a balance for this and still make it fun for everybody. Everybody, meaning the majority of the players. There’s still a hell of a lot more to it, but it can’t be defined. As obvious as it might sound, we’ll have to wait and see how PD handles the AI with a next gen console.

    9. another_jakhole

      I know I’m right Flagmo_T lol jk.

      Just one more thing, to make solid work of the PS3’s architecture isn’t easy. AI must have been the biggest *Bleep this generation for PD.

    10. drag lab 101

      Good points another_jakhole…

      I am really just wondering what ppl want/expect in terms of the AI. It’s not like I want sloppy AI.
      But Gran Turismo isn’t the only game I’ve ever played, so I’m kinda wondering where this incredible AI in other games is?
      It’s not the 1st feature in any game I ever expect to be wow’d by.

    11. drag lab 101

      Maybe if I was playing against Cyberdyne T1000 AI it’d be different… Idk…
      Nothing’s there yet..

    12. nascarfn

      out of the ps3 games ive played
      -ntg 2011 and 2012 not really fast but the smartest ive ever seen
      -dirt 3 set on 6 is decently fast
      -f1 2011 and 2012 set on hardest is really quite fast and also quite smart not the smartest but still really smart

    13. jamesst99

      absolute supercars,f1 ce. the most underated race games of all time. a.i. will kick your butt!

    14. HKS racer

      another jackhole you have NO idea what your are talking about seriously.
      you don’t even know how developers actually create AI.
      I just tell you rFactor AI is based on human lap times.

    15. TomBrady

      Fast AI does not make good AI.

      Shift 1 and 2s AI is horrible. They will smash into you extremely easily, even worse than GT5.

      And ferrari challenge/absolute supercars/ferrari the racing experience, their AI IS INSANE!!!! Not in a good way. Their lunatic AI not only will punt you, but if you try to pass them, they will go out of their way to block you. It gets to the point that you have to get off the racing line to trick them into blocking you so you can get back on the racing line and make it through the corner safely.

      Sure, the AI in GT5 sucks but there’s no game the provides any AI that’s ANYWHERE NEAR AS GOOD AS RACING REAL PEOPLE.

    16. tpark103

      Another stellar chest pounding debate about……nothing! A little you know this, you don’t know anything, I know everything, GT5.74 is the worst game ever ever ever

    17. hobanator24

      The NASCAR games actually had some petty good AI. I’ll be honest though, I haven’t played a legit NASCAR game since NASCAR 2006. I enjoyed the fact though that you could create rivals & allies in that game just by your driving style. & there were different levels of aggresion. It could be a meaningless as refusing to draft with you, to intentionally wrecking you if you come anywhere near them. If EA has done anything right, it was the AI from the NASCAR & burnout series.

    18. MuoNiuLa

      Maybe I would play online if the online itself didn’t suck so bad. It was so hard to find a race I wanted in GT5. And don’t tell me to participate in a league because I tried that and I shouldn’t have to schedule my playing time. GT6 NEEDS matchmaking added.

    19. HuskyGT

      Although I hate it with all my heart, I must admit that Shift has really impressive A.I. They almost seem as if they had a mind of their own. BUT, the game is just a steaming pile of trash.

      Dirt (at least the first one) had very good A.I too. They followed a line as if they were on rails, just like GT, but they never brake at the middle of a corner, and really push to overtake you or fight for a position.

    20. BWX

      F1 2012 and Dirt 3 both have AI that is infinitely better than GT5. Those games still aren’t as good as AI could be in racing games/sims, but the AI in GT is absolutely terrible and Kaz does nothing about it.

    21. drag lab 101

      It’s interesting to me… I didn’t realize so many ppl were into single player Aspec.
      Personally once I’ve got gold on all my Aspec races I never use it again. I always choose to race ppl online and the occasional seasonal that catches my eye. It’s just so much more diverse and challenging to race ppl then AI to me.

      Keep seeing Dirt 3 pop up.. I stopped at 2. Not a huge fan but maybe ill check it out to kill time.

  85. Flagmo-T

    Looks great, I’m looking forward to it – I just have one little annoyin Graphic criticism regarding the yellowish trees ;)
    The trunk is looking all too bright, when standing in the Shadow/Dark areas, and it’s like sticking out i your head, so It really should be corrected before it gets out – It drags the quality down, in the Visual experience of the game, and it’s probably only a little adjustment and missing shader thingy, but as a 2D/3D Artist i will have to say it ruins the picture for me, and makes me see more cheap decisions in the Track which i wont mention hehe ..

    But overall I’m Thrilled :O)

  86. Magic Ayrton

    When upgrading intake and exhaust in GT6 add a bespoke option whereby you can experiment with the note and individual loudness of the intake and exhaust.. we should be able to get our hands a bit more oily in that respect..


      Peoples expectations are too high. If it doesn’t look good to you go buy Forza go bitch on their forums GTFO

  87. deanince

    There are a few things I noticed in this video:

    • The clock and mileage counter both work. Small details, but it adds to the realism. This is the kind of stuff I like.
    • The suspension appears to be a lot more realistic, with the car leaning into corners closer to how it would in real life.
    • The lighting on the track is much better. I play GT5 a lot, and I could instantly tell the difference between the two games in that video.

    I’m really looking forward to this game!

    1. Magic Ayrton

      The Real Nissan 370Z does not lean much in corners, it has a very thick set of antiroll bars (sway bars for you Americans!)

    2. deanince

      @ScotteDawg: Does it? I can’t say I’ve ever used the 370Z in GT5 apart from in one of the licence tests. I didn’t notice the clock then, but I was most probably concentrating on getting a gold trophy to bother noticing it. I do hope the dashboards are more operational in GT6 though.

      @Magic Ayrton: That’s good to know, I like to know about stuff like that! :)

      Do you see what I mean though? The cornering seems more authentic, which is at least partially down to GT6’s new tire and suspension physics.

    3. deanince

      I stand corrected. Though the clock in GT6 appears to work properly, i.e. in real time, as opposed to the time lapse in GT5. The trip meter also works, but it definitely doesn’t on all cars.

    4. ScotteDawg

      Just to clarify, the clock ONLY works on tracks with time change! The time on the dash clock starts at the time the race starts (which is set in the track settings – in online this is set by the room host) and progresses at the same rate as the setting denotes! ie. If time progression is set at 1, time moves at a real time pace – set at 2 it goes faster etc,,,

  88. DJSalajutsu

    I feel this is bad enough to post on this front page for the first time. You gotta be freaking KIDDING ME!!! 15 years of GT for vaccuum sounds. NO WHERE IN ANY CAR be it in carriage, firewall, bumper, tail, inside the freaking tire if you will, sounds like any of that. Pathetic. Completely a waste. Physics look like before 2004 in terms of the quality of PC….go ahead fight this post all you want. I won’t be posting ever again anyways.

    Kaz…you lost another customer permanently, this is truly pathetic, another half-ass reiteration of the same tedious crap.
    Yes, I am a PC elitist. Why??? well that’s beyond friggin’ easy to answer!! QUALITY!!! QU-AL-IT-YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Not half assed, not terrible BEYOND terrible sound sampling, and LISTENS To their community. Grow up PD, it’s time to put the big boy pants on for once.

    1. ScotteDawg

      @DJSalajutsu – How about YOU grow up? This is only a demo recorded on a hand-held camera for us to LOOK at, not to LISTEN to!
      Anyway, GT6 is not yet finished… The release is around the end of November, which gives them plenty of time to iron out the wrinkles!
      But, seeing as how you said you’ll never be posting here again, I don’t expect you’ll take any notice of this reply!
      If you do though, all I can suggest is that you stop being so closed minded! (Getting your head out your arse is a good start!)

    2. Magic Ayrton

      I kind of agree and understand your frustration.. This Game is Nissan Led and as such Nissans get the best sounds, and even they are not 100% accurate.. guess we either play the game and shutup or move along.. very annoying I agree..

    3. sepulturite

      I’m glad you won’t be posting again, saves us having to read your childish ranting again.

  89. Jeanr

    So far, of all that had been shown, GT6 doesn feel like a new game. It seems like the finished version of GT5, what it could have been with the complete development (right lightning and shadows, correct phisics, no standarts…).

    1. ThaRealCreeper

      I really hope they will develop the game a lot.. I swear to god I thought this video was fake and they were showing GT5..
      I cant tell a difference between the games. The only thing I look forward to though, is the new Course Editor.

  90. bbvoodoodaddy

    The lighting effects are very similar to the effects used in GT5’s ‘day/night cycle’ tracks.. This is only speculation but I hope this means all tracks in GT6 have that cycle and weather system..

    1. ScotteDawg

      I think that’s what it’s eluding to!
      Could you imagine Grand Valley, Apricot Hill, Seattle, Rome or Cape Ring at night!!!? WOW!!!

  91. Halcyon925

    If anyone had noticed, there are “GT Academy 2013” licence plates. And it also seems that Nismo is also supporting GT Academy for this year. Hopefully, there will be power differences from GT Academy 2012.

  92. Allek

    My opinion why GT sounds the way it does:

    When Stanley Kubrick filmed “2001 – A Space Odissey” he wanted to represent space as real as possible. So instead os pleasing the audience with noisy explosions in the vacuum (unreal) he decided to use pure silence in those scenes! Not very exciting. Most people hated it but a few ones loved it.

    When people complain about GT engine sounds being flat they must remember that PD just tries to replicate the real sense of hearing the engine from INSIDE the car, with closed doors and windows, from under a helmet and muffled by a fireproof balaclava you – the driver – are supposed to wear. Why would they sound sharp and crisp as if we were hearing them from outside, standing right beside the exhaust pipe?

    Now you might ask why it still sounds a little flat from 3rd person view anyway? Well, first I’d say that if you consider yourself a sim racer and still play in 3rd person then you should try arcade games. Secondly, people have to remember that GT shows 9 different camera angles. Imagine what it would be like to record 9 different sounds for every single car in the game. Even if you believe they only recorded 1/3 of the cars that would mean more than 3.000 different engine sounds! So I guess PD uses a basic engine sound for 1st person view (mixed from sounds recorded under the hood, in the driving seat position and inside the trunk) and modify it a little bit for the other cameras, being the cockpit camera the one with the most realistic sounds.

    Other racing games developers (some of them even call their games SIMs) prefer to use bassy, aggressive roaring engine sounds. But just like in Star Wars movies you get amused by “explosions in space”: they may sound cool, but are not real.

    1. Eunos_Cosmo

      Have you ever driven a car? I’ve driven a 370z and it doesn’t sound like this at all. In fact all you hear is the lower end ‘bassy’ sounds from the induction. Put a helmet on and it will simply further reduce high frequency sounds. So your logic isn’t very sound. I think PD is experimenting, and I think one day it will result in great sound, but not on PS3 hardware. We’ll just have to wait for PS4.

    2. Eunos_Cosmo

      I’m glad to see they are updating original tracks. Hopefully they will have weather too.

    3. ScotteDawg

      Eunos, have you ever driven a V8 Supercar? No? Me either! But you know what? I HAVE been in one at the Adelaide 500 Circuit and guess what? You can only hear the high pitch whining of so called GT fans – sorry – the high pitched whining of the super charger! Outside the car is different… Outside the car you can hear the bass of the exhaust and the rumbling V8 that powers the car!
      Anyway, GT6 is not finished yet – it comes out at the end of November!

    4. TomBrady

      That’s not an excuse though. Sure, the cars are supposed to sound a bit dead and muffled inside a car, but what about the replays? They sound like you’re still in the cockpit. ANd what about open cockpit cars? Where is all the reverberations from the surrounding environment? There’s almost no ambient sounds at all, and it takes the life out of the sounds.

      They record the engines and exaust, WAY TOO CLOSE. That’s why it sounds terrible, and lacks bass. Bass frequencies have wavelengths up to 54 feet, and even longer in the inaudible range. At even 60 Hz (which is still much higher than the lowest an engine produces), the wavelength is 11 feet. They record less than a foot away from the engine, and the exaust. That is the problem. They place mic’s at the beginning of a low frequency waves cycle. Because of that they don’t get the low frequencies directly. It has a big effect on the sound, and it’s why it sounds so inaccurate.

      They need to place mic’s further away, to try and capture the bass, and some ambient noise. Until they do that, the sounds will continue to be garbage.

      That being said, I think the people who it sounds like a vacuum are retarded. There is no vacuum in existence that sounds anything like the cars in GT5, they’re just bandwagon morons and forza fanboys.

      Plus, I don’t think sound should be the top priority, physics are the most important thing. I would like to see improvements, especially since this is the second GT on PS3, but it’s one of the many things that needs improving. Lets hope all the cars sound as good as the Zonda C12 7.3, the LFA, or the Camaro Z28 premium in GT5

    5. smskeeter23


      You make excellent points here that I think many may not fully comprehend. Which has actually inspired me to show people what you mean…

      I think this afternoon I will take the camera outside and do some “sounds samples” on my own car to demonstrate the recording distance paradox for people to see first hand.

  93. kekke2000

    Maybe there should be two different comment sections on the news. Those who complain and those who likes it. I’m really tired of reading all complaints.

    1. HuskyGT

      People just do it to feel important. Sure there are things that PD can improve, but there are ways of saying things. Some people, obviously, will never be satisfied.

  94. pnbr0014

    listen to how awful that ferrari sounds loll… i think the haneling model has changed dramatically.. that ferrari was very off in gt5. no matter what i did i couldn’t get that F40 to handle properly :S.. bet you would never ever hear that in real life lol

    1. HuskyGT

      The F40 in GT5 sounds just fine. This person totally F***** it up by putting a semi-racing or racing exhaust in it ( I can’t understand why people do that). The stock exhaust sounds perfect. And it’s not like you can’t compare with real life videos of the F40.

      And you can make it handle right if you know how to tune it right. it’s all about adjusting the ballast and the brake balance. I drive it without assists including ABS and it handles just great. No oversteer under hard breaking.

    2. another_jakhole

      PD HAS to fix that problem. When adding a racing exhaust, the sound is just terrible. Upgrading the cars the Stage 2/3 engine upgrades does it too.

    3. TomBrady

      It sad. People that complain about sounds are often the people that can’t even tell that there’s a racing exaust on the car, no matter how GLARINGLY OBVIOUS IT IS.

      If you can’t tell the difference between a car with a racing exaust and a stock one by now, you shouldn’t be talking about sounds at all because you’re clearly deaf.

      PD should fix that though. Cars shouldn’t sound terrible with the racing exaust one.

      Oh and by the way, if you couldn’t get the F40 to handle, maybe you should learn how to drive. I love driving that car. It’s great fun. It handles fine.

    4. smskeeter23

      Irl the F40 is kind of known for notorious understeer. Id say they got the handling right from day 1.

  95. KinLM

    Pretty sure this has been mentioned, but it looks like we’re getting time change!

    Look at the clock inside the cockpit! It goes from 14:00 to 14:01 etc.

    Looks like the time actually is changing.

    If so, great news!

    1. another_jakhole

      Just to point out, it happens on Eiger Nordwand Short too. Although the time change isn’t like it is on a track like the Nurburgring, I think GT6 definitely will have dynamic change of time for most tracks. A city track like Madrid would be very time consuming to have a night version.

    2. ScotteDawg

      I noticed in GT5 that ALL premium cars (with digital clocks only) had working clocks, regardless of the track! Someone said in an earlier post in this section that the time was out because the shadows were longer than they should’ve been at 2pm. What I noticed in GT5 was that the clock was NOT running to the time of day at the circuit you were racing on but was, in fact, set to the clock on your PlayStation console!

    3. Traviizter

      I think you’re wrong actually. The time was NOT set to your PS3. I used a Fiat 500 a lot and that had a working clock, and it didn’t change on tracks without time change. Also it would change faster depending on the speed setting of the time change.

  96. Steph290

    Im glad they worked on the tire physics, and from what I see, traction doesn’t get reduced from 100% to 25% when you get a bit of dirt on it. That little off-road section would have led straight into a wall in GT5. As far as the engine sounds, it is on point as my car IRL shares the same VQ37 engine. What people should stress is the exhaust notes, which seem to be drowned out by the engine and transmission noise. Its been years and PD have yet to find that balance. I would suggest they just have a sound menu option to raise or lower the sound fx of the engine, tranny, or exhaust individually. Collisions…meh? Graphics wise, I am pleased with the optimization, A+ job using PS3 hardware! Im not so worried about cars or tracks, aerokits and “customization” I wouldn’t be surprised if I am disappointed, but mostly I await more info on the online/offline additions and improvements. Overall I give it a B/B+ from what I’ve seen so far. It can only get better, no?

    1. ScotteDawg

      Customisation of sound IS a good idea!

      Please remember though, the videos you have seen here at GTPlanet or on that YouTube thingy were recorded on a hand-held camera and in mono! I do not expect miracles from a handycam!!!

  97. Tvensky

    I didnt expect that kind of change :) that light changed everything… and are those new trees???? Im not sure but it looks like gt6 will be driving and tree simulator at last! Someday it will become the ultimate sound simulator also for all you who requesting it! :)

    1. ScotteDawg

      That day will be November 28! Remember, all the videos we have seen were recorded in mono on a hand-held camera from a game DEMO!

  98. nick993

    Youtube 370z race track. Sounds different than the video of GT6. I’m really hoping there is a lot more accuracy in the car’s details. Motor size, proper parts accurate to the type of car, etc.

  99. Markrgj

    Personally, I like the updated graphics and so on, and I’m not too fussed with the while gt6 on ps3 or ps4. I’m sure it’ll all sort itself out in the end.

    However, I’d love to be able to have the ability to create within the game your own race series. Either online, bob or for your own, with all the benefits added such as ai skills and so on. I’d also like to see costs incurred for damage, or maybe even fines or point on your licences gained as you go through the game.
    I appreciate, as most of you do too, that the whole gt series has come on in leaps and bounds since gt1 hit our screens. We’ll always bitch, but we love the gt series don’t we?!?

    At the end of the day, short of racing for real and all the costs and hazards involved, what’s better than putting on the ps, playing a few games on what is a fairly realistic game, having a laugh and looking forward to the next day.

    Happy driving everyone.

    1. Tenacious D

      With online club and league builder tools in GT6, I’d say this means an Event Maker is pretty much essential for that. You can’t have online series and championships without one, and they did give us an Event Maker in GT2, so I’m fully expecting news in that regard from E3, and it would enable us to make our own offline race challenges as well. I’d say the same thing about a Livery Editor, but we’ll see.

  100. Magic Ayrton

    The sounds are similar to the real 370Z which does not sound that good (quite coarse) but they are much flatter and have no character at all.. As a GT fan this is extremely dissappointing and I think I join a lot of other people who will probably skip this one. Very sad days.. if however I am wrong, I might.

    Also, Please develop dual clutch gearbox sounds, they have a dinstinctive gear change and exhaust crackle on up and downshift.. honestly PD don’t have a clue.

    1. Tvensky

      you realize gt6 is not released yet, and this video is
      recorded with a camera :)

      honestly, sound is ok, I wish it could be better, but you cant have all….

    2. Tenacious D

      Well, if sound is more important to you than taking a car around a track, leter dude. More pizza for us and less clutter on GT Planet. ;D

  101. MrMahad

    I hope they have an option to transfer at least some cars over from GT5. My garage has over 1000 and duplicates of some not so common cars from gt5 like the Proto Motors cars and triplicate of all the Paganis.

    1. Pit Crew

      Only thing about that is the Standard models from GT5 won’t have the upgraded look to them, including the few standards that will get premium treatment. Still its a good idea, I agree.

  102. Hentis

    You people that say the sound is the same or you cant see any difference have you got mud for brains or what?
    All I’m hearing about GT6 is I dont see any different so its GT5.5.
    So its not coming out for the PS4…. get over it. If you don’t like it dont bother coming on here commenting about it.
    You wanted DLC you got given DLC you moaned as you had to pay for it
    You moaned when you got DLC for Free
    You were moaning as nothing else was being mentioned about GT6 now it has you havent stopped moaning….

    You guys have to remember. This is a DEMO, and NOT the final game. Things will change. I have to say the sound of the car (at first played on an iPhone 4S and then just a few minutes ago on a Full digital sound PC and at a very loud rate is not that bad. In fact I could tell a difference even with the iPhone. I have to say I really like the improved lighting effects on the track. They kind of remind me of the tracks where you can change the weather. Where I usually select Good bright weather…. so perhaps Autumn Ring could be a Time / Change Weather type track. The detail for the Silverstone track looks impressive. In fact I’m quite glad they never showed the Grand Valley track as I really hate that track. But It would be ideal for a endurance race, the same as Deep forest.

    Overall for Cars we are getting 1200 That’s 200 extra on what GT5 had at launch. Seven more extra tracks Silverstone, is another one Bathurst? and one other the Shanghai Circuit from China…. That they mentioned. These 7 tracks bring with them 19 different configurations. Silverstone has 3. The International, F1 and National circuit. Abu Dhabi could be another track. We have seen video of Apricot Hill, Seattle and Willow springs.. so perhaps the new tracks are

    Silverstone (3 configurations)

    Willow Springs (Configurations ???)

    Apricot Hill (reversible 2 configurations)

    Seattle (reversible with Seattle Short circuit as well being reversible 4 configurations)

    China Shanghai international circuit (1 configuration?)

    Mount Panorama (1 configuration?)

    Plus the tracks for from the Track creator that you must be able to save onto a server so as to be able to share with the rest of the community instead of the stupid way its done at present.

    Dont forget you will be able to get your hands on the demo at some point in July…. so wait till then but just remember its a demo…… nothing more nothing less.

    Personally I am looking forward to the release of Gt6 if what I am to believe that the EU will get the PS4 in the first quarter of 2014 then this would suit me down to the ground. Time for GTA 5, GT6 and Saints row 4
    I have to agree on the AI as that does need sorting out and being improved isa must. Premium cars or Standards, I really dont give a mokey’s left testicle to be honest. It doesnt spoit the enjoyment.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Another thing to remember is, what we hear on the video above is recorded in mono! Naturally, the sound will be less than perfect!

      GT6 is what GT5 was supposed to be, but GT5 was a rush job! Sony wanted PD to get it out ASAP, when Kazunori Yamauchi said they needed another two years to finish it… In a way you could say that GT6 is GT5.5, but you’d be wrong! There have been so many changes to the game – game-play, graphics, suspension, tyres, physics, audio, load times, et al – that it is NOW GT6! Saying “it’s just GT5.5” is like saying GT5 was just GT1.8 – WRONG!!!

      @Hentis, if you are reading this, there is only one layout for Bathurst (Mt. Panorama)! I know this coz I’m an Aussie and I watch the race every year! It is 6.213km (4mi) with a 174 metre (570 foot) elevation… Now that’s worth a left testicle! lol

    2. MuoNiuLa

      Can we please stop with the “I don’t like what you said, so stop commenting” nonsense?

  103. ECGadget

    I noticed the clock in the cockpit was changing time. A sign of time change on many more tracks?

    1. jimbo0

      Why is the sun casting long shadows if it’s 2pm. A midday sun is usually very high in the sky. In this video it’s more like mid to late evening IMO.

    2. ScotteDawg

      Actually, the clock is NOT set to the track time but to the time on your PlayStation console!

      This I know, because a couple of the Nissans have working digital clocks in GT5!

      Rumour has it that most tracks (if not all) will have time change/weather change options!

      Now, with the extra tracks, layouts and possible time/weather change, when the host of an online room calls for a track vote, we’re either going to need an extra 20 seconds or a much more efficient list from which to choose…! My thought is bigger writing with the track symbol, and in squares going 3 across and 30(?) down.

  104. kazach

    This will be the first Gt that i wont buy until its cheaper. Maybe not even then. And i know alot of people who already has given up on the series. Iam sorry Poly, you are turning into another dying Square-“Enix”…

  105. AndeMoog

    GT6 = GT5 v2.0 …the slightly improved graphics, better dynamics, more cars and tracks is great. But it should be a free update for GT5, not called GT6. Kazinori Yamauchi is one of my idols, the man is exacting, precise, and determined. But he also failed to deliver on his promise that GT5 users would constantly get new car- and track DLC for free. If you guys remember, he said that he promised to continuously improve the game and provide new cars and tracks at no cost. That turned out to be false…paying $5 for one track? $5 for a couple new cars? $5 for paint and gear? Come on. If he kept his promise, GT6 would still be in development for PS4 and the GT5 faithful would be getting a huge update that we deserve, considering I’ve put about $100 into this game already.

    1. Hentis

      I started falling asleep at the Yamauchi promised us bit………Its not like I havent read that before.

    2. ScotteDawg

      Saying GT6 is GT5.5 (or v2.0) is like saying that GT5 is GT1.8!

      You know, everyone complained the GT5 came too late then complained that DLC was too expensive after complaining that the game didn’t have everything they wanted………. WTF is wrong with you people?!

      In case you don’t know the answer to that question, here’s MY answer – you’re selfish!

      All you care about is how it will affect you! $5 for this, $5 for that… If it wasn’t for us spending money on DLC, PD would not have made enough money to complete this! Everything in this world, and I mean EVERYTHING, is getting more and more expensive. Not just for us, but for them too! So shut your pie hole and be thankful that we’re getting anything at all!!!

  106. fideles1986

    I totally agree with you HaylRayzor. GT5 career mode is just so boring. It was exciting at first, but the lack of direction makes it get old really fast. I enjoy just driving around awesome tracks as fast as i can go, but i would like to feel like a race car driver or something like that. What i am about to say might be crap because i haven’t really played through a F1 game, but i think that element of choosing teams, getting paid little at first and being restricted by the car would add a lot to the game and undoubtedly make us better players/drivers.

    Kazunori, please add a decent carrer mode!

  107. StaticVariable

    I appreciate the passion everyone on this community has for the Gran Turismo series. That’s what makes this site so special. But, I wish people would reserve judgement until the final version releases. I see some people complain about things that haven’t yet been seen. We have no idea if A or B-Spec will be the same or if Kaz decides to do something completely different. Also the GT World hub may look nothing like GT5. We simply don’t know. It’s all speculation and the negative energy is wasted on pure speculation. Sorry, I’ll stop preaching now :-)

    1. jhw93

      +1 mate i completely agree, too many people are jumping the gun to make criticism even when you have not even seen that much of the game yet.

    2. oneloops

      We all know GTPLANET is a source of feedback for PD, so we make our suggestions as GT fans for improve as we would like to be GT6.

      It’s now the time for do this, when the game is out is late for make suggestions. And this demo give us lot of informations and points to be improved.

    3. StaticVariable

      I absolutely support constructive feedback. And GT5 has shown Polyphony will listen to feedback and make changes post release.

  108. oneloops

    A thing i miss a lot from GT5 PROLOGUE is Time Trial’s list of world classification for each car (stock without changes, and stock tyres) and each track.

    For exemple i’m the 800th in suzuka with the F40 stock car, and i try to improve my position…
    I know it’s a hugh data for that, but maybe some cars, like in GT5 PROLOGUE.

    It was a challenge and you could use your favourites cars and track. Time Trial’s on line events are great but not the same.

  109. jhw93

    I see that some people are bringing up criticism about GT6’s AI, AI is not a very important thing to me because I am more interested in the driving physics, graphics and the games content. I think at this point it’s a bit silly to make a judgement on the AI based on a 2 minute gameplay video. Yes the player overtook the AI with relative ease but this is obviously a demo that was designed to be used by the public some of which may have never even touched a GT game with a proper wheel and bucket seat set up, so I would expect the demo to be easy to make the game more accessible to people trying it out for the first time. I think it’s better to see more gameplay first before people make strong judgement, people on this forum tend to jump the gun with criticism even when there’s literally only a few minutes worth of gameplay shown so far. But to me, GT6 is looking good so far;
    + awesome physics
    + 370Z sounded great on my speaker set up
    + Great Lighting
    Can’t say much for AI yet as I’ve said its a 2 minute demo, it’s stupid to judge a game that takes 100+ hours to complete (that’s not even out yet) off a 2 min demo.

    1. jhw93

      Hand Wave away is rather over exaggerated…. I said it is not very important, I didn’t say it means nothing what so ever. What I meant is that in comparison to stuff like driving physics, graphics, content and etc the AI is not as important to me.

    2. jhw93

      I will enjoy all aspects of GT6 probably and if anything I don’t think the AI is as bad as people make it out to be, I have found the AI to capitalize on my mistakes quite a few times..

    3. oneloops

      That’s because we want a more better AI and good races, not overtaking turtles or chasing a rabbit 40 seconds away in 3 laps, we want some new things about racing, the rest it’s ok but it was ok in GT5 too.

      I think it’s not so difficult to make races with more level and aggresivity opponents like too many others games and sims.

      Going for a paceful ride is not enough… as said, we got that in GT5.

    4. sangdude82

      I’ve been always wondering, what did people expect from A.I. on GT5? As we all know, most of the people go online to race against more competitive opponents. It’s same with other racing games. You can’t expect A.I. to behave creatively or unexpectedly just like humans, right? Not yet anyway…

    5. drag lab 101

      Is there really any game with amazing AI?! Lol No… Really?!
      Isnt that why I figure most ppl like multiplayer online??!! Ppl do not get online over single player because human players are lacking.. No. Just the opposite… AI is never as good as a person you’d play against in any game out there. I don’t understand what ppl were or are expecting in terms of AI.
      I keep wondering with all the demands too, if ppl keep forgetting this is still on PS3?! You’ll only get so much from this machine folks.

  110. BlindZenDriver


    The timing info given during racing is still only showing the gap to the leader. I bet it’s the same in multiplayer and that is really annoying. PD needs to fix this!

    I can not help thinking that GT6 looks more and more like GT5.1 :-(

  111. HaylRayzor

    The cars have alot more monkey motion than GT5. Grip levels seem more real.

    Suspension and tire physics are better.

    But where’s the game? In GT5 the game was money and xp grinding, with car collecting and slight customization. A spec was a joke. B spec was the same joke told in the 3rd person, starring a cast of 6 idiots.

    Seasonals helped for a while but got stale quickly.

    Just tell us that GT6 will be a finished game. Give us a career mode with multiple paths. Give us choices to make, with consequences. Give us racing series. Give us whole seasons with points.

    Give us a finished game!

  112. Slonkoo

    Sometimes am asking my self, if all those haters around the world are gathered together here on GTPlanet. OHH my gosh so much negativity around here. Criticism is ok, but this whats happened here on site is just to much. I love beeng here, reading all those comments, but on a day like today it just gives me a headache. Some of us have to grown up, or just find another hobby ;) Cheers

  113. gtrx251

    Flying leaves this is old feature from GT3 I LOVE it in GT3 awesome!!LOL:) I hope that in GT6 make a Softer Gamma because in GT5 Gamma to bright for me i think.

    1. gtrx251

      Why I loved this track in GT3_? Because in GT3 do not have Nurburgring track. OK? But, now, again ? It looks funny:)LOL New generation players yes_?

    2. gtrx251

      &AND PD please More Realistic CAR SOUND…CAR SOUND… sorry (engine sound). More real track and I hope I hope?LOL—> YOU can do THIS. YOOOO haha

    3. Pit Crew

      gtrx why not just post everything you want to say at one time instead of post bumping? Dude your beginning to look like a crackpot.

    1. nascarfn

      not crap sound amazingly realistic sound… if you want thunder and lighting sounds (unrealistic) play NFS and quite whining about it over here

    2. omgitsbees

      “not crap sound amazingly realistic sound” You’ve never heard an actual car in real life, clearly.

    3. ScotteDawg

      Apparently, some of you retards don’t realise that all the videos we’ve been lucky enough to see here at GTPlanet were recorded on a hand-held camera and that all the sound is in mono!

      Oh my god, I’ve got bees for brains!

    4. ScotteDawg

      BTW, this is only a demo! Even the people at PD would not have heard the finished product yet!!!

  114. Whodoyouthink

    Looks improved in several ways and sounds about the same. Have this bad feeling that it will be too similar to GT5 in that it could be more of the same game. I’d hate to start it up and have the same GT Life menu, the same A-Spec races, etc. They should of added more tracks too. I don’t think we will see maybe more than 5-10 more tracks through DLC, and that’s being overly optimistic.

    1. infamousphil

      Five to ten tracks is VERY optimistic. But the new and “improved” track creator can help alleviate the problem. Tens of square kilometres of blank canvas is quite a bit. Hoping, since announced, that we get a free hand at it.

      Bring back the countryside and racing circuit layouts and give us a 24hr clock and full weather control… combined with a free hand to layout the courses and we coukd have a real monster on our hands.

    2. Both Barrels

      MeanElf – I noticed that right away too. I’m not really sure what to make of any of these examples. Therefore I will reserve judgement for when it’s in my hands. That doesn’t seem to stop the majority here, however…

    3. Halcyon925

      MeanElf, I might be wrong, but if I remember correctly, I played a demo of GT5 at Target, and the car menu looked very similar to the car selection in GT6’s Demo. Now the loading screen and the menu before you drive, is MUCH more different, as a good thing, from GT5’s.

  115. mcalva98

    Stop comparing GT5 to GT6, ITS A DIFFERENT GAME!! GT5 is Different from GT6, so STOP talking about it. Also GT5 is the past and some people keep living in it, go to the future……… GT6. Nobody has played the real game yet so stop!!!!!

    1. infamousphil

      GT IS the game. Improvement AND updates (not just DLC) IS what we’ll GET. What we won’t get is a new platform. I, for one, can wait for that.

  116. infamousphil

    Low laying sun at AutumnRing looks nice. Hope this is a sign that we’ll get more weather and time adjusting effects. I have real hope for this because in the race setup menu time and weather setting is already there, just blocked off.

    GT6 is supposed to be an improved 5. I’m really hoping for lot of improvement but trying not to get into the Hype because all of us can imagine quite a bit.

    Man, I can’t remember the last time my socks where blown off and I want to feel that sensation again. Like in “Wild Hogs“ when the big guy FAINTED when he was told that his new parking lot was lined in LEATHER. We’re not going get that from GT6. But will enjoy playing it because PD gives me what I want most. Lots and lots of car. And plenty of tracks and tuning to keep me happy until the next generation.

  117. JaySamurai

    + More saturation on Autumn Ring.
    + Lighting looks dynamic, like the glow.
    + Shadows looks improved.
    + physics.

    – Chase the rabbit A.I.
    – Same slow A.I.
    – Rolling start.
    – No sector times of the next car behind or ahead. (only the leading car)

    I love the GT series as much as the next guy. Before i thought of a wishlist with new modes/cars/tracks etc, my only hope was that they fixed and sorted out the basic issues that plagued GT5. We still do not know how the final product will turn out so there’s still hope, but judging from what i’ve read and seen, it’s starting to look like GT6 is a massive update.

    1. sangdude82

      Yeah, the qualifying & grid start would be easy as to put into GT6. Please PD, make it happen.

    2. Nurburgthing.

      Like the positives.

      Your negative points are premature though IMO.
      This game is still very much in the development stages and is liable to change.

      Lets not jump to conclusions before the evidence is conclusive.

    3. JaySamurai


      My comment was based on this video which we all seem to be doing here, and maybe i didn’t make myself clear enough when i said ” We still do not know how the final product will turn out so there’s still hope” suggesting things can still change.

      gtplanet is doing a great job allowing the GT community to express their thought’s and “opinions”

  118. BMfan

    You guy’s complain you want the physic’s to be real,yet who do you think people are going to blame when they try and drive a V12 Lambo at speed and keep spinning because they can’t handle a real one either.

  119. KFM

    The lighting difference in the new game is really mind-blowing. It really makes the game so much more pleasant to look at. Those scratchy and blocky shadows seem to have disappeared entirely.

    1. Halcyon925

      If you look on the grass off the side of the roads, the shadows do move in a weird manner. But other than that, the shadows do look amazing!

  120. robzombie1230

    @ICEMAN_ZIDANE: What I would want is to transfer saved data from gt 5. Most important already unlocked coulors, cars and PASSED License Tests. I wouldn’t like to get this all again on almost the same game.

    I appreciate that this game is the only one on ps3 where you can say the behaviour of the cars is realistic. You can’t say this for NFS, even though they tried to go in this direction with shift 2…but we know how this ended. So nfs is no option either. I’m a layman when it comes to driving physics in games. I see the difference between gt and nfs like this: NFS, ridiculous behaviour (including what I read in reviews, comments, etc.) and GT: SIM-Like behaviour…what like to have.

    NOW, how BIG the difference in the phsysics is between GT5 and 6, I unfortunately don’t see :(. Like for most, this one will be an update for me too.

    1. ScotteDawg

      @robzombie1230 – you WON’T see many differences in the videos if you don’t watch them properly (opening your eyes is a good start!)!
      This is NOT an update, it’s a whole new game…
      Some say that GT6 is really GT5.5… Well, wouldn’t that have made GT5 just an update of GT? Shouldn’t GT5 be called GT1.8? NO!


    And the best thing is.
    Many of you buy Fifa every year for 50$, which is the same game like before just with new players.

    I bought GT 5 for 50$ too and this game is so nice that iam playing it EVERY DAY ( i bought it at the release).

    There is no other game which gives me so much for my money !

    You guys are just funny.

  122. eran0004

    So Autumn ring has dynamic daylight (and possible night). The clock on the dashboard changed from 14.00 to 14.01, which it only does if the track has dynamic daylight (at least if it works the same as it does in GT5). That’s pretty neat.

    1. ScotteDawg

      You will find that, in GT5, a couple of the Nissan’s have working digital clocks. These clocks are synced with your PS3 internal clock!


    people are complaining …
    Guys this is a Sim, only thing which really counts are physics ! And they looked awesome.
    + They improved graphics and especially lighting .
    + We are getting cars which exactly look like real, not like in other games where they just look similar but not identical.

    What do you guys want ?
    This is a AWESOME Sim and i cant wait to drive the first league races on it.

    GT 5 is a awesome Sim, and now they improved it with awesome physics and lighting
    -> For me there is no way to complain. If you are not a Sim driver and if you were waiting for other stuff in GT 6 then its your mistake – switch to NFS ; )

    1. omgitsbees

      This is such a stupid argument and you know it. The people who are being critical of Gran Turismo, have played other racing sims, so they know where GT is falling way behind the competition on. You’ve only ever played GT and that’s it, so you really have no idea what you are talking about.

    2. oneloops

      GT5 is a nice “single player sim” and we want a nice “race sim” from GT5 to GT6.

      It’s not so difficult, only increase the level of AI and more challenging races in GT mode.

      Random champioships would be great and easy, 5 random circuits, 1 random category of cars or PP, qualifyng ON/OFF, etc…
      With the good AI of Shift2 or ProjectCARS GT6 would be perfect to me. And if you crash you’re out like reality… and if you push another car, your car has lower control, etc…

  124. Olegonic

    The video itself is good, the fact that it belongs to GT6 is bad. That is not enough to thrill me at the moment. Nuff said.

  125. Longa23

    A demo is to show as the next Game should be….
    But we all know that GT from 1-6 never change the sound…
    So i think all the DLCs which were promised monthly comes now and the DLC Pack Calls Gran Turismo 6

  126. tillbot8

    You can change the spedometer to your choice in options! Mph or kmph I dont know what your point is?

  127. oneloops

    I prefer Outlon Park Track that a remake of Automn Ring…

    I hope physics in off road are also improved, it’s wasn’t good at all at GT5, no traction sensation, always slinding.

  128. RobDoggy05

    This video just proved that its basically a GT5 update..
    How do I know?
    Look at the speedometer.. The exact same glitch/bug as in GT5, the speedo is in Mph but he was actually driving in Km/h. The speedo reading in real life is 180 Mph watch it again and test it in-game and you will see what I mean.
    Maxing past the speedo in 4th gear, I think not.
    Proof and disappointment.

    1. BMfan

      The Japanese speedo shows 180km\h because in Japan the car is limited to 180.
      So no it’s not a bug.

      You should be disappointed at yourself for blaming someone else because you don’t use google to see why or ask somneone that might know.
      I know this because i have driven a Japanese spec 300ZX here in RSA the had a 180km\h speedo and i used google.

    2. eran0004

      BMfan is right, the japanese version has 180 km/h as the top speed on the speedometer. On the US version it’s 180 mph, but the car in the game is the japanese version.

  129. Sky_167

    Very disapointed from this GT5.01……I was a fan of GT4, but now, it ‘s finished !! I will buy Forza 5 and the Xbox one….

  130. BMfan

    I love how just about everyone is jumping to the conclusion that the GT6 is a GT5,5(which sounds just stupid),based on demo’s.
    It sounds like the same people that were so sure that GT6 will be a PS4 title.

    If you’re not sure you are going to buy it then just wait till the reviews come out of the full game,it’s that simple.

    1. oneloops

      What’s a demo ? It’s a demonstation. What’s is GT6 demonstrating is better Physics, a little better sound and better graphics.

      But not that AI is like we want. We’ll have the same boring AI and equidistance among cars…

    2. BMfan

      You are jumping to conclusion based on one 2 minute video of a demo that you have no idea what build it was as well.

      I’m not saying that it will be better than GT5 but I’m not going to say it’s the same based such
      a little info that we have received.

    3. oneloops

      I’m making a critique of that is demonstrated in this demo.

      I’m not making a critique of that isn’t demonstrated in this demo.

      It’s that’s simple.

  131. Olegonic

    Kazunori Yamauchi please READ THIS!!!
    If You really wish to make an incredible Gran Turismo, please:
    1.Hire some guy who will continuously supervise the GT6 development. Sorry, but You have NO time for that as You traveling around the world for real races and multimedia meetings.
    2.Let GTAcademy finalist to TEST future titles BEFORE release. LET them set some average times on tracks in the game and THIS is WHAT “AI” will be an in the future games. Call one branch of the game HARDCORE or REALISM without trophies achievements, so casual playas will NOT need to play that part for 100% game completion and Platinum Trophy.
    3.Make career mode longer with matchmaking system for OFFLINE playas.
    4.Plus what You are already working on.
    I want to play Gran Turismo. I wish this title to be competitive on the sim – game market. But look out of the window – there are another titles coming soon, Gran Turismo is not self-efficient any more without constructive changes. It will be HARDER to hold people in the world of GRAN TURISMO just because IT IS Gran Turismo.
    And last, Kazunory San, please begin to communicate with community of Gran Turismo. I might not understand Japanese mentality, but I might to admit that well developed and infinite title can not not leave without hardcore playas and THAT big Community which GTPlanet is.
    Thanks for reading. I know YOU would read this.

    1. oneloops

      Mr Yamauchi only has to include a AI level parameter to keep casual and hardcore players happy :)

      But PRO level in GT5 Arcade Mode is still a easy and boring level. It’s not about racing against +200HP better cars, it’s about racing with same cars, same HP, and haven’t that equidistance among cars at Start.

      We need real challenge, fight for the position, not allowed pushing for overtakes (+damages in collisions), AI that brakes at similar points than us, NOT 20 meters BEFORE !!!

      +Similar pace than us, +mistakes, etc … STRONG AI level parameter PLEASE ! Included in GT MODE too !

  132. syjones1

    I’m afraid that gt6 is going to be just a heavy DLC without an awful lot really changing. Guess they’re saving all the good stuff for the PS4. I was hoping for something like iRacing with its online stuff. We shall see

  133. Mad Matt

    Yes, sadly the AI doesn’t seem much improved and the sound, oh dear, h dear.

    Difficult to be sure from the playback but it looked like getting a whell on the grass with the power down sometimes thows you off and sometimes doesn’t. I’ll take a closer look.

    The lighting is much better though.

  134. sibbystiggy

    It seems like all the tracks ive seen so far in gt6 (mostly 2 of them lol) have time change option, cus putting autum ring and silverstone both in the evening time isn’t coincidence as far as i see it.

    Maybe (guessing) all original GT tracks have time change, that would be awesome!
    always wanted to do trial mountain and deep forest at night and maybe daytona/any other Nascar track at night would be epic too!!!

    I hope this is the case with gt6, all im really looking forward to from gt5,

    1. Deko Wolf-GTPT

      Yes, the time does change. Here’s a clue: Go on GT5 with the same car (the Nissan 370Z) on any track. On the cockpit view, you will notice a digital clock to the left. If the track you are driving on has a fixed time, the clock will always show that time and never change. However, if you drive on a track with time progression and Nurburgring or Le Mans, you will notice the clock changes according to the time on the track.

      On this video, the clock shows 14:00 (2:00PM), at the end of the lap, it shows 14:01 (2:01PM). This proves that at least this track has time progression.

  135. kazach

    Amazing. It sounds as good as it can. It sounds like real racing and cant get any better. The graphics looks nextgen and iam glad it wont have any damage. Damage is not realistic. I hope there wont be a livery editor because this is gran turismo not ms paint. Just amazing work polyphony

    1. SnakeOfBacon

      hmm, If all tracks have time progression, it would be very interesting to see SS Route 5 in the day…
      I’m also wondering if GT6 will have all of GT5’s DLC cars by default, I really don’t want to pay for an Aventador, and I’d love to race at Kart Space from the start

  136. vr6cas

    Why everytime you spell something wrong or forget to use a comma someone always jumping on here(GTPlanet) like they never make mistakes! Arggghhh! Some people like myself might be typing on a small cellphone with a qwerty keyboard an dont feel like writing a book or novel just to get spell checked everytime you post. I mean dam I got big fingers and these buttons on the phone are but so big. Whoever does that has female traits. I mean we are mostly men in here and if you another man worried about how another man spells you might be………………….

  137. sind3ntosca

    Wiiiiii… i think overall looks good… but i can see there are still jaggies across the white line of the track, and the line around bottom windshield… and also the fences, etc. Is this PS3 limitation? i hope anti aliasing would be better on full game :)

    1. Proud_God

      No thanks, the game looks to be struggling to hit a steady 60 fps as is. Fps > visual details.

  138. silicon1138

    Superb – the handling, the lighting, the SHADOWS! wow. I wasn’t that convinced before seeing this. I’m totally sold now. The overall feeling of realism has really been raised. Can’t wait.

  139. ExplodeTheApex

    Holy shizzle! This looks incredible! The orangey shade in the trees come out really well :D It looks like PD may have done a bit of work on the environment as well…

  140. Smilenator

    Nice to see the clock change (did that happen in GT5)
    But the AI didn’t seem to be too competitive.

    1. kekke2000

      I guess it will be like GT5 with AI. Not competitive with slower cars. But pretty good with the really fast cars.

    1. SnakeOfBacon

      I reckon it’ll be Silverstone actually, or perhaps both…
      I also bet that the Demo will be 3GB or more

      substantially more now that I think of it

  141. BLACK86

    Are we confusing updated lighting conditions with a track that now has time of day and possibly weather change on it…the clock in the car is working. I can get that gorgeous lighting look on gt5 at the nurb by tweaking time and weather settings. Hope all tracks have weather and time settings!!!

  142. vr6cas

    @Pit Crew & TokoTurismo, I bet the both of you are the type to put racing soft on everything huh, no tire wear huh, no damage huh, grip on low huh, LOL you two think you kno so much but probaly dont even know what sport hards or comfort softs feel like, but you two know so much about GT, gimme a break lol youve got a lot to learn.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Are you kidding me? I never even use Racing Softs period, dislike “visual” damage and like tire wear. What are you attempting there?

  143. Olegonic

    I AM a fan of Gran Turismo 5, I like it. Also I am a man living in reality. Not easy to hype me with a new sequel physics and tires model as much as I don’t know what they would be.
    From what I’ve seen and heard about Gran Turismo 6 a had made assumptions about the game in final version and come to conclusion:
    1. New physics model
    2.New tire model
    3.200 new cars
    4.Three dozen of new tracks
    5.So called livery editor with NO prove how it will work
    6.Some tweaks here and there.
    7.Hype of a people about new game as it should always be. Happy people cheering about, Oh my GOD, a better lightning!! Look at this NEW HUD!!! WOW a little better trees!!! Oh gosh, another camera angle!!! WOW, 200 new premium cars!!!
    Guys, JUST DO NOT GET me wrong, DOES it ALL deserve to be called a next of Gran Turismo game? GRAN TURISMO -6?
    For me it looks like GRAN TURISMO 5 – DIRECTORS CUT. Which copy I would be rather appreciated to have. I play Gran Turismo 5 almost 4-6 hours a day, I adore it, in my world there is enough time and temper to enjoy what I have now till the day when Gran Turismo 6 comes out from PD workshop as the game we have never seen before.
    I understand that excitement around GT6 which will fade soon as every WOW effect does. But will ya’all feel that we really had gotten a NEW sequel, NOT final version of GT5 which it was supposed to be?
    I am not whining about GT6, I am only looking for a next game through glasses of reality, not a pinky ones.
    By the way, when Project Cars comes out?

    1. vr6cas

      +1 olegonic thats what i was trying to say, but you get a -1,000,000 for the project cars comment, it can be a love hate relationship with GT but I’ll never cheat on her!

    2. Longa23

      Yes man you have F***** right…
      No wow effects…
      Waiting for Project Cars (PS4 next Gen) with GT5 directors cut xD

      (Im disappointed, i’m a BIG Fan of GT and i have hoped for BIG changes too)

    3. HarVee

      Hmm, it looks like a sequel to me. I guess everyone is so busy with their heads in the clouds to realize that a sequel doesn’t need to be genre-redefining, it just needs to be an improvement on what was established in the previous title, which from the looks of it, is exactly what we will be getting.

    4. sibbystiggy

      Gran turismo 5 had problems, do u not want them to be fixed?

      the only way PD is able to fix them is by bringing out GT6, i admit, not a entirely new game like a jump from gt4 to gt5 etc. but its a well polished gt5, what gt5 should have been,

      I bet when its out u guys will feel that all these new features are enough to call it a new GT game.

      Tech can’t really jump that high anymore, maybe gt6-gt7 will be a bigger jump but u have to see that graphics alone do not make it a better game, the feel of GT games has been the biggest evolution and there have been the changes that stood out most between each GT game. look back and u will realize, it is the physics that have improved most between every GT game & here its not different.

      All i want is weather and time change for every track, if not all origional tracks!
      im not personally bothered about physics cus i love the 1s in gt5, i didn’t believe that they could be improved but they have which is amazing!

      Everyone wants somin different from GT6, but it shouldn’t be graphics alone, cus a real GT lover would want features that define it from others.

  144. sailworksman

    I’m excited for Gran Turismo 6 , but I can’t stand most fantasy tracks-especially this one.


    I really like the lighting. It looks real ang gives a nice feeling/atmosphere. It’s not like in other games where the sun is extremly bright and looks just unreal. + they add unreal reflections where you can see the whole track on the wet surface XD ..

  146. TomBrady

    Man, it actually makes GT5s version look terrible. There’s just so much more there, and it’s like night and day.

    Plus, I think this is a confirmation that it will have day to night transitions. I think maybe all the tracks will. Cool stuff

  147. vr6cas

    LOL @Pit Crew I think we all know whos the clown in here, somebody who be pissing his pants everytime someone says something positive about GT but is quick to tell someone to leave or calling them a troll when someone speaks bad about GT.

  148. Quakebass

    Can we stop responding violently and aggressively here on GTPlanet…? Like address the point made, and discuss it? Not tell the user that they’re blind or idiotic or something along that line…?

    I remember finding GTPlanet and seeing it as a a sanctuary of peace amongst the rest of the internet…

    It doesn’t seem that way right now…

    1. Niyologist

      Very sad isn’t it. It’s like no one is satisfied with the beauty of GT6. I’m already fine with everything. I know that GT6 has great potential after the release. I can’t wait until I get my hands on a copy. I wonder when they’ll have a Collector’s Edition?

    2. TokoTurismo

      @Quakebass I thought GT6 would have brought peace to this place, seemed it hasn’t.

      -__- It’s sad I know but everyone is hating on game that’s (1. On PS3 and 2. calling it GT5.5 even with small info handed out).

    3. HarVee

      GT6 has only torn this community further apart, Toko. It’s sad in a way because we’re all fans of GT here.

    4. SnakeOfBacon

      @Niyologist of course there’ll be a collector’s edtion, maybe even another gigantic Signature Edition like with GT5 but I doubt that

  149. Niyologist

    I can tell that Youtube + the camera recording had diluted the frame rates. Actual gameplay is much smoother than this. It’s not so much the camera, it looks more like Youtube’s doing. I should know because I uploaded over 30 videos and YT messes it up ALL THE TIME. YT needs to improve the playback of their player.

  150. vr6cas

    @Pit Crew Heres something else to make my “critique” standout as you would call it, On november 24 I picked up my pre ordered collectors edition and I brought a regular copy just so i wouldnt have to open my CE. 160 dollars on release, plus a dfgt, and high speed internet for the new GT for online. So you do the math and i guess all Ive done is pointless. All I got to say is instead of bashing people about how they feel about the direction GT is heading try to see if what they saying is valid or not, because some of the people do make dumb complaints and some are forza trolls trying to bring us down, but those people can never take the life of GT. And some make valid critics as well.

  151. kazach

    But the fanboys loves it! On the other hand, fanboys would love a turd on the cover as well – it would be original beauthiful. Like saying all other racing game stinks. Oh yeah.

  152. vr6cas

    @Pit Crew Im not even gonna respond to your lack of a brain if your gonna say that what I said is pointless. Its the truth. Example, if I owned a burger shop and cooked the same ol burger for years and people loved it, some people didnt, and I put a sign that said im cooking my burgers a little different and added a few new spices and said come try our new burgers, I bet on the day I opened it would be a line around the the corner waiting to try something they think is new, from the same people who loved it and the people who didnt, but the trrick is I didnt do nothing to the burger, I cooked it the same way just switched they brand of seasoning. Its the same burger at the end of the day. And its a business at the end of the day. Kaz, PD, and sony its a business when it comes down to it.

    1. Quakebass

      Are you two even going to READ his points or just let the first few words bounce off your head?

    2. Madertus

      *comments on someone lacking a brain*
      *doesn’t know the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE*
      *doesn’t use basic punctuation*

  153. hobanator24

    Hey Jordan, can we bend the rules just alittle so we can tell off the trolls once & for all? They are a pest, virus, cancer, & curse on this site & need to be eradicated.

  154. kazach

    Whatahell is wrong with polyphony?! It sounds as horrible as Gt5! And that sound when he hits the other car – like a drunk guy falls over the hood on a car. They should take help from Dice’s sound guys. And while they’re at it they might just as well take help from turn 10 to because i doubt they have fixed anthing else. Project cars will hopefully be as good as it already seems to be(and sounds) because this will be the final nail …

    1. hobanator24

      I’m sick & tired of y’all sayin this stuff about a game that ISN’T FINISHED YET! I wish misfortune on you & your ancestors for generations to come.

    2. MLRSparco

      Right now the game is probably in the alpha or beta stage and all that means is that its finished but there going back to review things and fix any small mistakes they’ve made.I’ve never seen a game do a complete 180 after a beta.

  155. BWX

    Dead and lifeless tracks and environments.

    Dead and lifeless cockpit view.. stationary like you were sitting in a parking lot.

    Dead and lifeless sounds.

    Dead and lifeless AI.

    Dead and lifeless transmission simulation.

    etc, etc, etc..

    GT6 is an embarrassment for anyone who is a fan of Gran Turismo, especially with Forza 5 being a NEXT GEN release title. There is no excuse except for Kaz’s “issues” (we all know what they are) that are killing the GT franchise.

    It looks like a game from 7 years ago. Yuck.

    1. TomBrady

      lol lifeless tracks? Since when does Forza have dynamic shadows? Weather? day to night? etc?

      Plus, PHYSICS > all of that, and GT5 still destroys forza in the ways that counts.

  156. Proud_God

    Damn, the game is only getting 40 FPS, I won’t be picking this game up unless they get that 60 FPS. I was hoping that they would pull it off, seeing that Kaz apologized for GT5 not getting 60 FPS.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Umm… How do you know, and how are you seeing that? You didn’t play the game so I don’t know how you know that!?


    2. Proud_God

      Press view info on the you tube vid, fps + frames dropped = original fps.

      You can also notice that it is not 60 fps by just looking at it.

    3. HuskyGT

      I did notice a considerable frame-rate drop in cockpit view :/ Oh well, sacrifices had to be done. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if the game ran at a steady 35fps instead of being 60fps just every now and then. As long as it is rock solid 35fps, just like GT5’s replays.

      Most games run at 35fps anyway. No big deal.

    4. CoolColJ

      You can’t be serious?
      That’s the frame rate of the camera…

      And YT only shows videos no higher than 30fps


      you do realize this isn’t direct feed right? even if you are using a recording device it won’t capture at the same fps. this is being recorded off-screen and most cameras record at 24fps so your point means nothing just go use the vid info tool on any gt5 video you won’t see 60fps

    6. TomBrady

      Hilarious. You’re worried about the FPS?


      You’re getting the frame rate of the camera you moron, not the game. Not to mention, since when doesn’t GT5 get 60 FPS? Kaz apologized that when it’s raining, on eiger, with 16 cars, it drops below 60 AT THE START. That’s it. I’ve put in over 100k miles in GT5, and I’ve never seen any frame rate drops, other than single frames while doing time trials crossing start finish.

      I smell a troll. LOL “I won’t buy GT6 because the handheld camera dropped below 60 FPS”. Retard

    7. Proud_God

      1) GT5 drops below 60 FPS a lot during the actual race
      2) While, yes, the fps of the yt vid are not the fps of the actual game, it’s clear from just looking at the thing that cockpit view degrades FPS below 60 FPS.
      3) It’s not final yet, let’s hope they improve the FPS, wait and see

  157. Normalaatsra

    They made Autumn Ring in HD yay, added with sunrise-sunset style time progression and updated visuals, like the trees.
    I wonder if 24h time progression is possible.

    However I have to take note that the surrounding environment is like in GT4, just updated with HD and better visuals. The old hairpin near the starting line still has the same kind of sand pit and grand stand.

    1. UrieHusky

      It really isn’t. AI isn’t something that would be left untouched at this stage of development and if there were improved they’d want to show that off ASAP.

      Things like sound and such there’s plenty of time to fix that, AI.. not so much.

    2. TomBrady

      And why not? They aren’t releasign until november or whatever. When they made GT5 they worked up until the last minute. What makes you think they won’t this time?

      I swear a new GT brings out all the morons to complain about an unfinished game with backwards logic

    3. UrieHusky

      Yes.. despite using logic and reasoning because I disagree with you I’m a moron.

      That’s exactly how this works.

  158. fureddo

    The cockpit view seems more immersive, the clock in the car really works and the job on the lightning is awesom! But is it me or the shadow issue is still not fixed? Sure it looks a shade (excuse the pun) better than in GT5 but it still looks jiggery. I’ll stay optimistic though. This is still an early stage of development of GT6; the game can still be polish and fully optimized when its released for the holidays.


      but it also looks like the entire track has jaggies i’m pretty sure it’s just the low quality of the video

  159. 2012GT325

    Love the new track lighting. Hope all tracks get day/night/weather change because one of my favorite things about GT5 is the time change in Nurburgring and Circuit de la Sarthe. Sunset and sunrise in those tracks looks amazing and it would be cool if all tracks get the feature.

  160. vr6cas

    Before anybody bashes me or try to say something smart understand i’ve been a GT supporter since 1998 GT1, GT2, GT3, GT4, GT5p, GT5, GT demos, two PS1s, two PS2s, two PS3s, a DFGT wheel, all GT5 DLCs, thousands of laps on the ring, and I will continue to support my favorite game of all time into GT6 and beyond, so if anyone wants to call me a troll, whatever, ask around about me, I have a right to praise, and be a realist about GT even if some of the community dont agree. To me it looks like GT5.5 Spec 3, with added content that MOST of it could have been done through dlc. GT5 we had dlc, tracks, cars, standard cockpits, wheels on standards, etc etc…. Everybody hyping this up like its something its not, from what i can see. Reality check. I just dont see nothing to wow me that would say it is a new game. Ok we get gt3 cars, ooook we should have been had them through a dlc gt3 pack, then forza shoe a trailer of fm5 with a car i would love to drive in GT, the new mclaren P1. And what do we get, a premium lambo from 1970s. grrrrrr! I bet they will get the laferrari before we do. lol I could go on but im not, and to all the people bashing the realist on here speaking the truth about what they see so far stop and tgake a look at yourself, and be real with yourself first. If you ask me this is a game to fund GT7 on the PS4.

    1. BLADErunner80

      If PD said if you would like to help fund GT7 we will give you a DLC of 200 new premium cars and 7 new tracks would you do it?

    2. Pit Crew

      Emphasising how long you’ve been a GT fan doesn’t really make your critique standout. Hateration is just that so basically your wall of text is pointless.

    3. Quakebass

      The things that could NOT have been done through an update was the lighting and physics. It was an absolute re-work. There’s all srts of difficulties that would come with trying to do that through an update – one being the sheer SIZE. All sorts of components in the game would have to change as well, as the physics are adjusted. All sorts of calculations. Minor adjustments in physics could be done without adjusting AI algorithms, or at least not much (and vice versa). But when you change the game so drastically, there’s SO much data that needs to be replaced, and a lot of which could end up breaking the game.

      The time and weather changes, premium upgrades, revamped A-Spec, and new cars and tracks all could’ve been done with DLC/updates, yes. That much is obvious.

  161. BLADErunner80

    Some of you maybe aren’t sure what you want from car sounds in Gran Turismo.

    I keep hearing “better sounds” from people but the sounds in my opinion at least are pretty realistic particularly as many modern cars are so soundproofed you hear very little engine from the inside so cockpit view shouldn’t be filled with roaring exhaust notes.

    The race cars is a different story they should roar in every view you choose, maybe what some of you really mean by “better sounds” is louder more arcade sounds and not more realistic sounds.

    1. MLRSparco

      Think about when you reduce weight from your car,think about adding a new exhaust system,think about changing the view of the car,all of these things need to be accounted for when u record sound,the car should sound very different between the cockpit and the outside of the car.Try this,get in your car and drive up and down the block,then get a friend to drive your car while you stand outside and see how different it sounds.When watching the GT6 video there was very little difference from how the car sounded in cockpit from what it sounded outside of the car.

    2. BLADErunner80

      You don’t even have to go off the poor mono sound Jordan had to record the GT6 video in, turn on your PS3 and boot up GT5 the cockpit and outside views all sound different.

    3. MLRSparco

      The difference in sound is small it sounds a little louder and a little deeper but the actual sound doesn’t change from cockpit which is in front of the exhaust to behind the cars exhaust,the car should sound dominantly louder,thats just real life.The Z has a very distinct sound that I don’t hear in GT.

    4. TomBrady

      Ok, what I want is more AMBIENT SOUND. Even when watching out of car replays, there’s almost zero reverb what so ever. That’s one of the biggest reasons GT5 sounds unrealistic. It sounds like you’re in a small room, not a race track. There needs to be more ambient sound, even in the cockpits.

      Plus, the exaust sound is terrible in GT5. Especialyl when you add after market exausts. Sure, in cockpit most cars sound ok, but it doesn’t change the fact that the exaust sound is way off, and there’s almost no reverb either. Plus it just doesn’t sound raw enough.

      Of course though, what matters is physics, and I’m not one of those tw*ts that will whine forever about it. Good sounds are a bonus, nothing more.

    1. Kratos_Q8

      we should forget about realistic sounds its been like this for 15 years not to mention fanboyz thinks the sound is amazing

    2. MLRSparco

      Yea you have a point there,I guess I’ll have to make my own engine nosies when I play the game.

    1. Kratos_Q8

      i dont play online and the game looks like it have the exact same stupid AI in GT5 + will see how long the A spec is

    1. BLADErunner80

      Yeah I noticed that too, and also another display on the right was functional aswell. Neither important or necessary but shows the level of detail PD have put in.

      Prefer to turn HUD off and just use dashboard so more functioning gauges is great news.

    2. WangansGodHand

      It did it in GT5 as well…I remember doing laps on the ‘Ring in my premium RX7 FC and the clock changing.

    3. coolboy48

      The clock on the 370Z has always worked. However, the video also shows that this track is now available with time progression.

      If we’re lucky, many other tracks will also have working time cycles. Imagine Eiger at 12 midnight…

  162. RandomCarGuy17

    Wow, autumn ring actually looks better; I don’t know whether it’s the shadows or the lighting, but the course looks nice. I also like the time of day chosen for it.

  163. HuskyGT

    So… Jordan. Now that this vid is up, I would guess that the XBow and this Z34 weren’t the only cars recorded. Any chance that you recorded the Audi’s gameplay too?

    I’m sure a lot of people here would appreciate it.

  164. TokoTurismo

    It’s soooo fun having the haters around crying their eye, they’re amusing because when GT6 gets released you’ll see how fast they’ll get the game, no matter what they say. That’s why I continue to laugh at them to this very day. XD

  165. HuskyGT

    I can assure something; when GT6 gets released there will be TONS of people complaining and it will be hell over here at the forums. I know I was one of those back when GT5 was released, but this time it will be different. This will be the best Gran Turismo ever.

    I guess the trick is not expecting much. So far it is working since by what PD has shown, there IS a lot of improvement done. And we haven’t even tried the physics yet.

    1. TomBrady

      I didn’t go on GTPLanet for about 2 months after GT5 was released. I’ve never had so much fun with a game in my life, and I’m sure GT6 will be better. Plus, I hate forums. I only use them to meet peopel to race with. There’s way to many whiney c**ts on forums

  166. Quakebass

    Ok… I can’t be the only one that noticed the odd shadowing on the track, can I…?

    …I thought PD revamped the lighting engine… Or have they just not perfected it on this track…?

  167. CrazyBrazilian

    It’s so funny to see how people are so dumb. I’m so much fan of GT Series since GT1 and I say that PD MUST improve GT6. These freaking crazy funs think that we are just trolling, hating and being annoying about GT6. But it’s not. I want better car sounds and damage. GT is already beautifull, and has so real car fisics but I want more than 1300 cars and stupid AI.

    1. TokoTurismo

      What do you think they’re doing? Doing nothing? This is a early build so get over yourself already…

      And you said you want 1300 cars and stupid A.I.? What the hell. o_O

    2. Pit Crew

      If I spelled as bad as you I wouldn’t be calling anyone Stupid or Dumb.

      Very constructive statement, I must say lol

    3. HuskyGT

      “more than 1300 cars” Now that’s a very specific request. So, how many, 1301 or 1326? I rather have less than 1314 but more than 1305. But that’s my opinion.

    4. RandomCarGuy17

      Where did you get 1300 cars from? The game is indeed improving, but in terms of visuals and driving physics. I rather drive a car in a game that handles more like a real car that sounds bad than just drive a non-realistic handling car that sounds fantastic.
      Also, you can’t just be rude towards others to get your opinion across.

    5. Wankelhead

      English is clearly not his native language, so don’t pick on him for that.
      And what he probably meant with “I want more than 1300 cars and stupid AI”, was that those are things the game has, and he wants something besides 1300 cars (wrong number though) and a smarter AI.

    1. nascarfn

      it has gotten way better and it’s still beta and there still gonna continue fixing after release you don’t like the way pd does things don’t buy it, stop talking and go but project cars… if it ever comes out. and the physics are no where near gt6 right now

    2. TokoTurismo

      Ewww trolls who know NOTHING about GT6 at all. So pathetic….

      They said they weren’t going to buy GT6, yet why do they keep coming back? XD Just go away you ask for to much anyway.

    3. Hypergolem

      sounds are the best around, real simulations not just sampled sounds. If you want thunder like noise go play need for speed…

    4. tpark103

      Why do people waist there time replying to these people. If you don’t like the sound, find a different game. I’m sure that out of that 10 million purchased the last copy there are a few fans that won’t be happy with every single little detail but, will still be happy with the positives.

    5. omgitsbees

      lmao the GT fanboys are getting more aggressive. It doesn’t take much to make you gentle snowflakes start peeing in your diapers.

    6. HuskyGT

      HAHA! this guy must be deaf. Poor thing…

      Even though the sound is from an off-screen recording, I can tell the Fairlady Z34 is sounding as magnificent as it did in GT5. One of the few batch of cars that sound almost identical to the real thing.

      I can even tell the sound effects have been adjusted a bit. There is a lot more grunt inside the car too. If the sounds are really nice in this off-screen video I can’t wait to hear them on my own system.

      Keep up the great job, PD!

    7. TokoTurismo

      ^ Oh no not you. D: Just go get Grid 2 when it comes out please. This place will be better if trolls left….

    8. jonjwlee

      Sorry to burst your bubble but a 370Z really doesn’t sound all that special in real life. Actually the game pretty much got it perfect.

  168. hyyperactive

    Let’s see:
    -super slow AI – Check!
    -horrible car sounds – Check!
    -low framerate in-car camera with unnatural shaking – Check!
    -typical gt5-esque race where you start from the back and easily finish 1st – Check!
    -unnaturally earth shattering (magma exploding) understeer on the nissan 350z – Check!

    Please don’t take this post too seriously :).

  169. RodrigoDLL

    Looks like GT5 3.0 to me. Guess PD finally realized football and F1 games launch new but almost identical versions every year, making lots of money, and decided they should do that too.

    I won’t complain too much cause I have paid for 3 F1 games for PS3 and only one gran turismo, but it is sad they chose to do that now.

  170. 05XR8

    I noticed the driver has an open face helmet. Avatars for GT6? The player should have stayed behind the AI for a lap.

  171. SigmaViper11

    On the note of physics, is it me or did they finally fix the trail braking issues? In GT5 you could go pretty hard on the brakes through the corner which was fun but unrealistic. Going by this it looks like they fixed that where you will actually have to be a lot smoother with braking and amount of force put into it as you go into the turn.

    Hope what I am seeing is true, this will make me very happy.

    1. researchALLwars

      Turn ABS to OFF. Magic trailbraking evaporates. You meet wall. We all laugh. You then learn better technique. We all rejoice.

    1. HuskyGT

      Some of the cars in GT5 had a working clock. Not all of them though. Hope it’s in most cars now.

    2. hobanator24

      They had a working clock if it was on a time change course. If not, then it was just set to a specific time. This just means that Autumn Ring is now available with a time change option.

    3. RandomCarGuy17

      Wait, if only time change courses had the functioning clock, then that means I can race on Autumn Ring at night. YES! I hope Deep Forest and High Speed Ring have it too.

  172. hogger129

    It doesn’t look like that much of an improvement compared to my experiences with GT5. Shoot the second video at 1080p and then compare.

    It seems like all they did was added a few more cars, updated a few standards to premium, and that was about it. Still doesn’t fix the sounds of the cars which still sound like vacuums, AI still the same, none of the classic tracks like Grindelwald, Apricot Hill, Tahiti, Seattle, Red Rock Valley look like they’re coming back.

    Besides, it still isn’t measuring up to the level of customization I could get if I bought Forza – GT’s main competitor.

    1. Dekropttiv

      You’re missing the fact that basically the entire physics engine has been redone and from what I have heard, for the better. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’d rather have spot on physics before having less important nick nacks.

    2. Pit Crew

      Yeah hogger you really haven’t been paying attention, especially since Apricot Hll and Seattle have been confirmed for GT6 along with Bathurst, Silverstone, MT Panorama, & Willow Springs. Along with better lighting effects, an upgraded car customization feature, better online racing features that will allow users to personalize their race lobbies, More Aero parts for our cars, being able to fully tune the standard models, which we couldn’t do in GT5, and the fact we will be getting DLC every month. If your gonna criticise, atleast get some facts before you join Hateration Nation.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      The AI does seem more aware of the player, and it looks like they run a slightly different line than in GT5 in that they’re a bit more precise all around. I specifically like how precise they are on corner entry. :)

  173. aronh17

    The lighting looks really good. The physics do look good. From what I can see tt seems they’ve updated the classic tracks. The reflections on other cars look great too.

    1. RattijuoppoFIN

      Actually no. I have yet not seen a single thing that would make me want to buy GT6. I do hope that this game brings
      a lot better experience than GT5, but I doubt it. Though thats just my opinion.
      Ok maybe that was put in a troll kinda sentence… :D

    2. Quakebass

      Aside from the physics and lighting, updating cars to premium, more day/night and/or weather tracks, more car customization, improved A-Spec, and MAYBE AI, I don’t see what else could be done on the PS3. It’s hardware is so limited. PD COULD do some serious optimization to make it possible, MAYBE, but that would likely take a few more years… The compression of code to make it run better is no simple job.

  174. BkS

    So from what I can tell, shadows are still jaggy, but look much better. Lighting system makes the interior of cars look much more fantastic. I also think in-car sounds, sound much nicer compared to FM, or NFS, etc. It’s simulation is much nicer in that, it’s not as loud as it would be in exterior view. It sounded like a Z to me as well…

  175. Dr_Watson

    So.. redone tracks look like the 24 hour tracks. Guess it’s a testament to how much they got out of the ps3 to begin with that 6 doesn’t really look much better.

  176. chevyisthebest

    but a sad side:(……the crash sound does not sound any different and when he did hit there was no crash damage, but if u look at forza 4(not saying its better) when u do a small little crash u c some scratches! but gt6 is still really good looking!

    1. chevyisthebest

      and when u look at he gt5 gameplay u thing “wow!thats crap compared to gt6 lol” cause onestly it wasn’t really that good and im glad pd is doing better with gt6

  177. chevyisthebest

    2:01, it looks like they read my idea for brining back the thing on the speedometer the thing that tells u the distance(srry I 4 got the name) uve driven.! other than that it looks pretty great and lots of little detail on the dash!!!SO EXCITED!

  178. racingchamp30

    All i can say is wow, already see a huge difference in the lighting effect from GT5 to GT6.

  179. jensen198

    From memory, although I was only young at the time, the step between GT3 and GT4 was more an improvement in the amount of content, rather than the actual game engine as much.

    Does anyone else expect the same for GT5 to GT6?

  180. SCER

    The in-car clock doesn’t look like it’s synced with the track. The track shadows and light levels look more like it should be 4 to 6pm, no way is it 2pm.

    1. Lord Protector

      They are synced for sure, just like they are synced in GT5 :) you can check it on Nordschleife with that 370Z.

    2. SCER

      The shadows are longer, and the light is darker and a bit more orangey, than I’d expect for two pm.

    3. hobanator24

      but it’s 2 PM on AUTUMN ring. She days are not as long during the autumn months. I’d say, it takes place in mid-late October

    4. Hermanvongerman

      I was under the impression that the in car clock was synched to the time on your PS3…. on GT5 it is anyway…..

  181. TheGTGuy

    Theres a few things i noticed.

    1. Engine notes are much clearer in all views and theres seems to be an extra layer of grunt at higher rpm which satisfies me.

    2. Time change on Autumn Ring.

    3. No jagged edges on Shadows.

    4. only 6 cars running on this track, could be because its an early build or could it be we get to choose how many cars we race against???

    5. Suspension, Physics, Aerodynamics, look great judging by how feisty the cars handling is.

    6. Odometers back :)

    1. PepeMickey

      I noticed that sound layer too, I mean it’s there but the sounds are pretty much the same, the jagged shadows are still there though, they just made them lighter in contrast and added some smoothing to the edges (same as FM4) but yes, the overall product is better than GT5.

  182. Zyla

    *sigh* Still has that silly transmission that was in GT5, so you don’t get to hear realistic gear changes. The engine sound isn’t that great, the collision sound is unimpressive and very similar to GT5s, and the tires squeal too much around corners. It’s basically GT5 with a slight touch up. Not impressed at all.

    1. Zyla

      Although I keep reminding myself that it still has a ways to go, which is somewhat reassuring. :P

    2. HuskyGT

      Apart form the transmission sound effects, I don’t see any problem at all. The Fairlady is sounding perfect just as it did in GT5. Extremely close to the real deal.

    3. CoolColJ

      Huh sounds exactly like the 370z in the GT Academy Time Trail pre-GT5, and same as GT5 itself…

  183. daYELLOWk1d

    The tree shadows are jittery @2:08 but overall its a nice improvement from gt5. The game play looks much more dynamic.

  184. tillbot8

    Excellent! I noticed in the video the time changing from 2.00 onwards! FANTASTIC NEWS! This would mean it’s the first fictitious track in the GT series that has changeable time! Also notice that is an ‘AUTUMN’ Sunshine, a little lower! I know from the outset that might seem like an obvious inclusion but its little touches that we did not see in GT5!

    Very very happy with this! Take into account Autumn Ring is not a particularly prominent track yet receives the ‘Premium Treatment’ could it be a sign for more ‘important tracks?

  185. oneloops

    I hate that equidistance among cars !!! That’s not like a competition, it’s like robots or artificial rules…

    That’s make no sense at all have others cars in the race if there is no competition and a closer fight for the position.

    1. Lococurling

      I really side with you, let’s make some racing, difficult overtakes. No more boring rabbit chases.

  186. SCER

    The car looks a lot more feisty. Lots of braking oversteer. Time change on Autumn ring a bonus. Good good good.

  187. tillbot8

    Car sounds more lairy, less jaggies, smoother textures And odometer YAYYYY used to seeing that go up when you were flying it :)

    Restore my faith PD, make me believe again lol!”

  188. Tweetman_277

    Guess this proves we’re gonna see more tracks with time change. You can see the passage of time on the dashboard clock of the 370Z.

  189. oneloops

    Sound of F40 it’s an offense for every Ferrari fan…

    I hope it will drastically better in GT6, not only a more present exhaust sound.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Ohh I keep forgetting about that, haha. Very happy to see it again, can’t wait for GT6. :)

    1. GODfreyGT5

      Look again, listen again. When he changes between the camera views, it is clear that the exhaust sound can now be heard more clearly from all views, not just 3rd person.

    2. MeanElf

      Another one who can’t tell the difference between full on sun at noon and whatever time that was… ;)

      Mind you, if the latitude was northerly enough, 2pm would see the start of late afternoon, as the sun would be lower to the horizon and it is ‘Autumn’ ring.

    1. sangdude82

      I agree Toko :) The track looks more dynamic now. PD gotta do this track upgrade to all the classic tracks from previous games and sell them as DLC plus have time/weather options for all tracks on GT6.

      Oh and can’t PD give us some more city tracks? Bring back New York & Seoul please~~~

    1. GODfreyGT5

      Really hoping all tracks can have rain + night now. The dark racing line on the track here reminds me of the dark lines you can see when driving any ‘weather’ version of a track in gt5. (GT5 does actually simulate the grip levels on the racing line I found from testing. The racing line is smoother, and you have slightly more grip on the off-line).

    2. Dekropttiv

      I noticed that too. I also noticed the shadows stil look a bit rough especially the trees in the start of the video. On the positive side I’m absolutely loving the new suspension system. Looks like it handles awesomely.

    3. Streeto

      I noticed this, although I realised by noticing that the sun was slightly lower on the second lap. I hope they do this for a lot if not all of the tracks!

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