Gran Turismo 6 Gameplay Video at Autumn Ring

May 24th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Polyphony Digital’s fictional track, Autumn Ring, has been a staple of Gran Turismo games since it appeared in the series’ first title.

It’s back in Gran Turismo 6, and GTPlanet can provide the first gameplay footage which highlights the circuit’s updated lighting conditions. For a rough comparison with GT5, here’s an older gameplay video below from YouTuber “DjReminisUK”.

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  1. May. 25, 7:10am

    i wont buy GT6 to have another GT5 hahahahaaha

    • May. 25, 9:51am

      Another one, great.


  2. May. 25, 7:10am

    I love how just about everyone is jumping to the conclusion that the GT6 is a GT5,5(which sounds just stupid),based on demo’s.
    It sounds like the same people that were so sure that GT6 will be a PS4 title.

    If you’re not sure you are going to buy it then just wait till the reviews come out of the full game,it’s that simple.

    • May. 25, 7:20am

      What’s a demo ? It’s a demonstation. What’s is GT6 demonstrating is better Physics, a little better sound and better graphics.

      But not that AI is like we want. We’ll have the same boring AI and equidistance among cars…

    • May. 25, 8:02am

      You are jumping to conclusion based on one 2 minute video of a demo that you have no idea what build it was as well.

      I’m not saying that it will be better than GT5 but I’m not going to say it’s the same based such
      a little info that we have received.

    • May. 25, 8:53am

      I’m making a critique of that is demonstrated in this demo.

      I’m not making a critique of that isn’t demonstrated in this demo.

      It’s that’s simple.

  3. May. 25, 6:48am

    Kazunori Yamauchi please READ THIS!!!
    If You really wish to make an incredible Gran Turismo, please:
    1.Hire some guy who will continuously supervise the GT6 development. Sorry, but You have NO time for that as You traveling around the world for real races and multimedia meetings.
    2.Let GTAcademy finalist to TEST future titles BEFORE release. LET them set some average times on tracks in the game and THIS is WHAT “AI” will be an in the future games. Call one branch of the game HARDCORE or REALISM without trophies achievements, so casual playas will NOT need to play that part for 100% game completion and Platinum Trophy.
    3.Make career mode longer with matchmaking system for OFFLINE playas.
    4.Plus what You are already working on.
    I want to play Gran Turismo. I wish this title to be competitive on the sim – game market. But look out of the window – there are another titles coming soon, Gran Turismo is not self-efficient any more without constructive changes. It will be HARDER to hold people in the world of GRAN TURISMO just because IT IS Gran Turismo.
    And last, Kazunory San, please begin to communicate with community of Gran Turismo. I might not understand Japanese mentality, but I might to admit that well developed and infinite title can not not leave without hardcore playas and THAT big Community which GTPlanet is.
    Thanks for reading. I know YOU would read this.

    • May. 25, 7:15am

      Mr Yamauchi only has to include a AI level parameter to keep casual and hardcore players happy :)

      But PRO level in GT5 Arcade Mode is still a easy and boring level. It’s not about racing against +200HP better cars, it’s about racing with same cars, same HP, and haven’t that equidistance among cars at Start.

      We need real challenge, fight for the position, not allowed pushing for overtakes (+damages in collisions), AI that brakes at similar points than us, NOT 20 meters BEFORE !!!

      +Similar pace than us, +mistakes, etc … STRONG AI level parameter PLEASE ! Included in GT MODE too !

    • May. 25, 8:20am
      The Prodigy

      @ oneloops

      Hence the reason that some people have hacked into the “secret menu”

  4. May. 25, 6:47am

    Still dumb AI drivers. Total lack of challenge…

  5. May. 25, 6:39am

    Bad driving there. :lol:
    AI doesn`t seem much improved. We`ll have to see…

  6. May. 25, 6:31am

    I’m afraid that gt6 is going to be just a heavy DLC without an awful lot really changing. Guess they’re saving all the good stuff for the PS4. I was hoping for something like iRacing with its online stuff. We shall see

  7. May. 25, 6:27am
    Mad Matt

    Yes, sadly the AI doesn’t seem much improved and the sound, oh dear, h dear.

    Difficult to be sure from the playback but it looked like getting a whell on the grass with the power down sometimes thows you off and sometimes doesn’t. I’ll take a closer look.

    The lighting is much better though.

  8. May. 25, 6:24am
    HKS racer

    Same old stupid slow AI.

  9. May. 25, 6:17am

    It seems like all the tracks ive seen so far in gt6 (mostly 2 of them lol) have time change option, cus putting autum ring and silverstone both in the evening time isn’t coincidence as far as i see it.

    Maybe (guessing) all original GT tracks have time change, that would be awesome!
    always wanted to do trial mountain and deep forest at night and maybe daytona/any other Nascar track at night would be epic too!!!

    I hope this is the case with gt6, all im really looking forward to from gt5,

    • May. 25, 6:26am
      Deko Wolf-GTPT

      Yes, the time does change. Here’s a clue: Go on GT5 with the same car (the Nissan 370Z) on any track. On the cockpit view, you will notice a digital clock to the left. If the track you are driving on has a fixed time, the clock will always show that time and never change. However, if you drive on a track with time progression and Nurburgring or Le Mans, you will notice the clock changes according to the time on the track.

      On this video, the clock shows 14:00 (2:00PM), at the end of the lap, it shows 14:01 (2:01PM). This proves that at least this track has time progression.

    • May. 28, 9:03am

      That is quite cleaver, I never noticed that :)

  10. May. 25, 6:08am

    Amazing. It sounds as good as it can. It sounds like real racing and cant get any better. The graphics looks nextgen and iam glad it wont have any damage. Damage is not realistic. I hope there wont be a livery editor because this is gran turismo not ms paint. Just amazing work polyphony

    • May. 25, 7:04am

      Hahahahahaha, damage isn’t realistic………………………oh dear

    • May. 25, 7:05am

      hmm, If all tracks have time progression, it would be very interesting to see SS Route 5 in the day…
      I’m also wondering if GT6 will have all of GT5’s DLC cars by default, I really don’t want to pay for an Aventador, and I’d love to race at Kart Space from the start

    • May. 25, 8:53am

      I detect sarcasm in kazach’s comment.

  11. May. 25, 6:00am

    Why everytime you spell something wrong or forget to use a comma someone always jumping on here(GTPlanet) like they never make mistakes! Arggghhh! Some people like myself might be typing on a small cellphone with a qwerty keyboard an dont feel like writing a book or novel just to get spell checked everytime you post. I mean dam I got big fingers and these buttons on the phone are but so big. Whoever does that has female traits. I mean we are mostly men in here and if you another man worried about how another man spells you might be………………….

  12. May. 25, 5:59am

    Wiiiiii… i think overall looks good… but i can see there are still jaggies across the white line of the track, and the line around bottom windshield… and also the fences, etc. Is this PS3 limitation? i hope anti aliasing would be better on full game :)

    • May. 25, 6:33am

      No thanks, the game looks to be struggling to hit a steady 60 fps as is. Fps > visual details.

  13. May. 25, 5:58am

    Superb – the handling, the lighting, the SHADOWS! wow. I wasn’t that convinced before seeing this. I’m totally sold now. The overall feeling of realism has really been raised. Can’t wait.

  14. May. 25, 5:40am

    You crashed into Pittman.

  15. May. 25, 5:12am

    Holy shizzle! This looks incredible! The orangey shade in the trees come out really well :D It looks like PD may have done a bit of work on the environment as well…

  16. May. 25, 5:09am

    Nice to see the clock change (did that happen in GT5)
    But the AI didn’t seem to be too competitive.

    • May. 25, 5:34am

      I guess it will be like GT5 with AI. Not competitive with slower cars. But pretty good with the really fast cars.

  17. May. 25, 4:57am

    What an awesome AI !!! O_O

  18. May. 25, 4:45am

    Bet your bottom dollar this is the circuit we’ll be driving in the demo.

    • May. 25, 7:06am

      I reckon it’ll be Silverstone actually, or perhaps both…
      I also bet that the Demo will be 3GB or more

      substantially more now that I think of it

  19. May. 25, 4:15am

    Are we confusing updated lighting conditions with a track that now has time of day and possibly weather change on it…the clock in the car is working. I can get that gorgeous lighting look on gt5 at the nurb by tweaking time and weather settings. Hope all tracks have weather and time settings!!!

  20. May. 25, 4:02am

    @Pit Crew & TokoTurismo, I bet the both of you are the type to put racing soft on everything huh, no tire wear huh, no damage huh, grip on low huh, LOL you two think you kno so much but probaly dont even know what sport hards or comfort softs feel like, but you two know so much about GT, gimme a break lol youve got a lot to learn.

    • May. 25, 4:10am

      Are you kidding me? I never even use Racing Softs period, dislike “visual” damage and like tire wear. What are you attempting there?

    • May. 25, 4:25am

      He’s just trying to start sh*t, Toko.

  21. May. 25, 3:57am

    I AM a fan of Gran Turismo 5, I like it. Also I am a man living in reality. Not easy to hype me with a new sequel physics and tires model as much as I don’t know what they would be.
    From what I’ve seen and heard about Gran Turismo 6 a had made assumptions about the game in final version and come to conclusion:
    1. New physics model
    2.New tire model
    3.200 new cars
    4.Three dozen of new tracks
    5.So called livery editor with NO prove how it will work
    6.Some tweaks here and there.
    7.Hype of a people about new game as it should always be. Happy people cheering about, Oh my GOD, a better lightning!! Look at this NEW HUD!!! WOW a little better trees!!! Oh gosh, another camera angle!!! WOW, 200 new premium cars!!!
    Guys, JUST DO NOT GET me wrong, DOES it ALL deserve to be called a next of Gran Turismo game? GRAN TURISMO -6?
    For me it looks like GRAN TURISMO 5 – DIRECTORS CUT. Which copy I would be rather appreciated to have. I play Gran Turismo 5 almost 4-6 hours a day, I adore it, in my world there is enough time and temper to enjoy what I have now till the day when Gran Turismo 6 comes out from PD workshop as the game we have never seen before.
    I understand that excitement around GT6 which will fade soon as every WOW effect does. But will ya’all feel that we really had gotten a NEW sequel, NOT final version of GT5 which it was supposed to be?
    I am not whining about GT6, I am only looking for a next game through glasses of reality, not a pinky ones.
    By the way, when Project Cars comes out?

    • May. 25, 4:07am

      +1 olegonic thats what i was trying to say, but you get a -1,000,000 for the project cars comment, it can be a love hate relationship with GT but I’ll never cheat on her!

    • May. 25, 4:42am

      Yes man you have F***** right…
      No wow effects…
      Waiting for Project Cars (PS4 next Gen) with GT5 directors cut xD

      (Im disappointed, i’m a BIG Fan of GT and i have hoped for BIG changes too)

    • May. 25, 5:05am

      Hmm, it looks like a sequel to me. I guess everyone is so busy with their heads in the clouds to realize that a sequel doesn’t need to be genre-redefining, it just needs to be an improvement on what was established in the previous title, which from the looks of it, is exactly what we will be getting.

    • May. 25, 6:26am

      Gran turismo 5 had problems, do u not want them to be fixed?

      the only way PD is able to fix them is by bringing out GT6, i admit, not a entirely new game like a jump from gt4 to gt5 etc. but its a well polished gt5, what gt5 should have been,

      I bet when its out u guys will feel that all these new features are enough to call it a new GT game.

      Tech can’t really jump that high anymore, maybe gt6-gt7 will be a bigger jump but u have to see that graphics alone do not make it a better game, the feel of GT games has been the biggest evolution and there have been the changes that stood out most between each GT game. look back and u will realize, it is the physics that have improved most between every GT game & here its not different.

      All i want is weather and time change for every track, if not all origional tracks!
      im not personally bothered about physics cus i love the 1s in gt5, i didn’t believe that they could be improved but they have which is amazing!

      Everyone wants somin different from GT6, but it shouldn’t be graphics alone, cus a real GT lover would want features that define it from others.

  22. May. 25, 3:51am

    I’m excited for Gran Turismo 6 , but I can’t stand most fantasy tracks-especially this one.

  23. May. 25, 3:45am

    That lighting looks superb.

  24. May. 25, 3:39am

    I really like the lighting. It looks real ang gives a nice feeling/atmosphere. It’s not like in other games where the sun is extremly bright and looks just unreal. + they add unreal reflections where you can see the whole track on the wet surface XD ..

  25. May. 25, 3:32am

    Man, it actually makes GT5s version look terrible. There’s just so much more there, and it’s like night and day.

    Plus, I think this is a confirmation that it will have day to night transitions. I think maybe all the tracks will. Cool stuff

  26. May. 25, 2:42am

    LOL @Pit Crew I think we all know whos the clown in here, somebody who be pissing his pants everytime someone says something positive about GT but is quick to tell someone to leave or calling them a troll when someone speaks bad about GT.

  27. May. 25, 2:38am

    Can we stop responding violently and aggressively here on GTPlanet…? Like address the point made, and discuss it? Not tell the user that they’re blind or idiotic or something along that line…?

    I remember finding GTPlanet and seeing it as a a sanctuary of peace amongst the rest of the internet…

    It doesn’t seem that way right now…

    • May. 25, 2:41am

      Very sad isn’t it. It’s like no one is satisfied with the beauty of GT6. I’m already fine with everything. I know that GT6 has great potential after the release. I can’t wait until I get my hands on a copy. I wonder when they’ll have a Collector’s Edition?

    • May. 25, 3:01am

      @Quakebass I thought GT6 would have brought peace to this place, seemed it hasn’t.

      -__- It’s sad I know but everyone is hating on game that’s (1. On PS3 and 2. calling it GT5.5 even with small info handed out).

    • May. 25, 4:28am

      GT6 has only torn this community further apart, Toko. It’s sad in a way because we’re all fans of GT here.

    • May. 25, 7:10am

      @Niyologist of course there’ll be a collector’s edtion, maybe even another gigantic Signature Edition like with GT5 but I doubt that

    • May. 25, 6:34pm

      @HarVee I know, and we didn’t even reach to E3 yet…. :(

  28. May. 25, 2:30am

    I can tell that Youtube + the camera recording had diluted the frame rates. Actual gameplay is much smoother than this. It’s not so much the camera, it looks more like Youtube’s doing. I should know because I uploaded over 30 videos and YT messes it up ALL THE TIME. YT needs to improve the playback of their player.

  29. May. 25, 2:29am

    @Pit Crew Heres something else to make my “critique” standout as you would call it, On november 24 I picked up my pre ordered collectors edition and I brought a regular copy just so i wouldnt have to open my CE. 160 dollars on release, plus a dfgt, and high speed internet for the new GT for online. So you do the math and i guess all Ive done is pointless. All I got to say is instead of bashing people about how they feel about the direction GT is heading try to see if what they saying is valid or not, because some of the people do make dumb complaints and some are forza trolls trying to bring us down, but those people can never take the life of GT. And some make valid critics as well.

  30. May. 25, 2:22am

    But the fanboys loves it! On the other hand, fanboys would love a turd on the cover as well – it would be original beauthiful. Like saying all other racing game stinks. Oh yeah.

  31. May. 25, 2:13am

    @Pit Crew Im not even gonna respond to your lack of a brain if your gonna say that what I said is pointless. Its the truth. Example, if I owned a burger shop and cooked the same ol burger for years and people loved it, some people didnt, and I put a sign that said im cooking my burgers a little different and added a few new spices and said come try our new burgers, I bet on the day I opened it would be a line around the the corner waiting to try something they think is new, from the same people who loved it and the people who didnt, but the trrick is I didnt do nothing to the burger, I cooked it the same way just switched they brand of seasoning. Its the same burger at the end of the day. And its a business at the end of the day. Kaz, PD, and sony its a business when it comes down to it.

    • May. 25, 2:19am
      Pit Crew

      Yet you find yourself responding with another pointless wall of text. What a Clown…

    • May. 25, 2:22am

      *Chuckles* BAAAhahahahaha. You got called a clown vr6cas HAHAHA!!!! XD

    • May. 25, 2:26am

      Are you two even going to READ his points or just let the first few words bounce off your head?

    • May. 25, 5:04am

      *comments on someone lacking a brain*
      *doesn’t know the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE*
      *doesn’t use basic punctuation*

  32. May. 25, 2:11am

    Hey Jordan, can we bend the rules just alittle so we can tell off the trolls once & for all? They are a pest, virus, cancer, & curse on this site & need to be eradicated.

  33. May. 25, 2:04am

    Whatahell is wrong with polyphony?! It sounds as horrible as Gt5! And that sound when he hits the other car – like a drunk guy falls over the hood on a car. They should take help from Dice’s sound guys. And while they’re at it they might just as well take help from turn 10 to because i doubt they have fixed anthing else. Project cars will hopefully be as good as it already seems to be(and sounds) because this will be the final nail …

    • May. 25, 2:09am

      I’m sick & tired of y’all sayin this stuff about a game that ISN’T FINISHED YET! I wish misfortune on you & your ancestors for generations to come.

    • May. 25, 2:24am

      Right now the game is probably in the alpha or beta stage and all that means is that its finished but there going back to review things and fix any small mistakes they’ve made.I’ve never seen a game do a complete 180 after a beta.

  34. May. 25, 1:52am

    Dead and lifeless tracks and environments.

    Dead and lifeless cockpit view.. stationary like you were sitting in a parking lot.

    Dead and lifeless sounds.

    Dead and lifeless AI.

    Dead and lifeless transmission simulation.

    etc, etc, etc..

    GT6 is an embarrassment for anyone who is a fan of Gran Turismo, especially with Forza 5 being a NEXT GEN release title. There is no excuse except for Kaz’s “issues” (we all know what they are) that are killing the GT franchise.

    It looks like a game from 7 years ago. Yuck.

    • May. 25, 1:55am

      Ewww troll alert, troll alert.

    • May. 25, 1:59am

      You seem lifeless, so please die.

    • May. 25, 3:40am

      lol lifeless tracks? Since when does Forza have dynamic shadows? Weather? day to night? etc?

      Plus, PHYSICS > all of that, and GT5 still destroys forza in the ways that counts.

  35. May. 25, 1:49am

    Damn, the game is only getting 40 FPS, I won’t be picking this game up unless they get that 60 FPS. I was hoping that they would pull it off, seeing that Kaz apologized for GT5 not getting 60 FPS.

    • May. 25, 1:53am

      Umm… How do you know, and how are you seeing that? You didn’t play the game so I don’t know how you know that!?


    • May. 25, 1:55am

      Press view info on the you tube vid, fps + frames dropped = original fps.

      You can also notice that it is not 60 fps by just looking at it.

    • May. 25, 1:56am

      I don’t have that?

    • May. 25, 1:58am

      Right click -> Show Video Info

    • May. 25, 2:01am

      It’s filmed from a screen! You’ll not get accurate and perfect framerates.

    • May. 25, 2:03am

      Good point. Wait and see.

    • May. 25, 2:07am

      I did notice a considerable frame-rate drop in cockpit view :/ Oh well, sacrifices had to be done. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if the game ran at a steady 35fps instead of being 60fps just every now and then. As long as it is rock solid 35fps, just like GT5’s replays.

      Most games run at 35fps anyway. No big deal.

    • May. 25, 2:16am

      You can’t be serious?
      That’s the frame rate of the camera…

      And YT only shows videos no higher than 30fps

    • May. 25, 2:59am

      you do realize this isn’t direct feed right? even if you are using a recording device it won’t capture at the same fps. this is being recorded off-screen and most cameras record at 24fps so your point means nothing just go use the vid info tool on any gt5 video you won’t see 60fps

    • May. 25, 3:01am

      and the gt5 vid above is running at a cool 29fps so again your claim holds no ground

    • May. 25, 3:36am

      Hilarious. You’re worried about the FPS?


      You’re getting the frame rate of the camera you moron, not the game. Not to mention, since when doesn’t GT5 get 60 FPS? Kaz apologized that when it’s raining, on eiger, with 16 cars, it drops below 60 AT THE START. That’s it. I’ve put in over 100k miles in GT5, and I’ve never seen any frame rate drops, other than single frames while doing time trials crossing start finish.

      I smell a troll. LOL “I won’t buy GT6 because the handheld camera dropped below 60 FPS”. Retard

    • May. 25, 3:54am

      1) GT5 drops below 60 FPS a lot during the actual race
      2) While, yes, the fps of the yt vid are not the fps of the actual game, it’s clear from just looking at the thing that cockpit view degrades FPS below 60 FPS.
      3) It’s not final yet, let’s hope they improve the FPS, wait and see

  36. May. 25, 1:47am

    They made Autumn Ring in HD yay, added with sunrise-sunset style time progression and updated visuals, like the trees.
    I wonder if 24h time progression is possible.

    However I have to take note that the surrounding environment is like in GT4, just updated with HD and better visuals. The old hairpin near the starting line still has the same kind of sand pit and grand stand.

  37. May. 25, 1:20am

    No improvements in AI then..

    • May. 25, 1:43am

      Too early to say that.

    • May. 25, 2:10am

      It really isn’t. AI isn’t something that would be left untouched at this stage of development and if there were improved they’d want to show that off ASAP.

      Things like sound and such there’s plenty of time to fix that, AI.. not so much.

    • May. 25, 3:38am

      And why not? They aren’t releasign until november or whatever. When they made GT5 they worked up until the last minute. What makes you think they won’t this time?

      I swear a new GT brings out all the morons to complain about an unfinished game with backwards logic

    • May. 25, 11:10pm

      Yes.. despite using logic and reasoning because I disagree with you I’m a moron.

      That’s exactly how this works.

  38. May. 25, 1:20am

    The cockpit view seems more immersive, the clock in the car really works and the job on the lightning is awesom! But is it me or the shadow issue is still not fixed? Sure it looks a shade (excuse the pun) better than in GT5 but it still looks jiggery. I’ll stay optimistic though. This is still an early stage of development of GT6; the game can still be polish and fully optimized when its released for the holidays.

    • May. 25, 3:03am

      but it also looks like the entire track has jaggies i’m pretty sure it’s just the low quality of the video

  39. May. 25, 1:08am

    Love the new track lighting. Hope all tracks get day/night/weather change because one of my favorite things about GT5 is the time change in Nurburgring and Circuit de la Sarthe. Sunset and sunrise in those tracks looks amazing and it would be cool if all tracks get the feature.

  40. May. 25, 1:07am

    well..the new dials look nice in bumper cam..

  41. May. 25, 1:04am

    Before anybody bashes me or try to say something smart understand i’ve been a GT supporter since 1998 GT1, GT2, GT3, GT4, GT5p, GT5, GT demos, two PS1s, two PS2s, two PS3s, a DFGT wheel, all GT5 DLCs, thousands of laps on the ring, and I will continue to support my favorite game of all time into GT6 and beyond, so if anyone wants to call me a troll, whatever, ask around about me, I have a right to praise, and be a realist about GT even if some of the community dont agree. To me it looks like GT5.5 Spec 3, with added content that MOST of it could have been done through dlc. GT5 we had dlc, tracks, cars, standard cockpits, wheels on standards, etc etc…. Everybody hyping this up like its something its not, from what i can see. Reality check. I just dont see nothing to wow me that would say it is a new game. Ok we get gt3 cars, ooook we should have been had them through a dlc gt3 pack, then forza shoe a trailer of fm5 with a car i would love to drive in GT, the new mclaren P1. And what do we get, a premium lambo from 1970s. grrrrrr! I bet they will get the laferrari before we do. lol I could go on but im not, and to all the people bashing the realist on here speaking the truth about what they see so far stop and tgake a look at yourself, and be real with yourself first. If you ask me this is a game to fund GT7 on the PS4.

    • May. 25, 1:13am

      If PD said if you would like to help fund GT7 we will give you a DLC of 200 new premium cars and 7 new tracks would you do it?

    • May. 25, 1:34am
      Pit Crew

      Emphasising how long you’ve been a GT fan doesn’t really make your critique standout. Hateration is just that so basically your wall of text is pointless.

    • May. 25, 2:45am

      The things that could NOT have been done through an update was the lighting and physics. It was an absolute re-work. There’s all srts of difficulties that would come with trying to do that through an update – one being the sheer SIZE. All sorts of components in the game would have to change as well, as the physics are adjusted. All sorts of calculations. Minor adjustments in physics could be done without adjusting AI algorithms, or at least not much (and vice versa). But when you change the game so drastically, there’s SO much data that needs to be replaced, and a lot of which could end up breaking the game.

      The time and weather changes, premium upgrades, revamped A-Spec, and new cars and tracks all could’ve been done with DLC/updates, yes. That much is obvious.

  42. May. 25, 1:02am

    Some of you maybe aren’t sure what you want from car sounds in Gran Turismo.

    I keep hearing “better sounds” from people but the sounds in my opinion at least are pretty realistic particularly as many modern cars are so soundproofed you hear very little engine from the inside so cockpit view shouldn’t be filled with roaring exhaust notes.

    The race cars is a different story they should roar in every view you choose, maybe what some of you really mean by “better sounds” is louder more arcade sounds and not more realistic sounds.

    • May. 25, 1:16am

      Think about when you reduce weight from your car,think about adding a new exhaust system,think about changing the view of the car,all of these things need to be accounted for when u record sound,the car should sound very different between the cockpit and the outside of the car.Try this,get in your car and drive up and down the block,then get a friend to drive your car while you stand outside and see how different it sounds.When watching the GT6 video there was very little difference from how the car sounded in cockpit from what it sounded outside of the car.

    • May. 25, 1:27am

      You don’t even have to go off the poor mono sound Jordan had to record the GT6 video in, turn on your PS3 and boot up GT5 the cockpit and outside views all sound different.

    • May. 25, 2:13am

      The difference in sound is small it sounds a little louder and a little deeper but the actual sound doesn’t change from cockpit which is in front of the exhaust to behind the cars exhaust,the car should sound dominantly louder,thats just real life.The Z has a very distinct sound that I don’t hear in GT.

    • May. 25, 2:32am

      Someone should give this an award because that’s the truth.

    • May. 25, 3:44am

      Ok, what I want is more AMBIENT SOUND. Even when watching out of car replays, there’s almost zero reverb what so ever. That’s one of the biggest reasons GT5 sounds unrealistic. It sounds like you’re in a small room, not a race track. There needs to be more ambient sound, even in the cockpits.

      Plus, the exaust sound is terrible in GT5. Especialyl when you add after market exausts. Sure, in cockpit most cars sound ok, but it doesn’t change the fact that the exaust sound is way off, and there’s almost no reverb either. Plus it just doesn’t sound raw enough.

      Of course though, what matters is physics, and I’m not one of those tw*ts that will whine forever about it. Good sounds are a bonus, nothing more.

  43. May. 25, 12:37am

    Well the car still sounds like ass,but the track looks nice .

    • May. 25, 12:47am

      we should forget about realistic sounds its been like this for 15 years not to mention fanboyz thinks the sound is amazing

    • May. 25, 12:54am

      Yea you have a point there,I guess I’ll have to make my own engine nosies when I play the game.

    • May. 25, 1:38am

      Vroooom Vroooom

  44. May. 25, 12:31am

    for the first time in my life i will wait for reviews before i buy a gran turismo game :(

    • May. 25, 12:39am

      … Because?

    • May. 25, 12:45am

      i dont play online and the game looks like it have the exact same stupid AI in GT5 + will see how long the A spec is

    • May. 25, 5:19am

      You’ re missing the best par of the game if you don´t go online….

  45. May. 25, 12:27am

    Even the time on the clock changes

    • May. 25, 12:46am

      Yeah I noticed that too, and also another display on the right was functional aswell. Neither important or necessary but shows the level of detail PD have put in.

      Prefer to turn HUD off and just use dashboard so more functioning gauges is great news.

    • May. 25, 1:35am

      It did it in GT5 as well…I remember doing laps on the ‘Ring in my premium RX7 FC and the clock changing.

    • May. 25, 2:19am

      The clock on the 370Z has always worked. However, the video also shows that this track is now available with time progression.

      If we’re lucky, many other tracks will also have working time cycles. Imagine Eiger at 12 midnight…

  46. May. 25, 12:21am

    Wow, autumn ring actually looks better; I don’t know whether it’s the shadows or the lighting, but the course looks nice. I also like the time of day chosen for it.

    • May. 25, 12:32am

      I also like the new hub design. Keep the videos coming Jordan!

  47. May. 25, 12:08am

    So… Jordan. Now that this vid is up, I would guess that the XBow and this Z34 weren’t the only cars recorded. Any chance that you recorded the Audi’s gameplay too?

    I’m sure a lot of people here would appreciate it.

  48. May. 25, 12:08am

    Looks like they may have done more improvement to the track than just the lighting.

  49. May. 24, 11:54pm

    Hope we will get more details about the customization. All i want is a livery editor.

  50. May. 24, 11:42pm

    It’s soooo fun having the haters around crying their eye, they’re amusing because when GT6 gets released you’ll see how fast they’ll get the game, no matter what they say. That’s why I continue to laugh at them to this very day. XD

    • May. 24, 11:42pm

      *crying their eyes out. XD

    • May. 25, 2:15am

      Too bad you can’t curse them out & make them suffer because of the AUP.

    • May. 25, 2:24am

      ^ I know right? They’re lucky….

  51. May. 24, 11:36pm

    Still shifts like a dual clutch. WTF Kaz!

    • May. 24, 11:48pm

      So I don’t sound blindly positive praising GT6, I must say that is a valid complain.

  52. May. 24, 11:35pm

    I can assure something; when GT6 gets released there will be TONS of people complaining and it will be hell over here at the forums. I know I was one of those back when GT5 was released, but this time it will be different. This will be the best Gran Turismo ever.

    I guess the trick is not expecting much. So far it is working since by what PD has shown, there IS a lot of improvement done. And we haven’t even tried the physics yet.

    • May. 25, 3:48am

      I didn’t go on GTPLanet for about 2 months after GT5 was released. I’ve never had so much fun with a game in my life, and I’m sure GT6 will be better. Plus, I hate forums. I only use them to meet peopel to race with. There’s way to many whiney c**ts on forums

  53. May. 24, 11:16pm

    Hey, we get time change!

  54. May. 24, 11:11pm

    Ok… I can’t be the only one that noticed the odd shadowing on the track, can I…?

    …I thought PD revamped the lighting engine… Or have they just not perfected it on this track…?

  55. May. 24, 11:07pm

    It’s so funny to see how people are so dumb. I’m so much fan of GT Series since GT1 and I say that PD MUST improve GT6. These freaking crazy funs think that we are just trolling, hating and being annoying about GT6. But it’s not. I want better car sounds and damage. GT is already beautifull, and has so real car fisics but I want more than 1300 cars and stupid AI.

    • May. 24, 11:12pm

      more than 1300 cars? LOL

    • May. 24, 11:13pm

      What do you think they’re doing? Doing nothing? This is a early build so get over yourself already…

      And you said you want 1300 cars and stupid A.I.? What the hell. o_O

    • May. 24, 11:28pm
      Pit Crew

      If I spelled as bad as you I wouldn’t be calling anyone Stupid or Dumb.

      Very constructive statement, I must say lol

    • May. 24, 11:41pm

      “more than 1300 cars” Now that’s a very specific request. So, how many, 1301 or 1326? I rather have less than 1314 but more than 1305. But that’s my opinion.

    • May. 25, 12:29am

      Where did you get 1300 cars from? The game is indeed improving, but in terms of visuals and driving physics. I rather drive a car in a game that handles more like a real car that sounds bad than just drive a non-realistic handling car that sounds fantastic.
      Also, you can’t just be rude towards others to get your opinion across.

    • May. 25, 1:48am

      English is clearly not his native language, so don’t pick on him for that.
      And what he probably meant with “I want more than 1300 cars and stupid AI”, was that those are things the game has, and he wants something besides 1300 cars (wrong number though) and a smarter AI.

  56. May. 24, 10:57pm

    -horrible car sounds – Check!

    • May. 24, 10:58pm

      idiot talking- check!

    • May. 24, 10:59pm

      realist talking- check!

    • May. 24, 11:01pm

      it has gotten way better and it’s still beta and there still gonna continue fixing after release you don’t like the way pd does things don’t buy it, stop talking and go but project cars… if it ever comes out. and the physics are no where near gt6 right now

    • May. 24, 11:08pm

      Ewww trolls who know NOTHING about GT6 at all. So pathetic….

      They said they weren’t going to buy GT6, yet why do they keep coming back? XD Just go away you ask for to much anyway.

    • May. 24, 11:09pm

      ^ exactly lol

    • May. 24, 11:11pm

      sounds are the best around, real simulations not just sampled sounds. If you want thunder like noise go play need for speed…

    • May. 24, 11:18pm

      Why do people waist there time replying to these people. If you don’t like the sound, find a different game. I’m sure that out of that 10 million purchased the last copy there are a few fans that won’t be happy with every single little detail but, will still be happy with the positives.

    • May. 24, 11:18pm

      People fighting over sounds like half of GTplanet’s other comment sections – Check!

    • May. 24, 11:19pm

      lmao the GT fanboys are getting more aggressive. It doesn’t take much to make you gentle snowflakes start peeing in your diapers.

    • May. 24, 11:20pm

      HAHA! this guy must be deaf. Poor thing…

      Even though the sound is from an off-screen recording, I can tell the Fairlady Z34 is sounding as magnificent as it did in GT5. One of the few batch of cars that sound almost identical to the real thing.

      I can even tell the sound effects have been adjusted a bit. There is a lot more grunt inside the car too. If the sounds are really nice in this off-screen video I can’t wait to hear them on my own system.

      Keep up the great job, PD!

    • May. 24, 11:21pm

      ^ Oh no not you. D: Just go get Grid 2 when it comes out please. This place will be better if trolls left….

    • May. 24, 11:22pm

      ^ My post was at omgitsbees, not you Husky. :tup:

    • May. 24, 11:32pm
      Pit Crew

      If the so called fanboys are getting more aggressive, then the haters have gone off the charts.

    • May. 24, 11:39pm

      ^ Excatly.

    • May. 24, 11:39pm

      Sorry to burst your bubble but a 370Z really doesn’t sound all that special in real life. Actually the game pretty much got it perfect.

    • May. 24, 11:58pm

      HAHA! No worries Toko. I know it wasn’t directed to me :tup:

    • May. 25, 1:57am

      :tup: Husky. :D

    • May. 25, 8:45am

      u ppl gotta shut up!!!!!!!-CHECK!

  57. May. 24, 10:51pm

    Let’s see:
    -super slow AI – Check!
    -horrible car sounds – Check!
    -low framerate in-car camera with unnatural shaking – Check!
    -typical gt5-esque race where you start from the back and easily finish 1st – Check!
    -unnaturally earth shattering (magma exploding) understeer on the nissan 350z – Check!

    Please don’t take this post too seriously :).

    • May. 24, 10:59pm

      watch again before you pick fun jeez i hate stupid people…

    • May. 25, 8:47am

      gt5 always starts you off in the middle of the race

  58. May. 24, 10:47pm

    Looks like GT5 3.0 to me. Guess PD finally realized football and F1 games launch new but almost identical versions every year, making lots of money, and decided they should do that too.

    I won’t complain too much cause I have paid for 3 F1 games for PS3 and only one gran turismo, but it is sad they chose to do that now.

  59. May. 24, 10:41pm

    I noticed the driver has an open face helmet. Avatars for GT6? The player should have stayed behind the AI for a lap.

    • May. 24, 11:34pm

      The open face helmet & suit was one of the prizes from the 2012 Nissan GT Academy PSN Game.

  60. May. 24, 10:37pm

    On the note of physics, is it me or did they finally fix the trail braking issues? In GT5 you could go pretty hard on the brakes through the corner which was fun but unrealistic. Going by this it looks like they fixed that where you will actually have to be a lot smoother with braking and amount of force put into it as you go into the turn.

    Hope what I am seeing is true, this will make me very happy.

    • May. 25, 12:31am

      Turn ABS to OFF. Magic trailbraking evaporates. You meet wall. We all laugh. You then learn better technique. We all rejoice.

  61. May. 24, 10:23pm

    Clock upticks… AWESOME!!!!!!

    • May. 24, 10:38pm

      Agreed. It’s one of those stupid little things I wish they had done in the first place

    • May. 24, 11:22pm

      Some of the cars in GT5 had a working clock. Not all of them though. Hope it’s in most cars now.

    • May. 24, 11:36pm

      They had a working clock if it was on a time change course. If not, then it was just set to a specific time. This just means that Autumn Ring is now available with a time change option.

    • May. 25, 12:47am

      Wait, if only time change courses had the functioning clock, then that means I can race on Autumn Ring at night. YES! I hope Deep Forest and High Speed Ring have it too.

  62. May. 24, 10:23pm

    Looks like GT5.5 to me also.

    • May. 24, 11:23pm

      Than get your eyes check, they must be badly blind. XD

  63. May. 24, 10:21pm

    It doesn’t look like that much of an improvement compared to my experiences with GT5. Shoot the second video at 1080p and then compare.

    It seems like all they did was added a few more cars, updated a few standards to premium, and that was about it. Still doesn’t fix the sounds of the cars which still sound like vacuums, AI still the same, none of the classic tracks like Grindelwald, Apricot Hill, Tahiti, Seattle, Red Rock Valley look like they’re coming back.

    Besides, it still isn’t measuring up to the level of customization I could get if I bought Forza – GT’s main competitor.

    • May. 24, 10:26pm

      You’re missing the fact that basically the entire physics engine has been redone and from what I have heard, for the better. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’d rather have spot on physics before having less important nick nacks.

    • May. 24, 10:42pm
      Pit Crew

      Yeah hogger you really haven’t been paying attention, especially since Apricot Hll and Seattle have been confirmed for GT6 along with Bathurst, Silverstone, MT Panorama, & Willow Springs. Along with better lighting effects, an upgraded car customization feature, better online racing features that will allow users to personalize their race lobbies, More Aero parts for our cars, being able to fully tune the standard models, which we couldn’t do in GT5, and the fact we will be getting DLC every month. If your gonna criticise, atleast get some facts before you join Hateration Nation.

    • May. 24, 11:04pm

      Pit Crew,
      Bathurst and Mount Panorama ARE THE SAME TRACK!!

    • May. 24, 11:35pm
      Pit Crew

      ^Thanks Stiggy I honestly didnt know that.^ :tup:

  64. May. 24, 10:14pm

    Is it just me or does the AI seem a bit better?

    • May. 24, 10:26pm

      The AI does seem more aware of the player, and it looks like they run a slightly different line than in GT5 in that they’re a bit more precise all around. I specifically like how precise they are on corner entry. :)

  65. May. 24, 10:11pm

    AI is still terrible i see, hasn’t changed from GT5.

  66. May. 24, 10:09pm

    The lighting looks really good. The physics do look good. From what I can see tt seems they’ve updated the classic tracks. The reflections on other cars look great too.

  67. May. 24, 10:08pm

    Maybe I’m seeing things, but do the hands grip the wheel differently than in GT5?

    • May. 24, 10:19pm

      I think the new Alpinestars gloves are throwing you off. :)

  68. May. 24, 10:02pm

    Track looks so much better .. not kidding

  69. May. 24, 9:56pm

    Gran Turismo 5.5!

    • May. 24, 9:58pm

      Ignore this guy everyone, he’s just trolling. ;)

    • May. 24, 10:01pm

      Actually no. I have yet not seen a single thing that would make me want to buy GT6. I do hope that this game brings
      a lot better experience than GT5, but I doubt it. Though thats just my opinion.
      Ok maybe that was put in a troll kinda sentence… :D

    • May. 24, 10:02pm

      lol ^_^

    • May. 24, 10:10pm

      better lighting is all i’m seeing, everything else is recycled from GT5, OP is right.

    • May. 24, 10:22pm

      Pay attention to the clock on the car… 14:00, then 14:01! Day/Night on more tracks.

    • May. 24, 10:55pm
      Pit Crew

      ^Yes Aronh you are so right. Night Drift on Autumn Ring here I come!!!

    • May. 24, 11:17pm

      Aside from the physics and lighting, updating cars to premium, more day/night and/or weather tracks, more car customization, improved A-Spec, and MAYBE AI, I don’t see what else could be done on the PS3. It’s hardware is so limited. PD COULD do some serious optimization to make it possible, MAYBE, but that would likely take a few more years… The compression of code to make it run better is no simple job.

  70. May. 24, 9:48pm

    So from what I can tell, shadows are still jaggy, but look much better. Lighting system makes the interior of cars look much more fantastic. I also think in-car sounds, sound much nicer compared to FM, or NFS, etc. It’s simulation is much nicer in that, it’s not as loud as it would be in exterior view. It sounded like a Z to me as well…

    • May. 24, 10:10pm

      Skip to 1:36.


  71. May. 24, 9:38pm

    So.. redone tracks look like the 24 hour tracks. Guess it’s a testament to how much they got out of the ps3 to begin with that 6 doesn’t really look much better.

  72. May. 24, 9:30pm

    but a sad side:(……the crash sound does not sound any different and when he did hit there was no crash damage, but if u look at forza 4(not saying its better) when u do a small little crash u c some scratches! but gt6 is still really good looking!

    • May. 24, 9:36pm

      and when u look at he gt5 gameplay u thing “wow!thats crap compared to gt6 lol” cause onestly it wasn’t really that good and im glad pd is doing better with gt6

    • May. 24, 9:41pm


  73. May. 24, 9:25pm

    2:01, it looks like they read my idea for brining back the thing on the speedometer the thing that tells u the distance(srry I 4 got the name) uve driven.! other than that it looks pretty great and lots of little detail on the dash!!!SO EXCITED!

    • May. 24, 9:28pm

      The odometer?

    • May. 24, 9:31pm

      yes thank u lol

    • May. 24, 10:21pm


  74. May. 24, 9:20pm

    All i can say is wow, already see a huge difference in the lighting effect from GT5 to GT6.

  75. May. 24, 9:19pm

    From memory, although I was only young at the time, the step between GT3 and GT4 was more an improvement in the amount of content, rather than the actual game engine as much.

    Does anyone else expect the same for GT5 to GT6?

    • May. 24, 10:09pm

      Yep that’s what I think to…but with a massive social aspect to it too…

  76. May. 24, 9:07pm

    who ever is driving/playing this sucks….

    • May. 24, 9:09pm

      It’s Jordan you bone head…

    • May. 24, 9:12pm

      HAHA! Oh damn! You should’ve said that XD

    • May. 24, 9:17pm

      Well in that case GREAT DRIVING!!!!!

    • May. 24, 9:28pm

      He’s showing you the physics and how the car reacts…

    • May. 24, 9:38pm

      Oh snap!

  77. May. 24, 9:00pm

    The sun and colour looks really good

  78. May. 24, 8:52pm

    Lots of camera shake when the car goes off track, that’s good.

  79. May. 24, 8:50pm

    The in-car clock doesn’t look like it’s synced with the track. The track shadows and light levels look more like it should be 4 to 6pm, no way is it 2pm.

    • May. 24, 8:59pm
      Lord Protector

      They are synced for sure, just like they are synced in GT5 :) you can check it on Nordschleife with that 370Z.

    • May. 24, 9:01pm

      The shadows are longer, and the light is darker and a bit more orangey, than I’d expect for two pm.

    • May. 24, 9:13pm

      but it’s 2 PM on AUTUMN ring. She days are not as long during the autumn months. I’d say, it takes place in mid-late October

    • May. 24, 9:15pm


    • May. 24, 9:26pm

      2:00 in the morning lol!

    • May. 24, 9:51pm

      Even taking into account that it’s AUTUMN RING, 2pm in my opinion shouldn’t look like that.

    • May. 24, 9:55pm

      I was under the impression that the in car clock was synched to the time on your PS3…. on GT5 it is anyway…..

    • May. 24, 10:32pm
      David Brooks

      Depends how close Autumn ring is to the north or south pole

  80. May. 24, 8:49pm

    Theres a few things i noticed.

    1. Engine notes are much clearer in all views and theres seems to be an extra layer of grunt at higher rpm which satisfies me.

    2. Time change on Autumn Ring.

    3. No jagged edges on Shadows.

    4. only 6 cars running on this track, could be because its an early build or could it be we get to choose how many cars we race against???

    5. Suspension, Physics, Aerodynamics, look great judging by how feisty the cars handling is.

    6. Odometers back :)

    • May. 24, 9:47pm

      I noticed that sound layer too, I mean it’s there but the sounds are pretty much the same, the jagged shadows are still there though, they just made them lighter in contrast and added some smoothing to the edges (same as FM4) but yes, the overall product is better than GT5.

  81. May. 24, 8:47pm

    *sigh* Still has that silly transmission that was in GT5, so you don’t get to hear realistic gear changes. The engine sound isn’t that great, the collision sound is unimpressive and very similar to GT5s, and the tires squeal too much around corners. It’s basically GT5 with a slight touch up. Not impressed at all.

    • May. 24, 8:48pm


    • May. 24, 8:50pm

      Similar? It’s exactly the same as GT5 :)

    • May. 24, 8:52pm

      It’s not even close to being finished so don’t be a negative nelly!

    • May. 24, 8:56pm

      Although I keep reminding myself that it still has a ways to go, which is somewhat reassuring. :P

    • May. 24, 9:14pm

      Apart form the transmission sound effects, I don’t see any problem at all. The Fairlady is sounding perfect just as it did in GT5. Extremely close to the real deal.

    • May. 24, 9:16pm

      CoolColJ – time to get your eyes checked…

    • May. 24, 9:30pm

      Meanelf – sound…

    • May. 24, 9:41pm

      ^ Than time to get your ears checked. >:)

    • May. 25, 12:59am

      Huh sounds exactly like the 370z in the GT Academy Time Trail pre-GT5, and same as GT5 itself…

  82. May. 24, 8:42pm

    The tree shadows are jittery @2:08 but overall its a nice improvement from gt5. The game play looks much more dynamic.

  83. May. 24, 8:42pm

    Excellent! I noticed in the video the time changing from 2.00 onwards! FANTASTIC NEWS! This would mean it’s the first fictitious track in the GT series that has changeable time! Also notice that is an ‘AUTUMN’ Sunshine, a little lower! I know from the outset that might seem like an obvious inclusion but its little touches that we did not see in GT5!

    Very very happy with this! Take into account Autumn Ring is not a particularly prominent track yet receives the ‘Premium Treatment’ could it be a sign for more ‘important tracks?

    • May. 24, 9:14pm

      what about SSRX?

  84. May. 24, 8:39pm

    Still got that crappy balloon popping noise for collisions.

    • May. 24, 9:12pm

      *Sigh* Its an early build dude…

  85. May. 24, 8:36pm

    I hate that equidistance among cars !!! That’s not like a competition, it’s like robots or artificial rules…

    That’s make no sense at all have others cars in the race if there is no competition and a closer fight for the position.

    • May. 24, 8:38pm

      And if we can overtake pushing the others cars, that’s not real competition neither …

    • May. 24, 8:51pm

      I really side with you, let’s make some racing, difficult overtakes. No more boring rabbit chases.

    • May. 24, 10:18pm

      @Lococurling Try this: 99 laps of Red Bull X2010 at Daytona without damage. Have fun. :)

  86. May. 24, 8:31pm

    The car looks a lot more feisty. Lots of braking oversteer. Time change on Autumn ring a bonus. Good good good.

  87. May. 24, 8:29pm

    Car sounds more lairy, less jaggies, smoother textures And odometer YAYYYY used to seeing that go up when you were flying it :)

    Restore my faith PD, make me believe again lol!”

  88. May. 24, 8:29pm

    Guess this proves we’re gonna see more tracks with time change. You can see the passage of time on the dashboard clock of the 370Z.

    • May. 24, 8:33pm

      14:00 would be 2:00 PM. The sun doesn’t set that early where I live.

  89. May. 24, 8:26pm

    Sound of F40 it’s an offense for every Ferrari fan…

    I hope it will drastically better in GT6, not only a more present exhaust sound.

  90. May. 24, 8:23pm

    Loving the info and videos everyday

  91. May. 24, 8:22pm

    Looks like the odometer is back. I wonder why they took it out of GT5 if it was in GT4?

    • May. 24, 8:24pm

      Guess it goes to show that GT5 was indeed unfinished. :(

  92. May. 24, 8:21pm

    It looks better but shadows looks really weird without shadow blur.

  93. May. 24, 8:18pm

    woooo they brought back the odometer

    • May. 24, 8:23pm

      Ohh I keep forgetting about that, haha. Very happy to see it again, can’t wait for GT6. :)

  94. May. 24, 8:14pm

    Looks more like autumn now.

  95. May. 24, 8:09pm

    Doesn’t look or sound any different than GT5.

    • May. 24, 8:11pm

      Look again, listen again. When he changes between the camera views, it is clear that the exhaust sound can now be heard more clearly from all views, not just 3rd person.

    • May. 24, 8:12pm

      Remember – this isn’t the final build.

    • May. 24, 8:16pm

      @GODfreyGT5 and @calvins48


    • May. 24, 9:23pm

      Another one who can’t tell the difference between full on sun at noon and whatever time that was… ;)

      Mind you, if the latitude was northerly enough, 2pm would see the start of late afternoon, as the sun would be lower to the horizon and it is ‘Autumn’ ring.

  96. May. 24, 8:09pm


  97. May. 24, 8:08pm

    The trees look more 3D, life-like and colourful this time, very nice. :)

    • May. 24, 8:10pm

      Oh, and shadows look a lot better as well. :D

    • May. 24, 8:36pm

      I agree Toko :) The track looks more dynamic now. PD gotta do this track upgrade to all the classic tracks from previous games and sell them as DLC plus have time/weather options for all tracks on GT6.

      Oh and can’t PD give us some more city tracks? Bring back New York & Seoul please~~~

    • May. 24, 9:15pm

      ^ I so agree bud. More city tracks will do us good. :D

  98. May. 24, 8:06pm

    Clock is working, Autumn Ring has change time in GT6. Question is what is the range?

    • May. 24, 8:10pm

      Really hoping all tracks can have rain + night now. The dark racing line on the track here reminds me of the dark lines you can see when driving any ‘weather’ version of a track in gt5. (GT5 does actually simulate the grip levels on the racing line I found from testing. The racing line is smoother, and you have slightly more grip on the off-line).

    • May. 24, 8:13pm

      I noticed that too. I also noticed the shadows stil look a bit rough especially the trees in the start of the video. On the positive side I’m absolutely loving the new suspension system. Looks like it handles awesomely.

    • May. 24, 8:13pm

      I noticed this, although I realised by noticing that the sun was slightly lower on the second lap. I hope they do this for a lot if not all of the tracks!

  99. May. 24, 8:03pm

    Interesting, the AI drove the correct way around the track this time ;)

  100. May. 24, 8:03pm

    Uno numero :)

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