Gran Turismo 6 Gameplay Video: BMW Z4 GT3 at Silverstone

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  1. mr_pepps

    Just watched this vid again after spending four days at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix – very much looking fwd to unlocking all layouts of this circuit :)

  2. Mycoxx1000

    Honda civic dominator comes with a mugen supercharger an the civic advanced si is beast all wheight striped and all carbonfiber as well I did more research on the awd v8 590hp and 383 tq

  3. Mycoxx1000

    Ultimat honda list that all honda lover would like to have in gt6 : Honda legend maxx rr from mugen awd 560 hp 410tq …2000 civic si coupe made all civic lover squirt in there pants …2013 civic type r from euro ,1.6 litter turbo charge new and different for honda. 2013 civic si 2.4 litter the best k motor ever. The best built for nsx is the mugen nsx rr a beast on the track… Honda matte black hsv from honda racing made history and it sounds amazing, with high reving rpms ..the v6 crz from gt1 racing crazy light and fast..and 2014-15 honda/acura nsx ohh and what happened to Acura tl,tsx,an the RL need to be included so yes the best honda wish list ..the mugen legend maxx rr is still my favorite really it is a v8 awd 560hp and 410 tq tell that sound historic fast kaz or honda get a hold of eachother an the pd family to let this go down for gt6 please

    1. myopinion11

      im waiting to beacuse of its tracks and cars and its a smiulation but im waiting for mostly GT6 but if it doesnt match Forza 4 standards then im gonna play Project cars mostly.

    2. drag lab 101

      I think you’ll be waiting longer then you think. No preview or demo display at E3 for Project Cars and for almost a year now I’ve heard of its upcoming release to be soon and yet it disappears again. Idk where this guy above got 2014 because it used to be 2013 for 360, PS3, Wii U & PC. The dev has changed hands in the last 6momths which isn’t a good sign even though I’ve been hopeful for a while of this title.
      You’ll probably get Project Cars one day but it won’t be anytime soon.
      Forza 5, GT6, Drive Club will all be out a solid year before you ever see Project Cars hit the console’s.

    3. myopinion11

      drag lab: if you search for release date in most files it says it will come out 2014, but im not sure but awsome racing games will came out soon.

    4. omgitsbees

      I think the 360/ps3 versions were canceled. Last I heard Slightly Mad was considering it anyways.

    5. drag lab 101

      myopinion11.. I have searched release dates which is how I’ve seen it go from 2013-2014 and a bunch of changes back and forth to TBA.

    6. drag lab 101

      Please feel free to link any recent information you have in terms of Project Cars.
      Besides some on official release date post on the interwebs by ppl not directly linked to Project Cars.

    7. TokoTurismo

      Sorry @myopinion11 but I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a PS3 release. Samus said at the forums that SMS is going to be doing votes for either next gen dev kits or current gen for the game to go on.

    8. myopinion11

      Well all who talks about Project cars so check the WMD Portal forums, it says there that it will be on current generations platforms as well and will come out 2014 but im not sure if this is correct, but i hope GT6 will be much better than GT5 and propably as good as the Forza 4 or even better.

  4. sangdude82

    gtrx251 obviously doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘homologated’.

    Homologation (motorsport):

    In racing series that are “production-based” (that is, the vehicles entered in the series are based on production vehicles for sale to the public), homologation requires not only compliance with a racing series’ technical guidelines (for example, engine displacement, chassis construction, suspension design and such) but it often includes minimum levels of sales to ensure that vehicles are not designed and produced solely for racing in that series. Since such vehicles are primarily intended for the race track, practical use on public roads is generally a secondary design consideration, so long as government regulations are met.

    from Wikipedia

  5. myopinion11

    Its a bit strange that will be some standard car in GT6 beacuse it syear 2013, but i know they will be more detailed but still its a bit annoying and why must they have so many cars (which is not bad) if they cant make all the cars so detailed as the premium. But why cant they use more time, but theres Sony who wants it fast to the markets. I dont get what PD are thinking if they want to make a stunning game (which it will be) when they have not the time to make so many cars highly detailed.

    1. GT911

      I agree I would only add Premium cars, and make some important cars that shouldn’t be standard premium, I don’t care If we got only 400 cars but
      Really detailed than have 1200 that only 300 are detailed… but well te want to continue with the same idea…

    2. Amac500

      I agree with GT911. The only standard cars I use seem to be ones with onboard anyways. Hopefully they upgrade the good ones but I would rather have a lower car count with more premiums as well.

    3. ScotteDawg

      The ‘adaptive tessellation’ will apply to all cars! This means that the bodies of the standard cars will be the same as the premium cars. The only difference will be that the standard cars will not have detailed interiors!
      There are 200 new cars going in to GT6 and, IMO, they will all be premium.
      Added to that, SOME of the standard cars are being “rebuilt” as premiums including the 1974 Lamborghini Countach, the 1991 Acura NSX and the 1968 Alpine A110 1600
      Now, I’m not sure HOW MANY standards are becoming premiums but I’d guess there will be quite a few…

    4. myopinion11

      But its still strange that not all cars will have interior if you compare to Forza 4 which have all cars interior but less cars than GT6, but its all balanced ( i know i brought Forza to this discussion but its the only game thats can be compared to GT)

    5. ScotteDawg

      Fair call.
      GT6 has about 6 times the amount of cars as Forza4! The interiors on the premiums will be accurate down to the minutest detail (it’s what PD does), unlike Forza where Turn 10 seems to go with a “Oh, that’s good enough” type of attitude…

    6. forzaturismo

      Yeah, i dont know why we got so many GTR, RX7…….( PD have deal with these manufactures)
      I think, its waste of time, and also take lot of space in my garage…..

    7. MeanElf

      Apparently the GT-Rs and RX7 varieties are there because these cars are big on the Japanese tuner scene. PD wanted to reflect that. I’m cool with it.

  6. myopinion11

    I have to say that there are cars that should not be there, if you have noticed that there are some cars that are both standard and premium in gt5 that i hope would not be the case in gt6:
    -BMW M5 ´05 ´08
    -Mercedes slr ´03 ´09 (19 inch wheel version)
    -Aston Martin DB9 coupe, one standard and a premium version (cant remember the years)
    Then two identical Nissan Z LM concepts one has over 500hp then the other has something 600hp, both standard.
    Please PD dont have two of the same modell if the other is standard and the other is premium!

    1. HarVee

      This type of redundancy is quite common on GT. It’s unlikely to change with GT6 considering every car from GT5 is reappearing.

  7. UrieHusky

    Liking the new turbo sounds, can’t wait to see how they improve on these sounds in the coming months,

  8. Amac500

    Uh-oh… I really hope they add an option for the screen display to have the rear view mirror from the bumper cam on the cockpit cam. I know the screen is cut off around the edges, but I don’t see any usable mirrors. Therefore, I hope there is an alternative. I always go for the cockpit cam and I’ve encountered the problem a number of times where I’ve accidentally cut somebody off whom I didn’t know was there. Mostly it seems to have happened on ovals though. At least on road courses the position of my opponents is more predictable, but still it’s a hastle to have to keep looking back.

    1. Amac500

      That said, all the it annoying at first, my remedy of zooming in my map a bunch has helped me with my surroundings. I still don’t like it though because the white rectangle it creates is annoying and I have to take more of a glance and think about it a bit more to process it. The cars with in-car mirrors that actually work are nice because you barely have to divert your attention to see it (when I started using the map I might as well have been glancing off screen) and when you are looking at the actual situation it takes alot less brain power to compensate it.

    2. research

      +1 good points. Most of us who care about racing clean would like to see some various mirror options.

    1. Pit Crew

      I could be wrong GTHead but the OP wants the Toyota SPRINTER TRUENO GT-APEX (AE86) ’83 as a Premium in GT6. This car is in GT5. If you knew that then my bad…

  9. japlkofk69

    I honestly never complained about the sounds of GT, it actually wasn’t something that took the fun I’ve had in GT5 but…..I really hate to hear this sound back in GT6

  10. oneloops

    I’m dreaming about a great battle with 16 GT3 cars including Ferrari 458 gt3, Gallardo GT3, Porsche 911 GT3, Corvette GT3, Mclaren GT3… with a hard AI on brakes and on overtakes…

    1. research

      I am having a similar dream- mine just includes a Lotus Evora GT3, Aston Martin Vantage GT3, SRT Viper GT3, Bentley Continental GT3, Chevy Camaro GT3, Caddillac CTS GT3, Hyundai Genesis GT3…. muahhhahahahaha!

    2. Pit Crew

      Agree with both, but even more interesting will be those cars, online league with the improved features gt6 promises. My league admin is already discussing a GT3 team based formula for GT6 aside from our base League Amateur & Pro Cups. Still playing by ear till he knows the full total of GT3 cars that may come to GT6.

    3. Amac500

      You guys know that not all if those models are GT3 homologated, right?
      This is the list of current GT3 homologated cars:

      Aston Martin DBRS9
      Aston Martin Vantage N-24 GT3
      Audi R8 LMS Ultra
      BMW Z4 GT3
      Callaway Competition Z06.R Chevrolet Corvette GT3
      Chevrolet Camaro GT
      Ferrari 458 Italia GT3
      Ford GT3
      Lamborghini Gallardo LP600 GT3
      Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3
      Porsche 911 GT3 R
      McLaren MP4-12C GT3
      Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3

      And I suppose we can add the newly announced Viper to that list. But yeah, no Cadillac or Hyundai and no Lotus. I’m not sure what Bentley’s status is. They planned on entering GT3 but I haven’t heard anything about their progress.

    4. Amac500

      The 6 that I have been preaching were needed in a GT5 TC pack were the BMW, Audi, Aston, McLaren, Mercedes, and of course king Ferrari. Those are the core European models we need if we ever wanted GT race cars to be popular online in GT5, and if we get those in GT6 it will make my life, lol. We already know we are getting the Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. My only fear is that they add those 6 models and they all have the same paint scheme and, most importantly, car number. If we can at least change the car number it can be like a realistic race league. If we can do more then that its simply an incredibley realistic sim of the world of GT racing!

    5. oneloops

      It doesn’t matter if the Porsche GT3 is named Ruf GT3 or Ponche GT3…, but GET IT IN THERE !!!!!

    6. gtrx251

      Good list Amac500 Porsche 911 GT3 R (LOL)_ Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 maybe, Scirroco race car NOW :)

    7. Amac500

      I absolutely agree with everyone that we need some symbolance of the current Porsche 911 in the game. It is the most historic model in the history of GT racing, it’s must, lol. I like the realism but if they want to add a RUF 911 GT3 then I’m cool with it. Hopefully we can get a livery maker so I can slap the proper Porsche badges on it!

  11. gtrx251

    GT6__too MUCH Yellow sun Filter at Silverstone. Don’t you think? Maybe I just wrong. Maybe it’s just the track with the change of time of day? It’s OK….. But Yellow oR Orange Filter at Silvirstone hmmmmmmm?? I don’t know ///////really

    1. Pit Crew

      Adjust your tvs Color & Contrast settings ? Also, because its an editted video from E3 gameplay, the natural illumination is “lost in translation”.

    2. gtrx251

      I guess I was wrong. looks like it’s true. I recently watched the episode of TOP GEAR in the evening. In england really very orange sun in the evening. /sry my english not very

  12. research

    “race-cam” angles seem to be really good here at Silverstone. Nice and far away, realistic camera placements, long durations between shot changes, nicce and far away… LOL.

    Seriously though, I hope this is indication of a sea change, and not an abberation…

    1. ScotteDawg

      My guess is that, on Real World Circuits only, the cameras will be set in positions around the tracks in much the same manner as the companies that broadcast the races.
      This is only a guess though…!

    1. ScotteDawg

      GT6 demo! The operative word here being “demo” – short for DEMONSTRATION!!!

      Sort of the same as mao_fs is short for “I LIKE BEING A TROLL!”

    2. TokoTurismo

      Hey, at least it would be what GT5 should have been, but every second GT game on each PS console is always better than the first.

  13. oneloops

    I would be better to show this lap from PD, with optimized video and sound
    better than in a noisy saloon with a phone-video-quality… that would be better for PD image and for GT6 image.
    Other games have clean gameplays, but with GT we have always amateur-videos. At least thank you Jordan is lot better than have anything.

    1. Pit Crew

      Quite sure this isn’t a PD developed video, Jordan probably shot it while he was there. It hardly hurts their image. You gotta learn to take somethings with a grain of salt.

  14. Blood*Specter

    I know this is a bit off topic but I went to GameStop earlier on Thursday and preordered GT6 and now I’m wondering if I was supposed to get a code for the 15th anniversary upgrade or if I was suposed to specify that when I did… Cuz the guys that work at my local GameStop are kinda half-ass jerk employees that suck at info like that. If someone could clear that up thanks

    I went to check on my pre-orders (PS4 and GT6) yesterday too. I asked specifically about the 15th anniversary version for GT6 and told the “GameStop” employee (Who I won’t talk about because she’s slamming hot) the GT Planet link that takes you to the GameStop site and indicates that GameStop is accepting orders for the special addition GT6 package. She told me that when they (the store) find out about the special addition, they will inform everyone who pre-ordered GT6 about the availability of the Special Edition.

    So I finished paying the $60.00 bucks for the game and put another $100.00 bucks toward the PS4. Not really what I would call Joy. The next time I go to drool over her, I’ll bring my cell phone and show her the link from GTP. The best thing to do is just check on them every two weeks or so. Which is fine by me because like I said, this girl is slamming. LOL

    1. nascarfn

      witch is a good thing i hate the chase cams where the car is turning a corner and you see the side of the car… it’s like no i want to see where i’m going

    2. omgitsbees

      The stiff chase cam is really awkward and hard to use. If the camera was floating behind the car and there was a tiny bit of lag before it caught up with the car, it would be way more useable. I don’t know what games nascarfn has played, but i’ve never seen a proper chase cam that was like what he was describing.

    1. ScotteDawg


      Have you not read ANY of the other articles?? Or do you just watch the videos and make uninformed comments?

    2. MeanElf

      Quite a few don’t, at least judging from the pleb-posts you get here. I suppose they can’t be actually that interested in the information they might learn.

    3. ScotteDawg

      I wouldn’t say they’re not interested or they wouldn’t be here but, I WOULD say that they’re just LAZY sons of motherless goats who couldn’t be bothered learning anything!

  15. Crowood

    YES, the drivermoddels now shake to the tracksurfice, that’s what i wished for :D (GT5 was far to stiff in that way). Excited what the final engine/exhaust sample will be, the real z4 GT3 has quite a unique sound.

    This is obvious a placeholder like Kaz stated.

  16. kollosson

    Cant believe the negativity on here, whats wrong with everyone, here we have a great replay showing one of the new tracks and cars and it looks fantastic and all some people can talk about are engine sounds??? I know PD will do as good a job as they can, i’m more interested in the amazing graphics, the shadows and lighting on the car are beautiful, you need to get a grip people, start supporting your fave racing game and stop looking for faults……

    1. omgitsbees

      Hand waving away things that you know are a serious issue is always the first sign that you know the game is not going to be anywhere near as good as you were hoping for. Believe me, i’ve been in this sort of denial too, I did it with GT5, a lot of people were in denial about the red flags popping up all over with GT5, and GT6 is already set to do the exact same thing.

    2. ScotteDawg

      Oh My God, I’ve Got Bees For Brains!

      Please enlighten us – in what way is GT6 already set to have these mythical red flags popping up?

  17. Quigz125

    I know this is a bit off topic but I went to GameStop earlier on Thursday and preordered GT6 and now I’m wondering if I was supposed to get a code for the 15th anniversary upgrade or if I was suposed to specify that when I did… Cuz the guys that work at my local gamestop are kinda half-ass jerk employees that suck at info like that. If someone could clear that up thanks.

    1. Quigz125

      Disregard that last message I figured it out Dx helps if I read the whole details lol. Code is printed on the receipt at time of pickup. :)

  18. GTHEAD87

    Anyone thought of backfires while changing up gear? Kinda thought that would be in this game, its just a demo so this isnt a complaint. Just thought that woulda been noticed by kaz while driving 24hrs

  19. Rushton1996

    At least this confirms that the sounds in the demos are place holders. I don’t think Kaz or anyone for that matter would use the NSX GT500 sound for this car. It has to be a place holder.

    1. lbpomg95

      PepeMickey, you shouldn’t be so insulting. I play GT5 everyday, have driven the NSX GT500 and the E92 and I can barely pick between the two in this video.

      Also, the ‘before you ask for improvements’ is incorrect. Where does the comment above ASK for improvements?

  20. TorqueHappenS08

    This is a sound sample from the NSX GT500 cars, i can’t wait to hear the final sound, i’m glad confirmed these are just place holders.

    @MadmuppGT, Kaz confirmed the sounds in the “demo” are place holders, he is quite happy about the new sounds, as he said in a recent interview with another gaming site.

    Wait for retail GT6 to hear it, as for now, just alot of GT5 place holders, like the GT500 NSX sound sample.

    1. Pit Crew

      Should maybe consider the sound sample from the Ford GT LM Test Car/Spec 2 for V8 models in the trailers. A compromise I could live with, till PD actually delivers a V8 audio note worthy of cars like The GT3 Audi Ultra, Mercedes SLS & BMW Z4 race cars.

    2. lbpomg95

      Hey Pit Crew, what about the Chapparals as place holders? Put bass on the 2J’s exhuast note and it sounds kind of like a beefed up GT. The 2D meanwhile sounds like the god of thunder. The Chevrolet 2011 NASCARs don’t sound too bad either actually. But like you say the Ford GT Spec II would be more than enough.

      If PD simply swapped around half of the sounds they have now, some of the fully tuned cars really wouldn’t sound that bad. (Though most would sound the same)

  21. tpark103

    Just watched video but, I must admit I had the volume completely off. As far as driving dynamics go you can see the pitch, role and dive even on this highly modified race car which is absolutely amazing. I hope that is translated into the driving experience.

    The interior view is much improved.

  22. TheeFrogmanlego

    The drivers now react to bumps on the road.. before they only reacted to turning and crashing..

  23. MadmuppGT

    Not to go on about engine sounds, but What I got from the now infamous Kaz interview is when you mentioned the sounds in the Demo, I felt he was answering a question about the trailer that had very beefy engine notes. It would make more sense to have a trailer with ‘sound effects’ (Kaz’s exact words) than be talking about a demo with similar engine sounds to GT5.

    Just my two cents

  24. JaySamurai

    Just finished watching a few video’s of the BMW Z4 GT3 on YT. I wouldn’t mind if they actually placed the sound of the Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II Test Car on the BMW, it sounds pretty similar if they fiddled about with the notes.

  25. Maddens Raiders

    I love GT, but agree with some of the others that the sounds for the latest edition need to be addressed. This will only make what is a brilliantly fantastic console simulator into nearly a perfect one imho. My only hope at this time is that Kaz stated that they [PD] are working on a “whole new system” for sound that they can hopefully reveal *soon, “to show the whole world what they’ve been working on.” I believe him and can’t wait for the upgrades and accuracy.

    One other thing I’m hoping for but not sure if it will happen, is full headlight and wiper control for ALL cars featured in this latest edition, not just the premiums. It just subtracts a little more from the realism when these small touches aren’t available/enacted.

    1. JaySamurai

      I’m like that, those small details do count to the overall experience. I was actually hoping for the day when PD add reflections, stain’s or scratches, basically anything to show there’s a glass windscreen on the car. The only time i get a sense of a windscreen in front of me is if it starts to rain. At least they are addressing the more important stuff, i can wait for my windscreen till GT7 lolol

    2. Maddens Raiders

      Very good point Jay. I think they might’ve be working on a more realistic windscreen though, because if you look at the video above @ 0:09 you can see a bit of the reflection of the dash back onto the glass which is new as far as I can tell. Whether this transfers to all of the cars and not just the premium cars is yet to be seen.

      For me my biggest wishes going forward to GT6 are:

      ***More realistic sounds from acceleration to complete deceleration especially backfire sounds upon downshift.

      ***More realistic lighting at night, especially at Sarthe.

      ***Partition the street cars into Supercars, Pro Street, Tuners, Street / “everyday driver” types, so that the races aren’t ruined by ringers like R8’s,S7’s, Prototypes, LFA’s, etc…

      ***All windscreen wipers and headlights fully operational on ALL cars.

      ***Much more activity going on in the pits. More people, more equipment,

    3. Pit Crew

      I would actually like to see the driver remove his hand from the Steering wheel to toggle Lights and/or Wiper Blades in GranTurismos future. Also more accuracy to details on Pit Stops from the gas man. Tired of my backseat being filled with gas all the time.

    4. infamousphil

      For some reason PD has the sounds all wrong. I don’t know why and the excuses are really lame. I did notice the high beams do come on during the night time transitions. But a lot of the car’s driving lights don’t illuminate at all. PD’s inattention to such simple things is really frustrating. I dont see them making any improvement in these areas.

    5. ScotteDawg

      If any of you have watched the video of the Z4 GT3 on YouTube you would have noticed a loud crunch/thud sound coming from the downshifts (it’s not just backfire noise either)!
      This gets me to thinking, are these cars really paddle shift?
      There is a link left in the comments section of this article by XPLOSV – seek it out and watch/listen to it!

  26. GTboyz

    I hope they have the time to improve the sounds, if they can’t improve the sounds in time, they could patched it though, right ?

    1. TokoTurismo

      Apparently yes it has, about through two updates if I remember. It sounded so much better after the second update. Just like how that one had a placeholder sound, it got updated so these cars should hopefully get the same treatment. :)

    2. TokoTurismo

      Oh yes that’s right, and it was a pretty good attempt as well. So now we really know PD are working on the sounds and stuff. For GT6, Kaz said he isn’t sure if the new sounds for all the cars will make it in time, but again, that’s where the updates comes to mind. :P

    3. GTboyz

      Seriously ? What other cars got the update too ? I havent played GT5 in a long, long time, thinking about getting back into it

    4. HuskyGT

      Cars that had their sound changed through patches:

      -Lexus LFA
      -Corvette ZR1 C6 RM
      -Camaro SS RM
      -Lexus IS-F Racing Concept (sound was ruined)
      -Saleen S7 (sound was also unnecessarily changed)
      -Honda HSV Super GT

      So yeah, they can. Although sometimes they screw the sounds through patches like in the case of the S7 and the IS-F concept.

    5. GTP_Versatile

      The CLK LM Racecar also had its’ sound changed, it used to sound like the R390 GT1 Nissan. But that was a long time ago, I still have the old sound on a replay from early 2011 lol.

  27. XPLOSV

    It also looks like they have not improved the backfire flame rendering or the smoke/dust rendering.
    I’m hoping these video uploads are not the final GT6.

    1. MeanElf

      The smoke and dust seemed better on quite a few vids so far – even Jordan mentioned it after one of the demo vids.

    1. oneloops

      + 1000

      They have a lot to improve … under brakes at 1’33” in xplsov’s video that’s a racing car sound !!!

    2. oneloops

      The sound is almost th 50% of the game, my favorites cars are those with better sound Ferrari 430 scuderia, Nissan GT500…
      But they have to improve, i hope for gt6

      As the M3 doesn’t sound good… i never play with it…

    3. oneloops

      A Force Feedback shock is needed in gear changes ! Like in SHIFT2 thats add i nice touch in racing cars !

    4. RACECAR

      I’m guessing you didn’t see the interview where Kaz confirmed all the sounds at E3 were placeholders.

    5. mef

      I think Kaz only confirmed 2 things:

      1) the GT6 demo will have the old sounds
      2) confirmed they will TRY to have better sound in GT6, but he did NOT confirm this is going to happen 100% as the new approach might not be ready in time

    6. TokoTurismo

      ^ But he sure sounded pretty serious about what he said though. Also, there’ll be updates so don’t forget that.

    7. AERO_HDT

      I really don’t think you could compare the cockpit sound to what you see on a dodgy YouTube video, taken externally and with countless atmospheric variables. But we all know that GT is far too clean in EVERY department. The tracks and environments are way too clean, the cars are way too clean, the sounds are way too clean. PD need to smear their game with some grease. Unfortunately I think it’s just an inherent character flaw of Kazunori to be overly focused on minute details and he lacks that vision of a complete game as a whole.

  28. stiggylab17

    The biggest thing I want in GT6 is Porche, a dealership for Bugatti, Koenigssegg( ik its spelled wrong), Gumpert, a Caterham dealership, and the Aston Martin one-77, and many more. Basically all the cars EA has control over. I cant help but wonder, is GT6 just waisting time till the PS4 GT7? any thoughts on this?

    1. twofast4u1997

      I can see how you think that but I don’t think so; Kaz loves the series too much to “waist time.” GT6 may be a prologue to GT7 but not sold as one although I highly doubt that’s the case because if it was it would launch on PS4.

    2. Quigz125

      I wonder if they’ll ever put an Aston Martin DB5 in GT. that’s the car I want to drive. Good ol’ Bond Car. Gadgets optional lol.

    3. Ittybitty Stigy

      That is what he’s saying RACECAR. That we won’t see them until the rights are gone from EA, he justs wants to see them.

    4. ScotteDawg

      @Quigz125 – In GT and GT2 there were older Aston Martin’s including, from memory, the DB5 and the DB4! I too hope they make a comeback in GT6!!
      I’d also like to see racing versions of AM’s from the past 5 years, particularly those from the Le Mans series! (R.I.P. Allan Simonsen)

    5. Quigz125

      I wouldn’t even mind a standard version of the DB5. It’s a classic and one of the most iconic classics in the world. Not to mention beautiful to look at. Everyone knows the DB5, well those old enough to know about it.

    6. ScotteDawg

      @PitCrew – You are correct, my mistake…
      The DB4 and DB5 were not in any of the GT games!
      I looked it up and found it was the DB6!
      But the DB5 needs to be in the game as do all the racing modded AM’s!!!

  29. Amac500

    I can’t wait for all the race cars in GT6! I’m all about the online gameplay and when I’m racing GT5 online I want it to be like a racing series with race cars and all. I feel like the lack of race cars in GT5 often has nicked my enthusiasm for the game a bit. Not even as much as there was a lack if GT race cars, but more the ones they choose to put in it. All those Nissan’s and Japanese cars and none if the European companies or models we see competing around the world. I feel like the like of race cars and/or the lack if variety is what has kept it from being popular online as well. I would like to believe I’m not the only one who prefers GT racing online rather then the street car only rooms that dominate the majority! GT6 however clearly has me covered and they have the European models to cover all the PP levels and give me the authentic racing experience I crave!

    1. stiggylab17

      I have to agree with you. Street versions of the actual GT3 and some GT1 racers is just not the same. now that GT3 is for sure in GT6, GT500 probably will be raced less, because if im not mistaken that’s the only reason I at least raced GT500, because of no GT3 cars. I also want new Le Mans racers, instead of the same cars over and over that have been copied. If there were more variety it would definitlly be more interesting during the actual race. having nothing but the same car against the same car is boring and non eventful, though it is interesting to see who has the better tune on the same car.

    2. Amac500

      Agreed. Even if they do little thins like having multiple liveries for Le Mans cars it would make a huge difference. For example, say they were to add the 2013 Audi R18 e-tron Quattro’s, they give us the livery for the #1, #2, and #3 cars. I do hate it being all the same cars with same numbers. I try to use standard open tops when I can, but the BMW V12 seems to be the only one with a good onboard. I want more current ones for sure though. It would be nice to have them all in the same time period. It just makes it a bit more authentic like that, rather then cars from Group C racing against modern LMPs like the 908.

    1. Amac500

      This was filmed on a TV screen and the game is still in development so we are hardly able to evaluate that yet. I can pretty much guarantee the rendering in GT6 will trump GT5.

  30. ccar795

    Guys Polyphony said they are redoing the engine sounds and they might not be done till around release date, so these are just temporary engine sounds.

    1. Ittybitty Stigy

      Yes!! Thank you! Now we have to tell that to everyone who says the sounds are bad in these videos!

    2. Ittybitty Stigy

      Still it most likley won’t be what we here in these demos. Kaz said that these are just placeholder sounds.

    3. omgitsbees

      I’ve heard this PR speak so many times, from so many different game developers, and 100% of the time it turns out to be a load of crap. I fully expect what we hear in the demo is what is in the full version. There’s no reason to believe otherwise, especially with Kaz’s track record of misleading people.

    4. stiggylab17

      Yeah, Kaz has amassed quite a reputation for saying one thing and then turning around and doing the complete opposite, or not doing it at all.

    5. mef

      The sounds on display in this video are embarassing. Any company or individual taking pride in their work would not release crap like that. Sorry, does not matter what has been said, not said. Bottom line is this is not up to par in 2013

    6. TokoTurismo

      ^ Doesn’t matter. If a developer saids something is a placeholder, its a placeholder, on display or not. And Kaz specifically said these sounds are placeholders. I remember pCARS doing the excat same thing, so I don’t what the big fuss these “placeholder sounds” is…

    7. omgitsbees

      pCARS is in alpha testing, where that’s totally acceptable and very common. Gran Turismo 6 is at the very least in late beta where all of this stuff should already be implemented and the fact that it’s not is a major red flag.

  31. shawtyoner

    Can’t wait to race this round the Nurb. Amazing in car view at 1:42 with the sun reflecting.

  32. Freemanroad1986

    I can’t wait to play gran turismo 6 on my pioneer lx6080d kuro tv and sound though my monitor audio platinum plc350 centre speaker powered by a pioneer lx82 wow nice set up I have any gamer would love

    1. Amac500

      Well I can’t wait to play GT6 on my!!!…. 720p definition TV screen and I’m going to have a damn good time doing it.

    2. Ferrari Alonso

      Blowing your own horn.. I pity you.
      I respect Pioneer electronics but you sound like a kid boasting like that.

    3. HuskyGT

      Can’t wait to play GT6 on my 6 year old 32 inch Sony Bravia with 720p definition and useless 1080p support, my 5.1 surround sound with 10000000000 watts that was bought for my computer but that works better in my Slim PS3 160GB. I’ll play it while having a huge cup of premium roast coffee, with two teaspoons of sugar and lots of creamer.

    4. ZohsixGT5

      I can’t wait to play GT6 on my 50″ HD multi-monitor setup inside my Bugatti with 14 speaker surround and a hot tub.

    5. GTHEAD87

      Boasting or not hes gonna have a better experience than most. Doesnt bother me, I’ll still have fun on my 19″ hd tv with no surround sound. Excited much

  33. kaos07

    Great replay angles, awesome graphics and even the sounds from the cockpit seem ok considering it wasn’t a direct feed (plus youtube sound quality is poor at best), really looking forward to this, Kaz you are the man!!

    1. kaos07

      I’d have to disagree with ya about pioneer, my home theatre is way above pioneers league, and please go and do your advertising elsewhere.

    2. smskeeter23

      I used to think pioneer was good…

      And then I bought a Yamaha system. For me racing = gt, sound = yamaha, case closed.

      (Brace yourselves the onkyo fans are up next lol)

    1. MLRSparco

      Even if it is a placeholder I highly doubt the new sounds they put on GT6 an GT7 will be that much better,I’m sure it still won’t be on par with most racing games,If it is i’ll be very happy be I’m definitely not holding my breath.

    2. TokoTurismo

      ^ Even if it isn’t on par with “other racers”, as long as the sounds are good like the HSV, than that’s great. Plus don’t forget, there’ll be updates for GT6 as well.

  34. Ferrari458Italia

    Good stuff… fix the sound and you got yourself a killer racing game..
    but in all honesty I’m not looking much improvements for GT6.. I’m considering it GT5.5 since the PS3 hardware is so outdated and bad. Now GT7?? my expectations will be 100x higher.

  35. Freemanroad1986

    It’s true the sound is awful.
    When I playing I don’t no if its the game or my girlfriend using the vacuum cleaner I can tell the diffrents

    1. Gyro1780

      Agreed. That’s a terrible sounding engine. Should be better when the full game comes out (I hope).

    1. omgitsbees

      Which is funny because no one is even provoking these attacks. The Forza hate just came out of no where.

    2. mistersafeway

      It probably didn’t help that you- I mean “oohgoditsbees” started baiting everyone. Seriously disgraceful behaviour, I hope whoever these people are, they’re seriously ashamed. BOTH sides need to grow up.

  36. Johnnypenso

    Nice Vid…but that sound is awful. Sure hope that’s a placeholder but it sounds an awful lot like the Z4 already in GT5.

  37. Hentis

    YAY for Daiko Kasho’s Song Flow being in the “show Demo”, Loved that in GT5 Prologue. I reinstalled GT5P a few days ago. Majorly dissapointed though as there servers are no longer available you can download any updates or soec 2 or 3 :(

    The footage looks good and I like some of the replay camera angles.
    Why you people are getting so emotional (yes you really are) over sounds is beyond me.

    1. Wallbreaker

      thank god I’m not the only one who noticed Daiki Kasho :D But to me it did sound a bit like a remix. Guess we’ll have to wait until the release to find out :P

  38. Freemanroad1986

    Listen to the car about 2.09-2.11 the car dose not sound like a bmw z4 gt3. All cars in gt5 when you tune them they all sound the same why why why????

  39. HuskyGT

    Nice to see this car in action. God, that rear end in that Z4!!

    I won’t say anything regarding the sounds because Kazunori already said these were temporary and were just there to fill in the sound. I don’t hope for much, but at least that they can come close to the awesome V8 sound this car has in real life.

    Other than that, I’m glad to see the driver bouncing around inside the car. Very nice little detail there.

  40. stiggylab17

    Dear “SO CALLED” GT planet,
    I cant wait for GT6. I wonder if the 2J will be premium. I wonder if there will be other F1 teams besides Ferrari. I wonder if the Le Mans prototypes will be premium. I wonder what car is underneath the blue cloth! I wonder!!??

    From, Mister Needom

    1. Hentis

      The only reason why the Ferrari F1 cars are in GT is because Ferrari still own the copyright / Liscencsing to their cars. Bernie Ecclestone owns the rest apparently. Thats and to Liscense the cars in a non F1 game would cost in the hundreds of thousands possibly to a couple of million.

    2. WRP001

      A couple million for the F1 license? Try adding a 0 and then appending “per year”. IMO, better to just invest all that money back in the game including making the FGT premium and adding other cars and tracks.

  41. mwpuga

    Oh my God! They brought back gt5 prologue music.. I love The music they had in that game. Was disappointed when they didn’t put it in the full version! Do anyone know the artist and the songs name? I want to download it

  42. omgitsbees

    Nice to see the GTPlanet community showing their true colors in the Youtube comments, because that sort of stuff would be bannable here.

    1. smskeeter23

      Foxiol is a member here. I didn’t look real far into the comments but saw him. There may be others using there gtp name.

  43. racingchamp30

    Thank you for all of the gameplay videos of gran turismo 6. Already pre-ordered from gamestop for the 15th anniversary edition that is coming out later this year. Can’t wait for the demo.

  44. Dekropttiv

    Idk if i just never noticed in GT5, but did the driver always move around like that on bumpy surfaces? Looks neat.

    1. smskeeter23

      Well I’ve seen them move forward backward and side to side but not really reacting to bumps and such like the op states.

      There is definitely pronounced movement in the bus though.

  45. A_Higher_Place

    Looks great.

    Jordan, this was you driving? If so, how did it feel compared to the SLS GT3 and GTR GT3? Much of a notable difference?

  46. loopyloogrrr

    The internal view looking at the driver looks amazing and the steering wheel is being held properly by the driver instead of that weird thumb less grip and reaching for the paddles that happens in gt5. I can’t wait for the demo!

  47. SavageEvil

    That car is sexy, can’t wait to hear it with it’s actual engine and exhaust notes in place and I hope they are very loud too.

  48. Ittybitty Stigy

    When he hit the rumble strips and grass/bumps the car is reacting much more realistically than in GT5. Can’t wait for the demo and full game!!!

    1. Ittybitty Stigy

      Remember that Kaz said the sounds in the demos are just placeholders. You can look down a few comments for the link to where he said that.

    2. ScotteDawg

      OH, NO! We’d better not buy GT6!
      The neighbours might think we’re cleaning up – don’t want to give the wrong impression!

  49. Madertus

    I’m wondering how are the sounds gonna perform in the demo.

    I mean, are we gonna still hear them not-the-best GT5 engines or a bit of that new tech Yamauchi was talking about…

    Also, I hope that cockpit view is gonna be adjustable in the full game, like it was in the first Test Drive Unlimited for example.


    1. rex1825

      Honestly for cockpit view, I’d like to see only a FOV adjustable, so I can see both rear view mirrors (left and right) not options like normal, narrow, narrower as in GT5… why no wide and wider ;)

      Besides, if you had opportunity to try GT5 with eyecam, you can have a lot of advantages in cockpit…

  50. Zuel


    Do you know if the demo that is being released July 2nd will have the same option besides GT Academy?

    1. smskeeter23

      Its been said repeatedly that it will only be GTA. However, because it is able to be played for almost a month after the GTA qualifier ends it leads to some speculation in my mind.

    1. ScotteDawg

      If you have driven the Volkswagen Samba Bus in GT5 you would notice that the driver does not wear a seatbelt! The range of movement while in the cockpit view, particularly under brakes, is astonishing for a sim!!
      If this sort of movement (though different when a seatbelt is on) can be recreated for ALL drivers in ALL cars, it would just make the game that touch more real!
      Personally, I wouldn’t expect it in GT6! But maybe in GT7, who knows?

    1. StaticVariable

      Maybe I’m mistaken, but didn’t Kaz say in a recent interview the car sounds in the demo were placeholders and not the actual sounds used in the final product?

    2. Xride92

      It is probably not the final sound, its “default” engine sound is surely applied to the car so that it can arrive on time in the demo.

    3. erik1127

      Well, I just You Tubed actual footage of the BMW going around the ring inside the cockpit and sounds are very close. Engine sound may be a little off but all you can hear is the whine of the transmission.

    4. omgitsbees

      Kaz also said that he does not know that the real engine sounds that PD wants in GT6, will make it into the game.

    5. DigitalBaka

      I’m hoping they’ll build in some adjustability to the volume for engine, trans, road noise, etc. Listening to the FC trans for a while in my headphones gets a bit tiresome on the ears. If I could lower it a few clicks like I can with BGM I’d love that.

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