Gran Turismo 6 Gameplay Video: Grand Valley East

June 6th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Here’s more exclusive gameplay video from another one of GT6‘s updated circuits: Grand Valley East. For more clips, don’t miss GTPlanet’s footage of the KTM X-Bow and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 at Silverstone, and another clip of the Nissan 370Z at Autumn Ring.

Watch the video below to see how the same circuit looked like in Gran Turismo 5.

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  1. Jun. 8, 3:37am

    Totally unimpressed. Car customization and menu layout are the only things that can still make it GT5.5. Otherwise it’s not even that, it’s GT5.whatever patch level we’re at now + DLC.

  2. Jun. 7, 8:01pm

    Hope they get rid of the single file rolling starts..

    • Jun. 8, 8:07pm

      I agree. They need to bring back qualifying.

  3. Jun. 7, 5:04pm

    Really hope they eliminate the screen tearing!!!

  4. Jun. 7, 4:15pm
    Magic Ayrton

    Guess you guys aren’t used to the great Brtish sense of humour.. Roll on GT6 :-)

  5. Jun. 7, 2:38pm

    Roll on GT6 baby :)

  6. Jun. 7, 1:19pm

    Still no “echo” effekts in tunnels……every need for speed arcade racer got it, but Gran Turismo still does not care.

    • Jun. 7, 1:31pm

      As bad as NFS is, I wish that GT would have some of their bells and whistles. The gameplay and arcade like feel that NFS has would suck in GT, but sounds and customization are done right in those games. Fanboys may not agree, but I know I’m not alone.

    • Jun. 7, 1:44pm

      ^ NFS World, go play that it has it trust me, I played it before.

    • Jun. 7, 6:49pm

      Customization in NFS was good in the Underground series, Carbon, and ProStreet; I never played Undercover, but it wasn’t far off. NFS Shift 2’s customization was utter CRAP – most livery items (like stripes) couldn’t be stretched to cover the entire car, OR be even be PAINTED (So – want a stripe? Hope you like black…). And then the camera wouldn’t stay put, and you’d need to hold the analogue stick a certain way if you wanted the right view… Which is unimaginably difficult and annoying. NFS is steadily going downhill, and I doubt the new NFS rivals will be any different. Sounds are alright… But… That isn’t the entire game. Shift 2 was the first game EVER that I actually rage-quitted.

      Ok, I could go on, but then I’d end up filling a page or two. I’m done ranting.

    • Jun. 7, 8:30pm

      Another game series that had good customization was the Midnight Club series. Yes, they didn’t introduce real cars until MC3 & yes, they didn’t intoduce multiple vinyls until LA but it was still fun. I took the Buick Riviera in MC: LA & put a completely custom American Flag design all over the car. Remember the days when you tried to re-create the cars from the F&F series? I miss being able to do that. Let’s face it; The quality of racing games has really declined over the past decade. NFS has gone too mainstream with just supercars, GT & Forza remain to be track based games, Test Drive was a failure from the start, & who knows when they will make another Midnight Club game. It just goes to show ya, the classics never die.

  7. Jun. 7, 12:42pm


    • Jun. 7, 2:02pm

      No, you ignoramus, GT6!

      Calling GT6 GT5.5 is old and annoying. Too many people have tried that and failed – GT6 is still going to be on the shelves this holiday season!!

      Also, GT6 is not GT5.5 because that would have made GT5 to be just GT1.8…

      So, using your logic, you’re wrong! Now go away!

    • Jun. 7, 2:06pm

      ^ Agreed, honestly it’s rather childish. Than I guess other games that have sequels would be the same thing.

    • Jun. 7, 2:46pm

      No, GT5 was GT4.7 in november 2010, now 2013 after all the updates it is GT5, 2013 GT6 is going to be GT5.5, and I guess 2016 GT7 will really be GT6.5, then in 2019 we will get GT8 which will really be a full GT7.5, maybe a 7.8. lol

    • Jun. 7, 3:20pm

      New graphics engine.
      New physics engine with new tire, suspension and aerodynamic models.
      New aero parts.
      New wheels (possibly including different width wheels).
      New online and community features.
      New User Interface.
      New cars.
      New tracks.
      Improved Course Maker (how much remains to be seen).
      Improvements to “standard” cars (both visually and lifting of previous restrictions like photo mode)

      If that doesn’t constitute a new game, as in GT6 not GT5.5, then what does?

    • Jun. 7, 6:53pm

      Technically, aero parts/customization, new online features, extra cars and tracks, new HUD, a livery editor, and an improved course generator could all be done in an update… But, I mean, really? At that point it IS becoming an entirely new game…

      A new physics and lighting engine isn’t possible through an update, though. And isn’t a new engine really a new game…? If you didn’t change ANYTHING about the rest of the gameplay, then I’d see reason to question… But we know that isn’t the case.

      And that’s what irritates me to no end about Call Of Duty.

    • Jun. 7, 10:03pm

      It’s not even close to what EA does with the Madden franchise. Every year it’s the same game with just roster updates and they charge their sheep of a fanbase $60 every time…and they fall for it every single time.

    • Jun. 9, 5:17pm

      I might agree that GT6 is GT5.5. But let’s recap
      GT2 WAS GT1.5. and look how amazing is it. the game is even glitchy(the 1.0 has alot of glitches and the 98.2% thing). AND IT’S 2 CDS. THE GAME IS SO AWESOME THAT IN THAT TIME, 1 CD WASN’T ENOUGH.
      i don’t care what anybody says. i WILL buy GT6, in the release or 1 year after it, i will. people always told me(even my brother) that the game is a joke. and i have it now and it’s so great. it’s like trying to prevent a call of duty fan to buy the next one because it’s the same thing. it’s useless.
      Also, the game has 6 installments(not counting the PSP, the prologues, demos and the special versions) and i just talked crap

  8. Jun. 7, 11:56am

    Jordan,have any chance to see the replays?

    • Jun. 7, 1:50pm

      Sorry, I was not able to record the replay of this race.

  9. Jun. 7, 11:47am

    I don’t care for engine sounds, I played all previous GT games with crap sound and had a blast, the driving mechanics are fantastic and above all fun and that for me is what a game should be fun.

  10. Jun. 7, 11:36am

    Was hard to achieve the white car…

  11. Jun. 7, 11:27am

    who was driving in that gt5 vid some of those drivers looked damn awful!

  12. Jun. 7, 11:20am

    stabilized shadows….

  13. Jun. 7, 11:19am

    sound sound sound wish people would stop complaining it really ain’t everything, i mean i know it needs major improvement but on the scale of things it really is low down on the list of improvements needed

    • Jun. 7, 1:02pm

      Many of us would beg to differ.

      Sound is just as crucial a matter as everything else, if not more so.

    • Jun. 7, 1:36pm

      Exactly, T-12. In the automotive world, who says that V8 sound doesn’t matter in a muscle car? Most GT gamers are car guys too, I would guess. Having that supercharger whine is part of the fun when you fire up a classic American car or modern Mustang. I could go on, but I won’t.

    • Jun. 7, 5:18pm

      I would like to know how you know what improvements are more important than others.

    • Jun. 7, 7:02pm

      Importance is a matter of opinion – in MY opinion, I don’t really mind the poor sound samples. I DO enjoy their quality with the doppler effect and all, but I still know that they’re inaccurate and bland. They don’t sound “angry” or “growly” – but this doesn’t really spoil the experience for me. I get that other’s DO have a problem, so I don’t call them out on it. What DOES matter to me is non-competitive AI, since the whole point of the game really is to RACE – and how are you supposed to have fun when there’s no challenge in winning…?

      We complain because we want to have fun with the next game, and we know that PD IS capable of producing the content to satisfy us. They seem to be unaware of where they’re failing, though. So, either we let them try to sort it out on their own, or we say something about it so it gets fixed quickly. Which is why people ALSO complain about SRF being locked-on in the seasonals… I like to drive my car with out driving aids; I like needing to fight the car through the race. It makes it more challenging, and “fun” for me. So, when it’s made “easy” and “bland” by SRF, I get annoyed.

    • Jun. 9, 5:20pm

      Man, i hate GT’s difficulty. it’s so easy, and the SRF is just a joke.
      Forza has a more agressive AI(and difficulty settings which i really want on GT6). so agressive that they often screws me over. especially on hard. they even bash on me without mercy, but they still have the same problem that the GT’s AI does: they brake so early.

  14. Jun. 7, 10:19am

    The race in GT5 was GREAT!!!!
    The only thing GT5 is better than Forza 4 is multiplayer.
    I will buy GT6 for sure, but its only a little better than GT5.

    • Jun. 7, 2:09pm

      A little better? Nobody’s played it yet – you haven’t played it yet – so how would know it’s only a little better!?

      Play it first, then comment on it’s comparability to GT5!

    • Jun. 7, 2:54pm

      Like our friend said it is GT5.5!!
      Perfect definition.

    • Jun. 9, 9:50pm

      I don’t know whether you’re itchin for a fight or if you’re just a complete dumbass!

      Seriously, a semi-evolved simian such as yourself should not be allowed anywhere near a computer or PS3 console!

      Go play Xbox or climb a tree!

      If you’re going to make blatantly stupid comments without so much as an iota of substance to back them up, we don’t want to see them in this room!

      *Like our friend said…* Who is “our” friend and how is what he/she said a *Perfect definition*?

      Scroll up about 20 comments and read why this is NOT GT5.5!

  15. Jun. 7, 10:06am

    Look at the GT5 video around 0:23, the tree shadow not on the car roof, but GT6 video around 0:37 the tree shadow are on the (white car) roof. Another one is the GT6 tunnel HDR effect very nice compare with GT5.

  16. Jun. 7, 9:29am

    My thoughts about graphics is simple if they have not changed these visible things such as cut out looking trees with an updated game version then my trusting in changes to invisible things like physics and handling is largely questionable. I will obviously say it is what’s invisible in gt6 that’s more important than clouds, but comparing track by track here by what we can see there is little difference.

  17. Jun. 7, 9:28am

    Holy crap. People on here love to complain. More cars, More tracks, Monthly DLC, Improved course maker, More visual customization, Improved physics (which is what GT is about right?), and even improved visuals. Alot of this is stuff people have been asking for for along time and now that they are getting it all they can do is complain about the trees and clouds.

    Good god people.

    • Jun. 7, 10:37am

      I won’t quit complaining until I see improvement in the sound department (basically the one thing that truly matters to make the game inmersive)

    • Jun. 7, 10:54am
      Magic Ayrton

      Well what else is there to do in the mean time? :-)

    • Jun. 7, 2:29pm

      Pepe, you’re complaining about something you haven’t even seen yet! So far, the ONLY thing anyone has seen is a demo of the demo that’s coming out in July!
      Think of your most favourite movie of all time. Got it? Now, go back two years before that movie came out and imagine someone saying to you that the script has been written for this movie and it’s going to be good and you tell this person that it sounds like a crap concept and will be a terrible movie… It’s the same thing, you can’t criticise it until you’ve seen it!!!

      Ayrton, in answer to your question – get a life you pecker-headed buffoon! >-(

    • Jun. 7, 4:11pm
      Magic Ayrton

      Look ScotteDawg you numbskull.. I don’t care about nobody’s like you!!!

    • Jun. 8, 12:40am

      Ayrton – get a dog…

  18. Jun. 7, 9:19am

    Well sorry to say it, but when bringing up the pit stops… I would much perfer get fuel and tire changes done by actual people in gt6 for Tsukuba Circuit than the invisible none existence pit crew in gt5

    • Jun. 7, 2:49pm

      EVERY pit should have a Pit Crew! Before GT5 there was a screen shot on IGN that showed Super Speedway Motegi’s pits with racks of tyres, people everywhere (officials etc.) and fuel lines! But, by GT5’s release, they were gone! With GT5 being rushed out, my guess is that these things will be in GT6!!!

      Tyre change should be optional BTW… You know, a quick “splash & dash” without a time consuming tyre change! It was a pit option in GT4, so it needs to be re-implemented into GT6!

  19. Jun. 7, 6:43am

    look identical.

    I know PD put a lot of work on making the car movement be as real as posible but the art direction of the game is really bad and the hud sucks. that wont stop me of buying this awesome game but that would help a lot my eyes while playing.

    • Jun. 7, 3:05pm

      Art vs. reality? Hmmm.
      Did you know that the “art” direction for all other driving games is based around a desire to draw people from other types of games? First Person Shooters are dark and badly lit because of the mood of the game, but in order to keep people happy with a driving game, THEY too had to be dark and badly lit – it’s a marketing ploy to keep the sales of crap games up!
      Polyphony Digital, it appears, will not succumb to that! What they give us in “art” direction is this unusual concept of REALITY! Hence the name “The Real Driving Simulator”!

    • Jun. 9, 2:53am

      Scenery can still look beautiful AND realistic – driving into the sunset on Nurburg is one such example. It isn’t filtered, it’s just “beautiful reality”. This track is well-lit, but not as “realistically” o “beautifully” lit. It’s also low-res. Other tracks look nicer and they have no filtering – PD can do something bout that here too. They haven’t really changed much – if anything – from the GT5 version. There weren’t many tracks that looked that way, either – mostly the tracks with time and weather capabilities. Sarthe, Nurburg, and High Speed Ring looked great at mid-day, and not many others did… So, yeah, it’s realistic, but it isn’t beautiful. And it doesn’t need to be “fake beauty”… Just more beautifully lit.

  20. Jun. 7, 6:01am

    I don’t like that the HUD is the same style as GT5.
    If it would be a little bit different in style than I wouldn’t ask myself if I watch GT5 or GT6.

    • Jun. 7, 7:58am

      I think the HUD looks way better than GT5’s… certainly not “the same style”. Same general placement maybe, but that’s pretty much true for all GT games.

  21. Jun. 7, 5:56am

    Looks like more rabbit chasing, obstacle course, rolling start crap.

    • Jun. 7, 6:04am

      agreed. In real life it is not common (except e.g. Nascar) to have a rolling start.

    • Jun. 7, 6:27am


      but look at the trees… they look like trees in GT6.. track itself is very updated… tiny changed bits everywhere..

    • Jun. 7, 6:33am

      ohhh.. no they dont.. the HD version of the video showed me that trees are the same as GT5….. :P but that is not a huge dissapointment for me :D I need gameplay improvements!

    • Jun. 7, 11:16am
      Pit Crew

      GTAcademy Trial is obviously what the First Video represents.

      The 2nd video, which was an Online race, at the same track, had a standing start.

      My advice, since your so caught up on the Rolling Start, would probably be, don’t participate in the GTAcademy Community trials. That’ll save you alot of frustration.

    • Jun. 7, 11:46am
      Magic Ayrton

      Or in TokoTurismo’s case Trolling start! LOL

    • Jun. 7, 1:19pm

      LOL@ Magic Ayrton.

    • Jun. 7, 1:36pm

      @Magic Ayrton Very immature and not worth my time…

      @vr6cas You’ve disappointed me, thank you…

    • Jun. 7, 3:02pm

      LOL@ TokoTurismo, you gotta admit that was kinda funny, trolling start. lol, sorry to disappoint.

    • Jun. 7, 3:21pm

      ^ Well that part was funny if I’m honest. :) I thought you laughed with “that person” about me trolling, but now I know. I’m not disappointed anymore, so no worries. :tup:

  22. Jun. 7, 4:43am

    Cute @Magic Ayrton. Trollamatic? Such a nice name *Sarcasm*

    No need to insult or flamebait me man, only kids do that kind of stuff. :)

    • Jun. 7, 4:59am

      That’s true Toko – pretty much everyone else ignores that one due to such childish behaviour.

    • Jun. 7, 5:18am

      Absolutely. :)

    • Jun. 7, 10:49am
      Magic Ayrton

      Hush Puppy.

    • Jun. 7, 1:39pm

      ^ Very, very cute. BAHAHA!

  23. Jun. 7, 3:27am

    I’m glad too see that so many people are worried about clouds and trees… mmmmmmm GT6 the ultimate hippy cloud riding tree hugging game ay…… seriously…. wtf… can’t wait for the new physics, cars and god damn i hope Bathurst…. (pit girls would b nice too lol ;)

    • Jun. 7, 3:35am
      Magic Ayrton

      I think that people are just worried that we will get the same reprocessed game again, when this will most likely NOT be the case for the most part, it’s traditional to get small upgrades at a time with GT..

      I just hope that the real important parts will be fixed, for example when making an upgrade to the engine intake and exhaust, a fine detailed difference will be heard as in earlier iterations of the game.

      Better turbo sounds, and above all more realistic tyre scrubbing and squealing noise.

      The above mentioned plus what they have told us about, maybe a bit more to come and that will keep us die hard fans faithful and above all happy!

    • Jun. 7, 4:45am

      I know right? Who knew clouds and trees were so importent in a racing game. Really? xD

      Whatever happen to “the gameplay is what matters, not graphics”.

    • Jun. 7, 5:14am

      Hit it on the head Ayrton. Better lighting and cut out louvers and ducts will be happen, almost certainly. The Jag XJR coupe has been touched up. It was a hack job so embarrassing for PD. I was looking at the GT-R Concept LM in the garage and was thinking how beautiful it’s going to be in GT6 and who’s name’s will be honored, as drivers, on it’s sides.

      The direction they take in sound and physics is anyone’s guess. But the best news for me so far is 200 more cars. Thats enough to satisfy most of us. There are many reasons to hope that those licenses for cars of yore to have no expiration date.

    • Jun. 7, 8:33am

      Hmmmm…. pit girls hugging on a cloudy day standing by a tree? Yes!

    • Jun. 7, 11:25am
      Pit Crew

      @DistortedImage. Agreed. The last thing I worry about while racing is the Background scenery, like trees and grass texture. Im to busy trying to pass the car(s) in front me, holding off the cars behind, and subsequently keeping my car from being part of the scenery.

      You can get a pretty good idea from the comments as to what players got the most from their GranTurismo experience, and which ones were on a Sight Seeing tour.

    • Jun. 7, 12:56pm

      I don’t win much, PitCrew. But I do have a ‘trophy case’ of re-playable podium finishes and my friends can see action shots of my latest adventures. That’s where the scenery becomes more appreciated.

    • Jun. 7, 3:21pm
      Pit Crew

      Lets try not to confuse your GT5 experience with mine Infamousphil.

    • Jun. 7, 3:21pm

      It’s funny. With GT4 I took photos of a few cars and got them printed properly on photographic paper! They came out great, too! Well, with the exception of the rest of the scenery that is!!
      With a large focus by PD on photos (remember, they have the online photo thingy for random shared photos) why shouldn’t they work on the background graphics?

    • Jun. 7, 7:08pm

      I get that GT isn’t all about graphical quality… But seriously…? 2-D trees were from LAST generation… and this game is coming out just on the cusp of the NEXT generation. This REALLY doesn’t look great. I feel the same here as I do about low-quality standard cars – they’re unacceptable. PD NEEDS to make the game look consistently good, not some super high quality cars and tracks, and then some PS2-looking cars and tracks. The standard cars are SUPPOSED to look less like PS2 models, but look what happened with a track that looked PS2-ish in GT5… Not very much…

  24. Jun. 7, 3:11am

    The majority of comments on this site make me want to throw up, with this much complaining about a game before its even released. The demo isn’t even out yet.

    I can’t wait to try it. I adore GT5 so I will undoubtedly enjoy this more.

    • Jun. 7, 3:21am
      Magic Ayrton

      People complain for a reason.. it’s also called freedom of speech, having said that we will have to wait and see. But there is no room for complacency when it comes to the series if you are really passionate about it.


  25. Jun. 7, 2:40am

    IDK, PD isn’t listening to its fans and they’re not creative enough to make up for it… so what’s left? You know, hunger drives creativity in this business and it seems PD just isn’t hungry anymore. They’re not going after it like they used to.

    Typically the 1st game of a series is just a good idea that everyone wants to see fleshed out in a sequel and the sequel is usually the complete experience. By the 3rd installation, a lot of these game series start to go down hill and eventually… EVENTUALLY… no matter how big and masterful a game series is, they will ALL end up soulless and passionless shells of their former selves to streamline money into some big corporation’s pockets.

    Not saying GT6 is that, but I am realizing Sony or PD (don’t know which) seems to have figured out some kind of formula for GT to streamline that money… GT6 may be good, of course I don’t know, but I’m just reporting on what I’m feeling about it and this is my impression from the hype I’ve seen.

    • Jun. 7, 2:58am
      Magic Ayrton

      I agree to a certain extent.. and that other low quality video comparison is laughable at best.. GT5 looks much much better than that on my 1080P Panny.

      They just need to up their game a little taking into account the APPARENT improvements they have made for GT6.. or just sitting and waiting for GT7 on PS4 if this one is a flop.

    • Jun. 7, 9:26am

      The feature all you want already implement in other company game, why still want to play GT? If PD follow what you guys ideal, that is not PD game anymore, how about the ending credit put you guys name? Why don’t just ask PD name the game Forza, NFS or whatever instead of Grand turismo?

    • Jun. 7, 1:22pm

      Sure listening to the fans is good and all, but doing that is just as bad because you have to understand, fans want to much and than what? Not only that, but fans are also FRUSTRATING to please as well…

  26. Jun. 7, 2:36am

    I bet after seeing this video tracks like Tsukuba Circuit are still going to have no pit crews in the gt6 version, and tracks like Cote (Monaco) are still going to have no bright light burst when exiting the tunnel either just like in the gt5 version.

    • Jun. 7, 1:08pm

      Try adjusting your visor’s tint in the pause (start button) menu while driving. There’s an ‘Exposure’ adjustment. Also, the angle of the sun may not be the same as the other venues.

  27. Jun. 7, 2:28am

    Speaking of weather conditions and cloud locations I sure hope the GT6 track menu choices is not as god awful as GT5. I mean put one icon per track in the menu then after choosing a track we should pick if we want weather changes or the reverse course direction. GT5 had all the tracks seperate and therefore lots of duplicates for weather or for not weather or day night transitions.

  28. Jun. 7, 1:58am

    And truth be told look at the GT6 announcement, they spent 20 minutes talking about GT6, only 20 minutes, 3 years+ of work for 20 minutes, they should of been talking about the game for at least a couple of hours and held a massive Q&A session, even a twitter feed so the world can ask questions. They should of been going over every little detail that they put into GT6, cars, features, tracks, everything but for some reason they dont want to handle it in a professional manner. I can see if it was a national sercurity reason, but come on it’s playstation. I’m starting to think E3 will not produce what we all are hoping for. just saying. :)

    • Jun. 7, 2:19am

      No one announces games in the way you propose. More often than not, the industry standard is to release a short trailer and then release news updates every now and then on their website, building up to the release.

    • Jun. 7, 2:20am

      Because this wasn’t a full unveil…? This was also about GT Academy, too…

      E3 is where the BIG unveil is supposed to be. They just wanted to build hype for the BIG unveiling. It’s strategy to get more people interested in what’s going to be said.

  29. Jun. 7, 1:34am

    Well hey everybody, I got good news and I got bad news! Do you want the good news or the bad first? OK I will give you the veggies first, the bad news is GT6 I feel will not meet alot of high expectations that have been building up for the past several years, we all can hope but until pd starts getting with the program, and stop being so secretive, and let the fans know whats “really” going on with the franchise, I mean why do a 15 year, grand GT6 announcement to only tip toe around the meat and potatoes of the game. I hope kaz vision is not getting blured by his real life racing career, I mean if you had millions of dollars and some of the worlds best cars, would you care about a video game “as much”? Think about that one for a min. Now I’m sure you are ready for the dessert. Here is the good news! The good news is I just saved 15% on my car insurance! LOLHahaha.

    • Jun. 7, 2:26am

      It wasn’t “a 15 year, grand GT6 announcement”, it was the 15th anniversary of Gran Turismo and it included a presentation about GT6.

      The “fans” will know what’s “really” going on with the franchise when the game is released. Why would you need to know any sooner?

    • Jun. 7, 3:04am
      Magic Ayrton

      Hehe, grats on the insurance.. yeah GT6 sounds and looks very similar.. I’m not sure if they are becoming complacent or what but “if” that’s the case it sad news for many among us.

      That 370Z engine sound is close by the way.. but some detail and sound fidelity regarding authenticity is missing.. I know it’s just a recording, but it sounds identical to GT5 unless this isn’t the final version.

      I bet it is though!! Cheers.

    • Jun. 7, 3:12am
      Magic Ayrton


    • Jun. 7, 3:16am

      well done ronda

  30. Jun. 7, 12:54am

    Ok… PD said that they’d be upgrading all of the standard cars to higher quality models… This GT6 version of GV hardly looks upgraded at all – in fact, it probably ISN’T improved, and only LOOKS different from the new lighting engine. Now I’m beginning to question just how much work PD will ACTUALLY be doing to improve the standard cars… This may be an early version, but why would PD showcase something with this poor quality? They have better options to choose from…

    I’m now getting worried about E3…

    • Jun. 7, 2:10am

      Where is that “poor quality” you’re talking about?

    • Jun. 7, 2:18am

      The resolution…? You don’t see how low it is…? You don’t see the 2-D trees…?

    • Jun. 7, 9:32am

      PS3 only got 256 RAM, 3D trees are impossible.

    • Jun. 7, 9:38am

      The resolution looks just fine. Obviously it’s filmed by a camera and is not a direct screen capture.

      The trees looks just fine. They may be made from 2D sprites but they look real enough while driving. Unless you’re the kind of guy who coasts around looking at trees while playing Gran Turismo. If that’s the case, perhaps this isn’t the game for you.

    • Jun. 7, 10:10am

      If the next gen console PS4 PD able to make 3D tree, they will asking a 3D leaf and 3D root. :p

    • Jun. 7, 7:12pm

      How is the PS3 not capable of 3-D trees? It’s not like they’re swaying in the breeze, and every leaf is moving. If you can tell something is 2-D just from this low-quality footage, then there’s DEFINITELY some poor modeling going on. And you CAN see the low-res textures, especially on some of the barriers, cornerstones, and grass. Silverstone looked nice. Why can’t this? It hardly looks any better than GT5. It doesn’t need time and weather, but c’mon, make it look GOOD.

    • Jun. 8, 6:15am

      Racing game not same other game can read and load when pass through to another stage. Imagine that a huge track with 16 car already make ps3 ram out of space. They have to sacrifice some thing to save a space work for physics rather than graphics..

    • Jun. 8, 5:27pm

      That isn’t an excuse for PS2 level resolution.

      PS2 is the key word here.

    • Jun. 9, 6:16am

      That is a common game tech you say excuse? Go learn how to create 3d game than you will know.

  31. Jun. 7, 12:01am

    Sigh rolling start again…

    • Jun. 7, 12:16am

      In a demo dude. Seriously…..

  32. Jun. 6, 11:40pm

    Unfortunately I have to say that from the gameplay video I’ve seen so far it looks like PD has missed out on a lot of very necessary improvements. For example the cars seem to pretty much just bounced off guard rails still. I don’t give a hoot about physical damage appearance, but when you Hit the guard rail at any kind of decent velocity even a glancing blow, that car should break. We really need to see improvements like this.

    • Jun. 6, 11:41pm

      I seriously doubt most gamers whilst racing are too concerned about the quality of the grass textures.

      Deal with it.

    • Jun. 7, 12:24am

      Nice wall kiss @ 1:30


      Thanks for the vid BUT it looks l k me GT 5 so big deal.

  33. Jun. 6, 11:36pm

    nope PD slacking off, they still have that god awful outside track grass texture , to prove they know its A POS texture they changed it in trail mountain with an update.. in GT5 the freaking shadows don’t work on that track! * shadows cast by trees and stuff don’t project on your car *

    • Jun. 7, 12:03am

      this is pd’s trade mark track and it looks the worst!!

  34. Jun. 6, 11:35pm

    You can see some definite improvement in the visuals even with the poor quality video. I think this is just a tiny, tiny piece of the puzzle and it’s illogical to leap to broad conclusions from such a a poorly recorded video.

    • Jun. 7, 2:22am

      “poorly recorded video” LOL stop making these kinds of excuses, it’s very easy to see what’s going on here (GT5 repackaged with a new lighting engine as GT6).

    • Jun. 7, 4:00am

      Plus physics, and did anyone notice how the AI was staying ahead this time…but I suppose those who like to jump to broad conclusions will continue jumping.

      I’m still liking what I’m seeing but I suppose that has me labelled as a blind fan – despite the frequently cited concept ‘freedom of speech’ which so many people seem to forget works both ways…

      And slowIn…it’s a Youtube compressed video which makes it less than ideal.

  35. Jun. 6, 10:51pm

    I will do the demo, buy the disk, get all the DLC and play thru the game. But like someone pointed out, the clouds are exactly the same. Pause both videos at the start/finish: the clouds match exactly along with the rest of the visuals. Can we at least get differnt clouds to drive under? At least there will be a couple new tracks to drive on.

  36. Jun. 6, 10:41pm

    I always forget to mention this but if we get car DLCs on GT6, please let us race against those cars driven by AI on arcade & gt modes.

  37. Jun. 6, 10:05pm

    They finally added a clutch bar/meter

    • Jun. 7, 3:36am
      Magic Ayrton

      That’s good news, thanks for the tip.

  38. Jun. 6, 10:03pm

    Are we really supposed to get excited about a nissan 370z gta going around grand valley, I mean if I wanted to see that I would turn my ps3 on, load up gt5, get in my gta 370z, select grand valley, and drive. lol

    • Jun. 6, 10:10pm

      ^ lol. XD

  39. Jun. 6, 9:52pm

    GT5 looks more realistic, GT6 suffers from the same ”hollywood style” lightning, shaders and color palette as FM4…

    • Jun. 6, 10:14pm

      Nonsense. Keep in mind your watching this recorded off screen. Go watch the gameplay trailers if you want to see what it looks like. The colors aren’t as unrealistic as GT5, and the lighting is much more realistic

    • Jun. 6, 10:20pm

      ^ I’m sooo happy it isn’t like GRID 2’s lighting, yuck….

    • Jun. 7, 4:02am

      Yeah, GT5’s lighting was ‘too cool’ that will say blue tinted. GT6 looks more natural alright.

  40. Jun. 6, 8:58pm

    Nice video showing a bit of gt6 but I don’t like it’s title. It should say something like: unnoficial gt6 gameplay or leaked gt6 gameplay because this is a very low quality video and really down grades gt6.

    • Jun. 6, 9:44pm

      When are you going to accept that GT6 will be GT5.1? Don’t blame it on the quality of the video, you can see from miles away that PD haven’t learned one bit from GT5.

    • Jun. 6, 10:05pm
      Pit Crew

      ^ Oh Please, get over it and move on.^

    • Jun. 6, 10:08pm

      ^Please stay with GT forever, I don’t want the cancer to spread out to other franchises^

    • Jun. 6, 10:09pm

      ^ Go play GRID 2, that arcadey game…

    • Jun. 6, 10:15pm
      Pit Crew

      I will. You worry about you and I’ll worry about me. You have nothing constructive to add but troll comments so thats pretty much what you are. No amount of negativity from you is gonna change anybodies enthusiasm for GT6 no matter how much you hate, but feel free to try while succeding at being a Malcontent and failing to be an adult.

    • Jun. 6, 10:16pm

      LOL Yea because every other franchise changes so much with each game right? Idiot

    • Jun. 6, 10:16pm
      Pit Crew

      That comment is to pepe mickey not you Toko

    • Jun. 6, 10:18pm

      @Pit Crew No worries bud, I know it wasn’t. :) You told him good. :tup:

    • Jun. 6, 10:18pm

      The only thing that I liked from Grid 2 were the track selection (Red Bull Ring, Yas Marina Circuit & Brands Hatch) & how 2 players (split-screen) can race together in the same race against the AI.

      p.s. As far as I know, Grid 2 was only game that had Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R Z Tune.

    • Jun. 6, 11:22pm

      Pepemickey, I just lost my dad to cancer, you are talking about a video game so choose your words better!

    • Jun. 7, 12:10am

      ^ Sorry to hear that bud, that’s sad. :(

      PepeMickey should seriously watch his mouth before saying anything at all…

    • Jun. 7, 12:33am

      Thanks ToKo appreciate it.

    • Jun. 7, 12:40am

      …Ok… Responding to DYLAN, here…

      This isn’t “unnofficial” or “leaked” gameplay… This IS official game-play… Just not “professionally” captured. Hardly leaked – this was at a GT6 announcement event. I don’t understand how the quality should affect the title.

    • Jun. 7, 12:58am

      You’re welcome Racemachine, *cheers*. :)

    • Jun. 7, 6:20am

      Pepe, it’s time for you to accdept that no one really believes this is GT5.1 or whatever upgrade version it gets called – at least no one who is serious about the games and has any connection with reality.

    • Jun. 7, 6:21am

      *accept* – oh dear, time to call it a night…

  41. Jun. 6, 8:25pm

    I mean the only thing other racing car developers can steal from pd is the car physics, and they are not going to get that, GT needs to take something from other developers, revolution and progress and actually adding more content that us the gamers want for starters. Let’s see if we get the new 458 scuderia, 599xx, liverys, more RM cars, more real world tracks and so much more, speaking of the 599xx, that other game already has it, but we will probly get a dlc full of vw beetles and other non factor cars…lol But hey gotta love GT and kaz/pd way of thinking.

    • Jun. 6, 9:43pm

      “But hey gotta love GT and kaz/pd way of thinking”

      +1. That had me cracking up lol

    • Jun. 6, 10:11pm

      I agree with you guys. Someone said on another article that the game developers usually do what they want to have in the game, not what consumers/gamers want. So if that’s the case, how come Turn 10 and gamers agree on a lot of game features & car selection for FM4/Horizon where as PD and gamers on GT5 rarely be on the same page?

    • Jun. 6, 10:19pm

      It’s true. PD do what they want instead of what we want and it isn’t right. It’s the biggest problem with GT5.

      Forza gives the fans what they want, so I understand why their fans are such hardcore fanboys but that still doesn’t mean it’s a better game. It really isn’t. The content may be good but the gameplay really isn’t.It’s one of the least fun racing games I’ve ever played. I’d rather have better physics than a better car list, not to mention Forza isn’t very good with the tracks. Their track list is crap, and the accuracy of the tracks is horrible.

    • Jun. 6, 10:32pm

      +1 TomBrady very true. It’s the reason why I never played forza, in fact the only other car game I liked was Midnight Club L.A.

    • Jun. 6, 10:40pm

      PD will do what they can to improve the physics, slightly touch up the graphics, and still maintain 60 fps where possible. Keep in mind that GT5’s frame-rate drops with a full grid in a race, if they’re making the suspension model more indepth, they’re going to have to fight to keep the game running as smooth asa they can, this doesn’t mean they should be looking at adding crazy lens-flares and visual effects. GT is the best looking true sim out there, compare it to rfactor, race07, iracing and LFS.

    • Jun. 6, 11:09pm

      It would be nice to read about GT6 in the comments instead of unwarranted Forza bashing.

    • Jun. 7, 12:06am

      ^ +1 MuoNiuLa.

    • Jun. 7, 6:24am

      Normal cars have been the pattern with PD for a long time – how did this escape your attention?

  42. Jun. 6, 8:21pm

    Anyone else notice, in all the time making GT6, the weather around Grand Valley has remained unchanged…The Exact same clouds in the same places all around the track from GT5, to 6! :D

    • Jun. 6, 9:13pm

      That probably means no weather/time variations :(

    • Jun. 6, 10:21pm

      No it doesn’t. If you race the non-weather changing versions of tracks in GT5, the clouds are the same.

  43. Jun. 6, 8:16pm

    I spy 2D trees

  44. Jun. 6, 8:13pm

    I’ll give it till E3 then its time to stop making excuses as to whether this could of been an update.

    So far it’s safe to say that the physics and lighting has changed, i dare not say that those alone are enough to call this GT6. I hope PD really let the cat out the bag at E3, the novelty that the physics and lighting has changed has already settled. Bring on the other new stuff now PD ;)

    • Jun. 6, 8:27pm

      +100 nice comment

    • Jun. 6, 9:07pm

      Updates dont include major changes like physics and graphics lol. You dont play many games do you. New graphics and new physics are Always a new game.

    • Jun. 6, 9:27pm

      Sorry maybe i should simplify for you what i was aiming at. I think you totally missed the point i was making my friend.

    • Jun. 6, 10:25pm

      DYLAN777-is-no – “Updates dont include major changes like physics and graphics lol. You dont play many games do you. New graphics and new physics are Always a new game.”

      Now you’re just making things up. GT5 has recieved numerous graphical and physics updates, as did GT5 Prologue. Spec 2 and Spec 3 ring any bells to you?

    • Jun. 7, 12:45am

      He’s right and wrong – updates CAN include adjustments to the engine and other calculations. But a full re-work that we’re getting with GT6 isn’t possible – it screws up a whole lot, since the AI uses the physics to make calculations – sometimes that would render the code incompatible or make the AI drive incorrectly or incompetently. You can likely get adjustments to small lighting calculations, but again, not a full rework in an update.

  45. Jun. 6, 8:06pm

    Nice, LOL… Still using GT5 2D stick trees I see. Highly doubt that GT6 is going to be any different than GT5 is!

    • Jun. 7, 4:14am

      Probably not in the tree and crowd department…but that’s not really why we’re buying the game, is it…

      Considering it’s on the PS3 some choices for areas of improvement will still have to be made – it’s always been a trade-off. Better physics with a framework that allows for updates wins every time over trees. I’m sure other things might well have been dropped to allow for more weather tracks.

  46. Jun. 6, 8:05pm

    Very disappointing to see that there is only time gap from the first position…. AGAIN !!!!
    I just hope we can export replays in video format … or GT6 will live months for me … not Years!!

    • Jun. 6, 8:25pm

      Sector times of the cars behind and in front bothers you too i see. It’s something that is classed as important information in any type of racing. I remember reading somewhere kaz spoke about this saying “It’s something that could be easily implemented as an update for GT5”. Maybe there was no point in adding it seeing as you could over take the A.I by the first corner, but still it would of been nice for online racing.

      I still love GT, but it’s these small details that bug me about the series, things that i class as a basic standard that you would find in any racing game.

  47. Jun. 6, 7:46pm

    I don’t know if it’s just me or the camera, but I see no difference. I’m not rushing, though. They still have time.

    • Jun. 6, 7:52pm

      your right mr. whiskers I cant see any diffrence are they really gonna just add some cars and a few tracks & call it 6 why dont they just make it a DLC for the current version of Gran Turismo!

    • Jun. 6, 10:03pm

      I think the point is to feel the difference, not see. Id be fine with these graphics if we get better customization and a livery editor.

    • Jun. 7, 12:48am

      Adaptive tessellation (changing of resolution and poly count depending on distance from in-game camera) and a re-worked physics and lighting engine, plus all sorts of optimizations in the code, are not possible through an update. It’s a new game at that point, having a new engine.

      The cars, tracks, and a few other features you’re probably right about.

    • Jun. 7, 4:18am

      Ditchline – try looking beyond the end of your nose and learn something about the tech involved…then come back and say the same thing.

    • Jun. 7, 7:15pm

      But you ARE right with this track – it hardly looks any different from GT5. And it didn’t look too great then…

    • Jun. 8, 1:53pm

      Track appearance, yes but there is the small matter of new physics that will make driving the older track a new experience. I mean, so many people have wished for just this – all of the old tracks, updated or not, just to have the chance to drive them with better physics. That’s what I meant by suggesting looking beyond the end of his nose.

    • Jun. 8, 5:36pm

      Yes, and I’m already satisfied in that department. The thing is – EVERY GT game before 5 had consistent quality – the best of its time, really. So, as great as the car feels, it disappoints me to see it looking like it was pulled straight from the last generation of gaming. It’s no different with tracks. I was hoping they’d at least ATTEMPT to I prove it. Seattle (from the trailers) looks pretty good… And this track that’s been on the PS3 still looks a bit like a PS2 track (a very GOOD ps2 track, but a ps2 track nonetheless) – which detracts from the quality. I’m hoping PD does better at improving the quality of standard cars, as they said they would do as much. Admittedly, they never said anything about actually improving the low-res TRACKS, only that they’ve revamped the lighting engine – so I don’t really have a sense of entitlement there.

      Excuse me for being greedy.

  48. Jun. 6, 7:37pm

    You guys noticed the collision sound sounded different?

    Strill not sure about the A.I. though. :\

    • Jun. 6, 11:42pm

      Nice collision sound on the barrier, good point! I hated that same ‘rubber_hit.wav’ from GT1 still on GT5.

  49. Jun. 6, 7:12pm

    All I can say is truth hurts sometimes Toko, facts are facts, think about it, they have not shown anything really “new”. The cars, rims, aero, and tracks could have really been put on GT5 through dlc. Thats what I think everybody is really complaining about, they say it’s a GT6 but if they showed off more new content instead of the same tracks and same cars we been driving for the past 3+ years, the feedback might be different. They should of had all the new tracks on display, instead of grand valley and autumn ring, they should be more open about what they are planning to do with the game instead of being so secretive, I mean why so secretive, other games are doing they own thing now, they dont need to steal anything from pd.

    • Jun. 6, 7:20pm

      Considering they haven’t given a proper release,then no i don’t expect them to show new tracks and cars yet but what i am glad with,is that they are at least showing that the physic’s seem to work better which is one of the most important parts of a racing game.

    • Jun. 6, 7:24pm

      I wouldn’t disagree the tracks from GT5 look the same, but them graphics. *.* Anyway, I’m not sure about the tracks or other content, maybe there being saved as a surprise I guess. :)

    • Jun. 6, 7:39pm
      Pit Crew

      E3 will reveal somethings TT im sure. Remember the GT6 presentation video we saw in the main forum? E3, TGS were mentioned as probable events where more GT6 stuff would come to light.

    • Jun. 6, 7:59pm

      PD keeping secrets? They don’t do that, do they? ;)

    • Jun. 6, 9:13pm

      I sure do Pit Crew. :) I’m sure at E3 will have something really good in store for us. :D

    • Jun. 6, 10:23pm

      They haven’t shown anything new because this is just a small demo, not the whole game with a full list of new features that they announced.

      There’s plenty that’s new, you just won’t be able to say it on track unless you drive yourself. Most of the added features are in the full game.

    • Jun. 7, 2:26am

      well 2D PS1 trees are back LOL

  50. Jun. 6, 7:11pm
    drag lab 101

    I see improvement.. PERIOD.
    Little things.. Nothing drastic..
    But improvement none the less!
    Noticeable physics, lighting and texture improvement. It’s clear to me.
    I can see it here like this & I can’t wait to see it on my set up at home 1st hand.

  51. Jun. 6, 7:09pm

    hmmmm the clock is at 11.09. usually when the clock is on a odd number like that it means time can be changed… gt5 on tracks where time could not be changed the clock is always on a even number i think… im getting pretty excited that alot of gt6 tracks if not all could have time change!!!!!

    • Jun. 6, 7:19pm

      ignore me i think gt5 had odd numbers on incar clocks on tracks without time change :(

    • Jun. 6, 7:28pm

      I do believe that all of the original tracks (GranTurismo made) tracks have time change…

      I’m not sure about 24hr change, but it would be very possible!

  52. Jun. 6, 7:08pm

    I like; those dirt effects, the updated hud, the more detailed interior, and the new lighting, just makes the game look more realistic in itself.

  53. Jun. 6, 7:06pm

    I agree with others, the track does look the same. However I’m happy the graphics is more improved. Loving the blue sky. :D

    • Jun. 6, 7:28pm


  54. Jun. 6, 7:03pm

    We should not talk negatif too much :p …just enjoy every videos and news about GT6… and play the demo in July. And watch some more news.. and finally play the full version… and then you can REVIEW it… talk as much as you like.

    Too much judging now with very small evidence is like… shallow mind? :p

    Be happy… and have fun :)

  55. Jun. 6, 6:59pm

    Odometer is back! yay!

  56. Jun. 6, 6:58pm

    There not going back to just 6 opponents are they? I hope there’s still 16 or more!

    • Jun. 6, 7:02pm
      Pit Crew

      1st video was GTAcademy footage im sure.

    • Jun. 6, 7:37pm

      If the game is going to have DLC, then it will also be playable online! Keeping that in mind, opponents SHOULD be at 12 for most races and 16 for online races!
      However, with the improvements that have been made to the game, I would not be surprised if those numbers go up! Personally, I’m hoping for double in each – 24 in regular races and 32 in the online races…

    • Jun. 7, 2:33pm

      Can you imagine the lag on 32 online drivers?


  57. Jun. 6, 6:58pm

    the graphics have been improved for sure i hop the AI as well

  58. Jun. 6, 6:57pm

    how do u upload pictures

  59. Jun. 6, 6:54pm
    The piston

    Really hope GT6 has a LONG A-Spec, GT5’s A-Spec was just TOO short and hope GT6’s AI is challanging.

    Other than that, I’m happy with the new Physics, Graphics and UI/HUD improvements.

    • Jun. 6, 6:57pm


    • Jun. 8, 5:39pm

      That’s my main concern. Without it, the massive amount of cars and tracks don’t seem to have as much point. I want to have a need for most types of cars in the game, and have competition when I use them. A game is no fun without challenge.

  60. Jun. 6, 6:48pm

    Every single time theres a new gameplay, others goes ahead and talks about the damn engine sounds and calling it GT5.5 (which I don’t care btw)…. Holy crap man these guys can complain, whaaaa. o_0

    • Jun. 6, 6:55pm

      Im a big GT fan! Engine sound needs a little bit tweaking…

    • Jun. 6, 7:00pm
      Pit Crew

      You would think they would get tired of repeating themselves but nope.

      The more footage showing the Body Roll I see the more I would love to see some Drift footage (Can Jordan Drift Hmmm)

      Wonder if a Wheelie tune will surface in GT6. That !#@% Would probably look crazy Awesome.

      Excuse me for drooling.

      The Online race footage was tight. Poor Famine. Hope he had some coffee to go with those “Donuts” lol.

    • Jun. 6, 7:01pm

      Yeah, I agree with you on that.

    • Jun. 6, 7:03pm

      That was too @Sasuki

      @Pit Crew Indeed, really liking the new physics, I gotta try it. O_O The online footage, lol.

  61. Jun. 6, 6:33pm

    The sound issue: No engine vibration = No realism. Just simple and plain. No realistic physics here.

    • Jun. 6, 6:38pm


    • Jun. 6, 6:47pm

      Engine vibration? The hell are you on about?

    • Jun. 6, 6:51pm

      I don’t think the 370Z doesn’t even sound nice in real life. The hell do you want it to sound, a dragon?

    • Jun. 6, 7:14pm
      Pit Crew

      Strange that you can tell how realistic the Physics are…from a Video, which once again is not about the Engine Sounds.

    • Jun. 7, 2:34am

      @TokoTurismo you’re retarded the 370z has very distinct and awesome sound.

    • Jun. 7, 4:31am

      Opinions are just that – I don’t like crap bands, but lots of people buy their music, that doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion about it. But calling someone retarded is simply childish and rude. Don’t you know anyone who has any mental impairment? Clearly not…

    • Jun. 7, 4:34am

      It’s about time that these news items became moderated too – there is just far too much blatant disregarding going on of the AUP these days.

  62. Jun. 6, 6:13pm

    there is a number beside the tires in the HUD, I wonder what that is?

    • Jun. 6, 6:37pm

      Same here, what is dat?

    • Jun. 6, 6:38pm

      It looks like a 10 like the tires are counting down like a grip level or something. But it looks like the tires have sections on them too. Maybe a tire temp. perhaps?

    • Jun. 7, 2:29pm

      Inside center outside tire temps and wear would be amazing. Couple that with suspension tuning and I think a lot of “pro tuners” would find theyre setups dont work well in real life lol

    • Jun. 8, 5:44pm

      Tire pressure, maybe? They probably aren’t using real values, sort of like TT, ABS, Aero/downforce values, etc… That would be exciting. But why would it show it in game? Just to keep in mind for when you pit, and want to change the pressure? Or are PD going the extra distance and adding tire punctures?

      Or maybe it isn’t tire pressure, and I’ve just blathered about nothing…? XD

  63. Jun. 6, 6:04pm

    looks like every other gran turismo… how’s the new physics engine?

  64. Jun. 6, 5:59pm

    No improvement in engine sounds.

  65. Jun. 6, 5:51pm

    Hope it has time change on more tracks I wanna see Laguna Seca in sunset just like old times. Also imagine trial mountain with rain or at night time, that would be awesome.

  66. Jun. 6, 5:46pm
    Eager Snake

    Guys, c’mon. It looks great in terms of physics, nobody can’t deny that but visually, at least in this video, it looks almost the same.
    You can see even the same amount and form of shadows, 00:21 in GT6, 00:06 in GT5.
    I could say that the difference in colour is because of the way of recording the images.
    It happened to me before while recording the replays in GT5, since I don’t have any way to record the gameplay straight from the game, I need to use my Camera to do that and I always got the same result, more colours in a strange way most of the time.
    And to clarify this, I don’t modify the settings to any strange configuration to do that.
    But anyway, the gameplay looks great. If they manage to add a better, or at least a faster way, to get damage in the cars this would be awesome. And I’m saying this not because I want to crash my car, but because it would really improves the mechanics of the game.
    I have always raced with heavy damage, but most of the time it’s just me and some friends… And we always wanted a better damage system. I think that this needs to be among the new physics system, but that’s only my opinion.

    • Jun. 6, 6:38pm

      I agree Ive just watched both videos closely and if there are differences theyre minor

    • Jun. 6, 6:41pm

      I would like my rear bumper fell apart and blow your front right tire in attempt to overtake…

    • Jun. 6, 6:42pm

      If you look closely, there’s some new shadows, like the braking distance markers on the right in the end of the main straight.

    • Jun. 6, 6:58pm


      Everything is the same. Trees are the same, sky is the same, signage is the same. They’ve only done minimal tweaks to it, like brighten the lights in the tunnel and detail the grass. Still, I wouldn’t expect any major differences, but Grand Valley is probably one of the defining tracks in GT and it would be great to see some bigger changes.

  67. Jun. 6, 5:45pm

    I honestly haven’t seen anything that has blown my mind yet,the only thing I am looking forward to is the physics engine, at this point everything else has been a disappointment.

    • Jun. 6, 6:20pm

      you expect to much.

    • Jun. 6, 6:42pm

      Too much is never enough.

    • Jun. 6, 6:54pm

      Not really, I honestly don’t expect enough,this game has been in the making for 3years this game should be revolutionary.If you compare any new game to the older one like NFS Shift 1 and 2 for example,they’re dramatically different and that goes for just about every game that has a series.They look different,sound different,and become more and more immersive when you play them.The fact that they’ve been working on this game for 3years and the track looks dam near exactly the same as GT4 and GT5 should tell you that theres something wrong.Graphics don’t make a game but at the same time GT has always tried to make there games look as good as possible.

      I’ve showed these new GT6 videos to friends who don’t play GT games and even they don’t see much of a difference.All the so called “improvements” that I’ve seen in GT6 so far are minuscule,it just looks like they took the track straight from GT5 and saturated the colors a bit, but thats probably just because it was taken with a camera.We should be seeing dirt and tire pieces on the track,tress moving in the wind,leaves coming off trees and flying up when cars pass them,these are small things that gives you a better experience when playing these types of games.

    • Jun. 6, 7:02pm

      You will see the leaves fall off trees by parking at a real race track on a windy day.

    • Jun. 6, 7:24pm

      We should be getting the same experience that we would get if we were racing at a real race track.I wonder what would happen if ever other racing game had 3years to develop there games,GT would be dead.

  68. Jun. 6, 5:39pm

    Little camera shake and motion blur on impact with the wall at 0:58?… Or am I seeing things…

    • Jun. 6, 5:50pm

      What you’re seeing is not from the game. If you check the HUD (map, player positions and time counter), you’ll see that it’s the camera used to film this footage that’s shaking.

  69. Jun. 6, 5:38pm

    The more an more I see this, I’m really starting to see nothing but GT5.5, It’s nothing more than a GT5 with a massive dlc, rims, aero, cars, new suspension tweeks and a few new tracks, but I still love my game and will support it no matter what, can’t wait til the GT grind begins, collecting cars, licence tests, and taking my cars online to race and cruise with friends. But…… I have good news and bad news, the good news I just read is that ferrari will be making a 458 scuderia!! A lighter more powerful 458 will surely be good, they around 600hp, angry exhaust and a faster shifting transmission!! I just hope we can get the LFA nurburgring edition, and the SLS black series so I kind show a few of my nurburgring riders which one is the king of the ring, and you know who you are! lol The bad news is I doubt that the cars I’ve just said plus many more, many others and I would love to have will not be making it into GT6. One could only hope for dlc later down the line in GT6, but if not I guess we will have to wait till ps4 and GT8, and I say GT8 because GT7 will be like how 1, 3, and 5 was, 2, 4, and 6 or the second GT on each console will always be the greater of its sibling.

  70. Jun. 6, 5:35pm

    ” Meanwhile, in Famine land…” *Ford RS200 lost in an endless AWD cyclone

    That was hilarious XD But good race. A lot of people using cars that normally others ignore, as well as a track that most ignore.

    But keeping on topic, there is indeed something different about how the track and the lighting effects look. As many have already said, it looks much more alive. Even if it was recorded off screen.

    • Jun. 6, 7:03pm

      I called it the Drift Bruise.

      Love seeing UKGTP videos again!

  71. Jun. 6, 5:20pm

    It looks alot better than Gran Turismo 5! Gran Turismo 5 compared to this, now looks like an upscaled GT4!

  72. Jun. 6, 5:18pm

    (I’m surprised there aren’t endless complaints like the other Gameplay Post, guess GT Planet finally closed the Whinery..)

    Anyway this video shows me that controlling your vehicle will be a lot more difficult, which is something I’m loving, the pitching and rolling of the carriage adds a whole new dynamic to high speed cornering and the way we’ve gotten used to approaching curves in GT’s, it’ll be like a learning experience all over again; I’ve kind of gotten used to a certain way of driving in GT and I dove into GT5 a little too easily (blew right through License Tests etc in a Golden Blur), so this new innovation in their physics is getting more exciting the more I see it..

    I hope I can see more of their Tire Physics/Wear innovations too..

    • Jun. 6, 5:29pm

      Shhhhh they have good ears! Better forget about it or they can get back screaming the name of that house cleaning object.

    • Jun. 6, 5:37pm

      That pitching and rolling makes it look as if the driving is more demanding, but for some reason, I feel that it will make you feel the car much better. I haven’t tried it yet, but it does look like there is a lot more control on the weight of the car. That helps you feel what wheel is doing what at all moments.

      I really can’t wait until December. I might break my promise and download the demo.

  73. Jun. 6, 5:12pm

    Loving what I see so far… the lighting and skybox look amazingly better… much more alive, vivid colors. The bodyroll thanks to the new physics looks promising. Can`t wait to try the demo!

  74. Jun. 6, 5:06pm

    I’m really disappointed. It’s look like GT5. Moreover, same sound and same lack!

  75. Jun. 6, 5:03pm

    Great footage, but we can’t compare the two games if one uses a completely different car at a completely different view.

  76. Jun. 6, 5:02pm

    Looks to me the IA is more challenging, and they make mistakes. It’s not always the same who get second.

    • Jun. 6, 5:08pm

      Oeps.. was not against AI. Nice video anyway.

    • Jun. 6, 5:26pm

      Sure it wasn´t AI? Looked pretty much like AI to me, the Names first and the way the car in front changed driving line into the middle of the track when the player came closer…

  77. Jun. 6, 5:02pm

    Track looks identical to me. But I did like how the Nissan in the GT6 vid did have some sway and tuck entering turn 1!


  78. Jun. 6, 5:00pm

    Nice!, but I expected the GT3 style version.

  79. Jun. 6, 5:00pm

    Not bad, loving how the car handles under braking!

  80. Jun. 6, 4:53pm

    this phisycs engine looks pretty danm good, I’m very happy to see this
    and that impact on the wall at 1:00 is nothing like gt5 had it before
    can’t wait for the trailer :)

  81. Jun. 6, 4:49pm

    How did they do a grid start with different cars in that gt5 video, I can only do that with the same car in practice mode.

    • Jun. 6, 4:58pm

      Online race.

  82. Jun. 6, 4:43pm

    Can’t wait to drive the Dodge Ram and see that thing being in the verge of tipping over XD

    • Jun. 6, 4:50pm

      Haha no kidding judging from the amount of pitch and role I could see in the 370Z when pushed in this video, I can only imagine what driving that boat would be like :)

  83. Jun. 6, 4:38pm

    You have no idea how much this new suspension and tire model improve the game experience. Just look at that body roll! GT5 had body roll, but for some reason it looked so artificial, and it got worst when you changed the suspension. Cars felt weightless in most cases, or as if they were just gliding on top of an intangible track (except in the Nurburgring).

    That’s why I always kept my cars with their stock suspension, to give them a more realistic and lively feel. But heck, I don’t think I’ll be upgrading the suspension in GT6 either because that body roll looks so damn cool in it XD

  84. Jun. 6, 4:37pm

    I can’t wait for E3 :D I hope that PD will show a video clip or images of Bathurst.

  85. Jun. 6, 4:35pm

    looks like the same

  86. Jun. 6, 4:33pm

    looking very good indeed… feeling sorry for the demo version… it has no idea what it’ll have to go through before the full game is released :D

  87. Jun. 6, 4:32pm

    Graphics are more or less the same, but the roll when braking is fantastic

  88. Jun. 6, 4:31pm

    Absolutely love the more vivid colours of the GT6. I don’t care if it’s less or more realistic, I just like it better than (sometimes) dark and dreary GT5. The new physics look awesome too, not sure but the interior textures also seem to be higher res than in GT5? Anyway, looking forward to the demo and final game.

  89. Jun. 6, 4:31pm
    Lord Protector

    OMG! so perfect new things shown in this video!

    The best things assumed from the video:

    1. Time change on the Grand Walley – 11:09 on the clock
    2. Shadows are way better than in the previous Autumn Ring GT6 video
    3. Tunnel echo is perfect
    4. Gearing looks a bit more real – it seems to me longer than in GT5

    hell yea I wanna play demo RIGHT NOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!

    • Jun. 6, 4:38pm

      The sky looks so much better too. In GT5 it’s all washed out. Nice and blue with well defined clouds now. Love it.

    • Jun. 6, 4:41pm

      HAHA! Didn’t notice the time change! My thoughts are that most tracks will probably have a short time cycle like Eifel and the other Track Creator templates. But who knows, PD probably made our dreams come true and there will be full time change in most tracks. Either way, that feature is very welcome.

  90. Jun. 6, 4:29pm

    Looking pretty good. At least if there are still some things missing once the game is released, PD can simply update the game over time.

  91. Jun. 6, 4:25pm

    The lighting engine definitely looks a lot better! as does the suspension!

    Also when you consider that the GT5 comparison video was a replay (which I believe uses slightly better graphics?) and the fact taht the GT6 video was recorded off-screen, that’s seriously impressive!

  92. Jun. 6, 4:12pm

    The echoing sounds much better in the tunnels in my opinion. That with the body roll is just magical.

  93. Jun. 6, 4:09pm

    Body roll looks absolutely fantastic, new HUD looks great as well.

  94. Jun. 6, 4:07pm

    Yeah i am one of the guys who bitch about GT alot but this looks alot better VISUALLY
    more vibrant colours. Looks like a lot more trackside detail. That Nissan doesnt sound too bad either.

    Love the new lighting engine or model they used especially evident in the reflected light on the cars windows


    • Jun. 6, 4:24pm

      It`s really looking a lot better!

  95. Jun. 6, 4:06pm

    still the GT4 HD port… Oh well…

    • Jun. 6, 4:27pm

      The video with the Jaguar is from GT5. ;)

  96. Jun. 6, 4:05pm

    The lights in the tunnel look great.

  97. Jun. 6, 4:05pm

    Skybox is exactly the same (clouds and all). Lighting is different (better), trees are the same and some textures were upgraded. It is actually the very same thing.

    • Jun. 6, 4:28pm

      The vid looks great, but the track Grand Valley, I have to say I hate it it. I used to like it but now hate the track.mi just do not like it :/

    • Jun. 6, 4:32pm

      true – But the rendering of the ones we are talking about here, is a lot more natural looking, and btw the skybox is updated for sure – the colors looks more vivid in GT6 – Thaaa but it’s still the same build, without any doubt :o)

    • Jun. 6, 4:36pm

      Well this is a testament to the better lighting employed in GT6, took the exact same assets and got even better fidelity and output. The sounds definitely sound clearer but I think that cars is missing the ferocity of the engine note when you bury the pedal under load these sounds definitely weren’t recorded under load like on a dynomometer where because of the actual stress of rolling tires and putting power through the clutch and transmission results is a slightly rougher note with a hint of strain. Surprised PD doesn’t toss these cars on dynos to get true to life engine and exhaust notes, only really powerful cars it wouldn’t really matter as their PTW is insane and you would barely tell the difference just revving through the RPM at a standstill versus under load.

  98. Jun. 6, 4:04pm

    Looks a LOT better and more realistic.

  99. Jun. 6, 4:02pm

    Not sure if the AI is improved, or the driver is just not that good…

    On the plus side, I do see improvement on this track, particularly the lighting! I can’t wait for this game to come out!

    • Jun. 6, 4:04pm

      Who cares about the A.I. That’s why we have online play. It’s more competitive.

    • Jun. 6, 4:06pm

      I’m thinking it has to be improved somewhat. There was really only one major slip up. Was not a ton of cars on the track though so maybe that helped improve the ai a bit.

      Noticed the in car clock at 11:09 odd time…wonder if that would put it as another time change track?

    • Jun. 6, 4:09pm

      @ grashopper > i think the amount of cars on track has something to do with GT Academy not sure though

    • Jun. 6, 4:38pm

      JD, you are in the minority when I comes to not caring about AI in a video game.

    • Jun. 6, 5:20pm

      @JD: Not everyone cares about online as much as you do.

    • Jun. 8, 5:50pm

      And some people don’t have good connections, like me. I’ve been in a lobby in a close pack on Daytona Road; a band of clean people, everything. We were on the back straight, everyone going smoothly, and then the car next to me shifted (lagged – it didn’t turn, just slid quickly sideways into my car) into me, and caused me, him, and two other people to spin off and deal with heavy mechanical damage. This happens all the time for me, so even in the rare event that I DO find a clean lobby, lag will just ruin it for me. So, I need good AI.

  100. Jun. 6, 4:00pm

    Woooow, look at those physics compared to gt5. Can’t wait to put my hands on gt6. It’s going to be awesome.

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