Gran Turismo 6 Video: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 at Silverstone GP Circuit

June 4th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Following up with our other exclusive GT6 gameplay footage of the KTM X-Bow and 370Z at Autumn Ring, our latest video offers a complete tour of the Silverstone GP Circuit (not just the “International” configuration) in the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3.

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  1. Jun. 11, 1:55am

    to everyone complaining about the sound, remember that this is only a demo, perhaps the real sound is not yet finished… even if it is, it seems to be pretty decent…

  2. Jun. 7, 7:58pm

    Excellent video, thanks for the upload!

  3. Jun. 6, 9:24pm

    This video is very disappointing in how it represents the SLS GT3. I was very fortunate to have driven the SLS GT3, and this video does absolutely no justice to the intensity and grunt of the car’s sounds. In terms of handing, hopping cubs like this will easily spin you. Also the car does not understeer at all like this. I hope they fix these, especially this car as it seems to be given the royal treatment.

  4. Jun. 6, 1:18pm

    GT6 for PS3 is a wonderful new! I love the racing games, my G27 and of course GT series, it will be a fantastic christmas.

  5. Jun. 5, 11:00pm

    @TokoTurismo, it’s important not importent, it’s alright then not alright than, so how does it feel to be corrected? lol im just messing with ya dude. :)

    • Jun. 6, 3:17am

      Hahaha! *thumbs up* vr6cas. :)

  6. Jun. 5, 9:43pm

    I can’t be the only one how noticed the screen wasn’t set to the proper aspect ratio

    • Jun. 5, 10:14pm

      I’m pretty sure everybody noticed but why is it important?

    • Jun. 5, 10:43pm

      Maybe he’s an A/V geek. Nothing wrong with that.

  7. Jun. 5, 7:26pm
    GT5 Level 41

    Roof cam? You couldn’t cycle through the other views to show us what they look like?

    Am I the only one who’s over sun glare?

  8. Jun. 5, 6:11pm

    I wish they would bring back Race qualifying. A real race simulator should be like real racing in which you qualify for position.

    • Jun. 5, 7:21pm
      GT5 Level 41

      Yep. I remember being strapped for cash to buy upgrades and requalifying for Sunday cup races just to buy tires. Good times.

    • Jun. 5, 10:49pm

      Driving don, not racing. According to some, this is the reason visual damage has been excluded from the GT series…. Also , cars getting blown to bits is “childish and immature” even tho 3 of the 4 Audi cars in last years 24 le man were demolished before the 24 hr mark. Some how ppl who crave this feature need not play gran turismo, but Burnout or need for speed… This really makes me wonder …

    • Jun. 5, 10:50pm


    • Jun. 5, 11:00pm


    • Jun. 6, 2:09am

      Yes, definitely! We NEED to have qualifying back in the game!

    • Jun. 7, 12:27am

      Very much in agreement

  9. Jun. 5, 6:00pm

    I just dont get it. Instead of copying the ferrari 599 and v12 vantage sound of gt5 they could of just used the SLS one… It feels like theyre not even trying at all.

    • Jun. 5, 6:36pm

      I just heard both cars mentioned (599 and v12 Vantage) and they sound nothing like the one in this video. It’s a whole different timbre.

    • Jun. 5, 7:30pm

      Actually they do. I just tried them out and ive been using them for a while aswell. It sounds the same but they probably changed the quality of it. Its still the same sample.

    • Jun. 5, 7:52pm

      Allek, you seriously don’t know what you’re talking about, the sound sample in this SLS GT3 is copy-pasted from those 2 cars and from the W12 too, it just is….period.

    • Jun. 6, 2:16am

      Pepe, have you got any PROOF?

      No? Then STFU!

      Go have your period elsewhere!!!

    • Jun. 6, 6:42am

      The irony

    • Jun. 6, 8:22am

      @ Taco and Pepe: guys, all you have to do is LISTEN. Sounds are completely different. Please start GT5 now on your PS3 and check it out. Now I see why people complain so much about GT5 sounds: some must have hearing problems or something, I just can’t believe this! Timbres are not the same at all.

    • Jun. 6, 3:54pm

      You got issues brother. Everyone complaining about the sounds here are saying that it sounds exactly like the ferrari 599 and the v12 vantage. I guess you havent tried those cars yet on stock exhaust. Ive been using them for a while and i know exactly how they sound like. Please try not to make yourself look retarded.

  10. Jun. 5, 5:53pm

    Is gt6 out yet?

    • Jun. 5, 9:04pm

      Hahaha… hilarious

  11. Jun. 5, 4:43pm

    Sure looks like more of the same to me. Graphics aren’t even an improvement from what I’ve seen in all these videos.

    • Jun. 5, 5:35pm

      I wasn’t expecting much improvement on graphics, considering its a PS3 game…

    • Jun. 5, 5:45pm

      So graphics are so how importent in games huh? Alright than; what will happen if any “said games” has pretty graphics but sucks hmm? I wasn’t expecting the graphics to change either, no big deal there…

    • Jun. 5, 5:46pm


    • Jun. 5, 7:16pm
      Both Barrels

      GT5 looked good to begin with. I’ve seen games that looked great but played lousy. I’ve also seen games that did both well(Crysis 2). The physics is the real meat and potatoes, once they are revealed, the game will look and feel even better. With all that GT5 lacked physically, it was easy to also pick apart every other thing that was wrong with it.

    • Jun. 6, 4:10am

      TX – so you cannot see the difference in the tone-depth and more natural hues, or noticed the fact that progressive time is more widely available? Optician time for you I think.

  12. Jun. 5, 3:19pm

    Oh ok, you found it, I thought it was a gt2, I think he loves her too, thats why he let her win, but hey, I would let her win to if I could have a drink with the nurburgring queen, and then who knows what might happen after the drinks! :)

    • Jun. 5, 3:27pm


    • Jun. 5, 3:38pm

      It’s time to stop posting.

    • Jun. 5, 4:21pm

      @MuoNiuLa Why don’t you stop posting your face and mind your business, your two cents nobody cares about.

    • Jun. 5, 4:37pm

      @JeremiahTB and MuoNiula – He just hit the wrong reply button. It was a reply to a comment 4 below this.

      @vr6cas – you got that right! I can’t say here what I’d be willing to do for that chance :sly:

    • Jun. 5, 5:21pm

      @vr6cas: You sure get wound up easily. I was just making a joke.

  13. Jun. 5, 2:37pm

    GT6 is gonna be so epic!

  14. Jun. 5, 2:24pm

    I might be the first, didn’t really want to check every single comment.

    I hope they will improve AI over GT5 and I hope we’ll get a complete game instead of a rush job because there’s gonna be a new Forza and they need to beat it to the shelves.

    Don’t get me wrong GT5 was an excellent simulator especially with a racing wheel.
    But damn did the AI suck. I almost tore my eyes out when in B-Spec watching how clumsily the AI handled cars.
    And in A-spec pretty much the only type of race you got was: Fight your way from the back to the front.

    • Jun. 5, 3:31pm

      I think it would be pretty simple to adjust the AI. I’m no programmer, but all they would have to do is set it so that the AI car takes a more defensive line (like, moving to take away the inside) on entering the corners and maybe to move to block a little more when it sense that another car is a closing from X-distance behind it, and then set it to follow to draft and dive into the corners more on the inside to try to pass when they are closing on another car with in X-distance. That and more error for AI drivers seems like it would fix the AI pretty well to me without too much thought.

    • Jun. 5, 4:40pm

      With all respect, what has AI improvements got to do with a TT demo vid? And GT6 has to beat F5 to the shelves…not everyone is that fickle that they’ll buy the first game and stick with only that, so I don’t think that’s an issue Trevherrer.

      B-spec was also a different AI if you’re talking about your own Bobs, more of a learning alogorithm than one of a set type.

      I too would like a more competetive AI in A-spec, Amac. Maybe we’ll get one as GT5 was definitely made easier for the casual gamers and GT6 seems to be more focused than 5 on the realism front. There are racing rules though, such as being only able to shift racing line once into a corner and not actively attempting to block after that.

    • Jun. 5, 4:53pm

      I hear you Trev. I never met an AI driver I liked.

      For those who are not familiar with Forza3. You can set a race using your cars and AI drivers with a specific skill level and race them. I would do stuff like start the better AI drivers in the back field and lesser skilled drivers up front with better cars, then race through the field. It was a great way to start a room. While I practiced my patients and passing skills and testing tuning settings, friends and visitors could pop in place of AI. That was so cool and I would like to see PD adopt a similar format in GT6.

      As far as AI programming, Amac, that’s all it is… PROGRAMMING. I dont know why PD programming is the way it is when it comes to AI, but it stinks.

  15. Jun. 5, 12:19pm

    I like what I’m seeing so far from PD I can’t wait for the demo. I hope PD will gr the lamborghini gallardo gt3 lp560

    • Jun. 5, 2:15pm

      Oops sorry for the syntax(get)

  16. Jun. 5, 11:49am

    Just seen a video of the nurburgring queen sabine on youtube going against a 458 in her 911gt2, and she said she has k&w suspension on her porsche, and that it gave her an advantage to win against the ferrari. If the nurb queen and kaz choose to represent this suspension company it must be pretty good, so I like that they are helping with the developing of gt6 with it’s new suspension model.

    • Jun. 5, 2:42pm

      Do you have a YT address for that? I’d love to watch it.

    • Jun. 5, 2:50pm

      Nevermind I found it -tFgxUSOdecY 911GT3RS vs 458.

      I LOVE her.

  17. Jun. 5, 11:26am

    It sounds like a Nissan.

    • Jun. 5, 11:29am


  18. Jun. 5, 11:06am

    Jordan, something all GT5 fans would like to know – Is the GT6 demo coming out on the 1st of July or at another date within July? If it is another specific date, do you know it?

    • Jun. 5, 11:34am

      PD probably will let us know on E3.

    • Jun. 5, 12:53pm

      I don’t know what the specific date is. It will likely be announced next week at E3.

    • Jun. 5, 1:17pm

      31 july… lol

    • Jun. 5, 5:41pm

      Thanks for the info Jordan.

  19. Jun. 5, 4:41am

    I wonder if GT6 tires could deform/pressed when the car turn, and could blow up or flat… like those in LFS game. It would be cool :)

    • Jun. 5, 5:28am

      That’ll be so awesome. *.* Will make online racing even more exciting and realistic. :D

    • Jun. 5, 6:56am

      @TokoTurismo: yeah indeed… i mean it’s old tech right? LFS is an old game… i think every simulation game should have it. Hoho.. :p

    • Jun. 5, 7:02am

      Replicating flat spots shouldn’t be too much. The damage model already shows your wheel wobbling after impact. Wheel already have the heated tyre into a turn. I’ve always wanted flats and flat-spotted tyres in GT.

    • Jun. 5, 9:47am

      If you watch the Alpha early in the trailer you can see flex on the right fron and slight lift on the left rear. I think deformation is a part of the new model :tup:

    • Jun. 5, 10:14am

      Great idea Sin. How about dirty racing lines with rubber marbles accumulating on the track and engine temperature gauges with over heating damage. Then I’d like a choice not to change tires while getting fuel.

    • Jun. 5, 6:16pm

      I like that idea.. so cutting curbstones can be dangerous. Saving tires and take good care of them will be the key for winning.

  20. Jun. 5, 4:16am

    Why don’t they add stealth cars in GT5 for free!!! Knowing that there is a SLS stealth and more…

    • Jun. 5, 6:53am

      Because the stealth cars were tied to special deals? Exclusive content is exclusive for a reason.

    • Jun. 5, 6:57am

      The SLS stealth is too heavy compared to race cars and the other stealth cars have a power advantage over their stock counterparts. I love my stealth cars but, I’d prefer more liveries as paint chips or something like that.

    • Jun. 5, 8:50am

      Stealth cars purchased for GT5 SHOULD be transferrable (as should ALL purchased cars) to GT6! Sure, they were exclusive content, but GT6 is a continuation of GT5 and should therefore share any and all exclusivity!
      PD released the “Family Share Packs” for GT5 that allowed all purchases on one console to be shared between the different accounts that may be on that console (I have three accounts on mine), so why not have them shared between the two GT games? How hard could it be?

    • Jun. 5, 4:48pm

      GT5 and GT6 are different games though – no other series give you DLC from a previous game in a series, certainly not for free. I think the best we can expect would be a reduced price, if DLC has been bought for GT5 already.

    • Jun. 5, 5:42pm
      drag lab 101

      Have to say I agree with MeanElf here.
      The thought also crossed my mind on maybe just maybe all those GT5 stealth versions are part of the 1200 car line up for GT6. Maybe?! Idk… Always could release a new line for GT6. Figure that’s more likely.

    • Jun. 5, 6:19pm

      A car I most want drive is the McLaren F1 Stealth. Ok, so it doesn’t come around. Maybe they’ll fill in the Ferrari line up with with the 288GTO, F40/GTE, F50/GT1, 550M/GTS, 599/GTO and Enzo/FXX. So many just won’t make it.

    • Jun. 6, 2:35am

      Well, Phil, with the monthly DLC’s that are to be made available, who to say we’re only going to get one car (or one track)? I know there are a lot of cars in the world, but it would be in PD’s interest to keep this going for as long as possible on this platform (GT5 for three years, so GT6 has to go for just as long, if not longer!!), so the inclusion of the cars you want might not be impossible!
      So I guess I’m just going to have to deal with the loss of the cars I’ve collected over the years then… I’m old enough and ugly enough to cope! I CAN DO THIS!!!

  21. Jun. 5, 1:57am

    Well I guess I must be a fan boy because nothing bothers me …apart maybe from a possible lack of any E30 BMW. As for vacuum cleaners and all this other nonsense people complain about ….I care about as much as I do about the price of Catfish in Katmandu.

    • Jun. 5, 2:00am

      Don’t forget the E36 too, please.

    • Jun. 5, 2:19am

      Indeed sir!

    • Jun. 5, 6:55am

      As for vacuum cleaners: I wish my vacuum cleaner sounded like that!

      (Even better: I wish Gran Turismo could vacuum clean my apartment while I’m playing Gran Turismo)

    • Jun. 5, 9:44am

      +1 then my wife would be happy to see me behind the wheel lol

    • Jun. 5, 2:07pm

      The price for catfish is quite expensive in Kathmandu.

      I hope GT6 can rectify that.

  22. Jun. 5, 1:12am

    New upgraded physics sounds great, does this include crashing/rolling. I mean say if you run wide at the infamous last corner(s) at Trial Mountain, are we going to roll that same as you did in GT5, it was semi good in GT5. Not that i like to crash on purpose, but it did annoy me that whenever i would flip on accident it felt lackluster. Hopefully that has changed and crash sounds as well..

  23. Jun. 4, 11:07pm

    Will the old GP configuration never return?

    • Jun. 5, 1:45am

      I want it too :(.

  24. Jun. 4, 10:23pm

    Im not complaining but, that car sounds the same as the ferrari 599 in gt5. Huge facepalm.

  25. Jun. 4, 9:36pm
    drag lab 101

    Bring on July! Bring on July! Bring on July!

    I’m so more then ready to start taming the beast!

    • Jun. 5, 8:52am

      I keep my beast in my pants… ;)

      It’s tamed!

  26. Jun. 4, 9:18pm

    Correct me if im wrong, but on the tire indicator on the bottom left of the screen. When he pushes the car wide and the tire goes red, then its starts to cool down it goes through more than one color sequence. This only gets me thinking, since they have a little better tire temp model they have included tires pressures for a tuning option.

    Please let there be tire pressures!!

    • Jun. 4, 10:00pm

      Hopefully they do! Tire pressure could be another huge part of adjusting car balance. It would be really cool if you could adjust your tire pressure while making a pit stop mid-race.

    • Jun. 4, 10:10pm


    • Jun. 4, 11:08pm

      Haven’t you guys learned to stop trying to point out needed improvements for PD? The nerd-ragers are going to go nuts on your butts. This is the most perfect product made by the most perfect company ever. PD can do no wrong and If you think something is wrong with game, there is something wrong with your brain. I’m kidding, BTW.

    • Jun. 5, 6:45am

      @Jeremiah Spot on. Do not apologize. There is no need. Unless you are afraid of internet sheep ???

  27. Jun. 4, 7:52pm

    Jordan, since the YouTube does not run at 60 FPS, don’t know if you were the one playing but if you were, does the demo looks like it goes at 60 FPS?

  28. Jun. 4, 6:19pm

    GT6 Looks and (im guessing) will feel amazing. What i look for in a racing game is physics, sense of speed and a realistic view (Like cockpit or a good hood view). i don’t focus on destroying my car or amazingly 3D trees or the engine sound (although it would be nice to have better sound). I Really like to collect cars and love driving lmp1 and the group c cars. I also like night racing. But GT6 Looks amazing.

    • Jun. 4, 9:28pm

      Yes I quite agree, the driving physics and sense of speed are the most important things in a racing game for me. And you gotta have that hood view! While some better engine sounds would be nice, they do not deter me from GT one bit, because the actual drive-ability and and race-ability of the game is excellent… and very thrilling!

  29. Jun. 4, 4:53pm

    So right now it’s confirmed that we have the International Circuit and the Arena GP Circuit. Is there any word about the National Circuit that I might have missed? While not as likely as the inclusion of the National Circuit, I would love to see the Stowe Circuit and the Bridge International Circuit as well.

    • Jun. 4, 6:09pm

      Yes, the Silverstone National Circuit was available in the GT6 demo, but I wasn’t able to record video of it. Stowe was not available.

    • Jun. 4, 6:16pm

      Sorry to ask but how many layouts are there in total for the Silverstone Circuit?

    • Jun. 4, 8:00pm

      @sangdude83 from what I’ve seen there’s 3

    • Jun. 4, 11:17pm

      No, I mean in real life.

    • Jun. 5, 3:42am

      sangdude82 – 3 (three) also known as III

    • Jun. 5, 9:53am

      I would really love the old layout of Silverstone too.

  30. Jun. 4, 4:21pm

    How can you say this is a early build of the game when they been developing since the release of gt5?

    • Jun. 4, 6:23pm

      The answer to this question is a large river in Africa.

    • Jun. 4, 9:37pm
      drag lab 101

      My answer came up Mayonnaise!

    • Jun. 5, 8:56am

      Funny, I got Chalk….!

    • Jun. 5, 3:50pm

      Wierd. I calculated purple, because aliens don’t wear hats!!! Duh :P

    • Jun. 5, 7:10pm

      A large river in Africa made of purple mayonnaise chalk. Hmm, interesting.

    • Jun. 6, 2:42am

      Actually, that would be “a hatless alien in de Nile wondering why the purple mayonnaise tasted like chalk!”

  31. Jun. 4, 4:19pm

    Wow, you drive just like me… No use of brakes and using the outer blacktop

  32. Jun. 4, 4:07pm
    SVT Cobra GT

    I’ve watched this video a few times to get a feel of the GP circuit rendered in GT and I am very impressed, I’m looking forward to driving it for myself.

    I do however notice that the lighting may give a hint or two to the fact that Silverstone may have time change in the game. I hope PD implement this, would be such a missed opportunity to leave it out of not only a very famous and good circuit but a new circuit to the GT series altogether.

    • Jun. 4, 4:19pm

      I think we have an actual proof. In the news “Gran Turismo 6: More Hands-On Driving Impressions” we have an image of the pre race menu, in track info you can read “Time 13:02” the light in this video doesn’t look 13:00 to me.

    • Jun. 5, 9:22am

      It could be 13:00, if you were in Alaska, in winter. :P

  33. Jun. 4, 4:04pm

    Looks awesome! I would flip my (censored) if they added a MK1 Ford Fiesta to GT6, everyone wants their first car in it :D

    • Jun. 4, 4:25pm

      +1 Amac, I would’nt want my first car in the game, a 96 dodge intrepid, but I would really love my current car, mk3 97 GTI VR6!

    • Jun. 4, 6:33pm
      SVT Cobra GT

      I wouldn’t mind a Ford Capri 2.0S in GT6 either! I can mess around with the tuning so I can get ideas for my actual car.

    • Jun. 4, 6:55pm

      That’s true SVT Cobra, hasn’t even thought of that. I was just hoping it would have the right option for part upgrades to make it a replica of mine. That would be another nice thing, if they had upgrades from manufacturer parts and after market parts.

    • Jun. 4, 7:11pm
      Pit Crew

      LOL@Amac don’t think my first car would work (91 Buick Regal GS 4DR Sedan)

    • Jun. 4, 7:22pm

      My first car would definitely not work well at all XD

      ’93 Chevrolet Suburban.

    • Jun. 4, 8:43pm
      Pit Crew

      LOL with HuskyGT .

    • Jun. 5, 9:20am

      Ya my first car, 1984 Pontiac Phoenix 4dr hatchback would definitely NOT be good in this game LOL! However my third car 1983 Honda Prelude could be pretty cool ;)

    • Jun. 5, 9:35am

      My Mazda 323 F is in game, but not with the same engine.

    • Jun. 5, 12:50pm

      can we get an ’84 nissan stanza up in here? Diarrhea Brown, please.

  34. Jun. 4, 3:47pm

    Will there be a replay of SLS AMG GT3 video just like we had on the X-Bow video?

  35. Jun. 4, 3:33pm
    HKS racer


    • Jun. 4, 4:48pm

      stickers don’t make you or your car any faster or better

    • Jun. 4, 5:03pm

      It doesn’t make it faster but it most definitely makes it better!

    • Jun. 4, 6:09pm

      How so? How does slapping stickers on a car suddenly make the car a better car? Please elaborate.

    • Jun. 4, 6:51pm

      I will honestly love to have a livery editor in GT6, will make online an awesome festival of art with cars. :)

    • Jun. 4, 7:05pm

      It for sure makes your car better! It’s that personal touch that really is the icing on the cake. But I mean, just imagine how much better the game experience would be as a whole. Think about racing in your online league and each car on the grid is sporting its team’s livery and has its own identification colors on the mirrors and its own race number. You could even divide up classes like this, by having a different colored number box. It becomes just that much deeper of a realistic racing experience, and I think that’s what Gran Turismo is all about.

    • Jun. 4, 7:27pm

      First thing I would do is copy the Gulf livery in the street Ford GT. Hopefully there are more classic wheel options and more wheel customization to give it an old GT40 look.

      Or give the Viper GTS the Shelby Daytona Coupe’s livery. That and more decent liveries. Not a random selection of stickers and 2F2F type of $#!t

      Yes, this would make the game much better.

    • Jun. 4, 9:00pm

      Better does not always have to be associated with performance.

    • Jun. 4, 9:31pm
      drag lab 101

      @ HarVee.. My stickers not only make my car look better.. Each one adds 5hp!

      ^true story! ;)

    • Jun. 4, 11:38pm

      It is a known fact that racing stripes make your car 5 mph faster, while at least that’s how I always justify my Fiesta’s, lol

    • Jun. 5, 4:40am
      HKS racer

      I don’t know if you bunch of fanboys realized that real life teams actually do slap stickers on their cars. So it won’t go any faster but it will be more REALISTIC.

      You know, real life team owners look for sponsors and decide what kind of livery and stickers the car should have. In a realistic game we should be able to create our own racing team, because this is what you do in real life.

      Racing GT3 cars with no liveries is NOT realistic, simple as that.

    • Jun. 5, 6:13am

      It will never be realistic except in fantasy. Its a game. Accept it and the experience actually improves. Yes, sure it would be nice to have a Livery Editor. But, and make no mistake about it, all it does is make a game more enjoyable.

    • Jun. 5, 8:28am
      HKS racer

      That’s BS.

      GT3 cars do use liveries in real life, in every racing series they do.
      Fia GT3, Blancpain Endurance Series, GT Open, VLN, British GT3, Italian GT3, etc.
      These are facts.

      No liveries = no realism.

      Deal with it.

    • Jun. 5, 8:28am
      mister dog

      You need to buy Forza 4 young man! trolololollll :D Actually it’s really enjoyable if you can buy a complete new design that you like for racecars that have a standard livery you find ugly… Trust me i’m talking out of experience.

    • Jun. 5, 8:38am

      HarVee probably thinks painting a car is stupid too.

    • Jun. 5, 9:18am

      I look at it this way, photomode doesn’t add one single thing to the driving experience. Yet if this feature wasn’t in the game EVERYBODY would complain about it.

      I love photomode. I would love a livery editor even if for no other reason than being able to create cool looking stuff for use in photomode. Does the game “NEED” it? No, but it would be cool to have.

      And I for one am always bothered by duplicates on the track :( This would all but solve that issue.

    • Jun. 5, 3:53pm

      realism you say..? so what about the motorhomes? the team staff? what about the financial side of running a team? sponsorship?
      what’s the team going to eat? who takes care of all the spare parts? how about the car’s development? that’s what you want.. realistic racing like real teams… and don’t forget the sickers man..

    • Jun. 5, 5:29pm
      drag lab 101

      Ok… Here’s an a actual true story. Forza just had a contest hosted by Porsche I believe it was… Where the best user created livery would be used on one of the GT3 cars. Can you please explain to me again how it’s not realistic?
      Ppl really wouldn’t want something like that in Gran Turismo?!?!

  36. Jun. 4, 3:30pm

    Who was that driving there?

    • Jun. 4, 3:46pm


    • Jun. 4, 6:08pm

      No, Steve Doherty (2012 GT Academy champion) is driving in this video.

    • Jun. 4, 9:37pm

      Really that was Steve Doherty? Sort of surprising with the over-driving. I guess an academy winner would be more likely to over-drive than under-drive. Good video though!

    • Jun. 4, 10:19pm

      Oh, ok then…

    • Jun. 4, 11:59pm

      @racingRAW I think Steve was trying to show off the physics. :)

  37. Jun. 4, 3:29pm

    The funny thing is is that I don’t really mind the engine notes… The thing that pulls me in is the driving – the physics, specifically. What I still question is the AI and A-Spec. THAT’S what I care about.

    And I agree with HuskyGT – the sound QUALITY (doppler and positioning affecting sound) is excellent. It’s the notes that fall flat.

    • Jun. 4, 3:52pm

      Yes, physics is probably the most important thing. If not I wouldn’t be playing GT5 in a daily basis since its release. Other games have better engine notes or samples, but I’ve thrown them to the garbage because of how horrible the physics were.

      But you know, it would be nice to have the whole package.

  38. Jun. 4, 2:48pm

    People complain about sound in previous GT versions including 5. The interesting thing though is that the sound of a “Stock” or fairly “stock” car is pretty damn good. It’s when you change the exhaust and/or add an upgraded Sequential transmission that the sound then becomes less organic and more mechanical. This is why I leave the exhaust stock or upgrade to one level up. And only run the 6spd gear box on certain cars that I don’t care about sound and just want to be balls faster.

    • Jun. 4, 2:50pm

      that stock sound depends on the cars, having driven many vettes and owning a Z/28 they aren’t close with those.

    • Jun. 4, 2:51pm

      but i’m not going to make a judgement on a video of a early GT6 version.

    • Jun. 4, 3:02pm

      :tup: Stock exhaust is the way to go in 90% of cars. PD actually got right most of them in GT5. Some even get fixed by installing the Sports Exhaust like in the Viper ACR.

      But there are still some cars that are way to off. I’m not really demanding, as long as each car has a sound that identifies with its engine type.

    • Jun. 5, 5:14am

      Most of the premium cars sound pretty close when they have stock exhaust and nothing done to the engine. Some of the cars could have a little more harsh sound in real life, but the tone of the engine is pretty good.

      I don’t think any of these discussions about bad sounding cars can be applied to the standard cars, considering that PD probably just pulled everything about the car straight from GT4.

  39. Jun. 4, 2:36pm

    People again making the same mistake of confusing sound quality versus sound samples. Sound quality can’t be judged on this video because of how it was recorded. I’m sure the quality is as great as in GT5.

    HOWEVER!!! Although this is an early build of the game, it is worrying that PD once again got the sound sample wrong in a very characteristic engine. Although roughly, I can tell this is the same sound sample used in some V12 cars in GT5 like the Aston Martin DB9/Vantage V12 and the Ferrari 599.

    So yeah, typical mistake from PD. Hopefully they will put a decent V8 sample in this car. It would be a shame if they keep making the same mistakes game after game.

    I can recall an early demo of GT5 with the Gallardo’s gameplay in Indy Road Course. The car had the same sample as the Cizeta V16T. I spammed their Youtube channel so they would take in consideration their mistake, and they did fix it a few months before the release. So there is hope this SLS will have its V8 sound in the final version of the game.

    • Jun. 4, 3:03pm

      Good post.

    • Jun. 4, 3:15pm

      To all you critics out there who write only two lines about what’s wrong with GT5, THIS is what you call constructive criticism! Don’t just write “oh, I hate the sound” or “it still sounds like a vacuum cleaner” and leave it at that, let us know WHY you think that because not everybody agrees and PD will just ignore short and angry sounding comments!
      Unless, of course, you’re trying to get a rise out of the SENSIBLE people on this site, in which case you’re doing a bang up job!

      So, HuskyGT, :tup:

    • Jun. 4, 6:20pm
      Ittybitty Stigy

      +1 HuskyGT
      +1 ScotteDawg

    • Jun. 5, 9:25am

      +1 HuskyGT, +ScooteDawg.

      They’re judging the sound from a bass-less recording, listen to the onboard from an actual SLS GT3, you’ll notice that the sound is pretty close, let’s hope that the bass and distortion levels are correct.

  40. Jun. 4, 2:36pm

    umm. can someone run this by me, whats wrong with the sound in Gran Turismo 5? dont you’s listen to music while playing.

    • Jun. 4, 2:53pm

      First thing i did in GT5 and every other race game is turn the race music off.

    • Jun. 4, 3:00pm

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with GT5’s sound. It’s perfect in my opinion. It’s just idiots who don’t know what they are talking about.

      What I hate the most is that people with claims that the sound is crap in GT5 must be confusing PD to the point of desperation. That will make PD loose their time on fixing things about the sound that don’t need to be fixed.

      I will repeat this until PD takes notice. There are two aspects that need to be taken in consideration when it comes to sounds: Overal Sound Quality or Sound Effects, and Sound Samples in cars (their characteristic engine note). This is were people get either confused, or were they don’t have an idea of what they are really criticizing.

      Sound Quality: There is absolutely nothing wrong with the sound quality in GT games since GT5 Prologue. It has the right volume, incredible surround effects and a very impressive Doppler effect that so far no other racing game is capable of reproducing. Also, GT5 has a very neat feature were you can notice the difference between the sound that comes from the engine (listening to the car from the front in most cases) and what comes from the exhaust (view from the rear). Most games just play the same sound from every angle, giving it a very artificial feel. this is not the case with GT5. Another proof that GT5’s sounds are outstanding, and in my personal opinion, BAR NONE. Whether you play it through your tv speakers or through a surround system.

      Sound Samples: THIS is were GT usually fails. Some cars not having that distinctive engine note that they should, no matter what exhaust they have. And again, I’m not talking about how high the volume in the engine is or burbling effects, or transmission whine or things like that. I’m talking about cars like this Mercedes for instance. That sounds nothing like the beastly V8 that it should have, and no matter how high you turn up the volume or how powerful your system is, you will never get that V8 sound, because it’s simply not there. As I said in a previous comment, PD used some sample similar to that of the Vantage V12. So no; it’s not a case of sound quality, volume or what setting you’re using in your system or how this video was recorded.

      So people, know how you’re criticizing PD. Criticizing is not bad if it’s done correctly and in an educate matter. Saying things like “sounds are crap as always” will not help PD improve the game for us. It will only confuse them more than they already seem, things will not get done and we will never be able to enjoy the game at full.

    • Jun. 4, 3:06pm

      And I’m sorry I said “idiots” but it’s frustrating to see how much nonconstructive criticism PD gets about the sounds. It’s so simple as PD reading through some comments or doing a survey or something. But by now they must be really tired of people bashing on the sounds without giving a concrete explanation of why they are wrong.

    • Jun. 4, 3:14pm

      If the music changes every time you go to another screen then they should just remove it altogether. Id rather hear car.

    • Jun. 4, 3:45pm

      I’m like BoneSaw in that respect – ALL music goes off, particularly the menu music! With GT5, we were able to use our XMB music files/playlists and I did just that, but I ONLY use it when I am drifting or occasionally during a replay on the Eiffel track from the course maker because I don’t like the clapping and cheering!

      I listen to music when I’m driving in real life, but GT5 is a whole different kettle of fish! I spend a lot of time online and I like to hear what other’s are saying to me while racing. Eg., in a NASCAR race, someone could be overtaking you and they will, out of courtesy, warn you that they are about to do so! This is something that I like to hear!!

      As for the menu music, that’s just crap! Even if you change the menu music to your XMB music, as soon as you enter GTAuto, the tuning shop or either of the two dealerships, you are bombarded by crap music! So I turn mine off!!!

    • Jun. 4, 4:10pm

      @HuskyGT: I have to disagree that feature makes GT5’s sound bar none. Forza also has varying car sounds depending on the view of the car and it still sounds better.

    • Jun. 4, 11:27pm

      “There is absolutely nothing wrong with GT5′s sound. It’s perfect in my opinion. It’s just idiots who don’t know what they are talking about.”

      More like idiot fanboys defending dyno whine recorded in with every engine sound in the game. I have a 7.1 Yamaha home theater and two 50 watt bass shakers on my sim rig. The sound is “just ok” sometimes, and very bad other times. It is dead and lifeless even at it’s best. Sound is not one of GT’s strong suites and never was. I don’t want some over the top arcade nonsense either, I know the difference, but PD could do a LOT more with the sound, and like many other things, they just leave it as is.

  41. Jun. 4, 1:39pm

    People complain about the sound time and time again please stop. You simply can’t judge the sound of this video with the camera that’s been used and please remember it’s a demo and this is June, GT6 I wreckon will be out October/November so there’s plenty of time to change or improve sound samples if they need to be changed at all.

    • Jun. 4, 1:41pm

      Meh let them talk. When I buy games, it’s because I want to enjoy them, not nitpick them.

    • Jun. 4, 2:03pm

      That’s not why they shouldn’t whine about the sound. You can kind of tell that the sound is typical Gran Turismo sound. Maybe it’ll be a little bit hbetter, but if it was the change everyone wanted, we would notice instantly, off screen camera and crappy TV speakers or not.

      The reason these crying babies shouldn’t complain yet, is the game isn’t going to be release for another 4-6 months, maybe more. Wait til gamescon or TGS to make judgements. And don’t complain on forums, PD doesn’t go to forums. Try complaining on twitter or something.

    • Jun. 4, 2:09pm

      It would be smart for them to at least read this once in a while, being the largest community of customers for their product. If I had a company that made a product and there was a huge community of customers giving opinions/feedback about said product, I’d be stupid NOT to use this as a free focus group. Companies spend millions to do what GTplanet can do.

    • Jun. 4, 10:35pm

      I dont mind the sound quality of the game because i know that PD succeeds in that. Im worrying about the samples. Even listening through the quality of that camera you can hear that its not even close to what it sounds in reality. I clearly heard a ferrari 599 from gt5 in that video. Im not saying that im not going to buy gt6 just because of the sounds, but im pretty surprised in how they cant tell the difference between a v12 and v8 sound.

  42. Jun. 4, 1:31pm

    And once again the dummies at PD eff up the sound of a great car…

    • Jun. 4, 1:59pm

      They can’t hear you over the sounds of their own awesomeness.

    • Jun. 4, 2:26pm

      The Sound department is too busy porting over sounds from Gran Turismo 3 again.

    • Jun. 4, 2:37pm

      The recording has no bass, so don’t even bother looking into sound

    • Jun. 4, 2:53pm
      Magic Ayrton

      “The Sound department is too busy porting over sounds from Gran Turismo 3 again” Gran turismo 3 sounded better than GT5..

  43. Jun. 4, 1:07pm

    Cockpit view please. Thanks.

  44. Jun. 4, 12:56pm

    Ya It looks amazing and to be honest GTHD-GT5P-GT5-GT6 is still the absolute best looking rendering of a Race Game on PS3 – Grid2 is a lot of Fun to drive ( ya ya hate me, but i do have a lot of fun ) But it looks only as ½ as good as the ps3’GTseries – But of course with a High end PC and grid2 it looks so incredible gorgeous – But as a Sim Race game, it’s not even near as Sim as GT is or many others are – It’s more or less an exciting Arcade Race Fun game with some difficulties involved, Need for speed meets Dirt 2-3 kind a game hehe ..

    I’m so looking much forward to this (Sterile) Testosterone Race Game :o)

    • Jun. 4, 2:04pm

      Grid 2 is terrible, but the graphics on PC are very good. It’s really a terrible game though, don’t buy it.

  45. Jun. 4, 12:28pm

    Thank you, GT Planet, for showing us these videos. I don’t see them anywhere else! I love the lighting & vibrant colors in this video.

  46. Jun. 4, 11:59am

    GTFO driving line :)

    • Jun. 4, 12:48pm

      Maybe they’ve defaulted it to on like SRF in seasonals lol

  47. Jun. 4, 11:49am

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about, I think the car sounds fine.

  48. Jun. 4, 11:44am

    This was cool. I like the new sun.

    • Jun. 4, 3:32pm

      It’s more that it’s inaccurate. VERY inaccurate.

    • Jun. 4, 3:54pm

      The “sun” would give great lighting effects in photo mode…

    • Jun. 5, 6:03pm

      Wrong reply, meant to reply one up…

  49. Jun. 4, 11:35am

    Looks great, but anyone else dislike it when PD put cones on every corner? Like the Top Gear Test Track?

    • Jun. 4, 11:36am


    • Jun. 4, 12:47pm

      More like a track day than a race :(

    • Jun. 4, 3:55pm

      Yeah, I’m not a fan of the cones either!

    • Jun. 4, 7:28pm

      I actually like the cones. It’s kind of an interactive feature like visual damage or skid marks. You can see where others have been after the fact. And I like the sound they make when you hit them… like twenty in a ro; pop, pop, pop, pop. Sounds really good with the right sound system.

    • Jun. 5, 3:04pm

      Very true which is why there needs to be an option. After a while, people get used to their driving line that the cones interfere with how the track is in real life. The cones are good for people just learning the track, but after a while they’re just interference.

  50. Jun. 4, 11:33am

    The color palette seems more vibrant than GT5, i hope its not overdone in the end. Can’t wait to try out this new Sliverstone track configuration.

    • Jun. 4, 2:05pm

      No it doesn’t. One thing I noticed from the trailers is that it’s LESS vibrant than GT5. The color pallete is more realistic than GT5, trust me, that was always a complaint I had about GT5. It was to the point I had a different TV setting for GT5 to make it more photorealistic.

  51. Jun. 4, 11:31am
    i love gt5

    Sounds like a toaster

    • Jun. 4, 11:36am

      I thought toasters only made one sound. *DING* Oh, my toast is ready, thanks for saying so. :)

    • Jun. 4, 11:37am

      ^^^ hahaha

    • Jun. 4, 12:21pm

      That’s a genuinely funny comment Toko, thanks for the laughs xD

    • Jun. 4, 12:46pm

      Yours makes a ding Toko? Man I need an upgrade mine just sounds like an old spring and a clunk.

    • Jun. 4, 1:25pm

      Yep smsketer, time to get a new one :) Nice comment Toko btw.

      Perhaps though, ilovegt5 meant a Cylon? ;) In any case, that person definitely needs a reality check…

    • Jun. 4, 1:39pm

      @another_jakhole @GTP_Versatile @MeanElf Thanks guys. :D I like bringing laughter to GTP. :)

      @smskeeter23 Haha, you bet. Guess it’s time you upgrade your old toaster with a brand new one. :)

    • Jun. 4, 4:01pm

      C’mon guys, he was just referring to all the negative comments about GT5 sounding like a vacuum cleaner!

      Very clever!

    • Jun. 4, 6:15pm

      I wasn’t making fun of his post, he just gave me a new humor idea, that’s all. :)

    • Jun. 4, 7:12pm

      I’m just hungry for toast now.

    • Jun. 4, 8:46pm
      Pit Crew

      ^Me too^ Cinnamon toast to be specific lol.

    • Jun. 4, 10:25pm

      Toast with Vegemite…….

  52. Jun. 4, 11:26am

    Today I have downloaded Supercars Challenge Beta demo from PSN and played it JUST to realise how GOOD and REAL the sound IS.
    From cockpit view I can hear CORRECT transmission whining, echo of any road impacts in sporty empty cockpit, that special brakes sound when they are overheated….. Do I have to continue?
    I do not understand THAT defence of some people about sounds. If they are not ,cough, correct it doesn’t make those who complains being hated. Yes I will buy GT6 from day ONE, but If I have no chance to cry loud my criticism on GT6 in this forum, where da hell should I. I am just not blind not to see some obvious flaws of next game.
    O, please don’t say GT6 is not finished yet, it is just impossible to rewrite/reprogram engine samples in such a short time before release.

    • Jun. 4, 11:32am

      What is this? RAW is WAR? Or Days Of Our Lives?

      I’m kidding. Voice your criticisms without sounding like Magic Ayrton as it’s blatant that he’s here to be a mischievous…person.

  53. Jun. 4, 11:25am

    More videos, please. GTPlanet will be engrossed with traffic like never before!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jun. 4, 11:31am

      IsI’d that psn+ only and I hope the old Silverstone layout Is apart of the game

  54. Jun. 4, 10:58am

    People doesn’t even know how to complain. It’s all the same childish jokes: “oh, vacuum cleaner”… you guys need to do more grown up and technical criticism… some sounds are too artificial and clean perhaps, but it’s nothing like a vacuum cleaner.

    The vacuum cleaner word should be banned or classified as spam on GTP. We got enough already.

    Unless you can buy V8 vacuum cleaners, so that may be the explanation. Or maybe some of you are just too used to games where a VW Fox sound like a V12… “Oh snap, check the sound of ma ride!”… sigh

    It’s all coming together, and GT6 is looking very good… sounds can’t be analyzed with this kind of video but from what I see, it’s not bad. And again: early build.

    Thanks again Jordan, for the videos and everything.

    • Jun. 4, 2:10pm

      I agree. Really sick of the vacuum cleaner crap. What vacuum cleaners are these morons using? Are they deaf. Seriously, I challenge any of these twats to make a youtube video, and show evidence of a car in GT5 actually sounding like a vacuum cleaner. Guarantee if they even have the nerve to make the video, it’ll sound way off.

      Just like the people that said the first revision of the HSV 010 was just a copy and pasted engine sound from the Ferrari F1s. It sounded completely different, higher pitched, wasn’t the same sound at all. But some people are deaf.

      I know not everyone is an audio professional like me but cmon people, there’s no vacuum cleaners that sound like that. Not even close

  55. Jun. 4, 10:52am

    It’s the exact same sample as the V12 Vantage, 599 GTB and VW W12. Honestly PD, if you are going to copy-paste samples once again, at least use one that suits the type of engine.

    • Jun. 4, 11:01am

      Oh, are you serious…. It’s cute how people are able to tell sounds from videos record from a camera. lol…

    • Jun. 4, 11:08am

      A video camera doesn’t change the actual sample. Yes the sound quality isn’t great but you can hear the sample pretty clearly if you turn it up.

    • Jun. 4, 11:11am

      Toko, so if someone records himself singing with a phone or a handheld camara, then you can’t tell what is he singing? If you seriously can’t tell, get out of your lazyness and try harder or there might be a problem with your ears but no problem. I get this kind of reactions from time to time in here, like the Honda HSV case, some argued it was the GTR’s sound sample when it was clearly the Pescarolo C60 Hybird’s sample. KY can’t hear and apparently most here can’t hear either.

    • Jun. 4, 11:18am

      @Samus True. :) That’s probably what the others did anyway.

      @PepeMickey Oh wow clam down there hot head. I know how the HSV first sounded like, but what makes you think the SLS AMG GT3 has taken sounds from others from a demo, really…

    • Jun. 4, 12:41pm

      If you’re recording a sound from a system that has a range of say 10Hz-15,000kHz with a camera/phone/other microphone that is only capable of say 50Hz-5,000kHz you are going to miss alot. I doesn’t change the recording but makes it pretty bland. Then add YouTube compression and it gets degraded further. Obviously I’m making some pretty gross assumptions here and have no idea what it sounded like inside the pod but do you get my point?

    • Jun. 4, 2:11pm

      @smskeeter +1

  56. Jun. 4, 10:41am

    I think the game is shaping up nicely. Overall sound quality is hard to determine through an off screen video, so i will reserve judgement until I play the demo. However, the graphics and lighting do look improved. I am pleased with the physics in GT5, so any improvement in GT6 is appreciated.

    On a side note, I was wondering if anyone knows if GT6 will include more dynamic atmospheric touches like swaying trees and such?

    Best regards.

  57. Jun. 4, 10:26am
    Pit Crew

    Every update we get its the same players trolling complaints about the same thing. If you feel so strongly in your haterade nation opinion, why do you feel the need to repeat yourself, and thinking that doing so will change an open minded players perception?

    It’s childish, and no matter how hard you hate, its easy to see that you’ll download the GT6 demo and purchase GT6, because misery needs company, and Haters hate to be left out.

    • Jun. 4, 10:46am

      Complaining about complaining is worse. But then again, so is complaining about complainers complaining. Dang it!!!

    • Jun. 4, 10:49am

      Always the same people on the defense brigade as well….

    • Jun. 4, 11:02am
      Magic Ayrton

      And every time we hear someone like you.. you are not the Boss of us, got that.

    • Jun. 4, 11:04am

      @Pit Crew

      The problem is that there are 4 categories of people :
      1. The too enthousiasts (fanboys)
      2. The enthousiasts (normal people, who like the game, see the good changes and hope it will be improved)
      3. The less enthousiasts (normal people too, who also like the game but who also see the bad aspects and are not afraid to talk about them)
      4. The complainers (trolls)

      Because of the small war between categories 1 and 4, it’s now impossible to give a point of view without been insulting or anything. That’s a pity. I used to be in category 2 from GT1 to GT5, but because of this game I moved to the 3rd category.

    • Jun. 4, 11:05am

      Pit Crew does have a point you know guys… Like seriously, some already attempted to complain in this news article.

      In my eyes sometimes others just complain for the sake of it, think about it…

    • Jun. 4, 11:27am

      Nicely put together @thomZ.

      I’m someone that’s enthusiastic that will see’s the good and give credit where it’s due, but then i’m not afraid to speak out on the negatives, not sure what category i fit in with lol

      I think people need to be more honest and not take offence to other people’s “opinion’s” .. GT is my favorite racing game on console, what it does good, no other game touches it as far as i’m concerned, but in certain area’s it falls short of even a basic standard. That is the main problem i had, it wasn’t consistent enough.

    • Jun. 4, 11:28am
      Pit Crew

      Magic Ayrton your the prime example of a Child impersonating an adult. All you do is complain and go off topic. What adult gos around saying ” Your not the Boss of Me”?

      I can relate to that Thomz and I have issues with GT5 too but they’ve been discussed so much for so long that now IMO its like beating a dead horse. Im just holding off final judgement on GT6 till the demo. I can’t fairly judge it by Videos, I gotta see it and play it.

      Count me as # 2 for right now…

    • Jun. 4, 11:39am

      Its just alotta ppl that think gt5 can do no wrong and that everything they do is best for the game and nothing is wrong with it

    • Jun. 4, 11:41am

      ^ Well there was lots of things wrong with GT5 actually. :P

    • Jun. 4, 12:35pm

      I think I’m about a 1.85 on that scale lol.

  58. Jun. 4, 10:24am

    You guys must have really nice vacuum cleaners. Mine only has one gear.

    • Jun. 4, 11:14am

      V8 vacuums and W12 ride-on mowers!
      Seriously, these haters have been playing games with unrealistic sounds and they’ve been brainwashed (assuming they have a brain to wash in the first place) into thinking that real sounds are the unrealistic ones!

  59. Jun. 4, 10:19am

    Can we get a video with ABS set to 0, or do you not have the option to change the brake balance in this build?

    • Jun. 4, 10:23am

      Too late, I guess.

    • Jun. 4, 11:03am
      Magic Ayrton

      Turn the engine sound to 0 would be much more usefull!!

    • Jun. 4, 11:07am

      ^ Yeah, for YOU it will. Just do that please…

  60. Jun. 4, 10:06am

    To all those haters out there, I think you should wait until there’s more more information out about GT6 before you start to judge. It’s amazing how people are already criticising GT6-after its inaugural showcase to the public. just wait, you’ll see…

  61. Jun. 4, 10:06am

    wow the game has not even come out yet not even the demo has been dropped yet and people are already complaining….wine wine cry cry cry its so sad that people just bitch about ooo the sound ooo the graphics…lol hey if its not perfect for you go to school to become a programmer and a graphic designer and create your own game..till then…stop the moaning about the game…funny all the cryers are going to buy this game

    • Jun. 4, 10:08am

      And yet those same people will still buy it have fun with it. LOL.

    • Jun. 4, 10:20am

      I’m not too sure about that. GT3 sold almost 15 million copies. GT5 only sold 10 million. Gamers are speaking with their wallets. If this game doesn’t blow out minds, I’d guess that GT6 might only sell 8 million or so. Cutting sales in half is something to look at from the inside of Sony/PD.

    • Jun. 4, 10:26am

      The PS2 was/is one of the most successful consoles to date in terms of systems sold plus GT3 was more or less a launch title for that system. GT5 “only” sold 10 million because of reasons unbeknownst to you.

      I don’t mean to sound like a prick, either.

    • Jun. 4, 10:54am

      I know why they had a 30% drop in sales. Lack of improvements…improvements that were suggested by the people paying for the game. GT6 looks as though these improvements are starting to be met, and if that is the case, sales will improve. If I’m wrong, then sales will drop. I’m a huge fan, so I will buy it as long as it doesn’t totally suck (and I don’t see that being the case at all). However, if people are on the fence and don’t see any major improvements in the features department, they may not buy it…costing Sony millions.

    • Jun. 4, 11:04am
      Magic Ayrton

      And he has Nissan in his name.. must belong to the 1,000,000 skyline fan brigade on GT.

    • Jun. 4, 11:14am

      You’re hardly on the right track. First of all, PS2 has been out for more than 11-12 years and selling well over 150 million consoles with GT3 being out a full 11 years. Bundling for GT3 was massive. The economy of the WORLD was better, things were cheaper (for the most part) where Gran Turismo was marketed/sold. The PS3 was sold at an unnatural price at the time mostly because of Blu-Ray and other “tid-bits” in the system. GT5 hasn’t even been out for a full 3 THREE years. There’s a lot more to it and even I’m over-simplifying it more than you are to get a point across.

      Did I mention race car? :)

    • Jun. 4, 11:16am

      “Magic Ayrton
      And he has Nissan in his name.. must belong to the 1,000,000 skyline fan brigade on GT.”

    • Jun. 4, 11:44am

      That argument is completely invalid…!
      GT3 came out over a decade ago… Back when the ps2 was wiping the floor with its competitors and GT had no competition…
      10 million for a racing game = A Hit
      I’m glad kaz could care less what people like you think…

    • Jun. 4, 1:32pm

      @Jeremiah: lmao lack of improvement?

      You mean the photo travel, the day night cycle along with full weather effects aren’t lack of improvement?

  62. Jun. 4, 9:51am

    I agree with thomZ. We just have to accept the fact that, that’s what PD is all about. The GT6 “beta” (GT5) was always stiff, and will remain stiff with the final release of this gen. It’s like looking at still images.

    • Jun. 4, 1:35pm

      Well blu ray disks should be pretty stiff.

      If your’s isn’t I suggest trying to replace it.

    • Jun. 4, 2:27pm

      Ha! Brilliant :tup:

  63. Jun. 4, 9:45am

    Honestly the sound quality is so bad in this video (no offense to Jordan as it’s not really his fault) that I don’t know how anybody can really make a solid opinion one way or another. True some of the pitch does sound the same but can you really tell how bad it is from a bad recording? Honestly in terms of sound what really gets me is the lack of shifting realism. Listen to in car audio of especially race cars and you frequently hear a little “shuttering” of the engine on upshifts. I have not once heard that in GT and that right there would induce alot of sensation into the series IMO. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if the current version is actually using the GT5 sound code. We’ll see what successive versions bring us.

    Also to those saying that it doesn’t matter if it’s an early build or not I say you obviously have absolutely no idea what development stages and cycles are.

    • Jun. 4, 9:49am

      Shifting realism, same here. I feel the same way, as do so many others. I bet there are a ton of other people (casual players/gamers mostly) that don’t realize it and won’t understand what’s missing until they finally experience it.

    • Jun. 4, 10:04am

      Yeah, the shifting sounds are awful, but they get extremely pleasant when using a clutch and a shifter, trust me. The 458 Italia with this shifting method sounds really beautiful.

    • Jun. 4, 10:12am

      Ohhhh yea. Using the clutch pedal makes all the difference with cars that have it. The cars that have nearly instantaneous shifting are fin though, I agree.

    • Jun. 4, 10:12am

      *fin = fine


    • Jun. 4, 12:21pm

      Yes I’m pretty ok with it when using the clutch (provided they fix the damn 2nd gear problem). Especially when just cruising around a little bit.

      My issue is mainly in the race cars that have such a violent shift irl that it creates that unique sort of RPM bounce from the drivetrain (if that makes any sense at all).

      Maybe I’m now getting as picky as the people who drive me nuts :-/

    • Jun. 4, 12:27pm

      After a few minutes of watching in car cams of GT3 cars to refresh my thoughts I think mainly I am in fact primarily talking about how the transmission whine is “squishy” in GT.

      Man complaining properly is alot of work.

  64. Jun. 4, 9:30am

    Should really be judging the sound at this point as there’s no bass-frequencies in the video sound and it’s pretty much an early demo, I know the sound of the SLS GT3 inside out and from what I know about the onboard sound of the SLS GT3 and what I’m hearing in this video is that it must be fairly close if they’ve implemented the bass-frequencies of the engine notes correctly.

  65. Jun. 4, 9:14am

    I put colored tape on to indicate top center of my steering wheel, also. It helps prevent spins and gets you going quicker, in the right direction, when you do spin out. Sounds like it’s going come in handy with the newer realistic physics. Looking forward to the demo.

  66. Jun. 4, 9:10am

    Nice video.. To bad no cockpit-cam.

  67. Jun. 4, 9:09am

    the gear changes sound pretty good actually it sounds much more mechanical you can hear a little bit of the strain on the clutch the gear changes in previous gts always sounded weird when using the paddle shift i hope the clutch is a little more variable in this version when using the G27 wheel

  68. Jun. 4, 9:04am

    Hard to make a judgment from a video taken with a phone camera but it looks good to me. Thanks for the video Jordan.

  69. Jun. 4, 8:37am

    The gazoo racing LFA GT3 please, and the LFA nurburgring edition please, thank you.:-)

  70. Jun. 4, 8:37am

    I’m not impressed at all :

    1. People want better sounds since GT1 (1997/1998). In 15 years, they still don’t get it. Shame.
    2. Reflection on tarmac ? Yeah they are great ! But you already had those effect on Race Driver GRID, NFS Series, … Few years ago. How comes they only appears in Gran Turismo, NOW ? And it’s funny that people who love those light effects are also those who said “they didn’t pay attention to graphics or effect because it’s all about driving”.
    3. It looks faster ? I don’t think so. It’s just that a game always looks slower when you play it. Or even in real life, you have more speed sensations when you are on the passenger seat. It’s the same here.
    4. How comes that they decided to completely change the physics of the car ? I thought GT Series was the “Real Simulation”. If it becomes a better simulation with a complete different physics. What was this game before ?
    5. Stop thinking this video is from a pre-alpha, alpha, beta or gamma version and that you’ll get a totally better game when it’s released.

    In my point of view, that’s how GT5 should look and feel (released 3 years ago), not GT6. GT5 was a BIG beta version and GT6 is the finished game, nothing else. If they ask more than 40€ for that, that would be the biggest rob ever (considering we already paid 60 or more for a beta version + all DLC).

    • Jun. 4, 8:45am

      Damn haha, Bro you just opened up a whole can of worm’s, tomato’s are heading your way fast, be ready to duck!!

    • Jun. 4, 8:49am

      Evolution takes small steps. Don’t expect something that is already very good to change completely overnight.

    • Jun. 4, 8:50am

      Don´t like it
      go play other game like iracing or rfactor

    • Jun. 4, 9:18am

      You know what’s even worse? You’ll sit there moan, whinge, cry, kick, scream and b!itch about it on every single thread like the troll you are, run and shout about how you think Forza/NFS/Grid is apparently way better, call every car in GT a vacuum and dismiss that the main part of the game is the physics because according to you graphics and putting stickers on a car are far more important right? Hell, you’ll probably claim that Call of Duty Ghost is way better because it has a dog in it.

      But let’s be honest here, you do all this trolling, waste all of this time, waste all of this energy, all on being a negative pessimistic troll, but when it hits “Holiday 2013” you’ll be the first of the nerds who cue up at midnight to grab a copy, you’ll find yourself immersed for a full few days, then spend a few days being a negative troll, get immerse for a few days, be a negative troll for a few days, and rinse and repeat until next version on GT.

      People like you are just hilarious. lol

    • Jun. 4, 9:46am

      @tetrerouge maybe he is but if you simply took the time just to read half of these details he stated you’ll find out he is 100% correct , i mean come on .. GT5 was a great game ok (and GT6 will be undoubtedly), but the fact that it was missing some features that we all wanted and putting them into the next installment of GT franchise and calling it GT6 and doesnt seem right, GT5 Spec III now we are talking.

    • Jun. 4, 9:52am

      1. STOP telling others they do not have the right to enjoy the GT series.
      2. The only humor is people an endless, unprofessional pool of criticism for the GT series, all the while claiming its for the “greater good.”
      3. This game is plenty fast enough. Drive faster cars or speed up.
      4. Improvement of physics is something every racing game should achieve.
      5. Please re-read.

    • Jun. 4, 9:52am

      *with an…

    • Jun. 4, 9:53am
      Magic Ayrton

      Tetrerouge makes me laugh.. calling others Trolls etc.. when that guy has valid points. We love GT but we can’t stand blinded fanboys who buy the game irrespective and slow down the whole evolution process.

    • Jun. 4, 10:16am

      Valid points? hmm

    • Jun. 4, 10:26am


      You made me smile :) You are not a OBJECTIVE player, just like I was too. But I grew up.

      Think about that : PES has always been better than FIFA, but they weren’t able to question themselves and now FIFA who made an incredible work to catch them beat them. Apple it’s the same, now Android is better. Gran Turismo has the same disease. It WAS the best racing game, but they never listened to the players, Kaz thought he was the only one able to improve the game, and to me, he failed. But there will always be fanboys like you that will comfort him in his mistakes and buy whatever the crap they release. I’m not one of them anymore. When DLC are released it’s all about japan cars. Seasonnal event ? 1/3 is about japan cars. The game ? Almost 50% is japan cars. Damn, watch european sports car and american sports cars too.

      Gran Turismo was the best when he had none opponents. Now, the rivals made an incredible work, just like FIFA and Android did :) Better car lists, better tracks lists, graphics as good or even better, better AI, and the list is long… So why would I purchase GT ? Give me a good reason.

      On that, I wish you a lot of fun, and I’m glad a lot of players also share my point of view.

    • Jun. 4, 10:31am

      I agree with most of what ThomZ said.

    • Jun. 4, 10:58am

      Every sim game works on updating their physics. iRacing, for example, on the PC side is always working on their tire model to make it better. Granted, GT5 was never really close to life like. I know many don’t like it, But GT is more of a simcade.

    • Jun. 4, 10:58am

      Sorry mods for the quadruple posting but I have another thing to say before…

      Most of the Standard cars are Japanese aren’t they? Discounting the RM’s and DLC cars in GT5, the list is pretty balanced from when they started out back in ’92. Sooooooo, try harder, yeah?

    • Jun. 4, 11:00am


      You’re only right to an extent. Just like my post replying to you. It doesn’t have much use.

    • Jun. 4, 11:03am

      I have got to stop doing this.

      I didn’t mean offence. I was trying to say that you have to elabrate. You are right that GT hasn’t been a simulator like some other PC racing sims are like, but I can, along with others, express why you’re only somewhat right about labeling GT a simcade.

    • Jun. 4, 11:11am

      Oh look it’s turned into console wars…. LETS GO CENA, CENA SUCKS …that next?

    • Jun. 4, 11:18am

      That’s it! TIme-out for you, mister!

    • Jun. 4, 11:31am

      You’ve got no idea what you want, buddy. This rustled my jimmies so much I actually made an account just to call you out.

      >You say you want improvements then COMPLAIN when they come in? So what if PD was late to the party on reflections on tarmac, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t include them!

      >Speeds and distances are spot on, if it looks slow to you, that’s cool, but it’s also totally subjective. Unless you want stupid, OTT motion blur or you’re willing to invest in some sort of moving simulation cell or something like that for some whacked out sensation of speed so you can enjoy the game that much more, pipe down.

      >They decided to change the physics because in the quest for “The Ultimate Driving Simulator” that’s exactly what you should do! They made their best approximation of real physics when they developed GT5, they’re doing it again now. It’s not like they lied to you the first time around and are doing thousands upon thousands of manhours of work just to develop a better physics engine for a laugh. They’re doing their best with what they have every time. Again, you want improvements then complain when they work their proverbials off to make them.

    • Jun. 4, 11:44am

      Thank you. Incidentally, you backed up one of my many ;) points.

      “And now with GT6 coming later on this year (when people were expecting it to release some time around mid-2014 on the PS4), what more can be done on eight year old hardware? There’s a buttload wrong with GT5,4,3,2,1 so let’s let the series make progress in an evolutionary sense. Rome was built in many many decades :D. GT is new as *bleeeeeeeeeep.”

    • Jun. 4, 11:45am

      Cheers to Iunio. :tup: (that means thumbs-up)

    • Jun. 4, 11:50am

      You say: “How comes that they decided to completely change the physics of the car ? I thought GT Series was the “Real Simulation”. If it becomes a better simulation with a complete different physics. What was this game before ?”

      A completely new re-built physics engine doesn’t necessarily mean it will be completely DIFFERENT. It’s goal is (and always has been) has been to come as close to reality as possible. So it may be re-worked, but it’s that much CLOSER. It’s different, but better.

      Sort of analogous to internal combustion cars – their inner-workings are similar, but the complete product/function is still a car that drives. What’s different is how one is “better” than the other, as they have their ups and downs.

      The people that say “it’s all about driving” are the people who think that’s the most important part of the game. The more realistic the feel, the better. That’s the whole reason they say it – it’s what THEY find fun in a game; so this new engine with the revamped suspension, tire, and aero model is a HUGE deal. They can’t just “wake up” and see “what’s missing” necessarily, because they’re satisfied. You, obviously, AREN’T, which is perfectly ok. But it seems a good majority of the GT fan base are more concerned about the feel of the cars in the game, which sort of proves that GT is superior in that regard.

      I’d say I’m mostly in this boat. I don’t really care about the sounds – I’d LOVE it if they were improved, but I don’t mind them being mediocre if the physics are at the level that they are. The problems I really have are non-competitive AI; it feels so great to drive in this game, but there’s nothing to compete against – no real challenge. Then there’s the short A-Spec – the backbone of the game. There’s supposed to be 1200 cars in GT6, and I’d like to have legitimate needs for a fair amount of them. And then customization – there’s nothing better than driving your dream cars on the greatest race tracks – something held only for the SERIOUSLY rich, but PERSONALIZING you favorite cars makes it that much more special. Stuff like that – things that normally couldn’t be done in real life in terms of timing in simulators, are what make me addicted to them. GT6 win me over with the physics. What I want to see along side it is good AI, big A-Spec, and decent customization. I’m also hoping for not too much overpricing or under-filling with DLC, then I’ll be just about COMPLETELY satisfied.

      So, if this isn’t your fancy, then go somewhere that IS your fancy. I’m not trying to call you a troll, but it really DOES seem like you’d be better suited with something like Forza. And I understand why people go to Forza – in general it is a better GAME overall – car list, events, customization, AI… It has the lot. But, for me, it still falls behind on the physics department, which keeps me on GT. And it’s looking like GT is going to get better from here on out – ESPECIALLY on the PS4 versions.

    • Jun. 4, 1:02pm

      “but I can, along with others, express why you’re only somewhat right about labeling GT a simcade.”

      Do you label it as a full blown sim? Sorry, but with 1,000+ cars that isn’t going to happen.

    • Jun. 4, 1:37pm

      First of all, Quakebass as usual, :tup:

      awr117, sorry, you missed my point. I didn’t say we or I can prove that GT is a simulation. I meant that we can prove how other “sims” aren’t as good at simulating reality as GT is. I’m only being snarky since you just had to go there.

    • Jun. 4, 2:38pm

      We want tables! *clap clap clap clap clap!*

    • Jun. 5, 9:18am

      On point #3 – I’ve driven on a freeway at 200km/h (State limit is 110km/h) and, to me, it didn’t feel like I was going fast at all!! My friend in the passenger seat looked over at the speedometer and pointed out my speed. I was quite surprised (mostly at the fact that I was driving a 2ltr, 5 speed, FF, stock everything Ford Telstar! Who’d of thunk it?)!

  71. Jun. 4, 8:32am

    Yay another gameplay video! Thank you Jordan! :D

    But here comes YET AGAIN the “lets talk about the sounds in a pre-alpha build” crew….. Ugh!

    • Jun. 4, 8:35am

      The engine sound doesn’t even sound that bad either. Think some people are deaf. ;)

    • Jun. 4, 9:01am

      It is not a pre-alpha build. Well, if it is there is no way on earth GT6 will release in six months.

    • Jun. 4, 9:07am

      I don’t know I remember seeing “alpha” one time in one of the screens before.

  72. Jun. 4, 8:21am

    They really nailed the SLS engine sound…LOL

    Everything else looks good though.

    I hope they make some new pro drift cars
    4 or 5 pro drift cars in a Japanese car game with over 1000 cars, is this a joke..??

    • Jun. 4, 9:57am

      Using the hood/roof cam…

      Some people, what the hell.

    • Jun. 4, 9:58am

      Meaning that it won’t have have rumble sound like with the chase cam.

  73. Jun. 4, 8:04am

    Lightning looks amazing! Concidering it is on ps3, it looks absolutely beautiful! btw, can anyone tell me what settings are you using on a fanatec wheel? im getting one very soon (gt2) and i would appreciate if anyone could tell me. Thank you!

    • Jun. 4, 9:04am

      Check the forums…

  74. Jun. 4, 8:01am

    Why are they starting the lap on the old main straight on the GP circuit? It should start on the new pit straight with this layout.

    • Jun. 4, 8:31am

      Hmm i noticed that, but looking at the video it starts from 30 plus seconds into the 5th lap of the video.

    • Jun. 4, 9:06am

      You are right, its only the video starting from the old straight. Clock is hard to see, but starts on the right place

    • Jun. 4, 11:35am


  75. Jun. 4, 7:52am

    I just want the car in my virtual garage. That’s it!

  76. Jun. 4, 7:08am
    HKS racer

    Livery editor.

  77. Jun. 4, 6:29am

    Good driving from the guy behind the wheel IMO. Looks like there’s a slight delay between steering input and actual turn-in??

    • Jun. 4, 9:23am

      Weight doesn’t transfer instantly, you know.

    • Jun. 4, 11:23am

      Hmm. Won’t knw for sure until we get our hands on the demo. Some GT Academy finalists have complained about how the Thrustmaster wheel’s inputs are quite delayed compared to the Logitech’s so that’s a more probable explanation.

    • Jun. 4, 11:28am

      …unless this is the demo showing us the whole improved suspension physics. But the SLS GT3 is a racecar. The suspension on that thing should be pretty solid. I’ll stick with the Thrustmaster being a laggy wheel explanation for now.

  78. Jun. 4, 6:26am

    and here come fanboys commenting on sounds :

    its badly recorded from a phone loool

    • Jun. 4, 7:09am
      HKS racer

      indeed. This bad recording excuse is getting old.

    • Jun. 4, 7:36am
      e30 freek


    • Jun. 4, 7:47am

      It’s not an excuse it’s a fact!!!! you tool

    • Jun. 4, 8:36am

      Tools forget how to use proper punctuation and capitalization.

    • Jun. 4, 10:42am

      Chill out already, .folks


    • Jun. 4, 3:32pm
      HKS racer

      Yes excuse. The sound sucks.

      Once again.

      You tools.

    • Jun. 4, 10:31pm

      Does anyone have any actual PROOF that the sound sucks?

      NO! Then STFU!

  79. Jun. 4, 6:04am

    It’s sounds like they just used the Dodge Viper sound from GT2 for this..

    • Jun. 4, 6:25am

      +1 been telling ppl its the exact same cars sound since maybe even GT1

    • Jun. 4, 9:17am

      LOL when you change the exaust system itl probably sound like a V6 then u upgrade again and itl be something entirely different..

  80. Jun. 4, 5:48am

    It looks like the Racecars are getting slower and more realistic! Breakpoints are longer and so on, thats the reight way

    • Jun. 4, 7:58am

      I’m liking the quick change in direction.

  81. Jun. 4, 5:32am

    I was hoping to get a look at the interior but oh well, looking good.

  82. Jun. 4, 5:27am

    That sounds nothing like an SLS. Come on guys ? Your taking all the fun out of it. This car should sound like THUNDER.

    • Jun. 4, 8:06am

      Hey Mr. Guy, it’s still in pre-alpha… They will improve sounds, just give them some time!

  83. Jun. 4, 5:16am

    Thanks for posting. Great to see more footage.

  84. Jun. 4, 4:48am
    Maddens Raiders

    Looks stunning. I too wish the sounds were improved, but I’ll tear into this thing nonetheless. I’m sure Jordan has told some influential people about the sound concerns and maybe they’ll listen next go around. The lighting and what I can tell of the physics, looks really fantastic right now.

  85. Jun. 4, 4:22am

    Nice to get more insight into the game, at the same time it’s funny that we still get gameplay footage from 3rd party sources only, considering it’s a new GT game in this age of connectivity.

    I got the same thoughts as before, sure, physics and graphics looks great, but they weren’t too bad in GT5 either, at least compared to other major aspects of gameplay such as sounds. It’s hard to judge from this video as there’s basically no bass on those speakers (or it wasn’t possible to be recorded), it doesn’t seem too bad, but not much improved either. Downshifts and throttle lifts at high RPM still don’t sound spectacular at all either.

    • Jun. 4, 4:25am

      I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have GTPlanet as a source for such footage and free discussion (as opposed to a Polyphony guided website) but still getting nothing else than a trailer and an edit of that trailer from official sources is quite poor. PD decided to debut its game before E3, now if they want to keep ahead they should feed us.

    • Jun. 4, 4:29am
      Magic Ayrton

      I have to agree… everytime my excitement builds, it keeps getting put on hold by the same old sound issue.. let’s see what’s in the demo..

    • Jun. 4, 5:28am

      E3 next week; even Jordan’s pacing us. ;)

    • Jun. 4, 10:43am


      Word. :D

  86. Jun. 4, 4:18am
    Magic Ayrton

    Nice footage and good driving.. I just hope the sound isn’t like that in GT6 although on my 5.1 the SLS (standard) sounds reasonably lifelike.. so either they have messed it up or it will still sound good on a 5.1

    I know they can’t really change the sound (most probably saved for GT6 or 7 on the Playstation 4) or don’t want to, but it’s a game changer for me.

  87. Jun. 4, 4:06am

    Smooth as silk. Hope we get more GT3 cars (as premiums) to fill in the field and a decent paint and livery system to personalize the entries. Thanks GTP ;)

    • Jun. 4, 8:22am

      HPS(GT3) for GT6, Phil? Looking forward to it.

  88. Jun. 4, 3:17am

    Looking good, looks very fast I like the way the car bounces under hard brakes and twitchs when he’s fighting the under/oversteer after coming too fast into that long right. Sound of the motor still pretty average though ive gotten used to that in the gt games and besides I’d rather better physics. lots of games have better sound but I get board of them due to the unrealistic way the car handles… all and all another vid and I’m getting more excited Bring it ;)

    • Jun. 4, 8:17am

      better physics

    • Jun. 4, 9:04am
      Ittybitty Stigy

      +2 better physics.

    • Jun. 4, 11:02am

      I feel the same about the physics in other games. Sub par physics throw me off to the point of “hate” for the game! The entire GT series has always (IMO) been above any other game in that area!
      The sound, even in GT5, was tolerable because the physics were and are better than other driving games! (on PS3) GT6 will be better again!!!
      Another of the biggest problems with other games is the overall colouring – dark, grimy, dirty and unrealistic…! It’s like they’re trying to appeal to people who play thing like COD, Halo etc! In other words, to people who have NO INTEREST in driving games!!
      The GT series is well lit, bright and, dare I say it, cheery. All the elements needed to make driving a pleasant experience!!!

  89. Jun. 4, 3:16am

    The thing I noticed straight off was the sense of speed. Seems to have improved considerably.

    • Jun. 4, 3:18am

      agree looks a lot faster

    • Jun. 4, 5:30am

      True, this i like alot.

  90. Jun. 4, 3:10am

    That’s a very serious SLS AMG!

    I like the shadows and the way the sun reflects on the tarmac.

  91. Jun. 4, 2:54am

    Another video, WUH-WHOOO!

  92. Jun. 4, 2:45am

    sounds nothing like the real life equivalent, gear shifts still sterile, vacuum/trasmission whine still there, yep.

    • Jun. 4, 2:46am

      Doesn’t matter to me, I play it in third person :).

    • Jun. 4, 3:15am

      I doubt any game will be able to get every exhaust note on the spot. It would be great if they could, but I doubt it.

  93. Jun. 4, 2:43am

    Now this is the car I wanted to see, can’t say I’m too bothered about the xbow

  94. Jun. 4, 2:42am

    More, more, more!

    • Jun. 4, 2:55am

      Yuuuuuup :tup:

  95. Jun. 4, 2:42am

    Looks as if the car has a bit of understeer.

    • Jun. 4, 5:43am

      because the drives goes into every corner too hot…

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