Gran Turismo 6 Update 1.05 Brings Multi-Monitor Support

red bull x challenge 1.02 (7)

Polyphony Digital has just released the latest software update for Gran Turismo 6, after an online service maintenance period. Unfortunately, the update does not immediately introduce any significant new content, as many expected after a new track was teased for the game back in January.

It does, however, introduce multi-monitor support, which will no doubt be a very welcome feature for players with triple-screen setups.

Here’s the official list of changes in v1.05, which weighs in at 100MB in size. As always, keep an eye on our GT6 forum as our community explores and discovers more undocumented tweaks.

Additional Features in Open Lobby

  • [Time Trial], [Drift Trial], and [Free Run] have been added to the [Race Type] option within [Room Settings] of the Event Settings screen.
  • It is now possible to also [Filter by Performance] even when [Car Selection Method] is set to [Filter by Make] or [Filter by Category].
  • It is now possible to select Karts in one make races held on weather enabled tracks.
  • It is now possible to check regulation settings in the confirmation popup dialog before entering a room.
  • In the [Race Alone] mode for the Qualifier, cars other than yours (when only spectating, cars other than the one in focus) will appear as lines.

Multi-monitor Compatibility

  • [Multi-Monitor Settings] has been added to the [Start Button]>[Options]>[Display] options.

Car Search

  • A [Car Search] feature has been added to the [CARS] section in My Home. You can specify the desired parameters to search for a particular car in the Car Dealerships.

Sale of Racing Gear in Individual Colors

  • The sale of Racing Gear has been changed from full color sets to individual colors. Some of the pricing for racing gear have changed accordingly.

Kart Adjustments Options Expanded

  • [Traction Control] is now available to adjust in the [Driving Options]. [Skid Recovery Force] is also now available.
  • [Brake Balance] is now available to adjust in [Machine Settings]. Only the rear can be adjusted in Normal Karts, while both the front and rear can be adjusted in Shifter Karts.

Other Improvements/Adjustments

  • An icon that shows the login bonus stage (1-5 days in succession) has been added to the top of the [My Home] screen and the prize receiving dialog.
  • The increments of the [Front/Rear Torque Split] in [Car Settings] has been changed from 5 to 1.

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  1. GTfanda

    PIT stop bug has been fixed :))) At least according to a few tests we have done.
    Very strange is it didn’t work properly when update was installed. Error was corrected the next day after another small update was installed.

    ‘That’s one small step for PD, a giant leap for GTfans!’

  2. Maddens Raiders

    @magicayrton – “@maddens, How is the PC competition to a console?.. also PS4 will just be more of the same boring waiting for something that never arrives. We need more competition in the genre and on CONSOLE!”

    I don’t think you understand what I’m saying magic. There is currently no [console] system on the market more powerful than the PS4. I have nothing against other consoles, I’m just stating some technological facts. The PS4 is more powerful than a power PC in its current form. It was built from the ground up by Mark Cerny to play games, not watch cable or get on the internet or talk to it… just to play games.

    No one is going to release another console right now, especially one that is more powerful than Sony’s at the moment so that is a dream that isn’t going to happen anytime soon; especially not just to play a good racing game on when there are subscription based services available with a PC rig.

    The reason I said in my previous post, “That’s called a PC and a subscription” is because I was eluding to the fact that if you want something more powerful, you’d better invest in a beefy PC gaming rig and get a sub to something like iRacing. I don’t see how anyone can bash GT on the PS4 when it’s not even there yet.

    PS3 – 11/17/06 release date (GT5 & GT6 running on nearly 8 year old hardware w/ 512mb ram!)

    PS4 – 11/15/13 release date (GT7 & GT8 will be running on updated hardware with 8GB GDDR5)

    This is a huge huge leap in graphical throughput performance. Why don’t we wait until GT7 prologue is released in December 2014 before we start clamoring for a manufacturer to build a “more powerful console”? :)

  3. m00ndancer

    I haven’t touched GT6 in a month, still waiting for some interesting updates to the game. There are only a few redeeming qualities to the game: Spa, Mount Panorama, Nordsleife.
    But the sounds are still horrible, and that kills much of the feeling of the game. especially compared to AC, rF2 and c.a.r.s. There is also no way to make it your “own game” or doing any endurance racing with AI drivers as team mates. I guess I will wait for the next update and see if anything interesting has been done. Until then I’ll be multiclass racing on Sebring 12H in rF2, with day and night changes together with driver changes.

  4. z71L28

    Did anyone notice the graphics changed a bit?. I drove the vision gt and the M4 while in cockpit veiw hood’s look like crap, use to look nice n clear before.? Happy about the fact Thay added copy settings in tuneing menus.

  5. BHalpen

    Finally “Comments” are back, yea…
    Still think the Red Bull X2014 Challenge icon should be placed under “Special Events” on main menu and not with the “Career” list, liked it better the way it was in GT5 it was a “Special Event” not part of “A-Spec”.
    Glad we can race with karts on all tracks with weather and time changes in arcade mode and I think online too. Opens up some variety, like using karts on Willow Street track best… we couldn’t do it before update 1.05.
    In our car garage it no longer (under the paint chip icon) says if the interior is simple or detailed, but it still does for the car dealerships.

  6. David Brooks

    Well at least there is now a copy function for set ups. That’s one of my pet hates fixed. Plenty more to go. High on the list is the pit stop tyre bug, the ra menu, and game crash issues. I care more about getting bugs fixed than I do about new content (but I still expect the content promised, just think bug fixes more urgent).

  7. mickoafna

    I really hope next update is massive (3, 4 or even 5GB) and I would gladly pay 20€ for it, just as long as it includes the promised features (Course creator, a pile of new cars – including E63 AMG & A45 AMG, new tracks, that GPS track thingie, improved online racing, maybe B-spec, 2 or more VGT cars, etc…)
    If 500,000 people pay 20€, which is not that much, PD could develop a lot of stuff for the future of GT6.

  8. Coreyb

    Damn I was really hoping they were going to bring back SHUFFLE RACING. Please do this, we have many fans of shuffle racing.

  9. jontikis

    I saw at the site of GT a notice that announces a maintenance period, coming on Thursday 13th, from 04:30 GMT – 08:00 GMT (I’m from Greece, so this notice is not existing for other regions yet.) Hope or not? Cross your fingers.. not only me, all of you. I want to see something new at last!

  10. wraith of horus

    Jordan just thought i’d mention a new feature which has been added to the 1.05 Update. You can now go into car settings and there is the New* option to copy settings sheets.

  11. Lambob

    If the GTplanet world only knew that nothing in the productive/marketing/development world ever gets done between mid-December and well, pretty much into the 2nd week of March. Between Lunar calendars, and factory shutdowns, and spring break, and presidents’ week, and valentines, and new year, and more useless ipad production, and empty cargo containers, and back orders, and vacations, and coming of age day, and foundation day….

    expect nothing between yesterday, and tomorrow.

  12. Makkan786

    Multi-monitor Compatibility

    [Multi-Monitor Settings] has been added to the [Start Button]>[Options]>[Display] options.
    I only have 1 tv in my room most of us do

  13. mr_pepps

    Lots of whining here about B-Spec.
    You guys aren’t serious are you? B-Spec was crap wasn’t it?
    You don’t drive, you just sit there while the computer races for you??
    What the actual hell?
    You all miss THAT??

  14. gast1976

    Totally agree with you jack!
    So many games doesn t need multiple updates to work correctly.. but gt …
    One bug since gt5, tcs automaticly at 5 on a new car

  15. Jack The Ripper

    I’m getting really tired of these people who tell us, the consumers, to stop complaining about content that pd has promised months ago, which has not arrived yet. Or with glitches that still need fixing. Whatever the case may be, we have the right to say whatever the heck we want. In the old days, I didn’t have to wait for months on end for game modes that were promised. These same people who tell us to “spot complaining” are the same ones who tell us that we have no “patience”. Patience wouldn’t be needed if pd would release a finished game for once.

    -standard cars
    -missing game modes
    -poor damage
    (Among many other problems)

    If pd didn’t want us to complain about gt6, maybe they shouldn’t have released an unfinished game.

  16. Jon Di Nola

    Im not exactly a professional driver with a 400 dollar steering wheel or a Recaro racing seat. Im 14 years old, and a pretty dedicated Gt fan. Now i would be less upset if they actually completed the game (b-spec, corse creator, ect.) because then i could deal with the delays and lacks of “new” cars and tracks. I honestly think they added horrible cars to gt6 period. I know Mclaren has a deal with Forza, but the p1 would be the absolute symbol of gt6 if it was in the game. The new m5, 918, all amg’s, La Ferarri, Huracan concept, basically all the new shiny fast cars that i can use after I get bored with my 240z or skyline 2000. By the time Geneva had ended a few days ago weve seen at least %75 of the gt concept cars but because of PD and their lack of money because they didnt advertise for gt6 whatsoever in America sold so little coppies. Thats just bad bussiness.

    1. GTP_DeathStar

      You’re right, PD does very little in the way of advertising over here. The only promotion I see is from GT Academy once per year. I wonder if PD does have a money problem…if they do it’s self inflicted.

    2. Magic Ayrton

      They do very little in the way of anything these days. Wish a third company would bring a new console out with more power than both xbox and PS4 and give us all the title we really want.. maybe not so many cars as GT but more detail including the sound. A sure winner.

    3. Maddens Raiders

      @Magic Ayrton – “Wish a third company would bring a new console out with more power than both xbox and PS4 and give us all the title we really want…”

      That’s called a PC and a subscription my friend lol… Currently the PS4 is the most powerful console ever created. How can you complain about the PS4 when GT’s not even on it yet haha?

    4. Magic Ayrton

      @maddens, How is the PC competition to a console?.. also PS4 will just be more of the same boring waiting for something that never arrives. We need more competition in the genre and on CONSOLE!

    5. Amac500

      Well the 918 is still out of the question because of EA’s Porsche contract. If it’s Porsche’s you want in GT6, I suggest you go to Le Mans and park your at the exit of Arrnage. A concept Huracan is unrealistic to because we only get concept for companies that have struck up deals with PD, which Lamborghini wasn’t. By the time Geneva was over we have in fact still have seen just one VGT. The Vision Gran Turismo cars are all special designed 2-door sports cars that will be revealed specially and drawn notice to like how Mercedes did it at the LA Auto Show, and unless something weird has happened to my internet, I certainly haven’t seen any of them. PD doesn’t do much of their own advertising directly, they have a small staff and I don’t believe they have the budget for it. I believe Sony is the one chiefly responcible for their advertising, and at the time of GT6’s release they had already begin hyping the PS4.

    6. Maddens Raiders

      @magicayrton – “@maddens, How is the PC competition to a console?.. also PS4 will just be more of the same boring waiting for something that never arrives. We need more competition in the genre and on CONSOLE!”

      I don’t think you understand what I’m saying magic. There is currently no [console] system on the market more powerful than the PS4. I have nothing against other consoles, I’m just stating some technological facts. The PS4 is more powerful than a power PC in its current form. It was built from the ground up by Mark Cerny to play games, not watch cable or get on the internet or talk to it… just to play games.

      No one is going to release another console right now, especially one that is more powerful than Sony’s at the moment so that is a dream that isn’t going to happen anytime soon; especially not just to play a good racing game on when there are subscription based services available with a PC rig.

      The reason I said in my previous post, “That’s called a PC and a subscription” is because I was eluding to the fact that if you want something more powerful, you’d better invest in a beefy PC gaming rig and get a sub to something like iRacing. I don’t see how anyone can bash GT on the PS4 when it’s not even there yet.

      PS3 – 11/17/06 release date (GT5 & GT6 running on nearly 8 year old hardware w/ 512mb ram!)

      PS4 – 11/15/13 release date (GT7 & GT8 will be running on updated hardware with 8GB GDDR5)

      This is a huge huge leap in graphical throughput performance. Why don’t we wait until GT7 prologue is released in December 2014 before we start clamoring for a manufacturer to build a “more powerful console”? :)

  17. JAC

    Wow, I used come to GTPlanet to chat with gamers about my favourite game (I’ve been playing GT since ’98).
    But these days all I see are moaning drama queens, behaving like ungrateful, spoilt children.
    You had better hope that Kaz nor anyone else from PD comes anywhere near this site, because if I worked there and saw most of the comments below I’d be giving you nothing!
    My suggestions?
    Grow up and get some patience, or
    If you hate the game so much and what it’s become, go play another game! don’t clog up this site with childish rants and dummy spits. Leave it for people who still enjoy GT and have the patience to wait for updates.

    1. RodrigoDLL

      Lets hope they come and give us nothing. They would be bankrupt. It is a company with profits and consumers, not a mom looking over children. If you want to be the well behaved kid that Kaz takes his lunch from, fine. The ones complaining are consumers who are fed up with 4year old bugs unsolved.

    2. Master Weasel

      @RodrigoDLL: +1

      It’s also so funny how we are being ungrateful and spoiled for a product we PAID for. Until GT becomes free, those two words hold no water. People just want to know what’s going on with the features they were promised before release. Maybe if PD would throw us a bone for once, then people here would calm down a little.

      In addition, not releasing content because the “mean” people over the Internet aren’t saying the nicest things would be a childish way to react. Especially after they gave up their hard-earned money for your product. PD is a company backed by Sony, a multimedia giant. They’re not some small indie game team.

    3. Outeke

      I guess it is for the best that you do not work for PD.
      If you would manage to “give nothing” because customers complained about an incomplete product, I would be the first one to sue PD for delivering something different than advertised.
      I also guess that many many many would follow, who doesn’t want their $$$ back after 4 months waiting without any news (!)

    4. Steph290

      I’ve given up my hopes for new cars, but features and tracks that were teased in order to get consumers to buy and were promised to be in our purchased copy of the game that’s another story. It’s called false advertisement. I’ve been playing GT since the start and there is nothing immature about writing complaints to/about a company that sells you a product that doesn’t do what is advertised. We all know about PDs work ethic, but if you keep making promises you don’t keep, you loose the trust of your followers.

    5. smirwin

      I’m a little bit older so I remember the days when there were NO updates. If you didn’t like the game then you just played something else. I would like to see alot of those new things too. Like the track creator and some more of the vision cars. We all know that PD is notorious for not delivering in a timely manner, but they DO deliver. So if we are all patient little boys and girls, I’m sure that we’ll see those things we are waiting for come to pass.

      Cheer up. :)

    6. Magic Ayrton

      You Know Jack, JAC. People start with complaints then stop buying it’s that simple. Simple maths (math) takes care of the rest..

    7. oxidonis2008

      JAC is a paying promoter of the game and i understand him. But it is not advisable to offend people in here, as you could be banned from the Have a nice day, and behave…

    8. Rallywagon

      My laser went out on my PS3 last Wednesday. Sunday the patch hits, and I am getting ready to purchase the PS store version of the game so I can keep playing. (I only play GT6 on it, so no point is spending the coin on a new laser unit and the time to install it.) However, after hearing everything that the patch does, I am in no rush, and have instead used the money instead to purchase 3 months of iRacing. You see that PD. Not delivering content on time and in the manner promised, with absolutely no communications to your loyal fan base costs you money, and more importantly, loyal fans. IF! and it is one hell of an if I feel at this point, but, if PD manages to get their online situation fixed (If you run in/or operate a league here, you know what I’m talking about, disconnects and instability galore) and manages to release one hell of a track creator, I may return. But with iRacing, the up coming release of AC, and other great options out there it’s debatable.

    9. STiG39

      The thing is: If there wouldn´t be the possibibilty to update a game with content after it´s release… GT6 would not be on the market yet. Not even next year. It wouldn´t be out at all. They would develop for the PS4 and call this then GT6. So unless you are happy with paying 70$ for something that isn´t a complete game you can point out your dislike however you want. PD knows this. They did this on purpose to get your money for the development of GT7 and financing GT Academy. Nobody complaints about the game. We complain about the behavior of the company. We all like the GT series, but we are no dumb and deaf customers throwing around with money. You probably liked the game so much in its uncomplete status, you paid a 100 quid for microtransactions… We only want communication and no lies or false advertisements. Thats it. Of course we want the new content as well, but this is not the reason behind all this rage. Aaand. Complaining is also a way of communication and this is the comment section… you are also complaining about the complainer, …. we would rather call it discussion and show your opinion… you know, the thing that is legal except in north korea. ;-)

    10. JAC

      OK, so maybe I was a little harsh. But I do get annoyed when I come here and see so many negative comments.
      Something that smirwin said in his reply though summed the whole thing up for me.
      Who remembers trying to drive the JGTC NSX in GT1? That thing was a drivers nightmare, and I remember feeling huge satisfaction when I managed to do a lap of the Test Course in it without spinning off. The difference back then (pre-updates) was that you just accepted it. The JGTC NSX was a nightmare to drive and there was nothing you could do about it, except try and drive it. If the same thing were to happen now PD would no doubt get a long list of comments screaming ‘Fix It!’. Anyway, rant over

  18. Jack The Ripper

    Still no track editor!! What the heck pd!! Get on that crap already. Way to release an unfinished game.

    1. Streeto

      Kaz hasn’t heard of the term “beta”. Honestly, why can’t we at least get a beta version of some of the features, it will help PD find bugs and it will keep us happy. Although I’m sure there’ll still be some dumb people saying “it’s broken OMG!” when it’s clearly stated as a “beta” release.

    2. liv4hardstyle

      JAC not harsh at all don’t let off. the so called ‘fans’ of this game will get there knickers in a bunch over anything. its just the way it is. there is a thread ripping on the clouds in the game.. really? clouds!? Im looking at the road, not the sky.

  19. c-losk

    Did anyone else noticed that they added the copy and paste feature to the tuning sheet, much needed in my opinion now I don’t have to install everything on the other sheet when trying different setups, forgive me if someone already mentioned it…

  20. smirwin

    I have to confess that I’m somewhat disappointed in the update. But we can’t forget that it’s still a great sim. So, I can gripe about the fact that there should be more, or I can enjoy the game and wait for more to come.

    1. Tenacious D

      This is my thing too. If racing in a car around the Nordschleife wasn’t any good, most of us likely wouldn’t be here. The core of GT6 is great.

      I will have to say though that the stuff they promised for the game really should start showing up soon… natives are starting to sound as restless as they did in 2009, when we had no clue when GT5 would ship.

  21. KoldStrejke

    wonder what there thinking. we need fixes we don’t need news about what KAZ is doing “OTHER THAN” GT6, get with it Poly. these issues with your game need to be addressed.

  22. chengman

    I still think it’s weird that they haven’t fixed the top speed bug. I went 250mph in a 925hp C63. You couldn’t even get past 230 in GT5 with that kind of power unless you tuned the transmission.

  23. CodDemon101

    Anyone know if they improved the online lobbies. Refraining from people constantly getting dc’d?

  24. Wiki

    Good Update and features. Though I’d like PD give to allow us to Remove the Chasis Reinforcement. In previous GTs that wasn’t possible but in GT6 we can now remove the engine upgrades, so why not to do the same with the chasis?

    I’m saying this because I am a person who likes driving Fully stock cars, No tuning at all. And this can save me money by not buying to cars again (Like I Did in GT5). And the other reason is that I accidentally installed the Chasis Reinforcement on of my 15th anniversary cars and can’t get it back to normal, and yes, I’ve tried downloading the cars again, It doesn’t work.

    Who agrees with Me?

    1. STiG39

      Drive them for a while until the reinforcement is gone. Should show somehow in the GT Auto thingi maybe… try it out.

  25. kiosk

    Kaz has his priorities, it’s racing at all the endurance venues with Nissan, the game is just the hype machine and the cash cow ( point : buy ingame credits to be able to get a jump ahead )

  26. ThaSyn

    If I were a Sony executive I’d have some major talks with Kaz concerning his ‘priorities’.

    Well, at least the game is getting updated, but I’m still searching for features that were supposed to be in the game on release day.

  27. z71L28

    Pepole you need to give PD a chance it’s only the 10th. If nothing after 31st then complain on. Thay can’t create on whim, It takes time. Maybe the track and a DLC car will be out by the end of the month. Think thair’ doing a good job we got 2 premium DLC cars and 2 half premiums for free.

    1. Devedander

      Who said anything about on a whim? This is something they have been talking about and planning and advertising for quite some time now. If we are to understand it can’t be done on a whim, shouldn’t PD know that also and not advertise it if they would have to develop it on a whim to get it out in a reasonable time frame?

    2. chengman

      @Deve maybe they encountered a problem with the programming. The PS3 is a very complicated piece of hardware. 9 cores and 256mb of ram is difficult to work with.

    3. masterrawad

      “You need to give PD a chance”

      Yeah! We totally should give them a chance! You know, even after three years they haven’t done anything to solve the main issues that the GT fan base has been harping on about to be fixed. Totally, we should all give Polyphony Digital JUUUUUST one more chance!

    4. KoldStrejke

      Dude, We all have paid money for these games. (me 1 digital, 1 Disc). we need a fixed product. i think all the DLC for GT6 should be FREE!!! we deserve it.

    5. I-Runner

      Before the multimonitor (used by the 1÷2% of the players, as the 3D in GT5) , before other cars and track they must CORRECT all the game bugs, FIRSTLY the online bug of the pitstop ..
      After they must add the various missing features:
      -shuffle races (on line)
      -REAL endurance races (with the box save – TASSATIVE)
      -MACHINE TEST (every REAL GT has this section NATIVE in the game )
      -B Spec
      -track generator

      etc etc



    Haven’t played GT6 since January, and I have no motivation whatsoever…even with this update. Gosh, Kaz is playing with us just like Kojima! lol

  29. spencer7x7

    I dont know why lots of people are mad at PD. It’s not easy adding a course maker and other features. I for one am glad PD is working on updates even if they are minor ones. And I don’t even have GT6 yet.

    1. RodrigoDLL

      That’s why you are not mad!!! Those of us who actually paid $60 are totally right to be mad at the false marketing promises they made.

    2. spencer7x7

      Well, that’s why people need to research before they buy, besides the updates will come soon. Programming those features take time.

    3. RodrigoDLL

      The ones complaining are the ones who made the reserach and know about the promises. The casual player is probably happy with whatever comes.

      If features take time, dont market your product on releasing them earlier…

    4. Devedander

      Who said anything about easy? The only ones who know (and should need to know) about how easy/hard it is to create those things are the people who advertise them and take money for them…

      If PD had not advertised the course maker (which got a LOT of attention what with it’s potential 100square kilometer whatever size limit) and just last week said they were working on it, absolutely, no one would have a right to push them.

      That is not the case though.

    5. CallmeDan

      People, you need to lower your expectations. You’ll be disappointed less often. I’m having a lot of fun with GT6. Yes, singleplayer barely offers any challenge, and the game is a bit grind-y, but at least you don’t have the ridiculous level system from GT5. Now, as long as you have the credits, you can but whatever you want, not waste a few more hours or miss a car in the UCD like in GT5.

    6. chengman

      I’m pretty sure the PD won’t have these kind of problems with the PS4. As I said in an above post, the PS3 is a complicated piece of hardware. They’re probably trying to optimize the features for the system(Avoid frame drops, lower textures in places that won’t be seen).

    7. Quakebass

      I’m sorry, but the “PS3 is hard to develop for” is an ABSOLUTELY B.S. argument at this point. PD has had 8-9 YEARS to work with it. Other first party developers, like Sucker Punch and Naughty Dog, have made their games super refined over the years. PD released TWO games (same as Naughty Dog) on the PS3 before their last game (GT6), and it’s one of the very last big first-party games being launched on this kit.

      This excuse was may have been valid for GT5, which was an un-optimized mess, and made it hard to add and adjust content. But PD did GT6 on PS3 specifically because they (paraphrased, but still their words) now had a hold on the complicated architecture, and could now properly optimize and develop somewhat efficiently on it. And to add to this, there’s content to be added to GT6 that was previously in GT5 – honestly, does it REALLY take 4 months to port a function over…?

      In the GT5 days, never really made steadfast claims and confirmations of launch dates. The closest thing they came to a schedule was saying “We’d LIKE to release new content every two months OR SO…” – and I defended this fact endlessly, with you can look up yourself. This time, PD gave us cold-hard time frames for releases, and so far the only one they’ve lived up to is the initial launch of GT6. They’ve missed all 3-5 of the other announcements they’ve made. That is simply unacceptable. This isn’t a test product, it’s not an Alpha, it’s not a Beta, it’s not a demo – this is a full-on game.

  30. FlyingFox

    Oh look, an update that does not fix any of the many glitches that still exist in GT6.

    What a surprise.

  31. nascarfan1400

    This is a shame… Still sitting in the dark if you liked making tracks. Still in the dark on the new track promised for February. Still sitting in the dark for both February VGTs and a January one…

  32. galaia2004

    Does anyone know the price difference for racing gear? Is it possible to buy gear before the update to keep it in multiple colours?

  33. celtiscorpion73

    Obviously, PD has chosen to slit their own throats. Good luck with GT7! We can only hope to see them file for bankruptcy soon after their release.

    1. Devedander

      Nah…. they will promise the lots of cool stuff, put up some sexy screenshots, the dedicated (and forgetful) will start drooling and talking with certainty about the exact type of things we have been let down with over and over and the process will repeat.

  34. Makkan786

    What happned to the bmw m4 black it was removed with another update very strange things are going on

    1. hobanator24

      I think that car was “accidentally released before it was supposed to, so it was taken down in the HotFixes. I think that it’s meant for a new seasonal later this week so you have a chance to win the car, rather than buy it for the nearly 200k cr. price tag (If I remember correctly). Hopefully it will be released along with the BMW VGT that I’ve been hearing rumors about.

  35. oxidonis2008

    ahahaahah, nice one… Multi-monitor support??? What? For who? Like PIP_36 says, 0.2% of players? Really? No B-Spec, no track every month, no GPS track editor, no community, WTF is wrong with PD??? I wouldn’t be suprised that all above mentioned would be released as paid DLC….Buying this game is my biggest gaming mistake EVER….

  36. LeeMoldon

    I thought this game had the official gt3 race cars? No ferrari, lamborghini or mclaren race cars though!!! Hello!

    1. RESHIRAM5

      Just because they have official, it doesn’t mean all. Look how empty GT300 is. (No Honda CR-Z, Mooncraft or the Toyota Prius). Also note how there wasn’t any Dodge 2010 or 2011 nascar.

    2. chengman

      But they tried to work around the GT300 problem with the TC cars. CR-Z race car, Prius racecar… etc

  37. PIP_36

    I log on to GTp and see this headline in the news section: “Gran Turismo 6 Update 1.05 Brings Multi-Monitor Support”

    I think to myself, “Great, that has made the 0.2% of people that play GT6 happy!”

    Then I think to myself, “I wonder if they have fixed the online match making? I wonder if when I try to play online this evening if I will be able to join a room, or if I can join a room, will I be able to stay in it?” Will I be disappointed this evening guys?

    By the way, tried playing online over the weekend, as well as the usual ‘disconnected from lobby’ message while in the final stages of joining a room and the ‘Incompatible network’ message, I found a new one….’You are unable to join the room at this time, please wait a while and try again’….just about had enough!

    This isn’t frustration talking or internet bravado…but I mean it when I say I will never, NEVER but another PD title, SMS knows what it’s fans/customers want and they are welcome to my money any day of the week…I’m counting down the days until pCars is unleashed on the console world!

    1. AussieInfidel

      if it says You are unable to join the room at this time, please wait a while and try again, it means they have just started the race give it a minute or so and you will be able to join

  38. Wider

    I want to point at something. When I want to buy something expensive like GT6, I should look at new features and if there is what I want or not. Because I can’t buy something that will not give me what I want. I didn’t want to buy GT6, because not that much new stuff was there. I want new sound engine and interiors. Also better shadows inside the car. But my brother gave me one. So I have GT6, I’m happy byt wouldn’t buy it by my self. For me for now nonsense. My point is to wait. Nothing is immediately. Be patient. And be happy from every single bit of a new stuff.

  39. adrianhettich

    Bravo pd, multiscreen option, free run etc that is more important then tires = realism, the real driving simulator??? Slowly I start believe that NSF is more realistic !!!! And we’ve payed £60 for copy of gt5 with graphic update????

  40. Blood*Specter

    Happy they extended the car and performance ffilters for on line racing.
    Hopefully they will followup with DLC and promised features by the end of the month. I feel PD shouldn’t promise what they can’t deliver. This makes them seem petty. Those who are angry are justified. A promise was indeed broken.
    In fact more than one promise.

  41. TeamCZRRacing

    Yes, it’s not like they’ve improved the game at all since it’s been released. All those bug and annoyance fixes, new features introduced to make the interface better, and adjustments to make the driving more fun? They amount to NOTHING because I want my track editor and Zahara de las Sierra, g**dammit, and I’m willing to overlook both all of the improvements that have been made as well as the fact that PD are men and not gods just to whine about one missing feature and one missing track.

    Let me tell you something. Whether you realize it or not, GT6 is the most robust driving simulator ever created. Maybe not as far as features, but as far as cars and tracks (i.e. the stuff that REALLY MATTERS in a driving game), it is. Most driving games (Forza excluded) come with under 100 cars. That means that GT6 has over 12 TIMES the car selection of virtually every game out there. Heck, even GT1, released in 1997, has more cars than Shift 2 Unleashed, and that was released in 2011. GT6 has 71 courses from 33 locations, while even our nearest competitor, Forza 4, has only 26 tracks.

    Stop whining and enjoy what you have, because there’s a lot more of it than there is in any other racing game.

    Sorry for the vitriol, by the way – it’s just that I hate seeing all this undeserved hatred of PD here when all they’ve done with this update is improve the game. I’ll go back to my hobbit hole now.

    1. GTAndy36

      That’s really great. 1200 cars… over half of them PS2 quality. And ALL of them I can’t drive with my buddies online because the servers are hopeless.

      And I can’t have a proper race with them offline because the AI is also hopeless.

      I’m not going to moan about the things that need updating and fast, because I’m past caring now. I just wish PD would listen to their customers and consumers, and also tell us things they are actively doing to improve the game.

    2. Master Weasel

      I love it when people brag about how many cars are in GT, but conveniently leave out that 800 of them are from a PS2 game and don’t meet today’s standards.

      And it’s not just the cars and tracks that matter. What about the AI? The career mode? Those things are important to and they continue to be neglected. As long as GT has those two things, it’s a racing game too and it needs to start acting like it.

      Also, don’t blame people for complaining about features that were promised before release when PD refuses to let anyone know the progress regarding them.

    3. Prelude85

      I completely agree with you. Standards or not the cars are still available. Has anyone forgotten how lame it was when GT3 was released with hundreds of cars missing? What a disappointment, yet no one complains about that game. GT3 is a god in many people’s eyes, probably the same who complain about the standards.

      PD defined the genre, there was nothing like GT when it was first released! It was heaven to us car heads and personally going back to play it a couple weeks ago (not for an hour or so, I pretty much played the whole weekend!), it’s still a great game. All the GTs are great in their own way, this one is no different. PD can redeem themselves, I’ve no doubt. Yeah, I want the track editor, I want better AI, I want my premium GC8 Imprezas, I want classic tracks, but what I do have is pretty impressive.

      Go back and see where we’ve come, appreciate the models the track detail, the lighting effects (always wished the headlights worked since I first played GT1, so awesome to see how they’ve turned out!), the constellations (a perfect touch to the night races), I personally am in love with the handling (makes me wish I had a steering wheel set-up more than ever), two cars on shooting locations (wish he had more variety in locations though :( ). Of course, we’ll always want want want want, whine whine whine. We’re lucky to have such an immense racing game on a console, and having updates regularly. Back in the day, you bought it and that’s it. Just play the damn game and be patient! There’s bigger issues in this world than little updates for a video game.

    4. Prelude85

      Heck, I remember those crappy “racing” games that were always timed checkpoints and it felt more like the road was coming at you than you actually driving. Horrible controls sound, and that immense under steer. UGH…but I loved cars and wanted something car related, yet that was all we had back in the day. And no, I’m not really that old (20’s) which leads me to this, it really hasn’t been that long ago when we had these horrible checkpoint games with horrible under steer and MAYBE 2 cars to choose from.

    5. TeamCZRRacing

      a) Yes, 800 of them have simple interiors, but it’s the physics that matter in a driving sim, not the way they look. Go play rFactor. Butt-ugly game by today’s standards, but it has great physics.
      b) So avoid the AI as much as possible. Online is bugged, yes, but it can still be fun.
      c) Don’t whine about missing or poorly implemented features without having played a Eutechnyx game before. They Are. Not. Good. Games. And I’m not talking about just Ride to Hell. Eutechnyx fans are routinely promised a game with at least one good feature, which they’re routinely denied. On the other hand, we have many good features; the “Car Search” feature introduced in this update as well as kart racing are two good examples.

    6. RodrigoDLL

      Try playing online. Its impossible to have a nice experience when you or someone in the race is always disconnecting.

      A good game for you is having 1200 cars for playing with a stupid AI in single player mode??? If that is fun for you, fine… but in essence you are playing a PS2 game with better graphics. The great thing with the PS3/XBOX360 generation was how popular multiplayer got.

    7. Master Weasel


      A) Tell that to people who enjoy photomode and watching replays. Quality of the car models matter. GT isn’t just about driving.

      B) So you’re basically saying just ignore the problem and it’ll go away. Nice argument.

      C) So we’re not allowed to complain just because other developers supposedly do it worse? Have some standards.

    8. TeamCZRRacing

      @Master Weasel
      a) Yes, it sucks for those who use photo mode, but if you’re watching a replay, focus on the action, as if you’re watching a race live.

      b) No, I’m not saying that. I’m saying if you ignore the problems and focus on the stuff you like more, you won’t notice the issues as much, and the enjoyability of the game will increase drastically. That’s the way games as open as this are meant to be played.

      c) There’s a difference between having standards and being spoiled. I have standards, but I am certainly not spoiled. You say “have some standards,” but to my view I have enough standards as it is, all concerning gameplay, and all of which have been more than satisfied by GT6. This is after all a video *game,* and at the end of the day it’s the *gameplay* that should matter most. As for your preferred GT6 experience, again I point to the fact that we have 1,200 cars. Minus the standards, that’s 400 vehicles for your delectation, and you’ve got 71(!) tracks to use them on – both more than any almost other racing game on the market today.

      You can enjoy GT6 again. Just focus on the content you like and tune out the bad stuff. I think you’ll agree, judging by your activity on the forums, that there is still plenty to enjoy.

    1. Hypergolem

      It is insulting my wallet too, since I paid $60 on first day for a game that is missing all of the features I bought the game for.

    2. liv4hardstyle

      @ hypergolem, you didn’t buy the game to drive? Remember its a driving simulator? You bought it to make tracks and map gps coordinates? Ppl don’t realise how fun the driving really is in this game they just cry over spilt milk. Get yourself a decent wheel and start driving the obscene amount of cars this game has to offer with awesome physics.

  42. KlubbinJay

    Im quite happy with this update, i hope they also will add/release a new car and new track to. I really cabt wait for it! Gr8 job PD! ;)

  43. Izzyracer97

    they still haven’t fixed the most important issue in the game. kaz said he wanted GT6 to support the online racing series’. The TIRE GLITCH is still there and there are many leagues and series that have been poseponed until the glitch is fixed!

  44. VBR

    Well, they did add something off my wish list; the option to turn drivers names off when racing online & when watching replays of them, so that’s good (thanks PD). The only trouble is, I’ve gone back to Shuffle racing online in GT5!

  45. jontikis

    Massive disappointment… that’s the only thing I feel right now. No Zahara, no BMW Vision GT, no Shuffle… just NOTHING. PD needs a strong kick on its a** to wake up. I’m wondering what kind of minds they have in their heads. Gran Turismo 6 deserves the best and they are just trolling us. Shame on them…

    1. GTAndy36

      It’s alright though. You can now buy your race suits individually, click after click after click instead of bulking them in all at once!!


  46. young car joc

    Great job PD! Was waiting for this update. For all the people thinking that this should have been available from day 1, I would like to see you know how to work everything after being introduced to the new technology. It takes them a while to get the hang of things and how to make it where they don’t ruin anything else like fps or picture quality

    1. Devedander

      ” I would like to see you know how to work everything after being introduced to the new technology”

      By that you mean if I was a team that has worked closely with Sony for over a decade, has made multiple versions of this game series for every console version so far except the 4 and including a PSP version and has preferential access to the hardware and software support from Sony… AND spent almost half a decade releasing GT5 (which was a polished GT5P) and then released almost exactly the same game a few years later labeled GT6… if I was that and introduced to the technology today?

      Your statement has no point… because the situation you portray (dropped into the frey today) is nothing to do with the background for PD and the current situation with GT6.

    2. phil_75

      “I’m sorry Sir that your house you bought is missing the roof and a bedroom but it’s not our fault, its hard work, you do it if you’re so clever and stop whining.”

      “Hi, Sony customer service, I bought a PS4 and i have a few issues, the controller is backwards, left goes right and right goes left, the L1 button doesn’t work at all.
      The actual PS4 won’t play discs either.”

      “Well just get used to playing the controller backwards, this isn’t real life, its a game!
      We will probably maybe might in the future look into the L1 issue but i can’t speak about that now, it will be a surprise.
      You can download games and movies from the store so you don’t actually need to use the disc drive so just stop moaning and whining, anyone would think you actually paid for it! “

  47. sailworksman

    I was really concerned about the Kart content. Thank goodness there is an update for those unless things. :p

  48. TAZ71

    This update is a joke, because it didn’t include any of the features that should have been included on day one, so the only thing I sayt to PD is give me the game I paid for 3 months ago, thats all.

  49. IneedSchool

    Polyphony Digital are one of the greatest trolls in the video game business. If you disagree, then why are you complaining?

  50. StLCards

    I’m sure of Kaz and his team could snap their fingers and make everything perfect they would, but alas that is not possible. Being an IT Director I know all too well how all too often I run into snags and roadblocks trying to implement new things for my company, sometimes they are easy to overcome while other times not. I personally wanted multi-monitor support from the beginning, but it wasn’t, so I waited patiently and enjoyed the game on the single middle screen knowing GT5 didn’t become the game it is overnight. For what it’s worth, just for grins and chuckles I raced some Forza over the weekend. Still looks like a coloring book compared to the GT series, and although I miss Maple Valley and Road Atlanta I get to enjoy a realistic looking and feeling Grand Valley and a far superior Nurburgring. Just keep racing :)

    1. Prelude85

      No one understands. It’s easy to whine throw fits and complain. Personally, I wish the game had more things to it, but overall I love the game. I’ve actually been playing through some of the old GTs for fun, they each have their own little charm to them! I can’t choose a favourite.

      For now I’ll be playing Tourist Trophy, and when I want to get in a car and race, I’ll throw in GT6 again! It’s just a game people, enjoy it. :)

    2. StLCards

      I agree Prelude85. I have invested more than most in the GT series, 3 copies each of GT5 and GT6, and VRC100 rig, Clubsport wheel, rim, and pedals, all for the GT series. If anyone should be pissed about features and whatnot missing it should be me, but I get it. I just race, I enjoy the game and play it for fun and to hang out with my friends.

    3. doodlemonoply

      Couldn’t have said it any better. If these complainers worked for PD, they would see just how difficult it is.

    4. RodrigoDLL

      Hey you,IT director, could you please explain why REMOVE important and simple features from GT5 to GT6?

      Being a corporate communications professional, I know all too well how PD is making marketing promises it is not keeping, edging closely to false advertising. Even in a market know for its poor communications standards (gaming and software), they are really lacking transparency in handling their consumers feedback.

    5. Master Weasel

      How difficult it is to what? Inform fans on the progress of features promised before release? You’re absolutely right. It is hard.

    6. GTAndy36

      I love the GT series too. Gran Turismo has ruined other racers for me cos nothing matches it’s driving quality.

      However, GT6 is a big step backwards from GT5 and that is saying something! Features wise, not driving wise. And they helped sell GT6 from day one with their talk about Community Features, Track Creator and GPS, then they said new tracks were coming in February along with other big updates to sort this game out.

      But alas, still none of that is here 4 months after release. PD can’t get it all out by now, sure. But not one of the promised big updates has arrived yet… not one!

    7. StLCards

      Rodrigo, you do realize not all software is built on top of the previous version right? Just because something WAS included in GT5 doesn’t mean it was “removed”, more than likely it wasn’t added in the new build. Obviously I don’t work for PD, but it’s just a guess.
      Just for grins and chuckles I’m going to look closely at the GT6 box tonight, compare what’s in the game and what’s not. I’m not going to compare to GT5 though, that’s like comparing apples to peaches.
      Many of the “promises” and “talk” most of these posts mention are gathered from what source? GT Planet interviewing Kaz or or a PD developer? Did Kaz hold up his hand and say “scouts honor”? Probably not, as he is a visionary. From what I’ve saw about him he invisions what he wants and tasks his developers to implement it. And on top of that he demands perfection. I saw a video once of Kav tweaking GT5 right up to the day it was to go gold, because he wasn’t fully satisfied. I for one an glad he does that, and just think of the outpouring of disgust from you people if he pushed a feature out that didn’t perform as you expected. Sound familiar? Anyway, it’s time for me to leave my office and head home, spend some time with my wife who’s been of town all weekend, and not worry about all this bitching and moaning. Why do I even read the comments? Geesh, it’s just like FB with all this crying.

    8. RodrigoDLL

      Stl, if you lost time at your desk to write that stupid message before going to see your wife… Well, nevermind.

      Do you as a badass “IT director” remove key features from your software on newer versions? PD should be able to port those, as they are with cars and phisics engine. Or is it easier to port a physics engine than online room features?

      You are being the FB fan guy, but choosing to point fingers at customers complaining for good reasons.

      And yes, an interview by Kaz is a marketing statement and generate a lot of sales. It is as “scout honor” as it can get in terms of making profit, in terms of customer relations.

    9. StLCards

      “stupid message”? Oh, I’m sorry if my thoughts on the matter seemed stupid to you. You thoughts are so much smarter than mine.
      I’m just an IT Director, nothing badass about my position. As for features, with the deadlines put on me I prioritize features. I get the program out to meet the deadline with most important features first, then less important ones as time goes on.
      I’m looking at the box now, only things I see on box that’s not in game is: messaging/friend invite in game” and “access and create online events with web based enabled devices”. Those two seem pretty trivial to me.
      You didn’t tell me where Kaz promised all those features you are crying about, could you link me to those promises between tears? Maybe a link?
      Anyway, I’m done with those. Had a great time racing tonight on the Ring with about 10 or 12 guys. None of us got kicked or dropped, we all enjoyed the new features.
      Dry your tears dude, it’s just a game.

    10. RodrigoDLL


      Promising updates monthly until may:
      Q:Can you give us any sort of timeline as to when we can expect the other major features to be released, such as the Course Maker, online community features, etc.?
      Kaz:“We don’t have a definite order yet of things, but, you know, January, February, March, April, May, etc., we have updates planned for each of those months

      Promising faster updates and content development:
      “We’ve really changed how we make games. I think that more recently, the speed of our input and output is becoming much, much faster.”

      New track confirmed for february at two different events:


      If you still want to be a blind fanboy, look how Sony itself is promoting its game (I took a USA store link, but here in Brazil the same features were promoted):

      -Course Maker
      Create and customize your own race circuit on world renowned locations spanning several tens of square kilometers

      -Online Race Organizer
      Form and manage your own communities & events from local, domestic to global

      -Mobile Device Compatibility
      Extend your Gran Turismo experience anywhere through Smart Phone, Tablet or PC

      I’m done here. All the above are promises, made by spokespeople while on record or on the official store. I will keep playing and trying to get good online races. But still am, as hundreds here are, a customer wanting much more.

      Hope your luck continues when playing online with 10 player races with no pitsops (bugged) while enjoying the new fully simulated star system (great feature for a racing game!).

  51. chevyisawesome

    You people need to chill out a little, it’s hard to use a system like the ps3 when you got such little space to work with, really you can complain all you want now but when GT7 comes out for the PS4, there should be no complaining, as it’ll be much easier and faster to get everything in it. I don’t plan on giving up GT series for the Forza series (for one don’t wanna pay $700 for the xbox 1 and forza) and in forza you just can’t drive go karts or go on the moon for a mission or even have time change or weather change.

  52. GTfanda

    GT6 released 3 months ago. List of major bugs not fixed yet:
    – sector/split times during online free practice/qualifying works only for pole position player.
    – with racing tyres rear wheels get corrupted after doing online pitstop.
    – some MR cars physic is corrupted. It’s not possible to drive such cars.
    – in solo online qualifying other car lights are still visible.
    – with DS3 no tyre selection is shown when you have to do a tyre change in online race.
    – brake balance not adjustable using a wheel.
    – all cars placed at one place when online qualifying starts.
    – replay stucks GT6.
    … and hundreds of minor ones.

    These bugs prevent organizing of proper races in my GT6 community.
    We all try to be optimistic and very patient, but more and more community members are leaving and starting new career on PC platform.
    Latest update brought nothing valuable, but I still believe…………..

    1. StLCards

      Looking at your list….
      – brake balance… myself and the group I race with can change that setting just fine with our wheels
      – cars at one place when qualifying… we choose the “alone” setting so we don’t have others on the track
      – what you mean “racing tires rear wheels get corrupted after doing online pitstop”?

    2. TheBull

      He means when you pit in a race ,the rear wheels burn twice as fast as before you went in ,its noticeable at Daytona in Nascars as well as changing your tune to what feels like the default tune ,also he missed off that Rolling starts dont work online on any speedway track

    3. GTfanda

      – solo qualifying is not a solution, I can race alone then.
      – online PIT stop corrupts rear wheels setting (seems like toe goes to max) = your rear wheels breaks on straights and are gone twice as fast. Lap times cca +2sec.
      – … etc..
      Additionaly I realized cold tyres color is reverted back to light blue. Antiupdate done?

      Not just to stay negative…
      I really like the graphics and game menu. Those are almost perfect.
      But … I’m here to race!

    4. GTfanda

      Non-driveable MR? Best examples are GT FordGT & Delta wing. Take it and take a lap in online lobby :) Good luck!

  53. Prelude85

    Everyone’s complaining about GT6 with the lack of updates and I’m over here playing Tourist Trophy dreaming of a part 2.

    1. Makkan786

      I remember tourist trophy very well it was gran turismo on motor bikes brilliant game it was hope to see bikes added into gt7 along with cars would be awsome but in the meantime pd have broken there promises with all 3months of dlc still nothn

    2. StLCards

      I haven’t played TT in what seems like forever, should pop it in and see if a wheel works. I struggled using the controller with it way back when.

  54. Wider

    Gran Turismo 6 HotFixes
    The following change has been implemented:

    – The content of the Dealership has been updated.

    What does it mean?

    1. con360

      The BMW M4 Coupe Frozen Black Metallic has been removed from the dealership as it qas added by accident by the update.

  55. DCybertron

    Racing gear now has to be bought independently for color? Dang it. I liked having every single color after a purchase.

  56. TokoTurismo

    I can see why everyone is fustrated. I mean come on, defenders has to think about it. We waited one whole month for this type of update, like what is this? I mean I like it (for only being able to make full fledged free run rooms), but what about the promised features?

    Talk about false advertising…

    pCARS can’t get here soon enough, because that game is REALLY looking promising.

  57. Pedaltotheend

    Bla, bla, bla, … all together nothing.
    What about broken promises?
    It’s March and no new track or track editor.
    Blame on you PD.

    1. Rage9one

      As for all you lamers complaining, if you don’t like what PD is doing, go play something else if you have nothing better to do than complain.

    2. Master Weasel

      Yawn…the “Go play something else” defense is getting old. I still enjoy GT6, but I would like for PD to stop beating around the bush and be real with us, like at least giving us a estimate on when PROMISED features, that were most likely the motive behind a lot of purchases, are coming.

    3. sailworksman

      Actually, the “Go play something else” defense is valid. There is life out there other than the GT series. If you are only hanging onto GT6, you are missing quite a lot.

    4. Master Weasel

      I play Forza and other games as well. That doesn’t mean I’m going to just forget about GT6. PD doesn’t get off that easy.

  58. jhw93

    I can understand why people are annoyed with the lack of a good update, I too have been waiting in anticipation for this and I am also disappointed with the update. However, all the people raging on about how they’re not gonna play the game anymore because a sound update or track editor hasn’t arrived yet is just stupid in my opinion.

    I also want to see new tracks/cars, track editor, new car sounds but at the end of the day, i understand that it takes a lot of work to implement these new features. If it comes later then we thought it would, is it really that bad? At the moment I am just accepting and enjoying the game for what it is, I will keep playing the game on and off till GT7 comes out anyway, free feature updates are awesome and i’m grateful for it simply because PD are one of the few that do it.

    I understand that people have bought the game, but what other developers offer big feature updates?, not many. If you choose to not play the game anymore just because a certain thing has not arrived yet is a silly stance to take imo, I’m getting my moneys worth out of it while the new updates roll in.

    1. SnakeOfBacon

      Exactly! The only racing game I can think of that got as much post-release update attention as GT is Burnout Paradise.

    2. Quakebass

      Has everyone forgotten that the reason GT6 is getting frequent updates post-launch is so that PD can actually FINISH their game…? It is openly advertised as an unfinished product on their official website.

    1. Rage9one

      You’re the only joke here, go play something else if this bothers you. You people really have nothing else to do than complain?…..

    2. Streeto

      @Rage9one I have every right to complain when we were supposed to have that new course last month, community features in January, and “monthly track DLC”.

      What has happened? Nothing.

      Do we know why? No.

      I payed for an unfinished game (knowingly), I should be given an excuse for these delays, not left in the dark like I’m worthless.

      PD couldn’t care less about their fan base.

    3. doodlemonoply

      No one ever said the community features in January, it said “in a future update”, which could be any time.

    4. iainoflo85

      @doodle – It was said at Ronda that the Community features would come in January.

      Check the news post about it.

  59. Haitauer

    wow.. that is lame even on PDs update standarts. I wasnt expecting much, but still they went under. Multi monitor support? That is useless to 99% of the players (the customers and money bringers of PD by the way). And then we get few new filters to tick a box online and some filter adjustment on the games it self (the kart stuff). That is a weeks worth of work for one lazy person at PD – what have the rest been doing? The only useful thing i found: “It is now possible to check regulation settings in the confirmation popup dialog before entering a room”. nice..

    Well – i guess i keep my hopes up for a proper DLC. Maybe they are not speaking about monthly updates anyway, but some actual DLC. Maybe the updates just prepare the game for the dlc.. maybe. It still is to me the best driving game on consoles and I think the change in physics/ feel of the cars from GT5 is a lot bigger that many review claim – but i can understand the frustration from players who dont feel/care about these small nuances.

    its just that the game is starting to feel less like japanese precision engineering and more like over engineering. The leaders at PD seem to be so obsessed with the details that they forget what makes a difference.

    Im not counting out some Skyrim type of optimizing issues. They have squeezed everything out the ps3 has got to give and now it might be getting hard to add anything more without crippling the game. I sure hope that is not the case..

    1. young car joc

      They have no control over the vgt cars, they first need to receive the finished product from the manufacturers. After that they need to make it a virtual model then they need to make seep rate models for damage, dirty, and different paint schemes. After that they need to apply the aero tests and the suspension tests because there are company names attached to how those work and if they fail… They need to go back to fix it, they need to first trouble shoot, is it a polygon failure, non collidable error, and the list goes on. They will fix it, they will put it in the game and then you will come back to message boards and complain because it isn’t what you wanted.

  60. Danny280zxturbo

    PD we know you guys can do better, fix your servers and close gt5 servers already because gt6 online is dead sometimes. The game is better than gt5 but the features and options are very poor.

  61. BTR330

    The problem is that since some of the polyphony staff went on GTP reading the forums,confronted with all the moaning and bitching,PD decided to hate their costumer base in return now…Probably they are enjoying themselves on daily basis here since dec. 6th,the day where they finally made it happen what they dreamed about for so long,global launch of a GT in alpha stage,without any real intention to fix it.It’s time to face the truth kids,Kaz and his crew playing wicked mind games with ya’ll,the more bad hard ya want something implemented,the less you’ll get it,especially a new sound engine,cause that is their ‘masterpiece’.lol

    1. BTR330

      GTP is part of this game by the way,or why you think there has been a poll added to see wich cars and tracks the users wanted the most getting implemented by updates or future GT’s ? that was just for PD to know wich cars and tracks NOT going to get implemented later on…pretty sick,what? xD

    2. Jawehawk

      GTP is in no way affiliated with PD. It’s a private forum run by Jordan and the site staff. If PD ran it, it would be a mess, just like the game.

  62. Magic Ayrton

    If this is setting a trend for the future of Gran Turismo, then I have just saved myself the trouble of purchasing a Playstation 4.

    To say that I am extremely disappointed is a mastery of understatement.

    1. phil_75


      What a joke GT has become.

      The defenders are so idiotic, its because of you lot saying it is all good and fine and actually enjoying sub par content, bugs and missing features that they can get away with it.

      You absolute clowns!

    2. Filip_Ovik

      I do really NOT like that a lot people seem to have hacked their cars online. But anyway, I’ll move my ass over to Assetto Corsa, the Corsa team do really want the players to give feedback so they can improve the game.

  63. kayto101

    i know its great and all but we havent had any new vition gt cars since the launch and the new track we were proised for the start of febuary we still havent got it

    1. MeanElf

      That’s the first I’ve heard that the track was promised for the start of February – care to share a link to that because I was only aware that it might be sometime in Feb…

  64. TheGTGuy

    PD will give us the stuff we where promised but in time, I rather they take there time on DLC then rush it just because of a few whiners. Think about it, it takes PD 6 months to model a circuit so the track we’ll be getting still takes time as does the sounds. I can’t see PD doing all 1,000 cars but I’d say a fair amount of them will be done but it all takes time so be patient and in the meantime these patches come in handy.

    1. Mozartist

      A few whiners?!

      For your edification my friend, about 90% of posters on this website are whiners. And the rest are lickers. Being a democratic fellow myself, I am a whiner and quite justified. Seems like PD now stands for: Plundering the Dummies.

      To the lickers, how do you like the nice birdies at Autumn Ring, or the pretty little stars in night driving? All accurately designed for your “racing” enjoyment, of course.


    2. Hypergolem

      I’m entitled to whine as much as I want since PD promised and announced features (even on the disc box) that are not yet delivered. I don’t care if they are overwhelmed because they are working on GT7 or still supporting GT5. I bought every single GT since the beginning (including GT for the PSP) and at this point I can say that GT7 is not on my list of the next games I will buy.
      I paid $60 for a game that is missing 50% of the most important features. You say be patient… Patience has a limit. When are we going to get the course making feature? Next year? When the community features? In 2016? Come on… This is ridiculous.

    3. Prelude85

      Let the whiners whine, gives them something to do instead of perfecting their driving skills. They bought the damn game, they knew what they were getting into. Same people would have complained over a late release date to be perfected.

      Personally I wish we could have a whiners category, if you want to hear what the negative Nancies have to say you can click the whiners box. If not, keep it unchecked, though I imagine the comments section would be pretty empty.

    4. steebz

      Prelude you need to shut up. Seriously.

      GT5 was a bit of a lemon. We understood and gave Kaz one more chance to get it right.

      He has failed miserably by feeding us this unfinished GT5 update. (Which is EXACTLY what GT5 is)



      This abomination of a game is heading the same way so stick your preaching where the sun don’t shine!!!!!!!!!

      God damn fanboys do my head in

    5. Devedander

      What exactly gives you the ability to talk with such certainty? I am under the impression there are things from GT5 that were never delivered on…

  65. Hentis01

    Have you guys that are whining about no content thought for one minute that PD may be a bit behind schedule in releasing updates and DLC. Obviously this update was was supposed to have been released before the other stuff as its only a minor update.

    I really wish the comments were disabled again.

    1. Cyber_stig_77

      They are always behind schedule ! If a company is consistently behind schedule they need more staff not excuses ! I’m sure they would make 10 fold in revenue compared to the cost of wages for more staff due to being able to release more frequent content.

    2. Streeto

      It’s obvious they’re behind schedule, it’s the lack of reasons WHY that annoys the hell out of us.

  66. M2M design

    New Updated 1:05: important features? No, nothing, nothing, nothing! Two months of waiting. Kazu, congratulations! My best regards, with my middle finger!

  67. disinfected

    The majority are beginning to sound like that child that cries in the store when mom doesn’t buy them a toy they were “promised.”

    1. RodrigoDLL

      “promised”? We were PROMISED! Read the cover of your disc and see how many things are missing. See how many features were REMOVED from gt5. See interviews by PD executives.
      And don’t forget the “child” in question bought the game himself. We are consumers complaining about being cheated. If you love being ripped off, fine, but let everyone else complain.

    2. phil_75

      @Disinfected – Are you for real, maybe you should go with Microsoft Xbone next console if you like being sold bug ridden, subpar products with features missing.

      People like you are absolute dummies!

    1. hardvibes

      Yes I’m serious. Of course I know Grid2 is a complete different game. I can’t remember the last time I had fun playing GT. Now that’s what I want. Shuffle races and new sounds could help for a more immersive experience………but no. Still nothing.
      Not to mention that the menus and options are not user friendly. When I try to get into a race, the game doesn’t help me to fix automatically the limitations such as PP, aids.
      Please don’t tell me about elitism. I played GT5 religiously with DFGT then FANATEC CSR (no aids) and now I’m trying to “accept” GT6 for what it is.

      I just don’t feel it, I’m bored.

  68. YZF

    Things not fixed after 1.05:

    – unrealistic top speeds (370kph with stock SL55AMG !!? Yeah right….)

    – unrealistic dynamic shadows covering cockpit dials – at times you can not see speedo or tacho at all. Nonsence.

    Are they even aware of these flaws?

    1. Onetruetee

      Been playing Gt5 the last couple of weeks, sounds in Gt6 are much better i must say. Tip, set your sound preferences to small theatre and don’t use television build-in speakers . The mixing of the sounds is what needs to be improved imo.

    2. Amac500

      May I suggest you only drive the Cizetta, lol, they got the sound great in that car, might be the only one in the game that is spot on. Idk why they don’t take the Cizetta’s engine sample and put it on the Mercedes Sauber C9 as it is the similar throaty sound is important on that car. As long as the sound is in the ballpark I don’t really mind. They really need to fix the sound of Group B car like the Audi Quattro, because the sound of them chirping and spitting is especially important to the essence of those cars.

    3. HuskyGT

      @ Amac500

      You are correct, and the Cizeta has been one of my favorite cars since GT4 for this. There are a bunch of cars that have pretty accurate sounds and I’m okay with those. Sounds are not at all bad in GT5 and GT6. The just need to correct some cars that don’t even sound like they had the engine they should have.

      @Onetruetee @moxlox

      First we have to understand what we are talking about when we say “sounds.” Since the early days of GT5 I’ve been explaining that there is a huge confusion here at the forums, or lack of specification when people criticize the sounds. See, there are people who don’t really know or care about accuracy; they just want loud, 2f2f, Hollywood like sounds, no matter if their Civic sounds like a Supra. And then there are people like me, car enthusiasts and people who prefer accuracy over these things. Let me explain:

      Sound effects in the game are perfect in my opinion. Sure, in some cases they are a bit “windy” or muted, but I haven’t played a game with sounds as smooth as GT. the Doppler effect on replays is just beautiful and the differences of sound from different angles is something that no game does like GT. So sound, as in effects themselves are in my opinion as good as they get.

      Sound samples, as in an engine configuration specific note is what should be improved. And this should be easy to implement by PD if they really cared. We have 6 cylinder cars sounding like 4 cylinders, like the Supra SZR; L6 engines sounding like V8’s, like the E46 BMW M3; V12’s sounding like V8’s or V10 like in the case of the V12 Lambos. Iconic cars like the Veyron, the Huayra, the old Viper; all those cars have terribly inaccurate samples that don’t even get close to what they should sound. These and many examples can be given.

      Most of us who have been playing GT since it’s first days are car enthusiasts and loyal fans. I think it’s fair that after 15 years PD does something about it. It’s not even necessary to go out and record car sounds; they already have a solid amount of sounds they could rearrange and assign accordingly to each car.

  69. MLRSparco

    From what I’ve seen there still isn’t a Premium and Standard option in the dealership,whats up with that?

    1. Quakebass

      There isn’t (and won’t be) a separate designation for Standard and Premium cars anymore – this was announced WAY before GT6 even launched…

  70. DylanBP15

    Every one of you guys that are freaking out because you didn’t get what you wanted, can go elsewhere and cry about it. Be glad you have an update. Polyphony doesn’t have to do squat; but they do. So stop whining and be ready for something else next month.

    1. Quakebass

      No, actually, if they don’t provide the content that they advertised, that’s false advertising.

      People payed for the online/community features, B-Spec, course creator, knowing that it wouldn’t be there day-one. But honestly, it is ABSOLUTELY unreasonable for PD to take 3 months to put features in GT6 that already exist in GT5. (Some exceptions made for the revamped course creator).

      Plus, they already announced monthly updates, AND DLC content for February – none of which happened. We STILL don’t have the “February” DLC. We payed for things that we were told we’d received, and we haven’t received them. We have EVERY right to be angry.

    2. HuskyGT

      No. As a PD/GT supporter since the first game I have ALL the right to complain here. I’m not glad we had this joke of an update after all the feedback that we’ve been giving. This just proves that PD doesn’t listen at all and it’s getting VERY irritating.

      I expect another update this Tuesday that adds all the features they promised, plus the most bug fixes possible.

      I’m seriously done with GT for now. As a loyal fan I will keep waiting, but in the meantime I’ll move on to something else.

    3. Streeto

      Well actually they do Dylan since they gave us a 50% finished game, and told us we would recieve a handful of new features and “one track per month”.

      Get your nose out of their ***, and stop living in the past.

      This is how the gaming industry works now, release unfinished game, throw out the rest as DLC.

    1. Amac500

      There was maintainance, the server was down for a while. They had to do maintenance because they changed stuff in the online rooms.

  71. UrbanLlama

    I stayed up till 2am for nothing. I play my console on my TV like most people. So multi-monitor support means nothing to me. There’s still nothing new for me to really do in a game that i’m getting more and more bored of as the days and weeks continue. I for one am pretty disappointed.

    1. liv4hardstyle

      Wah wah wah “i stayed up till 2am”.. Listen to yourself and harden the f*** up.. God don’t ppl work any more?

  72. DYLAN777-is-not

    A step in the right direction for sure. I really don’t know why their main focus is giving even more tracks and cars as dlc. The game itself is so unpolished I don’t even get why people play it. I don’t play online because the competition is so unbalanced and boring(too many older ‘protuner’ guys that never allow aids for those who don’t spend hours tuning their cars nor is there ever much variation in race lobbies: another 500pp race full of nsx’s on trail mountain… ). Plus the career mode is as exciting as waiting at a dental office. Until they add features that make it different or better than gt5 im done with it.

  73. Beaviz86

    Yeah a search function who needs a track editor or realistic car sounds or a 24h race with b spec…

    1. Amac500

      The Cizetta V16T has had a realistic engine sound since launch… but yeah that’s about it, since all electric vehicles don’t count as car :P

    1. Amac500

      I have a revolutionary idea for PD. How about you, WHAT UNTIL THE CONTENT IS READY BEFORE YOU TEASE IT! You showed it, said it would be here in 1.05 mid-February. Now it’s nearing mid-March, 1.05 is finally here, and it DOESN’T HAVE WHAT YOU SAID IT WOULD! This coming from one of the most patient guys in the world with PD, you have got to get it together because you are become less reputable by the minute. If the track isn’t out for the next batch of TTs on Wednsday, we are going to have a problem.

    2. Quakebass

      They didn’t say mid-february, and they only made claims on the date of new track, nothing else.

      But that makes it no less acceptable to hold back content (especially some that was present in GT5) this long. If they were going to take so long releasing community features, they should’ve made the offline career MUCH longer… Really, they should’ve done that anyways.

    3. Onetruetee

      100 mb , the track could be there … Maybe thursday it gets revealed in a seasonal ??
      Let’s stay positive.

    4. GTHEAD87

      They never actually said it was getting released until some prick found a leak and made it viral. This is why things get kept under wrap. So high expectations can’t come of it. When it leaked everyone had a solid boner over a few clips. How long did we wait for the acura nsx concept after its video? 2 years was it? And a new game. I wouldnt bet that the next seasonals bring a new track. Just false hope.

    5. slidinsidewayz

      Why am I not surprised? I got a 3 monitor setup but still perfer the content… I could care less about updates and whatnot, but when you publicly announce the release of something, then you should probably release it within said time. Or at the very least let people know your behind schedule or something… honestly im only looking forward to track editor so this tournament can continue… we moved it from gt5 to gt6 because the anticipated track editor on here.. so yea our league has been down for months. Ps our league only runs on custom tracks..imo I dont care about all the bugs n stuff. Not every game is perfect so I can deal with that but to me this game is almost as disappointing as going out to the store to buy gt6 and you get home and open it to see that the disc inside was call of duty instead… not literally but you get the point.

    6. Amac500

      I’m all for fixing the bugs, in fact they should, but they need to show my something to. Mix a little flash in with the substance. In one update fix something and add a little context, in the next update fix something else and add a little content. Ya know?

    7. Quakebass

      Let’s hope the next update brings at LEAST all of the said-community features… And this next update doesn’t take another two months to launch…

    8. Swagger897

      Hey… That some prick is Ameer67… Has done a lot more contribution to GTP and the series than you have…

    9. GTHEAD87

      Swagger897, I wrote back to your comment last night and it seems to be gone. It was very justified. I’ll say it briefly. I am a GT fan and have contributed since its first ever launch in the UK. The word prick is used for anyone who ruins a surprise. Don’t be all angry when someone writes their thought on a public thread. I didnt mean respect to Ameer67.

      Quakebass, i’m guessing you never saw the leaks before that imterview? If so you wouldn’t have posted that link.

    10. MeanElf

      I’m with you OneTrueTree – Sony need to test and approve all DLC first, so maybe there is a hold-up on that side.

    11. GTHEAD87

      I sure hope so. Either way, I ain’t going to abandon the game. Ot has enough for the amount of time I have to play it.

    1. StLCards

      I’m stoked about this update as well, finally get to race GT6 using all three screens instead of the middle one.

    1. NA

      Why did the cow cross the road?

      To get to the utter side.

      (That’s a total utter joke. :P )(I don’t know what to call the update though.)

    1. OwensRacing

      Agreed. I’ve been waiting for the multi monitor support since day one. No doubts I will fire up GT6 tomorrow. Open my other two discs. Update the three ps3’s and enjoy myself. Now what car to drive first. Hehehe prob that RedBull jr. Thing sounds pretty good and drives like a dream. Then I’ll knock out some more of the A spec.

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