Gran Turismo PSP Box Art Revealed


Here it is, folks: your first look at the official box art for Gran Turismo PSP.  As you can see, it features Chevrolet’s hottest Corvette ever, the ZR1.  Kazunori Yamauchi himself selects the car to appear on each game’s cover – what made him pick the ZR1 to receive such prestigious recognition?  As it turns out, he’s spent quite a bit of time hanging around the ‘Big 3’ in Detroit, taking a particular fondness for American muscle cars in the process.  His latest interview with Motor Trend revealed his new-found fascination with the culture of the U.S. automotive industry:

“This spring I visited Detroit a few times, mainly to see the factories of the Big 3, and their museums and archives. What I came to realize in those visits was that the designs and mechanisms of American cars, 

in all eras over the years, have always been aimed towards a bright new future that all little kids dream about, and always full of emotion. And I also found that when I’m surrounded by these generations of American cars, it just makes me happy.

This is something I’ve never experienced in European car museums. I don’t feel the same kind of happiness or excitement in them, rather I become awed at their practicality and engrossing history of engineering, and it is more a humbling, almost holy experience where you appreciate this in silence. That’s when I realized, that American cars are so full of peoples’ dreams, and that’s what makes them so great.

With all the automotive industry in the world at a crisis, we all know that North American automakers are especially in a very difficult situation. And as you all know, the game “Gran Turismo” was a video game that was nurtured by the kindness of the automotive industry, and that’s why I wanted us to make something, that could cheer up people in the industry.

Many GM cars representative from the Autorama days have really helped build the foundations of my sense of beauty and values regarding cars, but something that has always been deep within my heart over the years is the long line of Corvettes. And the newest Corvette is the C6 ZR1.”

Check out the full interview right here.

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  1. namssuk

    guys your being rediculouse lets just be nice we all love gt or else we wouldnt be on this site so lets be nice okay

  2. AyJay

    Sexy box art, as always. Since PSP is region free, this would be a worldwide cover I guess. Hopefully the PSP Go has better ergonomics, since many people will probably be playing many hours of this!

  3. tomek_pl

    this sucks – I totally agree with you!!! Fucking nascar just racing around with the same cars. So gay!!!

  4. GTMad

    The cover is typical of GT and that’s in no way a bad thing. Simplicity is the key, no need to clutter the image area.
    Complaining about box art is petty, i mean it must be a sad small minority that does. GET OVER IT and just focus on the damn game itself! (Rant over lol)

  5. Marmar

    Who cares if its an American car or European ? what if the box art was a TATA car ? does that mean they love India ? oh my god .. these guys are just .. I dunno what to say. they EVEN complain about box art … go !@#$ yourself. LOL I have no idea where did this word “Microsoft” is doing here.

  6. nick

    looks pretty generic, but pretty, PD usually do something more interesting.
    i would of liked to see more of the hood scoop!

  7. Terronium-12

    You have got to be the most ignorant person I’ve seen in a good while.

    First off, while this is a website focused around Gran Turismo, perhaps you should have a look in the forum and notice that it’s just about as centered on motorsport (which GT is) as it is on the key subject.

    And what in the hell does Microsoft have to do with any of this? People taking cheap shots at Microsoft is already old and tired, it’s just borderline annoying now.

    Last thing, it’s called a culture – and cultures are embraced, more often than not on a Worldwide basis. If you don’t like it just don’t play the game and shut up.

  8. this sucks

    yeah. whatever. this website iss about gran turismo not motor sport you idiot. go eat more hamburgers.

  9. Alan

    I couldnt give a tit about the box cover on the psp version, give me the cover for the proper gt5 game, the game that people are actually gonna buy, the psp is for kids under the age of ten

  10. ralph89

    I got four words for you this sucks “Shut the f””” up!” What’s inside GTPSP is matter not the f***ing cover. Grow up, and stop acting like a little girl. And about the console war. No one give sh”” it’s all about Motor Sports on this website not some ignorant opinion like yours. Get the f**k outta here.

  11. this sucks

    sorry guys but i just hate when Polyphony lick ass of Americans.
    Ford GT in the intro of GT4, Corvette on cover for PSP version and Nascar in GT5. OMG.
    and they still don’t buy this great game. they love fucking Forza, Need For Speed and fucking Microsoft. let’s clear this. Sony will lost in those console world and X-Box 3 will be only console on the market. no Gran Turismo 6 in the future.

    gt5p sales:
    270,000 copies in Japan, 610,000 in North America, 1.45 million in Europe.
    Polyphony don’t respect us Europeans enough.

    and it’s not only Polyphony fault. it’s all over gaming, movies and whatever.
    WTF. Travis fucking Pastrana in new Colin Dirt 2 and Codemasters show in gameplay movies some stupid stadium in LA. lol. Rallying is european thing.

  12. Mustangmiha

    I hope that cover is only for US because Corvette doesn’t have anything with GT or PD. They should put GT-R or something creative.

  13. Bogie 19th

    “Basically USA motorsport was, and really still is a joke to the rest of the world.”

    LOL at the troll who said that.

  14. David

    Thats hardly the best angle to show off the ZR-1, it looks so generic in that picture. Most casual gamers will think its a Porsche Carrera GT or something. Unless you really know your US cars most (especially in the EU) wont know what it is.

    What would have been better would have been a top down shot showing off the exposed engine bit on the bonnet. I hope the GT5 cover is less generic, GT4’s cover was very classy and unique.

  15. E

    thats great that he has a heart for american cars cuz besides tha vette no other modern day car has gotten love in video games so lets hope the following are in the game……….plz bring these cars in: charger srt, challenger rt, 300c srt, mustang gt, ford gt, Shelby gt500, G8 GT or GXP, camaro ss, and the cts- v my fav muscle car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not to mention the classics like the 96 impala ss, 70 chevelle……etc……….

  16. Pierced Lead

    The car is good, but that shot is just bad. Not that I don’t like it, but so many other games (NFS?) have used that shot, so it seems like PD are copying it.

  17. JohnC

    Hey, I’m looking forward to racing a ZR1 against it’s Italian rivals to see for myself if American cars are really trying their best to build a car up to the highest standards in the worlds economic down turn. GM are losing money so quickly that they might not build sportscars for much longer.

    Anyway, could anyone confirm the realease date for the game in Ireland/Uk for me. And Is the UMD going to come out on the same date?

  18. walsall fc

    im not complaining and im english! btw, will this box only be for the UMD disc, or will it be for the downloadable version to?

  19. alba

    Ahh, my bad… here’s the full one and it looks just right now, knew it…

    [url=]Full boxart picture here[/url] :D

  20. djcorrosive

    Who cares, its for PSP and its just box art!

    If u really want a better one use one of the ones that were posted on here, heaps of nice ones made by the GTP community.

    I for one dont care about box art at all. i dont sit there staring at the box .

  21. alba

    That must be the first polyphony boxart I’m actually a little bit disappointed with, the car is cool but it looks a bit… I don’t know… but I guess that picture is cropped. Hmhmhmhmmhm!

  22. Imari

    You can tell that Polyphony don’t want to talk about their games much when they’re doing interviews about how they chose the box art…

    I mean, at what point does it stop being a brilliant plan of building suspense about a product and just start being plain obtuse?

  23. richard

    The ZR1 is propabley the first American car that is really any good in terms of worldwide motorsport. Don’t forget that the GT40 and shelby cobra were designed and built by English engineers so they don’t count. In fact Henry Ford commisioned the GT40 to be built in England because he new that their wasn’t a single engineering crew in America that could build a car that could compete with Ferrari. Basically USA motorsport was, and really still is a joke to the rest of the world. But all Credit to the ZR1, it’s quick AND it can turn a corner!

    But i’d have to say that over all american cars are very poor in terms of racing, although i grew up with Dukes of hazard, cannonball run and Smokey & the Bandit so i do have a soft spot for muscle cars!

  24. Zimmerd

    Haha, I don’t know why people can act like a jerk just because of a box art.
    It just looks good, and it’s a good car, point final.
    A real car enthusiast can’t ignore the sound of a good american muscle car.

  25. tobbas

    No a big muscle car fan either, but you have to respect the ZR1, its badass (except the interior hehe)… but did you all forget what car is on the cover of GT4?

    Re American Muscle: Camaro would not work on the cover looks too silly, toy car! but if there where regional covers id only care about the PAL version :P, but really who cares? its just to help them sell units of the shelves isnt it?

  26. American Muscle

    absolutely love it. this would make me buy the game even though i had no clue what the game was about. looks amazing. hopefully KY will put the new Camaro on the GT5 box art. lol. or they should have an import for the japanese version a british car for britain, a german car for germany, and the new Camaro for the US. that would be AWESOME

  27. Bram87

    I think it is nicely done, I’m not planning on buying it, but It looks good.. It could have very well been an other car for me, it’s the look that does it. And don’t go hating the cover of a game, love the content.
    Now only to wait for the box-art of GT5…

  28. Aaron

    Typical ignorant bullshit spewed forth from an asshole in the form of “This Sucks”.

    We get it; You hate Amerikka. Way to be original with your point of view….

  29. MarcoM

    I will get the psn version so the boxart is not important. Actually the boxart should not lead to racist spam. That’s just stupid.

    In fact, I love the psp GTm boxart. Looks GT worthy to me.

  30. hmm...

    I’ll let this one pass because it’s the PSP version… Better not pull this sort of crap in GT5.

    BTW does this apply to all regions or is it the cover for the North American version only?

  31. ralph89

    What’s up with the American car hating? I think ZR1 is a great car, even though I’m a huge fan of import that doesn’t mean I’ll hate American car like it’s a religious fight being racist. Yes, there are a lot of bad American car, but a car like corvette’s, Ford GT’s, Viper’s, and Mustang’s got good rep on motor sport. If I were you all hating I’ll just appreciate what KY is doing for motor sport enthusiast around the world, instead of acting like a 10 years old kid that got mad, because someone took his or her candy.

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