GT Academy 2012 Rounds 5 and 6 Now Available, 50 Million Miles Driven

May 27th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

Two new rounds of time trials have just been unlocked in the free GT Academy 2012 mini-game, just as participants log nearly 50 million miles driven in the simulator. Here’s a closer look at the new challenges:

Round 5 – Nissan Skyline GT-R V・spec II Nür (GT Academy) ’02

  • High-Speed S Curves with Steep Elevation
  • Continuous Hairpin Corners with Steep Elevation
  • Spa-Francorchamps, ‘Pouhon’
  • Suzuka Circuit, ‘Degner Curve’
  • Series of Corners at Dusk, Low Visibility

Round 6 – GT-R Black edition (GT Academy) ’12

  • Nürburgring, ‘Pflanzgarten’
  • Sections with Rapid Elevation Changes
  • Top Gear Test Track, ‘Hammerhead’
  • Downhill S Curve
  • Sarthe at Night, ‘Hunaudieres’

Round 7 and the all-important Round 8 (whose final time-trial challenge will determine which participants move on to their respective national finals) will be available on June 10. Round 8 is also, of course, expected to reveal Polyphony Digital’s latest rendition of the Twin Ring Motegi circuit.

As previously announced, prizes awarded in the GT Academy mini-game will be made available in Gran Turismo 5 on July 4.

For now, visit our GT Academy 2012 Forum for more analysis and discussion with your fellow competitors!

GT5 Photomode image by Des Foley.

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  1. Jun. 2, 3:19pm

    could i still be able to do all the gt academy events even after gt academy is over? i am grounded til maybe the end of july and i must know

  2. Jun. 1, 3:16pm

    I’m in the top 200 consistently throughout round six, using DS3. Would it be worthwhile investing in a steering wheel with respect to lap times ?!

    • Jun. 2, 4:41am

      DAmn dude, you’re good. I’m not sure, I always felt that the wheel was better but probably not for the more tighter turns.

    • Jun. 2, 12:43pm
      Pit Crew

      i say go 4 it but get acclumated to ot first. theres a link on the website that could help you get some ideas for whats in your price range. being a handyman may help as you may need to build a rig or atleast have a spacey area. (man cave if possible )

      the g27 is1 of the best made by logitech. i would start there and work backwards. gl :)

  3. May. 31, 8:07pm

    I’ve gotten gold on all stages but deleted the GT academy because it had my system freezing & not loading on the academy & GT5. Has anyone else been having this problem?

    • Jun. 1, 4:46am

      I’ve been having freezing problems constantly, but I’m not sure if it would be related to GT Academy 2012 being installed.

      One thing is for certain, I can’t play a game more than 4-5 hours without my PS3 freezing.

  4. May. 30, 4:34pm

    Bacon is good

  5. May. 30, 2:05pm

    Don’t give up after one trial. Just keep shaving off your previous time. Use your ghost to help you…

    • May. 30, 2:10pm


    • May. 30, 2:10pm

      Made a new post woops my bad

  6. May. 30, 9:32am

    Whats the best way to get gold on 6-2 need help.

    • May. 30, 10:50am

      IF you need advice then I think sadly this competition isn’t for you, no offence.

    • May. 30, 10:55am

      Tbh, if you need advice on how to be quicker then I don’t think this comp is for you, no offence.

    • May. 30, 11:04am

      Posted twice, oops.

    • May. 30, 12:28pm

      Don’t try to get it in every attempt. Drive slow and find the right lines and once you have then drive faster.

    • May. 30, 12:56pm

      Download one of the top times and use it as a benchmark or an example of how to get a good time. That’s what I’ve been doing, and it’s gotten me (and kept me) in the 220’s to 230’s of event 5-1. Jus watch the brake lights of the ghost car to see where he brakes, and DON’T slow down if you pass it.

    • May. 30, 1:57pm

      ^ Oops, “Jus” is supposed to be “Just”, sorry.

  7. May. 30, 2:11am

    What car u guys think is comeing for 7 and 8 round

    • May. 30, 5:48pm

      Isn’t it been said like million times already? Nissan GT-R (tuned) and Nissan 370z (tuned).

  8. May. 29, 8:39pm

    I think the cars in round 7 and 8 are going to be the GT-R THAT IS USED TO COMPETE IN THE gt-1 RACES and a LMP nissan.
    That will be our DLC (free) plus the other 6 cars and the driving suit! in JULY! ( if you earned a gold medal in everything ) HOPE they ADD MONTEGI as well.

    • May. 29, 10:11pm

      It would indeed be cool to finally drive the Nissan Signatech Oreca 03 LMP2 car. Here’s hoping that’s what it is, so I can go out for a lap around Twin Ring Motegi in my new Nissan LMP2 wearing the awesome GT Academy suit. :)

      I wonder if the suit is going to be classified as a “special uniform” and automatically change my helmet *and* my suit, or if the suit and the helmet are going to be separate. I typically try to avoid using rally-style helmets in GT Life mode unless I’m competing in a rally; that way, it looks more realistic.

    • May. 30, 9:50pm

      Hate to break it to you guys but we’ll be using a tuned 370Z and tuned GT-R for rounds 7 & 8.

  9. May. 29, 8:31pm

    DAMN! I just got 205th on 5-1! I used the E-Brake on the left hander to slide through the inside… I bet if I gave this a few more hours I could do slightly better…

    • May. 29, 8:37pm

      …And now the webpage for that event is glitching… WHAT HAVE I DONE?

    • May. 30, 1:29am

      And about 5 hours later, I’m at the #212 spot. I’d better work on that time…

  10. May. 29, 7:42pm

    Round 6-5 has been reset.

    Reason: You could go behind the last set of cones after the 2nd chicane.

    There are now two sets of two cones there instead of one set of two.

    • May. 30, 12:29pm

      Good that they do this. And since it’s an easy one I don’t mind redoing it :-)

    • May. 31, 10:01pm

      woohoooo..i was following a 6th place ghost and he cut the corner and my jaw dropped…i just didnt think it was in the spirit of the game and contest,lets see where he is now!!!!i c

  11. May. 29, 11:43am

    What car they will use in the round 7 or 8? they already used the fastests in the premium nissan range (the 370z is faster than the R33 GTR, the 2 Sky’s and the 350z, the GTR black is faster than the older R35s), only the race cars are faster, but I doubt if they will use the super gt cars, neither the TC or RM cars, because the TC and RM cars not really exist in irl, neither the N24 GTR from last year. Maybe they will use tuned versions of the R5 and 6 cars or maybe new cars? Because we will see motegi, so, maybe 1 or 2 new cars from nissan are coming?

    • May. 29, 8:39pm

      As far as I can tell, round 7 and 8 will supposedly just be using highly tuned versions of the Fairlady Z and the GT-R Black Edition.

  12. May. 29, 9:52am

    I’m enjoying GT Academy. It’s nice to compete against your friends times and the rest of the world times. One thing I don’t understand about GT Academy is, why did they not use real grip instead of low grip? I think it would help with people cutting through the grass. For people who don’t know what real grip is, it’s when you cut through the grass your tires get slippery and you don’t have grip until the debris wears off your tires. In my opinion low grip shouldn’t even be an option in GT5, it just promotes dirty driving.

    • May. 29, 12:18pm


  13. May. 29, 9:23am

    From what I’ve seen, some of the tests in 1-4 clearly allow significant “OFF THE TRACK” running without being DQ’ed.

    I learn from watching the ghosts of the top 10 drivers. I could not beat number one, because he drives through the second car on the Nurburgring test and I have to go around LOL. But I still give props to the top drivers. These guys/girls are really good. I do feel that some of the moves they make are one of a kind and they might not be able to duplicate them.

  14. May. 29, 8:36am

    when will the academy be working again? cant get on it.

  15. May. 29, 8:15am

    is going inside of the cones in test 6-5 legal,i cant believe i watched a top 10 ghost do it…cheat

  16. May. 29, 6:32am

    Just read this little snippet over on the EU Gran Turismo Academy 2012 page

    “And depending on the level of achievement in in the 5th qualifying event of the final round 8, the player may be selected as a participant of the National Final Event”

    So as I read it, Rounds 8.1 to 8.4 mean nothing and Round 8.5 will be the one that counts?

    Here’s the link to the page:-

    Its in the sixth paragraph just above the table of Round availability dates.
    Would you read it as that, I mean its their in Black and White after all?

  17. May. 29, 6:23am

    So far no problem to golden all events. Even if it`s human to try every possibility it`s quite disappointing that those alien drivers are cheating. They don`t need to do so, they are alien drivers. :lol:. But if one guy starts and sets an “impossible” time the others will follow, of course. I don`t blame them though but PD that they – again – didn`t make it to keep the events free from possibilities to cut and cheat.
    Anyway – can`t wait to get a full set of GT Academy 2012 Nissans… plus Motegi track… plus racing suit… PD still rocks and I´m not a fanboy!

  18. May. 29, 5:58am

    This whole academy is massively floored. It’s not about finding the few individuals who are fastest, it’s about finding those who have the most time to practise. It can easily be so that they bring out a challenge at a certain time for four hours or less, acrioss the world, and then take it off, job done. Don;t make the challenge available until a certain time where everyone gets it at one certain time. If you cant take a day off work with say a months notice then that is your loss, but it would just equal out the competition.

    • May. 29, 8:09pm
      Pit Crew

      Its about finding talent, and if practice has anything to do with an individual player or players raising their talent level, in order to maybe get an opportunity to race real world competition, then so be it. Being hungup on players “practicing” to much and wantting to restrict their time to partcipate, is very negative. Their extra track time doesnt effect you, and this was PDs way of giving all of the GT5 community (well not all but most) a chance to be part of GTA challenge. A number of countries arent ellegible, and that’s bad enuff.

    • May. 30, 12:17pm

      I think your right it’s floored. I think the fairest way would be limiting your gold times to around 5/6 attempts rather than some people spending days to get the best time as there’s no natural talent to that,

    • May. 30, 12:38pm

      I disagree. First of all practice only goes so far and secondly race car drivers practice a lot in real life so why should the game not allow for that. Also if you limit the number of attempts or shorten the time available then what will stop people practicing using GT5 or driving a real car for that matter. And how about the equipment – do you want all to use the same screen size, the same type of controller…. regardless of what you do there will never be an completely even playing field so live with it.

      PS. Also using your idea of taking a day off then why don’t you simply take the month off. Can’t do it – then that is your loss ;-)

    • May. 30, 9:55pm

      @Blind: Practicing actually helps out a lot, not just raw talent.

    • May. 31, 1:29am

      NO, I totally disagree. If someone jumps into a car and is immediately fast, but someone needs ten attempts to reach the same speed, who would they choose. Your argument is weak. And taking a month of is ridiculous, though it’s not just work, fiancee, dog, life, gets in the way. It should be limited, end of. Look at the top gear ‘reasonably priced car challenge’, three practise laps then your final lap is taken, how about that for pressure, that’s how it should be, or as I said, let those good enough to get the final do so, then have the final only available for 2 hours, job done, game over, it’s a wrap.

    • May. 31, 9:22am
      Pit Crew

      Its a COMMUNITY challenge. If not mistaken, The first 2 GTA had a more stringent qualifying process, probably more in tune with what you suggest for this COMMUNITY DLC.

      If PD were to have followed your limited time, limit practice, limit attempts, suggestion, then there would be no reason to make the GTA DLC a COMMUNITY accessible trial, and instead would have chosen previous qualifying criteria.

      Stop creating a Mountain from a Mole hill, enjoy( or not) the game the way it is and support the GT5ers and others that will use this game/trial DLC as a stepping stone towards Real World Racig without as many bumps in the road as they would discover had they taken the natural path to MotorSport competition..

      Anyone thinks,for example… Aryton Senna didnt refine his raw talent through practice is misguided.

    • Jun. 8, 3:12pm

      your top gear example is kinda wrong,
      their best lap is recorded not final lap. And they actually have heaps of practice laps its when they are with the stig, which you dont get to see.

  19. May. 29, 2:05am

    It’s fun, but IMO, all the top drivers who win better have done it with a wheel. You should be DQ for using the controller. I’d be floored if they hand some guy or girl a racecar without their times done using a wheel. Weak!

    • May. 29, 5:21am

      Who are you to say that people who use a controller should be Disqualified? GT Academy 2012 is for everyone, not just those who use a wheel.

    • May. 29, 7:29am

      Sometimes I achieve better time with DS3 than with wheel.

    • May. 29, 9:36am

      I think that what he’s saying is that if your really good time is set on a DS3, it shouldn’t count because you don’t drive a real car car with a DS3. It’s like that guy from last GT Academy that made it to the top 32 using a DS3, but lost horribly because he wasn’t used to using the wheel, which is like wasting a perfectly good spot.

    • May. 29, 11:35am

      grazbo get a life its a game nothin mor nothin less if u wanna b a real driver buy a car an do it for real

    • May. 29, 3:47pm

      I’m going to assume you dont drive in real life because using a wheel on GT5 feels nothing like the real deal and i run the T500 wheel it’s more fun using a wheel then a controller but your statement is kinda like saying you shouldn’t be allowed to participate if you don’t use the real car… It was a bad statement they should take the top 100 or 250 from each region and put them in a real car and base the top 32 off of best lap times or most consistent lap times they could take the top 125 ds3 users an the top 125 wheel users and put them head to head

    • May. 29, 7:31pm

      I used a controller to gold the downhill s curve in round 6 instead of my wheel

    • May. 29, 9:49pm

      ggsrox added to what I’m I was thinking. KYD302, your assumption is wrong. DuskTrooper, only if they make it through. Just my opinion. I figure you will get to drive in real life, if you place at the to. Why not use a wheel? mickoafna, yes that is true, some do. Jaycue58, I’ll get right on that, just for you-KMAL. Cheers.

    • May. 30, 1:42am

      What about people who don’t have wheels? I’d like one, but I can’t afford a good one. Plus, I just made it to #212 on event 5-1 with a DS3… though, I’d be ineligible anyways since I’m too young. I understand that you’ll have better driving experience by using a wheel, but it seems unfair to disallow those without them from competing, especially if they can’t get one.

      And @Jaycue58:

      Do even understand the point of GT Academy…? It is exactly “just a game” when you’re competing to become a real racing driver… So “If you want to be a real driver buy a car and do it for real” isn’t in any a way good excuse in this situation. We’re competing to do it for real – it’d be much harder (per say) to start from the ground-up the traditional way to become a racing driver.

    • May. 30, 10:52am

      I know what you are saying but sorry I disagree.

    • May. 30, 1:03pm

      ^ With who, and with which part do you disagree…?

  20. May. 29, 1:14am
    Lord Voldemort

    Haven’t done these but hit 301st in one of the Round 4 stages. :)

  21. May. 28, 11:12pm

    I just golded them all… but I have to say… 5-5 was a real pain in the you-know-what… lol

    • May. 29, 6:08am

      Yeah have to agree there. Getting the lead off the final curve on 5-5 and then having the 2nd place car nerf you into either the barrier or cones is not something to be laughed at….. bloody AI drivers. Who do they think they are lol

    • May. 29, 8:16am

      peice of p***

    • May. 29, 9:29am

      I know right? Every time I tried to get next to the R33, the damn Z34 kept slamming into me and disqualifying me… Then again I could slam into the back of the R33 and no penalty…… And the R34 would barely turn… lol

  22. May. 28, 7:51pm

    I’m just doing it for the free cars I think now… even though theyre just the same I already have… I get gold, I move on… pointless when you dont have a wheel setup.

    Hopefully there will be something extra special for golding everything.

    • May. 28, 8:06pm

      Yeah like having cars in gt5 and a racing suit with it

    • May. 28, 8:13pm

      I’ll take that, I see no point wasting time to move up from 40’000th to 1000th place… Unless youre top 3 its pointless.

      I’ll take a few good photos with that racing suit… so thats something I guess :)

    • May. 29, 1:47am

      ^ Some people enjoy watching their rank increase, or just having something to brag about to their friends. You’re obviously not one of those people, but that’s okay. I’m hoping that the final rounds will actually be difficult to gold – I’m pretty sure that the early rounds were extremely easy so that it would bring in more people. I almost wish there were better rewards; a GT Academy sticker isn’t all that interesting. The racing suite is okay, I guess. Some sort of extra reward for getting within a certain ranking range; it may make people try harder, and give people who’re bored like you something to do.

    • May. 29, 9:40am

      Don’t the GT Academy Carsvhave “Special Performance Upgrades” like the Chrome Line cars?

    • May. 29, 12:06pm

      Ya usually only in handling. Power is a little less but usually have cool body kits

    • May. 29, 1:08pm

      ^ Only the modded ones coming in rounds 7 & 8, as for the rest, the only difference is having “GT Academy” stickers on the sides. It isn’t all that impressive. Even the modded cars can all be duplicated in GT5. The handling differences are probably differences in the Driving Aids that you may usually use; try turning off everything but the Traction Control and ABS (or just turn off the traction control, you go much quicker with it off), and see how similar the cars are to the GT Academy versions.

    • May. 30, 2:46pm

      I agree, if they gave certain rewards for getting in the top 1000s that would push people to go faster!

      I guess I get the gold, look at how far off the pace I am with the top drivers and think, is there much point grinding for hours to move up to 900th place which is a nothing position

  23. May. 28, 5:09pm

    ***Start the Daily News music*** “And in other news, Millions of players of the game Gran Terismo were shocked when the announcement of a Cadillac would be used in the last event of their yearly Nissan GT Academy, sources say the makers of the game had too much to drink one night with partners Nissan, who then lost a bet and was forced to do it.
    Kazunori Yamauchi, president of Polyphony Digital, was unable to be reached for comment”


    • May. 28, 6:00pm


    • May. 29, 12:52am
      Pit Crew


  24. May. 28, 4:58pm

    Having to wait between 3 and 10 minutes to successfully register my time on the screen every time I better my previous times. To add to that I am getting signed in and out of the PSN. Personally I’m going with the “it’s the taking part that matters” just going for the golds and don’t care about some idiot grinding away because he wants to be top of the board.

    • May. 28, 5:22pm


      I just want the extra free content. No matter is it’s another half dozen Nissans that we already have.

    • May. 28, 7:51pm

      Could be a lot worse, have you dealt with the loading times in Shift 2? Forza 4? iracing? rfactor?

      We actually have it easy in GT5, even if it does get annoying at times

    • May. 29, 1:54am

      ^ In some ways, you’re correct – GT5 will instantly restart a race, unlike Shift 2. But just general loading can be annoying in GT5, especially when you’re internet connection gets wacky, or server maintenance is going on. I don’t really mind about load times, unless they’re more than 2+ minutes. THEN I have something to be upset about. So Hentis has a right to be annoyed, but I actually enjoy improving my times and beating/competing with my friends. I liked the autolog feature in the NFS games, but I didn’t enjoy the games behind it very much. I hope GT5 will get a “friends leaderboard” of some sort in the near future.

    • May. 29, 6:05am


      Most of the time the GT Academy is ok in running but I suppose what with the amount of people hitting PD’s servers with the GTA’12 Rounds 5 & 6 going on then yeah I should have expected it. Added to the fact that my Internet was slow as well as the PSN kept signing me out last night it just got frustrating having to wait all the time. I have golded both events now so 7 & 8 for me.

      @Quakebass Thats one thing about the recent batch of NFS games that I like and that is infact the Autolog. Some of the games are ok but need to be more controllable IMO :)

    • May. 29, 7:39am

      Put a SSD in your PS3

    • May. 29, 1:09pm

      ^ What’s an SSD?

    • May. 29, 8:45pm

      Quakebass, SSD stands for “Solid State Disk”, and it’s basically a third-party Hard Disk which can be installed over the original PS3 Hard Disk.

      I wouldn’t recommend installing an SSD as any doing so totally voids the warranty of your machine and license agreement between you and Sony.

    • May. 30, 1:50am

      ^ Don’t worry about my warranty – I bought my PS3 refurbished from a third party company on Ebay, and it already had had its warranty voided. And I would have voided it myself since me and my dad had to crack it open to replace a broken disk drive. Really, the most logical thing for me to do is to either get a USB-connect type external hard drive, or just buy a 32 GB SD card – My PS3 has a slot for one, I just need to do some research on what kind accepts Data files from the PS3. Unless tofudrifter wants me to get the SSD for some other reason…

  25. May. 28, 2:58pm

    Just got 43 on nurb and 104 on top gear. Yesh

    • May. 28, 10:13pm

      I did well on those as well. Hammerhead was the most fun.

    • May. 28, 11:04pm

      Second dat bro

  26. May. 28, 1:42pm

    Top gear track TT 6 – 3, people are using the run off area on the right. Not sure they are gaining much time but it’s definitly not how that corner is ment to be driven. Can’t believe they never seen that coming :lol:,they have cones everywhere would it of been that hard to stick a few more down that right side just to make sure there was no sneaky shortcuts.

    • May. 28, 2:19pm

      Agreed. I found that out myself when I tested that spot, even I didn’t make “ANY” records doing that. PD really needs to be careful with these shortcuts hidden all over the place, but is a great way to show them where the shortcuts are though imo. ; )

    • May. 28, 7:47pm

      Maybe the shortcuts are intended to be there? :o

    • May. 30, 9:35am

      Yeah, that has to be a cheat as well. No way the “line” on a racetrack should go outside the braking zone markers. I set a time that way, but think it should be DQ’d and reset.

  27. May. 28, 12:12pm

    GTR with 0 TC <3

  28. May. 28, 8:03am

    Yay ! R34 GT Academy !! Of course its the NISSAN gta, so we’ll only get nissan. So im happy with the R34. I have a feeling we also might get a R33. ..

  29. May. 28, 6:27am

    Will do this later once home from work.

    Yay more Nissans for my garage from July

  30. May. 28, 6:16am

    why the hell have we got yet more gtrs??? this is rubbish. should just call the game. gran turismo skylines

    • May. 28, 8:55am

      I for one don’t mind the GTR’s, but I was hoping for them to feature a Juke-R since it’s going into limited production (build to order with 3 ordered of which 2 are from a dude in, big surprise, Dubai).

    • May. 28, 9:38am

      Probably because GT Academy is sponsored by Nissan. Either way you don’t have to accept the cars when they send them out.

    • May. 28, 12:06pm

      ^ Excatly, yet still they whine about it… l:\

    • May. 28, 12:15pm

      Duh! Cause GTR is like the top main car in GT. Be real.

    • May. 28, 1:03pm

      If people don’t understand how it works by now (considering its called the Nissan gt academy 2012) then quite honestly there idiots. As the name suggests its obvious that your gonna use nissans. And you must have a very short memory if you think it’s just been gtr’s. (leaf,silvia,370z) 3 out of the first 4 weren’t gtr’s. So stop moaning about it and just enjoy the challenges. Or just don’t play it. Either way we all enjoy it, and any new challenges are a bonus for me.

    • May. 28, 1:07pm

      @BlindZenDriver : I live here (Dubai) And I have yet to see one Juke-R :/

    • May. 28, 3:46pm

      You wouldn’t be whining if we had British Leyland cars that had “OI OI OI OI OI” written all over them.

    • May. 28, 7:55pm

      Well first of all, dumbass, these cars are already in the game so we’re not getting anything, second of all, GT ACADEMY IS SPONSORED BY NISSAN!!!! They put more money into it than Sony does, so excuse them for using Nissans. You’re rubbish. Stop whining you bellend

    • May. 29, 1:15am
      Lord Voldemort

      Oh the troll, oh the troll.

    • May. 29, 1:59am

      What else could PD have used from GT5…? the only other thing I could see is the 350Z, Skyline Sedan, or maybe a racing GT-R. I HIGHLY doubt they’d use a standard model car.

      And @tawfiq:

      I believe he said “ordered from Dubai”… so they might not even BE there yet…

  31. May. 28, 5:35am

    You have to earn them on every account, but don’t think you could send reward cars to master account because it is not possible. Juke-R would be really nice :-) Lets hope Nuschel01’s wish comes true.

  32. May. 28, 5:27am

    Maybe they give us a Jule-R in Round 7?

    • May. 28, 5:28am


    • May. 28, 7:06am

      Nope. Tuned 370Z in 7, tuned GTR ’12 in 8.

  33. May. 28, 5:22am

    When you get the prize cars do you get them on every account on that PS3 or do you have to earn them on every account?

    • May. 28, 7:27pm

      I think the other GT Academy cars from previous years were untradeable so I’m guessing you’d have to earn them on each account. At least it’s easy to gold them, I could be wrong though.

  34. May. 28, 4:54am

    Of course Twin Ring Motegi will be the price at the end of GTA 2012. We had it in GT4, why wouldn’t they give it for free in GT5?

    • May. 28, 9:35am

      Because Speed Test was in GT4 and they charged for that. No matter if it was a different track, it’s pretty much the same as Test Course.

    • May. 28, 7:58pm

      LOL the same? Did you miss the extra 20 km it has? Or the completely different scenery? Or the different banking that you could go full throttle on in almost any car? unlike the original crappy test course?

      Or did you miss the 0-60, 0-100, 0-top speed, 0- 1/4 mile, or 0-1 mile tests?

      Seriously, just because it was in a previous title doesn’t mean they HAVE to bring it back. look at GT3, it was missing a bunch of stuff from GT2. Unfortunately they can’t keep everything. The difference is most people aren’t still whining about it like a little bellend

    • May. 29, 1:24pm

      I’d imagine we’d have to pay for it; it’s getting a graphical upgrade, isn’t it? So many people ask for free stuff, so then what pays for PD’s work? A track, despite it being just a graphical upgrade (maybe with a new photo travel location with the GT themed Cafe), is pretty hard work. I honestly don;t mind paying for it.

  35. May. 28, 3:38am

    Ah that reminds me I really need to book some holiday at work for the last week of academy so I can log some serious hours on that all important final round.

  36. May. 28, 2:13am

    Even if these are just stock Nissan models with a GT Academy 2012 sticker slapped on, I think we all have some fun earning these. :D

    Also, I can say I feel proud. Got second the moment I finished test 5 on round six. Sure I’ll be knocked down to 10,000 th place. LOL

    Hopefully Motegi has the east, west, and oval!

  37. May. 28, 2:08am

    The last two cars are a tuned 370z and gtr. Stop speculating.

  38. May. 27, 11:24pm
    Mac K

    Woo hoo! :p

  39. May. 27, 11:19pm

    So round 7 and 8 Available June 10th and we receive our rewards July 4th. I think there going to give us Twin Ring Montegi as a Prize For completing all GT Academy events and I think the reason for July 4th for the prizes is to make a few last moment adjustments to Montegi before it is given maybe different Variantions but I’m just Speculating. This is my Theory.

    • May. 27, 11:31pm

      I’d personally rather have Twin Ring Motegi as part of a future DLC pack, so that way even those that didn’t participate in GT Academy 2012 can still use it.

    • May. 28, 8:58am

      I will be surprised if Twin Ring isn’t gonna be a DLC thing unless they think it’s to less know for it to sell in which case everyone will get it not just GT-A racers.

  40. May. 27, 11:07pm

    I’m thinking the Nissan DeltaWing for round 8.

    • May. 27, 11:31pm

      That would be cool. I’m just wondering what the last two cars could be.

    • May. 28, 1:09pm

      Is this some kind of Joke ? lol
      Round 7 and 8 have already been Confirmed ! 370z Tuned and GTR 12′ Tuned.

    • May. 28, 8:02pm

      What do you mean confirmed? Says who?

      I would love for it to be the delta wing. The rest of these cars so far are just way too easy to drive on sports hard or comfort tires and it’s been boring as hell. They need to use a race car on comfort medium tires. Seperate the noobs from the average drivers from the pros.

    • May. 29, 2:02am

      The DeltaWing seems like a big leap from road cars… Especially for people who have no previous GT/Racing experience and have only just picked up the Academy. And I’d like to see where this info is coming from, too, though a tuned 370 and GT-R makes sense.

  41. May. 27, 10:14pm

    Wow in this round in my opinion. I felt like a beast making good records in Rounds 5 and 6. :) This academy is really teaching me a lot. *v*

    • May. 27, 10:39pm

      I know exactly what you mean. For once

    • May. 27, 10:41pm

      *For once I actually got within the top 500. To bad it’s only for a short while.

      Darn enter key!

  42. May. 27, 10:09pm

    Awesome. Getting on this tonight.

  43. May. 27, 9:55pm

    Will do them tomorrow for the prizes.

  44. May. 27, 9:51pm

    I love this gt5 academy stuff but one thing I wanna see is how the hell these other guys get times like unbelievable times like the first five or so guys like wtf

    • May. 27, 9:54pm

      They r aliens lmfao

    • May. 27, 10:31pm

      The only thing I’ve noticed about them is that they seem to have the ability to turn sharper than I can, even if I am going at the same speed as them.

    • May. 28, 1:25am

      Sometimes you just need to go slower in order to go faster.

  45. May. 27, 9:45pm

    Nice. This gives me a reason to turn on my PS3 today.

  46. May. 27, 9:44pm

    Phew ! All golds total now of 30 not bad for an old man

  47. May. 27, 9:40pm

    must not be a lot of people playing these rounds yet, i’m ranking 100s-600s for some pretty average times, like 2nd or 3rd run throughs.

  48. May. 27, 9:18pm

    Placed 229 in event 6-5 with the GT-R at Le Mans!!

  49. May. 27, 9:11pm

    Anyone try to do previous rounds over again?

  50. May. 27, 9:11pm

    I placed 303 on rounds 5&6! Heck yeah!

  51. May. 27, 9:07pm


    • May. 27, 9:13pm

      Second that

    • May. 27, 10:10pm

      7. 370z GT Academy Race car 2011/2
      8. GTR GT Academy Race car 2011/2

    • May. 27, 10:44pm

      Is that a guess or is that confirmed

    • May. 27, 11:03pm

      Entirely a guess.

  52. May. 27, 9:06pm

    I placed 933 on the downhill s curve and the top gear hammerhead i placed 519 I least I’m in the hundreds out of the millions to play so I did good with all good

    • May. 28, 1:27am

      …out of the hundreds who have tried it so far ;) In a week’s time you’ll be down at the 20 000th place with the rest of us mortals!

  53. May. 27, 8:34pm

    and i thought it was available before couple of days then i noticed i get normal timings with great world position , just finished them and waiting for the new races and i’m wondering what is the new car is coming

  54. May. 27, 8:31pm

    I got 2nd place on 5-4 but I was knocked down to 17th place last time I checked.

  55. May. 27, 8:24pm

    all completed, all 6 rounds gold…

  56. May. 27, 8:17pm

    O yes about to get off gt5 to go on gt5 … Academy

  57. May. 27, 8:07pm

    So, the blue R34 hits me from behind while braking into the second Mulsanne chicane, and it’s my fault? Hmm…. Many F-bombs were dropped during Round 6-5.

  58. May. 27, 8:01pm

    Are there wolfs howling in 6-2, or am I just too tired ?

    • May. 27, 8:05pm

      you are too tired.. Easy challenges

    • May. 27, 8:12pm

      esay challenge… managed to get 6/10 of second faster =)

    • May. 27, 8:25pm

      I didn’t say anything about it being hard, did I ? And now after finishing it with my main account and two sub accounts, I tell you there are wolf howling in 6-2.

    • May. 27, 8:50pm

      wolfs howlings ..It’s normal

  59. May. 27, 7:48pm

    The downhill part in round 6 is impossible

    • May. 27, 10:43pm

      With a wheel because I gold it with a controller

  60. May. 27, 7:47pm

    All gold completed.

    • May. 27, 7:49pm

      same here

    • May. 29, 2:04am

      The golds aren’t supposed to be the difficult part.

  61. May. 27, 7:33pm

    That R#” is some son of a b*tch.

    • May. 27, 7:35pm


    • May. 27, 8:02pm

      that one was pretty hard to get gold xD

  62. May. 27, 7:26pm

    I’m not going to Try this one till tomorrow lol. (till 20 Hours later) Its 3:25 am right now, and I surely don’t have the energy to play right now. :D
    I’m sure I’ll be Top 10 for all rounds for my Country. Everyone’s a noob here lol (United Arab Emirates)

  63. May. 27, 7:21pm

    I like to leave it a few days, so I can get a better idea of a realistic ranking, rather than claiming top 10 2 minutes after the round starts.

    • May. 27, 7:26pm

      That’s what I’ve been doing since the beginning. Smart thinking.

  64. May. 27, 7:21pm

    Alright, I’m going on this. Woohoo!!! :)

  65. May. 27, 7:18pm

    It’s at almost “80 million miles driven”.

    • May. 27, 7:20pm

      No, you’re looking at the numbers reported in kilometers.

  66. May. 27, 7:18pm

    starting to struggle abit. maybe its because im tired.

    • May. 28, 10:28am

      Quite easy. forgot to turn traction control off :facepalm:


  67. May. 27, 7:14pm

    Good. Let´s try this then

  68. May. 27, 7:14pm

    FIRRSSTTT ! And first to finish this ! :D I’m on 1st on the leader board ;D

    • May. 27, 7:17pm

      wrong on all counts…..enjoy!!!

  69. May. 27, 7:14pm

    Im on this right now

  70. May. 27, 7:13pm

    here we go!!!

    • May. 27, 7:14pm

      Geoff is Your PSN Notchois

    • May. 27, 7:19pm

      What on Earth are you talking about? Is Notchois some sort of “fly by night” internet buzz word?

  71. May. 27, 7:13pm

    One Step Closer to Orlando ;)

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