GT Academy Winner Jordan Tresson Competes in 2011 Blancpain Endurance Series

April 17th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

There’s been a lot of attention (and rightfully so!) around winner of the first GT Academy, Lucas Ordonez, after it was announced he’d be competing in the 2011 ILMC this year. However, last year’s GT Academy winner, Jordan Tresson, is also steadily making his way up the racing ladder, running in this year’s Blancpain Endurance Series – a European championship which includes the challenging 24 Hours of Spa.

“The Blancpain Series gives me the perfect opportunity to grow as a GT driver. Competing in a multi-class endurance championship requires a different style of driving, as not only do you have to preserve the car for your team mates, you also have to deal with traffic and some seriously quick driving talent. The championship includes a 24-hour race at Spa, so concentration will be paramount. Seeing what Lucas (Ordonez, 2008 GT Academy winner) has managed to achieve, and following his progress at Sebring, I couldn’t be more motivated for the new season.” – Jordan Tresson

Tresson is competing in the series with Christopher Ward and Alex Buncombe, and they’ve completed their first race at Monza today. Running in the GT4 class with a Nissan 370Z, the team came just shy of a podium with a solid fourth place class result. Congratulations, guys, and good luck at next month’s race in Spain!

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  1. Apr. 20, 5:11pm

    18th post!!!!

  2. Apr. 19, 11:21am
    Jorge Rostro

    Keep up the good work! Best of luck!

  3. Apr. 18, 4:53pm

    All the best!

  4. Apr. 18, 3:12pm

    I would love to see Jordan or Lucas give back to the GT5 community (when time permits) by providing tunes for their respective cars. I know we don’t have a 370 race car but Jordan could set up a 370 from the dealership to what he feels is the closest possible virtual representation of what he drives. Provide all the details on tires, suspension/LSD/brakes etc. That would be a thoughtful and useful gift to the community.

    Best of luck out there!

  5. Apr. 18, 1:00pm

    I’m watching the video from Monza race (Blancpain endurance series) at gt1world and they mention Jordan around 1h:22m/23m

    Good luck to him

    • Apr. 19, 6:05am

      i have watching the race too
      and i saw a beautiful 360 of the Nissan 370Z, just in front of the leader of the race. :P

      i don’t know who is the driver at that time, but i think he had to get a great fear.

      good luck to Jordan, Christopher and Alex, for the rest of the Championship

  6. Apr. 18, 8:48am

    Bonne chance Jordan ! Good luck Jordan !

  7. Apr. 18, 5:19am

    I wonder if luca and jordan still play GT?

    • Apr. 18, 7:23am

      There’s probably no time

  8. Apr. 18, 4:23am

    Good luck!

  9. Apr. 18, 3:43am

    Good job and keep it up! Represent for all GT drivers.

  10. Apr. 17, 10:38pm

    If I were him, I’d be glad to say I atleast finished a 24 hour race, let alone get a podium! Good luck to Tresson, Ward, and Buncombe!

  11. Apr. 17, 9:45pm

    Goo0d luck!

  12. Apr. 17, 6:30pm

    Good luck! I want that car in GT!!

  13. Apr. 17, 6:01pm

    I want Spa in GT… :(

  14. Apr. 17, 6:00pm
    With a Eg6

    Sounds like a grueling series

  15. Apr. 17, 5:16pm

    May luck be on Jordan’s side!

    • Apr. 17, 5:17pm

      Although he probably doesn’t need it. ;)

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