GT Sport’s Online Experience is Only Around 15% of Total Game

Gran Turismo Sport 194 August 10, 2017 by

It sounds like online racing is only a small part of GT Sport. Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has stated the online portion of the game only accounts for roughly 15% of the game.

The comment came during an interview at the PlayStation Experience event in Malaysia last weekend. In the same interview, Yamauchi had already confirmed the upcoming entry in the GT series will not feature microtransactions. This news will surely alleviate worries that GT Sport prioritizes online play over all else.

While we’re curious how Yamauchi arrived at that exact number, this is good news all the same. Prior to this reveal, online play appeared to be a sizeable chunk of the experience — so much so that the game’s FIA partnership was an early selling point. Though understandable, even the now-expired beta period prioritized online play.

Furthermore, the series creator goes one further and suggests the remaining 85% of GT Sport’s content focuses on offline experiences. Of that remaining percentage is the single player campaign consisting of four key areas: Driving School; Mission Challenge; Circuit Experience; and Racing Etiquette.

This news comes hot on the heels of concerns that GT Sport’s online focus comes at the cost of the series’ established formula. If online play really is only a small percentage of the game, traditionalists can rest easy, especially with Polyphony Digital confirming there are no plans in place for GT7.

With the Scapes photomode feature and all-new livery editor also accounting for the remaining percentage, GT Sport may not be as radical a departure as previously feared.

As stated a number of times already, GT Sport is the beginning of a new chapter for the franchise. While the roster of cars pales in comparison to previous games, plans are in place to eventually expand that number threefold. Next up is Gamescom in less than two weeks time, and who knows what’s in store for the event.

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