GT Sport World Tour Tokyo Event Will Reveal a New Vision Gran Turismo Car

We’re still a week away from the next World Tour event, but already Polyphony Digital is teasing some of the new content it might bring.

These World Tour events often serve as a showcase for new content that usually arrives in the game shortly afterwards. We first saw this with last year’s exhibition event at the Salzburg Hangar-7 venue, but it’s continued at each event.

What’s in the plans for Tokyo? At the very least, we seem to be getting a new Vision Gran Turismo car.

In case you’ve missed the Vision GT project, it’s a collaboration between Gran Turismo and designers across the car industry. Vehicle manufacturers create new concept cars — sometimes demonstrating new design language or new technology, and sometimes just way out there stuff — specifically for the game. These often form a centerpiece for a motor show, such as the Tokyo Motor Show also taking place in Tokyo next weekend.

The project started off back in Gran Turismo 6, with the Mercedes-AMG VGT. That car captured so much attention it later became Bruce Wayne’s personal ride in the Justice League movie. There’s now more than 40 of them, spreading from manufacturers like Bugatti and Aston Martin, to Daihatsu and MINI.

However, it’s been a long old time since we last saw a new Vision GT car. That was Audi’s e-tron Vision GT which arrived in April 2018, and was actually a real, drivable, full-sized car too.

We have heard rumblings recently about a new Vision GT. That came courtesy of an announcement from Porsche, in which it detailed cars it would be featuring in GT Sport. That included its new Taycan Turbo and the 917 Living Legend Concept, however its Vision GT car was not due to arrive until “before the end” of 2020.

If not Porsche, which brand might be responsible for the new Vision GT then? Well, the event takes place in Toyota territory, and Toyota is a partner with the FIA-Certified Online Championships — but Toyota already has a Vision GT car, in the shape of the FT-1. Some brands have come back for a second car though, and the FT-1 effectively previewed the new Supra; now that the Supra is out, is Toyota looking further into the future?

We’ll have to wait a week to find out, by the looks. The live event will take place in Tokyo, at the Toyota Mega Web car theme park in Odaiba. All the action gets underway with the exclusive Vision GT announcement and the exhibition Pro-Am race on Friday, October 25, starting at 0600UTC (convert to your local time here). Be sure to stay tuned to GTPlanet as we bring you all the details live from the event.

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