Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo Revealed

The Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo concept car was fully revealed today at McCall’s Motorwork Revival at Monterey Airport. Designed by Toyota’s North American Calty Design Research facility, the FT-1 Vision GT is an evolution of the original FT-1 concept originally designed for Gran Turismo 6 before going on to receive an incredible response at the North American International Auto Show this past January.

“We conceived the Vision Gran Turismo project to celebrate 15 years of Gran Turismo, and I have been overwhelmed by the response of our partners in the automotive world,” admitted Gran Turismo creator and President of Polyphony Digital Inc, Kazunori Yamauchi. “The manufacturers have all approached the challenge in a different way and the results have been a real variety of stunning new concepts with some great innovation. Toyota has made a number of fantastic sports cars that have featured in Gran Turismo, but this new FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo is a very exciting addition. I send heartfelt thanks and congratulations to Toyota and the team at CALTY.”

The FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo will be made available as a free download for GT6 sometime in September, and you can discuss the full reveal in our forums.

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  1. daveyhero

    I think the FT-1 is ugly, especially the nose, but THIS – ohhoho – THIS is a damned good looking car! :D

  2. SZRT Ice

    Interiors will come at a later time. Maybe even in GT7 (see: “selling point”). But the contractual agreement is met so long as the exterior appearance is in the game and it is in a drivable form.

  3. biftizmo

    It’s simple dudes…manufactures are seeing a big selling point with their interior designs…they may take their time on them..and PD might promise them something worthy of them in GT7-VR
    If your designer then you got a manufacture between you and realising your dream,not any more Concepts are alive…
    We don’t build city’s any more to find out if they work..we build them virtually first,it’s the same for every thing nowadays.
    LOL Topgear are favouring this particular VGT..GT is making waves in the industry…

  4. dev_PRO

    I’m a huge fan of many of the older Japanese sports cars like (Altezza, MR2, R33/34 NSX etc..) Design wise I never liked the design of modern cars, unlike the Nissan 2020 Vision GT (which I find to be overly done) The FT-1 is a concept car that I enjoy driving as well as looking at. Looking forward to the racing version of the FT-1.

  5. ECGadget

    I see many similarities with the Supra there… now I thought that the BMW VGT was the best of the lot… this now is challenging for the best looking… It is just perfect in looks

  6. wudy201

    IMO this car (both versions) is a beautiful machine inside and out, something in this car really just hits me like no other even more than the NSX and S2000 and I love all Acuras and most Hondas. I agree interior would be nice, tuning would be even better dont car about sound as long as it sounds like a car im satisfied. I hope it comes in some really new and unique colors. I give Toyota props for this incredincredible creation and I think it fits perfectlyin the vision GT project, personally I think it sits high above the rest based on looks alone. Happy, happy.

  7. Izzyracer97

    looks like a GT3 car or maybe a GT500 but anyways I liked the FT-1 only thing is we cant change the setup. If we could I’m sure the car would be hard to beat in a race. Hopefully we will be able to with the VGT.

  8. JKgo

    Merc VGT was apparently a precursor to AMG GT coupe replacement for SLS so maybe Toyota is testing the water in a similar way? Man how sweet it would be if Supra is revived. Frankly GT86 should’ve been named a Celica at least outside Japan where almost no one knows what’s hachi-roku (unless you watch Project D – check it out it’s pretty cool show).
    Only thing left now is a mid-engined two seater and we got a return of legendary Toyota performance trio.

    1. Scuderia Paul

      The Supra is being revived. It is being developed on a collaborative platform with BMW which will underpin the next Z4. It is expected to have a super-capacitor hybrid based on tech from Toyota’s WEC project. 2016 is when it’s expected.

    2. SDSPOWER01

      Isn’t it Initial D where there’s a guy named “Fujiwara Takumi that delivers tofu in the hachi-roku” or is Project D another show I may not know of? Just wondering ;)

  9. Progress823

    Please be tunable (suspension and LSD wise). Last two VGTs are not (one is partially, the other not at all).

  10. OpticZero

    Weak, Toyota and PD…weak. A race version of an already released car does not a Vision GT car make.

    This one better have a freeking interior. Seriously, who is in charge of final inspection over there? They know it’s poor form to put these out incomplete, right?

  11. Wider

    INTERIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!!!!!!! WTF! WHYYY! Oh man what is wrong with all those guys. I love VGT project, but WHY can’t they make interior. It drives me crazy. I have a steering wheel and I use interior view like 90% of the time. And they have them! When you go in to a VGT section and open every single car, behing the menu in the background, across the screen, there is an interior. I don’t get it. Why can VW (I know they had to, because they made cabriolete, but still) have one and the other not. Are they planning a huge update with interiors for all VGT cars when all will be revealed, or WHAT?! This is the biggest disappointment of this project. FYI: Toyota looks great.

    1. Scheer

      Calm down. The FT-1 has an interior. To lose it for this car would be insane. If it has no interior I’ll be right there on the rooftop screaming with you, but until then such speculation gets us nowhere.

    2. zooburner

      Same here

      Drives me nuts that they don’t put interiors in these cars I don’t even bother collecting them any more, they look like GT4 cars !

    3. biftizmo

      It’s simple dudes…manufactures are seeing a big selling point with their interior designs…they may take their time on them..and PD might promise them something worthy of them in GT7-VR
      If your designer then you got a manufacture between you and realising your dream,not any more Concepts are alive…
      We don’t build city’s any more to find out if they work..we build them virtually first,it’s the same for every thing nowadays.

  12. phpq

    at the beginning of the video the sound of the car seems to be dubbed and not real game. and during the rest of the video seems that hid the sound of the car with a song. anyone else noticed this?

  13. HuskyGT

    It won’t have an interior. Mar my words. You can tell by how dark the windows look.

    On the possitive side, at least there is a chance we’ll get the huge track.

    1. Aussie_HSV

      Unless I’m mistaken, (and god help me if I’m wrong :p) all the concept art for the VGT cars have been on the GT website since the launch of the game.
      The concept art for the Toyota VGT and the static side shot of the FT-1 VGT shown here are basically spitting images.
      So it would seem to me that this is the VGT that Toyota has always had planned.

      So unless I’m proven incorrect, all these comments suggesting this car is a quick fix for Toyota’s VGT car would simply be wrong.

    2. Aussie_HSV

      Apologies Husky.
      That comment was meant to be on it’s own, not as a reply to your specific comment.
      My bad.

    3. Gallade4751

      look at the dash at 1:03. It looks more like them not showing us the rest of the interior. There is a clearly visible steering wheel.

    4. SDSPOWER01

      It just happen that every VGT cars has an interior build when you go to VGT in the game you can see the interior model of every car but its not included for IDK what reason!

    5. HuskyGT

      I was going to mention that. It’s like the most evil tease ever. Yet it shows how little dedication PD has to this VGT Project. Or, they are like “we’ll put the interior here in the showroom so you can memorize it and imagine it while you’re driving it.”

    1. Amac500

      As for the Toyota, I might be into it if we could change the car number, or had an interior, but for me making the FT1 their VGT is what they should’ve done in the first place to me and this is just a bit of an “oh never mind”. But that’s just how I feel about it.

    2. SZRT Ice

      I feel you Amac, but that’s precisely the problem… When is the last time PD did something that made sense?

    3. NW48

      Why would the Alfa VGT be revealed at Goodwood. Goodwood was a few weeks ago,, and I’m certain they won’t reveal it in 2015. So in saying that I’m sure you mean Pebble Beach.

    1. vr6cas

      I wish we could like or dislike comments in the news section, and I wish there was a dislike option on the forums as well, not just a like, reply or the newly quote option. I guess something like what Disqus has, an up vote or down vote.

  14. smskeeter23

    So it’s an FT-1… R? Not so sure how this is really VGT. Unless the FT-1 “WAS” their VGT car but decided not to release it as one and then needed to do something quick for VGT and just said, hey, lets slap a body kit on this one and call it a whole new project!

    Idk, whatever, I don’t care I guess it’s still something new to play with for about 3min.

    1. HuskyGT

      They will release a “Black Diamond GT Special” version in the future. It will feature leather stitched steering wheel with a GT logo stamped in electric blue. PD doesn’t know when they will release it, but they think eventually as a unique, super-special last quarter of 2014 download.

    2. HuskyGT

      They still don’t know how they will implement the new color, but they think it will revolutionize Gran Turismo. The only problem will be the lack of memory int he PS3.

    3. SZRT Ice

      You guys are a riot! Yeah, I’m really not liking the word “soon” very much lately myself. Just one person I have to thank for that… -_-

    1. Tenacious D

      Same here. I want to run this monster in some of the I-A Class events, so I hope it fits in with the other race cars somewhere.

  15. Doober

    I would sit here and complain, but I’ll be honest I will probably buy this car. Its the car I just need something to freshen up gt6

    1. HuskyGT

      Yeah, and it goes straight to the car storage thing where is left to rot with all the useless cars and other VGT’s (minus the VW) that you can’t sell. I don’t remember the name. I haven’t played GT6 in a while.

  16. TeamCZRRacing

    Super excited for the FT-1 VGT. The damn thing looks like a new Super GT car! It’s gonna be a blast taking it for a hard ride around the ‘Ring. ;D

  17. Tenacious D

    This is more like it. I’m not real fond of that drooping tail support, but it finally looks like a mean car and not just an experiment in lots of curves and ducts.

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