GT Sport’s Next Major Content Update Due At Month’s End

Put down your spreadsheets and stifle your guessing; GT Sport’s next content update will be in our hands around the end of February.

According to a Tweet from Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi, the studio will deliver the next portion of the 50-car expansion “next week”. This answers a question that has gripped our forums since the January content update:

As is becoming tradition, Yamauchi’s Tweet includes a image puzzle of sorts. The picture shows all 12 of the cars for the update — which we presume will be v1.13 — but almost silhouetted.

Some vehicles are clearer than others, but the list again seems to focus on updated PS3-era cars. These include the Supra Mk3 — joining its newer sibling from last month — and the first-generation Audi R8.

The image also seems to include both the original Alpine A110 and its modern-day successor. There appears to be some classic American pony cars, a Lamborghini Aventador and a couple of racing (or at least race-derived) Japanese cars. One of these closely resembles a Subaru BRZ, so may be Dai Yoshihara’s drift car. As in previous months, some of the cars’ identities are proving a challenge!

These 12 cars bring the DLC list up to 37, leaving just 13 more vehicles to come by the end of March. That won’t necessarily be the end of the car content, just the end of this first planned phase before the FIA Championships start in earnest.

Yamauchi’s Tweet doesn’t reveal if the update will deliver any other content. However we’ve seen more tracks arrive along with previous car packs, so we’re cautiously hopeful!

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