GT6 Ayrton Senna Content Coming This Week, New Screenshots Released

May 27th, 2014 by Jordan Greer


As most readers will recall, the Ayrton Senna Tribute content was originally set for release in GT6 today. Unfortunately, a few regional licensing issues have complicated a simultaneous worldwide launch of the new content, but don’t worry – it will arrive before the end of this week, as I learned after speaking with SCEA today.

For now, they’ve sent over an impressive batch of in-game screenshots featuring Senna’s cars, including his DAP Racing Kart, Lotus 97T, and 1983 West Surrey Racing British F3 car. Stay tuned for more news!

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  1. May. 28, 12:35pm

    Wow! I’m impressed with Jordan for putting in the effort to get this information. Big thanks to GTP.

  2. May. 28, 11:41am

    For all the people complaining about the complainers, saying that their “12 year old’s” and that they “cant read the original post properly” and that they “shouldn’t complain on gtplanet” (where else?).

    How about you notice the bigger picture, a large section of the community is tired of the way things happen at PD (yes even if this time its not their fault) no news but tons of hype!

    These “complainers” obviously love Gran Turismo that’s why they get so excited by new content and still await the promised content from launch, and then get frustrated by the constant missed dates and silent treatment between the hype.

    Bar a few ridiculous comment most are just saying “jeez again!” & “there’s always something!”
    Would any of you put money on any PD announced date?

    • May. 28, 12:51pm
      Magic Ayrton

      Care free mentality from people with too much money and success.. it’s always going to happen.. things don’t happen fast at PD and by the time they do, the excitement has dropped off considerably. What happened to Japanese honour?

      Jordan on the other hand has to deal with both sides, so I take my somewhat crumpled up hat off to him.

    • May. 28, 3:48pm


    • May. 28, 4:37pm
      SZRT Ice

      PD should just hire Jordan directly, and make him head of Public Relations with PD.

      If Jordan and the GTPlanet team can manager that without bias towards the community or towards PD; which they have managed to do
      thus far somehow, and wonderfully @ that might I add, then that would likely be the most ideal outcome anyone can hope for.

    • May. 28, 4:43pm

      @Szrt Ice, I’ve got a spare step ladder you can borrow if you need it.

    • May. 28, 4:55pm

      +1 I’m tired of paying for incomplete games. We the consumers and fans are the ones that lose out from the developer’s “we will just patch it later on” mentality. Short changed, with tons of bugs, and less features than it’s predecessors, costing roughly twice, and looking nearly identical and yet here we all are, eagerly awaiting a patch that doesn’t address any of the problems, just adds eye candy and bait for the over zealous.

    • May. 28, 11:20pm
      SZRT Ice

      Lol, thanks Jimantonic!
      Clever name btw!

    • May. 29, 2:44am

      @ Kiosk, that’s a bit of a wild exaggeration don’t you think? GT5 cost the same in the shops as GT6…that could hardly be called ‘roughly double’ by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I’m not sure which games you’ve been playing, but I’ve yet to come across one that does that, or look basically the same as the preceeding games…

    • May. 29, 1:47pm

      Apparently you’ve never played call of duty mean elf. They only release half the game and make you buy the rest as a $60 DLC and it’s the same game every year

    • May. 29, 3:15pm
      SZRT Ice

      @ Mean Elf:
      See: Capcom, EA, Activision

  3. May. 28, 11:10am
    Ben Rogue

    PD needs to learn not to jump the gun, so to speak. Seems with most updates, new features content it gets a delay. Maybe just don’t say anything then surprise us all with it. That way you won’t get so many complaints about content being late or never showing up if you make promises for something that is yet to exist. That way we would all be happy because we wouldn’t have known any better.

    I’m glad the PD team keep working on their games so long after release. So many game developers, cough*(EA)*cough, move on to churn out the next mindless consumer lump of nothing. Though often a love hate relationship, GT is one of the good ones.

    My only major gripe are the standards, they should have been left behind with the PS2

  4. May. 28, 10:38am
    The Steering

    R.I.P Ayrton Sena

    • May. 28, 12:40pm


    • May. 28, 2:16pm

      Never heard of him. Is he related to Ayrton Senna?

    • May. 28, 4:59pm
      SZRT Ice

      What a ridiculous moment to use as opportunity to display your arrogance! He’s saying rest in peace, and all you can focus on is an irrevocable grammatical error?

      No words…

    • May. 29, 12:05am

      That escalated quickly…

    • May. 29, 2:04am

      yuss, dat wuz ridikilous ;)

    • May. 29, 8:44am

      Too bad you can’t use emotes in here…lol

  5. May. 28, 10:31am
    Charlie A

    I can’t wait! Thank you for keeping us updated Jordan! :D

  6. May. 28, 10:19am

    Hi all,

    Not new to reading but this is my first post.

    A few things need clarifying I think.
    I spent nearly 5 years of my life working for a Japanese company and they are notorious (in business) as compulsive liars and cannot (not will not) accept any error has been made on their part. Its refered to as not losing ‘face’.

    Please dont get me wrong, I enjoy the GT games on ps3 because I’m a playstation guy and they are convenient competition and interactivity with geographically far off friends. BUT…

    Gran Turismo has never, regardless of what the ‘we can’t heed your suggestions’ japanese at PD think, accurately simulated any form of racing or vehicle dynamics. Compared to the PC developed simulators that I ALSO enjoy, GT has always been more of an arcade, dive straight in with your mates sort of experience, which it is very good at.

    I love my PS3 for the convenience of having it in the front room, I just wish a few developers would port a really good Racing Sim to it. You guys would never look back.

    I too look forward very much to the Senna content, he was my childhood idol (along with Our Nige) because of the fierce racing and competitiveness. I doubt however, that PD being what they are, are capable of pulling it off properly.

    I hope I’m proved wrong.


    • May. 28, 11:20am

      good post. Thank you for your insight.

  7. May. 28, 9:06am

    It’s good to have content coming. It’s also a possibility that there will be more in the near future especially with GT5 on-line coming to an end. That can only mean PD techs will have more time to spend on GT6 and GT7 development.

    I still think PD publicity department needs to take a chill pill and slow down the hype.
    For example, the following information came from PD in January and was posted on GTPlanet: “A new track is coming for Gran Turismo 6, set to be released some time in February.”

    This information on was passed presumably by PD to Jordan who posted it in these pages. Jordan is not in the habit of posting lies or absurd rumors to the readers of GTP. So why in the hell would PD push that information if they did not have the content ready to roll?
    It’s just another example of PD overloading their collective a$$e$.
    They just need to calm down and be real. End of story………………..
    They only agitate fans and bring disappointment when they cannot follow through on their MANY promises. They don’t seem to learn from past mistakes. They need to be more realistic with their projections. Just tell the freaking truth about what they can and cannnot do with the current game.

    I agree that licensing and legal disputes/concerns have caused many more delays than what PD/Kaz has caused. However, you would hope we as users and PD as the supplier come to understand that not everything is in PD’s control.

    As for things that PD can and does control, like new tracks, features and the like, I’ll say it again; the hardware has limited what PD is able to do in those areas. If you think Bathurst is a memory hog, you must know that the new track shown in January will just about choke the PS3 with its processing demands.

    It would be good if PD/Kaz admit they need to be creative in order to place more tracks and features into the game because the hardware can’t support it. Then maybe we would all be able to understand the delays better and not react as harshly. But I don’t see that coming anytime soon. I just hope with GT5 support going away, PD will have more time to fix issues in GT6. That said, the Senna content rocks. And I hope the Vision VW drives better than it looks. :)

    • May. 28, 1:39pm
      SZRT Ice

      I highly doubt the removal of GT5’s online will have much effect to GT6’s rate of production. The only thing it will do is free up server space, and what, like a few hours time for the online department responsible for making Seasonal Events out of already available in-game content.

      Any sudden increase in GT6’s release of content/features correlating with GT5’s server termination will likely and mostly be coincidental or pre-planned to entice the remaining GT5 fan base into a GT6 purchase.

  8. May. 28, 8:35am

    This is gonna be sick! Can’t wait! :DDD

  9. May. 28, 7:09am

    I can’t wait to race the West Surrey Racing F3

  10. May. 28, 6:32am

    Its all good, Senna content imminent and new Vision GT car, great stuff, can’t wait to have a blast of that Lotus 97T :)

  11. May. 28, 6:29am

    As long as we get the content by the end of May I’m happy.

  12. May. 28, 5:39am

    So close til we get these awesome cars. I don’t see why everyone is complaining, would you rather have 4-5 cars every few months for free or have to pay for 10 cars every month? The combined cost of Forza 5 and all of its DLC is $109.94 or $99.99 with the FM5 PASS while you get all of this GT6 DLC for free so why are you all complaing? Accept the game for what it is and be happy they aren’t charging you for content that other developers are charging for their games

    • May. 28, 6:55am


    • May. 28, 7:02am

      Gt6 @ $40 on PSN right now.

    • May. 28, 10:52am

      No. I rather pay for monthly car and track packs. As much as these dlc packs are free, they suck. The worst is that they try to sell it with bells and whistles as something special when it’s absolutely the opposite. There is no excuse for PD to take this long and just deliver this sorry-arse excuse for extra content.

    • May. 28, 11:48am

      Why wouldn’t content about Senna be special?

    • May. 28, 12:01pm

      PD is just using Senna’s popularity tp hide the fact that can’t release any content of worth or fix the problems with the game. Let’s face it; this is as much as they can do when it comes to extra content.

      And Senna might’ve been whoever he was, but GT6’s Senna content will be as short lived and useless when it comes to gameplay and reply value.

      It’ll be fun for the first 30 minutes or so, but it won’t be able to hide the fact tha it’s another half-baked sucky GT add on.

    • May. 28, 2:20pm

      I appreciate not paying for DLC, but I have to be honest, that Long Beach track, which was free I believe, to me is worth all of the GT5 DLC combined to date, not including the Senna content which we don’t have yet.

  13. May. 28, 5:37am


  14. May. 28, 5:13am

    (predicted responses)
    It was rubbish because there was no livery editor, wing mirrors only contained black blobs not fully formed cars and the sound was merely functional.

    TIA, Grandad.

  15. May. 28, 3:53am
    Cole Morgan

    People keep complaining and whining that the content isn’t coming out. But they’ll still play GT6. There really is no point in complaining, as I found out.

    • May. 28, 8:02am

      Wrong… People are not playing GT6 anymore… Sales numbers of GT6 are basically half of what GT5 sold and many people gave up on GT6 soon after they got it in December.

    • May. 28, 10:56am

      Wrong. I used to be the biggest GT fan and I no longer play the game. The franchise is only alive because of its name, because as a game, it’s pretty much dead.

    • May. 28, 1:05pm
      SZRT Ice

      And Wrong again. Not playing until we get new locations to race. I’d rather have 1,000 tracks and 5 cars, than 5 tracks and 1,000 cars.

      I’m waiting for the Zahara, the track creator, the racing clubs and community features, and the “so many tracks, it will make your hat fall off!” (The latter of which, I now believe to be about GT7).

      Any of these features will make me come running, but the cars, they’ll only feel new to me if I have somewhere new to drive them. And I’m talking about locations, not variations. Until then, I’m having more fun racing on GTAV (Yep!, don’t judge me!)

      Gran Turismo is still my favorite game, that I no longer play.

    • May. 28, 2:22pm

      Well said SZRT. That basically sums it up for me too. GT is still my favorite game as well, but I just don’t feel like playing it anymore. Been playing Forza 3 for almost two months now, and the more I play it, the less I want to touch GT. As said before , I’ll keep waiting until something worth it comes out.

    • May. 28, 6:54pm

      I picked GT6 up on release day with quite a bit of excitement. As of now, I believe the last update I downloaded for GT6 was 1.04 and haven’t played it since. I don’t think the course maker could even convince me to play GT6 again.
      Most of the time I spend on GTP is now limited to the Project CARS threads.

  16. May. 28, 3:33am

    The Senna anniversary was some four weeks ago.
    A true tribute would have been made on the day.
    Makes you wonder when PD celebrate birthdays, etc.

  17. May. 28, 1:53am

    ABOUT :censored: TIME!

  18. May. 28, 1:46am

    erm…why so much hate on Jordan?

    • May. 28, 3:51pm

      Where do you see any hate on Jordan?

  19. May. 28, 1:45am

    Don’t people work anymore? Gran Turismo should not be the focus of your life. There is actually a beautiful world outside, go and see it..

  20. May. 28, 12:54am

    The Real Dissapointment Simulator.

    • May. 28, 1:22am

      GTPlanet, real bitc*ing simulator

    • May. 28, 1:30am

      Nice one, Dust.

    • May. 28, 1:36am

      2nd that DustPohl. It is a disappointment but really, if you feel that strongly about how Polyphony are doing with this game there are a multitude of others that you can go and play. Get a life people!

    • May. 28, 3:21am

      It is a disappointment, don’t get me wrong. But going on GTPlanet to bit*h about it is really stupid

    • May. 28, 2:21pm

      Where else would you go?

  21. May. 28, 12:18am

    So wait there is no updates at all?? Not even something small that doesn’t need Licencing??

    • May. 28, 1:13am

      The update IS the Senna update. It just means it’s getting a 2 or 3 day delay. It’s already to go, it just needs to be cleared

  22. May. 27, 11:57pm

    I know people are saying that the licensing should have been squared away, but come on now, this is an F1 license we’re talking about, the reason we haven’t had an F1 license before is because they are so ridiculous about their terms. If this was IndyCar or a some sports car series or a new manufacturer, then I might be on them a bit, but they have to deal with Bernie and The Clowns for an F1 license so I’m gonna be easy on PD.

    • May. 28, 1:33am

      Well said, licensing in general though is a bleedin’ minefield, moves slowly and never seems to be easy.

    • May. 28, 4:13am

      Agreed that licences are a PITA…..but, in this case, I’m not sure it has anything to do with Bernie and F1…..AFAIK you only need an F1 licence if you plan to run more than one F1 car at a time as that constitutes a race; if it is only one car, then the licence is just from the manufacturer ie Lotus etc. If I’m wrong, then I’ll admit it as I don’t fully know all the ins and outs but that is my understanding of it

    • May. 28, 5:01am

      Thanks Amac500 and nursemorph for the inside look at politics and law, because that is probably the real reason, and if so, hopefully they are trying to get an F1 racing license and therefore could maybe include even more formula cars and formula races!!!

    • May. 28, 3:52pm

      We had Ferrari F1 in GT5… what is different now?

    • May. 28, 6:44pm

      Ferrari is one make, the Lotus is another.

  23. May. 27, 11:27pm

    Any ideas what 80’s Brands Hatch & Monza would likely mean?

    Layout changes?
    Re-profiled corners / gravel traps?
    Crowd have mullets and moustache?

    • May. 27, 11:48pm

      In the case on Monza the chicane on the front stretch is different, I believe it’s a 4 part, rather than the current 2 part, and the angle of the corners are all different. It’s more of esses than it is a chicane actually.

    • May. 28, 4:53am

      80s Brands was not very different.
      Graham Hill Bend was a longer curve rather than a kink and a sharper curve.
      Westfield was much longer and faster.
      There was no kink at the bottom of the hill after Westfield
      Sheene curve was called Dingle Dell and a blind corner much like it is now but a bit sharper I think and further up the hill.
      Dingle Dell became a chicane in the 90s and then renamed Sheene Curve after Barry Sheene’s death with the kink back down the hill being named Dingle Dell.

      As far as gravel traps go, Paddock was tarmac on the outside of the kerb with either a Shell or Dunlop advert, Westfield and Dingle Dell had just grass, as did Clearways & Druids but I’m not so sure of those 2. Will need to dig out the old photos.

      As for the crowd, you might see me as a kid in my Parker coat zipped up on Hailwood Hill on the way up to Druids, sucking an orange ice lolly :)

  24. May. 27, 11:17pm

    Culprit possibilities

    1) Micro$oft – bribing manufacturers from releasing content
    2) Alain Prost – may still harbour bad blood towards Senna bcos of their rivalry.

  25. May. 27, 10:56pm

    Ayrton Senna content = A+

    PolyPhony Digital = F

    Sony = F

    GT6 = D-

    • May. 28, 1:38am

      How can something be an A+ from the studio you rate as an F on a game you feel is D-?

      Makes no sense kiddo.

    • May. 28, 5:10am

      @MeanElf =A+
      @CorvetteConquer = F

    • May. 28, 8:49am

      Thank you SirCarltonLotus.

  26. May. 27, 10:32pm

    Its cool. Most probably don’t remember the legal problems that almost kept the Deltawing out of GT6. Delays are becoming a fact of life and not just in video games. We live such complicated lives anymore. 20 years ago when cell phones were no more powerful than a wrist watch and video games were mostly an assembly of a few low definition blocks it would be much easier to bring out a video game. And of course with no internet like we have today we were stuck with whatever content we bought and took out of the nearest Walmart.

    Ten years before that when I was just a child we had the Atari and the first Nintendo was a year from its release. So yeah this young generation of gamers is pretty lucky to have what they do. And their kids will be complaining about the next holographic game to come out that does not include a smell feature or something.

    • May. 27, 11:27pm

      :tup: times five thousand

  27. May. 27, 8:01pm

    Totally want to drive these new open wheel cars…would have been nice to see them on a clearly retro monza/hatch.

    And aw, i was hoping to see the senna kart on that kart track from the GT6 theme song…not on the silverstone track.

  28. May. 27, 8:00pm
    Rafael F

    That pics! Hope for good sounds as well

  29. May. 27, 7:43pm

    Can’t wait to hear those cool looking lawnmowers.

    • May. 27, 8:27pm
      Tenacious D

      Can’t wait for you to move on to boards of racers you actually like…

    • May. 27, 8:52pm

      @TenaciousD – I don’t think that board exists…lol.

    • May. 28, 1:36am

      @ TD and JP :)

  30. May. 27, 7:26pm

    This new content looks pretty damn cool if i’m honest… so that’s good news. Then after reading the article, I look at the comments again to find a bunch of people complaining… I have the impression that most people on here are around the age of 11. It seems that most of the people on here have not read the article, it clearly states the reason why the content is late, it also tells us that we are getting it this week still. If it was delayed by 2 months for example, I would completely understand but we’re only going to be waiting a few days at the most. Yes I know PD has track record of being late with updates but moaning and groaning about it is not going to change anything, plus your getting it for free. I can’t think of many racing games that have extensive updating during its life cycle, you people need to stop being hung up on the ‘Well we don’t have this yet’ or ‘I wish it had this’ and just except the game for what it is.

    • May. 27, 7:59pm
      Man of Mister

      Well put. I agree with you 100%.

    • May. 27, 8:29pm
      Tenacious D

      Maturity and common sense are rare commodities on the nets. And – oh look where we are! The Real Complaining Stimulator.

    • May. 27, 9:47pm


    • May. 27, 9:50pm
      SZRT Ice

      Right, opting to complain about complainers. That’s a much better option. Way more mature. On, and calling people 11 year olds just because they have a difference in opinion is such a mature argument. This self-righteous crap is getting old. Half the time people are egging on the complainers before any complaints are made. You guys are no better than them.

    • May. 27, 10:12pm

      @ SZRT Ice Look, there are many things that I want in GT6 such as;
      – Porsche Cars
      – If not Porsche, premium ruf cars or just more ruf
      – more tracks and cars (don’t care if free or not)
      – Course Creator
      – Ferrari F50
      These are a handful of things I want in GT6 right but there not in GT6 for what ever reason. But I am not going to throw my toys out of the pram because some of the things I want are not in the game. As I said in my first post, I understand the let downs because I feel let down but I enjoy the game for what it is.

      At the end of the day, I wasn’t involved in the development of the game, so why should I expect certain things from them. I don’t mind people sharing their concerns and gripes as long as it’s constructive and objective. It’s the self-titled idiots that say “wheres my course editor! i’m done with this game, i can’t wait till project cars comes out”.

      The negativity that the GT has received recently (in some cases rightly so) has given a lot of people on here some so sort of right to demand things and get mardy when it doesn’t get there way.

      People still bang on about the course editor and how PD are lazy, I want the course creator myself. But i’m not gonna get bitter about the fact its not in the game and certainly not gonna stop myself from enjoying the game because of it. They havn’t spoken about the course editor in 5-6months and it was never said to be a feature at launch, so to me there’s point getting upset about it, you might as well just let it go and enjoy the game as it is now and if it doesn’t come, then its a shame, if it does then awesome.

      Sorry for the rant but it really annoys me, I don’t care about the complaints (I have many myself), it’s the childish attitude that people have.

    • May. 27, 10:25pm

      Definitely around 11 years old. I’m mean look at @Izzyracer97’s post, he said he took 1 day from school for a game… LMAO!!!

    • May. 27, 10:27pm

      *day off

      Still sounds about right, kinda…

    • May. 27, 10:41pm

      You sir, are correct!

  31. May. 27, 7:14pm

    This is just embarrassing. I’m not even angry I actually feel bad for them at this point.

  32. May. 27, 6:48pm

    Where’s my track maker?!?!

    • May. 27, 7:41pm

      Your? Pretty sure it’s not only yours…

    • May. 27, 9:11pm

      No kidding!

  33. May. 27, 6:47pm

    Somehow I now feel that we won’t ever get this content or any other content ever again for GT6.

    • May. 28, 1:42am

      Care to explain your strange bit of logic?

  34. May. 27, 6:43pm

    Just wanted to say, I freakin’ called it. Check my latest “status” post.

    A delay is still a delay, no matter the reason.

  35. May. 27, 6:34pm

    For those who feel they have to whine about every little thing, I created a new thread called “The GT6 Drama Queen Thread”.

    • May. 27, 7:20pm

      …and it’s closed…

    • May. 27, 7:56pm
      TRC GeorgiaDawg

      Did you make sure to include your own whining about others whining in the OP?

  36. May. 27, 6:25pm

    They look great!!!

  37. May. 27, 6:24pm

    I can fully understand this. The Senna content is about to come out, and it would take some of the fire away from it to release them at the same time.

  38. May. 27, 6:23pm

    You know this just seems to keep happening every since GT5, When are we going to get some confidence about a release date?

  39. May. 27, 6:22pm

    This is getting ANNOYING, On the other hand I do have other games I enjoy playing.

  40. May. 27, 6:20pm
    Sick Lenny

    For those of you who have never had to deal with a legal issue (read LAWYERS) let me just tell you that all of your “taking care of this months ago” can fly out the window the second a lawyer changes his mind or raises a concern at the last minute.
    The mainstream world of business (anymore) is dominated by the whims and worries of laywers and underwriters (insurance companies), and I suspect that many of the entitled whiners on here have yet to enter that world or still live in Mom’s basement.

    And to add I am certain this content is at the top of Kaz’s list of stuff to do under GT6’s umbrella as this is a very personal project he decided to include, including raising awareness to the institute and the legacy of Senna. So claims that suggest careless and whatever are laughable. Whenever you accuse someone of specific wrongdoing (without any evidence to support your claim), realize that you a usually revealing to the world how YOU operate and how YOU think, therefore telling more about yourself than those you blindly accuse.

    • May. 27, 6:44pm

      Finally. Someone who understands that problems sometimes surface, and cause a delay of content such as this. You guys need to understand that PD is working their laurels off with this content, and they’re not just delaying it because they are lazy. I know it might be frustrating, heck, I’ve been waiting extremely anxiously for this, but we must understand that it is not PD’s fault (just read the article and you’ll see what I mean), also, you must learn to be more graceful, it’s free DLC anyways, right?

      By the way, thanks for keeping us posted, Jordan.

      PS: you cannot compare Forza to GT. Forza is an arcade game, and GT is a full on racing simulator, it’s like comparing a VW Beetle against a Pagani; you just can’t.

    • May. 27, 11:15pm

      +1 x infinity

  41. May. 27, 6:17pm

    sony pd im don with u fix car sound circuit creator

    ^That’s sarcasm, for those who don’t understand this type of things until someone explains it to them.

    • May. 27, 6:25pm

      U so rite buddy Forza is the gratest eva PD cant do nothin rite.

    • May. 27, 6:33pm
      Magic Ayrton

      Sound eh.. I just got the ruf rt-12 on iracing and that thing sends chills up your spine.. sooo good!

    • May. 27, 8:55pm

      @Magic Ayrton…shhhh

    • May. 28, 7:29am
      Magic Ayrton

      Vroom vroom :D

  42. May. 27, 5:59pm

    On another note. I want to thank everyone that maintains the GTPlanet website. A great job you all are doing. I know it’s a lot of work maintaining a website. I really appreciate all the time and money that you put into it. I visit here everyday and look forward to seeing what’s new to read.

    • May. 27, 6:04pm


    • May. 27, 8:03pm
      Man of Mister


    • May. 27, 8:55pm

      Go GTPlanet!!!

    • May. 27, 9:42pm
      SZRT Ice

      Yep, thanks Jordan! I know I can be an a** h*** @ times, but I appreciate this site and the work of all associated with it. I appreciate Kaz too. Just feel him and his team need to get it together.

      It’s all love @ the end of the day. I simply want the best for GT.

      So come on Kaz & PD! You got this!

    • May. 27, 10:30pm

      Yeah I’ll admit I have been complaining for months due to not hearing anything. I hope PD keeps this up because I really disliked myself being a whiner… Never again, I hate grumpyToko….. >_>

      Come on GTPlanet! :D

    • May. 28, 12:49am

      Thanks for the kind words, ynot, I’m glad you enjoy the site.

    • May. 28, 8:52am

      Yay, Happy Toko is back :)

      Agreed ynot, it’s something that gets easily forgotten amongst all of the other stuff.

    • May. 28, 7:50pm

      It’s great to be back @MeanElf. :D

  43. May. 27, 5:58pm

    I recall saying how hard it would be to update a game that has differnt regions…

  44. May. 27, 5:56pm

    Heres my only complaint. Why is Jordan here on GTPlanet having to be the one who calls SONY and PD for information. SONY/PD should always be the first ones out with the info before we find out from anyone else. They new it would not be ready today. There is just hardly any communication from PD. I fail to understand why that is. Maybe GTPlanet could get them to create an account here on GTPlanet so they can post information and answer questions on a regular basis. Not just the KAZ one, but a permanent one. You would think a company would love to read feedback from its fans. Just my thoughts. I really hope they finish GT6 before 7 comes out.

    • May. 27, 6:13pm

      you are not alone

    • May. 27, 6:24pm

      Then your complaint is with Sony and PD. There’s nothing we can do about it. I’m thankful Jordan has an inside edge so we can find these things out when no one else can.

    • May. 29, 3:00pm

      Just a an FYI for all the people saying “but at least it’s free content” yeah well if it wasn’t for this “free content” gt6 would be the same game as the last 5 installments with only a handful of new cars so the the DLC is actually the “new game” and without it… Yeah people are gonna be mad!

  45. May. 27, 5:54pm

    PD tried, but sadly, things got complicated at the very last time, complicated enough to delay the release.

  46. May. 27, 5:39pm

    To everyone: If you are getting pissed off, just read the post! Come on, get it together and realize the fact that car licensing is no easy task. Calm yourselves. In any matter, the content will be released this week. I understand all of your attitudes and fading patience. Give PD a break for a change. They may have packed something extra in there for us. You just never know.

    I’m really looking forward to driving this race master, Ayrton Senna’s vehicles. This will be awesome. Driving a Lotus 97T around Spa… dear god that sounds great!

  47. May. 27, 5:36pm

    I like how (not even going to mention his name) is not here to say anything about those who are complaining but target me from before in the BMW VGT news article.

    I say good riddance he’s not here to bother me again…

    • May. 27, 5:39pm

      Also he’s a jerk too

    • May. 27, 5:58pm

      Who are you talking about? Kollosson?

    • May. 27, 6:43pm

      No, not @Kollosson. Since that ‘other guy’ isn’t here, I won’t mention him at all.

    • May. 27, 10:15pm

      lol me?

  48. May. 27, 5:34pm

    When it gets here it gets here. I haven’t lost any sleep waiting for yet.

  49. May. 27, 5:32pm

    Sony, PD, thank you for free stuff!! I can wait another month if I have to :)

  50. May. 27, 5:28pm

    Lmao! PD are just useless, i knew it!

    Can’t they do anything that involves time, sounds and quality any more?

    Where are the PD from the PS1 & 2 era?
    Please bring them back, we’ve had enough of these clowns!

    • May. 27, 5:59pm

      *facedesk* Did you not read the post?

    • May. 27, 6:48pm

      *facedesk* yes i did, and the last excuse and the excuse before that…. Zzzzzz.

      Yet again they knew full well it wasn’t going to be ready but yet again failed to communicate anything to us.

      We’d still be sat waiting like dumbasses if it wasn’t for Jordan contacting them!

      What do we matter though eh, it’s not like we’re the ones who keep Kaz in cigarettes, booze and trying to be a Z list racing driver by buying the games are we?

      Too much like hard work to even create a simple Twitter account to keep us informed isn’t it?

      I’m sure Kaz will soon get his act together once we all give up on GT but alas it will be too late.

      If Project Cars nails the basics in November then GT is on death row.

    • May. 27, 7:59pm

      No Phil, you will be sitting at your tv like “dumbasses” (wearing a helmet suit and gloves) waiting for a video game to fulfill your z list fantasy, the rest have lives and a purpose that need to be attended to and will check the next time we want to entertain ourselves. We all have content that can be played and why not play online where its a consistant flow of new things to do, tberes over 1200 cars and 30+ track layouts to run why not use them thats why we bought the game. A few years ago on Dec. 6 when we bought GT6 or whenever you bought it that wouldve been it, there would be no new content to look forward to, there would be no new races, hotlaps seasonals or whatever every 2 or so weeks, there would be no online racing just the game as it was sold as when it was released. Whk would of thought a video game could cause a worldwide fit like this has, appreciate what they have given us as a way to entertain us and pass our downtime it could be a lot worse than some delay in new content that will be given without us paying for their work in return which these days jus dont happen very often.

    • May. 27, 10:26pm

      @phil Let me debunk your points one by one.

      Yet again they knew full well it wasn’t going to be ready but yet again failed to communicate anything to us. – No they didn’t. As someone else mentioned, the business world these days is pretty much run by lawyers and if one of them comes out of left field and presents a concern about licensing, it can create an issue that’s relatively unforeseeable and may take time to resolve.

      We’d still be sat waiting like dumbasses if it wasn’t for Jordan contacting them! – For all we know Sony could have voluntarily contacted him with the info. Not devaluing his work, though, it’s still great! :)

      What do we matter though eh, it’s not like we’re the ones who keep Kaz in cigarettes, booze and trying to be a Z list racing driver by buying the games are we? – Why the hell do you think he’s working to give us a GPS-based course creator? Or for that matter, bother adding a metric crapload of features to online races to make them more fun?

      Too much like hard work to even create a simple Twitter account to keep us informed isn’t it? – Then judging by this I suppose writing 50+ million lines of code and thereby creating a game that totals 15+gb in size is easy. For that matter, so is modelling 200+ new premiums and traveling the world to model over 70 tracks. Yeah, I can do that. Just give me 218 more hands and create 109 more copies of my PC, then give me 5 years to develop the game.

      I’m sure Kaz will soon get his act together once we all give up on GT but alas it will be too late. – Gran Turismo is a core part of car culture. Even if Kaz doesn’t “get his act together” (which he has, it’s just some of the people around him that don’t), GT will continue to sell well for a very long time.

      If Project Cars nails the basics in November then GT is on death row. – It’s a good game, but so far nowhere near the level of GT. Nor do I see it becoming such. GT gets WAY more right than pCARS. The presentation is nicer, the AI isn’t as stupid (yes, pCARS AI is pretty dumb), the number of cars and tracks is huge, GT has a proper photo mode and an actual replay suite, and when the Course Creator drops, driving games are going to be changed for good. I defy you to name a feature of pCARS that will be able to say that.

    • May. 29, 4:31am

      Phil is correct on all points. Peple giving PD another free pass for yet another failure do nothing to encourage them to improve.

  51. May. 27, 5:25pm

    Thanks Jordan, I’m glad somebody is able to beat any shred of info out of SCEA about GT6.

    On a side note: Why has nobody commented on the render quality of the F3 car? Goog God in heaven look at that detail!!! I mean there are even textures on the tread section of the tires.

  52. May. 27, 5:24pm

    OMG so many crybabies! so what if it doesnt come out till next month and stop sucking Jordans ass people! my gawd

    • May. 27, 5:26pm

      “stop sucking Jordans ass people!”

      What’s wrong with you?

    • May. 27, 5:31pm

      Umm… what did I just read? Anyway, I’m looking forward to this update. It will be fun, more than likely.

    • May. 27, 6:22pm

      Troll is as troll does.

  53. May. 27, 5:17pm

    Can’t wait to drive them.

  54. May. 27, 5:04pm

    Thank you for the information Jordan. There is no information about this neither on or Gran, so thanks again for getting this information for us.
    This delay is both laughable and sad at the same time.
    But Polyphony Digital did say may, not a date like did (the blog seems to be gone from their site, i can’t find it anymore) hopefully they did not get the date from Polyphony Digital, because they are very little trustable as it is.

  55. May. 27, 5:02pm

    I pity the blind followers who support this dying franchise no matter what. Turn10
    has a decade less experience than PD and yet has never missed a deadline or postponed DLC.

    GranTurismo has been a major part of my life for many years, but they are just flaunting our support like we are stupid mindless lemmings.

    • May. 27, 5:22pm

      I pity the mindless babies that don’t understand why this is getting delayed, and because they can’t read.

      I’m not even going to bother, just continue being mindless and blind at reading with sense of understand things.

    • May. 27, 5:23pm

      *no sense

    • May. 27, 5:43pm

      “I’m not even going to bother”. Well, you just replied, so clearly you are going to bother.

      And before you start saying things about “being able to read”, I suggest you learn how to type properly…

      If you want to waste money and blindly follow your masters over the quality cliff like a lemming, go ahead…but don’t expect those of us who can think for ourselves to follow you…

    • May. 27, 5:57pm

      Do you enjoy being a troll? No life? No girlfriend? Mom’s basement?

    • May. 27, 6:25pm

      And postponing DLC constitutes for a bad game?
      Pretty obvious troll here. After all, his name does contain the word ‘corrupt’

    • May. 28, 3:20am

      “GT is dead”
      “I pity the blind followers”
      “Aren’t T10 and Forza just the best”

      And there, we have the basic structure of a troll comment.

  56. May. 27, 4:56pm

    Thanks for the update Jordan.

  57. May. 27, 4:50pm

    Hell YES! Can’t wait to drive this bad boy! Who cares if the DLC got postpone..

    We waited long enough, why would it hurt to wait few more days?

    Keep the INFO. coming Jordan!

  58. May. 27, 4:45pm

    You guys will never be happy, right?
    The release date got pushed back, so? Is that still such a huge and unexpected deal in the gaming industry nowadays? I thought that everyone “accepted” canceled release dates as a standard procedure for videogames by now.

    • May. 28, 4:12am

      Delays do happen in the games industry, but that information is usually given weeks/months before instead of that day or weeks later as was the case with the RB challenge.

  59. May. 27, 4:43pm

    The people who are saying “Oh it’s been delayed, damn you PD” you need to freakin read.

    “Unfortunately, a few regional licensing issues have complicated a simultaneous worldwide launch of the new content, but don’t worry – it will arrive before the end of this week, as I learned after speaking with SCEA today.”

    Why can’t people read? Geez…

  60. May. 27, 4:40pm

    For Jordan: thank you so much for your hard work. Now we know something and we are not in the air like before.

  61. May. 27, 4:39pm

    I had enough of PD & GT6 months ago & stopped playing it. This new content is too little too late for me. Just heard the news the new content is delayed lol.
    I feel sorry for all of you waiting & expecting the new stuff today though but it’s typical PD. I think GT has had it’s day now. I certainly won’t be buying GT7. It was a mistake getting GT6.

    • May. 27, 6:12pm

      And still you keep coming back because…

  62. May. 27, 4:38pm

    Regional licensing issues… yeah right. Are Sony/PD seriously going to claim that a launch which has been planned for at least 7 months featuring licenses from the 1980s really came unstuck in the last 3 weeks? Utter nonsense.

    • May. 28, 3:21am

      I take it that you have no clue about licensing in a game from 2014.

    • May. 28, 10:04am

      Leo is right. This excuse nonsense. It’s not like this happens to other games. Why does PD always drop the ball?

  63. May. 27, 4:30pm

    I blame GTplanet!!!!

    If Jordan didn’t work so hard finding news about Gran Turismo we would all be happy sitting in the dark knowing absolutely nothing about anything just like PD wants.

    • May. 27, 4:34pm
      SZRT Ice

      Wow. Sad but true. But don’t give SCEA or PD any ideas. At least we know SOMETHING.

    • May. 28, 2:05am

      Thats funny . Keep up the great work GTPLANET THANKS FOR ALL INFO . REALLY GUYS GREAT JOB. BUT WERE . Still frustrated with the situation people that have played the game as long as I do understand that PDs track record sucks . Lets go back to gt5 every two mnths dlc would be released ….. wrong never happened . Now gt acadamy gt5 is closing servers and hes focased on finding racecar drivers. Kaz forgets 90% of americans playing video games are to fat to fit in a rececar. Lets remember whos been riding and racing this game sence 97 . Im one of them still have the game . Come on PD. Get with it listen to ur fans

  64. May. 27, 4:28pm

    Sony, please hurry with my content to the passionate people that represent me.

    -A. Senna

  65. May. 27, 4:24pm

    I want to work for PD or Sony, so I can be late and half @ss everything I do and keep my job. Just kidding:)

  66. May. 27, 4:22pm

    Hey, licensing issues. Yeah PD, we all buy that. After all, you’ve only been making GT games for 15 years, we don’t really expect you to have a clue how to make them properly by now…

    • May. 27, 4:26pm

      licensing issues is the sole reason we won’t ever get proper sounds in any GT game for PS3 & 4

    • May. 27, 5:20pm

      “licensing issues is the sole reason we won’t ever get proper sounds in any GT game for PS3 & 4” Bwahahahahaha! I see what you did there ;)

  67. May. 27, 4:18pm

    I said it earlier this month and I’ll say it again.


    • May. 27, 4:23pm

      Yes, is time to learn that >:(

    • May. 27, 4:26pm

      It did say a “Late May” update, but at the Playsation blog it stated a 27th may 2014 release, this may be the reason many people are upset now. I don’t really care all that much it’s still a free update after all.

  68. May. 27, 4:18pm

    I’ve been waiting all day for news on the Senna content and finally I found out it isn’t coming out yet. Exactly the same thing happened yesterday with VW’s VisionGTGTI, is it too difficult to give an accurate release date for cintent?!

  69. May. 27, 4:11pm

    why can’t PD ever get there release date right this is bs I took off a day from school so I could get the car as soon as possible >:( very angry!

    • May. 27, 4:17pm
      SZRT Ice

      Woa bro’. Bad prioritizing much?

    • May. 27, 4:17pm

      lol, just take care of your studying, and videogames come second ;)

    • May. 27, 4:20pm

      Agreed with both.

    • May. 27, 4:21pm

      Really? A video game over studying? How sad. You had better hope no school friends or teachers read your confession of sciving had you.

    • May. 27, 4:25pm

      I think he safe unless there be a school with a student named Izzyracer97, damit Izzy he’s right run!!!!

    • May. 27, 4:30pm

      You need to learn how to prioritise. Studies should always come before gaming, you will realise thee benefit of this in the long term.

  70. May. 27, 4:10pm

    I bet is an F1 license… and PD fault.

  71. May. 27, 4:06pm

    Is anyone really surprised about this delay? It’s a very typical maneuver of what PD is known for.

  72. May. 27, 4:06pm

    thanks for the update. I know these last minute things do crop up now and again

  73. May. 27, 4:05pm

    To all the people calling BS on the Licensing issues, PD does not do the licensing so stop with the idiotic bashing.

    • May. 27, 4:08pm

      Who cares who does the licensing… It is either Sony or PD, Fact is we still don’t have the content… And by the way who came up with the news about this delay? GtPlanet… If it was not for Jordan investigating about the delay we will be still in complete darkness.

    • May. 27, 4:21pm

      The point is the idiotic whining brigade are out and again showing their idiotic ignorance because they didn’t get what they wanted and are blindly going about acting this licensing issue is “BS” and bashing PD when it was shown IN this article that it is infact the issue according to SCEA, not PD.

    • May. 27, 4:25pm
      SZRT Ice

      @ RaceCar

      But consider this. If you’ve known, not for weeks, or even months, but for over a year that you had plans for including a particular type of content in your game that would require licensing in select regions. Don’t you think something so minute would have been taken care of already? Maybe even before the modelling process began?

      As you may recall, this is not the 1st licensing issue PD has had. It happened with a kart track for GT5 based in Italy I belive. I mean, one would expect such a long running and successful company to know better about these things.

    • May. 28, 1:58am

      Who are u PD bodygaurd shut up people are frustrated and there voicing there opions they dont need people like u bashing them 90 percent of us do understand how to read and no one is bashing jordan if u read my post I thank him for giving us answers when PD or sony will not so back off the children . Letem vent . Im surejordan understands he dont need more people starting keyboard wars with tuff guys like u

  74. May. 27, 4:04pm

    Oh Lord another delay.

  75. May. 27, 4:03pm

    Aggggh bull shizzzz ive had it with polydigital im done f off poloydigital im going to forza jesus christ this company sucks above all . Have fun with this bull shizz absolutely ridiculous. Microsoft here I come

    • May. 27, 4:05pm

      HAHA :) Get a life my friend :P

    • May. 27, 4:11pm

      Congratulations!!!! You have recieved the award for ‘Funniest Comment of the Day’!

    • May. 27, 4:12pm

      I’m crying because you quit.
      Tears of joy. that is.

    • May. 27, 4:16pm
      SZRT Ice

      Wow! This is completely the FIRST TIME I’ve heard someone make this threat! I’ve NEVER heard it before! Oh my, what will PD do without you?!? All hope for gaming is now lost! Woe is me, woe to the world of online sim racing!!!

    • May. 27, 4:17pm

      Hahahahahaha, HAHAHAHAHA!!!! No wait I’m not done yet Hahahahah, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    • May. 27, 4:21pm

      Im with you Skullsniper, plus im going to end my pointless life where i get enraged by free content being delayed, but before that ill destroy that cure for cancer i just perfected.
      That’ll teach you Polyolllywollydigitalis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

    • May. 27, 5:31pm

      If I had a penny for everytime I heard that I’d be rich.

    • May. 27, 11:53pm

      Hahaha, how stoned is this guy?

  76. May. 27, 4:02pm
    Jose Mendonca

    Licencing issues for sure. This has been on the pipeline for months, and only today they noticed the licencing issues? Yeah right.

  77. May. 27, 4:02pm

    Licensing, really? This should have been done months ago before the release date was set.

  78. May. 27, 4:02pm

    Why can licensing never be :censored: simple? Why not say “Here, do this for us and then you can have that with that, that and that and you can certainly release it by -day the somethingth of this month.”


    Oh well, at least we’ve got a solid 5-day window on when it’s going to come out and we’re not going to spam the :censored: out of a single thread and annoy the original contributors and mods…

  79. May. 27, 3:59pm

    Thanks for the update Jordan. At least this time they told us why it would be late instead of leaving us in the dark. Was also good for them to show us screenshots even though we can quite play it yet. Time to buy his racing suit to get ready for some photomode round Monaco, Brands and Monza…

  80. May. 27, 3:59pm

    If we did not have GTplanet we will be still waiting for the update… Thank you PD, thank you Sony for letting us know…

  81. May. 27, 3:58pm

    First off, thanks for the news.

    I hate to be that guy or sound rude (which I’m trying not to), but this isn’t a big surprise that ALL the countries would want to enjoy this content. They had close to six months (or more) to do their homework and get this squared away. Let’s hope for the best.

  82. May. 27, 3:56pm

    And they did not know about those regional licensing issues before? Sounds like BS to me…
    Did they learn about these issues today 5 minutes before releasing the content?

    • May. 27, 4:03pm

      The licensing issues are completely out of PD’s hands. Its Sony which deals with those.

  83. May. 27, 3:54pm

    Forgetting the moaning about late delivery, for a moment, this fills a huge gap in the GT Universe. Finally, a lower tier formula race car. I HOPE that this thing can be raced like a spec racer. I don’t know why GT doesn’t have F500, FVEE, FF, FF2000, F3, GP2, Formula Renault, etc. I suppose it is more production car based.

    The Lotus Renault will be pretty eye candy for sure, but I’m really looking forward to having a vintage F3 car in GT6.

  84. May. 27, 3:53pm

    Cool. I was’nt expecting that F3. Really beautyfull.

  85. May. 27, 3:53pm

    Its probably gonna come out tomorrow or Thursday

  86. May. 27, 3:53pm

    Finally, more news!!!
    Them pictures look insane!!!

  87. May. 27, 3:51pm

    This is like the story of Achilles who will never be able to reach the turtle in a race…

  88. May. 27, 3:50pm

    Those damn Niue-ians

  89. May. 27, 3:50pm

    Where does this news come from?

  90. May. 27, 3:41pm

    And now it gets mentioned.

    • May. 27, 3:47pm

      Pretty sure it was mentioned when we get update 1.07 yes, unless you didn’t get it.

  91. May. 27, 3:41pm


  92. May. 27, 3:40pm

    Yeah guys. Don’t worry. This time, they’ll hold true to their words.
    Because they’re words mean so very much…

    • May. 27, 3:56pm

      Oh be excited, you know you want to. >:)

    • May. 27, 4:01pm

      What happened to this franchise? I have been playing the Gran Turismo series since GT1.Licensing issues!?. What a lame @$$ excuse for not coming through with promised content….again. If this was true, then thanks for waiting for half of the day to tell us what you already knew last week.
      I am done with this joke of a game.

    • May. 28, 3:25am

      Smeg, why don’t you try to license everything in a game like this, and see if it’s all smooth sailing then? Times have changed in gaming. Licensing is horrible.

  93. May. 27, 3:38pm

    By now we should all be aware any date PD gives out is just a rough estimate of a general time something could possibly happen.

    • May. 27, 3:51pm

      Licensing issues are very likely out of their hands. Love how people jump to conclusions.

    • May. 27, 4:08pm
      SZRT Ice

      Whoo! You GT Saint Praiser Elitists crack me up! The only “conclusion he jumped to”, was that by now we should not expect any date to be concrete!

      There’s “ALMLOST ALWAYS SOMETHING” out of PD’s hands that happens to delay content!

      He has the right to make this statement considering PD’s “announcement track record”!

      Talk about jumping to conclusions!

    • May. 27, 4:13pm

      Why give a release date if you haven’t finalized licensing yet? That is in PD’s hands.

    • May. 28, 6:02pm

      Blade – If your boss tells you something will be ready at a certain date, and you tell your customers it will be ready at that date – but something comes up and it suddenly isn’t, is it your fault?

      That’s what happened here. Sony ( The ones behind the licensing and release dates – you know, the actual PUBLISHER of the game – AKA “The Boss” ) likely told PD everything would be fine and dandy on the 27th-28th. Licensing can be a tricky thing – and it often CAN spring up problems at the last minute.

      It’s not something that can be finished in a week. Just look at Rock Band – they have to get licensing for songs 6 months ( Minimum ) in advance. I doubt car manufacturers are any different.

      You also assume it’s PD making the decisions on dates – they just make the content. Sony handles the rest. The PUBLISHER handles marketing and release dates. You want to complain – complain about them. Developers don’t have control over when their game comes out unless they’re independent and self-publish.

    • May. 29, 12:23am

      Yes Sony’s job would be obtaining the licences needed as they are the publisher.

      Polyphony’s job would be to let Sony know what content they wish to include in the game and early enough for Sony to arrange licencing in time.

      Neither you or I know whats happened here so I guess the question is which company you feel more confident about when it comes to meeting deadlines, Sony’s Televisions, Phones, Laptops, Films, Albums, Camera’s, other Games seem to regularly appear on time.
      Hows Polyphony’s track record compare?

      Also if it were me I would contact my customers (my fault or not) and apologize for the delay and explain why, not wait for them to contact me.

  94. May. 27, 3:38pm

    I’m ok with this. At least there is a reason.

  95. May. 27, 3:38pm

    Alright then, thanks PD for actually telling us why and what the reason was. As hyped up as this was, missing the deadline would have been a BIG deal in the community. But I can understand a licensing issue, just get it as soon as possible, tonight would be great.

    • May. 27, 4:11pm
      SZRT Ice


  96. May. 27, 3:36pm

    Why am I not surprised?

    • May. 27, 3:40pm

      Because you’ve read the article and understood that it was just licensing issues.

  97. May. 27, 3:36pm

    You have to admit, it’s better communication than before…

  98. May. 27, 3:34pm

    A legitimate delay. Thanks for finding this information out. Hopefully, it will calm the masses.

  99. May. 27, 3:34pm

    PD: ‘Content will be released this month.’ Read and interpret as end of the month!

  100. May. 27, 3:33pm

    31may 23:59

    • May. 27, 3:37pm

      +.999999999… seconds. And then servers be overloaded and slow to download until the following month.

    • May. 27, 3:40pm

      Hawaiian time

    • May. 27, 4:03pm

      Pago Pago, American Samoa is one hour behind Hawaii. Are you sure you meant that? ;)

    • May. 27, 7:50pm

      Haha :)

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