Ayrton Senna GT6 Content Gets May 27th Release Date


More information on the Ayrton Senna Tribute content headed for Gran Turismo 6 was confirmed in a post on the official PlayStation Blog late yesterday, including a release date of Tuesday, May 27th.

Lotus_97T_'85_01Details of two “Senna Challenges” in the game have also been released, which will take place using the Lotus 97T on re-constructed 1985 versions of Monza and Brands Hatch.

The goal will be to beat Senna’s pole-position lap times at each circuit (1’25.084 and 1’07.169, respectively), with the car being awarded for achieving the Bronze time (it will also be available to purchase with in-game credits from a new “Senna” dealership without completing the events).

As announced yesterday, one of Senna’s first DAP racing karts will also be released in the game at that time. Stay tuned for more announcements!

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Comments (116)

  1. carboneyes

    Senna download is canceled. The content will be delayed until May 30th / 31st during server maintenance. The content will be changed from Senna tribute to Vettel Tribute because Vettel > Senna.


    Well Polyphony, you’ve lived up to your growing reputation – promise, and don’t deliver. The Spanish track in February, the “clever” wording about when the VW Vision GT would be released, and now this…

    Here’s a tip : Try concentrating on the game that you are making now instead of trying to make the next one at the same time.

  3. Amac500

    Note guys, go by server time for the dare, I believe it’s about noon right now. This will be free, right? Cus if it is this light it might be coming with the PlayStation store update?

  4. carboneyes

    almost 8am in California, nothing. Either it will be out by noon or what they meant by May 27th is not May 27th.

  5. planglangers

    Where is the Senna content? Silly question I know.
    I have just booted the Ps3 again and nothing.
    Can’t wait for the Lotus, like a kid with a new toy lol.
    I am sure it will be worth waiting for

  6. Vinylshark

    Jesus christ, some people here really have nerves. Instead of enjoying that you get free stuff all you can do is cry and rage that it isn’t out yet. Even if this update doesn’t come out today, I’m sure you won’t die ’cause of that. I wouldn’t be suprised if PD would wait so long with the Senna update till the Vision GT car from Volkswagen is ready, so that both can be put into one update instead of two. After all the VGT from VW is supposed to come out tomorrow, so why release two updates in just two days when you can have one (big) instead?

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Not really appropriate language, considering the man was deeply religious! Promises, empty promises. A disgrace to Ayrton.

    2. IngRobNy

      The Ayrton Senna Tribute content is already in the game, it came with 1.07 update, so there is no need for a new update, they just have to unlock the content. And it is always disappointing when somebody is not keeping their Words, no matter who they are.

    3. wudy201

      oh my such a disgrace to artyon or whoever. If a video game can ruin someguys lifestory i guess he really aint that big of a deal. Unless you are getting paid to sa this guys name or build his namebrand just chill. GT6 is just a business tha makes video games we all should know by now that technology is the most unpredictable man made thing in the world. Things happen, things change at least they keep in touch with the consumers they could keep us in the dark. Cant you even appreciate what PD and Kaz have created in the GT series. I said it befor we could be playing PolePosition on a 7800. We are getting open wheel cars that people keep wanting, tracks reconfigured this could be the start of the F1 and other openwheel cars tracks and races coming to the game. All I can say is patience and be grateful for what you already have.

  7. IngRobNy

    Will i ever learn not to trust polyphony digital? :(
    No Ayrton Senna Tribute content here in Norway.

  8. Jbaffoh

    Well, since my wife is in Osaka today, I know it’s afternoon on May 27 there. In which time zone will the “May 27” release begin?

  9. gibo155

    Why are we getting content like this when they cant even furfill there promis of content such as B-Spec, track Creator etc.

    waste of time

    1. MilesPrower

      Sorry that you feel celebrating the life and death of one of the most famous and revered Formula drivers is a “waste of time”… I know everyone is entitled to their opinion and you may not be a Senna fan but personally I couldn’t give a flying f**k about a B-Spec mode where the computer drives races for you or a track creator that probably won’t be as fully featured as I would like it to be anyway.

    2. brianwong

      B-spec is a more massive waste of their time than anything else that they could possibly do.

  10. dconsorti

    Did anyone see the video for the content, and notice that the f-3 pool jeans sponsored show up just as the Lotus and the kart? I guess we will have 3 cars in the Senna store!

    1. MilesPrower

      Yeah I saw that too. Now that I’ve gone back into the game though, the video seems to have vanished. It would seem from that though, along with Brands ’85 and Monza ’85 we will get Senna’s Kart, his F3 Ralt which he parked on top of Martin Brundles F3 car at Brands and the Lotus 97T. Awesome.

  11. JASON_ROCKS1998

    Watch Dogs and Senna Update on the 27th. brilliant
    That means that if I somehow get bored of Watch_Dogs I can just go on GT6 and try out Senna’s F1 car. May do a 15 lap race around Monza with time progression set to 60 and weather progression set to 10 in it with no aids on RH

    1. Amac500

      Hahaha, 15 laps with time on 60 with a car that has no headlights. Also note that Monza does not have time progression.

  12. GNR1987

    For the love of God, PD better get this right! Ayrton Senna’s Pole Position lap times should be borderline unbeatable! It better not be in typical GT6 fashion where each seasonal/license can be beaten by multiple seconds by joe schmo; that would be a total disgrace.

    Senna was the best, and the difficulty of this challenge should reflect that. I’m a decent GT6 driver, but I want it where I cannot even come close to touching the Gold time. It should be on par with the Gold X1 Suzuka time of GT5. The elite GT players that consistently top the leaderboards should be the only ones with a prayers chance of matching Senna’s time. And if beatable, it needs to only be barely beatable by the smallest of margins, by the best GT drivers; it’s only fitting.

    1. JASON_ROCKS1998

      bronze should be possible for a decent player, silver for very good player and gold possible only if your the best of the best

    2. wudy201

      jesus its just a game. you act like this guy cured cancer. I played gt since day 1 and never heard ofthe guy and never sawhim race and playing gt6 is no different for me than you its a game so what would be the point of putting a tt in a game that is unbeatable, that would be pretty idiotic from pds end. i know so many people live in this fantasy world when they play this probobly wear gloves helmets shoes and fire resistant suits and talk to pretend pit crews but my god its a game. so many complaints on every thread are people who seem to have forgog this.

    3. Hekongaro

      There’s no reason to bar everyone except the aliens from getting gold. This community really needs to cool its elitism.

    4. Vivi22

      The elitism and associated whining are why I don’t even bother coming here any more aside from the purpose of getting tunes to try out when I do play. Glad to see nothing changes apparently.

    5. GNR1987

      Yeah, you guys are right. PD should spend the time to model one of Senna’s cars to the level of detail they do, spend the time to model the 1985 spec race tracks, honor Ayrton Senna for not only his driving ability but his character as well, and then just allow the challenge to be beaten by the 15yr olds who spend their time at the back of Indy dragging for 2 months and never play the game again, followed by having the audacity to claim GT6 is “the real driving simulator.” Why go through all the trouble to accurately model the cars and tracks then? Just paint the Formula Gran Turismo thats already in the game black, call it Senna’s Lotus, have the TT on any track, SSRX perhaps, and make the Gold time 20 mins. That’d do Senna justice! That’d be a great tribute in his name.

      “you act like this guy cured cancer.”

      From my perspective, Ayrton Senna was a man of integrity. A man to not only be admired for his raw skill and talent, but also for his work ethic and contribution to Brazil through his millions in donations and his children’s institute. Sorry for respecting a man of such great character. This planet isn’t exactly filled with people roaming around of the same caliber.

      “so what would be the point of putting a tt in a game that is unbeatable, that would be pretty idiotic from pds end.”

      Don’t you remember the Gold times in GT5 from the X1 challenge? It wouldn’t be idiotic, it would be accurate; true to the claim of “the real driving simulator.” If you think for one second, in a truly accurate sim or in real life you, or 99% of the population could even come close to Senna’s PP lap times, you’re sadly mistaken.

      “There’s no reason to bar everyone except the aliens from getting gold. This community really needs to cool its elitism.”

      How am I projecting elitism? I already claimed I am not an alien; not even close. I don’t think I’m deserving to run the same time as Senna in a “simulator,” maybe in NFS, but not GT6. I already said it could be set up so that the rest of us could obtain silver and/or bronze, while still receiving the prize car. If this game were truly a simulator, and modeled his car, time and the tracks accurately, then guess what; Senna’s time would be unbeatable. That’s what would make it accurate.

      “The elitism and associated whining are why I don’t even bother coming here any more aside from the purpose of getting tunes to try out when I do play. Glad to see nothing changes apparently.”

      Hmm, that sound like whining to me…. God forbid I’d like to see a “simulator” accurately simulate the driving ability of Ayrton Senna in terms of the Gold time. The silver and bronze could be set up so they are easily obtainable for the rest of us.

    6. Playseatplanted

      Don’t forget his times are in real life where if you crash you die.gamers don’t have this limitation so technically gamers should be able to smash the record do to the fact that they can drive the car to the limits

    1. apexpredator100

      Because PD are doing a month long tribute to Ayrton Senna, and not on just a single day.

  13. KOUKI507

    So the only F1 car we will get is the Lotus 97T? I’m happy to have the Lotus, but I was really hoping that at least one McLaren Honda will make it to the game.. But I guess it’s about licencing issues..


    “Senna dealership”, kinda crosses it. I mean, it is a Lotus car. It should be in the Lotus dealership. Why don’t we add a Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewert etc. dealership then?

  15. Blood*Specter

    I would expect the tracks to be available on-line. It would also be nice to have other period F1 cars to mix it up with the Lola. However, what we all seem to be missing is the PS3 hardware suite just cant take anymore.

    The game is out of memory resources now. So PD must be measured about what they release. They currently have 10 lbs of $7!+ in a 5 lb bag. Even if they do have content to release, applying it would bring the processor(s) to a grinding halt. I trust we’ve all seen the current smoke effects and out of control glare on most tracks with variable time.

    Bottom line, I love Senna. His ability and skill was pure and jaw dropping to see.
    Such a shame he’s gone. But things like this make sure no one forgets.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      When the content is actually being displayed, that’s the only time it affects game speed. Otherwise it’s just a set of files on the hard disk. Ever wonder why dealerships have to load first, and when you click a car you have to wait a second for its model to load? That’s because it has to load the relevant files into RAM and VRAM first before the game can display the end result. Adding a car or a track won’t slow the game down, at least as far as on-track action is concerned; it’ll just make it take up more space on your hard drive.

  16. srmellott

    This is cool, but instead just recreating his lap time- we also get to do the races as well!! A full race with vintage F1 cars- make it happen PD!! Won’t happen in game probably. because well this is PD we’re talking about, but I guess in the lobbies we could.

    1. jghara

      That would be awesome, but I guess they don’t have the legal rights to do it… Indeed, this is the reason why there can be only one kind of a F1 car per race.

  17. Heathenpride

    I love the idea, seriously I do and I’m looking forward to it, but can’t we get that bloody tyre glitch fixed first before spending time and money on things like challenges and seasonals etc…

  18. TheProRacer

    I would like to be able to make a small donation to this institute. Thank you for the update PD, also thanks for having some for of communication!

  19. super_gt

    did someone believes this Lotus will be hard to drive as real one to can compare Senna”s time with our times?

    1. RACECAR

      I’m thinking it’ll be the most challenging with all the aids turned off and for anyone using the pad. Wheel users will likely adapt very quickly.

    1. Hentis

      Again if you read some of the news that GT posted they stated it would be a late update in bringing Ayrton Senna content to GT6.

    1. Johnnypenso

      These Karts only have rear brakes, so it’s essentially the same as a handbrake. In real life it’s not unusual to lock up the rears purposely to get the kart to rotate into a corner.

    1. SavageEvil

      Where in the article did it say that this was geared to fixes in the game? I’m pretty sure that you can read and comprehend English correct?

    2. sangdude82

      Yeah, Imola & Interlagos would be nice as track DLC towards Senna Tribute. I would love to pay the money for them so the profit goes to the Senna Institute. How about that for an idea, PD?

    3. ScotteDawg

      As good as it would be to have those other tracks, we have never been “promised” them! What we have been promised – in the past – has not come…

      Regular monthly updates, monthly Vision GT cars, Course Maker – where are those things?

      I have nothing against Ayrton Senna, he was a darn good driver and well respected as one before his accident and I will enjoy the hell out of the new content going into the game, but I’m not happy with PD taking time to produce stuff that wasn’t promised to us instead of giving us what was!

      As for fixes in the game, they are usually done within a day or two of the maintenance, so don’t get your knickers in a knot…

    4. Ferrari458Italia

      There is going to be a Senna dealership, so im assuming more content will be on the way. There is no way Sony and Senna Foundation (or whatever its called) partnered up for just two things.

    5. spencer7x7

      PD never gives away tracks for free, so don’t expect Interlagos for free, and there’s an even smaller chance of Imola coming.

    6. Vivi22

      I don’t recall them ever promising monthly VGT cars scotte, and unless I’m mistaken there have pretty much been monthly updates as well.

      Ironic that you talk about them not giving things they promised when you seem to remember them promising things they didn’t.

  20. Motor City Hami

    Take your time PD. This content was only promised back in October as we all shelled out $65 in hopes of the monthly updates. Oh, and maybe you could have released this during the week that honored Senna’s death, not four weeks after. Deadlines at PD must be mere suggestions.

  21. sibbystiggy

    Senna’s mp4/5 was in gt3 I think, in the american and Japanese versions only, why don’t they bring that back? :o

    maybe the others too??? (mp4/4, mp4/6 & mp4/7)

    I think these cars as just as or more important than the lotus and the kart, world victories shine brighter in my eyes

    1. RACECAR

      The McLaren License is exclusively with Simraceway (excluding the Rush license with Forza 5) so we won’t be seeing any of those cars. Only reason it was in GT3 was as an unlicensed and reliveried car.

    2. sibbystiggy

      thanks for clarifying that, so 1 can only dream for such things to be in GT as it turns out

  22. sibbystiggy

    Interesting, I bet we are really gonna struggle to bet his lap times even with the game, The zone senna was in when he set those lap times are hard to come by for anyone

  23. mikronimo

    “The goal will be to beat Senna’s pole-position lap times”, this could be quite difficult, but intriguing too…

  24. Gogga

    Great news. The time trials are going to be interesting. Taking on the legends pole position times on 2 recontructed old school tracks. Can’t wait!!

    1. SavageEvil

      That requires money from sponsors, they don’t just up and choose a place they need to go through all the legal hoops and acquire the right connections before announcing anything. Money and connections move a great deal of things and also can place insurmountable roadblock on other things.

    2. RodrigoDLL

      I know that, and Nissan is far too small in Brazil (1-2% market share) to make it happen, I think (although it could be good advertising). Its just that on the teaser video from months ago, Brazil was highlighted on the map…

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