GT6 Gameplay Video: Bilstein Audi R8 LMS at Willow Springs

Here’s more exclusive Gran Turismo 6 gameplay footage from E3 – and this time, with sound! (Sorry about that silent Audi Quattro S1 at Matterhorn video.)

This video shows off several laps of a new GT6 track, Willow Springs – a popular local circuit not far from Los Angeles – in the Bilstein Audi R8 LMS.

Although the sound includes a lot of background noise, you’ll be able to get a rough idea of what the car’s engine note is like. While playing, I thought the car sounded very good, but it’s difficult to make any precise judgements or comments in such an environment.

The handling and feel of the car, with SRF off, Traction Control disabled, and Sports Hard tires, was excellent – this is already one of my personal favorites in GT6.

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  1. TeamCZRRacing

    Good to hear they’ve still got 5OUL ON D!SPLAY in the soundtrack, though one has to wonder, since the 5 in “5OUL ON D!SPLAY” is there because the track is one of GT5’s theme songs, what a re they going to call it for GT6? “6OUL ON D!SPLAY” wouldn’t really work.Maybe “5OUL 6N D!SPLAY”?

  2. Eman007

    The so-called vacuum cleaner noise is most likely the wind. And the engine not is actually very accurate coming from a person who has heard the R8 LMS roaring down a track. I look forward to seeing all the subtle improvements come together.

    1. Eman007

      Another very likely possibility for the whining noise is the grinding of straight cut gears in a race transmission which is often the pre-dominant noise in a closed cockpit car.

  3. rambo793

    Really love the track design. The blue sky, the ambience, real desert feel. Was just watching this program of Jeremy Clarkson’s the other day, “The Good, the bad, the ugly”, where he pays a visit to Willow springs. Done a good job on this track it seems they have.

    Also, the car seems beautiful to drive.

  4. marktyper

    I’m not whining and I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve been always a GT fan but I am more excited about DriveClub.

  5. japlkofk69

    You people asked for sound improvements? Now we have Star Wars in the background! Yippie! Your arguments are now simply invalid…

  6. Tvensky

    I noticed that this time there is no invisible wall just off the track…

    how far can you go??? and I noticed that in B group audi video that you could literally fly of the hill, there was no wall.. just road. and a way down… interesting maybe you could fly off? :) that would be cool… not just for fun.. but for those moments when you drive on limit and just make as little mistake and fly off the hill… damn.. how cool is that? :D

    1. Ferrari Alonso

      -,- you’ve got to be kidding. If true, then that otger gane still has a loooong eay to go, catching up on EVERYTHING else. I bet you were kidding.

    2. sumbrownkid

      Forza 5 was just confirmed not to have weather or day/night cycles.

      So which game really has to catch up to the other now Alonso?

  7. QuikSlvr223

    It looks great!
    But, honestly, I think I’m more excited about shooting Rebel scum again. :D

    1. Ferrari Alonso

      “That *** scum need to be wiped out of the face of OUR planet!
      Sons of H******, the time, is OURS. This planet, is OUR by RIGHT!”

      Ok ok that was off-topic, I might get banned now :tdown: :sad:

  8. HuskyGT

    HAHA!!!! PD THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! That Audi IS sounding like a V10! So happy about it XD *jumps around like a maniac

    And I don’t care if it’s a V10 vacuum cleaner as long as it does sound like the engine that it’s supposed to have. AWESOME job PD. I appreciate it.

    And that track! Can’t wait to try it out.

  9. heinz57

    Willow Springs looks amazing! I was also interested in the car going off-track, the lack of an invisible wall and how it jumped when it went on and off. The load time looks great too! From the time he pressed start until it said go, it was maybe 3 or 4 seconds. such an improvement.

  10. gt3killer

    I’ve been out to Willow Springs many times and I can tell you GT6 has captured it in every way. Try going out there in the middle of summer in 100+ the sun is harsh in that environment. I can’t to compare how it feels in the game to the real track!

    1. Roxa_p

      Check Google earth and compare from the same vieuw as the picture of GT6 picture of the complete track.
      It looks the same.. Amazing.

  11. Catlin

    I think this may be the first GT I wont buy, its absolutely unacceptable to have these terrible sounds in a game like this. They already have the recordings judging from the car selector in GT5 they sound beautiful, then when you get to racing they sound so bad.

    1. VrapPlus

      And you can tell all of that from a video with a ton of background noise? You must have amazing hearing…

    2. FiftyBelowZero

      You have no ears. Or a life. You can clearly tell they seriously improved the engine sounds, and it also seems some great songs from GT5 are returning.

  12. Ze Elephant

    I’m loving the new look, and the sounds do seem to be improved. Also, to me it looks like there are no invisible walls, because in GT5 you could see a dark grey outline around the track map that showed where it went to, but there is no such thin in the GT6 map.

  13. Roxa_p

    Very nice.. I hope to see that track in the demo.

    The moment the car left the track, it didn’t run into a wall. I wonder how far you can leave the track?

    During a battle in a race anything can happen and in gt5 you often ran into a wall so there was no time to recover before hitting the wall. Not realistic to me, looks like that invisible wall on Willow Sprins is eather gone or far from the side of the track. I hope it’s the first one. NO WALLS

  14. ImmalovemaGTR

    I am impressed… in the first two teasers the game looked awesome, but not thaaaaaat better than gt5… but this… it is amazing… NO INVISIBLE WALLS, as EagerSnake said + the Bilstein R8 and Willow Springs look great… can’t wait to see more!:)

  15. PepeMickey

    The sun looks god awful and unrealistic, no clouds at all and the sound is still crap. What’s your excuse now fanboys? Is this still an early build? the quality of the video?…open your eyes people, I’m so done with GT.

    1. Umbra344

      If the sun was realistic, you wouldn’t be able to stare at it for long. You can say that, but you’re the one looking at new gameplay videos… if you really are done.

    2. Streeto

      No clouds? Ever heard of a clear day? + Obviously the quality of the video has an effect, even you can’t deny that.

      Please stop crying kid, go play Forza if you wish nobody is stopping you.

    3. PepeMickey

      ^This is exactly why GT never evolves^ you can thank guys like these for the awful games we have been getting.

    4. sepulturite

      Pepe stfu, your a moron that won’t be missed. It’s a desert track ffs, what did you expect? The sky has no clouds in it most of the year round!


      Ever been to a desert, Pepe Le Boo? It’s beyond me how you made out any of the sound from the car above the ambient noise in this video. Open YOUR eyes and realize malingering posts such as what you posted above are a waste of time.

    6. DSUjoeDirte9

      I thought when you were in the middle of a dry desert cloud are kinda less common. Kinda like how rain is also less common.

      -.- or are you going to complain now about how if you went to the Sahara Desert there wouldn’t be enough grass and fluffy tree’s

    7. ScotteDawg

      The silly imbecile probably doesn’t realise that the ambient sound is at E3, not in the game!

      Even if he downloaded the demo, he wouldn’t drive at Willow Springs for fear of getting his paint job ruined by Storm Troopers!!

    8. HuskyGT

      People like you are the ones who misleads PD on doing things wrong. Get out of here! You obviously know nothing about cars.

      That sounded like a V10! Period. PD has done a great job with the car. Anyone disagreeing needs their ears checked.

    9. TetreRouge

      Erm, hate to shoot your trolling to pieces, but there’s hardly any cloud when it’s summer at Willow Springs.

      …Back to the drawing for you Sunshine!

  16. MPH1995Deniz

    My honest opinion of these filmed gameplay videos are quite poor. I’m not referring to the lack of sound in the other video but just the filming, its quite difficult to really see how the new physics are working compared to GT5. I’m a pretty keen GT5 player I managed a 1:31.6 in the GT academy time trial, though I did that lap about 2 weeks ago in identical car and track. Anyway this brings me onto my next observation- I really would like to see a quick GT driver with just ABS on 1 and manual driving on the limit of the car to really show how the car behaves on this new physics engine but I guess i’ll just have to wait.

    Anyone here desperately hoping that we can cruise freely in that town so its not just a photomode location? Just imagine all the cruise lobbies (not the noob cruise lobbies, i’m talking the proper cruise clubs that actually drive sensibly) and the time change! :D but I think I am hoping for too much as this is PD and they always get us so hyped but disappoint us in some way or another.

    My overall impression of GT6 is very good. I’m not going to complain about it. Of course there will always be further ways to improve something but then it takes longer still.

    One of my many ideas is if they could show the inside of the car in the interior mirror and the side of the car in the door mirrors would be really cool but I know somthing like this will have to wait for PS4 hardware as the reflections on the mirrors in GT5 are extremely simplified showing a little of the PS3’s limits.

  17. Eager Snake

    I don’t know if someone said this already, but did you note that there is no invisible wall when the car goes off the track?

  18. Whodoyouthink

    I like the new gauges for thinks like fuel, throttle/brake, etc.

    Also it looks like the can at least get the timing right for paddle shifters animation. Would be a a big plus if they get it right for stick shifters.

  19. TetreRouge

    *Impersonation of typical GTPlanet troll*

    I hate the graphics, they look PS2, the car sounds like a hoover, probably is one, the handling looks arcadey, no one can beat Need For Speed’s award winning via bribe physics. Y U NO HAVE PORSCHE ???

    …ok I’m done lol

    1. Amac500

      Haha, you forgot to ask for F1. “Why don’t they have more F1 cars? They have Ferrari’s. Why can’t I turn SRF off???”

    1. MPH1995Deniz

      Thats exactly what i’m thinking. I mean i’ve looked all over if there will be a GT6 presentation but i cannot find anything. The only possible clue I could find is there is an ‘unannounced title’ presentation at around 8pm GMT London time, or is it GMT +1 at this time of year in London. Idk lol.
      Anyway I really hope it is the slot for GT6!

  20. R34EVO9

    This is cool and all but I want the real news. Tire pressures , adjustable front downforce on street cars. Livery. What are the new cars cause all I seeing is bunch old stuff we already know. I really do hate this about pd because it feels like there never going to deliver until the last minute

  21. Jav

    Engine sound isn’t great, but at least they kept the correct sound sample for the car which is a good start…

    1. Amac500

      Well in realty the engine in R8 LMS Ultra is the same engine as in the R8 LMS so that would be why they sound the same…

    1. Jordan

      Not enough time to record the replays. You only get about 5 minutes with the game before they send everyone playing the game to the back of the line.

  22. GTracer98

    Nice to see the car oversteer once in a while. Hopefully in this game you will really have to be a good driver to drive these high-end cars. :)

    1. researchALLwars

      Ha. What tires you ridin with, bro? If you really never experience oversteer, then it’s safe to assume…

  23. KFM

    Looks like you’re really getting the hang of the new physics. Thanks for all of these videos, Jordan, you’re doing an excellent job!

  24. Jank

    The new lightining e phisics engine are looking really good, as for the sound I already expected no big change, unfortunatly. I just hope PD give us more information, they only gave one trailer, the rest is all on Jordan and the great job hes doing.

  25. BHalpen

    What’s so impressive about this track? It just looks like one we could have created ourselves in a desert location using the track creator.

  26. Flagmo-T

    well !! It’s finally possible to say, that what PD promised 8 years ago, is coming to the surface of the PS3 and GT6 – in 2005 they showed a video on the Premier show of the PS3, of all the new technique they used to scanned mountains / environments – and therefore we Watched a Great High Res video showing of The Rally Track in the Grand Canyon – And Now The Matterhorn and Willow springs and the Eiger Nordwand shows the same kind of Graphics as then –

    this looks amazing- and we have something coming for sure – I’m just relaxed and all ready to be surprised on the way – but i will never ever again try to imagine what they will send out in the Future :o)

    TAke it as it comes i guess ..

  27. LH__7

    Nice to see the lighting kicking in, but no engine sound improvement :(
    Cant wait to race on that track though

  28. mr_pepps

    Great vid thx @jordan

    Note how the car gets air rejoining the circuit after the second outing to the infield. Nice.

  29. mickoafna

    “this time, with sound” is a poor thing to say :) That’s actually ambient sound not game sound :)
    Otherwise, nice video. Can’t wait!!

  30. StaticVariable


    Thank you for posting these videos! You do a great job keeping us all informed on the GT series.

    Best regards.

  31. Ingenting87

    This circuit is ok, but there is alot other tracks i would prefer to get.

    I really hope they give us Ebisu, such an epic drift track should be in GT be default.

  32. Madertus

    The sound is exactly the same as in GT5’s Maserati GranTurismo S ’09/Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 ’09/many other cars fitted with sports exhausts.

    Not cool, PD, not cool.

    1. Sasuki

      Really? lol from all the background noise and music you can hear the engine sound lol

      Cut the c**p please…

    2. KiroKai

      It’s sad, but true. Sasuki, check that exhaust in GT5 and compare it to the video. It’s the same melody, even the same pitch. In the replay at the end you can hear it clearly.

    3. Encyclopedia

      I think it sounds like the standard R8 LMS. Nothing like the GrandTurismo S. Definitely a V10 sound (although not a particularly good one.)

    4. Madertus

      @Sasuki you must be completely deaf not to hear engine sound here.
      @Encyclopedia – look at what I wrote more carefully – fitted with sports exhaust! ;)

    5. Encyclopedia

      @Madertus – That says more about how badly they treat the upgraded exhaust sounds than the stock one though. The sound of this car sounds fine (by GT standards).

  33. Deko Wolf-GTPT

    Hey, what’s that graphic on the HUD? Bottom left side. Between the tyre grip and brake/throttle indicators?

    1. Tay94

      Yup. Just like Dave said – looks like the fuel gauge.

      There’s a screenshot of the HUD elements on the article “Gran Turismo 6 E3 Trailer + 84 Screenshots Reveal New Cars, Tracks, & Locations” about a quarter of the way down the page. You can see everything clearer there.

  34. RobDoggy05

    This is similar to older comment on the previous post but no one could answer me.

    Is PD going to reveal anymore about GT6? Saying at the initial reveal that there would be much more at E3 but at E3 so far we have a video showing us what we already know (Physics engine etc…) and then the hands on demo at the expo.

  35. Monatsende

    I like the music at 2:05. Oh, and thanks for the footage. As matters now stand GT6 is a must buy and I doubt it will change for me.

  36. 05XR8

    We’re getting more proper wide circuits in GT6. Like Fuji, Nurb F/D and Spa. Great for overtaking in online racing. I hope people will leave the race cars as stock. No need to add turbo 3 for 800hp. The cars will be awesome as is. It’ll just come down to the racer and how each person sets their car for each circuit. I can’t wait!!!

    1. Progress823

      +1…. No 800hp+ bs as we have now. Real race cars must have realistic specifications as it makes for better racing.

    1. erik1127

      A lot of USA bashing going on. I’ll just chalk it up to ignorance, jealousy, envy. Have a nice day.

    2. ScotteDawg

      I am Australian!

      I like Willow Springs!

      Willow Springs is a speed track, not a technical course! LEARN & KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!

      ederss7 – YOU SUCK!!!

  37. Crowood

    The shifting animation (hands on paddkeshift) looks a lot smoother then GT5, it is faster to i guess.

  38. Mubble

    My god the americans really don’t know how to design a good circuit. Long easy right in to long easy left in to long easy right into long easy left. Continue for entire race…

    1. TomBrady

      Idiot. Take a look at virginia international raceway Grand East layout, Road Atlanta, or Sonoma/Infineon and try saying that again you ignorant tw@t

    2. racingRAW

      Good list TomBrady. Also don’t forget Barber Motorsports park, Mid Ohio Raceway, and Watkins Glen International. Also, Road America. America has plenty of fantastic road courses that PD has unfortunately neglected (along with Silverstone!) over the years.

    3. ScotteDawg

      And don’t forget the new track in Austin – Circuit Of The Americas… The short course was used by our Australian V8 Supercars about 3 weeks ago and we’ll be back next May!

      As for Mubble’s comment – Most of the American tracks were made for speed, not dancing around tight corners!

      And Kristus – the tanks have been cleared away and McDonalds is in the pits…

    4. AERO_HDT

      I like this track – a few other games feature Willow Springs and it’s much more difficult than it looks! Those long sweeping corners are a real test of tyre and suspension setup!

      The US has some fantastic tracks – legendary actually! Laguna Seca, Sonoma, Road America… and woo, yeah, Scotte, give me Austin any day of the week!

    5. rocketcaron

      I mean WOW! OP and ederss7, just one word you should read the definition in the dictionary: IGNORANCE. And maybe go on the net and read some concepts of OPEN MINDEDNESS.

    6. sangdude82

      I’m familar with Willow Springs as I’ve watched a lot of Motor Trend videos on YouTube and they usually do their on-track reviews there. I’ve always wanted to race there so I’m really happy that it’s coming to GT6. It’s a high speed race track with corners that are good to drift around. I can’t wait until I race against my bro on that track. I’m a grip driver and he’s a drifter so it’s gonna be a hell of race :) Yeah, it’s true that most of American tracks are ovals but they are for Nascar & Indycar racing. Laguna Seca is a world famous circuit and COTA was a huge success (as proven by the 2012 Formula 1 USGP). VIP was shown in Top Gear UK few years ago and it was pretty awesome race track as well.

      Let’s hope that PD will give us some more American tracks as DLC in the future.

  39. Jay

    Looks great (physics and visuals), better than I expected. Willow Springs is actually quite beautiful.

  40. XPLOSV

    Damn it! Still no video of smoke. I hope they have the smoke effects right. IMHO currently it is overdone. Small skids does not equal massive smoke!

  41. Longa23

    Can’t wait i think GT is in a good way….
    Looks awesome…
    My BMW M3 Clubsport Wheel is “SUPER HOT” :-D Fanatec+New Physics=Wet Pants xD

    1. ScotteDawg

      I could read the screen quite clearly!

      But, I didn’t actually HAVE to! You see, I read what is written in the articles before I make comments so as to not sound like a dumbass!

    2. ScotteDawg

      However, your first comment about the cockpit view I would have to agree with! Look effin awesome!!!

  42. Rushton1996

    Wow!!! The environment looks amazingly detailed, I can’t wait to play this game, I want to play it now!!!!

  43. Crowood

    I really would like to see a Z4 GT3 gameplay video. Looking forward to see and especially hear that one.

  44. infamousphil

    Closer to Edwards AFB (GoogleMaps) than LA. Shuttle landing would be hella cool, if it landed from the west. Arcade noise and the smell of bad pizza were the first two reasons for console gaming, IMO. The GT3 field looks to be filling in quite nicely.

    1. Rushton1996

      Because the 2013 car is still racing and the teams don’t want the secrets of their car to be revealed to the world and its rival teams. That’s my guess anyways :)

    2. eran0004

      Because this is the very car that won the Nürburgring 24H in 2012. It can’t get more awesome.

    3. Crowood

      Jeah the big step from LMS to LMS ultra was the new aerokit, results to a lot more downforce. The 2013 one got that aerokit a bit improved so the car got even more stable.

      I am happy with the 2012 ultra version :D

    1. ScotteDawg

      aj, you might have to elaborate, he seems to not know that Jordan wrote about the noise UNDER the video!

      sgohsixthree, do what I do – READ stuff before making comments! You don’t wanna sound like a dumbass!!!

    2. sgohsixthree

      I’m quite aware this is from E3. Notice I said “Off topic”…. that topic being Star Wars. Or maybe you didn’t read that. ;-)

  45. ScotteDawg

    Good job with the audio this time!

    Still, difficult to distinguish the note, but from what I COULD hear, it has improved on GT5!

    Looooooooooove the track!

  46. MGTurismo

    Looked like a fantastic combo to drive, track and car! Appreciate you recording the gameplay for us and uploading it so quickly!

  47. aronh17

    Looks like a great drive. I seemed to notice a little more room off track than PD normally provides. You went a bit wide off course at that one section and you didn’t seem to hit any invisible wall. Hopefully it will apply to most tracks, may just be for Willow considering the open area.

  48. jhietter

    Thanks for the video. It still sounds like the engine note is computer generated but it is a little more lively sounding than before.

    Can’t wait to drive this car, the standard version is one of the most fun cars to drive in GT5.

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