GT6 Gameplay Video: Lightweight Car Company Rocket at Autumn Ring Mini

There hasn’t been much said about the inclusion of Lightweight Car Company’s Rocket, a very special car created by renowned automotive engineer Gordon Murray, in Gran Turismo 6.

That will likely change as more people get their hands on the game and discover the simple driving joy to be found in this fast, fun, and forgiving little open-wheeler.

Check out the GT6 gameplay above, then learn more about the Rocket in this old clip from BBC’s Top Gear.

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  1. jktheman

    This car is going to fly when I’m done with it using the new tuning and customization options for GT6.

  2. PIP_36

    I can’t wait to drive this car!!!

    A full grid of clean and competent drivers would make for a thrilling race with this bad boy!!

  3. Tvensky

    I agree, nobody talks about it….

    but when I saw it fist time in that e3 gt6 trailer.. that little car was instantly my favorite… and I knew I will love it… now after watching that old top gear video (thanks for that!!!) Im sure it will drive awesome with g27!!!! just cant wait!

  4. phil_2001

    With every video I see I get little dissapointed. I mean I didn’t see ONE video to amaze me, to really feel like GT6 is something new and worth the wait.

  5. Eks

    Eh, it’s okay. The cockpit view seems a little boring. Not enough bumping around/jumping..too smooth..

  6. infamousphil

    Always admired Englishmen’s attention to light weight cars since reading about Colin Chapman’s “Bird Cage” Gran Prix car. Since then though, the cars have become unattractive to me. If more were interested in the specs of these little machines, perhaps a more appealing body design, or two, would be conjured up.

  7. marktyper

    I’m not whining and I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve been always a GT fan but I am more excited about DriveClub.

  8. biftizmo

    This track with the time change…much better…somebody is doing super driving here..can’t wait to ave a go in the old rocket…and what about Jezzers hair

    1. ScotteDawg

      Watch the old Top Gear video above! ↑

      4cyl, 1000cc, 5spd Yamaha engine!

      Jesus Christ, the information is provided for us, yet half of you morons would rather make a half informed comment and sound like a complete dumbass than take a bit of time to become educated on whatever is posted!


    2. HaylRayzor

      Welcome to the world of ironic humor. The british gentleman in the video refers to the Yamaha engine as a “Yamahar”. My post was a sarcastic reference to his british pronunciation.

      Sorry you didn’t get it. Perhaps it was a bit too subtle for you.

      And you should probably read the AUP. Name calling is quite frowned upon.

    3. ScotteDawg

      I didn’t actually call YOU a name! Re-read what I wrote and how I wrote it! I was just generalising…

      On the other hand, by your own admission, you had a direct go at Tiff because of his accent which, in effect, is the same as name calling!

    4. HaylRayzor

      Oh, so it’s me that’s in the wrong. Of course.

      You’re new so I’ll just clarify for you. Use of the words stupid and moron are not tolerated around here, even in such harmless “general” terms. Others who have pushed the issue are no longer around.

    5. deanince

      This argument made me laugh. You can be a bigot but you can’t say ‘stupid’ or ‘moron’. Strange rules. And it’s not ironic humour because it isn’t funny at all because there is no other way to say the word ‘Yamaha’.

    1. ScotteDawg

      This car, in real life, is powered by a 4cyl, 1000cc, 5spd Yamaha engine! Of course it won’t sound like a car!

  9. 05XR8

    Now, let’s see, 4seconds to 60mph. This car should keep up with all the Supercars until about 100mph. Unlike the Caterham which gets left in the dust off the line. We’ll see if PD get this one right. If they improved the acceleration of the Caterham, that’ll be good but, I doubt it. I love The Rocket!

  10. chevyisthebest

    he Jordan! can u get some dirt or snow track gameplays!?(if avaible) because I wanna c if that dirt dust has improved cause it wouldn’t last long in gt5 and sometimes their wouldn’t be any! but in gt4 when u were on dirt the dust would look real and last a while longer

  11. mattmangrease

    The sense of speed in GT6 seems to be vastly improved over GT5 (which I love, but it is a bit sterile at lower speeds)

    1. emmettbrown1955

      I always found you get a good sense of speed in GT5 only if you’re actually going fast! What I mean is, when you really nail a corner, it feels fast in GT5. Going 300km/h on a straight doesn’t feel fast, but that’s the same for real driving. There are games like burnout that add blurring effects to create a better ilusion of going fast but I prefer the simulation approach.

  12. MetalSonic7

    This driving of this car is amazing.

    It reminds me of the perfect woman: simple, pure but most importantly – just a pleasure to have around (to drive).

    It is completely focused on the experience of driving. I’m looking forward to this car the most.

  13. smskeeter23

    BTW, Video of a guy in the SLS GT3 driving everywhere but the track it seems can be found if you search x6J-7WbAOAK on YT.

  14. panjandrum

    I’m very glad they then included this car. It’s a style I will almost certainly enjoy. But I hope that they will also someday include classic Grand Prix cars. “Forgiving” almost immediately turns me away from a car. I simply prefer cars that are a real challenge to drive well, and some old Grand Prix cars would probably be a hell of a lot of fun (1960s, for example).

    1. HuskyGT

      I did notice as other people that he might be using Racing Soft tires. Judging by the weight and power of this car, I would say Comfort Soft tires is the best option. I’m sure with those tires it will be much more fun to drive.

    2. LarryL


      Well, to be realistic when it comes to the KTM, the thing basically has limitless grip irl. When they were “testing” it on Top Gear, no matter how hard he tried, Clarkson couldn’t get the back end to even slightly start to slip in his attempt to do doughnuts.

      Equivelant to racing softs is what really comes on that car.

    3. ScotteDawg

      @LarryL – this car is NOT the KTM, it is the Lightweight Car Company Rocket!! Did you not read the title or watch the videos?

  15. smskeeter23

    I thought I read earlier in this thread that Jordan was NOT the driver in this video? Am I remembering that wrong?

    1. MichoRexo

      Yes, Jordan was NOT the driver. It was another guy infront of the line right before Jordan and I. Jordan simply reached behind him and started recording lol.

  16. QuikSlvr223

    I hope GT6’s soundtrack is better than GT5’s. All GT5 had going for it was Queens of the Stone Age, the rest was either lounge music or electro. And not the good electro.

    1. Pinkintron

      I see your point. I did like the lounge or electro music, but it would be nice to see more punk/rock like GT4 and GT3… and GT2 and GT1 included…

    2. MOV Games

      I must admit I changed the soundtrack in GT5 to songs from GT1/GT2, most non game modern music doesn’t appeal to me.

    3. chevyisthebest

      I kinda like the lounge music especially the fact that it was set for the main menu but I think that’s just Kasuori’s type of music so really u cant blame him

    4. ScotteDawg

      I turned ALL the individual songs off (time consuming but worth it!) and used the music from my XMB! That way, I could listen to whatever I wanted…

      Now that that is a feature of the PS3 and GT5, there is no reason for PD to switch back in GT6 or future GT games on the PS4!

  17. zutz

    Hey Jordan can you comment on FFB? Is it improved over GT5? And the cockpit steering wheel animation, is it full range animated now (900°)?

    Physics model, AI and FFB is most important to me :)

  18. HuskyGT

    Awesome driving Jordan! That thing looks WAY faster than its specs might suggest.

    Car is sounding awesome as well. Sounds like a bike, which I think it does have a bike engine. And I can hardly recognize Autumn Ring. It looks so different. I might be wrong but it even seems as if some banking has been added to some turns.

  19. smskeeter23

    The car does look like its on RS tires. Should be great fun on something a bit more “proper”.

  20. ZoidFile

    Autumn ring has changed significantly. So far I noticed:

    -Sharper/different textures.
    -New, more detailed trees
    -“Treewalls” gone.
    -Different lighting and sky box
    -No crowd on the grand stands
    -Security cranes gone.
    -Completely reworked, much more detailed stone walls.

  21. JohnScoonsBeard

    Those infractions looked like Jordan still had 2 wheels on the track not even counting the rumble strips. It will be interesting to see if that gets tweaked before release.

  22. Neilson248

    this reminds me of assetto corsa…it looks amazing… getting closer and closer to perfection

    1. zutz

      I have high hopes for AC but so far I have no clue how good AI, netcode and career mode will be. I really hope iit’s true that GT6 physics are much improved but i doubt it will be near AC. Actually I think it’s impossible to recreate such a big amount of cars that GT6 has properly.

      Going to drive some more iRacing until I find out :)

  23. TomBrady

    YES. Been wanting to see this car in action, and man it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. That thing is a great addition to GT. I hope we get more like it because as you can see from the video, track day cars and lightweights are some of the most fun cars in the world

  24. PepeMickey

    Caterham Fireblade sound sample copy-pasted on this one. One more car with 0 improvement. Enjoy your game with cars, sounds and damage ported directly from the PS2 era. Seriously, place a pre-order for GT6, let PD know how much you like to eat their ****s. Keep buying their crap so you can enjoy crappy ported assets for many years and generations to come.

    1. drag lab 101

      As much as you you hate on things that aren’t suited just for you alone.. As much as you continue to say you aren’t interested… Then why the hell keep coming back?! Why keep commenting? You’ve stated you’re done… Clearly, many posts.. Why troll continually with this garbage you constantly post?
      I mean are you tryin to convince other players to join the tantrum you’re throwing? You can stop with the you are trying to better GT or PD because you obviously aren’t. At no point do you ever make suggestions or constructive criticism… All you do is constantly bash and say screw you guys I’m going home…. So GTFH already Pepe Le Pew.

    2. drag lab 101

      No hooks 4 me.. I’m laughing honestly.. It’s so childish to continually see. The guy who says he’s leaving the party but stays the while.. Clown action.

    3. MeanElf

      I just think the little fella is funny – One more car with zero improvements…I’d like some of the meds he’s clearly on.

    4. ScotteDawg

      I think he likes the abuse!

      It sounds like he may have been raped as a child and, in some way, misses the negative attention…

      NORMAL people would’ve taken the hint by now and left, but Pepe is lonely and needs us to help him by replying to his comments!

      Either that, or his clown shoes are too tight!

  25. PepeMickey

    Caterham Fireblade sound sample copy-pasted on this one. One more car with 0 improvement. Enjoy your game with cars, sounds and damage ported directly from the PS2 era. Seriously, place a pre-order for GT6, let PD know how much you like to suck their ****s. Keep buying their crap so you can enjoy crappy ported assets for many years and generations to come…

    1. sepulturite

      Haha yes he is TomBrady. How anyone can get this upset and miffed over a game is beyond me lol

    2. HuskyGT

      GTFO kid! Pissed off because your little Spy Box and Forza 5 will be annihilated by a six year old console and a previous gen game? And wait till GT7 is out. That will have all you Forza fangirls crying blood… IF The Xbox One is still out in the market by that time, which I doubt.

  26. ZoidFile

    there are birds! Birds confirmed!

    Iit seems they spend the Autumn ring some shaper textures.
    But theres a lot of flickering going on with the shadow.

  27. carfanatic45

    I didn’t realize how old the rocket was, it looked like a newer car to me. But I don’t think even Hammond could fit into the backseat, nor Jeremy’s afro.

  28. playnthru

    Hey this cars painted green.. I guess someone at E3 painted it? Or is that in the PD dealer menu options when purchased. Any info for us Mr Jordan sir, inquiry minds want to know..hehe :)

  29. viejaloca

    I’d like to see a bit more camera shake… sense of speed looks a bit better but the camera shake is what make it lively.

    1. KFM

      Oh, I didn’t even notice those by the gear shift indicator. It looks like brights, oil, TCS, and something else. It’s a little too blurry to make them all out.

  30. VrapPlus

    That thing is on rails!!! a question for jordan do you find it easier to drive with the new handling characteristics of the cars? I remember a while back Kaz saying something about a Sim not being a Sim because you cant just jump on it and drive like you would a normal car, I wonder if with these new models hes managed to make it more realistic to jump in a high HP car with street tires and have a better idea of where the limits are and be able to push the car faster than you could in GT5.

    1. drag lab 101

      I felt that too.. You get a real sense the car is nimble and handles well. I have to say I’m looking forward to driving one of these in game even more now.

  31. LarryL

    This E3 build of GT6 looks noticeably better than the build from just a couple weeks back. Seeing the HD vids on youtube already……well the term “photo realistic comes to mind. The environments look SO real !!

    I didn’t really notice it until this week, but graphically GT6 is a HUGE leap over GT5.

  32. smskeeter23

    PS everyone… MundoGTes has a couple of videos on youtube with a bit better sound. Deltawing @ Willow and S1 at Matterhorn. In the matterhorn video you also get plenty of sample on the Rev limiter since the guy sucks.

    1. VrapPlus

      yeah nice videos on their page, the first inside look at the delta wing, there so much going on in that wheel, a little twitchy but I’m sure they will iron out the animation.

    2. smskeeter23

      Actually I think the twitch is more realistic imo. There are good videos popping up all over right now. I just saw one of the SLS GT3 at willow and the off track physics look really good. You can even running off through a ditch and up a hill all the way to the chain link fence.

    3. KYD302

      Thank god i hated the invisible wall 2 feet off the track in GT5 when people lose the car they shouldn’t be able to hit a imaginary wall an only loose a spot. If you blow the corner you should be in the weeds an watch everyone go by.

  33. awr117

    That car appears to have way too much grip. No countering steering at all on a car that really shouldn’t have much down force. A bit discouraging for me.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Have you watched the Top Gear video above? If not, I suggest you do! Then come back and apologise for making such a stupid, uninformed comment!

    2. awr117

      Apologies for what? No way that car could take those speeds as it is in GT6. It is on rails. Seems arcade like.

    3. MichoRexo

      It’s on rails because the guy was usin Racing Soft tires… Before you question my comment, I was there. You can ask Jordan if you’d like.

  34. smskeeter23

    Jordan any news of a PD press conference on GT6 or Kaz interviews?

    You’ve got me foaming at the mouth over all this!

  35. Snaeper

    Interesting that the penalties now list what the infraction is for. Possibility that we can restrict certain penalties in races for online?

  36. heinz57

    I know this isn’t really car related, but did anyone else notice the birds in the sky? You can see them before he enters the bus stop on lap 4, and again after turn 1 on lap 6. Nothing spectacular, but a good way to add a little life to the game. They look like they’re actually moving, not just stationary in the sky.

    Anyway though, this car looks awesome! It should be a lot of fun to throw around. Could make for some good spec racing also.

  37. roflcoptor

    This, for me, is genuinely one of the most exciting cars to come to GT. I’d love to own a real one.

    1. Deko Wolf-GTPT

      Yeah, you’re right. We have seen several airborne objects before in previous games. The zeppelin in Trial Mountain since GT4. The jets flying over the starting line in the 24h Le Mans event. Some balloons, fireworks, and an airplane in GT5 Red Bull Hangar.

      …but birds? That are actually FLYING? Surprising, never seen them before. This is a first. Nice catch!

    2. BIOHAZARD9519

      Hopefully that means we get the helicopter that’s always shown up on the trailers. It would be cool seeing the helicopter tracking you while racing and then become a replay view.

    3. kazach

      Yup, it got birds.. amazing, like no other game….. still no livery editor? And damage… uh, nevermind..

  38. BanditKarter22

    Looks very fun! Will be interesting to see if when it is put into the hands of a fast driver it can beat the fastest lap of 35.499 set by a 125 kart around this track!

  39. Aderrrm

    What tyres was this run on? I’m guessing sport softs. If it’s anything less, the physics look underwhelming as usual.

  40. ric1511

    Fun! I’m glad we will have a demo to tinker with next month. I hope it will be like a mini prologue, and not just one track/one car. But I’ll be happy with anything. :)

  41. MockngBrd

    Sure looks like a fun car to drive, i could almost “feel” the tires as he went into the corners.

    + SNAP oversteer!

  42. Smilenator

    The lap invalidater still looks to be a bit harsh to me, most of them were just big clips over curbs.

    1. HaylRayzor

      Remember how harsh the penalties were in Prologue when it came out. If you TOUCHED another car or got 2 wheels on the curb, done.

  43. the_racer100

    Jeremy Clarkson’s hair… My God… Anyways, great vid, Jordan… I just wanted to see some off-car view.

  44. MichoRexo

    The car was very fast! I was there with Jordan as he was recording this and talked for a bit with the guy driving in this vid. After this I started practicing and before I left I tried this car for myself. It’s a blast to toss it around the track on Sports Hards!!!

    1. Dodzzz

      I guess it’s because of the improved (more responsive) suspension model and the curbs, it looks smaller than in GT5? so it looks like moving fast..

    1. MGTurismo

      It’s not so much the car, it’s the sense of speed. Just look at the speedo and he’s only doing 65mph… then you realise :P

    2. ScotteDawg

      And do you know WHAT gives that “sense of speed”? The fact that the engine is a motor bike engine and the major improvement to the SOUND

    1. MichoRexo

      It’s a slightly angled 3d view. I hope we can change this back to the classic 2d view though since it’s slightly harder to try to look ahead of the track, IMO.

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